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Fix it fic where Yousef comes back today? PLEASE? I don't know how maybe the girls surprise her and brought him back I know it doesn't make any sense it doesn't have to just please can you write one I'm so sad. Thank you!

Well nothing else makes sense anyway so why not? Hope you like nonnie!


“Fortunately, love does too.”

The end of the speech is met with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Sana has tears in her eyes and is hugging everyone around her. Just as they all calm down, her phone starts ringing. She looks down and a huge smile appears on her face.

Yousef is trying to FaceTime her.

She presses the green button and his beautiful face fills up her screen. Too much of her screen actually.

Sana laughs. “Why are you so close to the camera? Back up a little bit so I can see Turkey.”

“Turkey?” he says in a mischievous tone. “You’d rather see Turkey and not me?”

She rolls her eyes. “How about both?”

“See the problem is, showing both would be a problem because geographically it’s not possible.”


“If I moved, you wouldn’t see Turkey.”

The last word rings in her ears and it’s a little too loud. She turns around and there he is, standing a few feet away, wearing a white and golden kurta. Looking as handsome as ever.

She’s too shocked to talk, to move, to even blink. Because if she does, he might disappear.

The girls surround her and say, “You didn’t think the speech was the only surprise we had for you right?”

She’s too dumbfounded to even understand how and when and where they came up with this idea or did this, all she knows is that Yousef is slowly walking towards her and she’s having a hard time breathing.

“Eid Mubarak Sana. You look……stunning.” He says, with a little difficulty, apparently just as breathless as she was.

“What are you….I mean….” All her thoughts are jumbled and all she wants to do is wrap her arms around him and hug him for an eternity.

“I got a ticket in the mail three days ago, convinced my family for another two days, got on a plane this morning, and here I am now.”

She looks at the girls in disbelief and Noora winks at her and subtlety tells her to check her phone.

A new text from her reads, “Julian Dahl owed me a favor.”

Sana shakes with laughter and disbelief and happiness all at once. Then she looks up at Yousef, grinning from ear to ear.

“I can’t believe you came.”

“Don’t you remember? Alt for deg girl.”

BTS Reaction to -

You pulling their hood over their face, kissing them, then running away


Please do bts reacting to you pulling their hood over their face giving them a kiss on the head and running away

gifs are not ours, credits to owners


This boy would laugh as he pulled his hood off his head. He wouldn’t chase you or like try to get you, he’d just smile. Then when you weren’t expecting it later on, he’d give you a back hug and then kiss you.

“You do the cutest things jagi.”


He would turn into a mochi, in an instant. His lil’ mochi smile would appear and he’d get all soft. His cheeks would have a slight tint of pink too. Something like that would just make him all soft and happy.

*becomes mochi soft*


Jinnie would be a little extra and do his ‘yahhh’ thing y’know. He would probably chase you around a little and once he caught you he’d kiss you right then and there. However the entire time he was chasing you he’d be yelling some things like;

“You just kissed me! How dare you run and not accept mine!”


Right after you ran off he would start giggling while pulling his hood back. He’d quickly go to chase you, and this would turn into a competition on who can give the most kisses. Once he caught you he’d pick you up, and while spinning you around he’d give you like 1739282 kisses all over your face. 

“I believe I won yet again.”


Joon would be slightly confused at first, only because you caught him off guard. He’d would take the hood off his head and laugh. Later on he would causally bring it up, and kiss you on the cheek as “payback.”

*smooches you on your cheek* “We’re even now”


Instead of chasing you he’d grab you before you were able to run off. He’d pull you into a hug and start giggling like a cute dork. With the hood still over his head he’d start making kissy faces at you, asking begging for more kisses.

“Baby how can you only give me one kiss! You know that’s never enough!”


He would be slightly confused at first but he’d instantly start smiling. He’d watch you run off and shake his head at your cuteness. Later on he’d peck your cheek and ask if you were going to run off again. 

“You’re such a child sometimes jagi, you know that?”

