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The spookiest month of the year is here and It is time for the TWEWY fandom to rise from the dead once more for the 2nd annual TWEWYTOBER!

For the next 31 days create fanart of any kind (traditional art, digital art, fanfics, AUs, clay figures, anything you want) using a daily prompt. Be loosely inspired by the prompts or follow them strictly and literally, just don’t let them completely restrict you. Have them as your guide, something to help you focus on an idea. Be creative!

All fanart should be TWEWY related and not contain nsfw or gore. Do not forget to tag your posts with #twewytober2017 #twewytober and #twewy. Reblog and share this everywhere. Let’s get as many fans to participate and create amazing fanart!

Have fun, Neku!

“Are you afraid of me?”

Joshua’s voice is quiet, but so is Neku’s room, so there’s no way not to hear him. Neku’s eyes flutter, and he grunts, so close to sleep and not willing to give up trying.He rolls over, bangs getting in his eyes as he looks at Joshua. He is glowing softly, so pale it is almost unnoticeable.

“What’re you talking about?” Neku asks groggily. It’s 3:48 in the morning- too late or early for any conversation. Joshua is curled up beside him, his hair frizzy and tangled from tossing and turning. He was supposed to be on the floor, but at some point he had crawled into Neku’s bed, and Neku hadn’t stopped him. 

“Are you scared of me.” Joshua repeats, but it doesn’t sound like a question this time. “Do you ever worry that I’ll take advantage of you?”

“What, like, use your powers against me or something?” Neku yawns. He props himself up on an elbow, blinking into the darkness. Josh is wearing his shirt again- the paint spattered CAT tee that his mother keeps nagging him to get rid of. It’s strange seeing Joshua wearing something so familiar, strange seeing him tucked in so comfortably in his bed. Things that belong to the god of the city are strewn throughout Neku’s room, tucked away in his shelves or on his desk… it’s strange, but there’s something sort of amazing about it too, something Neku hopes doesn’t change. He likes the way Joshua looks in his clothes, the way they hug his body, but are a little bit too long in the sleeves or legs. He likes the fact that Joshua has instant access to literally any article of clothing imaginable, and out of all of that, he chooses to borrow his beat-up old paint shirt.

Joshua chews on his lip, violet eyes watching him with a sad intensity. He shrugs awkwardly beneath the covers, nestling down deeper into the pillows. Any deeper and he’ll sink right through the mattress, Neku thinks.

“Not exactly, no… well, maybe.” Joshua sighs. He’s rubs his eyes. “There’s… a rather noticeable power difference between us. I feel like it needs to be addressed.”

“At four in the morning?” Neku raises an eyebrow, and Joshua’s cheeks darken a little.

“The timing doesn’t really matter… It was just eating at me.” He sighs, rolling onto his back. There’s a little bit of a sparkle on the sheets from his feathers, the faintest little wisps of down. Neku smiles, despite himself. “I just…” Joshua starts to talk, but then he stops. He starts a few more times, but each broken sentence comes to an awkward halt, and then he gives up. He rolls back onto his side, back to Neku.

 “… Neku, I want you to be honest with me.” He says, finally, and Neku is tempted to remind him that he’s not the one with the track record of dishonesty in this relationship. It doesn’t feel like a very good time to be bringing tht up though.

“What’s wrong, Josh?” Neku prompts, hoping to drag it out of him. Joshua’s shoulders move up and down a bit. His breathing is quiet. A minute passes, and Neku thinks maybe he’s fallen asleep, until he sits up, back arched tiredly.

“Do you let me stay in your life because you want me here… or because you’re afraid of what I might do if you turn me away?” A voice that reminds Neku of a child speaks to the mural on the other side of the room, his unfinished masterpiece, a record of his life since Day One, Week One. Joshua always stares at it when he comes over. Neku is pretty sure he realized what it was long before the artist himself did.

“Joshua, I’ve literally punched you in the face for what you put me through. Would someone who was scared of divine repercussion do that?” Neku asks crossly, and Joshua snorts. When he looks back he’s glowing a little brighter, a small smile on his face.

“No, I suppose not…” He sits there a while longer, watching Neku fondly. Neku feels like he’s on display. He reaches for Josh’s arm, tugging lightly, trying to tell him to get back in bed. With a sigh, he lays back down, squirming closer to Neku. His head rests perfectly beneath Neku’s chin, soft hair and cool skin. 

