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Enlighten me elf :) I must fall deeper into the Cullistair ship...What thing/s do you adore most about them?

well, dear anon muffin, first and foremost i gotta tell you a thing: if you’re forcing yourself into a ship, it’s not going to work. falling as i have happens on its own (and in my case, accidentally so), and no amount of praise could convince anyone to board a ship if they don’t feel it. it’s really something you have to experience for yourself, and that’s true for any ship out there.

as far as cullistair goes tho, all the feels under the cut.

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and this gif just cracks me up too much. kay. for real now. feels under the cut.

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OKAY SO I WATCHED THE VIDEOS AND THEY RUINED ME AND HOLY FUCK THEY ARE SOULMATES (also are there any plain videos without music so I can see the context of those scenes?) LIKE WOW WHY IS RUC@S EVEN A THING

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL AND idk if there are you could just search them on youtube like: “maya and lucas moments” or something like that. if you want me to do it for you, just hmu! or you can search up the gifs on the tumblr search bar! they don’t have audio but ya know. also you can go through my lucaya tag on my page!

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I like your blog but your anons are kinda annoys me. Still good blog tho!

true. yeah some of them are kind of… eh. most of them are nice though. i keep the ugly ones blocked or i don’t post them at all

altarandhour said: People insist that I MUST have a “type” that I’m most attracted to, and I’m just like, I’ve been seriously interested in maybe 5 or 6 women altogether and they all look completely different

same, I just really like don’t have consistency in that regard. Actually in any regard. I suspect thats actually true of more people than want to admit it tho.