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Do something with Sombra! Sombra/Zarya or Sombra/Katya or Sombra/Symmetra or just Sombra being Sombra and booping someone!

Okay, I totally forgot the booping part. Whoops. 

Friends with Benefits - Katya x Sombra - SFW (sorry)

[AO3] | []


Katya should have expected that woman would be back very soon. ‘Sombra’, was it? Whatever her name was, Katya should have known. People like that didn’t stay away from people like her for very long. 

When she returned, she’d cause another security breach, Katya assumed. Maybe alarms, drama, chaos—that seemed like the sort of situation Sombra liked to manufacture. She clearly had a flair for drama, after all.

What Katya didn’t expect was to wander into her office late at night after most of her staff had gone home and find herself suddenly face to face with

God! That woman, who was sitting poised on Katya’s executive table, legs casually crossed, shaking a Chinese Baoding Ball beside her ear and listening to it chime. “Huh,” she said, examining the ball. “Are these really all that relaxing? I always wondered.”

Katya’s breath caught in her throat. “You.”

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I love you guys! could you please write so adorable head cannons for ryuji x chubby fem reader. Nsfw would be nice but if you keep it sfw that's cool too whatever you're comfortable with

I am absolutely lovin’ the Ryuji love from you guys! He’s a pretty kickass character and both of us admins here love him. He’s our homeboy until the end ya know. Aaaanyways, have some SFW and NSFW headcanons because we love all of you ^^ 

-Admin Mishima and Makoto


- Totally go on expensive sushi dates together after every palace (or all the time because man can Ryuji eat)

- I feel like Ryuji would be the kind of guy to be touchy-feely 100% of the time. You know, the one who has to have a hand on the girl’s thigh, arm, or hand all the time

- Takes her on crazy adventures and makes her push past her limits (both physically and mentally)

- Scolds his g/f if they put themselves down. He won’t put up with anyone shaming his g/f, even herself!

- Says cheesy stuff and lame pickup lines to make his g/f feel better when she’s feeling down about her weight

- “F/n, you don’t have to talk to yourself like that. You’re fucking amazing the way you are and I don’t love you any less. There’s just more of you to love!”


- Body praise is unavoidable with Ryuji. He takes his time and shows his g/f just how much he loves her. 

- Loves to tease at the same time though. If he wants to take it slow, it will feel like forever. In a good way of course

- Shows off how strong he is by choosing crazy sex positions, regardless of how impossible his g/f says they are

- Dirty talk is such a thing. If he can think of it, he’ll say it

-  Expect kisses and hickeys in all sorts of places. If it’s exposed skin, he’s going to give it love

- “Damn, F/n. You look so hot right now. I want to show the world that you’re mine in places that no one but me should ever see.”

Birthday Challenge!

As I’m turning 21 this July [!!]  I thought I’d host my very first song challenge to celebrate.

Originally posted by hey-ass-booty

 I’ve picked out 40 songs. 20 from the 90′s and 20 from the 00′s.

This challenge is open to everyone. Whatever floats your boat, you can write/make/edit it for this. 

NOTES TO FIC WRITERS- Reader inserts/OC’s/pairings/AU’s/RPF are all fine! NSFW/SFW/Angst/Fluff/Smut is all a-okay too. There’s no min or max word limit, write whatever inspires you! But if it’s longer than 500 words, pretty please add the keep reading link. 

  • Please send me an ASK with your chosen song that you want to use as inspiration. 
  • Tag my sideblog; @becs-bunker in your entries with #b21stchallenge  in the first 5 tags.
  • Entries due by the 23rd July [my bday!]

If you need an extension/need to drop out for reasons, please let me know. It’s totally okay and I’ll still love you, promise! <3

-song choices under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

hc of edgy grandpa when their s/o's friend tries making "advances" on them? can be sfw or nsfw whatever you're comfortable w/ writing!! Love your blog btw! I hope this ask is ok ;w;

Admin B: I don’t really think it’s NSFW but to be safe, I’ll tag it as such. And this ask is totally ok!

