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also vedj - still going, but will probably miss some days and that’s OKAY
I’m worried for this video, because rather than generalising mental illness as important, and needs to be talked about, I go into detail about the specifics of what I’m feeling. And it’s not pretty. If you can’t relate, and I hope you don’t, I’m going to seem very very strange. But mental illness isn’t simple, it’s not all let’s blow on thumbs together to stop these darn panic attacks, or this cute cartoon girl crying in a corner. It’s so much bigger and uglier and more complex.
I haven’t been making videos because I didn’t know how to when my head has been consumed and overtaken by what I’m about to talk about. But I think I’ve figured it out.
so here’s the thing
you may have seen on twitter
i mentioned that i haven’t really felt like i’m here since i was 17 in a vid recently
and then within the last week that sort of upped as a problem by like, 80%
i went to wales for some shoots, felt crazy the whole weekend, then came back and got very panicky about the fact that I was going mad
I had slept fine, and I kept expecting to wake up better, but I just didn’t
I’ll explain what this all actually is and how it feels in a bit, plz hold
so I got back, and knew that I felt messed up, so tried registering to the doctors
walked there, in my weird dream state, took a proof of address cause I knew I needed that, handed it in, and then they said that I needed proof of address within the last two months
i was teetering on the edge of tears and also feeling really weird so I think they must have thought I was actually insane
I forgot how to say thanks and bye so I think I just left, dunno
walked home, in this strange, bright dream world
tried finding proof of address, forgot how to talk to my housemate, scared she was going to notice that I was drunk, except i wasn’t drunk
and then my mum called and said dodie
are you okay
and I just sort of
i was sobbing, rummaging through bin bags to try to find some sort of proof of address, on the phone to mum, and I decided to visit home home for some sort of familiarity, cause I used to feel so normal and alive in that house, when I was younger
so I went home home, crying on the train, panicking about the fact that I was going mad and all my friends were like dodie wtf
that was when I tweeted saying I needed a break
then I saw mum and started crying about the fact that I left my old bedroom bed in dovan flat, cause I just wanted my normal bed in my normal room so I could feel normal
and I came home but of course I wasn’t magically cured because going to that house is not the same as time travel
i’m not taking a trip to 2012 when I go home, as much as I want to, i’m a broken dodie visiting a broken house and a broken ish family
I even visited my old primary school which shut down, like, years ago, and I wandered around with hedy
I don’t think that helped, cause it felt like it had just, grown leaves and aged in like 20 seconds
it just made me feel even weirder
so what am I feeling? Okay. let me explain. Or try to.
here are a bunch of messages I have sent to friends of mine, to try and explain wtf this is
“i’m so tired
I’m just so tired I feel like I’ve been awake for 4 days And I don’t feel like I’m here I feel like I’m drunk Like I’ve had three wines and shots and beer and I’m tired and ready to go home and I can’t talk to anyone because I’ve forgotten how I usually talk
I don’t even look like me
Everything is so wrong and weird and scary
I honestly think I’m going mad
I can’t stop crying
I’ve got such a bad headache” to lucy
And I’ve just constantly felt like Drunk and blind You know when you’re hammered
And everything’s really bright and you can’t remember how to talk properly and you’re not really taking anything in cause you feel really weird and you can touch things and see things and talk to people but you’re not really There
I genuinely genuinely think I’ve gone mad
And I don’t know if I’m ever going to see things like normal again” to sammy
“Here’s the thing
I’m alive
I can breathe
I can eat and talk and sleep and see and feel
So I should be okay
And objectively, I am fine
So why am I not
It’s one of those things that I keep thinking about over and over to the point where my head is like is this really happening and then I’m like is WHAT really happening
I used to not understand mental illnesses at all
I was like
Just think of cats and rainbows
But now I get it
It’s so much deeper in your brain than cats and rainbows
I used to say if I ever got dementia or something id fight it
But how can you fight it when the it is the thing you’re using to fight with
Dodie has gone full blown mad” to jon
now, thanks to the last vid, and to google, I’ve found out what this probably is
and I’m trying my best to register and see a doctor and get therapy and sort this out and also
I know what you’re thinking
if you have no idea what I’m talking about, if you’ve never had anything even close to this, if you are mentally dandy
you’re thinking dodie
you sound mental
just shut up,
turn it off
you’re fine
you’re obsessing over nothing, you’re attention seeking, just stop thinking about it
firstly, I am so happy and thankful that you feel normal and happy and go and enjoy your life because you can
and secondly, I would do anything to turn this off and feel normal again, literally anything. But I can’t. not right now. I don’t know how.
so. here’s my plan.
I’m going to act fucking normal.
I can still sing. I am still alive, on this planet, even though I don’t feel like it. I still find things funny, I still can taste food, I can make jokes, and write songs and hang out with friends, even though I literally feel like I’m hiding something from everyone and I keep looking at everyone as if I’m a robot.
but I’m going to sort this out, somehow. I’m going to sleep before midnight and wake up before 9, I’m going to give myself weekends, I’m going to do mindfullness meditation at 11am, and Im going to go running at least twice a week and eat healthy and drink water and not drink too much alcohol and treat myself when I’ve done well and not overwhelm myself. And I’m going to go to a doctor, and then therapy, and deal with this. But this will not consume me.
Yeah I feel fucking weird. Bring it. I’m so done with the constant buzz in my head - why do I feel like this why do i feel like this why do i feel like this
I just do. And I can’t change it right now. It’s not going to turn off. and I can’t just stop the world until I feel normal again, because I’ll get to my 70s and be like well shit, I missed it all.
So I’m going to do the best I can. I’m going to make the videos that make me happy. And I’m going to laugh about the fact that I’m a bit mental. Cause what else can you do.

