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It's not too bad in Mexico yet, though building did fall in Mexico City, State of Mexico and Morelos. Oaxaca had it shit worse, so did Puebla. Though, it's truly awful that it happened on September 19th. I hope you can check out that earthquake in '85, since it'll explain the near hysteria in the city right now. And, thank you for your post! I'm not sure how many people on English speaking Tumblr now, but the more the merrier.


Three’s A Crowd (Dark X Reader X Anti)


@paisleylarae : I really really adore your writing so far! I was wondering if it was possible to request a Darkiplier x Reader x Antisepticeye? What I was thinking was a Stockholm Syndrome scenario with Dark but Anti tries to come to the rescue, or vice versa?? Please and thank you if possible!

Credits for The Void: @theglitchedsystem @onlyonecanbeking 

Credit for The Persuasion Room: @onlyonecanbeking ))

WARNING: Mentions of abuse.

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     This has been going on for some time now. You had been happy and safe with your beloved, but once his enemy grew in power and rank throughout The Void your life was put into terrible danger. He had enemies, yes, but none were as powerful or as feared as Darkiplier. This shadow being was one of the most powerful Alter Egos there was in creation so to say that you were in danger to be honest was an understatement at best.

     It was only a matter of time before something had come up when dating your glitchy green Alter bean, though you hadn’t expected it to turn out like this. Not like this at all. One moment you were at home, happy and safe, snuggled up in your lovers shirt just enjoying a nice show before everything turned Monochrome. All color around you bled out of existence until there was nothing bright at all; even the lights seemed to be afraid of shining as the air turned to ice. Standing from your spot on the couch you took a few steps back unsure what was happening but just as you turned to get out of the room you ran straight into a suit. Looking up at the being before you the last thing you saw was his cold glare.

     Waking up in a room strapped to what looked like a Dentist chair with blinding lights above you. Groaning while shifting your gaze to the room around you your heart all but stopped. Everything was an awful dull color except for the obvious blood stains covering parts of the chair, the floor, the walls, everything. The ground under you was grated, lifting you up slightly from the cool tile floor, while there were tables with things you couldn’t quite make out on them due to your laying position but you knew it would bring you nothing good. Turning your head to the left you saw a door that seemed to be one that would be placed inside a mental institute; thick metal with a small square window obviously made for keeping someone in.


     Not here.

     Anywhere but here!

     Panic sweeping through your veins you began to twist and turn as you violently struggled to get out of your thick, leather restraints. You had heard of this room, Anti had explained to you that this was Darks play room that went by the name ‘The Persuasion Room’ although persuading wasn’t exactly what he was doing in there, and you knew that should someone be in this room it wouldn’t end well for those in the chair. Well Anti had made many a joke of Dark using it as some sort of kinky place should he ever have a partner but mostly it was for torture.

     Why were you here? You hadn’t done anything! Doing everything you could to not break down in tears you froze as the heavy door creaked open revealing the owner of the room. The hall beyond the door was dark, so dark you couldn’t really make anything out, it was amazing that Dark was visible at all. Watching him calmly make his way over to you as the door shut slowly behind him the being didn’t even look at you. Not so much as a glance. Instead the demon walked over to a table slowly gazing over his toys.

     “You don’t know why you’re here. That’s understandable. We’ve never met after all, and you must forgive me for my rudeness this is after all a terrible first impression, but you must understand my control over this realm is being…challenged.” Dark growled low the last word causing his shell to crack; one of him stood still glaring down at the tools before him as the other roared in anger, “I do not like being challenged. So…I am in the position where I must, yet again, remind that nat who’s in charge here.”

     You wanted to say so many things: scream, curse, yell anything you could at him but your instincts held you back and kept you silent. The primal portion of your brain knowing a great threat when it saw one. Watching in complete terror as he removed his coat and hung it on a hook before rolling up his sleeves you then knew this was going to be exactly what you feared it would be.

     “Now my dear (Name)…know that this had nothing to do with you. Well not the reason this is happening anyway.” Dark explained as he walked over with two objects in one hand and a leather belt in the other. Forcing the belt between your teeth he looked down into your wide, fearful eyes with a dull and almost bored expression while he pressed the cool ends to your temples, “Now…seeing as how you’re dating that annoying little

electrical problem

you must be use to shocks. How about we test your


shall we my dear~?”

     It was the oddest thing to hear a purr like that come from such a threat, but you didn’t get to dwell on it for to long before your body jerked up as a strong current ripped through every cell in your body.

     Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months before you were shown any sort of color but the dull world splattered with red. Dark had explained his plan to you throughout the torment and the basic plan was to turn you against him. Take the one thing Anti loved most away from him and make it love Dark. You. Dark knew taking your love from where it belonged and forcing it on him to make you loyal and afraid of turning away from him would tear the other demon apart inside.
     And he was right.
     The moment Anti had found out what had happened he went ballistic. Tearing apart any and everything e could get his hands on, killing anyone that couldn’t tell him what he wanted to know, threatening everything that moved. But when one of Darks little worms had told him what Dark had done to you, oh he had lost it. Tearing the being apart he couldn’t control himself anymore! Just the thought of his sweet little angel being hurt and forced to love that monster- His true rage was shown when you were taken from him and nothing was going to calm the raging sea that was his mind until he had you back.
     It took some time but he found you. He finally found you! Not even knocking Anti got inside through the wires and looked around. Dull. Boring colors much like that monster. Looking around his eyes scanned the rooms as he trailed through out the large home before they fell on you. His once bright and lively little kitten was now dull and…scared. Lord above you looked so scared. Dark was going to pay for this!
     “Love.” He called gently not wanting to scare you unsure just how far that bastard had gone in his torments, “It’s me. Common let’s get ya outta here an’ back home yea?” Anti cooed gently as he cautiously approached.
     Snapping your gaze to the other demon you shook your head, “No I-I can’t go…I can’t go with you!” You explained beginning to grow afraid what would happen should Dark come home and find him here.
     “You need to go! Dark’s going to be home soon and he won’t like you being here!”
     Growling slightly as he glitches he wanted to snap at you but bit back his words, “Kitten…he’s hurtin’ ye. Ye know this ain’t where ya belong.” Anti tried to coo gently to you to sooth the growing fear he saw in your eyes.
     “No!” You snapped at him about to continue before that damn static started once more, “…h-honey…you’re home.”
     No. No you didn’t call anyone honey but him! Turning with an angry snarl he glared at the other demon his eyes growing as black as his suit, “D́a̵̦͙r͕̺͚͖̠k͎.̰.̸.̠̙͔̫”
     “Anti.” Dark stated calm as ever as he made his way past the glitching demon and to you. Gently cupping your cheek as he kissed you he smirked at the glare the other demon made at the show of affection.
     It broke his heart to see you like this. Broken and under his thumb. Anti would take you away from here no matter the cost and you’d be happy! You’d be happy and safe and he was never going to let anyone hurt you ever again! Anyone who tried would never bee seen again…
     “G҉͖ę̭̱͔͎͚̪̲t͔ t̲͍͖͔̱̞h̻̩̹̙̟́e̱̤̱̭͟ ̮͙f͠o̹̖̜̬̤͇ok͈̼̦̲̹͇ ͚͖̫̯ͅa̢̤̠̟̠w̯̟͓͚̥aý̰͓͉̞̪ ̞̘̱̩̖̫̬f̨͚͇rͅo͈͇̩͇̕ͅm̳̻̞͚ ̜͙(̛Na̮͟ḿ͎e̶̥)̷̬̟̲̖̠!͓͔͘” Anti roared tensing to stop himself from rushing him. Rushing you. Glitching violently as he watched Dark turn to look at him he hissed barring his fangs, “Leave them outta this! Yer beef is with me not them! Ye had n̺͚̹͓͟o͈̯͉̩̪̣̫ ̞d͕̱̠̝̱a̢̞͕ͅm̶̦̙͎͉͕ͅn͍ ̡̜̻͇͙̭͙̞r̞̱͕̥̻ͅi̴g̷̬͎͎̬̹h͇̦t͈͙͈͍͔͔-̜̪!͙̗̰̻̟͍”
     Screaming as you were shoved back you fell on your ass as the two went at each other attempting to rip the others guts out. Knives slashing, claws swiping, punches were thrown, kicks, bites, glitches and shadows every trick in the book was used. It was awe inspiring though also down right terrifying.
     They truly were monsters…
     Shrinking back into the corner as you watched them battle it out you weren’t sure what you were expecting. Normally in this situation Dark would somehow end up as top dog and Anti would make a remark and leave before he was done in, but this time…this time was different. Unlike before with it just being some bored little squabble this time Anti had something to right for. He had you. You were his hole reason to even stick around, his everything, and when you were taken from him he feared the worst. He was so scared…scared you had been killed. Anti had never felt so powerless before.
     The battle ended with Anti stabbing Dark in the chest repeatedly until the slightly taller of the two went down coughing up the black ooze that seeped out of his wounds. Tossing his knife aside Anti made his way to you fully expecting you to scream or beg not to be hurt but…you didn’t.
     “I wanna go home!” You begged in a broken whimper as tears welled up in your eyes. Clinging to Anti as you sobbed he held you bridal style humming you a little Irish tune as he took you out of that hell hole.
     “This isn’t over.” Dark growled his shell cracking so much you couldn’t tell which was even him anymore.

