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Dating Sirius Black would include...

Anonymous said: Ooooh! I love headcanons! Could you please do dating a Sirius would include?

  • you probably being a gryffindor or a slytherin
  • was sirius your boyfriend? was he james’ boyfriend? was he remus’ boyfriend? nobody knew
  • lots of “baaaaaaaaaaaabe”
  • him turning into his animagus form to cuddle with you whenever you were sad
  • him licking your face even when not in his animagus form
  • lots of swearing
  • you always stealing his leather jackets
  • going shopping together
  • him wearing your crop tops
  • him asking you to teach him how to paint nails properly
  • like he had a spell for it, but one of your parents was a muggle, and he wanted you to teach him the muggle way
  • him not caring about masculinity and going around wearing the crop tops and nail polish he stole for you
  • but him still being the most badass guy in hogwarts
  • “i like my coffee like your name. black.”
  • “i like my make up like i like my girls. on my face.”
  • the two of you literally being hogwarts most badass couple
  • (james and lily were jealous)
But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
—  Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Request from Anon: If you’re not too swamped with requests, would you mind doing a Draco X slytherin reader where everyone believes she’s very sweet, soft spoken, and shy, when in reality, she can do a 180 and become to fiercest girl ever (but no ones seen that yet). And finally Draco insults her blood status and she turns around and totally drags him, and he learns to respect her. Thank you, and I really like your blog! Keep it up!

Thank you! sorry this was requested some time ago, i’ve only just got to your spot on the list! thank you so much for requesting :)

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Hello, and, hello!  You know, I’m a smidge confused about the hostility towards your house myself, honestly.  Why, look at what you’re made of!  Slytherins are known for being ambitious, strong leaders, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.  You know what you want to achieve in life, and that’s a great deal more than anyone else can say.

I think I’d give the same advice to anyone, no matter your school, house, or education.  Wherever you’ve been placed, you are the only one who can decide what it is you believe in, and what you want to stand up for.  

Slytherins, be proud of your cleverness, and your strengths.  Use them when needed to stand up for your friends, but also try to remember that you’re not alone.  Your friends are there for you, no matter your house difference.  Your friends should be thankful for you, for being what you are.  And as a Slytherin, you can take pride in knowing that you are willing to do everything in your power to protect them, or the magical creatures you love.  

Slytherins, you have a strength that just about everyone needs right now.  Be proud of that, and show the rest of the world just what you can do.  

anonymous asked:

Hi hi! First, you are amazing and so is your blog! Second, could you give me a run down on the Drarry fic Turn? Is it worth the read? What's it about? Is it super angsty? Thank you!! Keep on being awesome xx

Oh gosh this is so sweet, thank you so much! ALSO YES I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO GIVE YOU A RUN DOWN ON MY #1 FAVORITE FIC TURN

(beware, you have now unleashed the ranty beast)

Turn by Sara’s Girl might seem daunting at its 300k+ words, but let me tell you, you won’t even notice because you’ll be too busy praying for it to never ever end. It has a plot line that will make itself visible quite early on, so you won’t feel that “how the hell is this fic going to be 300k what’s even going to happen??” feeling that at least I tend to feel when I go into the long fics. Also, the pacing is on point. So don’t let the length scare you off!

What is it about then? The fic summary “One good turn always deserves another. Apparently”, while fitting, is woefully vague. So, a longer one:

The story starts a few months after the epilogue (yes, Turn is epilogue-compliant, but again, trust me on this one) with Harry having hit a bit of a rut in his life; he’s going through the motions, doesn’t like his job, his marriage isn’t what it should be, and he’s wondering “what if?”. What if he had done things differently in the past? What if he had gone back for Draco Malfoy after the Sectumsempra incident and apologized? Offered to help him out of his impossible situation? What would life have been like then?

And then, of course, Harry wakes up the next day in a parallel universe in which he did save Draco. It also turns out that they’ve been together for the past 18 or so years. Cue the shock. And confusion. And… excitement…

Angsty? I wouldn’t pin it down as an angsty fic, but sure, there are definitely moments that will make you cry. A lot, if you’re like me. In fact, it broke my heart and stomped on it. But the overall feeling is hope, warmth, humor, and lots of love. You’ll be laughing through your tears half the time!

