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Rules of recognition

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: tiny bit angsty, fluff, smut, alcohol, swearing.

Summary: an exceptional rough day brings you to the hotel bar you frequent when you really need a drink. A handsome stranger helps you lift your spirits; though you find out he’s not that much a stranger to you at all. 

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There will be a part two! (again!) I can’t help myself. I’m too wordy for my own good. 

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I’ve been thinking lately about recovery from my eating disorder. For months on end, I was sure that I would relapse. It wasn’t that I wanted to or even felt that strong of urges, but more that it seemed to be a thing people did, and I was stressed and depressed, and had the opportunity to, so why wouldn’t I?

For whatever reason, though, I didn’t. I kept eating normally and all that jazz. I’m almost two years into recovery. I honestly take my functioning for granted; I’ve been learning math and classical Indian dance and languages. I have showed up on exchange as much as I could, and really implemented healthy coping skills.

I was just musing about the possibility of things going downhill this summer, and then my host mom knocked on my door to give me some ice cream. I was like, oh, ice cream, great! And then I ate it, end of story. Something my old dietitian said to me once was that I was afraid of both being okay and not okay, which is probably really apt. Relapse is always a possibility, and at least for me, right now, it would be a conscious choice. To quote @velvettruce, “I am afraid that I will fail at greater things than this.” The thing is, the stakes of my life are higher now.

The focus is not on my using behaviors, but how I can (potentially) use a postposition in Hindi. Expectations are higher, and I think that’s a good thing. The idea of maintaining recovery indefinitely is overwhelming, and yet, I might as well. Relapse would give me a break; it would be safe and familiar and what-have-you, but I want better for myself. I have proven, time and time again, that I’m willing to do what it takes in order to ensure that I have a future.

It’s two in the morning, and there go my inhibitions!!!  NSFW-ish under the cut lol.

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The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 7)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Cursing (Tony Stark again!)

Word Count - 947

Notes – I’m too wordy!  I had to go back and edit out more filler, again!  I actually think the parts I deleted detracted from the overall feel of this part, so I’m not disappointed.  As promised, Bucky will be joining us, and things are about to get interesting!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 

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“What are you saying, Tony?” you asked again, scared that you already knew the answer.

“I’m saying that we were wrong, (Y/N),” he replied as he turned off the video. “Steve reached out to me a few days ago. He’s ready to come home and I think it’s well past time he did.”

“What about him?” you questioned.

Tony turned to look at you for the first time since you’d come into the room. “Barnes is coming, too.”

“I don’t even get a say in the matter?” you asked in complete disbelief.

“(Y/N),” Tony pleaded. “Hear me out on this.”

“No,” you stated.  “If that monster is coming to live here, then I’m leaving.”

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Steve’s little Sister - Part 2

You are Steve Roger’s little sister. You grew up with him and Bucky in Brooklyn but after both their deaths in the war you were left alone. Skip forward seventy years and with the help of SHIELD you survived and are now reunited with your brother and best friend. The Avengers, however, don’t know you exist until one day Steve introduces you and things in the tower become very interesting. (eventual BuckyxReader) (post CACW)


Warnings: fairly sure there’s nothing

Word Count: 1475

Title: Steve’s little Sister (part 2)

Notes: So the response to part 1 was overwhelming! Thank you all so much. I was initially aiming to have the pre-party and party scenes all in one part but it looks like they’re going to be spread over three because I’m a wordy little shit. Not too much happens here but back story is coming in the next part.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!

Steve’s little Sister Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 3

Taking a deep breath you stepped out of the elevator and into the chaos that was one of Tony Stark’s parties. You felt Steve sidle up beside you and he placed a comforting hand on the small of your back. You turned to him and smiled as the two of you made your way into the throng.

Steve pointed towards the bar and you nodded in silent understanding. Making your way over to it you searched the room for any familiar faces. You’d never met the Avengers before but you could recognise them all from their many TV appearances (and the files Steve gave you on them the day before). You heard the booming voice of the god Thor but couldn’t see him in the mass. When you got to the bar you finally saw someone you knew but the moment you saw him you wished you hadn’t. Bucky was leaning on the bar, a brunette on his arm, chatting with who you knew to be Sam Wilson. You released a sigh and nudged your brother in the ribs, nodding in Bucky’s direction. Steve’s shoulders fell and he pulled 10 bucks from his pocket having lost the bet on who Bucky would bring with him. You took the money from him sadly wishing you had lost the bet and ordered drinks for the two of you.

“And here I was thinking you had a thing for Sharon.”

Steve turned and smiled at the redhead who had made the comment, his hand still on the small of your back.

“Nat,” answered Steve with a roll of his eyes, “this is victoria, we’ve known each other for a while and we’re close but not that close.” Steve risked a glance at you with this and you had to hold back a wry smile. Steve, being the eternal gentleman, had made it clear that you would announce your relation to him when you were ready, never wanting to pressure you into anything. Despite how quick the look was, however, Nat noticed and an intrigued expression  painted her face.

“victoria, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m going to assume those clothes aren’t yours?” she questioned.