-admins a & jc

Silent Treatment - Peter Parker

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Request from anon on Tumblr: Hii!! Could you make a peter one where they’re already dating but she’s pissed off at him for some reason and she gives him the silent treatment. like a full blown one, no smiling or anything at all. no texting, she practically pretends he doesn’t exist. love ur writing. thank u❤

Words: 1k

Warnings: No major ones. A swear word is used near the end.

- - - - -

You could understand why Peter had done it. By not telling you he was Spiderman, he was saving you from that whole different world and he was protecting you. But you would really have appreciated knowing, as if would have explained why he just disappeared for hours on end.

In the end, he’d actually never told you explicitly. He had got hurt, badly hurt, in a fight and had ended up crawling in through the window and collapsing on the floor.

Instantly you were annoyed at him but he was hurt so you helped him. After he’d apologised to you about a dozen times he disappeared back out of your window.

That was Friday night, and as you walked through the school corridors on Monday morning, you didn’t know what to say to Peter. You knew he’d kept it a secret to protect you, but did he not trust you? Trust was a key thing in a relationship. Did he think you’d tell people? You would never dream of doing that to him.

You went to your locker and grabbed the books you would need for first period. You had your first class of the day with Peter and you weren’t looking forward to it.

With your head down you walked into the Physics lab and made a direct bee-line for your desk. Peter was already sitting down. He gave you his normal beaming smile but this time you didn’t reciprocate and just kept your head down. You turned away from him so you didn’t see his reaction. You didn’t want to hurt Peter back but you wanted him to see you were annoyed. Overall, he was a great boyfriend but you couldn’t help but feel let down.

The class dragged slowly but when I was time to leave you grabbed your stuff and rushed out of the door into the sea of kids before Peter could catch up with you.

You successfully dodged Peter for the rest of the day until you heard someone calling your name from behind you as you were leaving the building.

“Y/N!?” Peter called and you turned to see him pushing through the crowded corridor to you.

In wasn’t in your nature to be mean, but you didn’t let him catch up with you. You carried on walking out of the doors.

Peter was still calling your name and eventually he was able to catch up with you.

“Y/N, are you okay?” He asked softly as you still carried on walking.

You didn’t reply.

“Y/N?” He asked again.

You bit down on your tongue so you wouldn’t answer him. You had been able to ignore him all day you couldn’t break that now.

“Y/N?!” He called again as you hopped on the bus that you knew Peter would not get on.

As the bus was pulling out of the lot you saw Peter watching you. His face showed a mixture of hurt and confusion. You looked away from the window.

When you got home you tried not to think about Peter as you had so much homework to do.

Just as you were about to start on your Math, your phone went indicating you had a text. You saw instantly that it was from Peter.

It read: Y/N what’s wrong?

You put your phone down and tried to concentrate again. But not a minute later you received another text: Y/N it’s Peter. x

You thought about turning your phone off but that felt like you would be cutting out Peter too much.

Your phone was silent for five minutes before you received the next message from Peter:

Y/N I’m so sorry if I hurt you. I don’t even know if you’ll read this but you have to know I’m sorry. I love you, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you got hurt because of me. And now you have got hurt, maybe I should have just told you. I’m sorry again. Please forgive me. Peter x

You didn’t know what to respond with. You felt bad now for ignoring him all day but you needed to reply. Just as you were about to try to write some sort of reply you got another text from Peter:

Open your window x

You dropped your phone on your Math and ran across the room. You pushed the window up and sure enough Peter, as Spiderman, was hanging there waiting for you. When he saw you he flipped over and set his phone down on the window sill before you let him in.

“Peter I-”

“No I understand.” Peter said and he genuinely sounded like he did. He pulled off his mask so you could see him properly. His hair was ruffled from being under the mask but he still looked stunning. God, you loved him.

“I’m so sorry.” You started.

“It’s fine okay.”

“No it’s not I overreacted and was a bitch.”

“Y/N,” Peter laughed, “It’s alright.”

“I’m sorry.” You said again quietly.

“So am I.” Peter hugged you and you hugged him back tightly.

“Please don’t get hurt.” You whispered pushing your face into Peter’s shoulder.