Turn also has:

• the most wonderfully written Blaise in existence
• (side-pairing Blaise/Ginny is amaze you will ship this one so harddd)
• Harry’s snake Frank who is more narcissistic & melodramatic than Draco
• amazinggg original characters (Maura!)
• a LOVELY Romione they are both so well-written in this and their relationship is loving and beautiful. their friendship with Harry is A++
• no Ginny bashing whatsoever in fact she’s all kinds of great in this
• rlly good next gen
• excellent character development & personal growth
• cracktastic humor
• my favorite Draco ever
• my favorite Harry ever
• all the feels
• such good writing I can’t

More than anything, it’s just such an inspirational story, you know? If you’ve ever been in that stage in your life when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing with yourself, this fic will speak to you. It does to me. Harry goes on an amazing journey in it and we’re so lucky to be allowed to join him. It’s like, if Harry can do it, if he can fight for his happiness like this, we all can

TL;DR: Turn is 1100% worth the read! GO READ IT NOWWW

NewtXReader - PART 1 - bitter sweet love


PART 2: here

PART 3: here

PART 4: here

PART 5: here 

Feel free to send requests as I will do all! Any character from Harry Potter series or Fantastic beasts (I prefer Newt Scamander ones though)

Info: fluff > will eventually turn to smut in future chapters

You and Newt have been traveling companions for years, and their friendship always felt a little more than friends. Too shy to admit their feelings a new person comes into their lives, threatening to shit the balance of things.


Newt had finally came home to London from his travels, in New York. The last couple of days had been unbearable, you missed the freckled man and you going on adventures, but here he was. In the corner of a quiet coffee shop he spilled his great tales and adventures from across the ocean to you. He spoke of a funny chubby little man with a knack for baking, called Jacob and a mind reading, dressmaker, bubbly blonde known as Queenie. However the third person…

“Y/N she was incredible, she was slightly eh…intimidating to say the least at first but merlin…is her enthusiasm for work contagious! And Pickett! He’s taken such a liking for her so I left him with her for a bit, decided it would do him good for the attachment issues” Newt chuckled.

Newt never trusted anyone but you to care for his creatures and even so it took months for you to earn his trust, but here he was allowing his favourite creature (he denies having favourites but you know better) with a woman he barely had become acquaintances with.

Sucking up your slight feelings of betrayal, you smiled, “She sounds wonderful, I’ll have to meet her someday” your attempt at hiding your feelings was pathetic but Newt was to oblivious to take notice at the hurt behind your voice. “Y/N you should come back with me! You could meet her as well as Jacob and Q-”

“Back? Your going to stay there?” Confusion spread fast across your face.

“Good heavens no, I need to collect Pickett and I also intend to give Tina my first copy of my book! She helped me think of a name, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Quite nifty isn’t it?”

“But I thought I was to get your first copy of your book…”

Red tinted his cheeks. He’d forgotten about that promise, he really owed it to you to get the first copy, after all you had accompanied him on his journeys all this time, sketching out illustrations of all the marvellous creatures to accompany his descriptions. Had his new infatuation with this ‘Tina woman’ really put you completely out of the picture?

“Em yess n-no I mean, of course yes your getting the first copy. In fact I organised a little some thing extra for your copy. It wouldn’t even be possible to complete this book with out your help. I don’t think I say this quite enough but thank you..” , he smiled at your shoes, avoiding eye contact from embarrassment

Flustered and not completely thinking straight you blurted out, “well I know how you can repay me..take me with you to New York”

An adorable grin appeared on Newts face and happiness gleamed through his eyes, “so you’ll go with me?”

Gathering your thoughts, you realised what you had said but curiosity (and jealously although you would never admit it) had gotten the better of you and you gave into your temptations, “yes of course Newt, I wouldn’t turn down an adventure with you”, you laughed.

Your heart skipped a little when he flashed his pearly white teeth and engulfed you in a warm cinnamon scented hug. Butterflies erupted in your stomach as you felt the bottom of his chin rest on the top of your head. As his hands soothingly rubbed circles into your back it seemed as though both of you were perfect fit for each other.

