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Some emoji prompts of Prowl (for @sinceredir) and Nautica (for Salt) not how you’d normally see them, but I kind of reveled in that!

This is parts one and two of seven requests I got from my lovely art friends! And yes! I gave a crack at colours for these two- poorly, I might add. XD so my apologies for the rushed colour jobs on these. That said, enjoy and more is to come. ^____^

Airachnid = THE WORST

Here is what I’ve realized

If she had never been welcomed onto the Nemesis… if Megaton had just killed her the moment Breakdown brought her on board because of her OBVIOUS personal agenda in trying to steal the micguffins from the other Decepticons then a lot of issues would never have arose. 

The Obvious is Breakdown might be alive… but also Dreadwing would be alive too! here is why…

Starscream would not have gone rouge. Dreadwing would have been under Starscreams command and taken orders. There would have never been a patch on Starscream and he would not have ever been privy to the knowledge of his Brothers graves “desecration” and would have remained loyal. 

She woke up the Hive of insecticons and proceeded to attach the Nemisis with them… something that she would have done one way or another. And even after she had been dealt with The insecticons caused infighting among the vehicons. MORE issues. The insecticons were utterly useless brutes for most of the show including Hardshell.  

To top it off she becomes a Zombie in the end and even that is mostly her own doing! she’s even a problem to herself! She killed BD to begin with. if she hadn’t there would never have been a Zombie Breakdown and its also likely Starscream and Knockout would not have had the need to invent a new “powerful soldier” because their forces would have been fine and Starscream would not have had a reason to go so far to earn Megatrons trust and respect back. 

that’s not even listing the number of things she did to Arcee and Jack and the Autobots. 

Airachnid = THE WORST!

But of course Megatrons the one that allowed her on the Nemesis so… 


Knockout hid it pretty well but sometimes Breakdown found it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But could you imagine him revisiting and looking at these little remnant scribbles after the loss of Breakdown.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

This is what the two entries say if you can’t make them out:

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anonymous asked:

Could i possibly request TFP ratchet, OP, and Arcee with a quirky/childish S/o? Thanks!!!! ;)

That’s cute omg


  • Ratchet finds you kind of annoying in the beginning, to be honest. But he eventually finds your quirks to be endearing.
  • He laughs more often, and sleeps better. There’s a glow in his optics and a spring in his step. Your cheerfulness is healthy for him; just call you the love doctor ;)
  • That backpack kibble? It opens. He lets you ride in it. Score.
  • If you ask him to refuel more often (because boy howdy he needs to) he’ll do it for you. 
  • If you have a sweet tooth, he really tries to get you to eat better. Do you know what all that sugar leads to? Diabetes, high blood pressure, bouncing off the walls until you crash.
  • He lets you sit on the console while he works. Until you get restless, then he’ll tell you to go entertain yourself for a while.

Optimus Prime

  • He finds your quirkiness and child-like qualities to be refreshing
  • Since you’re so innocent he’s very insistent that you stay away from the fighting. This isn’t your war; it shouldn’t have to affect you. Also, he doesn’t want you to see him when he has to kill others.
  • It takes some convincing, but if you play your cards just right, sometimes Primes do party. Just small get-together parties, though.
  • He’d never admit it, but he falls for your puppy dog eyes more than he should.
  • Butterfly kisses get him every time. It’s the softest, most gentle thing he’s ever felt, and he finds it so damn precious. You can always get him to smile with butterfly kisses.


  • Arcee is extra protective of you, and that’s saying something.
  • She rolls her eyes and teases you a lot, but that’s because she finds you so endearing.
  • There is a time to be serious, though, and she makes sure to teach you what to do in emergencies/ how to defend yourself.
  • She’ll do tricks in in her alt mode while you’re riding. 
  • She’s the only one allowed to tease you about how childish you are.