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Argh I am SO CLOSE to finishing this asshole, and then I went and dropped him and the tip of one of his horns broke off and I lost it in the carpet. >_< So I had to re-sculpt it from Milliput, bleh, which is why one of his horns has a white tip in these photos. 

I’m still not happy with the back of the cloak, either - it just looks too busy to me, but pretty much everyone who’s seen it has said it’s awesome, so idk, maybe it’s just me being my own worst critic as usual or something. 

Still gotta finish his base and actually glue all his bits on (they’re just blu-tac’d atm until I figure out if I’m gonna do anything else with the cloak), decide whether or not I want to do any freehand on the inside corners of his cloak, and touch up a few things. So close to done but also so out of steam, hnngh help.

105 Days Of BroTPs, day 13: Marinette and Juleka

Curse breakers

  • Hey hey hey remember like the entire Reflekta episode? Where Juleka confided in Mari about the photo curse?? And then Mari was willing to commit theft and tresspassing etc to help Juleka break it??? SHE STOLE A PHONE FOR JULEKA LOOK SHE ALREADY CARES ABOUT HER SO MUCH
  • And she organized the whole class photo thing to make Juleka feel better and to make her feel appreciated and wanted in the class and that’s just the sweetest thing ever omg like when will your fave ever put in that much effort?? Dang
  • Also Juleka obviously thinks Mari’s really awesome too, she was practically too shy to even speak to her in the Darkblade episode
  • And also they hang out with each other outside of school too according to that one pic in the Reflekta episode (and also the webisodes)
  • Basically I’m just saying they’re already good friends and it makes me so happy that someone like Juleka has a friend as supportive as Marinette
  • Also please imagine Juleka doing Mari’s makeup and Mari designing cool clothes for Juleka aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
AllyCharms' Winter Soldier Arm Cosplay Tutorial!

So you want to be the Winter Soldier at the next con. You have everything planned out from the jacket to the boots, but one thing on your list terrifies you: the metal arm. You want to make something perfect, but scared that you’ll mess it up somehow. You are on a budget and you don’t want to do just tin foil or duct tape. What can you do?!

Well fear not! This tutorial is here to help you. This Winter Soldier arm can be made on a (somewhat?) budget and will get you compliments. My arm took me a week and a half to two weeks total to physically make and much longer to plan how to do it. I suggest taking as long as I did, maybe even more. Patience is key here!

So how is this arm made and how can you do it? Click on the read more and find out everything (this is a long and detailed tutorial so bear with me)

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Playing with my new investment! It went on offer so I jumped at the chance, been saving up for a year now and stalking the prices online :D

It’s sooo amazing ;_; I can already tell I’m drawing a LOT faster and it just feels so natural drawing directly on the screen. Exactly what I was missing, been just itching to go back to the feel of drawing on paper. I loved my old Intuos and it served me well, but this will make such a big difference in the way I work and I’m also able to sit in a lot of different positions compared to the older tablet (I got a bit bad back that wasn’t helped by my old job a few years ago)

Anyway lots more art to come soon :D it arrived today, and took a bit to get used to it after working on a traditional tablet for so long but now I just feel like I’ve been using this for a long time already.

I was slightly worried about the size and if it was too small, but I didn’t want the bigger one as it was so much more expensive (and HEAVIER gosh) and I’ll need this when I travel. The size seems really good atm, I’ve always liked working on smaller areas anyway!

EXCITED! And soo happyyy ;_;

Fainting Spell

Request: Hi :) I was wondering if you could write a one-shot, where a fan faints at a supernatural panel and then one person or a few people from the cast come to the fan’s rescue or something. It doesn’t have to be like love at first sight but just a feel-good story :)

A/N: Unfortunately, I’ve never been to a SPNcon before, so I’m going to go off of what I’ve watched on YouTube… Forgive me if it’s not completely accurate.

Words: 1678

Author: Samantha

Pairing: Cast x Reader


Your name: submit What is this?

“Alright, questions are done,” the announcer said to the group of you. All the cast members had just walked off the stage. You were pretty sure that Misha had caught your eye and smiled, but you weren’t 100% positive. Still, you were relatively close to the front, so maybe he really had been looking at you. That’s what you would tell your friends when you got back home, anyways.