“You won’t regret it love, we travel so much but always for work. We never get a break to ourselves, I can show you all around New York, without having to chase after the niffler this time, hopefully”. He sighed into your hair

“So this means you’ll leave your case behind then?” You smugly asked already knowing the answer.

“Y/N” he gasped fake offended “how dare you ask me to leave my babies behind”.

Both of you erupted in a fit of giggles before Newt placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head and let out a content sigh. It felt so natural to act like this with Newt, as though it was programmed into your nature, but before long Newt became aware of the small gesture he had just given you. Stuttering he pulled away from the hug, his warmth departing from your body and blushes on both of your faces.

“Sorry-I’ll just go p-pack now”.

“Don’t forget your scarf Mr Scamander” you teased before he gave you one last heartwarming smile and disappearing out the coffee shop door

Although the journey on the ship was rough and wild, with Newt by your side anything was bearable. Once in land you resisted the urge to kiss the ground as Newt entwined his large hand with your dainty one, ensuring that you weren’t going to get lost in the busy crowds at the dock.

As you approached security Newt as usual became a mumbling mess. Even though Newt looked about as dangerous as a mouse with those freckles, his habit of avoiding eye contact and uncalled for nervousness made him appear as though he where planning a mass murder. This had become a regular occurrence for the 2 of you however you had learned how to deal with it.

“Any livestock?” The buff security man questioned, boredom practically dripping from his voice.

Newts eyes noticeably widened, panic surfacing across his features. The atmosphere suddenly thickening considerably as Newt looked hopelessly to you for help.

“Now how would we manage to fit any livestock in there mister. Do I look like a wizard to you?” You chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

“Sorry miss only doing ma job” he gave a quick tilt of his hat before allowing you and Newt to pass on through “have a good day you two”.

“Thank you! ” you called back as Newt led you away from the docks.

“Merlin what would I do without you Y/N, I’m afraid I’m quite the mumbling mess”

“I can’t Imagine how you even managed to make it through there the last time you came!”

“I was just a smidge from getting caught last time, if it wasn’t for that muggle button” he laughed “we better make our way onwards before the evening comes”

After you

What both of you had failed to realise was that your hands still remained interlocked.
3 hours. 3 hours of wandering for the Goldstein sisters’ apartments and not a daft clue where the 2 of you where. Night was closing in fast, the cool air blowing against your blouse, which was offering no protection from the icy winds. You longed for the warmth of a fire.

“N-newt I t-think we might-t be lost” you chattered out. Newt looked to your shaking frame, goosebumps rising on your skin. With concern in his eyes he turned to you
“Y/N your shaking love”

“Don’t w-worry I’m okay-y”

“No your not, your shaking like a leaf, here take this”, Newt slipped off is slightly tattered blue coat, shyly offering it to you.

“Newt I can’t take it you’ll freeze! Don’t worry about me, your not normally a worrier” smiling you attempted to put on your best Newt voice, “my philosophy is that if you worry you suffer twice”. Newt burst out laughing at your measly impression of him before turning to you seriously, avoiding eye contact.

“I’m allowed to worry Y/N about the things that are close to me. Please, I won’t take no for an answer” he said draping the coats around your shoulders.

“Next you’ll have me in your bow tie!”

“Don’t worry you could pull it off” he said giving a cheeky wink. You laughed at his comment, you loved moments like these, special ones where Newt completely let go of his reserved self. It was only with you that he could really be himself. He had no reason to think you’d judge him.

“Come on now Mr Scamander, I thought you’re meant to be a good navigator! Are we nearly there yet?”

Taking 2 fingers he gently placed them underneath your chin and titled your head slightly upwards. In front of you where the apartments Newt had described. Both of you quietly snuck upstairs and knocked on the door.

When it eventually opened a figure was standing there.


She was undeniably gorgeous. Creamy skin, dark alluring locks of hair, her posture radiating confidence and pride so unlike yourself. Dressed in a knee length skirt, showing her gorgeous legs and a silk blouse complementing her figure. Upon seeing Newt a smile lit up her face, as she wrapped her arms around him. At this moment you practically felt invisible, not to mention highly self conscious. All you wanted to do was curl up in Newts oversized coat. She was stunning and you were just… Well you.