Whilst I type this I’m on the phone to my bank to get a statement sent to prove my address to go BACK to the doctors to prove I live here then get an appointment to get referred to therapists. The NHS may be free but it’s not bloomin easy lol.

gotta say making this video was super healthy for me. It was good to edit together and see that I can pass as a functioning human.

Moonlight Reign Ch. 4

A/N: This was rough to write while I’m all busy, so it’s not my best. However, I hope you enjoy and give me feedback!

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Word Count: 3.2k

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Chapter Summary: You reunite with someone with undertones of betrayal as your place in Bangtan is solidified

There’s nothing uglier than a person’s face right before they kill someone. The curling of their lips into a snarl, the glint of merciless psychosis present in their eyes, and their hands, almost too ready to seize a heartbeat. It’s common for the killer to beg their loved one’s eyes to look away before they cause someone else’s to close indefinitely. However, your father had never asked you to do so before.

He had never asked that of anyone.

You weren’t able to see Yoongi’s face before he killed Byungjoo, but you did feel the blood spatter paint your face. You had been covered in the blood of family, which would be the largest crime someone could commit in your former syndicate.

However, you didn’t feel sick. You felt fine.

Your eyes stuttered open, the feeling of a cool washcloth gently brushing against your skin as you regained consciousness with blurry vision trying to realign.

“Y/n, I’m washing the blood off of you, don’t be scared,” You heard a gruff voice as your eyes focused to see Yoongi’s face above your own as he brushed the cloth on your cheek, “We had to change your clothes to get all the blood, but we didn’t see anything past what a bathing suit would be, and by we I mean Jin and I.”

“Byungjoo is dead,” That was something you had to confirm as Yoongi nodded, “Why?”

Yoongi ceased all movement for a second, reaffirming his decision to say his next few words, “He tried to kill one of our own, one of my own.”

You almost choked on air, “O-One of-”

“I didn’t stutter, y/n,” He stated, continuing to clean you off, “You are mine now.”

His stare was a web that looked like the coziest bed to snuggle into. Yoongi was either a new home or a prison with amazing architecture.

You didn’t know which option was the most dangerous.

He chuckled, breaking the stare and you from your own thoughts, “Don’t get too excited, I mean you’re my new addition, we have a closer bond now, I guess,” You scrunched your nose at his chiding, “I mean if you wanted one night of-”

Your lips twitched upwards, “You’re disgusting,” You said as Yoongi flashed you his gummy smile.

“There’s a sense of humor, something to lighten the mood,” He noted, standing up to put the rag away, “I need you alive and well, it’s the least I can make sure of.”

You propped yourself up on your elbows, “What do you mean?”

Yoongi smiled, “Ah, who would’ve thought you’d forget saving a trembling preteen when you weren’t even 10?”

You paused, remembering the child of the Min’s, the only person you had shown your face to. Byungjoo was right, this was all your fault, but you weren’t angry with yourself in the least bit, “It was because you were either going to die or end up like me, and I didn’t like either possibility.”

He nodded, “Little did you know I’d tear that whole system down.”

You wanted to be shocked, but you weren’t. Min Yoongi hadn’t exactly said it, but you knew, he was the push to the dominos that your empire was built on.

“What? No anger?” Yoongi leaned down to look at you with eye contact, “I ruined your life after you saved mine.”

“I get angry at wrongful acts,” You managed to sit up straight, “All you did was show the world the truth.” Your head was pounding for you to lay down again, “My father and Byungjoo ruined my life.”

Yoongi was dumbfounded, unable to wrap his head around what made you so level-headed, considering your background. It was just about admirable how you could recognize fault where fault is due, “How did you manage to form an independent opinion with all the blindfolds they put over your eyes?”

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u make fun of ed sheeran's looks but ur ten times uglier than he could ever hope to be.... interesting

i never even made fun of ed sheeran’s looks omg i just expressed dislike for his music but i never called him ugly lol where is this coming from? but if ed sheeran is your definition of handsome then okay i guess.. i mean if he’s your type then okay, do you..

