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I’m going to finalize my thoughts on the new logo into a single post. I’m getting way too many messages about it and it’s getting a little crazy, so I want to reduce the amount of posts I’m making on your dash by making just one.

I was ecstatic to hear that Rooster Teeth would be rebranding the Let’s Play channel last Thursday. We’re talking about the same company that makes RWBY and Red vs. Blue, and all those amazing shirt designs. They’re going to make something awesome!

However, when it came out yesterday, I felt very much the opposite.

First of all, let’s break down the logo. Here’s a photo of it.

Now, according the the Achievement Hunter Twitter (which I’ll get into later), this logo is both a D-Pad, and it also says “L+P+Play”.

Really? Look at the fucking logo. It’s 3 yellowish-green squares, connected by a triangle. It looks like something an 11 year old makes in art class and gets excited, thinking they’ve made some cool minimalism art. 

I’d expect it to be the logo of an environmental group or something, but this is supposed to represent a group of some of the craziest fucks I know playing video games. It really doesn’t fit the bill - the logo should characterize what the Let’s Play channel is, and to me, it doesn’t. Look towards nearly any logo design class, and you’ll see that one of the rules of thumb is that the logo embodies the thing it’s representing; this doesn’t.

Now, let’s get into what Achievement Hunter tweeted today.

The L? I can see it. The P? It’s a stretch. The triangle? Yeah, that looks like the play button. But you can’t just mash those all together. Apparently they’ve tried to make a D-Pad out of them, but it’s not even recognizable. Yet another rule of thumb in logo design; the consumer should immediately recognize what they’re looking at. This logo is not immediately recognizable.

Also, I won’t even get into the intro video. It looks like something you could make in Adobe After Effects in an hour. Really, really bad.

Simply put, I hate the new logo. It’s generic, boring, and to top it all off, somehow overly complicated at the same time. I expected something awesome from the same crew that designed the emblems for the teams in RWBY, but this is not.

A potential solution? Rooster Teeth should host a competition, where they ask the community to create a new logo for Let’s Play. Rooster Teeth should then pick finalists, and we’d vote on which one we want to be the new logo. This would enhance the community feeling of the channel, and be a great way to pretend this one never existed.


As we’ve both gone home for the Easter break, I felt like now was a good time to put together a few of my favourite posey and couple-y photos of us. She’s got all the fun ones :)

If you haven’t checked out her blog already it is lesbiansinwesteros (and you should because it’s awesome)

Never forget I’ll always be around with ice cream, brownies, copious amounts of alcohol and warm hands for bad days x