“The photo booths will be opening in half an hour. Please presents your tickets to our attendants before entering so that we can keep these flowing smoothly and efficiently,” the announcer finished. There was a clicking sound after, letting you know that he had turned off his microphone. Immediately, people began talking and a low drone filled the room. There was slow movement towards all the exits, and you picked a current and began walking out with the rest of the people.

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Just wanted to share the amazing art that the folks in the /r/redditgetsdrawn subreddit created based on a photo of me shot my the legendary photographer Norman Seef.

Thanks so much to the mod who invited me to submit a photo.

Please support the artists and upvote their stuff:

Hey Adam!
I’ve been meaning to send you a message forever, but i never really knew how to express what i had to say, but i think i got it now haha!
I kinda wanna say thank you, in some weird way for the job you do. Many of the bands you work with, are my favorite bands, and some of them, i have even found through you!
All these amazing photos really, like idk, makes me love the bands even more. I get to see pics from both backstages, which makes me feel like i was actually there haha, and also the stage pics, makes me so happy bc even though i wasn’t there, i can listen to the bands music and look at the pictures, and feel as much part of it.
I know it might sound a bit weird, but its really how it is haha!
Another thing is your positivity. In your videos, blog posts or descriptions you are always so positive, and honestly i don’t think life is positive at all, but whenever i read your blog or something like that, i get this vibe kinda, and i see lighter through the things that seems so dark. I sound like something from a movie or something, but like it’s just how that is haha. Also a picture of you smiling never fails to make me smile! So yeah, keep being positive please, because i know I’m not most of the time, and i really should.
You Adam has become as much as an idol for me as the bands i listen too. Your persona, but also the photography part. I’m not one to pursue the dream of being a photographer, but i still think it’s so cool, and if i ever need a hobby, i think taking photo would be so awesome, but not for now, school is calling haha.
But yeah, just keep being you Adam! Change but only for the better and all that. Thank u loads and i hope u see or hopefully meet you one day!
Lots of love and good lucks from Denmark!
- Helena.
—  she gets it. This makes me happy. 

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Ross Bretherton

Photo by Wesley Stiles

Troye Sivan’s music deserves to be taken seriously. With his second EP out and debut album “Blue Neighborhood” on the horizon, the teen Youtube sensation is rapidly maturing both in lyrical content and in sound. After his sold-out show at The Sinclair, in which many avid fans were seen shedding tears over the artist, we spoke on the phone with Troye to discuss his inspirations, fans, and the skepticism surrounding his transition from Youtube fame to musical fame.

We saw you at your show in Boston, and you had the chance to perform a couple of unreleased tracks off your album “Blue Neighborhood” to fans who had never heard them before. After getting the chance to perform them, which are you most excited for the general public to hear now?

I started playing this one song called “Youth,” and it’s now the last song in the set, because everyone really really likes it a lot, well at least from the live version they do. I’m really excited now to release the studio version to the public.

From social media and on your tour, you get a tremendous amount of interaction with your fans. Have any interactions really stuck with you?

I think, for example, in L.A. I did three things. I had a screening of the “Blue Neighborhood” trilogy, and then I played  The Roxy, and then I played the lyrics videos the next night, and to be able to see familiar faces at all three – I saw some people all three nights in a row – and so by then it was literally just like seeing friends. I dunno, it felt like we were just hanging out. It was really nice to finally be feeling this connection in person rather than just online.

That’s awesome. Are you ever afraid to open up to your fans on stage when you sing songs that have personal relevance to you?

I think so, yes. Sometimes, I’m just nervous – my number one nerve thing is that I’m gonna think about what I’m singing about too much and just get emotional on stage. So yes, that’s my only worry while I’m up there. Other than that, no not really. It feels a little bit therapeutic to be sharing these moments with everyone and I’m just really hoping that everyone in the audience feels it – like feels their own moment to that song.

Photo by Wesley Stiles

As your lyrical content delves deeper into adult matter, on “Bite” for example, do you feel as though you’re alienating your younger fans?

Maybe it is becoming a little mature. In a little bit of a selfish way, I make all of my music for myself, completely and honestly, without holding back. I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to myself and to the people who are listening to my music if it wasn’t 100% truthful and open, and so I write for those reasons, and don’t really think about it too much while writing. Hopefully, the music will find its audience that it resonates with and people will connect with the music whether what they understand what I’m singing about or not. So I don’t know maybe the younger fans will find something in it, maybe the older fans will completely understand I’m singing about and be like “yup, that’s exactly what I’ve been through, too” and connecting with it on that level. I don’t really mind, as long as people are listening to the music and enjoying it for whatever it is they’re enjoying it for, I’m happy.

