this is trash i rushed it


My tribute to episode 10
Becuz a canon pole dancing Yuri is a sexy Yuri~
Excuse the poor anatomy and rushed areas 😅 this was more for fun then anything else

@cleothenile requested some Faybelle and Briar! She used to be @faybellesthorn!

some things i genuinely appreciated about The Raven King
  • when ronan openly called gansey “dad”, thought that was a nice touch good job maggie keeping it Kinky & Classy TM
  • metal bees. just metal fujcjing bees everywhere man . nice
  • that one part where two boys kiss and decide to adopt a screaming hoofed dream creation and raise it as their Child
  • gay
  • i know i couldnt actually see her but blue looked really really cute in that weird hoodie dress thing , u go babe
  • henry cheng taking out the Trash wearing nothing but a madonna shirt then getting kidnapped & brought to a grocery store at 11pm,,,,, #relatable content
  • gansey fangirling so hard when blue kissed him that he Actually Died,,,, lmao what a dork amirite ladies
  • having to rush to google translate any time one of those nerds said something in Gay Latin lol im fine i Love Death 
  • “Thanks, Parrish. I like your face, too.” (WHAT KIND OF G AY ASS RAVEN FLUFF )

in conclusion thought it was great 8/10 would bang :)

The Girl in the Flower Dress


Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: Do I have an excuse for this? No. Was I really gonna stop myself? No.

Words: 895

Prompt: He really wishes he talked to the girl in the flower dress.

Warnings: my trash mouth, can you feel the angst tonight


The first time that he sees her, it’s raining. Well, it’s a downpour. Same thing really. Either way, he stands frozen in the street, stark blue eyes catching sight of the pattern of her flowing dress, the bright flowers on the cloth a heavy contrast to the dark, looming clouds above.

She seems to be in a rush (as most people would be when the heavens themselves try to drown all of the human civilization.) Her legs work frantically, rushing to carry her to her undisclosed location. She’s stepped in four puddles already, her hair is streaming down her face in a wet mess, her frantic eyes scanning her surroundings for some sort of shelter that could keep her from getting wetter than she already was, the dress clinging to her frame.

Bucky’s an idiot. At least that’s what Sam would say after seeing him stand out in the rain, freezing his dumb ass off, most definitely in danger of catching a cold.

Then again, of course, Bucky wouldn’t pay attention to Sam’s bitch ass, because despite the cold rain seeping into his bones, he swears that he’s never felt warmer.

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Some of this has been slow, steady progress over the last month, though about half was a rush to finish before friends came over today.

Computer table

Loveseat and craft bookcase


And the television/bookcase

The friends who visited want a cat, and I have four, so the cat toys and boxes on the floor aren’t clutter; they’re meant to lure my shy kids into being sociable.

(Some of the loveseat-area clutter got shoved in the bedroom for my friends’ visit, which is a no-no in the long run, but I’ve already gone through one of those bags and trashed/shredded/recycled most of the contents and put away the stuff I decided to keep.)

anonymous asked:

hi this is a random anon passerby who also an avid 2jae shipper want to leave a random ask lol anyway i just want to talk about the post where youngjae got pushed during the chair game and jaebum rushed towards him and through my observation i caught hearing him said(actually lulled) "잘자라 우리 아가" which literal translation of "sleep well my baby" and proceeded to patting his back lmao and the best part is jackson was kinda shook you can see it on his face and jaebum got giddy/embarrassed after

Hello, my dear anon!

Ahh, I’m so glad you dropped by to talk about this because you’re absolutely right about Jaebum singing to Youngjae after he fell!! x

A video posted by Lily (@mark2young2jae) on Feb 6, 2017 at 11:46pm PST

He really does croon, “Sleep well, my baby!” at Youngjae and pat his back!! While wearing that ridiculously cute smile on his face and being super cutesy and soft… I mean, honestly! Does he KNOW how obvious he’s being??? Especially with the way his giddy little smile turns into shy (and still giddy) embarrassment when he notices Jackson catching him being cheesy! x

Jackson was totally teasing Jaebum over his behavior as Jaebum tried to run away, I swear… The members certainly don’t miss how soft and trashy Jaebum can be around Youngjae! (I mean, just look at the way Jaebum rubs/pats Youngjae’s side as he stands… he really can’t contain his affection!!) This week alone Jackson quietly called Jaebum out here, and then he not-so-quietly exposed Jaebum and his spanking Youngjae kink trashiness for Youngjae during their vlive just a day or so later??? ( x x ) Jaebum’s seriously been being so obvious about his weakness for Youngjae lately… and I love it so much!!

… even if Jaebum may be feeling some lowkey regret because he remembered too late that he was supposed to be keeping his crush displays of affection subtle!!

He’s still only half sorry. Look at that face.