     Getting back home he cleaned you up and took the best care of you he knew how, hell he even called The Good Doctor to get his advice, before he even thought about taking care of himself. Holding you he nuzzled the hell out of you cuddling and muttering the sweetest nothings you didn’t even know he knew how to describe, he’d have to thank Chase later, but you didn’t care. You didn’t care what he said you were home and with him. You were safe.
     “I love ye (Name). I’m so sorry…I shoulda been there. Don’t worry love, I’ll be there from now on. I promise.” He assured in a gentle hushed tone as he kissed your forehead as you drifted off to sleep feeling safe and warm for the first time in a very long time.
     You were home.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 2- First Date

Last minute decided to write this one for Day 2. It kind of randomly came to me, but I ended up being pretty happy with some of the Sherlock feelsies in this one. Enjoy! ;)

Fancy a Date?

“Thank you again, Molly,” Sherlock said genuinely as the cab neared her flat in the dark of night. “And I know John is grateful. Rosie was a bit too crabby for a sitter tonight.”

“Oh no problem, I don’t mind.” She smiled and began gathering her bags in preparation to exit the once the vehicle stopped.

Sherlock felt suddenly panicky. The evening had been so wonderful up till then. They’d analyzed clues from a body, tracked down a suspect, informed Lestrade, and got the man arrested. It had all been rather perfect, and Sherlock hardly wanted it to end now. It was probably one of the best days they’d spent together since the mess of Sherrinford.

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If you're still taking prompts how about FS+ 34) things you said in your sleep please. Love your writing!

Aww, thank you! Normally this type of prompt would lead to 100% angst coming from me, but instead here’s more fluff than I ever thought possible. Shoutout to my husband for brainstorming with me for this, even though his ideas were terrible. Just truly awful. But it did lead to this haha!


Jemma wakes freezing, goosebumps dotting her skin. Fitz has rolled away from her at some point in the night, taking the blanket with him. She frowns, grabbing a corner and attempting to pull it back. She’s certainly survived much worse sleep deprivation before, but at fifteen weeks pregnant she’s gotten a bit prickly about having her sleep disrupted. It doesn’t help that in about three hours she’ll be sick, like clockwork.

Fitz has the blanket wrapped all around him somehow and her gentle tugging only causes him to twist further away from her. She groans in frustration.

“C’mon, Rosie,” he mutters. Jemma’s mouth drops open as she gapes at her still-sleeping husband. So first he steals all of the blankets, and now he’s dreaming about another woman? She’s going to kill him, she really is. She just needs to think of an appropriate punishment.

She waits for a moment, holding her breath, but he doesn’t say anything else. Suddenly inspired, she leans over until she’s hovering right over him, whispering into his ear in a way that always makes him shiver when he’s awake. “What about Jemma?” she breathes, placing a kiss to his earlobe. “Won’t she find out?”

He shifts, burying his face in the pillow. “No,” he mumbles. “We’ll keep…secret.”

Jemma snaps from annoyed to devastated in half a second. She bursts into tears before she’s even aware of what’s happening, and she hates herself for it. She’s always kept careful control over her emotions, but the pregnancy hormones flooding her system have brought everything to hover just under the surface, ready to push through at the slightest provocation.

Her wracking sobs startle Fitz awake, and he rubs at his eyes groggily in a way she normally finds adorable but which only serves to splinter her heart even more.

“Je-Jemma?” he asks, face lit up with concern. “Jemma, what happened? Are you okay? Is the baby okay?” He stumbles over his questions and the blanket, trying desperately to reach her, but she just holds her hands up to stop him.

“We’re fine,” she spits, “not that you would care.”

He looks so hurt that she almost takes it all back. She knows she’s being illogical. She also knows that Fitz would never, ever cheat on her. It’s not like he can control his dreams, and just because she’s never once dreamt of being with anyone besides him doesn’t mean he’s done anything wrong. Maybe he has certain desires that his subconscious brain enjoys exploring. Maybe…maybe he’s feeling different, now that her body is changing. He never looks at her with anything but his usual reverence, but still, it’s a possibility.

She knows all this, but it’s three in the morning and she can’t forget how easily he had told someone else they’d keep whatever happened a secret from her. She and Fitz don’t have secrets, not anymore.

“Please,” Fitz whispers, holding his hands toward her placatingly. “Jemma, what happened? You’re scaring me.”