-Reaper doesn’t really like it all too much when his s/o hangs out with their friends. He wants his s/o to spend time with him and only him.

-He’s out shopping with his s/o when their friend comes over and starts chatting with them.

-Reaper just stands awkwardly and kinda angrily to the side, not wanting to blow up at his s/o’s friend for fear that they might get mad at him.

-That fear goes right out the window when he hears his s/o’s friend flirting with them and asking them if they wanted dinner.

-He starts to get very angry but still stands off to the side and waits to see what they do. His s/o just tells their friend that they already have plans with Reaper and they look kinda uncomfortable with the flirting.

-The friend keeps pressuring his s/o and Reaper has had enough. He steps over and grabs their throat saying, “They said no. Take the fucking hint.” Then drops them and watches as they scramble away.

-Reaper doesn’t even care if his s/o is mad at him. He’s just happy he protected what’s his.

If anyone out there is looking to commission someone, just a head’s up that I’m totally open to work for you! I have commission info but if you want something different that’s not listed, hit me up and ask, there’s a good chance I’ll do whatever you have in mind (nsfw included). 

The business I work at is shutting down in the next few weeks so it’d be a good idea for me to build up a buffer whilst job hunting!

So I decided to start exercises to not let myself sink into non-writing/arting black holes. Random snippets of stuff. I’d like to call it daily, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that. Today, a scene that decided to hint at more. (Where did you come from, scene? Do you have friends?)

It’s been poked at/cleaned up a tiny bit, but is pretty much just raw spewage. Which means, of course, it lacks terribly in detail, but I dun care. Maybe something more will happen with it eventually. *shrug* Time for bed now, though.

It was a small and unassuming box. Cybertronian in make, something fairly rare with the unintentional relocation of the front line to Earth, but nothing special beyond that. Certainly no rarer than a Cybertronian themself on the planet. None of the materials used to make the box were of any extraordinary value or even of any value, at all. The touches of age-accumulated rust at the corners definitely degraded any chances of him even getting back the pittance he’d paid for it in the first place. Really, the only thing interesting about it was the fact that Sideswipe hadn’t seen it in a very, very long time. If one didn’t know the story, anyway.

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hcs for guzma, kiawe, green/blue, and red with a chubby s/o?? (sfw or nsfw whatever you're comfortable with)

Of course! Here’s some fluff for you!

Guzma with a chubby s/o

—Guzma doesn’t care that you are chubby. He will actually like that there’s more of you to hold!

—Would hug you a lot. Maybe mumble, “squishy” sometimes when he does.

—Would totally playfully tease you, but if anyone else were to tease you or make any kind of rude comment, Gizma would beat them down in an instant!

Kiawe with a chubby s/o

—Kiawe would love how warm you are! He’s naturally warm too, so hugs between to you would be full of love and warmth!

—If you were insecure about your body, Kiawe would give you a million reason not to!

—Kiawe would just make you feel like a million dollars all the time tbh.

Green with a chubby s/o

—Green would show you off the world, regardless if you were chubby or not. He does not care a thing about your weight.

—He loves to lay on you and use you as a pillow

—Green would tell anyone off that tried to even remotely make fun of you in any way. He’s not putting up with that bullshit!

Red with a chubby s/o

—Red literally does not care that you are chubby. Weight does not matter to him. Now in his eyes you’re just more huggable!

—Red would really like how warm you are and would constanly want hugs from you becuase he can get cold pretty fast tbh.

—Red would literally punch someone if they talked bad about your weight!

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The GOM, Kagami, Wakamatsu, and Hanamiya are walking through the park and passing by a tree when suddenly their s/o comes tumbling and hanging upside down from a branch (from getting a ball/ kite/ fruit/ flower/ helping baby bird/ whatever). No serious injuries and no clothes hanging down. Just something silly,fluffy and cute ♥

Alright, I did my best on this one though it was tough to not keep them exactly the same in some cases. Though I can totally picture their faces if you came toppling down out of tree. 


