this is to everyone who needs reminding

To angry johnlock shippers:

I just finished “The Final Problem” and first of all hOLy HeCK sOMeoNe rEMinD mE HoW tO BReatH aLL mY TEArs aRe gONE…
Secondly, immediately after I saw the episode I went to tumblr/instagram wanting to relate to other people who were also currently dying from the finale BUT to my surprise some people are saying the episode was awful, lacking and, disappointing mainly because of the lack of #johnlock that everyone was convinced was going to happen. People are saying that the trailer as well as moffat/gatiss “gueerbaited” them into thinking johnlock was going to become canon.
Excuse me for a moment I just need to *gets megaphone and screams into it*
Think about it, if johnlock did become canon people would be complaining about the show becoming just a “fan-service” for those that shipped them. This is not a love story about Sherlock and John this is a drama about one incredible genius solving crimes with his best friend - end of story. Just because you convinced yourself the finale was going to be about them becoming a couple doesn’t mean it was ever going to happen.
Also THINK ABOUT HOW INCREDIBLE THE EPISODE WAS JUST BECAUSE WE GET TO SEE HOW MUCH SHERLOCK HAS GROWN. The first episode he is so lonely and rigid and now he’s grown into someone who actually has a relationship with his brother, his parents, he has a best friend who he would literally die for, he has empathy, shows emotions, thinks about others before himself, views people as human beings with feelings that he now cares about - ALL THESE THINGS ARE SUCH MASSIVE CHANGES FOR HIS CHARACTER AND ARE SO BEAUTIFUL THAT NOW IM CRYING AGAIN.
Even if there wasn’t a kiss or a display of affection between them they are still so happy - finally. John is finally happy despite his wife’s death and Sherlock has grown into a person who knows what love is and who’s personality now includes friendship and companionship. They are raising Rosie now, they’re happy, they’re a family of sorts even if they aren’t a couple. There’s no doubt that John and Sherlock love each other; the category of that love shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy. And to be honest, an outward display of emotion by either of them is just not in their characters. It’s not realistic to expect Sherlock or John to suddenly spill out hidden feelings and end in a passionate kiss or something. It’s not realistic. The point is - the episode was incredibly written, directed, acted, and the character development is so emotional. If this truly is the last episode of Sherlock ever made, I think it’s amazing and wraps up their lives in the perfect way.


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Quick reminder that you’re totally allowed to like things without diving completely into knowing everything about them

you like 2 or 3 songs by a band and never listened to more? that’s perfectly okay

you like the Marvel movies but have no interest in reading 50 years of comic books? totally fine

you only play one or two videos games, mostly on your cell phone? they’re fun!

you read and enjoyed the Harry Potter books but don’t care about looking into crazy theories and clues planted in the stories? It’s not for everyone!

You don’t need to meet a requirement to enjoy something and anyone who claims you do is an elitist and an asshole

Yurio can’t win the Grand Prix Finals

Not because he’s not skilled enough - he clearly is.

But narratively speaking, he can’t win.

First of all, because it would be terrible for his character as a whole.

We’ve all seen how he acted after his record-breaking short program - cocky, arrogant, and still the pissy kid he is, but now feeling like his behavior is justified because he’s so amazing that he beat the world record. And indeed, that’s something to be proud of, and something to celebrate but Yurio… basically rubs it in everyone’s face. And I get it - after continuously winning silver in his senior career, it must be great to finally be on top, and I know that he’s a kid who’s still learning how to behave, but think about it. Doesn’t it remind you of someone? Someone else who needed to be brought down a notch perhaps? Maybe JJ?

I feel like Yurio’s character would head in JJ’s direction if he won. He would feel like he’s the king of the world who can do and say anything because he’s a winner. He’d feel like telling Yuuri that “Incompetents like you should just retire already” was perfectly fine because he won in the end which means that he was correct, right?

And see, Yurio does deserve to win and be recognized for all of his hard work and dedication, he deserves to be appreciated and praised but that boy needs to learn some humility.

Yes, his life is complicated and he clearly has some issues, but none of them will be solved by his winning the gold medal.

Which brings me to my second point: Yurio still has time to win the Grand Prix, the European Championships, the Worlds, the everything.

He is literally only fifteen years old. His career has just begun. Yeah, it’d be great if he could rule the world already in his first big championship, but he doesn’t need to. He’s already broken a world record. He’s achieved enough for one competition. He can win gold next time because he has a next time. He will be competing in the Grand Prix Final for the next ten years at least, literally time is everything he has.