And speaking of your audience, since you’ve primarily derived your fame from your YouTube videos have you faced a lot of skepticism as you delve further into your musical career? How do you confront that?

Definitely, yeah. I think that theyre’s a lot of doubt surrounding the way that I’ve come up, and the way that other people like me are coming up right now. I get it, it’s just because it’s really new, and I think people don’t necessarily fully understand it yet. At the same time, it’s not as much self-doubt as it is doubt from other people just because I know that I feel this music in every single part of my body, and I know that I have always loved music, and I know that I have been singing since I was four. My first YouTube video, even, was me singing when I was twelve. I don’t know, this has always been it for me. Sure, I made a lot of YouTube videos, and I make a lot of YouTube videos, and I understand again that because that is such a new phenomenon maybe people get a little nervous about it. At the same time, I make music because I have to, personally. It’s what I need to do. I’m not gonna let anything like that slow me down or stop me.

Yeah, and a lot of people don’t in fact know that you were singing before your YouTube videos, starting when you were four, and becoming something of a child star in your town. Have you always known that this was going to turn into a career for you, and that you had to do this, or was there some sort of moment of epiphany where you realized that this was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

I’ve always been a little bit silly when it comes to how ambitious I am. I’m 100% one of those people who has always wanted to do exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m so thankful that it’s actually working out so far. It’s the perfect combination of right place, right time, and right people and hopefully a certain amount of talent, and all of that stuff working for me. But as far as me actually wanting this, yeah 100% for as long as I can remember.

Photo by Wesley Stiles

That’s awesome that it’s working out! The production on a lot of your tracks has a very forward-thinking electronic sound, partially due to the fact that you kept the same production team from your first EP together for the Wild EP and album. Did you originally envision the tracks to have synth accompaniment? How did you originally decide that you wanted to pursue that futuristic R&B sound in your music?

I think that a lot of it is reflective of what I have been listening to in the last couple of years, and what I’ve been enjoying – everything from “Channel Orange” by Frank Ocean to “Pure Heroine” by Lorde, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye, Flume, Hermitude, or whatever. I think that there’s a lot of interesting production sounds out there that have been out there for a couple of years and that’s what I’ve been listening to. I knew that I wanted to reflect that in my sound, so it was just about finding people who I felt understood it and were also interested in the same thing. Like you said, I’ve been working with a lot of them from the beginning, and I have full faith and trust in them. I’m thankful that they’ve helped me craft the sound in the way that they have.

Also owing to the nature of how you became famous, you attract a very millennial, phone-happy crowd. How do you feel about people glued to their phones for the entire concert? Does it bother you that people are increasingly on their phones during concerts?

I mean it’s interesting, I haven’t really formed an opinion on it yet. Sometimes I see people just on their phones filming it and I’m like, “Okay, cool I guess you can rewatch it later?” It’s probably better to be just watching it with your eyeballs, you know? And then sometimes I’ll look up and I’ll see someone who is on FaceTime with a friend who’s wearing headphones and acting as if they’re in the crowd – like their hands are in the air and stuff like that that. That’s actually really cute, it’s adorable – every now and then I’ll look up and see someone like that. I guess it’s up to each individual person. When I’m at a show, I try to stay as focused on the actual show as I can and maybe I’ll do a little clip at the end for my Snapchat, but most of the time I just watch it myself. As long as you’re not texting, or on Twitter or something like that – as long as you’re not that bored, then I’m okay with it.

Last question. How do you feel about being described as an LGBT artist?

To be honest, it doesn’t make me feel much except pride. I think that for the longest time that was a fear for me, when I was growing up and I think for a lot of LGBT artists before this time that has always been a real fear – that was like a death sentence – whereas, now I don’t feel like it is that anymore and I don’t feel like it should be that. To me, it’s the same as being categorized as a blue-eyed artist, or something like that. It doesn’t make me feel much at all, it’s just the truth.

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! I'm trying to get into con photography and I know you guys are mostly on the other side of the lens so I wanted to ask your opinions: what do you hate when having to deal with photographers? Let's call them photoshoot pet peeves. Also, what do you think makes photoshoots go smoothly? I'm pretty comfortable with my camera I just want another perspective.