Jemma grabs a pillow and hugs it to her chest, a poor substitute for her husband. She leans forward and inhales his scent as she shudders through more sobs, and she feels a hand on her back, hesitantly rubbing soothing circles beneath her shoulder blades.

“Did you have a bad dream?” and it’s the sweetly protective way he asks, as if he would fight to banish her nightmares, that breaks her.

“How could you?” she cries. “And who’s Rosie?”

His hand stills suddenly against her back. “Uh…wh-what?”

The fact that he doesn’t immediately admit to anything burns. “I heard you,” she says. “In your sleep, I heard you.”

Fitz doesn’t say anything, and when she’s finally brave enough to look up, he’s staring at her with wide eyes and he’s…blushing?

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Was the radio show live? Or prerecorded? I feel so terrible for Harry.

I think it was pre-recorded cause this is the interview Harry mentioned in another interview (already released) when he said they called the song Smooth Criminal so he did this interview a few days ago. Not sure why the whole thing wasn’t cut, maybe because it was too long and they couldn’t? They must have though, the whole thing was awful. But like..TRULY awful. Poor Harry. 

Letting the Girl’s Breathe

Pairing: Dean x reader, Sam

Word Count: 2254

Warnings: Naughty language, very brief angst, crushing!reader, mainly fluff, brief nudity

Summary: You are in a jam with the police when a hunt goes a little sideways on you, in an attempt to save Dean from being arrested, you expose yourself. 

A/N: So this was for @beckawinchester challenge, my prompts were a church and the quote “You’re under arrest for public indecency!” This is what I came up with. I hope I did it justice. Also a shout out to @avasmommy224 for awesomely beta’ing this fic on short notice. Thank you. 

There was a thunderous clapping of footsteps as the men rushed up the steps after you, you were worried about the way the rickety staircase was trembling that your combined weight was going to have the whole thing crashing down underneath you. Your hand instinctively found the narrow whitewashed railing in a desperate bid to keep you safe, even though a deeper part of you knew that if the worst did happen it wouldn’t do you any good. You tried to focus your attention on something other than what was happening behind you and your eyes went straight to Dean.

Watching the way his shoulder muscles rippled underneath the thin black material of the t-shirt he was wearing and the little spots of sweat that darkened the material at the small of his back. You thought about how he was the strongest man you knew, and not just because he was physically an awesome hunter, it was something about the way he was always able to persevere through the most difficult situations, desperate to save the people he loved, that had you truly in awe of him. Right now though that feeling was slightly dwarfed by the predicament that he had gotten you into, and you were feeling vaguely annoyed.

“What are we going to do?” Dean said as he turned to face you at the top of the staircase.

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i'm in a mood for some angst so can i get some headcanons for fatgum on how his s/o passes away from an unknown illness leaving him and kids behind? i hope that made sense thanks!

Why are you doing this to me, and yourself? :’)


+ leading up to their death, he’d been trying to brace himself for it; putting his partner’s affairs in order, making sure that whatever they wanted to do was done before they passed on

+ he tried to make their last days as pleasant as he could, he didn’t want them to die with any sort of regrets, or feeling unfulfilled; they didn’t know why they were dying, they weren’t sure just how much time they had left, so he did much as he could for them in the time they had. He managed to get through every item on their bucket list. This is a small consolation to him, but it doesn’t do much to ease his pain

+ the day it happens, Fat is a mess; he puts his children before himself, he is their father and he needs to take care of them, but he has a very hard time putting on a strong front for them because he’s absolutely devastated

+ he had taken time off from hero work to be by his partner’s side, he didn’t want to be away when they passed, and he held their hand as they died in their shared bed; they’d wanted to pass at home, so he made sure their wish was respected

+ this was the person he loved the most in the world, besides their children, and they were gone; he cries, he doesn’t get any sleep, and he hardly eats for the next couple of days. When he’s not busy with funeral arrangements or consoling his children, he’s lying in their bed, curled up with things that belonged to them and still have their scent on them

+ the funeral was worse than the day they passed, several days had passed since they passed away, it was still fresh, and he had to really, truly say goodbye to their physical form that day. He’s in tears the entire day, he can barely make it through the bone picking, and it’s his children who end up supporting their father

+ he has to several months off from hero work while he goes through the grieving process, he leaves Amajiki in charge of his agency while he’s away

+ he dotes on his children more than usual during this time, he’s the only parent they have left now, and he doesn’t want them to feel as awful as he does

+ he never truly gets over it, though some days are better than others; anniversaries are the worst, like their wedding anniversary, the anniversary of their death, their children’s birthdays, their birthday

