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Hey, girl ^_^ Just stopping by to say I am thankful for you! You're such an awesome person and I love talking to you! Our conversations about Balem always brighten my day! No one else understands my love for him like you do... Happy Thanksgiving :) <3

You’re so sweet! I am thankful for you as well ;) We can chat about whatever and space brat all day everyday, totally down for that. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, my love. Enjoy! ❤️ 🍁

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You should totally write that meta about levi and aizawa and their character similarities/differences! I would fucking love to read that. I love your character analysis and I love your meta, your really awesome and really understand the depths of characters that I feel a lot of people don't understand. It's so refreshing to read stuff from someone who knows a character deeply and not just focus on what's on the surface.

kfjhgsldkfjhg I’m so sorry for the late reply to this, anon, but thank you so very much for this insanely kind message <3 I’d love to write that meta one day, and when I have the time, I definitely will. For now, I’m trying to update all of my blog and page themes, and finish an analysis for Aizawa’s character that I still have to edit and format ;A; Hopefully, I’ll have them all complete soon. 

Thank you for making my day a bit brighter, darling. I’m really glad you enjoy my meta and analysis’! You are really awesome and I seriously just want to hug you :’)

Mccree totally has to spend the first 30 minutes of being awake in the morning trying to remove himself from hanzos death grip. Its got to a point where his body naturally wakes him up 30/40 mins earlier than he normally did cause of the sheer amount of times hes nearly pissed himself.

Even when hanzo does release him the archer is still half asleep but unwilling to let his cowboy completely go so he sleepily follows him to the bathroom and sometimes to the dinning area.

The first time genji saw this he was so shocked. Even in the old shimada home hanzo never had a half way stage to his mornings. He was asleep and then he was awake. End of story. The younger shimada doesnt even give his bro that much shit about how cute the very dangerous, very strong, very mature shimada hanzo is because hes just so happy that hanzo has found a place… or a person that makes him feel this safe.

Genji also learnt his lesson when he tried to tease his brother about his new morning clinginess and zenyatta brought up all the pictures of genji drooling on the omnic surrounded by teddies and floating harmony orbs to ward off nightmares.

Neither shimada brings it up again.

Sombra sure does though.


GUYS this is the cool thing I was talking about the other day!
Guerrilla asked if they could use my art to, I guess, represent the company’s celebration of Amsterdam Pride!  I’m totally honoured.  I love that they are happy to use their title character to show Pride, and not just changing their logo. <3

My First Pride

I’ve been out as asexual since 2008, but until today, I’ve never dared to go to Pride. I didn’t think I’d be welcome. Boy, was I in for a nice surprise when I took the plunge and went to Dallas Pride today.

You could find almost every kind of flag on the steps of this church in the hours before Pride (the aro flag isn’t in this pic, but it was there!). The church itself was not only accepting, but welcoming, hosting a sermon about universal love before the parade, passing out water during the parade, and opening their building for people who needed a break from the late-summer Texas heat.

We were even represented in the parade itself (twice!).

Along with cowboys. This is Texas, after all.

And Canadians. XD

Met some fantastic new friends - at least ten new aces in total, plus plenty of awesome non-ace people!! Including the even-more-incredible-in-real-life Asexual Pirate! (Thanks again for the button, ribbon, and photo, @aroaceinyourface!)

When I first discovered my asexuality, I wasn’t sure if I would ever have something like this. If I would ever be able to go to Pride and talk to gay and lesbian people, bi people, pan people, trans people, genderqueer and nonbinary people, straight allies, and yes, other asexual (and aromantic) people, and confidently say, “I’m ace” without hesitation or even a need for explanation. As far as I know, only one older gay couple had to ask what “asexuality” meant, and they were polite and respectful.

So … thank you to the aces and allies who have made this community a place where I can finally come out and show my pride in public.

(And thanks again for letting me borrow your cape, Ian!)

Oh. My. Gosh.

The show was absolutely amazing! Jack, thank you. So so much. I wont spoil too much, but Jack. Thank you for telling me to give it my all, and to get out there and do something awesome! I hope you had a good time here in Minneapolis. :)

P.S. I was the one who screamed “I know you can’t hear me but I love you!!” When you walked offstage. I also yelled “Im just a loser who plays Crash!!”


based on @the-triangle-cat‘s STAND-IN comic that you guys should totally read! It has awesome frans scenes asdfghjkl

the scene was from this part!



Happy 20th Birthday to Keneti James “KJ” Fitzgerald Apa!~ I may have been guilty of constantly roasting Archie xD….but i still love Archie cos he’s still Betty and Jughead’s loyal bestfriend… KJ is totally Archiekins with his adorkable and super boyish personality and he still have lots of growing up and maturing to do. He has the most infectious giggles and laughs with his entire being. His NZness and his constant usage of aye and bro and gnarly is totally endearing. Lili roasting him on twitter with weird videos of him is awesome haha….