First off, be flexible! Cosplayers are naturally SUPREMELY picky. We have to be if we want to be as accurate as possible. Let your cosplayer direct you as much as you direct them. Of course– as a photographer you probably know better about lighting and angles, but listening to their suggestions and making helpful ones of your own makes the photoshoot feel more collaborative.

Communication is key. Some cosplayers hate being touched or directed. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Some NEED it but they are too scared to say so. A nice “Is it all right if I move your hair for you?” helps distinguish the boundaries. ASK them if they have ideas for poses or if they need some for you.

ASK THEM ABOUT THEIR CHARACTTERRERRRRR. For reals. Especially with shyer cosplayers not experienced in posing, helping them flesh out the characters personality will allow you to form an idea about what the shoot should feel and look like. Nothings worse than people asking me to do cutesy poses for a badass character. I have to say “Uhhh they wouldnt really do that”

But sometimes you get a cosplayer who is inexperienced and can’t pose themselves. You may get a bit frustrated when they stand like a statue, for over 50 pics. This is where the “Do you mind if I give you pose ideas or help pose you?” comes in. 

That being said, looking up the character on your phone is a good idea. Plus you get ideas for pose references.


-ASKAKSKSKAKSASSKK!!  “Can I move your hands for you?” “Is it okay if I touch you to move your hair?” “Will you follow me to a better location for a mini shoot?” “Can I tag you on instagram?” “Do you have a card?” Talk to me!! ;_;

-You ask and take me to a non-hallway spot for a more ‘on location’ shoot. SOLID. I am happy!!!!! Mini photoshoots are ALWAYS my favorite thing. Just be sure to ask me if 1.)  we have time for one. 2.) TELL ME WHERE IT IS. If its far and I’m in heels I may not want to go! 

-You show me a couple of shots and ask if I want a specific picture of some kind. (I always do!) 


-USE MY BUISNESS CARD TO TAG ME ON INSTGRAM/facebook/youtube/tumblr. A+++GOODSHIT++ I love you forever!!! 

-You send me a message after the con just to say hi and thanks! This helps me connect with you so we can maybe schedule another shoot for the next con if I liked your work! I have a 90% shoot again with this photographer rate if you DO THIS! 

-Timely photo returns. A couple months after is acceptable. But if its been a year, I’ve forgotten about you and wont go out of my way to shoot with you again.

- A conversation about photoshopping/prints. This is mostly for me. But I need to know whether or not I can shop the photos you took or if I can make them prints. Some photographers dont want their work edited, or they want to be paid copyright. Thats fine, but I need to know! I like being the one to edit my own photos, so if your handing them over to me, please be aware of what your own rules are!!! 

-If you want a private shoot, messaging me BEFORE the con and asking me for a schedule time is great. ****especially if I am a guest cosplayer. we get hella fucking busy and I dont want to seem rude if I dont have the time to shoot with you if you just walk up to me at a con****** 

COMMUNICATION makes a shoot go smoothly. As does DECISIVENESS. Your in control in the end because you have the camera. 

When your shutter starts going off I will start posing. I can’t see your screen – YOU CAN. Your the one who knows if I have a double chin, or the light is gleaming off my prop too much. SPEAK UP and tell me whats on your mind. 

REMEMBER: We both want the same thing, an awesome photo.

Tatinof Story

I had vip tickets to the Akron, Ohio show and it was hands down the best thing I have experienced in my 17 years of existence. I met so many internet friends and everyone was so nice. At the meet and greet I was seriously so nervous to meet them and I was shaking so bad I could hear their voices and it was so crazy to see them outside of a computer screen (THEY ARE SO BIG AND SQUISHY I WAS NOT READY). When it was my turn to meet them Dan said hi to me and hugged me and he was so tall I literally was tearing up a bit he thanked me for coming than I hugged Phil who hugged me so tightly and they both smelled so good and their beauty hurt my eyes. Dan than asked if I wanted them to sign my book and he said it so nicely and they are just such genuine people. After they signed my book Phil asked if I wanted to take a picture with them so I said to  him “I actually have a big question for you, can you put your hand over my face like you are about to hit me or something I saw Harry Styles do it to a fan once” and he just started laughing and dan was laughing too and dan volunteered to take the photo for us (MY PHone is fucking blessed) and Dan was laughing again and I remember him saying “What was Harry thinking when he did that what was happening”. Phils hands WERE SOFT AS FUCK AND THEY SMELLED GOOD AND THEY WERE ON MY FACE AND HIS ARM WAS WRAPPED AROUND ME I NEARLY FAINTEED. After that Dan said we can take a normal one too so he held on to my phone and we all took a classic peace sign photo. After that I hugged them again and I cannot really remember what I said because it all happened so fast but I think I just said something like “thank you so much oh my god i love you” and than no spoilers but that show was just so good. I was right in front of the stage and I could see Phil gleeking a few times which was really awesome. Also Dan was sweating and the hobbit hair made an appearance. It was the most fun I’ve ever had. 