+ he never remarries, they were the only one for him, and he puts his children first, even more than he did before his partner passed away

The Mortician’s Angel

Closed eyes, hair forming your halo
You rest peacefully
Lips portraying a smile, so mellow
As your gown swirls around your limbs gracefully

Euphoria must be the liquid I consume
Poured out by supernatural spirits
Residing in this sordid room
Creating an ecstasy mankind forbids

Spellbound I am locked in place
Unable to tear my eyes away
Guided to your features by invisible rays
An almost voyeuristic awe begs me to stay

Though the truly enchanting beauty
The symphony of intakes of breath and a steady heartbeat
Is what separates joy from duty
And sighing heavily I cover your silhouette with a dark sheet

An Afternoon with Mark Gatiss & Friends notes

So, according to the ever-lovely Ian there will hopefully soon be a recording of this afternoon’s Q&A made available by LLGS, but this is a partially-typed-on-the-bus recollection of some of the particularly fun or memorable bits from An Afternoon With Mark Gatiss & Friends. In no particular order and with no promise of coherence.

Behind a cut because that turned out more rambling than I intended!

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Ship Meme: Kid Flash

Gives nose/forehead kisses

You do! It can be a challenge sometimes, though, because he moves so quickly. Like you’ll be sitting down while he whips around the room like a demented bat, trying to get his attention. And then you do, and he’s stopped in front of you like ‘yeah babe?” and then, finally, you get to kiss him. And he turns the color of a tomato.

Gets jealous the most

He does – and when he’s jealous he has like, no reason to stand on his dignity or pretend to not be jealous. Like if someone else is paying you too much attention, he’ll just maneuver himself between you and them and draw your attention away, peppering his speech with cute nicknames and lame pick-up lines.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

Neither of you is a very good designated driver because it takes a hell of a lot of alcohol (very expensive) to get Wally drunk, and it’s just not really fun drinking without him. So instead, you’ll order a vast amount of food in and watch movies under a blanket. (he eats most of it.)

Takes care of on sick days

When Wally gets sick he can get a bit whiny, but he’s not so annoying that you don’t take care of him anyway. Besides, you know he’ll make it up to you when he gets better.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

On beach day, your enthusiasm for the water is matched only by his. Since he’s much faster, though, by simple physics he’s technically dragging you. But he does try to slow down a little bit when you’ve got hold of his hand. Wally loves the beach, and his enthusiasm is very contagious.

Gives unprompted massages

Being a speedster, Wally is able to vibrate his hands at amazing speeds. That has applications we won’t go into on a fluff blog, but more importantly he gives phenomenal massages. And he just loves the cat-like purring sound you make when he does that.

Drives/rides shotgun

Cars are way too slow for Wally, so you’ve made it a game between you to see who can get somewhere first – him with his feet or you in your car. He almost always wins, but not by as much as he’d like you to think. (Later, when you finally get married, he insists on driving the whole way to the surprise honeymoon destination.)

Brings the other lunch at work

If you forget your lunch, he’ll always drop something off for you – he can’t bear the thought of you going hungry. That’s not to say he hasn’t eaten half of it on the way there, though. Especially if it’s McDonald’s.

Has the better parental relationship

Wally has amazing parents (and a great uncle and aunt) and he really loves them. The superhero thing kind of curtails the need for any teenage rebellion because he already gets to beat up bad guys. Also, Mr and Mrs West totally love you and already consider you a second child.

Tries to start role-playing in bed

If you want to get technical, it was you who showed up in a Black Canary costume (please don’t EVER tell Dinah) but that was only after he 'hinted’ that he’d love that for weeks, with all the gentle subtlety of a rampaging bull. So.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

As mentioned before, drinking’s not really your thing. But on the rare occasions when you do get buzzed, your dancing is truly awful. And even though he’s probably completely sober, he joins right in anyway. He’s just as bad, and it’s so much fun and you always end up kissing him in the end.

Still cries watching Titanic

You could say it’s neither of you – after one time, you don’t watch Titanic together anymore. But that’s only because you both bawl like babies, so the answer’s actually both of you.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

Wally lives for coordinated costumes at Halloween and usually starts planning them in like, July. Sometimes as the day approaches, he gets so excited that he starts vibrating all over and you have to calm him down.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

You do try to keep within the price rule. Honestly, you do. It’s just that you always 'accidentally’ end up with a bit extra saved in the bank, and when you go to buy a sensible present, it’s just omg look at that he’d love that. I’m getting it.

Makes the other eat breakfast

While making food for a speedster is one of the most rewarding experiences ever, it’s him that makes you eat. He just cannot fathom that you aren’t as hungry as him in the mornings, and he’s always pushing food at you until you’re “going to THROW this at you, West.”