“I can’t promise anything but I will try.” Peter grinned shyly before kissing you on your forehead.


Operation Happy Jeff™ - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can I request an angsty/cute Jeff x Reader where he’s having a relly really crappy day and nothing seems to cheer him up so they do all these cute things to make him feel better. Can you also add the promt “There’s that smile” to it?”

A/N: Beware the grumpy Jeff. Sulky and adorable.

The room was so dimly lit that you were struggling to see. In fact, it took you a good few minutes to make out Jeff’s cocooned figure in the corner. You sighed. You knew something was up. He’d been acting strange over text and refused to let you call him when you asked. So, you did what any good friend would do and risked a speeding ticket driving over to his place as soon as you could. You did what any best friend helplessly in love would do.

The first step in what you were now calling; ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’, was to get some sunlight in. Jeff still hadn’t acknowledged your presence, but you swaggered over to the windows and violently pulled the curtains nevertheless.

“Ow fuck!” He squinted. “Y/N, what the fuck are you doing here?” He remained curled in the corner shielding his eyes.

“I’m taking you to Disney-world.” You crossed your arms earnestly.

“Fuck off are you taking me to Disney-world.”

“Well, no. You know my monthly income wouldn’t even cover a day trip for one person, but that’s not the point! It’s metaphorical. The point is that by the end of the day you are going to be so ecstatic that you’ll feel like you’re in Disney-world.”

“I don’t think that’s-”

“Come on! Get up!” You yanked up the complaining Jeff and coaxed him downstairs.

“Your piece of shit car couldn’t get us to Disney-world anyway.” He muttered under his breath. You hit him round the head.

“Talk shit about Herman again and i’ll leave.” You crossed your arms, watching as he sat at the kitchen counter. Despite his protests, he didn’t really want his best friend to leave, he was grateful when you’d turned up.

“I’m not going to make you talk to me about it until you’re ready.” Your tone had softened now. Step two of  ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  was now ready to be set in motion. Wildlife Watching.


“No. No?” He protested after you’d told him the plan.

“Why not. It’s a great way to relax and the sun will release your endorphins.” You stomped out into Jeff’s garden, him dragging his heels behind you.

He rolled his eyes. “But it’s so boring!”

“That’s what a boring person would say.”

“We’re not going to see anything from my garden anyway.”

Half an hour later, you’d seen a few birds, and a worm- but Jeff was still not impressed. ‘Did you know the brown stuff in their bodies is their poop?’ he’d said with disgust. Time for Step Three you guessed.


“How is giving you a piggy back meant to make me feel better again?” Jeff grumbled, walking you around his coffee table.

“You’re helping others!”

“But you can walk.”


“No way-”

“GALLOP.” You pulled at his t shirt slightly as though it were reins.

He gritted his teeth and galloped lacklustredly round the table, warranting a loud cackle from you.

He put you down and turned to you. “You’re just making me feel like an idiot.”

“My favourite idiot.” You placed a hand on his cheek and wobbled it slightly. He rolled his eyes again.

“Look, Y/N, it’s pointless. You might as well give up now.” He threw your hand off of him.

“I’m not giving up on you Jeff.” Your eyes bore into his, more serious now.

“I wish you wouldn’t say crap like that.” He slumped on to the couch.

“Why? You know how much I care about you and how I hate seeing you like this?”

He shook his head, trying to prevent himself from saying something stupid. Sensing his discomfort, you flopped down on the couch next to him. Step Four.

“Guess it’s time to watch Mulan then.”

Mulan was Jeff’s favourite, he could never not sing along, and the funny bits sent him into fits of laughter. Not this time, though. You were growing more and more concerned the more stuff you tried that would usually cheer him straight up. Nothing was working. You stopped the film halfway through, it was useless.

‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  Step Five really had to pull it out of the bag. Making Cookies.


“Now, is the butter at room temperature?” You asked, mindlessly playing with the whisk.