Steve rolled his eyes at Nat’s bluntness but you just took it in your stride. “Well spotted,” you joked knowing her skill set, “they’re Steve’s actually. I didn’t have anything appropriate for such an occasion.” You looked down at the floorl, hoping to hide the blush on your cheeks.

Nat’s face softened at your clear embarrassment and held out a hand to you.

“My wardrobe is full of clothes. I’m sure there’s something in there that you’ll like.”

You hesitated and Nat quickly added, “only if you want to, of course.”

You spared a quick glance at your brother and with his reassuring smile you nodded at Nat and took her hand. “Brilliant,” she cooed, “We’ll be right back.” With a wink at Steve she led you through the crowd. Steve lost sight of you for a moment but when he found you again, Wanda was holding your other hand and together she and Nat led you out of the room.

Steve smiled to himself and made sure to remember to thank Nat later. The assassin was highly observant and could clearly tell how uncomfortable you were. Knowing you were in good hands, Steve picked up his drink and joined Bucky and Sam.

Noticing Steve’s approach Sam turned and slapped him on the back. They were talking about the latest mission and Steve joined in easily. After Sam had gone to grab another round Bucky leant towards Steve with hopeful look on his face.

“You did bring victoria, right?” he asked Steve.

“Who?” questioned the Brunette defensively, pulling herself closer to Bucky.

Paying her no heed, Bucky dismissed her comment with a quick, “she’s a friend” not looking at her but instead around the room in search of you.

“She’s with Natasha and Wanda,” Steve answered as he flashed an apologetic smile to the blonde. Ever the gentleman. Bucky deflated slightly and Steve watched his friend confused at his change in mood. As soon as Sam returned Bucky straightened up as if nothing had happened, Steve’s confused expression being the only give away of Bucky’s behaviour.

40 minutes later you re-entered the main room with Nat and Wanda by your side. The two of them had been so nice and you’d become fast friends instantly. “You look wonderful.” whispered Wanda in your ear and you smiled, feeling much more confident with their support. Natasha had found you a knee length dress the exact shade of blue as Steve’s uniform. It accentuated your curves and the neckline fell just below your collarbone. Paired with a small pair of heels and the makeup they had done for you, you felt like you could be back in the forties.

They led you back over to the bar chatting as you went. Steve was confused at why his friends had stopped talking suddenly and were staring behind him (being confused was becoming way to common an occurrence, he thought) until he turned around and saw you.

“Hey kiddo, you look beautiful.” Steve said with pride as he pulled you into a hug. He stepped back and introduced you to Sam who smiled warmly at you and winked before taking your hand up to his lips in a kiss. You giggled and blushed at this and the six of you quickly fell into comfortable conversation. (Well, seven, but you weren’t counting the brunette who hardly said a word). You refused to look at Bucky, however, and the woman who was so desperately clinging to his arm. It hurt you to see him with yet another girl but you tried to push those thoughts from your mind and focus on everyone else. By doing so you didn’t see how Bucky’s eyes kept flickering over to you and nor did you notice the way his eyes lit up every time you said something. Natasha, however, did.

Mid way through the conversation you noticed a highly recognisable beard amongst the crowd.

“Is that…” you breathed quiety, staring at Tony in awe.

Steve followed your line of sight and let out a light laugh. “Tony Stark? Yeah. He’s a great guy.”

Sam and Bucky scoffed at his comment causing Nat to grin. Without noticing them you went to make your way over to him before stopping and looking back up at your older brother. “Is it ok if I…” you didn’t finish your sentence but Steve knew what you were asking.

“Go,” was all he said and he laid his hand on your forearm before turning back to the others. You slowly mad your way over towards Tony Stark and waited to the side as he finished talking with someone who you thought looked important. When he finished he turned to you with his businessman smile. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly and you could tell that he was trying to figure out who you were. He went to speak but you held up a hand to silence him. He seemed shocked by this but didn’t try to speak again.

“Mr Stark,” you began as you wiped your sweaty palms on you borrowed dress, “you don’t know me and I certainly don’t expect you to but I do know you. Or, more importantly, I knew your father.” You paused for a moment and took in Starks shocked face before stealing your nerve and continuing. “Howard Stark was a great man, brilliant engineer and a kind person. The work he did was extraordinary and he didn’t deserve to be taken before his time. You are also a good man and I know your father would be so proud of who you have grown up to be, who you’ve become. I understand that working with the Avengers can be difficult but this is your father’s legacy. Howard would be so proud of you. You’re a good man, Tony Stark, a good man with a heart. I just thought you should know that.”

When you finished your little speech you smiled at him kindly and placed a hand on his shoulder before you turned and walked back to the group at the bar. Behind you, Tony stood motionless. His mouth was hanging open and he was as pale as a ghost, your words clearly having an effect on him.

Nat, Wanda, Sam, Bucky and Steve all fell silent as you returned to them.

“What did you say?” Sam asked quiety his eyes filled with awe and curiosity.

You picked up your drink and took a sip, thinking before answering. You looked up at Steve who was smiling at you and you smiled back. “I just told him what he needed to hear,” you stated simply before taking another sip of your drink. 

