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Not Another Number Part 4

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I haven’t slept in over 48hrs. I have driven 600+ miles myself and am still up. Oh yeah and the Maple Leafs lost. Let me know if ya liked this one! -Kt

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You awoke to a bed without Auston. I can’t believe this. Did I do something wrong? You thought to yourself. You heard something rearrange from the living room.  Instantly grabbing a blanket at the end of your bed, you wrapped yourself up in preparation of the living room beast.

There, in just a t-shirt and briefs, was your crush from last night holding on to a bowl of cereal.

“Hey,” he spoke up trying to keep all the food from falling out.

“I thought you left?” you exclaimed trying to not sound like a psycho.

“No, I just got really hungry” he spewed while pointing to the cereal with his spoon.

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I Walk the Line / Adam Cole - Chapter One

A/N: Here it is! The semi awaited first chapter of my Adam Cole fic baybay. Please send me some feedback, it’s always greatly appreciated. I wanna give a special shout out to @sammiielli for helping me out and letting me bounce ideas off her and giving me gray advice. Thank you girly😘😘❤️❤️
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It was my first night, as a wrestler for Ring of Honor Wrestling; I had wrestled for years but this was different, I had a contract. I was set to have a match with Veda Scott. We had practiced the match as possible, considering the amount of anxiety I was having about it. I stood by the gorilla, bouncing on the balls of my feet while picking at my nail beds.

“Nervous?” I heard from behind. I looked over to see Adam Cole, childhood best friend, partner in crime, and life long crush. “That obvious, huh?” I sighed, my fingers absentmindedly began running through my hair. He offered a somewhat sympathetic smile, “Just a little bit, you’ll be great; stop stressing out.” He smiles nodding his head towards the ring. “I’ve seen some of your matches, they’re really good.” Smiling at the compliment, “Thanks, it’s just I’ve never wrestled in front of a crowd like Ring of Honor before.” I stated softly. He shrugged, “Doesn’t matter, they’ll love you munchie.” He grinned, scooting past me to get further into the back, but it before he smiles at me again as my music hit. I hugged out, before doing my entrance.

Walking down the ramp and around the ring, high fiving a few fans here and there. I climbed up onto the apron flipping over the top rope. I quickly climbed up the ropes, leaning somewhat forward a cheesy grin spread on my face. I threw my hands up in the air in the most cliche pose. My grin only getting bigger and bigger as the crowd continued to cheer me on, louder and louder. The grin slowly morphed into a smug smirk as I leaned against the turnbuckle as they rang the bell. Veda and I instantly locked up, I quickly gained the upper hand as I shoved her into the corner; getting a few chops and fists in. Before she gained the upper hand by pushing me back into my corner, I let out a frustrated sigh as I flipped my hair from my eyes before charging towards her… we both collided when he had the exact idea to close Line each other. Resulting in us both laying out on the mat for a good couple of seconds before Veda attacked. The crowd was electric, as they continued to yell my name and clap in hopes to fire me up. We had wrestled each other before, so we both knew we would have at least a little chemistry in the ring. Towards the end of the match Veda had knocked my into my back and was getting a few cheap shots in, I quickly caught her wrists and pushed my feet into her hips; quickly spinning her into a helicopter arm bar. After barely a minute of her being trapped in it, she tapped. The crowd going crazy as I had won my first match in Ring oh Honor. I instantly let go, jumping up to my feet as the ref raised my hand.

I had won my first match, grinning like a Cheshire Cat on my way into the back. “What’s I tell you, munchie?” I quickly spun around, spotting Adam yet again sporting a black Bullet Club shirt and a pair of light gray sweatpants hung low in his hips. He smiles as I caught his gaze. “Thanks Cole.” I smiled back. “What’s with the nickname in the work place Cole??” I questioned, my hands subconsciously landing on my hips. Adam chuckled, tucking his phone in the pocket of his sweats, muscular arms folding over his chest. I could see the edge and shading oh his tattoo and I chewed on the inside of my lip; much to my disliking and many many attempts I had been carrying a torch for Adam since our teen years together. “I figured you’d might like something that reminded you of calmer times.” He shrugged, concern lacing it’s way through his baby blue eyes, he offered me a sweet smile. I smiled softly, looking up at him. “Well, thank you doofus.” I smirked, recalling the nickname I had given him when we were kids considering all the stunts he had tried to pull in our neighborhood. He laughed, shaking his head. “See ya.” I called over my shoulder as I made the long walk back to the girls’ locker room.