(To make up for that earlier post XD)

So @judylavernehopps and I discussed of a very very very overprotective Judy XD And I drew this out to fit one of her ideas

It goes as, if Nick got hurt by ANYTHING, even a damn paper cut, JUDY WILL RUSH IN AND PROTECT HER FOX. (Good job, Jude) This is not brand new, but I forgot to post it on here :p

Soso, I hope you enjoy this goofy little comic! XD 


The au no one asked for

Kara is a firefighter trainee, one day she rushes to a college lab because some nerd blew shit up with an experiment gone wrong. Only that she wasn’t counting this nerd would be so hot.


don’t blame me, blame @fvandomtrvsh and her trash ideas

Newt Comforting You Headcannons

Because i’m an emo piece of shit. Here we are.

•Newt noticing something off when he sees you retreating to your room or to his case with the animals.
•Him wanting to talk to you but he didnt want to make you more upset.
•Eventually he finds you crying in the bathroom. He immediately rushes to you and hugs you. Not asking you whats wrong and just letting you cry
•When you stop crying, he softly asks you whats wrong. He strokes your back as you tell him whats wrong
•He hold you tight and doesn’t say a word. At first it worries you but he leans down and kisses your head softly
•He makes you tea and gives you his jacket. He makes sure your warm and comfortable after you stop crying. He doesnt want to go back to his creatures but you insist. So he picks you up bridal style in to his case. which was difficult
•He still wraps a blanket around you and he brings some of his creatures to try to cheer you up. The Niffler even brings you a coin as a gift. This makes you smile which makes Newt smile too
•He also makes you dinner and almost destroys the kitchen. so he went to Jacobs bakery and bought some pastries
•The night ends with cuddles and soft kisses in bed and warm cocoa too
Boi i wanna cry rn. any good feels fics yall know of?
You’re Lying - Jaehyun

Requested: I love you. Thank you for creating such beautiful writing 😭😭😭 Anyways, would you please do a ten or Jaehyun angst where you find out you’re pregnant then wanted to tell them but they then tell you that they want to break it off with you. MAKE ME CRY WOMEN. No rush. Btw, love youuyu

A/N: in my defense, idk wut this is-
I sincerely hope you cry, but Admin Kay is better at angst than I am-

Word Count: 573

You threw the plastic device into the trash bin beside you, your hands trembling as you lifted your shirt slowly.
You let out a weak exhale, the thought of pregnancy having never crossed your mind. You glanced at the vomit in the toilet bowl, closing your eyes in realization.

A knock on the bathroom door awoke you.

“What are you doing?”

Frantically, you snatched the pregnancy test from the trash bin, shoving it into your pocket, immediately regretting the decision as the damp tip bled through your jeans. Hurriedly, you flushed the toilet, grimacing at the sight.
You swung open the door, pushing past Jaehyun.

“Answer me” he snarled, blocking your path.

For the past week, Jaehyun was unusually aggressive, constantly paranoid.
His odd behavior drove distance between you two, his hurtful words and sharp glares making your heart shatter.

“Why does it matter?!”

You pushed past him once again, intent on crawling into your bed.

Another knock sounded, both of you directing your attention toward the front door.


Your brows furrowed as an eccentric squeal sounded through the door.

“Who’s that?”

Swiftly, Jaehyun marched toward the door, not sparing you a glance. You followed him, curious who it was.

“Not now!” he whispered harshly through the ajar door.

“Who is it?”

He slammed the door, locking it.

“A stalker.”

“You’re lying.”

You could see his calculated actions, the unnatural words he spewed made no sense.
He crossed his arms, growing defensive.

“I’m not.”

“Who is she?!”

Tears welled in your eyes at the thought of him with another woman.
He gave his answer as he remained silent, his unreadable gaze making you fume.

“It’s like that then-”

Sorrowful tears burned trails down your flushed cheeks as you turned from him, knocking a glass from the counter.
Frustrated, Jaehyun gripped your elbow, yanking you from the pristine glasses upon the counter. His grip was bruising, making you wince.

“Don’t act like you-”

“I’m pregnant!” you interrupted.

He shook his head, wincing at the thought.

“You’re lying!”

You wrenched your arm from his grasp, pulling the positive test from your pocket, shoving it into his hands.
He immediately inspected it closely, gawking in dismay as he read the result. He pursed his lips, his nostrils flaring.
You flinched as he suddenly threw the device at the wall, dismantling it.

“You’re getting an abortion” he sneered, pushing past you.

“No, I’m not!”

“We’re over- and so is that thing” he remarked, slipping his shoes on haphazardly.

“You used to love me!” you sobbed, changing the topic.

“I used to.”

“What did I do?”

Your lips trembled as you awaited an answer, your heart quivering pathetically.

“Nothing. You’re nothing but a whore, you only wanted me for my money, you never loved me” he spat.

“I did, I do!”

He ignored you, slamming the door behind him as he left.

Your hand trembled as your nimble finger hovered over the ‘delete’ option.
Your eyes stung as you glanced at the selected photos, Jaehyun’s warm smile beside you making you let out a muffled cry. His bright eyes and loving nature of the past making your heart throb erratically.

“Forget about him” a voice sounded from behind you on the bus.

You looked over your shoulder hesitantly, the kind smile of the stranger setting your heart at ease.