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anonymous asked:

How would Zenyatta, the Shimadas, and Professor Reyes react to one of their female students showing up one day in class with a black eye, and discover her boyfriend did it? (SFW pls, and it's totally okay if you guys can't do this, whatever you're comfortable with!)

Do I need to call in the calvary? Because I will

Counselor Zenyatta would no doubt be the most worried out of the professors. As soon as he saw the student he would want to talk to the student in private, know all the details, and provide as much support as he can. You can also expect him to check in on the student as much as he’s able to, he will also suggest getting the local authorities involved because the student’s safety comes first to him. If he needs to he will become a “Mama Bear” to the student.

Prof. Reyes and Prof. Hanzo Shimada would be the most serious. You can expect them to talk to the student after or before class if there’s time, find out as much information as they can, and see if can help and if the student wants it. If they see that the situation gets worse as time progresses. If they see that is does you can bet that they will get Counselor Zenyatta involved so that the local authorities can take action.

Prof. Genji Shimada will immediately give the student his phone number and tell the student to call him whenever they needed an escape. Genji is not the one to pry into people’s lives unless they tell him willingly. Of course, he will ask if they are all right and if they need him to do anything. If he sees that it gets worse he’ll get local authorities involved

I can provide you resources if you don’t wish to deal with the counselor or any of the professors…but please let us TAs know if you need us to do something, dear student!

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What will be the reaction of the hiphop unit of seventeen when you see their phones with your stolen pic as lockscreen/homescreen??

Seungcheol/S.coups: He’d just chuckle when you ask him and shrug like, “You caught me! You just looked so cute like that so I needed a photo.” He’d be the least embarrassed, probably teasing you by asking something like; “What, are you telling me I’m not your lockscreen?!” 

Mingyu: At first he’d be embarrassed and would try to explain that your photo just magically appeared as his lockscreen one day and he just doesn’t know how to change it back, but in the middle of his story he’d just sigh and look at you with apologetic puppy eyes and ask if you were mad or not…..

Wonwoo: He’d be a little humiliated and would try to make up a reason for that happening like “Oh, uh Mingyu was playing a trick on me so he made you my lockscreen because he thinks I like you or whatever-” and it’d be obvious he was lying by how he’d keep averting his eyes. 

Vernon/Hansol: He’d pick up his phone and hide it behind his back and probably tell that you were seeing things that totally wasn’t a photo of you it was a photo of um uh..Hoshi in a wig - that’s what! He’d be way to flustered to admit that his phone background is you. 

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midorima and aomine love triangle please? SFW ^_^ all innocent stuff! can you make midorima win

so many love triangles

“…and so we have to go to- hey, Shin-chan! You weren’t listening to me, were you?”

“No, I wasn’t.”

Takao smirks, a knowing grin forming on his face. “Is it because you were staring at (f/n)-chan again? That’s creepy, y'know. I should say something about that.”

“Takao, if you dare-”

“Whatcha gonna do, Shin-chan? Whatever happens, it’ll be totally worth it to see what lame excuse you come up with. And anyway, it’s not like you’re the only one with your sights set on (f/n)-chan.”

“You, too?”

A laugh. “You admitted it! You really did! But, no, not me. Although that would be very interesting; Shuutoku’s Light and Shadow fighting for the heart of (f/n)-chan. Now I’m starting to wish I did like (f/n)-chan like that, but,” he puts his hand on his heart, “alas, it is only friendship I seek.”


“Dai-chan,” Momoi starts, “you can’t keep skipping lessons like this.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re dumb enough, and you’ll probably get kicked off the basketball team. Or I’ll make sure you’re kicked off; whatever works.”

“Satsuki, you’re evil, y'know that?”

“I’m just looking out for you, and- oh, yeah. We’ve got a practice game against Shuutoku tomorrow.”

“Again? We had one last week.”

Maybe there was a reason that Momoi had arranged another practice game. “It’s against Midorin and Takao-kun, and their combination is almost as scary as Tetsu-kun and Kagamin together! And (l/n)-chan’s their manager. I’m not sure what you have to complain about, really.”