“… I’ve already told you a lot more about the UG than you should know.” Joshua murmurs into Neku’s shirt, his forehead pressed against his chest. “I know that the weight of all that knowledge is probably hard to bear… that it is unfair of me to put so much on you, and then expect you to keep on living your normal life…”

“Josh, it’s fine. Honest.” Neku pets his hair gently, running his fingers through to try and get rid of some of the knots. “We’re friends, kay? Friends vent to each other. Your problems may be more supernatural than mine, but that doesn’t mean they’re less real.” That was what being friends was about, Neku had come to understand. They couldn’t always fix your problems, but they could help carry the load for you. 

Joshua nestles against him, arms linking hesitantly around his back. It’s strange, how easily Joshua can drape his arms around him in public, flirt and tease and make a show of anything, but the moment things start getting serious, touch is suddenly a foreign concept. His hands move so slowly, so carefully. It’s like he’s always handling something fragile, and if he touches it the wrong way, it will break apart.

“… things are going to get worse.” Joshua whispers. Neku feels the movement of his lips against his chest more than he actually hears the words. Josh shuffles slightly, angling his head to look at Neku. “I can’t tell you everything right now. I don’t know everything right now. But life in Shibuya… life, for me, is going to get a lot harder very soon. If you want out… now is the time to say so.” Josh stares at him with a hard gaze, his voice grave, and Neku feels a chill crawling down his spine- he knows Josh is serious.

How could someone so powerful look so helpless? How could someone he knew was capable of awful things have become someone he felt he had to protect? Neku holds Josh securely, pressing his forehead to his.

“Sorry Partner, but we’re in this together. You aren’t getting me off board that easily.”

Underrated Games: Why You Should Play The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You takes place in a fictional version of Shibuya, Tokyo and follows the story of Neku Sakuraba, a fifteen year old who has been raised in Shibuya his whole life who feels no need to interact with society, and keeps to himself. However one day he finds himself in the middle of the city with no memory about himself aside that of his name and when he wakes up, he finds a strange pin that allows him to read the minds of others and receives a cryptic text reading: “Reach 104. You have 60 minutes. Fail and face erasure.”

He suddenly finds a timer on his hand and is attacked by monsters called Noise.

Neku has entered the Reaper’s Game. A game where those who have died may fight for a chance at life again by completing various missions for a one entire week. Along the way, Neku meets a girl name Shiki Misaki and they forge a pact, now having to team up and complete the various tasks thrown at them for the week. Some circumstances occur in the game, lead to Neku having to play the Game more than once, and gives the player the opportunity to partner up with two other characters.

TWEWY is a ds game that came out in 2007 from the company of Square Enix (or as sometimes like to call them, Sqeenix) and the company Jupiter. It’s a Jrpg game, has made a cameo appearance in the series Kingdom Hearts, and a rarity in terms of finding it in any store aside from Amazon, however, this game is a diamond in the rough and rightfully a game you should play at least once for the following reasons:

1. The Lessons on Interpersonal Relationships and Skills

There is very much an introvert in the character of Neku, especially in comparison to some of the more extroverted partners he receives throughout the weeks he spends in the Reapers’ Game. And due to that being where a lot of Neku’s character development comes in, the lesson on interpersonal skills, such as trust and putting your differences aside, are a big part of the game.

In the Reapers’ Game, there is only one other person you can rely to help keep yourself alive: your partner. If you need help and can’t think of a way to complete the mission you guys have been given, you go to your partner. If your partner dies, you will be dying shortly afterwards as well. “Trust your partner.” They’re the only ones who have your back and if you both can’t manage to work out any differences you have and come to some kind of truce, you might as well give up.

This is very much a real skill people need in life. Everyone is different from you, has their own dreams, and everyone has their own values and things that are important to them, even if you think otherwise. TWEWY does a very good job in displaying this fact as Neku encounters the different things that matter to particular characters from Shiki’s insecurities about herself to the reason why the Reaper’s do what they do. Especially with the Players, the deceased individuals you meet throughout the game because in the Reapers’ Game, not only is your right to exist on the line, but so is your most important thing which can be intangible, like memories or dreams, or tangible, like relatives or a physical characteristic you have.

There’s more to some people than it may seem and sometimes it may actually take getting out of your comfort zone to realize that. To see what they think in order to come to some kind of mutual understanding.

2. Relatable Characters

There is a very diverse cast in TWEWY from quirky to downright standoffish, but the realism put into the characters as a whole really puts things into perspective to the person playing, whomever that may be and really pulls you into the story going so far as to even make you feel the things the characters may feel.

For instance, as an introvert myself, I was quite annoyed with Shiki for the first several in-game days as she constantly attempted to get the more standoffish Neku out his bubble. I, as Neku, personally felt as if she were prying into my life and was pretty urked every time Neku’s inner train of thought was interrupted due to Shiki trying to get Neku to stop living inside his head to talk to her in order to know what he was thinking.

