this is totally shit

Hey, TWD, if you wanna declare a mulligan and just re-do S7 next year instead of going forward with this wheelbarrow full of hot garbage you decided to turn your show into, we the fans support you entirely and will be totally cool if you just pretend it never happened and start over. 8x01? Starts off right where 6x16 leaves off. Just go with it, man.

To prevent history from repeating, might I suggest that in your S7 remake, you refrain from

  • killing Glenn
  • shoving aside all your wonderful female characters for this gross male power fantasy bullshit you decided to go with this season
  • preventing Carol from doing anything at all this season aside from sit in a house and be sad
  • including the Junkyard People, they are stupid and have stupid hair
  • having Negan bend backwards like he’s doing the limbo every time he says a vowel, that can’t be good for JDM’s back

Possible new narrative avenues you could take can be

  • Glenn, alive and totally living
  • Carol doing things and being part of the story
  • Women in general doing things and being part of the story, having agency and feelings and stuff
  • either have Negan be Actually Not A Rapist (For Real), or deal with the fact that he is
  • Instead of Dwight, how about a nice Sherry instead
  • Actually make Negan a compelling villain, instead of an off-brand version of Ramsey Bolton
  • Whatever this nonsense is with Eugene and Sasha? Just don’t.
  • Maybe have Rick face some actual consequences other than His Friends Die Because Of Him, But His Other Friends Don’t Blame Him Or Hold Him Accountable, So It’s Cool
  • Olivia, being all alive and shit, just like Glenn
a totally regular normal boots club meeting
  • Hana: I don't want to lie anymore.
  • Shane: Hana--
  • Josh: Lie about what?
  • Hana: It's Mai. I've been dating Mai.
  • Jirard: Hana's not the only one!
  • PBG: You're dating Mai, too?
  • Jirard: What? No-- I... Satch has always been my best friend, but now I love him.
  • Nick: Wait a minute... Hana and Mai... Jirard and Satch? You mean... I've been keeping my relationship with Josh a secret this whole time for nothing???
  • Josh: Babe--
  • PBG: (uncontrollable sobbing) I thought I was the only one!
  • Paul: Wait, you have a boyfriend?
  • PBG: Yeah... Jeff, from Hidden Block...
  • Shane: Now wait a second! Is there anyone else who's going to come out?
  • Paul: ...I don't like anyone.

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Can you tell people to leave positive comments about Westallen here (or at least leave a comment about how toxic Karmel is) and dislike the video. I don't watch SG but I know that this relationship is toxic asf so it will be nice if someone who actually watch SG make comments explaining how ugly and toxic this relationship are. Anyway, help us because Kar*mel is the worst and this video is a total bs! /watch?v=6q2HtJsxXzU



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Mmmm for some reason i trust Rob more than Glenn? Because Glenn says stuff in interviews that are... yikes, while Rob seems to be more sensitive and more informed than Glenn? He also seems more educated on social issues than Glenn but hey i could be wrong.

that’s totally fair. i know glenn said some REALLY unfortunate shit about dennis leaving and mac coming out after the s12 finale.. i was pissed at him for a good week or so after that. and rob definitely knows how to be sensitive and handle that more efficiently seeing how he’s grown up around gay people so he knows how to not be a dick about it

that said…. rob defended the blackface in the lethal weapon movies and kaitlin’s said that even though he doesn’t like having photos hung up in the house, the one photo he has up is of him and kaitlin in blackface from lethal weapon 6. so like. that’s fucky! and idk what glenn’s standpoint on the blackface was but i feel like i remember him being much more hesitant about it

so i guess each of them have their own faults and shortcomings. that said i do like how vocal glenn is about trans issues specifically and he seems to approach a lot of the more sensitive subjects with hesitant thoughtfulness

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Don't you think that if Daryl loved Carol, he wouldn't have shut himself off from her and the others (after JUST reuniting with her) after Beth's death? He didn't protect Carol anymore after that. When Beth died, he died with her and he didn't give a shit about anything or anyone else anymore. He used to stand in front of or beside Carol when danger came but after Beth was gone, he didn't. Seems more like he loved Beth, not Carol don't u think?

Yeah, he totally didn’t give a shit about her when he beat the hell out of Richard and threatened to kill him if he sneezed on her. He totally acted like he didn’t care when he hug attacked her after she was kidnapped. All this happened after Beth died. OBSERVANT Don’t you think if he loved Beth, he would have brought her up to Maggie in the cellar? Yeah? Nope! Daryl was never in love with Beth. Not for a millisecond.

Norman Reedus just said “Carol is more important to him than ANYTHING.”

Does that make it clear enough?


that’s what people had in mind with the prompt “handcuffs” right? i’m sorry, it was funny in my head

(it’s right past midnight here but it’s still the 14th somewhere isn’t it? so i am not late)