Quickly changing from my ring gear, into a pair of loose fitting black joggers, and a white plain baggy cropped shirt, throwing my hair up into a messy pony tail, I looked around realizing I was the last one in here. I let out a loud sigh, before sitting down on one of the benches, trying to collect myself. I still had to either ask for a ride to the hotel or get an Uber, but as of right now I was so exhausted I’d be happy to just curl up and sleep here for the night. I grabbed my small purse and duffel bag before shutting out the light and heading out of the building. Leaning against the outside of the building, playing in my phone as other people from the show passed by. “Need a ride?” Somebody asked I looked up from my phone coming face to face, again, with Adam. “Yeah, but u can get a car or something.” I murmured, looking as Nick and Matt stood on either side of him. “Nah you can ride with us Addy.” Adam offered, a small smile adorning his scruffy face, I slowly nodded. “If that’s okay with everyone else. I don’t wanna intrude or anything.” I smiled shyly. “Everyone’s fine with it, plus we’d be dumb to let you get into a taxi around here.” Matt laughed as he draped his arm around my shoulders as he led me to their shared rental car.
After popping open the trunk, and situating our bags to all fit in there Adam and I climbed into the backseat and both letting out sighs of relaxation. “Nice match by the way, Cole. I was a little distracted earlier to say that.” I laughed softly, sliding my phone out of my pocket and checking my social media. “Yeah I figured, completely understandable riding an adrenaline high from your match or you know other things that happened post match, munchie.” I wasn’t looking at him, but I could tell her had a smug smirk on his face, quickly shoving my elbow into his side before he could imply anything else. I heard an “oof” and I grinned. “Well, you shut that shit down quickly.” Nick huffed out between snorts of laughter, I saw Matt nod his head hearing him snort as he turned the car on and off we were. I looked at Adam from my peripheral vision, in the light from his iPhone I could make out a small playful grin on his lip as he typed away on his phone.

I absentmindedly began to gaze at Adam, he had fallen asleep his head tucked between his shoulder and then back of the seat. His eyelashes grazed against his cheeks, mouth slightly split open as quiet snores fell from his pink lips, he looked so amazingly peaceful; just looking at him made my heart smile. Alright, Addy calm down. I scolded myself, rolling my eyes at myself. Thankful for the lack of light surrounding me so the Bucks couldn’t see me or the fact that I practically had hearts bouncing from my eyes every time I even caught a glimpse of the man beside me. I inwardly groaned as I pulled out my phone deciding it was best to distract myself with a mindless game. “So, Addy..” Matt drifted off, as we came to a minor stop at a red light. “Yes?” I answered, my ears perking up at the sound of my name, eyes not lifting from the screen of my phone. “We’re probably gonna stop to get food before we go to the hotel, any suggestions?” Matt continued. I shrugged, “Uh whatever you guys stop it’ll be fine. I’ll probably eat something small, it’s hard for me to eat a lot after a match.” I explained, and they nodded. “Understandable.” Nick grinned. “Anyways, so you are in fact that Addy our boy here grew up with, correct?” Nick interrogated, he twisted in his seat so we could see each other. I sucked in my bottom lip, raising an eyebrow at him. “That’s me. Why? What did he tell you about me?” I asked, my anxiety kicking up to a whole brand spanking new level. The brothers chuckled, “Nothing bad, just the stunts you guys would pull. Lots and lots of stories.” Nick explained with a shrug, before re-situating himself so he was sitting the proper way.

I rolled my neck, my eyes clamping shut as I tried to cam my nerves. I hadn’t realized that Adam had woken up during my exchange with Matt and Nick until I felt his rough hand on top of mine. “Calm down.” He whispered. I looked over at him, his eyes were barely open, I could still see his baby blues, his eye lashes fluttering against his cheeks. I offered a small smile and a shrug. Adam stuck his tongue out at me, I giggled shaking my head at him. He knew it would take awhile for me to get my sudden anxiety attack over with and back under control so he opted out of a conversation and softly traced mindless patterns on the back of my hand. I was stunned that after all these years he still somehow remembered what helped most when this would happen years ago. I smiles at him, before shutting my eyes and leaving my head back. Hopefully sleep would take over and by the time we found somewhere to eat I would’ve slept through my anxiety attack.