Aomine finally opens one eye. “(l/n)?”

“The one you were staring at after the second quarter?”


Being Shuutoku’s manager was a somewhat refreshing way to spend your time. Somewhat, because Miyaji would always go on about pineapples, Kimura would always be ready to supply them, Takao and Midorima would always be afraid of them (both the pineapples and their senpai) while Ootsubo looked on in disdain.

But times like these, during games, you really loved being their manager. 

Another one of Midorima’s three pointers falls into the hoop. Then Touou’s ace (Aomine, you recall from last week) throws the ball in the most unorthodox way that it surely won’t go in.

But it does.

The game’s over - 85 - 87 to Touou. 


Midorima’s looking at you quizzically. Did you do something weird?


“We’re about to go, but can you- I mean-”

Midorima’s impossible. You know it must be hard for him to express whatever he’s trying to say, but surely it’s not that embarrassing?

“Could you just come outside for a moment?”



Touou’s ace is outside, looking down at the athletics track. 

“Hey, it’s Midorima and… (l/n), is that right?”

“How do you know (l/n)’s name?”

You can feel an obvious tension in the air. Midorima had mentioned Aomine a couple of times before, but not in enough detail for you to know why his tone was so icy.


From a distance, Takao sees that things are getting a little rocky. So, because he’s such a good friend, he goes to help out.

“(f/n)-chan, why don’t you come with me? I’m sure Shin-chan wants to catch up with his old teammate.”

Midorima wants to strangle Takao and thank him at the same time.

“You’re the one who likes (l/n) as well, aren’t you." 

A statement. Almost asking to confirm what he already knows.

"And what if I do? Are you saying that you do? Midorima, come on. I respect you, but between me and you, I think (l/n) would pick me.”

Midorima doesn’t say anything to that, instead going towards Shuutoku’s bus. 

“-and he has no idea how to express his feelings, but he really does like you~”

“Ehh? Midorima-kun?”

Maybe you once had a little crush on him, but it was nothing, and was definitely gone. But then he appears in front of you, Aomine behind him.

“Shin-chan and Aomine?! This is way too scary.”

He’s short and straight to the point. “(l/n). I like you. Will you go out with me?" 

It takes everything Midorima has not to run away, especially with Aomine by his side.

”(l/n), I also like you. Will you go out with me?“ Aomine says.

Two confessions in the space of a minute? It’s a little too much, and you have to think for a while. But, ultimately, there was one guy who’d be with you for much longer than the other, and you weren’t ashamed to say that your little crush was resurfacing.

"I’m sorry, Aomine-san, but I would like to be with Midorima-kun,” you smile, “I hope there are no hard feelings.”

takao starts going on about how he’s the best wingman to ever be and demands nieces and nephews immediately(‘shin-chan, we’re best friends! i’d be the best uncle to your kids!“

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Zarya headcannons with a super tiny s/o please??? Sfw or nsfw, whatever you prefer!! Thank you!!

• she’s going to pick you up often. That’s a given
• she might raise you really high and say “IVE CONQUERED THE BEAST”
• she would totally cover you in kisses
• would add “little before your name”
Ex. If your name was Alex. She would call you Little Alex.


If you are still interested, go ahead and send me an email and I’ll put you in line for the next round of commissions. Thank you everyone for sharing this for me, its incredible and it means a lot to have your support.!! ****

Hello Friends!!

 It is one of those times again!! I am in need of funds to pay for the second half of a class I’m taking, as well and general bills that need to be paid as well. My hiatus at home in Illinois was fun, but not making any money for 3 weeks really hurt me financially, and so I am opening up commissions to try and close the gap.

I’ve got a variety of options, which I will detail a little further!

If you have any questions, or are interested in commissioning me, should send me an email at

Please do not message me through tumblr, asks are sometimes lost and I don’t want to loose your ask! Below the cut are further details and info about the various types of commissions I’m offering.

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Practically Strangers- Chapter 20

 Hannah gets a text from an unknown number that catches her attention. Sometimes even someone who is practically a stranger can make you feel a little less lonely, if you’re only brave enough to let them.