He’s already proved himself in his Short Program. Now it’s time for someone else to win the GP Final. (Preferably, that person being Yuuri.)

In any case, my point is that Yurio could learn way more, and therefore gain way more by not winning the gold in the Final.

And I highly doubt that the creators would miss the occasion to teach Yurio a lesson. He’s been going around being a bit of a brat (I’m sorry, but it’s true) for too long now. I’m sure they’re showing that part of his personality in order to show his growth when he does finally learn that he can’t go on being the way he is, that there’s a line to everything.

If we’re talking about Yurio’s growth then it would make no sense for him to win the Grand Prix Final.

And you know how the proverbs go: success teaches you only about your ego, while failure teaches you how to progress and such. And Yurio could definitely still use some progress.

a little bit about Kevin Day who is also A Massive Loser:

  • feels the need to remind everyone that he’s left-handed 
    • brings out statistics about the pros of being a lefty
    • annoys the shit out of everyone when he constantly complains about hard it is to be left-handed
  • can get ready in the mornings in under 5 minutes to maximize sleeping in time
    • it’d be under 3 if he didn’t brush his teeth
  • holds secret funerals every time his racquet breaks
  • had the weirdest muscle gain/loss after Riko broke his hand
    • lost a ton of muscle on his left side and got built on his right because that’s the one he focused on training the most
  • likes to stand extra tall and look down on Neil when they’re arguing
  • wouldn’t have to eat quite so healthy if he wasn’t on track to giving himself alcohol poisoning
  • once tried to take revenge on Andrew by hiding his chocolate syrup in a higher cupboard
    • so. much. regret.
  • is super judgy about dollar store Exy racquets
    • tests the strings and handle quality as if it’s comparable to his own racquets and looks at them like they’re a disappointment anyways
    • honestly cried that one time Nicky switched out his racquets as a prank
    • (the Foxes couldn’t stop laughing)
    • (Wymack is not paid enough for this)
  • tries to convince Renee to donate to sports-initiative charities
  • went straight from yelling at a Fox to encouraging a six-year-old girl to follow her dreams and make Court
  • once called Abby “mom”
    • the kindest thing Abby could to was pretend she didn’t hear
    • but also sometimes Kevin would wonder what if
  • calls out misogynistic bullshit lightning quick
  • once watched the wrong History Channel while drunk and believed every single word
    • he won’t admit it to the other Foxes, but Kevin definitely thinks aliens built the Great Pyramids
  • does not have the keys for Andrew and Neil’s apartment but keeps banging on the door and leaving voicemails until they finally open the door only to find him carrying bags of fresh vegetables
    • tells them he should be charging their team for his time because Kevin is a fucking a s s h o l e
  • gets his first dog from the shelter and the poor guy’s malnourished and has a missing leg but Kevin skips out on practice to help him heal 
    • when the dog’s healthy and happy Kevin brings him to practices and they play a dangerous version of fetch with Exy balls flung around the court but both of them love it
  • goes to see Wymack at least once a month but spends the whole time complaining about his team’s quality
  • leaves Andrew and Neil angry voicemails after their games, no matter the score
    • leaves them angry voicemails after his own games
    • leaves them angry voicemails after Jean or Matt’s games
    • leaves incoherent fanboy screaming voicemails after Jeremy Knox’s games
    • (they won’t admit it, but Andrew and Neil definitely look forward to these as they’re absolutely hilarious)
  • is able to look at his racquet at the beginning of each game and think, I’m better than he ever was
    • is able to prove it to the world
reminder to mentally ill wlw:

there is someone out there who will love you regardless. 

they will love you on your im so depressed i can’t get out of the bed days, on your im mad at everyone and everything days, on your i need space days, on your manic days, on your insecure and need reassurance every .5 seconds days, on your attention on me and me only days, on your i dont feel any emotions at all days, on your dissociative days, on your paranoid days, on your im anxious as hell for no reason days, on your i dont want to talk about it days, on your im ugly im ugly im ugly days, on your im so happy nothing can ever bring me down days, on your i cant do this i want this to end days, on your worst possible days. 

there is someone out there who will love you no matter how “unloveable” your mental illness may tell you you are. don’t settle for someone who only accepts and loves you when you’re “okay”. unconditional love exists, and you are worthy of that love. 