“Please tell me it was just a picture.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by @nisa4455: “a Nate imagine where he’s on tour and you go to a party with Sammy and y'all get high and later Sammy posts an Instagram photo of you two and y'all are reeeeaaallllyy close and Nate sees it and gets jealous”


“Nate, I miss you so much.” You said over face time.

“I miss you too baby.” He said. Nate had been off on tour for the past month and you were going crazy not having him with you.

“It still feels so weird doing things by myself. Going out, coming home, cooking dinner, watching tv, literally everything feels so lonely.” You said.

“Awe, I’m sorry babe. But hey, only a few more weeks and I’ll be back home.” He said.

“That’s too long to wait.” You said, making him laugh. “Awe, there’s that cheesy ass laugh I miss so much.” You said, causing him to laugh again.

“Have you gone to any parties while I’ve been gone?” He asked. You shook your head.

“No. You know I hate going to parties by myself.” You said.

“The Jacks are having a party tonight, you should go.” He said.

“Yeah, Madison text me the other day and invited me. I might go. I’m not doing anything else.” You said.

“That’s the spirit. Well, I gotta go. We’re about to start soundcheck. I’ll text you later. I love you.” He said.

“I love you too. Kill it tonight, I know you will. Bye baby.” You said.

“Bye babe.” He said. You ended the call and saw you had a text from Madison.

“Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be there.” You replied.

“Yay! See you later.” She said. You got dressed, did your makeup and your hair and headed off to the party. There was already a lot of people there, so you went a head into the house. You found Madison in the kitchen, attached to Gilinsky at the hip.

“Hey, you’re here!” She said, hugging you. Despite all shit said about her, she was actually really sweet, and you were glad you took the time to get to know her and become friends. You and her walked off and hung out with a small group of girls that was also there.

“(Y/N)! I didn’t know you were gonna be here!” You heard a voice call behind you. You turned around and saw Sammy walking up to you, and you could tell that he was already drunk.

“Sammy! Hey!” You said. You hugged him and hung out with him. After a while, you found yourself sitting with him and a few others outside, smoking. You and Sammy were getting awfully cozy together, but he knew that you and Nate were together. And him and Nate were best friends, so he would never try to come in between you and him. 

“So, I was looking through my instagram feed, and noticed that I haven’t posted a picture of you and I in a long ass time. We should fix that.” He said.

“Hmm, we should.” You said. He tossed his phone to someone that was sitting across from him, and told them to take the picture. You posed for the picture and Sammy instantly posted it.

“There. My feed looks so much better now.” He said. You laughed and sat outside with everyone for a while longer. Once you started to get bored of the conversation that was going on, you went back inside and joined in the drinking games that were happening. After a few hours, a shit ton of drinks, you ordered an Uber and header home. When you finally got home, you saw you had a text from Nate.

“Hey baby, the show just ended.”
“Well, I guess you’re still at the party, since you’re not replying. I’ll text you in the morning. Good night baby. I love you.” 

“Sorry for not replying. I just got home, I’m drunk as hell, but I’m going to bed. I love you, talk to you tomorrow.” You replied. You put your phone on the charger, put some pajamas on, and crawled into bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

* * *

You woke up the next morning with the worst hangover in the world. You immediately shut the blinds to block out the sun. You picked up your phone and saw that you had a million unread text messages. Three from Sammy and 99 thousand from Nate.

“Shit, what happened last night?” You asked yourself. You scrolled through your messages from Sammy.

“Shit, (Y/N), we fucked up. Big time.”
“Nate is PISSED. He’s going to kill me when he gets home.” 

What the fuck happened?

You went to Nate’s messages.

“(Y/N), what the fuck”
“Please tell me it was just a picture.”
“I swear to fucking god if he touched you.”

Oh. Shit.

Everything was starting to come back into focus. Shit, shit, shit.

You went to Sammy’s instagram and looked at the picture he posted of the two of you from the party. In Nate’s defense, it did look like you and Sammy were getting a little touchy.

“Nate, listen,” Your reply began, “It was just a picture. That’s it. I know it looks like it could’ve led to other things, but I swear on my life that it didn’t. Literally right after the picture was taken, I took one more hit of the joint and then went back inside and played some drinking games. After a few games, I was completely wasted out of my mind, and I came home. By myself. Nate, I am so sorry. But nothing happened.” You replied. You hit sent and your heart pounded in your chest as you waited for Nate to reply.

His name flashed across your screen, alerting of an incoming call.

