this is too much :(

I’m too often expected to keep quiet about things that are just too much, too loud. I can’t keep everything inside all of the time, and ink isn’t always as helpful as I trust it to be. Sometimes I need to scream.
—  🖤

i’m waaaaay too late for #MerMay HUHU that this has become #MerJune lolol! Here’s OtaYuri for you! <3 

Also, thanks @yanumii​ for being a lamay buddy. I wonder how we can never run out of topics to talk about lololol #dimensionpowers And credits to your bruuuush <3 I alternately used it with Speckle! :> :> :> 

I’m so shy to say this but….

Reblogs very much appreciated <3 ✨🌟