“Newt! Oh my it’s been so long, Pickett’s just dying to see you again. I don’t quite think our plan worked, his attachment issues aren’t going away it seems”

“I do hope he behaved. The little bugger sometimes has a habit of scratching people when he doesn’t get his own way” Newt said back. His unreserved persona confused you, normally he only acted like this with you. Your presence remained unnoticed until..

“Ah Newt! It’s so good to see you! Huh and you’ve brought a girl! Awk isn’t she just a honey” a blonde dressed in a skimpy nightgown emerged from behind Tina.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there! You must be Y/N, Newt told us so much about you, I must say you two do make quite the cute couple” Tina said gesturing to your hand which was still locked in Newts larger one.

Automatically Newt retracted his hand from yours as though it where fire and exclaimed, “oh no, no we’re just friends”

To you his tone sounded offended, repulsed even. Was he so ashamed for someone to even consider you being together. What was so wrong with you? Where you not good enough for him? Of course you weren’t, all you have to do is compare yourself to Tina after all. You felt your stomach drop at this realisation and from the corner of your eye you saw Queenie shoot you a sympathetic glance. You’d completely forgotten that she could read minds.

“Come on sweetie”, she proclaimed stepping towards you, lifting your luggage,“you have to come on in dear so we can get acquainted! Jacobs made some delicious pastries for your arrival!”. Newt Tina and yourself followed her into the room. The apartment was very cosy and you feel as though the decor of the room really illustrates who Tina and Queenie are, as personal touches are added everywhere.

“Come, sit, sit, you must rest", she ushered you and Newt into the living room and demanded you sit down from your long travels at once. “Now, now Queenie we must celebrate Y/N and Newts arrival! Why don’t we go down to the Bling Pig for firewhiskey”. Tina proclaimed

“But the pastries” Queenie whined

“Oh Queenie, Jacob can whip up another fresh batch when he gets back home later. It’s not everyday that we have guests”

Before this conversation got any further you decided to interrupt, “sorry as lovely as that sounds I brought nothing too fancy with me”

“That’s not a problem honey, you can borrow one of mine” Qunnie smiled sweetly
Panicking you raked your mind for another excuse but instead she simply tutted you. “Now we’ll have none of that! I have this adorable little dress that I’m too big for but it would fit you perfectly, you look gorgeous” She rambled on as you were dragged towards her room.

I’m sure she will” Newt whispered under his breath

Something told you that this was going to be an eventful night.


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Idiot In Love

Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)

Pairing: Teen!Sirius Black x reader

Request: “Could you write a fluffy young Sirius x reader where he always tries to impress her and make her laugh and he gets all nervous and flustered around her and she thinks he’s the cutest dork ever and she kisses him passionately and he’s all dazed and blushing? I love your blog!!!”

Warnings: One innuendo?

A/N: Omg I really wanna know who you are, anon! I love this request and I’m really happy with how this turned out! Please message me and tell me what you thought, anon?

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(I don’t own the gif)

“Just go and talk to her!” whispered Remus, rolling his eyes at his friend’s behaviour. Sirius tore his eyes away from the girl sitting by the window of the common room, a scandalised expression on his face.

“I can’t just go and talk to her, Moony! She’s not the kind of girl you just go and talk to! If I were to just-“

“Say just go and talk to her one more time, and I will not be held accountable for my actions.”

“But I can’t-“

“Yes, you can,” said Remus firmly, pushing his friend towards where you sat in the window seat.

You looked up from your book, smiling warmly when you recognised Sirius Black standing in front of you. “Hi Sirius!” you said brightly, hoping you weren’t blushing.

“Err, hi (Y/N),” he started awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. You raised your eyebrows slightly; this wasn’t the Sirius you knew. The Sirius you knew could charm the pants off of Dumbledore without breaking a sweat, and he definitely didn’t get nervous.

“Are you alright?” you asked, concerned. “You’re looking a bit faint.”