“You’re too pretty for him anyway” the man chuckled, brushing his bleached tresses from his eyes lazily.

i ended up drawing Howl’s Moving Castle au for joseph’s birthday. 
this au is also great there will likely be more to come in due time hehe

(happy birthday joseph you will always be my fav jojo)

MC dies during childbirth but RFA still has baby

Yoosung tapped his foot nervously waiting for the doctor to speak to him. He had to leave the labor room because he had felt too nauseous, and now he waited for news on his child and MC. A nurse approached him, “Mr. Kim? Could you please follow me?” Yoosung looked at her quizzically and stood up slowly, following her down the hall to a nursery type room. A tiny baby girl wriggled in a large plastic box with arm holes in it, KIM was the only thing written on it in large letters. Yoosung gasped and rushed to the box, whipping around “Is this my daughter??” The nurse nodded slowly and a doctor smelling of antiseptic approached. “Mr. Kim? I’m so sorry to inform you but your wife has passed away. There were complications during the birth.” Yoosung vomited in a trash can next to the baby’s plastic box, falling to the floor and beginning to sob.

Zen sat quietly next to Seven and Yoosung, they were chatting about LOLOL. He never had really wanted kids but here he was, and he was strangely happy and excited. The doctors had said something about a minor issue involving the babies position, and taken an exhausted and sweaty, but smiling MC away to surgery. Now two doctors approached him, weary. Zens stomach dropped and his heart seized “Mr. Ryu we’re sorry to inform you but-” Zens fist crashed into the wall, Seven and Yoosung sat frozen in horror as Zen felt tears begin to flow. He sank to the floor, “Sir would you like to come and see your daughter?” Zen looked up in disbelief, his eyes puffy. “I have a daughter?”

Jumin stood trying not to be sick as MC let out feral screams. Childbirth was unpleasant to say the least, MC was sweating, her hand crushing Jumins, but soon he heard a cranking cry. Looking over in awe he saw a writhing pink baby being removed from MC and taken to a small table across the room. He leaned down and began speaking to MC “You made it through my love, we have a baby.” MC looked pale, weak, but happy. Jumin turned to see the nurse bring him his baby. The baby boy calmed in his arms, but right then he heard the nurse call something out. “Her sats are dropping doctor.” Jumin whipped around to see MC struggling to breathe and bleeding profusely. Instantly the monitor on the wall began beeping furiously. People poured into the room yelling left and right. Horror struck through Jumins heart as he and his brand new baby were rushed out of the room. He clutched the baby as his last comfort, she was going to be fine. The entire RFA rushed up to him cooing and touching the baby. Jumin felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around he faced the doctor, “Sir I’m so sorry but your wife…” The noise in the room seemed to quiet, the RFA members stood in stone cold silence around him. “Jumin…” Assistant Kang trailed off, tears clogging her voice. Jumin clutched only tighter to the baby.

He hadn't  been particularly excited when MC had told him she was pregnant, but now… there was nothing more in the world he wanted than a family with her. He sat next to her head during the C-section, quietly encouraging her. She smiled looking faint as a baby’s cry rang out “Go to them Saeyoung” He hesitantly stood not moving far from MCs side, a monitor began beeping rapidly in the background. Saeyoung whipped around to see a blood covered battle ground, he sank to MCs head, whispering to her. Her eyes flickered and then closed, Saeyoung started screaming at some point he couldn’t exactly remember when, now he sat on the floor as the monitors tolled one solid tone. “Time of death-” The sound of death was drowned out by a baby- no two babies cries. Twins.

He had hated the idea from the start, he hated children. Saeran impatiently stood and watched, holding her hand from a distance. The pain on her face was fascinating, how could she be so dedicated? Soon a high pitched scream rang out, a baby came out into the light. Saeran made no effort to move toward the baby, MCs hand went slack in his own and fell. He looked over, body seizing as the monitors went one tone. He kneeled, “Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t.” He let out a feral screech and smashed his fist into the floor. Time slowed as Saeyoung rushed in, looking to help Saeran, he stopped horrified. The doctor spoke, Saeyoung sobbed, Saeran screamed. The baby continued crying.

All he could do is listen, and smell. The coppery smell of blood, the rank smell of sweat, the sweet smell of MCs hair. The sound of screaming, the cranking of her teeth as they ground together. V whispered quietly in MCs ear, telling her she was doing excellent. He then heard a sound that brought tears to his eyes, a baby bawling. After some clanking and crying and panting from MC a small warm bundle, cooing and quietly babbling. V gasped, tears running down his cheeks. “MC aren’t they gorgeous?” No response, then yelling, bustle around him, suddenly he was standing outside, turning he desperately yelled “MC, where are you?? What’s happening??” Jumins hand fell on his shoulder, “V what’s happen-” The antiseptic smell of the doctors returned “Sir I’m so sorry your wife…” V held the baby to his chest, sinking “Not again, not again, not again…”

This too me so long I’m so sorry, I started crying a bunch…


he wants fabulous, that is his simple request://