Code Lyoko Warriors: Odd Della Robbia and Ulrich Stern

We revisited an old favorite for Tsubasacon 2014! We originally wanted to work on these before wearing them again (there is a lot to fix and redo), but it was just too hard  for us to resist when people enjoy them so much! Thank you to all of the wonderful folks who took pictures of us! We had an awesome time.

Photos taken by: (x, x, x, xx)


CTCon moments!!! this mostly covers friday and sunday because i already have too many posts about saturday’s sprite group ehe uvu click photos to read the captions!!

GT Vriska/Davesprite/Feferi - cosmictier
Fairy Vriska - johnanddavearegay
GT Jade - pearlgirl710 (me)
Ectobiologist John/Casual Karkat - orangelemonart
GT John - reversingrhymes
GT Rose - turntechgodinbed
Kigu Dave - icespyders
DerbyStuck Vriska - gothichamlet
DerbyStuck Nepeta - hhhhammy

i had so much fun at this con and it was greet to see all my old friends and meeting/making new ones and it was just so crazy awesome!! I can’t wait to see most of you at ota this summer ahHH

fitmcnugget  asked:

hey there! i looked through your faq and didnt see this question on there so im sorry if this is something youve answered before! im on my 6th week of insanity, and i'm just kinda curious what your experience with it was? I've definitely leaned out, but would love to pack on some more muscle i was just curious if you saw a good amount of muscle gain..? i want to incorporate lifting but dont want to overwork my body with both that and insanity! any thoughts/experiences? ps ur progress is awesome!

That’s a great question :) I wasn’t asked this before!

You beast! Insanity is crazy hard, and you’d like to add weightlifting too? My body would not be able to handle that much stress, nor will my motivation.

Same weight, the first photo is from doing insanity, and the second one is from lifting weights. Truthfully, I did not see any muscle gain with Insanity. It worked great for fat loss though! I think it was partly due to the fact that I knew nothing about nutrition at the time, and couldn’t do any pushups whatsoever. Im so much stronger now both visually and physically, and I can do 20 pushups easily.

You can do weightlifting and add HIIT as cardio to get the best of both worlds, the only downside is that it consumes more time than Insanity’s 45′ workouts.

Throw back Thursday!  Okay, I’m going serious old school because one of my girlfriends just posted this photo from our senior prom up on facebook.  I’m the one the right, in case there’s any confusion.

In high school, I started gaining weight really quickly, and I didn’t actually realize it.  I looked in the mirror and I knew something wasn’t right, but I never thought of myself as fat.  Despite having awesome friends, I had really low self esteem.  So I wore A LOT of makeup, and dressed in too small of clothes, that I thought, if I could zip them up, then they must fit!  My mom never had a weight problem, so proper nutrition was just something I never learned.  My 28th birthday is next week, so these photos are almost exactly 10 years apart.  After so much trial and error, I feel like I’m only now getting a grasp on what healthy is.

One awesome thing about that photo on the left though?  That gorgeous blond I’m standing next to is still by best friend.  She even gave me the shirt I’m wearing on the right, so I could have some Seahawks swag out here in China for when they won the Superbowl.  beforeandafterfatlosspics


My birthday present to myself arrived today~! And it is BEAUTIFUL (photos do not do it justice). The little Wal ratscout got me for Christmas is also pleased.

Waluigi is my absolute favorite (Wario too, just not as much as the Wal), so when jojoseames​ made this incredible painting I had to ask if she had a mug version of it. And then she totally made one available!!

Best birthday present to myself ever man.


As we’ve both gone home for the Easter break, I felt like now was a good time to put together a few of my favourite posey and couple-y photos of us. She’s got all the fun ones :)

If you haven’t checked out her blog already it is lesbiansinwesteros (and you should because it’s awesome)

Never forget I’ll always be around with ice cream, brownies, copious amounts of alcohol and warm hands for bad days x