However, I realized, coming from Shiki’s point of view, any extroverted person playing the game would probably find extreme annoyance in Neku’s lack in wanting to talk. After all, in a game where there’s only one person you can count on, it must be extremely annoying and worrying when that very person won’t even give you the time of day.

And it doesn’t stop there. 

There are plenty of other characters that you can relate to as well like Rhyme and how she is concerned with the fact she has no real goal or dream for her future.

Outgoing introvert Joshua and his fickle ways of pushing people away from him by not hiding and emphasizing his flaws.

And even some of the minor characters and their relationships with each other, for instance, best friends Mina and Ai having a strain in their relationship when Ai thinks Mina is trying to go on a date with the boy she likes.

A very real problem that has even completely severed friendships in real life.

The cast overall is very quirky and interesting, and give an interesting twist on personalities and how they may and or may not clash with one another.

3. The Soudtrack

If there is one thing you will hear any TWEWY fan gush about aside from Joshua or Sho Minamimoto, it is more than likely going to be the music you hear through out the game. TWEWY is renown for having an amazing soundtrack. There is a large assortment of songs that play throughout the game.

While most games just choose one theme for each battle and area, TWEWY instead randomly chooses a song from its soundtrack ensuring that you probably won’t get bored of the song since it is forever changing in every battle and each area you explore in the game. 

If Give Me All Your Love played in the last battle you were in, then you might be listening to Twister  or Calling next time.

The soundtrack covers a number of different genres and you just might even find yourself listening to the songs for fun.

4. The Underlying Message of Hope

While I won’t be delving into the story line and circumstances that Neku is often tossed to in the game, one thing that will be eventually realized by the end of your experience with TWEWY is the message of hope. Or to be more accurate, the hope that some people might change one day, preferably for the better.

In the beginning of the game, Neku is an extreme introvert who finds no need for friends and is to the point where even if it’s just a person offering help, he’d just be downright rude to them. His issues with trusting people are very prominent and the way his headphones symbolize blocking people out from his life really speaks out. However, by the end of it all, Neku is a lot different. An introvert still at the end of the day, but he’s changed.

He’s learned a lot. That there’s more to people than he initially thought, that there’s more than just ‘the world Neku lives in’. Learning to trust people and even having that trust broken. That within the small place he lives in, there are much more things going on. That maybe, some things are little harder to forgive.

And when you realize the overall message, that, if the worst person in Shibuya can go from hating the world and everything in it

 to a guy who learned that life isn’t all that bad, 

it really speaks to you.

 That maybe even you can get some happiness in your life if everything just feels very, nice. It’s a warm feeling and one definitely guaranteed when you play this game.

TWEWY is an overall amazing game, much more deserving of the popularity it seems to lack due to marketing. It has an interesting game mechanic, a great soundtrack, and an even greater message with its spectacular cast of characters that will put you through quite the roller coaster as you see them laugh, cry, and work together for the second chance of life they are all striving for.

So, if you ever get the opportunity to play this game, take it and maybe even show the goodness of it to other people.

I’ve been meaning to draw something TWEWY-related for aaaages and have been on a bit of a Fire Emblem kick… (if all the fire emblem art of late didn’t tip you off). Well… Came across @yirri-doodles ‘s badass FE x TWEWY art (seriously cool idea, I love it) and felt inspired to try something similar, so I ran with it~ 
(Would recommend checking em out if you like Fire Emblem or Tales of stuff! Their art is shiny <3)

Anyway I remember loving TWEWY a whole heck of a lot. I definitely have to revisit it one of these days.

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So it’s not real surprise to anyone that the twewy fandom has been kind of, well, dead for quite some time (har har), but a few of us want to try and change that with a second round of twewy day! Originally celebrated two years ago to showcase our love and dedication to twewy along with meet others who share the same kind of love for dead street emo theater. The fandom’s been around for a while and since it’s always changing about, we need another celebration and remind the world who we love this game that changed our lives so much or maybe that’s just me orz orz orz

AAAANYYYYYWAYYYYYYYY, the twewy party day will be May 3rd, aka the first saturday in twewy so we can try to get as many people to participate as possible plus enough time to gather up as much twewy-related stuff as possible. As far as participation goes, ANYTHING GOES!!!! Art, fanfiction, cosplay, crafts, posts about joshua’s ass THAT MEME WILL NEVER DIE, reaper jokes, rhyme vs shark, etc etc!!!!!

Let the inner Player, Reaper, Composer, GM, Noise, Shopkeeper, and Fallen Angel shine through!!! And don’t forget, it’s a wonderful world.