“Hello?” You said when you answered.

“(Y/N). I don’t know what to say.” He said.

“Well, everything I said was the truth. I may have been fucked up, but I was sober enough to know that I did not have sex with anyone last night.” You said.

“I know, and I believe you. I’m sorry for overreacting like that. It’s just, you know how jealous I get when you’re with other guys. Especially Sammy. No offense to him, but he is the biggest player I know.” Nate said.

“Nate, it’s okay. Stop apologizing. You had every right to question it. Although I’m a little hurt that you didn’t trust me enough to not cheat on you, but it’s whatever.” You said.

“Awe, c’mon. Don’t be like that. You know I trust you. It’s Sammy I don’t trust. Don’t get my wrong, he’s my best friend and I love him to death, but like I said, he’s the biggest player I know.” He said.

“I know. He is a mess. Anyway, we good?” You asked.

“As good as ever.” He said.

“Good. Well, I’m going to take some aspirin, eat something, and probably pass back out. I’ll call you when I wake back up.” You said.

“Alright babe. Again, I’m sorry for overreacting. I love you.” He said.

“It’s okay baby. I love you too.” You said. You hung up the phone and went to text Sammy.

“I cleared everything up with Nate on my end, but you might wanna talk to him as well, just to make sure everything is okay.” You text him.

“He’s not mad?” Sammy asked.

“Not at me, but I don’t know about you.” You said.

“Haha, you’re funny.” He replied. You rolled your eyes and laughed. You put your phone back on the charger, took your aspirin, made yourself a bowl of cereal and fell back asleep before you could even finish it.

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i head canon that in the summer Nico tries desperately to stay his pale emo self but Will drags him outside as much as possible and because he's Italian he gets a glorious tan that he grumbles about endlessly

OMGS yaaasss anon!!!!! best headcanon ever. But like okay let’s do this.

- I’m just saying this, but I think Nico would be the person who would be like, wearing sweaters in the middle of summer???? Like he’s just always wearing sweaters??? Maybe they just get thinner when summer comes around????

- But they don’t rlly bother him that much cuz he usually stays inside anyways cuz he’s like a vampire and the sunlight hurts him and he just can’t handle it. So he doesn’t die of a heat stroke, don’t worry.

- So Will starts dating Nico. Don’t get him wrong, he loves Will to pieces but Will isn’t rlly the type to stay inside all day and listen to FOB and (insert Nicoish bands here).

- But Will is an outdoorsy type person. He loves going camping, strolling through New York and sitting outside in cafes, taking long walks in the park, getting up at the crack of dawn to run, practice archery, like literally everything.

- So like Will and Nico are in the Apollo cabin playing a board game and the sunshine is glimmering through the rafters and Will is like, staring at it longingly????

- And Nico is like, “I know what ur gonna say and don’t u dare say it.”

- But Will FRICKIN says it.

- “Neeks? Can we go to the park today?”

- Nico looks horrified at even the thought. But like, Nico is just so soft with his boyfriend that instead of just straight up saying “No. that is a terrible idea” he is like “Wiiiiiiilllllll!!! Don’t make me!!!! I have all the sunlight I need right here!!! U produce moooooreee than enough!!!”

- And Will is just like “u trying to flatter me out of going outside?” And Nico nods his head sadly.

- This is the part where Will grabs Nico’s hand. Nico is literally making it the most dramatic thing ever cuz he’s a Drama King and grabbing onto stuff and making it seem like he’s being abducted by aliens.

- Then he’s outside and he is legit hissing at the sun like he is a frickin vampire and trying to get into the shadows so he can shadow travel away from Will.

- But Will is smart and keeps him out of all shadows and puts him in the bright sunlight.

- Nico tries to block the sun with his hood but then he starts sweating and has to take it off.

- “Will, your dad is burning out my freakin eyeballs,” Nico says as he squints against the sun.

- “Here,” Will says, handing him a pair of sunglasses. Nico puts them on and is satisfied with the results but like, Will is dying?????? Cuz Nico is so hot in his sunglasses??????? And he feels like he’s an ice cream that’s melting???? And he just is like “Gods, kill me now.” And Nico is all like “What the what is wrong with you?????” And Will is just like “Nothing. Just nothing. Let’s head to the park.”

- So they go to the park.

- Nico is just like, amazed at how warm the world can be????? Like he’s like “wow it isn’t cold.”