Why is he so precious?? T^T

Omg i love him too much, he’s awesome i see why blue choose Lance, i mean come on!?! Their personalities are identical, if Blaytz were still alive (i mean i’m pretty sure he is dead now, but if he still lives that would be awesome) he would be so proud of our precious cinnamon roll <3

Also can we talk about this scene where Blaytz flirts with a male galra servant.

I’m not saying Blaytz is gay, but i’m totally saying that Blaytz is gay.

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as long as we're talking about stiles as hale bait, can i just say that i've always wanted to find an au fic in which stiles finds out that he accidentally has dated/slept with like half the hale family? like he and derek meet and start dating and it's totally love and then derek takes him home and oh shit. there's his first highschool girlfriend who things ended awkwardly with aka cousin malia. who has her mom's last name since her parents never got married.

and then cora comes downstairs and oh hey cora! awesome. they dated for a bit in college but there wasn’t much of a spark so it only last a few months and then they actually became total bros. like he’s still really good friends with her? he probably should have made the connection between hale and hale, but he met cora at berkeley and she doesn’t talk about her family that much so it didn’t occur to him. still this is getting kind of weird? and then there’s “cousin” (packmate) erica who stiles

had a brief friends with benefits kind of thing with last year. no big, right? and then oh shit why does that older guy sitting next to derek’s parents and leering at him look so familiar? or right, he met him at a club one time when he was in between significant other’s and they hooked up in the bathroom. and apparently he’s the father of his first girlfriend. awwwkward. stiles has never felt so uncomfortable and confused in his life. why is this happening to him?

what is up with this family and him? is he some kind of hale-sexual or something? he’d been operating under the assumption that he was bi, but apparently all the people he’s ever been attracted to are part of this family. derek meanwhile has wrapped himself jealously around stiles and is glaring at everyone is his family including his parents (who honestly do not have any designs on their son’s boyfriend) and laura. who has not stopped laughing since they figured out what was going on.

I need to read a long fic on this! 

Because at first Stiles is like, “Derek, are you punking me?” 

And Derek is all, “What?” 

“Are you punking me?” Stiles eyes grow wide. “Oh my god. Is this an intervention? Do I do something weird in bed and you all got together to tell me to stop it?” 

“Do you do something weird in bed.” It’s not even a question. Derek has no idea what the fuck is going on at this point. 

“Derek! These people are not your family.” 

“They are,” Derek says. 

“Oh. My. God.” Stiles is three shades paler than usual. “Derek, I have slept with all of these people.” 

“What?” It’s Derek’s turn to go pale. 

Stiles points them all out. “Malia, hi, haven’t see you since high school. Nice blonde girl from the bakery whose name escapes me now and I am so, so sorry, hello.” He swallows and his throat clicks. “Hot older dude from the club.” 

“Peter,” the man says, extending his hand. He flashes a wicked smile. “Peter Hale. I’m Malia’s father.” 

Stiles squeaks. 

Derek bats his hand away and growls. 

“Um, Cora, yep, really should have put that together, I guess,” Stiles says, raking his fingers through his hair. “Um, Isaac, right? From my political science class last year. And…” His jaw drops when Laura grins at him. 

“Laura lives in New York,” Derek growls. “She literally lives in New York.” 

“Second stall in the Terminal Three bathroom at LAX, right?” Laura asks, and gives Stiles the finger guns. 

“Oh god,” Stiles says. 

All in all, it’s one of Derek’s most interesting family dinners. Alan Deaton thinks it has something to do with their wolves being drawn to Stiles, in knowing that he’d be a good fit for the pack. Stiles is mortified, but Derek’s surprisingly okay with it. 

He’s just glad that when his parents finally made it downstairs that Stiles didn’t recognise them too… 

He takes quite a lot of comfort in that, actually. 

au: high school story is a tv show

inspired by the lovely @zahranamazis au where endless summer is a tv show and other choices blogs au’s from other choices books. i loooove this au, it’s so much fun to write!:

part ii

  • all the cast members are over 20 y/o so none of them are teens even if they’re playing ones
  • fans are shocked when they see them drinking or at clubs because of this
  • the actor who plays max is around 26-27 but because of his rugged appearance people think he’s over 40 or something lol
  • ‘’he doesn’t even go here’’ brian jokes when max is shooting a scene
  • the show is shot during summer when classes are out in a real high school in california
  • awesomeness tv produces the show
  • the actress who plays emma originally auditioned for the role of MC but she was so nervous that the casting directors thought she was perfect for the character of emma instead
  • the high school story red shirts are actually merch that the cast wears almost all the time off set
  • sydney does her own cheerleading stunts because she was a cheerleader throughout her high school years irl 
  • wes was supposed to be short haired but the actor who plays him had long hair when he auditioned and they immediately changed that in the script 
  • the whole cast has their own group snapchat, every day a cast member takes over the account to show fans ‘a day in their life’
  • sakura’s hair is actually blonde, she revealed she uses manic panic hair dye to make her hair pink 
  • ‘’it honestly killed my hair texture but i guess it was worth it’’ she reveals when asked about the process of going full pink haired
  • michael was the last actor to be cast and he wasn’t going to be a major character at all
  • ‘’it was my good looks that got me in the show’’ he says winking while the mc rolls her eyes ‘’he likes to flatter himself’’
  •  the cast all get together on friday nights after shooting at each other’s places to have board game night 
  • mia and ezra are the biggest cheaters, according to the rest of the cast 
  • ‘‘it’s called a strategy’‘ is something that mia always says to defend herself from the accusations
  • aiden doesn’t know how to play any instruments in real life, but he had to take a few piano lessons to at least make it look a bit real on the show
  • they freak out when endless summer is mentioned to them in interviews because they LOVE the show and watch it all together
  • ‘’zahra and craig are our biggest otp’’ payton and nishan reveal 
  • ‘’aren’t grace and aleister dating in real life?’’ caleb asks the mc, getting completely carried away from the interview
  • michael revealing he asked the costume team to give him a green bomber jacket in honor of jake mckenzie’s character
  • the cast totally freaking out  that the show got renewed for a second season!!

🌸 Someone recently reminded me that My Best was not going to be the same as someone else’s best. Someone else might be a total rock star and be super productive when they’re at Their Best! Which is heckin awesome! But that might not be My Best and there’s nothing to be ashamed of about that. Sometimes My Best can just be getting up and brushing my teeth in the morning and if that’s the case, then I should still be proud of myself! I’m trying my hardest today. There’s no need to discredit myself because of how seemingly small my achievements might be. I’m dishing out 200% of my efforts and that’s all that matters in the end of the day! 🌸

BMC Bootleg

Everyone else is giving their thoughts sooo

- First of all, as if we couldn’t think Michael was any gayer

- And Christine couldn’t get more extra

- Rich and Jake lifting Christine into the air is so great and adorable and I love it

- The choreography for More Than Survive, especially the cool build at the end, is awesome

- Paul Whitty (Mr Reyes/Scary stockboy/Jeremy’s dad) is hilarious! Especially as Mr Reyes
- “So what’s the story with Jake and Madeline??”

- Jake and Christine’s entire encounter was just asdfghjkl

- I kinda wish that worked out?? Like replace Jeremy/Christine (which I do love, don’t get me wrong) with Jeremy/Michael AND Christine/Jake and I’d totally be okay with that??

- Gerard absolutely nailed the big note in the Squip Song, like we know our boy is talented but I didn’t expect it to be so flawless


- After watching this I have such a big crush on both Chloe and Brooke and I am not ashamed

- Jeremy’s character is different to how I thought he’d be. Like in the soundtrack he kinda has a, little to no personality vibe but he actually has a lot of depth which I like

Ok but can we talk about another aspect of the Bold Type that makes it so awesome, which is it’s ability to defy commonly held sterotypes. For example Alex. Like he’s smart and supportive and sweet and I just love how he’s not like the stereotypical overly hype black male friend who throws out one liners and rap lyrics and dresses only in sports apparel. I’m also totally here for straight black men working for fashion magazines. Also, I like how Oliver is both black and LGBT+ but he’s not the stereotypical black gay guy™. He has an actual personality that’s not just composed of sassy catchphrases and gay slang. Just congrats for the show for having black characters that aren’t just one dimensional stereotypes and that are actually involved in the central plot. Alsoooo props to Adena for not being a stereotypical butch lesbian, cuz not all lesbians fit into the butch/femme category. Also Kat, a black girl, is one the main characters, which is just awesome to begin with. The Bold Type just departs from stereotypes so much and in the best way possible. If y'all aren’t watching it, you better, cuz it’s great.


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Hey Thomas will you tell us when/if you're in a relationship, btw I totally understand if you won't I'm just curious p.s. your awesome, love ya

I feel like if it’s a relationship that seems like it’s got some stability and the other person is comfortable with it, sure!

My future children
  • Will grow up listening to musicals (unless if I marry a rich man, if it happens they will grow up watching live musicals every night) (also we will live on Broadway) they will love it and I will love them and it will be totally awesome! They will be geeks like me! We will sing showtunes together and act in every musical at home!