Their foreign idol girlfriend is dissed by other Korean rappers because she is dating them and it really doesn’t end well with the other rapper (Mix groups)

V: -you laughed at it and felt bad they had to stoop that low with you. ‘You know what I am foreign thank you for pointing it out. More people like me and know me at the end of the day. So offend me all you want I came to this country to make music. I’m actually pretty good, check me out sometime maybe you’ll actually see what happens when you have talent.’ The blows just kept coming to the other artist who began sinking down to try to get out of the picture- “oh no stop her please. I actually feel bad for the other guy”

Jungkook: -it was almost instant after the rude comment came out about your foreign nature you shot back with more force that your comment had to be bleeped out of the episode ‘if we’re gonna talk about stereotypes, I guess that means you have a tiny dick. So you know if we’re gonna link me to my country in a bad way I’ll link you to your’s the same way as well’ at the end people knew you meant business- “well um ok then, remind me to never make you mad”

Wonwoo: -they just sat there while you sat there. Everyone was waiting to hear what exactly you would say to them. Then you said ‘is this because I’m more known internationally than you are? Give it time love maybe people will love you’ before smiling- “when will people learn she’s not easily offended”

Mingyu: -Mingyu knew it wasn’t going to end well at least not for them. You personally could rip their heads off with ease. ‘Do you like your face? Hope you weren’t too attached to it because it’s about to get uglier than it is’- “oh um I have to go before Y/N kills someone”

Vernon: -They just did it one their own interview and the next interview you were in you actually got to talk about it. ‘I literally had no idea who this person even was. So them attempting to offend me is about as effective as getting slapped in the face with air. You know its happening but there’s really no damage. If they were actually famous it might have been effective’ it was clear you were having more fun with the insult than the other rapper and Vernon couldn’t believe it- “omo she’s sassier than I thought”


Sim Request - Kiara Quintyn

A casual laid back sim for @unicorn-princess-kiara! I hope you like her!



Note: I only dressed her for everyday, so you will have to decide her other outfits.

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Eyes |  Skins 1 2 | Eyeliner | Hair | Lips | Top | Tattoo | Jeans | Freckles | Earrings

Thank you to all the creators!

They say Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul (that pricks and stabs your skin, it claws at your heart) and sings the tune without the words (uselessly, foolishly, stupidly you listen) and never stops at all.
Hope, hope has long since soard above this city’s walls. It wasn’t welcomed anymore.
Hope is the poisonous song you hum under your breath, never dare to sing it out loud because it’ll corrupt your mind.

O hope with fickle wings, grow another stronger pair and come back again. A kid holds a tattered teddy bear -arm about to fall out, cotton peaking through the last two stitches that hold his arm in place- asks me about his sister. Says he’d give his only friend away to have his school back. The teddy does not cry, his buttons of eyes has long fallen out.
Silky lies spill from my mouth, needles pricking my throat. Honey lies, because honey is what kids deserve (honey; hapiness, hope, help) lots of it. The teddy’s arm fall to the ground. Small Men don’t need teddy bears afterall.

O hope please come back, for the truth is uglier than the cruelest honey lies.
Lies leave a sour taste on my tongue, while truths burn and scald.
How about a bland taste as a start?

The teddy does not cry.
The city laughs in the background sinsterly sweet. Sweetly sinster.

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ok. so. don't listen to the haters and stay positive, if she says kill your self, kill yourself with kindness and be nice to your self. if they say you're ugly, say "i'm uglier than you, which means i'm beating you at something" (i got that from twaimz) i'm one of those people that always has a smile on their face and keeps everything positive, i guess i'm like a mini j-hope, oh god.🤦🏻‍♀️

This. This is how one should live life, positivity no matter what. Even for me it’s a hard thing to do but we’ll feel better if we do so. Indeed a mini j-hope right here. @sugaswegs-oreo7

Slowing Time

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Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader

Request: “Oh I know one that I want you to do if it possible. Can you make reader a mutant who has the ability to control time and Charles sent Alex to eat check over her. There he witness the reader is being bully, but she activates her mutation since a bully had scissors to cut her, but she grabs the scissors and starts to cut the bullies hair and clothing. When the reader was done Alex soon notice reveal himself and takes her to the school there she soon takes a liking to him. Can the bullies be girls?”

Warnings: Bullying

A/N: Alex is a little younger in this, since the reader is still in school. Also, I used a knife instead of scissors, I hope that’s okay 

You headed toward the front doors of your school, wanting to get out of there as fast as you could. The usual pack of girls that loved to tease you always showed up right after class ended, insults at the ready. You hated them, but you had always managed to keep yourself under control with your mutant powers. But unfortunately, one day they pushed you to your limit.

