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ive, ur thoughts on the memorial they built for trahearne?

I should clarify something about this post.  Although Ive’s canon follows the game canon, he deviates as he sees fit.  One of those deviations was almost immediately creating his own memorial for Trahearne after the events in the Maguuma, in a nice, quiet, secluded place where he and Trahearne used to spend time together.  The Pact recognizes this as an official monument (to the point of assigning people to tend to it while Ive is away), and Ive ends up spending a lot of time there (unsurprisingly).  He has no desire to bring anything back to the Grove, considering how much animosity he has towards it.

In this case, the Grove memorial is something that was likely sponsored by returning Pact soldiers who believed that the sylvari people deserved something at home as well.  Ive generally finds it tacky and dislikes the crowds it draws, but eventually accepts that Trahearne isn’t just his and manages to tell himself that this means people won’t crowd his memorial to him.

TL;DR: Ive dislikes the memorial, but he’s willing to let people have it as long as he still has his space (far) away from the Grove to mourn Trahearne himself.

As a side note, I scribbled this BEFORE completing the reforging quest, so rest assured I (and Ive) have additional words about that.  Maybe by Saturday.  Sigh.

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okay but imagine tsukkiyama made those tag yourself things. yams will take or collect derp/ugly pictures of the vball players (including other teams) and tsukki will edit it and post it in their tumblr and reddit. they go by the name dinogucci-memes. (and they put in their ugly pictures too but blurred it a bit because they dont wanna be suspicious to others bc one time noya was really mad bc the pict of him like- 0.4 sec bfr he sneezes with popsicle on his mouth got public) -space anon.

Everyone is a cryptid

~ Mod Han


i also drew a buncha faces as a warm up ! i should have posted this first but O WELL LOL! it really helped me break into eperimenting with face shapes and made drawing a lot easIER. i really need to do warm ups more, GEEZ @ v @

i also notice there’s a lot of ugly drawings in thiS LOOOL but yknow what ya gotta not be ashamed! art is fun and it should be able to be ugly too IDC

Thank you @hopetaeguk for tagging me! I’ve always wanted to do this tag! Also, I wanted to show you my Korean handwriting for some reason lol.

My handwriting is garbage. This is my current one, but it changes all the time. Also, I can’t write in pen; my handwriting gets too ugly. The picture’s bLURRY

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I'm scared noone will ever want me because im not the skinniest... i have a stomach and my hips are too small.. im ugly too

weight is not and should not be a barrier on love. you don’t want to be with someone who thinks that way. fat =/= ugly. everyone has a stomach, learn to love your tummy. what’s so bad about having some extra fat? what about that dictates beauty? honestly like you might see stick-thin models in shows and magazines but most people don’t look like that. we’re all insecure. i’m quite short, i’m not super skinny, my thighs expand like molten blobs when i sit on a chair – but i’m not the only one.

there is no such thing has having “too small” hips because there is no right way a body can be. every single body, every single one of them, is different. the sooner you learn to stop comparing yourself to what the media feeds us, and start paying attention to the differences in everyone you pass by on the street, the less pressure you’ll feel

and on that note, what is beautiful and “ugly” changes from person to person. i’m not going to lie to you and say “ugly” doesn’t exist because like. crocs exist. crocs are ugly. but someone else think crocs are beautiful. so try not to get too bummed about it. i promise you once you stop beating up on yourself, you’ll care less, you’ll learn to love yourself. 

please don’t talk so negatively about yourself, ok. you’re worth so much and i love you and i promise you there are people out there that will love you unconditionally. but remember that your worth and value as a person is not defined by someone else - if you can’t love yourself, you’ll never be content. you gotta love you