Remembers anniversaries

He never remembers any important dates (’oh shit is Christmas next week??!?’) except Halloween, so you don’t really hold one more against him.

Brings up having kids

You do, with the ingeniously offhand remark, “If you fathered a child, would they be as fast as you?” He was, rather unfortunately, drinking water at the time, and ended up choking and spewing it everywhere. The consensus of that conversation was that you might try for a few kids once you had some stability in your lives.

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What's Wanda's casual clothing like?

Comic book artists don’t often put much thought into what street clothes look like, so the answer to this ends up being, ‘well, whatever.’

Or, more specifically, well, whatever reflects the period. I know nothing about the fashion of any era, and anyone hoping I’ll comment on it knowingly is outta luck. I do, however, know all about Wanda’s history, so, in lieu of summing up her style, which she doesn’t really have, I’m going to go through various periods and post some examples.

This is a long post. It’s five decades of history and no quick answers.

from Avengers Vol. 1 #16 & 18

In the 60′s, Wanda tends towards “furry” and “fancy.” She’s a celebrity who likes going to the theater. There are luxurious fur coats, but there’s also whatever that matching pink vest/pant combo above is (with a white undershirt?). Mainly, she wears generic, nondescript shirt-and-skirt outfits or dresses. The color palette isn’t too distinct either. Lots of pink, orange, red, brown, white. She’s not walking around in red red red all day, but she’s not wearing a whole range that includes blue or green either.

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Okay so I just read your little writing on the "fools" by troye Sivain for sterek and now what I'm thinking of is sterek with "lost boy" by troye Sivain like its placed later on and Derek is insecure about why stiles would like/love him. And I need the feels so yeah




Because now we need to think about Derek, bby!Derek who has never wanted anything else but to grow up and marry Stiles and have his hypothetical babies and become a writer or novelist. Everything is worked out in his head. They’ll both go to the same college, they’ll graduate and get a place together. Stiles will become a cop, like he’s always wanted to, and they’ll live happily ever after.

But then everything changes when Stiles announces he doesn’t want to be a cop anymore. He says he wants to travel, like his mom did before she met his dad. He wants to experience the world, and when Derek asks if he still wants to go to college Stiles shrugs. 

It puts a giant hole in his plans. His future. And he starts thinking. Thinking maybe this is too easy, too fast, too young. Derek knows the likelihood of staying together with your “childhood sweetheart”. Even if those people do make it past college, divorce is usually on the horizon somewhere. 

Derek can’t stop thinking about this, even though he knows in his core he will never stop loving Stiles. That Stiles is the only person he will ever want. But he can’t help it and the thought consumes him. He and Stiles start to fight and Derek finds himself picking at stupid things sometimes, just so they get into another argument. He knows what he’s doing, but the problem is he keeps expecting Stiles to be the one to leave him. After all, Stiles is the one who wants to leave right? Travel the world. Experience other things. 

Except Stiles doesn’t. Stiles argues with Derek and throws cuddly toys from their childhood at his head. And then, when it’s all over, he crawls into Derek’s room and cuddles him and whispers “I love you”, doesn’t go to sleep until Derek says it back, like he needs to hear it just as much as Derek does. And it kills Derek because no. Stiles is going to get bored of him, bored of them. It’s inevitable. He is going to leave and and Derek is going to end up with a broken heart while Stiles goes to Florence and Paris and meets exciting, new people. 

It’s not that he thinks Stiles doesn’t love him, he just can’t imagine any reason why he’s enough for Stiles. Derek doesn’t really like adventure. He likes routine. Sure, he likes fooling about and breaking the rules now and again, but that’s always been because Stiles has been right beside him, urging him on. Derek would break any rule for Stiles, just to see him smile. But on his own? He likes…well, he likes the rules. 

It’s going to end. He convinces himself of it. 

So he breaks it off. Breaks it off before it blows up in his face. He does it in the middle of an argument, a big one, and when Stiles slams the door behind him he doesn’t come back. Just like Derek told him too. 

Years go by. Derek went to college, majored in English and History. He doesn’t become a writer, but a teacher. He loves it, still writes on the side when he has time. He has friends and a life. He takes his classes on field trips and his students think he’s cool. His sisters come to stay with him sometimes and he has a niece and nephew now. Sometimes, he thinks of Stiles. When his guard is down, in those last few minutes before sleep. 

Sometimes he dates. He has sex. He gets serious at one point.

Still, he thinks of Stiles. Wonders if he’s happy. Hates himself for it. 