“Hey, Y/N. You’re looking uglier than normal today. Is that a new shirt? Where did you get it, the trash?”

You tried to ignore the main girl’s stinging words, wrapping your arms tight around you.

“We all heard about your blunder today in class. I didn’t know you were so stupid.” The girl continued on, twisting her hair around a finger, the rest of her friends giggling behind her.

“Shut up,” you muttered, pushing your backpack’s strap further up your shoulder.

“Did you hear them? Shut up.” She mimicked your voice in a higher tone, her mouth twisted into a cruel smile. She leaned forward, whipping a knife from her pocket, slinging it from hand to hand. “Make me.”

“Okay,” you growled, spinning around. You let your mutant powers go, freezing time. The girls froze right in front of you, the lead’s hand outstretched to catch the knife. You snatched the knife out of the air, tightening your fist around it. You could do it, you had the power right now to stop her bullying forever.

But as you raised the knife, you cursed, letting it clatter to the floor. You couldn’t do it, no matter how much you wanted to. It would make you just as bad as they were. Instead, when you unfroze time, you picked the knife back up, twirling it in your hand with a grin on your face. The lead bully looked around for her knife, stepping back when she saw it in your hands.

“But how-“ she whispered, frowning. “How did you get it?”

“You could say I’m a little stronger than you think,” you hissed, bringing the knife closer to her face. Her eyes crossed trying to keep the blade in view.

“I suggest you get out of here before I ruin that face of yours,” you growled. The girl screamed, tripping backwards. She stumbled and ran along with the rest of her friends, leaving you to fold the knife back in and stuff it in your pocket in accomplishment. You turned around, ready to leave, when you bumped into someone else. You muttered an apology, stepping around them. But they grabbed your arm, making you freeze in your tracks.

“Hey,” you spat. You glanced up, meeting their eyes. It was a blond man that held your arm, his face not mean, but kind.

“I saw what you did there with those girls,” he said. Your heart sped up at his words.

“You did?”

“Yes. You have an amazing ability,” he told you. You snatched your arm back, furrowing your brow.

“Who are you?”

“Alex. Charles Xavier sent me. He wants to see if you were interested in coming to his school,” Alex informed you.

“What school?” you scoffed.

“One for people like us. Mutants.”

You paused at his words, looking him up and down.

“You’re a mutant too?” you asked incredulously. Alex nodded. You sighed, dipping your hand in your pocket to play with the knife involuntarily.

“How do I know you’re not lying?” You didn’t trust people, especially with all of the lies you’ve seen circling around the whole mutant population, over the media and otherwise.

“Trust me,” Alex said, grinning. “I wouldn’t lie.”

You studied his face, searching for any inkling of a lie or doubt. You thought about staying at your crappy boarding school, your parents having thrown you out long ago, or going with Alex to a school where you’d be accepted. The decision was clear.

“I’ll go,” you relented. “But if you’re really a mutant, can you show me your power?”

Alex heaved a breath. “I can’t, I’m sorry. It’s hard to control, I might hurt someone.”

You nodded, biting your lip. “Well, let’s get going I guess.”

“Do you need to get anything from your room?” he asked, holding the door open for you. You glanced over at the dormitory building, shaking your head.

“I don’t have anything.”

Alex only gave a slight nod, leading you to a parked car on the side of the road. You frowned when you saw a figure in the passenger seat, pausing at the rear door.

“You can get in,” Alex prompted you, sliding into the driver’s seat. You opened the car door, sitting down stiffly. The person in the passenger seat turned out to be a man. He turned around, offering you a wide smile.

“I’m glad Alex persuaded you,” he said. He held out a hand. “Charles Xavier.”

“Y/N,” you said shortly. Xavier nodded once, Alex starting the car.

“You’ll like it at my school,” Xavier smiled. “I promise.”

The rest of the trip to the school, including the plane ride where you met Hank McCoy, was silent besides the odd offhand comment about something or other. When the plane finally landed, you stepped outside gratefully, Alex close behind you. Your jaw dropped when you took in the enormous building that stood before you, rolling green grass and trees going for miles behind it.

“This is the school?” You asked incredulously.

“Yep,” Alex, shot you a grin. “What do you think?”

“Its huge,” you breathed, stepping forward towards the huge entrance doors. Alex chuckled behind you, Xavier following in his wheelchair while Hank finished up inside the plane.

You entered the school, your eyes growing wide at the sight of all the students inside. They were all laughing and talking, some with obvious mutations, and some without. You walked in hesitantly, still staring in awe.

“I think I’ll like it here,” you said confidently. And you were right. Over the next few weeks, you quickly got used to the classes and the teachers, though the homework was significantly harder than your other school. You found Alex sitting outside after school one day, your backpack heavy on your shoulders. You plopped down next to him, slinging your backpack off.