The world needs you.

You are a good person with boundless potential. You have so much to offer this world, just as this world has so much to offer you. Don’t let mistakes hold you back. Mistakes are opportunities to become better. Remember all the good that you have done, and all the good that you have still to do.

As long as you keep striving to do good then just know that there are those who believe in you. Your strength and your kindness are admirable. Your presence is appreciated more than you know. Your pain is also more relatable than you might expect. Your loved ones might not always know what to say, or how to say it, but I just want you to know that you have at least one ally out there. And chances are you have plenty more allies out there too.

Be strong. Keep trying. Continue striving for the best. You’ve made it this far, and you sure as hell have the power to keep going. You are boundless. You are potential. You are change.

Who wants to bet that when Viktor realized Yuuri was very *ahem*popular in Japan…

That he has a little freak-out moment of… “Oh shit, he’s about to do his eros routine and Yuuri’s gonna go and seduce everyone and they’re fucking broadcasting this live— all over again.”

And he goes all–”okay, cameras there and there–I need to remind people what’s up–”

And of course, Viktor later realizes, “OK. Minami’s just a harmless fanboy…”

But bae ain’t pleased to have his cuddles time interrupted…

Reminder to everyone celebrating “Autism Awareness” today
  • Autism is part of who we are, it’s brilliant and it doesn’t need a cure.
  • Allism (non-autistic) is not inherently better than autism, it’s just that the majority of people are allistic, which means the world is tailored to them, rather than to autistics.
  • Autistic people know more about autism than parents of autistic kids.
  • Autism Speaks is a terrible organisation that causes a lot of harm to autistic people and you shouldn’t support it.
  • You also shouldn’t Light It Up Blue, a movement started by Autism Speaks.
  • Labels like “high functioning” and “severe” are silly and used to divide and dismiss autistic people. Autism is a spectrum and people have a lot of different autistic “traits” - it doesn’t just go from less autistic to more autistic.
  • Autistic people are not puzzle pieces, mysteries, or missing in any way.
  • Anyone can be autistic, not just the stereotypical white male kid. Girls are much less likely to get a diagnosis than boys are, though.
  • The majority of autistic people are not fond of today, as it is used by to talk over us. Please listen to us today.
The case for Patater

I SAID I’D DO IT AND BY GOD I’M DOING IT. Which is to say, I actually think that beyond being a crackship, there are a lot of really good reasons Patater isn’t a rarepair anymore. I mean, those of us who love Parse and want him to find love with someone other than Jack have tried shipping him with everyone under the sun, from Ransom to Snowy to Fry Guy. I myself see him riding into the sunset with a pair of OCs. But of all those different pairings, Patater is the one that’s really stuck, and it’s not just because of the pun. (I mean c’mon, “Snent Snarson” is at least as hilarious.)


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Everyone needs to listen to these speeches from the Golden Globes tonight:

-Tom Hiddleston: bringing light and praise to the people who work in some of the world’s most dangerous places in the world to help people and children, and to remind those of us who work to make lives better in thankless jobs that we’re doing our best.

-Viola Davis: not only introducing Meryl Streep, but reminding us of the power of women.

-Meryl Streep: holy cow. Reminding the world that Hollywood is made up of those who this new administration hate. And that if they kick all of them out, then we would be reduced to watching only football and wrestling WHICH IS NOT ART. How when people who use their power to bully, we all lose. And reminds us of the words of Carrie Fisher, and that is to make art when we have a broken heart. Such a powerful, and driving message that we, the visual, performing, and written arts, hold the power to keep the heart of the world beating. I could listen to that speech over and over again!

-Danny Glover: that people are magic.

-Emma Stone: to not give up and to keep moving forward.

I didn’t really appreciate Aang until this picture.

When I was young, Aang got on my nerves. “Make the tough calls, take responsibility, grow up! I’ve had to!” 

I gave him no mercy for his age because, at the time, I was younger than him. He annoyed me when he slacked on his training, when he didn’t listen to Jeong Jeong, when he refused to kill the Firelord. Him and every other character who would give up the greater good to keep the moral high ground. Your principles don’t matter, results do!

It wasn’t until I got older that I saw Aang differently. He was a child, trying to do what was right, who never wanted to do any harm. And he was exactly what the world needed. Aang was a peaceful soul in war time, gentle when others were cruel, merciful when others were unforgiving, and he reminded everyone how to laugh in a world that had long forgotten how to have fun.