- And they have like a super duper cheesy romantic date at the park where they look at the trees, watch the clouds, and have a picnic on a rug in the shade

- And like okay Nico is a cuddly boyfriend like he will curl up on ur chest like a cat and he literally has his own way of purring??????

- Nico is a cat (pass it on)

- So like the thing he hates about the heat is that it’s so hot and he can’t snuggle onto his boyfriend????? And like he misses hiding his hands in his sweaters?????? And he’s just sad cuz he can’t be warm and snuggly he has to be all hot and sweaty. OMGS AND WHAT IF NICO STARTS YELLING AT APOLLO ASKING WHY THE DAY IS SO HOT AND CANT THE SUN SHINE LESS????? and everyone thinks he’s crazy and Will is uber embarrassed and he’s like “Neeks, u know that’s my dad?”


- And Nico keeps asking Will y he likes the summer and Will is just like “you’ll see” cuz ofc he has a surprise cuz he’s Will Solace and he is like an A++++ boyfriend and everyone is super jealous of Neeks

- So the sun starts to set and it cools down. Nico is in complete awe of the sunset like u would’ve thought he never seen one before cuz his eyes are just so bright and he looks like a child looking at a magic show and Will is dying again cuz he’s so adorable and on top of that he had a huge tan like u where talking about and it raised the temperature like 100 degrees and Gods Will can’t take it Nico is just his beautiful little Italian




- So ofc this day isn’t such a random day and it is literally the frickin Fourth of July

- So like Will is like “Neeks, watch this!” And then the fireworks start going off in brightly colored explosions and Nico’s eyes are wide and glassy and Will can see the fireworks reflecting on them

- And Nico is like, crumbling into the rug they brought, completely transfixed

- Like he can’t believe how beautiful everything is

- And he’s about ready to die

- And Will asks “Neeks? R u okay?”

- Instead of answering, Nico pulls Will into a kiss and there is literal fireworks exploding around them

- And like it’s a picture perfect scene with the lake reflections the bursts of colors and them in the center of it, kissing (HALP I NEED FANART OF THIS ASAP)

- And that’s the most perfect day they have ever had

- And at the end of it, even though Nico was miserable some of it he promises to do more days like it

- And Will just smiles and hugs his perfectly tanned bf and doesn’t want the day to end.

AGHAGHAGHAGH THIS WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN TO WRITE!!!!! *hugs anon* Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!


Original request: Hi! This is my first request and I love your blog🙈 can I please get a scenario between Suga &the reader, the reader is the same age as Suga; &Suga is in love with the reader, wants to be with her, & is trying to convince her but she keeps holding back because, even though she loves him, she has trust issues and can’t believe he loves her and is scared to get hurt. You pick the ending😁 Also some sexual tension at certain points please☺️, but mostly uber fluffy😁 sorry if I’m asking too much🙈

Genre: Fluffy angst

Word count: 1872

“Just one date.”

“Why are you so insistent?”

“Come on! One date isn’t going to kill you.”

“I think it just might.”

“Stop being dramatic. I’ll take you out for a movie and dinner, no funny business. Sound good?”

“If I say yes will you stop bugging me?”



“Great! Pick you up at 2.”

Why had I agreed to such a ludicrous idea? Sure, Yoongi was a cool guy I guess. He’s reserved but sometimes spontaneous, quiet but sometimes loud, serious but sometimes funny. Yoongi really is good guy, despite his seemingly rough outer exterior. To others, his epidermis may have looked as rough as cacti, it’s prickly spines jutting out as a warning to those who dared to challenge it, but in reality Yoongi’s skin was more like a soft teddy bear’s, warm and fresh as a mother pulls it out of a dryer and gives it back to her young child, who waited patiently and eagerly for his little companion to emerge from his bath and be revived from the days of being dragged around the sandbox and getting unidentifiable sludge in its fur.

It wasn’t a weird thing to go on a date, to be pampered by the possibly one person who would ever treat your body like the temple it was. It wasn’t a weird thing to love and desire to be loved, to be engulfed in a passion so fiery anyone who tried to interfere would get third-degree burns.

It was all so normal; nothing was out of the ordinary in any of this. Despite it, I couldn’t find myself feeling okay with it, distancing myself more at the thought of anyone ever loving me. Why me? I wasn’t necessarily pretty, talented, charismatic. Was it all just a hoax? Was he just fulfilling a dare? That made more sense. Why would he be into me anyway?

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