“Lots of homework?” he asked, looking at your over-stuffed backpack. You blew some stray hair out of your eyes.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” you answered breathlessly. “But honestly, I’m glad to do it.”

You looked around the grounds at all of the students, showing their mutations openly and proudly.

“Thank you for bringing me here,” you said, glancing over at Alex. He shrugged, smiling. “I’m glad we found you. You’re one special mutant.”

You blushed, looking down at your lap. Alex heaved himself to his feet, offering you his hand.

“But we’ve got places to go, things to do. It is a Friday, after all,” he said. You took his hand, standing up with him. He slung an arm around your shoulder, bringing you in to his side, your backpack on your other shoulder. You walked with him happily, lighter than you felt in a long time.

do you? - Ian

A/n: Requested by @elliemental2 : your family pressures you to have kids but you don’t want one.


“So, when are you two going to have a baby?”

The question drops like a bomb in the middle of all of the members seated at the table and the atmosphere visibly tenses. Your hands stop cutting the meat, eyes frozen on the plate in front of you. This is why you hated visiting your family: someone always will have something stupid to ask. A question that would make you uncomfortable and ruin the already thin spell of peace cast upon the table. 

Ruin the mood. 

‘You should’ve expected this, [name]’ you sigh softly, your fingers clutching the fork and knife in your hand tightly. You begged Ian to ignore your mother’s call when she asked for dinner together—just because you didn’t meet in so long, what a stupid excuse! What was wrong with just talking on the phone? Why did you needed to see each other? You didn’t want to go through this face to face. ‘Come on, just this once,’ Ian persuaded you. ‘It can’t be that bad. Give them one more chance. Maybe your parents changed their minds.’ You only gave him a stern look. ‘My parents will never change.’ But bless his heart for trying to reconnect you to your family after so long. 

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I described the state of my hair today to my hair stylist, and he gasped, put my appointment forward a week, and went ‘I hope you look good in a bob sweetheart’ and not to be Dramatique but I’m…. really upset. 

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Jealous Rae is cute! Requesting Rae walking in on Starfire and Beast Boy 'exchanging languages'

This one was easy to write for ^_^

Whatever Raven expected to see when she walked into the common room, it certainly wasn’t what she did see: Starfire, locking lips with Beast Boy. When they separated, he looked guiltily at Raven, fearful he had damaged what he hoped was a burgeoning romantic attraction between the pair. For her part, Raven felt it as well, but right now she felt one of the uglier sides of affection: jealousy.

“Rae! It isn’t what you think! Star’s been hounding me to learn Swahili all week and I gave in and… yeah,” he ended lamely, largely because he had enjoyed the kiss more than he thought. Starfire blushed as she smiled sheepishly.

“It is the truth, Raven. The kiss was intended purely for language transfer and any pleasure we derived from it it entirely coincidental,” she insisted. Raven only raised an accusing eyebrow while Beast Boy face-palmed. Raven sighed, knowing her friends were innocent. Dumb… but innocent. Still, even if she couldn’t get mad, it didn’t mean she couldn’t get even.

“Hey Starfire. You ever wanted to learn latin? Ancient greek? Sumerian? Azarathian?” Raven asked. Starfire clapped her hands together and smiled broadly.

“No! But I do now, very very much!” she sang. Raven stepped forward and put her hands either side of Starfire’s face, her thumb gently rubbing her cheek. With lidded eyes and a ghost of a smile, Raven leaned in and slowly pressed her lips to Starfire’s. Her right hand slowly traveled down Starfire’s arm before moving round to her back and splaying out, pulling her nearer. Her left hand moved up and delicately ran through Starfire’s hair to her shoulder before resting there. Their mouths hadn’t opened but Raven had applied rather more pressure than Beast Boy had, and when the kiss ended, Raven’s right hand returned to Starfire’s face and just barely caressed her jaw with her fingers before Raven stepped back.

“Did you get all that, Star?” Raven asked, smiling. Starfire, red-faced and arms limp, blinked at her.


“I’ll take that as a yes,” Raven said, resuming her journey to the couch but aiming a victorious smirk at Beast Boy, who stood wearing a slightly more envious shade of green on his skin.

The smirk had two meanings and both were clear: first, whatever this had been, Raven had won; second, if he played his cards right, maybe Raven would kiss him like that. 

He hoped so.



I’m honestly not the kind of person who would say this in the open, but knowing there are already some toxic “fans” trying to bring down Yeojin or the other members made me go berserk. Let me say this to all the unwanted trash in our fandom: ALL LOONA MEMBERS ARE EQUALLY TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN UNIQUE WAYS! ♥

I love them all equally and think they all deserve love as a group. I hope some “fans” can stop acting like Kim Lip and Jinsoul are better than the other members. YOU ARE WRONG! There is no “better than” or “uglier than.” There is only “Wow, all LOONA members are talented and beautiful, and I love them without an inch of hate and jealousy over this one particular member.” Isn’t that easy? Please LOVE, not HATE. We are fans, so our jobs are to love and support them! If you can’t do a simple task, please quietly go back to the dump where you belong because we don’t need you!