And then, just like that, there is Stiles. They’re both 26 now. Stiles’ hair is longer, he’s grown and has more muscles. His hands are still the same and when he smiles Derek feels like he’s been punched in the gut because it still makes his heart flutter stupidly. 

It takes a while for them to say hello. Five weeks to be exact. Stiles is opening up a comic book store in the middle of town. He’s got a degree in therapy and specialises in grief counselling for younger kids. He’s opening up a comic store in town. He helps kids. 

Derek is so screwed. 

He thinks about leaving because part of him knows he’s never gotten over Stiles. That he never will. That if he stays, it’s going to be the worst kind of torture because Stiles probably has a fiancée or a partner by now. How could he not? Stiles was- and still is- his favourite person in the entire world. It’s not possible someone else doesn’t feel the same way.

Derek feels pathetic. He feels stupid and hurt that Stiles would come back and ruin his life like this. Even though he was the one who told Stiles to leave all those years ago. Even though he was the one who didn’t pick up the phone when Stiles tried to call. Even though he was the one who never replied to a single postcard Stiles sent him from his travels. They stopped after the first year. (Derek still has every one in a box under his bed, even now.)

It starts with a simple hello, they argue. Derek tells Stiles to leave again, Stiles tells Derek to go fuck himself.  

It progresses to ignoring each other.

They snark. They say things neither of them mean. 

Stiles pushes Derek up against a wall two months after the comic book store opens, Derek kisses him. Stiles asks why and Derek leaves. 

Derek learns Stiles replaced him with someone named Scott in college. He doesn’t know why it makes him cry, he’s not been Stiles’ best friend in years, but it does. 

Stiles counsels some of the kids in his class. One girl takes a break down in the middle of a pop quiz and she begs him not to call her mom. She asks Derek to call Dr Stilinski instead. It’s only as he’s trying to talk her down after assuring her Stiles is coming that he realises he called from his mobile, not the school, and Stiles answered. He’s afraid to think about it too much.

His friends become Stiles’ friends. Derek doesn’t know how to feel about it, especially when they all get drunk one night and Stiles sits on Derek’s knee and tells him to do that Chewbacca impression he did when they were kids. Derek does it and Stiles smiles that smile that turn Derek’s legs to jelly. 

There’s a night. They’re arguing and Stiles kisses Derek this time. Hate sex turns into something neither of them want to talk about the next morning and when Stiles leaves, Derek says I love you to the pillow Stiles slept on, drool and all. 

They don’t talk.

Until they do.

They fight.

They talk.

They fight some more.

Derek meets Scott and hates him. 

Derek spends time with Scott. They get drunk and talk about Stiles. Derek learns Stiles was a mess in college. Scott says it’s nice to put a face to the name Stiles would never shut up about the first two years of their friendship. (Derek hates Scott less.)

Laura and Erica are done with stupid boys being stupid. They take Derek and Stiles to a lot of clubs and try not to be too smug over how not interested both of them are when someone tries to chat them up, too busy trying and failing not to look at each other getting flirted with. 

They both turn up to the same showing of the same movie on a Wednesday. They are the only ones in the theatre. Stiles takes a panic attack when the little boy in the movie loses his mom and Derek talks him through it. After, Derek buys Stiles a milkshake and Stiles kisses Derek on the cheek without thinking. 

They do a lot of things without thinking after that. They go to the zoo and the park. They go for dinner and they kiss sometimes. Stiles tells Derek he’s an amazing teacher. Derek asks Stiles to tell him about his travels. 

It doesn’t mean anything.

Until it does.

Until it means too much again.

Until they fight about everything that happened that last day, when they were seventeen and it was sunny. (“Who breaks up with someone on a sunny day, Derek? You couldn’t have waited until the next day so I could have wallowed in that storm that hit?”)

Until they make up and Derek shows Stiles that haunted doll’s house he made him for his 15th birthday when Stiles was going through his Stephen King phase.  

Until Stiles yells I never stopped loving you and Derek shows Stiles every single postcard he ever sent him, saved and read over again and again for months at a time. 

Derek isn’t a novelist and Stiles isn’t a cop. Life didn’t turn out the way Derek had planned. But Stiles…somehow…somehow found his way back to those plans. He looks at Derek every morning and says “hey” as soft as anything. He hold Derek’s hand and raises it to his lips before making a truly awful joke that Derek ends up laughing at anyway, even though he really tries not to. Derek feels whole again. Happy. 

He has his best friend again. 