He chuckled nervously. “I’m, um, I’m fine, thanks. I was just, um, wondering if you would like to, err…”

“If I would like to…?” you prompted. He sighed exasperatedly.
“I was wondering if you would like to help me with the Transfiguration homework. I’m really struggling with it,” he lied, cursing himself inwardly. He could practically feel Remus’ eyes burning holes in the back of his head.

“Oh,” you said, disappointed. “Sure, I’ll help you sometime.”

He grinned sheepishly. “Thanks, (Y/N).” He patted your shoulder awkwardly before disappearing up the boys’ staircase with Remus hot on his heels, leaving you to go back to your book, confused and disappointed.

“What was that?” demanded Remus as soon as their dorm door was closed. James and Peter looked up from where they’d been lounging on their respective beds, as Sirius collapsed on his own bed and pulled his pillow over his head.

“What happened?” asked James, looking slightly fearfully at Sirius. “Is he contagious or something?”

“This idiot-“ Remus pointed at Sirius, whose body was now completely hidden beneath blankets. “-just tried to ask (Y/N) (L/N) out, and ended up asking her for help with homework.”

James burst out laughing. “Seriously? If I can ask Lily out, surely you can nab (Y/N)!”

“She’s different,” came Sirius’ muffled voice. “She’s got these eyes, and lips, and her smile, and her hair…”

“That’s called a face, Padfoot. We all have them,” James pointed out. Sirius sat up, throwing a pillow at his friend.

“What I’m saying is, she’s gorgeous, and it messes with my brain,” he argued. “I kind of just lose control of my tongue when I’m around her!”

“Careful, Pads. Not all girls like a lot of tongue,” James smirked. “Not the face!” he added as Sirius charged at him.

“Target spotted,” whispered James. “Boy Who Cried Wolf, you have permission to engage. Repeat, you have permission to engage. Do you copy?”

“This is ridiculous, Prongs, I’m literally right next to you,” sighed Remus. James glared at him.

Codenames, Boy Who Cried Wolf! Use the codenames!”

Remus sighed again, beginning to question his choice of friends. “I copy, Bambi II. Advancing into the field, over.”

“Black Dog, remain on standby and do not let yourself be seen,” James whispered to Sirius, who was hiding behind the nearest curtains.

“Hello (Y/N),” smiled Remus, approaching you where you stood by the curtains. You smiled slightly.

“Hi Remus. How are you feeling?” you asked, keeping your voice low. You knew there’d been a full moon a few days ago.

“I’m better than I was,” he answered, a little sadly. You smiled sympathetically, hugging him. You frowned, hearing an indignant cry, seemingly from behind the curtains.

“Did you hear that?” you asked. Remus shook his head hastily, a bit too hastily to pass as normal. You narrowed your eyes. “Remus Lupin, what are you up to?”

He sighed. “Look, Sirius asked me to ask you if you fancy him, and if you would go out on a date with him. Please don’t shoot the messenger.”

You smiled slightly, feeling heat rush to your cheeks. “Yes, I do fancy him. And as for the date, Black Dog will have to come out from behind the curtains and ask me himself,” you added pointedly, folding your arms and watching as the curtain was drawn back to reveal a very embarrassed looking Sirius Black.

“So, err, would you like to go on a date with me?” he asked nervously, avoiding looking at you.
“Of course not,” you said, your voice dripping with sarcasm. He nodded slowly, starting to walk away. You raised your eyebrows at Remus, who shrugged. It wasn’t often that sarcasm was lost on Sirius Black.

You hurried after him, grabbing his hand and making him face you. Before he could say anything, you pressed your lips to his passionately. His eyes widened and he froze for half a second, before melting into the kiss and tangling his hands in your hair.

“Wow,” he breathed as you pulled away. You giggled at the dazed expression on his face.

“So just to confirm, you do want to go on a date with me?” he asked uncertainly. You rolled your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down for another kiss.

“Of course I do, you idiot.”

Draco’s best friend turned lover would include...

Requested- Hi! I really love your blog. Could I request being Draco’s best friend turned lover would include? Thank you! Sorry if it’s too complicated.