Oda…dear Oda, I love you…but seriously… WTF?! what the actual fuck? My eyes are crying blood, You were drunk and this is a mistake right?
Because this is even more ugly that Sanji’s yellow pants and orange jacket of the cover 81. Uglier than his crocs in film gold. Uglier than his skypiea outfit.
I HOPE that they are all blond and we are gonna see them blond in the flashback and simply their hair have been dyed, for whatever mysterious reason, perhaps cause they are all a bunch of losers. (except Reiju, of course, she is still beautiful). Look at Yonji/Harambe…I can’t..

kavesinisukka said:
Prompt time: I’ve been wanting Derek to come back to BH with that ridiculous 70s pornstache Hoechlin has in his new movie. And Stiles just being unable to get over it.

Okay, this is just ridiculous, I hope you enjoy it :)

“I don’t understand,” Stiles says, sitting on top of the picnic table in his backyard.  He frames out Derek’s face with his hands, squints his eyes a little, like maybe he’s imagining it. Nope, still happening. “Do you think he lost a bet with Cora?” His hair is feathering, he looks like he should be wearing tube socks and a brown leather jacket. He’s a pair of BluBlockers away from being a 70s porn star, it’s ridiculous.

“He seems more relaxed,” Scott offers with a shrug.  He’s tapping his fingers on his knees and staring at the burgers his dad’s grilling and probably only paying sixty percent attention to what Stiles is actually saying.

That Derek has shown up after nearly a year of being gone and is suddenly chewing gum. How his big shoulders hang loosely under a too-tight ringer t-shirt.  How he throws his head back when he laughs, and blushes when Stiles’s dad claps him on the shoulder, and how there’s a big hairy mustache over his upper lip and no one is mentioning it.  No one is bringing it up at all, how there’s possibly a dead animal attached to Derek’s face now; it’s big enough to be a squirrel or a small kitten or a ferret—what is happening here?

And the real tragedy of this entire situation, the thing that is hurting Stiles, deep down inside, is that whatever is going on with Derek is totally doing it for him.  Crap.

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Mama's Pestering - Vic Fuentes

A/N: oh wow, this has been in my drafts since the beginning of time holy shit. sorry i never posted this!! sorry for any mistakes, i just skimmed through this. so I mean, I guess they’re in high school here…

The school bell rang, leaving a sort of echoing in the silent classroom, signifying that the school day was over. Your teacher was calling out the assignment to the students, who weren’t actually listening, as they trickled out of the room. You grabbed what you needed from your locker and your heart skipped a beat when you closed it and were met with the familiar face of your best friend, Vic. It was wrong of you to like him, especially when he looked at you like a sister. 

“Hey there, how was your day?” He asked, following behind you as you began walking towards the exit. He was holding his guitar case in his left hand, and had his backpack hanging onto his right shoulder.

“Fine, except for the homework I have piled up. How about yours?” You ask, turning to look at him.

“Eh, Same ‘ol, same 'ol.” He shrugs before changing the subject, "where are you gonna be later?“ he asks as he switches his guitar from his left hand to the other and readjusts his backpack so its on both his shoulders.

"I don’t know. At home, my parents probably won’t be there.” You say shrugging.

“When are they home?” Vic asked rhetorically.

“Good question.” You reply, pretending to think about it. Vic nudges you as you laugh together. For you, this gesture sends your heart racing, probably grinning like an idiot.

“Hey, you know you could always share my family, there’s enough of us to go around.” He winked. And you did, it was like you were mooching off the love of his family (in a good way).

“I’ll see you later” Vic said waving you off.

You went to your house and, as per usual, you parents weren’t home. You decided to walk across the park to Vic’s house, you knew he wouldn’t be home yet, but you also knew Mama Fuentes wouldn’t mind, nor would she be surprised, seeing that you were there nearly everyday. You knocked on the door before opening it and walking in.

“(Y/N), sweetie come in, before it starts raining.” She smiled, hugging you as you walked in.

“Hey, Mikey!” You waved and sat next to him at the table.

“Hey, has Vic asked you out yet?” He winked, you blushed a little and shook your head.

“Still waiting.” You say, giving out a nervous chuckle.

“My Vic won’t have enough courage to ask you out himself, the poor boy. He gets so nervous sometimes.” Mama Fuentes laughed in the motherly way.

“Yeah, Vic’s a pussy.” Mike confirmed.

“Michael!” His mother scolded.

“Sorry.” Mike muttered. There was a clash if thunder and the sound of rain pounding on the roof.

