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You don't have a problem with the fact that many trans women on have been blocked because of transphobic women and then the app bended to the needs of men because they are trans?

I have a lot of problems with it. For those who don’t know: Her (an app that claims to center women) decided to start their Trans Awareness Week a social media takeover by Aydian Dowling, a white cis-passing trans man and bodybuilder. :/ I’ll be taking over its Instagram and Snapchat tomorrow.

Their choice to do this wasn’t appropriate at all. So tomorrow I’ll use their own platform to discuss how trans men need to navigate their own power and place in these spaces more carefully (along with many other topics). Aydian shouldn’t have taken the space either (to my knowledge he didn’t end up taking over their social media since I didn’t see him on it at all either). The app needs to rework its name if they want to include trans men (e.g. “the app for everyone besides cis men”), which is fine. Cis men aggressively dominate dating spaces in general so I think it’s appropriate to include anyone who isn’t one.

For more context: I’ve been banned from Tinder for being a trans woman. I’ve also been doxxed after texting a TERF from Bumble when she found out I was a trans woman. Her has been the most supportive app for me, despite its (and its users’) many flaws and despite there not really being safeguards for trans women being targeted on there. Given that, I also need to call myself out for being a cis passing white trans woman and recognizing that it’s easier for me than others to date as well. Nevertheless, these limited options are what we have.

It’s not enough for me to just say “that was inappropriate, I’m out, let’s boycott!” Just the opposite in fact. I think this is an opportunity to help the only app of its kind run by queer women be more supportive of trans women. This is how we build alliances and understanding. Some folks are really quick to boycott and give up on things. Perhaps I’m too slow to. Either way, I really believe that people can change and improve: that’s how restorative justice and accountability work after all. So I’ll be hosting their social media tomorrow and hopefully educating them on why they need to be doing more work to uplift trans women and recognize us as women.

It’s the last day of #transawarenessweek , my 27th birthday, and also my T shot day. My two years post-bottom surgery (stage 1) is in a couple days, and my year post final-stage was a couple weeks ago. I will be three years post-hysto in December, and four years post-top surgery in January. I am over five years on T.
I am glad to be safe enough to live my life being visible. I hope that by sharing my story and any information I have, I can help others, somehow….. I am endlessly grateful to have been able to access resources and am always willing to try and help others to do so as well.
I’m proud of my journey, and proud to be transgender.

My mom talked to the pastor at our church (the good one, not the southern baptist one that was mean) and she printed a new confirmation certificate with the right name!!

It was a little sad because of that “missing out” feeling (the same feeling as being sad that I missed out on being a little boy because everyone was pushing me so hard to be a girl) because the original pastors who confirmed me are all gone, so the new head pastor redid the certificate. So I feel kind of robbed because the whole ceremony was for [birth name] and I had to dress up ~pretty~ and I didn’t feel like me because that entire weekend was all awful dysphoria.

Now I’m wondering if they’d re-baptize me. In United Methodist churches a baby that’s born to UMC parents is baptized as an infant (as opposed to the “believer’s baptism” that SBC churches practice). It would be cool to be baptized again now. To be officially recognized by my church and my God as the person I am now would be so cool. It is really cool that my confirmation certificate is correct now though because that really is part of that.

Y’all know how people talk about social and physical transition? I think a spiritual transition can exist too (I really hope I don’t get any anons saying “umm actually this is just another part of socially transitioning” because it sort of is but it’s really not just part of socially transitioning, it’s different and hard for me to put into words).

But the new certificate feels a lot like being confirmed “should have” felt when I was 12. It’s really cool. I haven’t really met the new pastors yet. But they’re apparently excited to meet me and I’m looking forward to meeting them.

Hey happy TransAwareness week

1 year on HRT, a name change in the works and surgery on the table, I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I’m proud of my trans friends for how far they’ve come, too, even the ones that just came out or are still in the closet.

You guys are Important & Beautiful and deserve love and respect.

11.17.17- I tried mind mapping for the first time to study for the apush test I had this morning, and found it was very effective, especially since the new curriculum is geared more towards cause and effect. It was very efficient for cramming for the test considering I fell asleep while studying last night 😂