- - -

  • being shocked on the day he confessed his long-held feelings for you
  • accepting his offer to be his girlfriend almost immediately
  • because Merlin had any idea you liked him ever since you laid your eyes on him 
  • him grinning sheepishly at you
  • because it was the best moment ever
  • you blushing slightly
  • with the weight in your chest gone
  • “I’m not dreaming, am I?”
  • “I hope I’m not either, y/n.”
  • “We better not be, then.”
  • not being awkward at all as you were already close with the boy
  • him holding your hand wherever you two are
  • him occasionally whispering um, slightly naughty things to your ears
  • resulting you struggling to breathe properly
  • you kissing his cheeks, catching him off-guard
  • making him the one to blush
  • smirking at each other
  • going to the places you two hung out at while you were still just only friends
  • feeling completely different now that you are together
  • resting your head on his chest
  • just chilling and cuddling

So I did a thing. Here’s Percy in a Slytherin uniform for an AU that has got me itching to make a sketch of ever since I saw one of those Hogwarts AUs going around in blogs. 

A lot of people have been putting Percy in Gryffindor, but I beg to differ.  Gryffindor house emphasizes the traits of courage as well as “daring, nerve, and chivalry,” and its members are generally regarded as brave, though sometimes to the point of recklessness. They can also be short-tempered. A lot of these things while true for Percy just doesn’t match up. Of course, Percy is brave, daring and chivalrous sometimes, but we might be forgetting that those things are strongly backed up by his cleverness and wit. 

Let’s take a look at the Slytherin house traits. Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented. They also have highly developed senses of self-preservation. Not to mention a certain penchant for “disregarding the rules”. While Percy would lack the ambition and being achievement-oriented, the way on how he strongly relies on his cunning and shrewdness balances it out. Not to mention that Percy has been described to be loyal to a fault, which is a key Slytherin trait. 

Also, I believe that Percy would fit in better with Slytherin because if we take his character in the series, we have to remember that ever since PJO, Percy has been shown to have a dark and manipulative side in him and have only been clearly noticeable in HoO:

  • The way he’s ready to get rid (turn him into stone) of Gabe just so Sally could be free from his abuse.
  • The way Percy wished for Annabeth to kill Luke just as when he was struggling to take his body back from Kronos’ control.
  • The way Percy blackmailed a god just so he and Annabeth could have a date in Paris.
  • The way Percy manipulated Bob’s thoughts into doing something for him and Annabeth just because Bob’s their friend
  • The way Percy manipulated poison just so that Misery won’t hurt Annabeth. 

All in all, I think those are the traits that would make him more Slytherin and less Gryffindor.

Nico’s version could be found here

Masterlist <3

                                                  Tyler x Reader

                                                  Ethan x Reader

                                                       Not Mine

Those are just a few of my favorite ones by other people, there are MANY more :D


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 Simon x Reader ~ You turn into a vampire - Part 1

  • (@takemeflying here hullo)
  • Professor McGonagall: James you were supposed to turn the toad into a button not a firecracker
  • James: But then my Transfiguration skills wouldn't be explosively good
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall: get out

OMG just found your blog and I’m in love. I’m not sure you’re still doing these but if you are can you write one about the weasely family (+Harry of course) accidentally walk in on a little too much fremione happening. You’re definitely my favorite author

Every time someone tells me I’m their favorite author, I just turn into a blubbering pool of akjbflksjhdfkjshdlfkjsdhf

* * *

“Shhh, Hermione,” Fred said, laughing as he led her into the living room. “We’ve got approximately an hour before they all come back from visiting Aunt Muriel.”

Keep reading

Stop gibbering, we’ve come to take you home with us.
—  Ron Weasley to Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a.k.a. the sort of moment I cry about on a daily basis bc Ron JUST GAVE HARRY A HOME, just told him, with no second thoughts or hesitations, that since Privet Drive was no home to Harry he could come home with them, bc THEY WERE HIS HOME, THE WEASLEYS WERE HIS HOME, and it didn’t matter if their home was overflowing already, it didn’t matter if it took flying illegally to Surrey to do so, Harry was GOING to get the home and family he deserved whatever happened, no questions asked, RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY IS THE BEST FRIEND YOU COULD EVER HOPE TO HAVE, I don’t care what anyone else says, good day.