Love At First Slight

Here’s my Mike Stamford story… I love Mike. Anyhoo, big thanks to @mizjoely for betaing this and to @mrsmcrieff for her Brit help. If you’d prefer to read it on the sites you can find it on or AO3. Thanks so much. ~Lil~

Mike Stamford sat at his desk reading the wedding invitation he’d just received in his email. It was a bit unorthodox, but so was the couple.

~You are cordially invited to the wedding of William Sherlock Scott Holmes and Margaret Hooper (She wouldn’t let me include her middle name on the invitation. It’s truly awful though, I don’t blame her) 10th September, 2016 at 6pm.~

~You will receive coded information as to the location of our nuptials at a later date. This information is classified and will only be shared with you once you’ve clicked accept. In doing so you have entered into a binding agreement and are subject to penalties including but not limited to, imprisonment and deportation should you share the location of our venue with anyone outside your plus one.~

~We are registered at Harrods and Fisher Scientific Supply under the Smith and Smith wedding. We hope you will be in attendance.~

Laughing to himself, he clicked accept, then let his mind drift to his earliest memories of the soon-to-be Holmes’. He wondered if anyone else knew about their first meeting. He doubted it. Of course everyone knew about Molly’s long-standing crush on the detective, but it didn’t start out quite that way…

“Listen,” Mike said as he practically jogged to keep up with Sherlock’s long strides. “While you were away in Yemen playing 007 with your brother, I hired a new pathologist. Dr. Molly Hooper. She’s young, she’s bright, she’s…”

“Stop!” Sherlock interrupted. “Let me deduce the rest.”

“No! That’s what I’m getting at. I won’t have you upsetting her or worse, scaring her off.”

“She’s a pathologist, Mike. I doubt she’s easily frightened,” Sherlock argued as they rounded the corner.

They’d finally reached the morgue and Mike was a little out of breath. “Didn’t say she was. But you and your constant need to be right all the time might just…”

“Don’t make the new girl cry, got it.” Sherlock gestured to the door. “Shall we?”

Mike rolled his eyes and silently asked for strength as they entered. They found Molly Hooper, a bone saw in one hand and half of a femur in the other, hunched over a corpse. Her protective clothing was spattered with blood, a look of concentration on her face. She looked up and glanced at Sherlock then saw Mike.

“Oh, Mike, I’m glad you’re here. Look at what I found.” She focused her attention back on the body on the slab. “The bullet entered his right shoulder, traveled through his body missing miss all major organs, only to sever the femoral artery causing him to bleed out. If he’d been anywhere other than that abandoned warehouse… I believe he would have lived. Fascinating, isn’t it?” She had never once looked away from the corpse during her explanation. “I want to do a study on the trajectory pattern.”

Mike had been watching Sherlock during Molly’s speech. The man was riveted. His eyes had widened and… did his pupils dilate? He’d never seen the detective so taken-aback, for lack of a better term.

Molly put down the saw and continued her exam, still paying no attention Sherlock. Finally he seemed to regain his composure.

“That is fascinating Dr. Hooper, however will it help me find his killer?” Sherlock asked, in his classic Holemsian way.

She looked up, one hand busy digging a bullet out of the dead man’s quad muscle, the other steadying the leg. “I’m sorry, and you are?”

Sherlock cleared his throat. “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective.” He nodded his head and clasped his hands behind his back.

She smiled, then nudged her protective glasses further up on the bridge of her nose, smearing them with blood in the process. “Consulting detective?”

“Yes, the only one in the world. The police call on me when they’re in over their heads,” he said with a smirk as he walked around to the other side of the slab and looked at he body.

“You work for the police?” she asked.

With the police. It’s an important distinction.”

Molly narrowed her eyes. “Ah, you don’t play well with others. Got it.” She put her attention back on the leg.

Sherlock bristled at her comment. “No. You see…”

“No, really, I get it.” She triumphantly held up a bloody bullet. “Ah ha! Will this help you find the killer, Mr. Holmes?”

“Possibly,” he said as he lowered his head to get a better look at the projectile held between her gloved fingers. “I’ll need…”

“A forensic analysis of the bullet? Yes. Mike did tell you that I’m a pathologist, right?” She gestured to her bloody clothes. “This isn’t a fashion statement.”

Sherlock opened his mouth to speak to her, then turned to Mike. “I have everything I need… for now. I have to return to Scotland Yard.” Then he marched out of the morgue.

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IT IS NOT EVEN NECESSARY THAT ANYONE WATCH THIS I sang it to cheer myself up about being sleepless and baselessly angry for like three days \o/

(I have a deep and abiding love for this truly awful song and no I have no defense for that. Though now I’m kind of regretting not doing a slow angsty version of Girl All The Bad Guys Want.)