“Uh, I don’t have a temperature stick thing…you know the…”

“Thermometer? You don’t need one, silly.” You chuckled. “Just tell me if it looks kind of soft.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jeff shrugged, handing you the tub of butter. He didn’t seem much happier, but he’d definitely put his focus into baking these cookies.

“Measure 125g on the scales.”

He scrunched his face up watching the numbers on the scales, causing your heart to lurch and uncontrollably smile. He was too cute.

“Okay.” He nodded, handing you the bowl. You poured the butter into the sugar.

“Hold the whisk at the top here.” You pointed to the spot above your own hand. “We’re whisking this bitch together.”

You thought you may have caught him in a small smile, but it was so fleeting you weren’t sure.

The whisk buzzed on and you and Jeff moved your hands together in circles, making sure the butter and sugar were creamed. Jeff was so close you could smell him, in all his minty-vanilla glory, and his big hand overlapped yours slightly. You added the eggs and vanilla with your spare hand, and continued to swirl the mixture. Jeff readjusted his grip, brushing your hand slightly.

“That’s done.” You stated, realising that had been a bad idea. “I’ll measure the flour, you can do the chocolate chips.”

He nodded, moving to the other counter to do the chocolate chips.

You poured the flour into the bowl. “Jeff?”


“Do you want to whisk it while i grease the trays?”

“Uh, yeah.” He nodded again.

It all happened pretty quick. The whisk was on full blast and you’d forgotten to tell Jeff to fold the flour in first, and he ended up spraying flour all over the room. All over himself. All over you.

“Oh my god!” You squealed, laughing. Jeff looked shell-shocked. You lobbed the lump of butter in your hand at him, hitting him in the nose.

“Fuck off.” He growled, wiping the butter from his face and lobbing it back at you. Your mouth fell open as the cool substance hit your neck. You shook your head in disbelief, immersing your hand in the bag of flour before running toward him and coating him in another handful. He blew through his mouth, creating a flour cloud, which hit you in the face. And, seeing you coated in flour and grinning at him, his mouth twisted up into a gorgeous beam, his teeth standing out white even against the flour.

“There’s that smile.” You bit through a grin. He looked down at you warmly.

“You did it, you cracked me.” You were so close that his voice was soft and quiet, but still audible. “It should be illegal for you to look so cute covered in flour.”

You scoffed. “I can’t believe Mulan didn’t work but throwing flour at me did.”

“It wasn’t just the flour, really. It was the whole day. I know I complained but I can’t believe you really did all this for me.” He shrugged.

“You know I would do anything for you, Jeff.” You urged.

“That’s part of the problem.” He backed away and leaned against the kitchen counter, wiping his hand down his face. The smile had gone.

“What? I’m sorry I’m… confused.”

“Well part of the reason I’ve been in such a funk today was that for some reason my baseball game was completely off, I really could not play. Realising why was the other reason.” He sighed.

“Why?” You edged closer to him.

“It’s been ever since I saw you and Zach yesterday, I can’t get it out of my head.” Admitted Jeff.

“What do you mean?”

“I couldn’t stand the thought of my best mate with the girl I love.”

You froze. What? What? Were you hearing this correctly?

“Fuck.” He muttered, kicking the counter.

“Jeff I really don’t-”

“I’m gonna regret this.” He inhaled, swiftly moving over to you and cupping your face in his hands. Dry, floury lips were pressed to yours in an instant, shocking you. It took a few beats to register that this was actually Jeff, and press your hands against his warm chest. His heartbeat was fast against your hands, and his own hands warming your cheeks. The way flour met your tongue was kind of gross, but you couldn’t care in the slightest. His right hand moved to your waist, pulling you flush against him. His mouth opened hungrily providing room for your tongue, but instead you bit down on his bottom lip sensually.

He breathed what resembled fuck, and you smiled into his mouth.

“I concur.” You whispered, breaking off and resting your forehead against his. Both of you were breathing roughly and heavily, holding on to the other for stability.

“I guess this is better than Disney-world.”


The morning found Jeff’s arm slung over you, and the success of ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’ .

