this is totally heterosexual

Haters: “Mikayuu is incest and they only see each other as brothers and friends!”

Me: … ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Look at Mika trying to protect his brother from the humans…

Forehead touch when they were children and forehead touch in the opening when they were older. Oops! Those were in the most heterosexual way, guys. My apologies! This is totally a “no homo” situation. 

Is it getting a little gay in here or is that just me? B) Uh, I mean… Did I forget to mention afterward friends carry friends princess style as they run off and save them?

^^^ Bro-blush right there guys, I don’t know how anyone can see that as romantic… 🙄

Seraph Wars: The Bro-blush Strikes Back~ ;D

…. I don’t even know what to say to make this seem platonic that is really just dripping with sarcasm.

If you’re new to the Mikayuu fandom, welcome to the “waiting for Mika and Yuu to get together” club. :)

I wanted to add more Mikayuu moments buuuuut… there were literally too many to choose from~  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I know some are official art but it still counts! Plus, I remember hearing the anime studio actually prefers Mika with Yuu rather than Shinoa. That’s saying something~~~~ Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Also, I know some people can see these moments as platonic. I’m not saying anyone can’t. I personally see them as pretty fuckin gay. 


“Gay Pride Rocks!” - BoA


so you’re telling me that the ever-so-serious prosecutor Miles Edgeworth was so butthurt after his first loss that he went out and specifically ordered himself custom made chess pieces that were designed to resemble himself and his courtroom rival in their respective colors… 

..because thats not gay at all 

Attention male writers, if it really scares you, the thought that fangirls may write gay porn of your TOTALLY HETEROSEXUAL MALE PROTAGONIST (who is secretly your wish fulfillment stand in) then never fear

I have a recipe that’ll just force the fangirls not to do it, are you ready?

-have more than like two female characters

-have them SAY things, ooooh

-have them have interesting and complex things to say, both explicitly and implicitly

-have them go through their own trials and develop like real people ALONGSIDE rather than because of, the male characters

-stop putting so much fucking emphasis on how important male friendships are unless you’re going to accept that that kind of dynamic is just irresistible to fangirls AND says something rather nasty about how guys aren’t complicated and girls just naturally are, so a guy’s “homies” just are so much more important than that chick you’re boning

-ALTERNATIVELY, let female characters be just friends and not just love interests/romantic sideplots. Seriously. Women aren’t just walking sex appeal? Wooooah, maybe real women will actually like them.

-and if none of the above things work, I have a backup, maybe a gay couple CANON. then maybe those devious insidious fangirls just might hone in on THAT, and leave your main character alone.

-that’s all I got, let me know how it goes.

Happy Thought For The Day

Somewhere out there, Katie McGrath continues to act hella gay in her scenes with Melissa Benoist, likely against all directorial supervision… 

Somewhere out there, Katie McGrath is failing spectacularly at acting like a Totally Straight female member of the Heterosexuals™ 

And if that doesn’t warm your little gay hearts, I don’t know what will.

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Louis Jordan and Greg Peck arguing about who’s prettier Alida Valli in The Paradine Case. 

  • <p> <b>an idol who literally cant come out without jeopardizing their career and safety:</b> yea i am totally a heterosexual :')<p/><b>a cishet fan:</b> wow look at this undeniable proof of their heterosexuality icb queer fans would suggest this person could be queer lmao whats the closet<p/></p>