“Maybe you should ask him out.” Mama Fuentes suggested, smirking and shrugging.

“Oh I don’t know Mama Fuentes. I mean I might be as much of a pu-…um nervous wreck as he is.” You say, making sure to correct your language. Mike snickered and Mama Fuentes rolled her eyes at you two.

“Well if you wait any longer, you might as well forget it, because we all know Vic won’t do it.” Mike said. You bit your lip and nodded.

“You’re right, when he gets home, I’ll tell him how I feel.” You say a bit uneasy. Right then you heard car doors close, followed by loud footsteps and Vic’s voice coming from outside, he and Papa Fuentes were probably running in because of the rain.

“Would you excuse me? I have to pee.” You ask hurriedly and sped-walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror at yourself. You can do this, the worst that could happen is him just saying no, right? you thought, trying to give yourself a little pep talk. You heard muffled voices and the door next to the room next to you close, Papa Fuentes was probably going to take a nap since he worked at night. You heard the muffled voices from the kitchen getting louder and decided it would be a good idea to go back to greet Vic.

“Okay mom! There are other girls in my life, girls that are hotter than (Y/N). Jesus! I feel like every time you talk about her she just gets uglier. So would you please, for my sanity, stop pestering me about her!” You heard him shout. You were standing at the kitchen doorway with tears stinging your eyes and leaving hot trails down your cheeks. Mike’s eyes widened when he saw you at the door and Mama Fuentes looked over at you with a certain look in her eyes, maybe it was an I’m sorry or a he didn’t mean it, but it didn’t help the pain you felt, your heart felt like it was being ripped out. Vic followed his mother’s sympathetic eyes and Mike’s enlarged eyes to you, his face dropped immediately and his eyes laced with regret.

“(Y/N).” He whispered, knowing full well that you had heard him. You shook your head and turned away, running out the door into the rain. You could hear him calling after you, but you didn’t stop running. Your tears began to mix with rain drops that fell on your face. You ran to the park and hid underneath the slide so you wouldn’t get as wet, but the rain somehow seeped though and landed on you. Your pulled your knees to your chest and rested your head in your arms. Your whole body was shaking from your sobbing and from how cold you were. Of course Vic was right, you knew you weren’t pretty, but hearing him say it made it worse. You heard your name being called and you did your best to stifle your sobs, but before your knew it there were loud splashes getting closer to you.

“Vic! I found her!” You heard Mike yell. You wanted to tell Mike to go away or to shut up, but you kept your head down.

“Fuck, Mike go get some warm towels ready. Hurry!” Vic demanded. Mike nodded and ran back to their house.

“C’mon (Y/N), let’s go back home. You’re shivering cold.” Vic said. You lifted your head and scowled at him before dropping your head back into your arms.

“(Y/N) you’re soaking wet and you’re going to get sick! Please, (Y/N).” He begged. You sighed and crawled out from under the slide. Vic sighed in relief and began walking towards his house, whereas you walked back in the direction of your house. And for once, you were glad your parents weren’t home, but you just wanted to be away from Vic. When he realized you weren’t with him he looked in all directions before his eyes landed on your trudging figure, he knew where you were going and ran to catch up with you. You were finally in front of your lonely house when Vic ran in the way of your path, you tried to go around him, but he kept stepping in the way. You let out an irritated huff and looked up at the sky, the rain still falling.

“Get out of my way.” You said through clenched teeth.

“(Y/N), what I said back there. I-I swear, I didn’t mean it.” He said trying to get you to look at him, but you wouldn’t, switching your gaze from the sky to the ground, never to Vic..

“I hope your mom stopped talking about me, I wouldn’t want to get any uglier than I already am.” You say bitterly, your voice was hoarse from crying.

“You’re not ugl-”

“You know, I was going to tell you how I actually felt about you right then. I’m glad I didn’t though, cause that would’ve been much more embarrassing.” You cut him off, shoving passed him and walked up the concrete path to your door. He grabbed your arm and spun you to face him and before you could protest, his lips were on yours. You wanted to resist so bad, but you soon found yourself melting into the kiss, tangling your fingers in his hair and his found their way to the back of your neck, pulling you closer. A million thoughts were going through your head at once, but they were soon drowned out by the sound of your heart pounding against your chest. When you pulled away, you were both breathing heavily.

“You are not ugly, (Y/N).” He whispered. Your scowl returned and you looked down.

“Then why’d you say it?” You asked, your voice was small.

“I said it because-…because my mom keeps talking to me about how pretty you are and how good we’d be together, as if I don’t already know and it got annoying ‘cause she knows I’m in love with you, and I-I’ve been too much of a pussy to tell you so I guess I snapped because I-I was just scared you didn’t feel the same way.” He confessed

“You love me?” You asked, searching his eyes for an answer.