Harry and Ron living in Grimmauld Place together after the war and dealing with Kreacher and Auror training and figuring out their lives.

Hermione and Ginny coming by during holidays and telling them off for leaving the house in such a mess.

Harry turning the walls into a memorial for all the people who died during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Mrs. Weasley coming over to cry over her broken family and Ron and Harry assuring her that she’ll get through it, that if they pulled through a war, she can pull through this.

Bill taking on being head of the Order, so Harry can have a few years to be a kid and do stupid shit.

Luna coming over and filling the house with magical things.

Harry tacking up the Marauder’s map on the walls of his bedroom so he can see the place he loves the most.

Ron slowly realizing everything that happened and processing it in in a very Ron Weasleyish way. One emotion at a time. Harry hearing sobs from his room, maniacal laughter, exclamations of surprise.

The world righting itself again.

maybe harry called snape “the bravest man i’ve ever known” because in the end he turned away from the shitty person he’d been most of his life and did the right thing, knowing that there was no tangible gain for himself involved (after he knew that harry would have to die and his efforts to save lily’s son were ultimately futile)


Prompt: Ooo I really hope that anon makes a Snape imagine blog! Could you perhaps do a story involving Snape”s girlfriend (reader, Ravenclaw graduate) receiving his wand after hus death please?? Have a good day!!

Okay, so I added a little bit more to this.  I couldn’t bring myself to leave it as it was and it really broke my heart (curse you for making me cry) so…. this may have turned into something else entirely at the end.  Maybe a part 2 could be made.  I don’t know yet.  Anyways, hope you like!  Enjoy!

Word Count: 2482

Trigger Warning: Character Death/Dealing with death.


It was over.  The battle had taken a toll on everyone as you wiped dirt from your cheek, casting the finally spell toward a Death Eater than refused to give up.  As he fell, you looked around, seeing all the tired and excited faces.  Harry Potter finally did it.  He finally defeated the Dark Lord once and for all.  Even with all the death surrounding you, the school in a destroyed state, you couldn’t help the smile.  

Your arms dropped to your sides, exhausted but you couldn’t stop.  You had arrived at Hogwarts to help defend your old school against the Death Eaters even though your boyfriend asked you not too.  He tried to tell you to run, to get somewhere safe, but you couldn’t do it.  He had his tasks to complete and you had yours.  You arrived right as the battle picked up so you didn’t have time to really talk to anyone.

“Professor!” you called out, waving your arm above the heads of the others. 

Professor McGonagall was there, speaking to someone you didn’t quite recognize at first until you got closer.  You still kept your eyes opened though, searching the gathering crowd.  You felt your chest constrict as people hugged each other, crying tears of joy at realizing they survived.  Other cried in anguish, finding loved ones lying dead on the ground.  You couldn’t help but feel tears prick your eyes at the scene, taking a shuttering breathe.

“Y/N!” McGonagall hugged you, patting your cheeks in relief.  “I haven’t seen you since you graduated all those years ago.  But it doesn’t matter now.  I am so grateful that you arrived when you did.”

“I couldn’t allow my school to come to danger.  Especially filled with students,” you answered.  

“No wonder you were placed in Ravenclaw.  Such a bright and caring girl,” she placed her arms around your shoulders, keeping you close.  You didn’t understand why but you left it at that, feeling your heart slowly sink with each passing moment.  He had promised to meet you here, when it was all over.  Both of you were going to move away, leave this place.  He would stop teaching and you would leave the shop you worked for in Diagon Alley to find a quiet place out in the countryside.

“Y/N, dear, what is it?”

“He isn’t here yet,” you murmured, grabbing her hand in fear.  You looked at her, tears beginning to form.  He never broke his promises to you.  He never left you waiting too long.  He always arrived on time.

“Who?” came the unfamiliar voice and you found yourself locking eyes with Harry Potter.  He had his hands shoved in his pockets, his head slowly lowering to the ground.  He seemed lost in thought but you understood.  He was Harry Potter.  The Chosen One who defeated the Dark Lord.  And he was so young, being thrust into such a position.  But at least he succeeded.  

“My boyfriend,” you swallowed, “Snape.  Severus Snape.”

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