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{Fan Project} Letters for B.A.P, 2K17 Version

Hello friends and fellow Babyz! Now that ticketing has happened (for the stop I’ll be attending at least! Good luck to those on Left Coast later on!) I wanted to announce that I’ll be doing another fan project for this tour.

When B.A.P came back to the states in 2016, I wanted to show them that despite their hiatus due to the lawsuit, they were still loved and cared for. This resulted in my first ever fan project - a binder full of letters, art, and tokens of appreciation for the boys, delivered to the gift table at the NY stop of the tour. People sent letters from all over, and I got a ton of them while in line for the show the day of. It was really wonderful to see all the kind and loving letters fans wrote, and I want to give them more of the same this time around, especially since this will be Yongguk’s return to B.A.P’s activities after his personal hiatus.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who your bias is, or whether you’ll be attending one of the shows or not. If you would like to send a letter to B.A.P, I would love to deliver it for you. You can write one letter to the group as a whole. You can write a letter just to your bias. You can write a letter to every member if you want! I’ll put them all together in a binder, and it will be delivered (somehow or another, Powerhouse hasn’t confirmed gift tables yet) at the NYC tour stop.

A few rules, because there are things I won’t put in the letter book and I would hate to exclude anyone from it.

- please do not use your letter to put down other groups. B.A.P doesn’t need to hear about how much you think they’re better than BTS or VIXX. We’re spreading love here.

- please don’t send letters about how DaeJae is totes the reallest and BangHim 4ever and all that. Don’t use this to tell them how much you hope they’re sleeping with their bandmates.

- I’m not going to exclude any languages because I want everyone to express themselves however they feel the most comfortable. I will say though that they are more likely to understand your letter if it is in Korean or English, so please consider this!

- you can send fan art! Last year someone drew something amazing and I actually used it as the cover of the book, so feel free to send any fan art that doesn’t violate the ship rules.

- it doesn’t matter where you’re from! If you’re willing to pay postage to send your letter, send it! Nobody is excluded.

- I can include the envelopes your letter was sent in, so feel free to design it however you like!

- please only write on one side of the paper! If you have a two page letter I would like to make your pages face each other so they can see everything you wrote at the same time. If you write more than 2 pages that’s okay too! Write your heart out - just do it on one side of the paper please.

I’m generally forgetful so I do reserve the right to add to and edit these rules as I see got. If you have any questions, please ask! My ask is open, and I can be contacted on Twitter (@DBSK) or by email (changminx[@]gmail[dot]com). If you wish to send a letter, please contact me via one of these three options, and I’ll give you the address you can send it to!

Thank you all and please spread the word so we can make a big, beautiful book full of the fans’ love for the boys. ❤

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