“Yes. So fucking much. We’ve been best friends for so long, and all I could ever think about was how perfect you are.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” You breathe, allowing a smile to spread across your face.

“Come on, you need to take a warm bath, before you get a cold or pneumonia.” He said as he helped you into your house and into your bathroom. You let him borrow some of your dad’s clothes and you rinsed yourself in warm water before changing into changed into comfortable clothes. you joined Vic on your bed and cuddled close to him. He pressed a chaste kiss to the top of your head and held you in his arms, whispering sweet nothings into your ear until you fell into a deep and peaceful slumber.

From now on everytime Celene appears in my comic I will write “This episode of the Gr8 Adventure of Loliana is brought to you by Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons” …

BUT SRSLY…Guys, I hope you realise that everything on this blog is either a joke, or just a bad attempt at joking. I don’t hate Solas, nor Celene, nor Briala, nor Gaspard… well, ok, maybe I hate Gaspard… just a little ! So everytime I trigger your inner fangirl just remember that I’m just an idiot  on the internet who tries to be funny and is probably uglier than Solus ever was (espacially pre-trespasser Solus) … sry I had 2 .

+ I always thought that egg’s fangirls will get triggered first. I never expected it to be Celene’s fans ( considering that I am Celene’s fan myself)



“I really hope I don’t regret this later,” Shepard said as she paced quickly at the rear of the cockpit.

“A little late for that, don’t you think?” Joker was concentrating on getting the Normandy out and away from the Citadel as quickly as possible, but that didn’t mean he’d let the chance for a wisecrack pass him by.

“Yeah, yeah. Just get us out of here, Joker.” The commander’s eyes darted from display to display, anxious to know whether they were going to be followed, stopped, or shot down from Citadel space. It wasn’t every day that a ship was stolen from being grounded in the very hub of the galaxy’s civilization, after all. If they managed to pull this off, it was going to be a miracle that would likely have trickle-down effects that would come back to bite her soon.

“So far, no one’s caught on to the fact that we just took off without authorization,” the helmsman responded, his focus moving smoothly from screen to screen as he made lightning-fast adjustments with practiced grace and fluidity. It was truly an impressive feat and he handled it like second nature.

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Tinder is unashamedly the dating app for people who hate reading and let their genitalia do most of the thinking. You base your left or right swipes on how hot the person’s picture is and basically nothing more, because some people don’t need to know you love Star Wars and Harry Potter (just like everyone else in the world) before they decide they want to bone you.

But in March of 2015, the previously completely free app brought in a new Tinder Plus subscription model, which had extra features. You could undo a swipe, in case you missed a hunk and had to one day tell your grandkids about that super-hot guy you never got to sleep with. You could change your location with the new Passport feature, so you could always find people to bang no matter where you traveled in your desperate search for companionship. And you could have unlimited swipes, letting you like every single picture in the hopes that someone, anyone, would like you back.

But there was a catch: There were two different price levels for Plus, and how much you paid depended on how old you were. People under 30 get charged $9.99 per month, while those who have passed that birthday need to shell out double that, at $19.99. (In Europe, the age limit was 28, which I assume means they think Europeans are two years uglier than Americans.)

5 Apps That Have Rampant Discrimination Built In

In a basic relationship, most girls have lots of hopes for instance
I hope he loves me back
I hope he thinks about me before he goes to sleep
I really hope he is the one for me
I have hopes that we’ll make it, we will get married, he will have my kids, we will be together forever
But hopes for me have nothing to do with being loved back, or being thought about before they fall asleep, or hoping they are the one for me and I know one day I will get married but I don’t give my hopes up because everything has and ending
But all I hope for is that you don’t wake up on a Saturday morning after you came over on Friday night to watch netflix and cuddle and hold me and realize that I am full of flaws, imperfections, and emotionally unstable at points
I hope you don’t get out of bed on that Saturday morning without waking me up because I promise you I will wake up and I will blame it all on myself
I will blame it on myself and how I know when I wake up my morning breath is seriously one of the most terrible smells a human could ever possibly inhale, how I know that this acne on my face is getting worse and it’s making me uglier than I remember
I will blame it on myself and how I know some days are harder than others but oh my god when they are hard they are extremely hard and sometimes I find it hard to get out of bed somedays and I push everyone away but my god I didn’t mean for it to be you
And when you leave that Saturday morning, without waking me up with a kiss you had always woke me up with, without tracing my back where my spine is with the tip of your finger like it’s the map we used to go from state to state that one summer, that’s when you’ll realize you don’t love me anymore
And I hope, my god do I hope, I never have to experience a Saturday morning waking up alone when the night before I was buried deep into your neck; arms wrapped around your waist and legs wrapped around your legs
And I hope, my god do I hope, that you don’t wake up one Saturday morning and realize that I am simply not what you asked for, but everything you had ever dreamt of
—  i hope I don’t wake up on saturday morning alone