SFW. SFF. 3,160 words. More fics.

Please note: Hannah | Grace


 "So then, Pearl tells me that apparently Annabel was sleeping with Mark. That’s why she transferred to the Tokyo offices.“


“Yeah, and I was so surprised because Annabel always seemed like she was totally head over heels for her boyfriend, I even met him once or twice, at the office Christmas party or whatever.”

“Jesus,” Grace leans back to grab her coffee from her bed side table, cupping it in her hands as she speaks. “Your office is like a real life soap opera.”

“Tell me about it,” Hannah rolls her eyes and reaches for something off screen before returning with a handful of brown fur and a grumpy, crumpled up face. Behind the cat, Hannah beams at her. “Hey look who came to say hello!”

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give away 100 followers

Originally posted by theageofanime

Woop!! I’ve hit a milestone of hitting 100 followers! For having this blog for a little bit than less than a month I’m super excited about this fact! I guess to commemorate it I wanna do a giveaway!

The start of this give away will be effective immediately! And the end of it will probably be around April 21’st. By that date I’ll contact the winners. There will be 4 winners to this event with different prizes for each!

I’st place:

They will get to pick items from the mog station that they want, going up to a total of 15 USD!

2’ed place:

Not as glamorous as 15 bucks but you’ll get a full body art piece, fully lined, shaded, and a background if you even want! Just need to send in ref pics. It can be NSFW SFW whatever you want, talk it out with me and you’ll most likely get it!

3’ed place:

Half body, yeah you’re missing half of your body but you still get half! All nice and colored and shaded and woot. Like 2 and 4 you need some references for me to work with, can be nsfw or sfw

4’th place:

Gets a chibi, little chubby face thing where you have to send me ref pics as well for it. Fully lined, shaded colored you name it, just no back ground for it, cause I’m lazy…

*New* 5′th place:

Man you still get something at least right!? You’ll get a drawing of a minion just pick the minion you want and you got it. Can even customize it a bit as if your character has a special pet

Now now can’t do this without rules right? So I got some of them

You have to be following me, I’ll check if you try to be sneaky!

You have to reblog this post at least 1 time, easy right? You can like or do it more than once but it only counts one time!

And finally if you do for some reason want an nsfw piece done for your 2ed, 3ed, or 4th place prize you HAVE TO BE 18+ I get it you’ve probably seen a tiddy on tumblr in your time but I don’t just hand around gift tits for someone under 18.

*new*Added a new prize so I moved around the other prizes a bit, thank you now for the 150 followers!!!! It really means so much to me that so many people like my blog or my dummie Raylin! 

hey guys guess what it’s your main mod Dani and today is incorrectknb’s SECOND BIRTHDAY (hell yeah)

so here’s how we’re gonna celebrate!


(I’ve never done this before so pls let’s all be v cool about this, thank you)


basically you’re just???  chatting w/ me I guess??????  (wow, that does not sound super interesting, but I’ve seen other blogs do this and it looks fun, I swear)  here are some suggestions of things to send in:

  • a story about your day!
  • kiss/marry/kill
  • tell me about your crush or s/o!
  • top 5 anything
  • headcanons!
  • requests for headcanons/AUs???
  • questions in general tbh
  • send me anything and I’ll try to make it work


  • you can send in whatever you want but it’s gotta stay sfw and if it’s rude or offensive I’m not posting it
  • even though this is a knb blog (and I’ve worked hard to keep it that way) I’m granting total fandom/ship/personal amnesty for this event so you can come chat abt anything you want!!  (pls keep in mind that I know sports anime stuff the best and I probably won’t be able to create or add to headcanons abt pairings I don’t personally enjoy.)
  • the weekend starts whenever you see this post and I’m not sure how long it’ll go, but it’ll DEFINITELY end by Sunday (10/23) afternoon so I can take care of my actual real life stuff
  • everything will be tagged with #not a quote and #anniversary sleepover, so block those tags if you want to avoid the shenanigans