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Ok but imagine Kanan getting super flustered while watching Mari perform Strawberry Trapper on stage and it pisses her off because she’s so used to being able to handle her emotions and keep a calm demeanor but she’s standing there with a racing heart, flushed cheeks, and sweating from head to toe. To her, Mari is just supposed to be that annoying rich girl who never takes shit seriously and does whatever she wants. But up on stage, Mari just looks SO cool and throughout the performance Mari’s expression flips from goofy and silly to sultry and intense. Kanan simultaneously feels like pulling out her own hair in frustration because she shouldn’t be feeling these things and passing out because all her blood is rushing to her face 

sebastian posts a fucking heartfelt apology for cancelling a con appearance and ppl still manage to be shitty abt it, amazing

y'all are too fucking spoiled he doesn’t owe you shit

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You are a sweetheart, though. You're somehow so innocent despite all the porn you draw. Or maybe innocent is the wrong word. Maybe kind and sweet and very excited is the correct description.

i am absolutely excited when it comes to opm anything, im like one of those bouncy balls 

kshjkhf thank you,,, ♥

Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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Just Loki doing what he always does: find a stupid nickname for the new student and make some kind of plot in which said student is usually supposed to be helping Loki get what he wants without knowing they are doing that. OH and he brags about how powerful he is! That too!

[ “Drew Keith for @lionsredblade because they’re my bestie who I love so much. <3  And Lance’s getting frustrated and angry in the background because dAMN IT, KIETH, STOP BEING ATTRACTIVE. In return for their Keith’s reaction on my last drawing.” ]

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I heard rumors about an impure Cecil. That sounded so lovely, I had to see it. How about a little dance, Ms. Impure Lyfe? I'm sure you'll like it, hehe. Of course only if your Succubus friend doesn't mind sharing.

I didn’t expect to do ‘that thing’ within the very first day.


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*squinting at the anon* excuse me? Those are the same prices(cheaper, even!) that I see at conventions! Those are not 'hefty' in the least bit and fairly reasonable. (I paid 30 dollars for a commission(worth every cent tbh) to be sketched and inked, and I absolutely do not regret it) I've seen people like this, trying to get closer to free art.

ahhhhhhh thank you guys SOOO MUCH! Too sweet that I have people backing me up. I can’t be any more grateful to have such kind people following me! ♥♥♥ Omg… I’m so happy! (✿◠‿◠)