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I just???? Love her so much?? I’m gonna cry she’s my sweet baby angel and I must protect her. I would die for this cat. Her name is Midnight and she means everything to me. I’m gonna cry I love her

//I love her too pls give her a kiss for me??

This is Part Eight in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1056

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A/N: After “Together” and “Our Girl” are finished, I will no longer be doing poly stories.

         You were sitting in your chair on set, messing around on your phone when you felt hands on your shoulders. You knew they were Jensen’s without even looking.

           He brought his mouth to your ear, “Have I told you today how beautiful I think you are?” he asked.

           You giggled, “You mentioned it when we woke up,” you said.

           “Well, then it’s been too long. You are absolutely gorgeous.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Thank you, J.”

           “What?” he asked.

           “You’re just funny,” you said.

           “You don’t agree with me?” he asked, walking around to stand in front of you, “Are you disagreeing with my statement?”

           “Of course not,” you shook your head.

           Jensen kissed you softly, “I love you. And you really are gorgeous.”

           “I love you too. You’re not so bad yourself.”

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41 with Daveed

41. While dressing for our wedding

You take a deep breath as your veil falls over your face. All day, you’ve been waiting for something to go wrong, everything just feels too perfect after your months of worrying about today. 

“You look gorgeous,” Jasmine says, her soft hands on your bare shoulders as she smiles at your reflection in the mirror. “That boy is going to cry when he see’s you.” 

A laugh escapes you as you lean back into her touch, her presence is a huge relief, keeping your calm as you wait for the queue for the ceremony to start. 

“I hope he does, I’ve got money on him crying,” you joke, smoothing your hands over the front of your dress. “I just hope everything goes right.”

“And it will! I promise you everything will be perfect,” you assures you, bringing you in for one last hug before your dad opens the door. 

“It’s time to go.” 

Daveed takes a breath as Rafa pulls his tie through the final loop, he’d been too nervous to do it himself and after three tries with shaking hands, Rafa had declared it to be one of his best man duties. 

“You gotta relax man. I’ve never seen you this nervous,” Rafa says, an easy almost joking smile on his lips as he puts his hands on Daveed’s shoulders. 

“She’s not gonna run out on me is she?” he asks, fiddling with his cufflinks. 

“No way, no way in hell would she run out on you.” 

Daveed nods, moving away from Rafa, shaking his whole body out with nervous energy like he does before a show. 

“Now come on Diggs, we have to get out there. It’s time for you to get married,” Rafa says with a grin as he holds the door open for him.

“I can do this, let’s do this.” 

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Not-a-creep guy again. I've tried asking her to tutor me, but I get nervous and go blank every time I try. She's amazing, not magazine-pretty or thin but she is to gorgeous to me and she's whip smart too. I feel undeserving, yet I don't want to leave HS without at least letting her know how I fee. I was thinking about leaving my confession inside a book she picks out often (20 love poems and a song of despair by Neruda, could she be more perfect?) I feel it's too weird but otherwise I've no idea

mmm okay I’m gonna be real “not magazine-pretty or thin but she is to gorgeous to me” is pretty offensive. Everyone is gorgeous and perfect in their own awesome and unique ways, even without your approval, bud. Focus on improving your mindset towards women and then you can have actual conversations with people you have feelings for, instead of just watching them from afar, bcause everyone deserves to be able to read without being watched man

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Hey, so I've been stalking through your Star Wars art, and I just wanted to let you know that I love all of it - your artwork is gorgeous and I'm loving the tags too. (Also I fully agree with you that Obi-Wan needs more love and hugs)

Thanks so much for liking my SW art! ;A; And ahahaha yes I ramble in the tags…a lot… >.>;;;;

IG: @justjmesss😍😍😍

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I love jealous lance so much, I would love them all in a group chat and showing off his jealousy in front of his friends and pidge is all like chill dude, we aren't all dating Keith. And coran chimes in and says we aren't? Because he's confused at the whole dating thing since on altea it's something different then what it stands for on earth.

coran is confused, lance is a human disaster, and keith is weak

EDIT: here’s the cookie recipe if you’re interested :)