  • How are you happy? Smiling and laughing, even when you're feeling bad: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • How do you stay clear? Even when you're here, you're somewhere else instead: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • How can you find sleep? Quiet, still and deep, it was simpler back then: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • How do you stay close? Stay up, sweet recalls, maybe you're better off like that: Aries, Cancer, Pisces

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For the list of prompts - "I never did like the sun" Chlonath?

“I never did like the sun,” Nathaniel groaned.

“Apparently it’s not all that fond of you either,” Chloe quipped. “Lean forward.” She squeezed a glob of aloe vera onto his back and Nathaniel jumped. “Don’t be a baby.”

“It’s cold,” he muttered.

“You’re the dumb ginger who thought he could stay on the beach all day without sunscreen. I’m surprised we’re not in the emergency room right now.”

“It would be a shame to waste your delightful bedside manner,” Nathaniel replied dryly.

“Your skin matches your hair.” Chloe swept a portion of aloe vera along his spine a bit more firmly than necessary and he winced. “Now me, on the other hand, I’m a beautiful toasty tan,” she smiled smugly. “Everyone is going to be so jealous when we get back home.”

“And that makes you happy, doesn’t it?”

“Very,” she nodded. Chloe picked up the bottle and circled around to his front. She ran her fingers lightly along his chest. “My poor tomato. You really did a number on yourself.”

Nathaniel hung his head. “I know. I can’t believe I was so stupid.”

“I guess I’m just going to have to take care of you from now on,” she sighed. “Who knew this marriage business would be so much work?”

“They definitely didn’t put it in the catalogue,” he grinned.

“I love you, Red,” Chloe said, kissing him.

“I love you too, Mrs. Kurtzberg.”

Prompt List :)

Buy Me a Coffee? <3


Requested, thank you

“Y/N, believe me Theo, isn’t someone you want as an Alpha” Scott argued, shaking his head at the thought. “Why?” you asked. “He just gives me a bad feeling and I wouldn’t want someone so new to all this, getting mixed up with the wrong type of people. Just please think about this before you go making a decision” Scott nodded, before giving you a friendly smile showing he really was just trying to look out for you.

I did a smiling Shouto because i felt bad that I did that “Let Todo smile” request with humor quq

So, here’s a gif with Shouto smiling, created in FireAlpaca!

I hope you all forgive my for my CRIMES >:O … <3
ALSO! TYSM FOR 800+ FOLLOWERS QAQ That makes me so happy quq

Have a nice day~

Dating Yongguk Would Include...

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  • Melting every time he smiles that adorable gummy smile
  • Being the only person he allows to wear his earrings, shirts, hoodies, etc
  • Getting sent a playlist of songs that reminds him of you
  • Going on dates to music stores
  • Waking you up with kisses
  • “I love you” in that super sexy voice of his
  • Shy Yongguk
  • Protective Yongguk
  • Being super supportive whenever he’s going through a rough time
  • Being his muse
  • Where Yongguk goes, B.A.P follows
  • Like you could literally be making out on YOUR couch in YOUR apartment when all of a sudden Youngjae just barges in, takes the remote from the table next to you, turns on the TV and doesn’t say a word
  • Speaking of making out, kisses with Yongguk would be AMAZING
  • His lips would literally feel like a cloud
  • Watching sad movies together
  • Listening to music together
  • Attempting to help him write his raps
  • He tells you they’re good, but you know he’s lying
  • Secretly taking pictures of one another
  • Being in love with your best friend


Classified 16

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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Johnny, Taeyong & Yuta reaction to their s/o being insecure about their height


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

He would keep telling you how beautiful you are. Johnny’s that type of guy to overrun you with compliments. it would make you feel a lot better about your height. “You should wear what you like, and stop caring what others think!! and I mean you look great in those heels babe”


Originally posted by dovounq

“who cares about beauty standards, wear the heels you want!! You’re just perfect for me” (imagine you’re mark dhjkd) 


Originally posted by nakasyuta

Whenever you had your downs because you felt insecure about your height, Yuta would try everything to make you smile again. He really wouldn’t care about beauty standards at all. “the only one who can stare at you is me, so don’t care about the others baby” 


So, I decided to make an alternate ending where these two are endgame. And as I said before, english is NOT my first language, so I’m really sorry if there’s anything wrong here (probably there is). 

