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Hi Everyone! 

It’s Mere and Kira with the results of our Tumblr Awards… Thank you so much to everyone who entered! This was so much fun to do, but it was SO HARD to pick winners. We had to fight, it got ugly, we love you all so much. Congrats to all of the winners! :)

+ winners
+ runners-up

jon snow award (best game of thrones blog): @princessarya, @rhaella
daenerys targaryen award (best original content): @harley-quinn, @sansarya
sansa stark award (nicest blogger): @riahchan, @renlybaaratheon, @lydiia-martins
tyrion lannister award (best url): @boatsex, @ladyarianne
cersei lannister award (best theme): @thoranda, @lordsttark
arya stark award (best multifandom): @ohmargaery, @jyn-erso
*margaery tyrell award (personal faves- kira): @bericdondarrion​, @starkjon
*margaery tyrell award (personal faves- mere): @darylvdixon, @jaimelanniser

Prizes are below the cut! Message either Mere or Kira whenever you would like to claim your prize. 

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now that people are talking more about turnabout storyteller and its characters, there’s something i want to bring up! mainly that did is an actual, irl occurring thing, it doesn’t exist just within an aa-verse vaccuum, and i want you to be mindful of that when talking about it. ive been seeing lots of people talking about this without irl did in mind and, its kind of super weird to uncomfortable!

  • it’s weird when non-multiple folks are raving about how good and respectful uendo’s did was treated. it’s true! it was really good! but if you aren’t multiple then you shouldn’t be deciding for us it’s representation we should be happy about, and you should keep your ears open for criticism too (because it isn’t flawless, either)
  • many people with “scary” mental illnesses (like did) have bad experiences with psychologists. psychology isn’t flawless, there is a lot of ableism (among other isms) in this field… not all psychs are evil obviously, but please don’t act like because athena and blackquill are psychologists, it’s only natural they would be respectful and understanding of did, because that’s really not a true statement irl!!!
  • on the same note, blackquill and athena not being blatant transmisogynists wrt kisegawa’s gender is also weird to celebrate and compliment capcom over if you’re not trans (especially considering capcoms history of writing transmisogynistic characters and jokes into aa), and you definitely shouldnt be attributing to them being psychs but rather, them being decent people!! many psychs irl are transphobes
  • if you ship uendo/blackquill, please be very considerate of how you write this pairing! with the power balance between a psychologist and a mentally ill person, and the irl abuse of patients in mind, try not to push the angle of uendo liking blackquill specifically because of being a psych or like blackquill is like a therapist to uendo. it’s uncomfortable if you do it at the same time as putting them in a relationship. (you can focus on their similarities and understanding of each other as two (to four) mentally ill people, instead!)

please don’t worry too much about it if you’ve done any of these things in the past; did and systems are very poorly understood and portrayed in general, and im very glad this case gives me an opportunity to talk more about it and for non-system folks to learn!!!

tysm if you read this post!! now go out there and be totally awesome about did for me, irl multiple tumblr user geirutoneido!

Song "x"
fuglyselfie and halinorhale

hey everyone! so tumblr user halinorhale and I were goofing around, she was strumming something on her guitar and I said that the melody totally sounds like something pouring out of a person who’s been emotionally hurt but refuses to let themselves fall apart over it so we actually WROTE A SONG ABOUT IT (well half a song) and recorded what we have so far! enjoy! we’ll upload the full thing when it’s done

I would like to thank everybody who participated by sending in all of these fantastic categories! We are now one step closer to the Tumblr Tonys award show and I hope you all have fun nominating your favorites for each category.

Serious Categories

  • Best Swing
  • Best Vlog
  • Best Replacement
  • Best Newsie
  • Most Underrated Show
  • Best Off-Broadway Show (Currently)
  • Best Celebrity on Broadway (Currently)
  • Best Celebrity on Broadway (Ever)
  • Best Revival
  • Best Belt
  • Most Triumphant Return
  • Honorary Award for Matilda Swings
  • Cutest Couple
  • Favorite Child Actor
  • Best Ensemble
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Biggest Flop
  • Best Bootleg
  • Best Film to Musical Adaptation
  • Best Dancer
  • Best Fictional Ship
  • Strongest Female Character
  • Favorite On-Stage Pair/Broadway Duo
  • Would Make the Best Broadway Duo
  • Movie That Should Become a Musical
  • Musical That Should Become a Movie
  • Best Ballad (male)
  • Best Ballad (female)
  • Favorite Wendla Bergman/Melchior Gabor Duo
  • Best Score
  • Best Web Series
  • Favorite Should-Have-Won-the-Tony Musical
  • Underrated TV Transfer
  • Best Broadway Star Gone Hollywood
  • Best Concert
  • Show That Needs a Revival
  • Favorite Show Featuring a Broadway Performer
  • Best Cast Recording


  • Nicest Ass
  • Nicest Smile
  • Sassiest Queen
  • Best in a Role That Wasn’t For You
  • Off Broadway Show that Needs to Get to Broadway Hella Fast
  • Fiyero With the Nicest Ass (Google Search: Fiyero White Pants)
  • 2-4-6-0-DONE! Which Show Needs to Take a Break Already?
  • Best Abs
  • Best Dancer
  • Favorite Pet
  • Best Riffer
  • Favorite ‘Totally Trucked’ Video
  • Favorite Tweeter
  • Favorite Intagrammer
  • Biggest Diva
  • Best Tweet
  • Best Backstage Photos/Selfies/#SIPS
  • How 'Bout You Just Give Us a Pro-Shot DVD of This Show

Again, thank you to everyone who sent in your categories! This includes tumblr users massekur, thelightinthepizzaria, n-ormlewis, benonceflawless, lucasbieneke, hopsjollyhigh, the-dramaturg, perfectfornatalie, and of course all of you lovely anons. Also, I may or may not have thrown in a few of my own.

Just so you’re aware, I am away for the duration of the weekend and I will be back Sunday evening. You may send in any nominations for any of these categories (one, all, or somewhere in between) while I’m away. I’m not sure if there’s wifi because this is a queue I am not actually here right now but I will answer all of your questions as soon as I can!

Let me know if you don’t understand a category or want an example from one!

You have one week! Start nominating!