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look into the mirror and mouth:
can i tell you something?
wait for no response. continue.
i love you.


forget the above. too direct.
leaves no room for uncertainties.

(which you need,
we can’t have you looking
like a fool now.)

look back into the mirror and mouth:
can i tell you something?
wait again. continue.

i think i’m in love with you.


forget the above. too wordy.
you’re no good with words.
maybe writing it down will help.

find a pen and paper.
write down his name,
then the word love.
figure out how the words
“i” and “you” or variations thereof
surround it.


forget the above.

just don’t.


hello again !! essay writing for english has the possibility to be quite challenging, so i gathered a few tips so you can smash your next essay :] [original image]

have a solid thesis

  • make it
    • sophisticated
    • insightful
    • thematically relevant
  • this is the argument for your essay !! 
  • no need to make it too wordy or complex though
  • think, how can i answer the question in one sentence? 


  • signpost your arguments
  • provide some context and introduce some insight into your topic
  • create an impressive sentence at the start and end to inform the reader of your main argument 
  • the person reading it/the markers should be able to see how you answered the question by referencing your thesis and arguments !!

body paragraphs

  • topic sentences !!!!
  • textual evidence !! - necessity to support your point
    • quote or reference to your text(s) 
    • more than one from different parts of the text
    • this shows your level of understanding of the text
  • explanation & critical analysis 
    • analyse and explain relevance of every quote !!
    • justification !!!!! [supports your argument !!]
  • reference back to your thesis and link to the question !!!!

topic sentences

  • begin every paragraph
  • they are practically tiny versions of your thesis
  • they pave the way for your argument
  • make them concise and clear 

integrating quotes

  • don’t treat it as a ‘cut and paste’ situation. it’ll make your essay seem block-like and won’t flow as well as it should
  • embed them in the sentence


  • link back to the question & your thesis with style
  • don’t restate all points
  • give insight and create profound conclusions
  • this is your “zen moment” - [you have reached enlightenment] this is all about stating your conclusions :] :] :]

answering the question

  • refer to your syllabus/curriculum/criteria for the essay !!! that is where the answer is !!! 100% it’ll show you what they are looking for in an answer
  • use the words of the question in your answer [particularly thesis and topic/closing sentences]

there you go ! i hope this helpful in one way or another :] i went to a lecture recently and took down heaps of notes, and this is what i got out of it, so i hope you enjoy !!

izzy xx


what to scan/trans next! putting off until later any that are too long/wordy though…

currently thinking the top line of yuuvics (awake, love on the ice, seascape). anyone interested in the 3some one? it is really just… PORN, like with some of the other really porny ones idek if they’re worth translating since there’s not much of a story lmao.

kind of sad the lower left yuyu is porn, as the art is super cute and it just feels not….. appropriate…… so i won’t be scanning that.

also @chaotic-tendenci any preferences?

Unexpectedly: Part 8

A neighbor!Dean x Reader/ AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here is part 8 guys! I hope everyone is liking this series, because I’m really enjoying writing it. Please let me know what you think! I love hearing from you. ♥

Word Count: 1,223
(please don’t tell me this is not a drab. i already know, but i’m a wordy bitch okay?)

- language (maybe)
- too much fluff to handle.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

“I’m in here, sweetheart!” Dean finally yelled from his bedroom, allowing you to breathe properly. “Come here, would you please? I have a surprise for you.”

A surprise? What on Earth could Dean have planned, just while you napped on his couch? A wave of relief washed over you as you realized he was still here, and he hadn’t run away. Walking slowly towards his bedroom door with the fuzzy blanket wrapped around you, you knocked once on his door for courtesy and slowly pushed it open.

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That comorbid feel when
  • Bpd: you're my entire world and I love you but I also hate you but please don't leave me.
  • Npd: what makes you think you deserve me? I'm so much better than you; you're not worth my precious time.
  • Szpd: please stay away from me and leave me alone; I'm not interested At All.
  • Me: ??? ????????
Secrets and Jealousy

Rating: T
Imagine: Imagine a guy trying to impress you by pretending he is an FBI agent. Hotch witnesses this and becomes so jealous he kisses you in front of everyone after showing off his authentic badge.
Notes:  Basically you’ve been dating Hotch for almost two years but no one knows about it. You go to a bar with the team and a guy hits on you causing Hotch to get jealous and out you to everyone. This got incredibly long and I had to cut out a lot. I was going to include what happened when you and Hotch got home which got way steamier than I was intending. So, if you guys want I can submit that in a different post. So, yeah. Hope you guys like it. Sorry about the length, I get too wordy.

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/Joins in on the art bot bandwagon/

This is my art robot, Saiko. :,D She’s a bot very inspired by paint tool sai (hence the name). Her hair acts as a ‘colour history’ gradually adding various colours depending on the colours she uses and resets to white when finished whatever she is colouring. By the end of a painting, her hair could look like a gradient of various palettes !

Additionally, she has a variety of powers based on Paint Tool Sai’s tools, but I don’t want to get too wordy in the description. :,>