I hope you all enjoy it! :)


Eva was talking about food. Talking about how she doesn’t like tomatoes. Talking about how those meatballs tasted so good. And even with sauce on her cheek, she could make Chris’s little heart melt. After taking one of her meatballs, he just smiled at her, with a full mouth. Damn, it was actually really good. 

“They’re good, aren’t they?” She asked.

“Yeah, they really are. Can I get some more of your plate?” He said with a little smile on his face. 

“Can’t you just walk to the table and get some for you?” She said while eating another slice of the purple thing she has got.

“Actually I can but, you know, if I eat from your plate, it will be more a couple thing.” Eva smiled. When he first started with this whole thing about them being a couple, she never thought that he was serious. Maybe he had some feelings for her, but in her mind he would never want a truly relationship. In fact, Chris Schistad was really determined on having Eva Mohn as his girlfriend. 

“A couple thing?” She said. “Still with this in mind?”

“Oh, come on, Eva.” Chris sighed. He was getting tired of Eva not seeing that he wasn’t joking. “I even bought flowers! And I… I texted Jonas asking him for advices! I mean, did you ever imagine me doing shit like this?! Because, I didn’t! I can’t even recognize myself, cause I’m fucking in love with you, and I’ve never been like this before.“

He really said that. Out loud. Christoffer Schistad said that he was in love with a girl. Was that even possible? People started to look. Not all of them, but the ones nearby, and everyone was just too shocked. He fucking admitted.

Eva couldn’t help but smile. At first, she got a bit shocked like the others. He actually asked Jonas for help? Yeah, she’d never imagine that. But also what she would never expect, is that Jonas really helped him. Did he? Well, she didn’t ask. All she did was pull her plate away and kiss him. A soft kiss that could calm him down. 

“You can’t just kiss me like that after I shout out to everyone that I’m love with you and don’t expect me to insist for you to me my girlfriend…” He looked deep into her eyes and cleaned her cheek calmly. “Eva, I’m not the same guy I was. I’m not, I promise you! Ever since I saw you for the first time I– I knew I had some kind of feelings for you, but know I’m sure. I know what I want and… it’s you.”

Chris had his eyes on William for a half second. We wanted to be sure that he’d hear that. And he did. Actually, he and Noora just looked at each other and smiled. 

“I told you.” Noora said to him. ”You owe me 5 krone.”

Eva was smiling. And blushing a bit. But was still a little disturbed after everything Chris said to her. The same Chris that a year and half ago she disliked so much for being such a douchebag, now just wanted to date her so much. And even though she was afraid, afraid of being so insecure in another relationship, Eva’s wall toward him has been totally destroyed, and… she was in love with him. His eyes were drowning in desperate when she said:

“Yes, of course.”

He didn’t understand at first.

Yes, of course? What does that even mean, I–”

“When you told me about your dream.” She didn’t let him finish. “When you asked me to be your girlfriend, I said ‘yes, of course’, didn’t I?”

He got it. And he couldn’t hide his happiness because he smiled so bright, like he always does when he’s next to her.
“Yeah, yeah, you did.” He said. 

“So… Yes, Christoffer. Of course I want to be your girlfriend.”

That time he was the one who kissed her. Kissed her with everything he had because she has finally accepted. And he would prove to her that she would never regret. 

“Oh my God, finally!” Chris Berg said at the moment she saw them. “I expected so long to see this!” 

People started cheering and all Chris and Eva did was continue to kissing whit smiles on their faces. Eva didn’t even bother look at Jonas. She knew that he was moving on with Emma. Just like she was with Chris. And now they were a couple. Finally a couple.


Luan Loud is the Queen of laughs. She has never met a person she couldn’t at least get a chuckle out of. Not till she met her match, Maggie, who won’t even crack a smile at the smallest of puns. Luan makes it her goal to get even the littlest of laugh out of this angsty teen but soon finds that maybe just a chuckle isn’t all she wants from the brunette. Can Luan succeed in both receiving a laugh and something more or will she discovered laughter isn’t always the best answer, especially for a broken heart?

So I made a fanfic titled “Just a Laugh “ from the cartoon ‘The Loud House’ with the main ship being Luan and Maggie and I would love it if you would check it out and leave a review

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i am not a simblr, (but i do frequently play the sims, i just do not have a tumblr account) so i have to stay on anon! but but but, i adore your blog! it is so lovely to browse and it makes me feel inspired and want to play the game more & more! do you have any blogs, that you find inspirational? plus, any blogs with lot downloads? ahh. i am sorry for all the questions! i mainly wanted to write to you as i adore your blog, i look forward to more future posts & moody family updates!

hey!! thank you very much for liking my simblr!!!!! ahh i can’t help but smile ty! :-) <3

my inspos: @omniplant, @plumboops @fangflower, @womrats, @butternutgnocchi, @meisiu, @ohare-lane, @madoof @sweetsimmy, @escis, @madmono and @cupidjuice!! (i’m sure i forgot someone i have way too many inspirations + thx for inspiring me and a lot of ppl!!)
edit: i forgot @bumbble!!! i’m sorry sweetie i adore your blog <3

blogs w/ lot downloads: @omniplant, @cupidjuice, @madoof, @jenba

Jun - (Mornings with SVT Series)

Pairing: Jun x reader

Type: Slightly suggestive fluff, this is a little more 👀 than the past ones, please be aware

Words: 762

A light touch, as soft and pillowy as a flower petal, is what gently eases you into consciousness. It starts at your eyelids, making them flutter, a second on each at a time. Then it moves to the tip of your nose, each of your cheeks, pausing to let your lips spread into a sleepy smile before touching that too.

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Because we don’t want our boys to cry or smile sadly like this. We want NU'EST to cry when they have cup in their hands, not like this. V-L.O./.Es and all supporters are trying our best to stream MV on Youtube and Melon, vote in Starwars, hope all their efforts can bring happiness for NU'EST. I know all L.O./.Es and supporters out there are trying hard too.
Here, I want to give a hug for you guys, we are not a big fandom but we are doing all we can to protect and make our boys happy.
You guys are the best.

Just want to inform you that this morning Isak has woken Even up with a shower of little cute kisses all over his chest, neck, nose, eyelids, forehead, cheekbones, chin, ears and lips lips lips lips lips.
And Even has opened his eyes with one of those big smiles of his that make Isak’s whole world.
“Good morning, love”

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rushed late for work kisses, a flash of heat before hurrying out the door. And Clark <3

You can’t help but smile as he rushes about, frantically looking for his bag as he tries to tie his tie and eat a piece of toast all at the same time. He had gotten home from a league mission rather late last night and instead of going to sleep like reasonable adults, the two of you had spent the majority of the night making up for lost time.

Clark hadn’t intended to fall asleep at all, knowing that if he did he wouldn’t wake up on time and he would be late to the office, but the warm weight of your body resting over his combined with the soft sound of your breathing and steady heartbeat had done him in, which resulted in oversleeping.

He breathes out a sigh as he finds his bag, located just under the coffee table, and he turns to you with a sheepish smile as he wolfs down the remains of his toast. You notice that his tie is crooked, and it brings a loving smile to your face as you motion him over.

“Silly man,” you giggle, making quick work of it as he wraps his arms around your waist. “All of these years wearing suits and you still don’t know how to tie a tie.”

He laughs warmly as he leans down and presses a quick succession of kisses to your lips, groaning softly as you take his bottom lip between your teeth at the last second when he pulls away.

“Now go,” you urge, pushing at his chest. “Perry’s gonna have your head if you’re as late as you were last time.”

That snaps him into action and he’s quick to rush out the door.

“I love you,” you call, giggling softly. You hear the faint sound of him returning the sentiment from down the hall, and you shake your head fondly as you begin to start your own day.