Even after years of hardship, losing absolutely everything and waking up to fight a war, Aang still loved life. He loved marble tricks, penguin sledding, and most of all, he loved people. Aang annoyed me because he was naive, but now inspires me because even after he saw the world at it’s worst, he didn’t forget how to be a kid at heart. In this picture, middle aged and with the weight of the world on his shoulders, Aang not only lets some weird guy by the docks take his picture, but does so with absolute glee. 

Aang shouldn’t be more like me, I should be more like Aang.

as someone who lived through post brexit hell, i’d like to remind my american followers to support each other and look after people you know will be endangered by this election
at the moment, the biggest threat isn’t donald trump, it’s his supporters

after brexit our main problem was hate crime, which rose at alarming rates, conservatives are going to be at their worst now, and everyone needs to keep an eye out for each other

stay safe everyone 💖

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

so, in light of misha’s amazing post about his family asking for donations rather than material gifts, i’d like to remind everyone who is not in a position to be able to do that that it’s okay. if you need money to go towards your apartment, you’re not a bad person. if you asked for stuff for your home because you’re tight on money, that’s okay, too. if you’re not in a position to ask for donations instead of gifts, please do not feel guilty.

Some Sportarobbie Headcannons I Thought Of

-The only sportscandy Sportacus can get Robbie to eat is strawberries, because he dips them in sugar or chocolate. (Which Sporty regulates so it is still kinda beneficial.)

-Robbie is very protective and Sportacus finds it absolutely adorable.

-Despite him telling everyone how amazing he is, Robbie is very insecure so when he and Sportacus are dating Robbie needs constant reminders that Sporty still loves him.

-Robbie has spent basically every Christmas alone until the first one Sportacus spent in Lazytown, because Sporty personally brought him a gift and invited him to the Lazytown Christmas Party.

-Sportacus and Robbie are A+ dad’s to Stephanie. (Sportacus is the parent who wants her to be healthy and active and safe and Robbie is the parent who gives her an invention of his every single birthday. That and he bakes a enormous cake.)

-Robbie has insomnia and the only way to help him sleep is Sportacus’ singing. (Who isn’t the best singer but Robbie would argue that it is the best singing in the world)

-Robbie on the otherhand is a GREAT singer and Sportacus will sit outside the bathroom and listen to him sing, seeing as that is the only time Robbie sings. (Robbie gets super embarrassed everytime he finds Sportacus sitting there, but is secretly flattered)

-The two took a trip out of Lazytown once and checked out other towns, more populated towns, and Sportacus tried to flip around but constantly ran into people or broke things so they agreed to just stay put in Lazytown because Sportacus can’t not flip for the life of him.

-While dating, Robbie still likes being portrayed as the town villain so he convinces Sportacus to keep it secret from the kids but Stephanie will catch Sportacus smiling lovingly at Robbie all the time and she eventually figures it out and freaks because it is the cutest thing ever.

-Sportacus is a sports elf, thus the reason he is always active, and he has pointy ears that he hides under his hat because he doesn’t want the kids to think they can’t be like him because their human and he is a sports elf but one day when he flipped it fell off and Robbie was the only one around and he just stumbled upon the very flustered Sportacus and thought the ears made Sportacus x10 cuter.

-Before they dated Sportacus was very oblivious to Robbie’s feelings for him and when he found out he was like, “So that’s why you always jumped into my arms!” And made tons of remarks like that.

-Robbie loves cuddling but Sportacus has trouble doing so because he wants to move around all the times so the only time they cuddle is at night.

-Sportacus gave Robbie a real bed (big enough for two) so that they could sleep in Robbie’s lair because Sportacus knows how afriad of heights Robbie is and really wants to comfort him.

-Sportacus will do flips over Robbie and land in front of him and kiss his surprised face.

-Robbie sometimes sends unsigned letters that say really nice things to Sportacus because he is too embarrassed to say them in person. (But Sportacus knows it’s Robbie because of the handwriting)

-Did I mention how great of dad’s they are?

-Robbie designs all Halloween costumes.

-Robbie sometimes has to cry through the night on Sportacus’ shoulder and nobody in Lazytown can figure out why Sportacus is tired once in a while.

-And when Robbie sees how tired Sportacus is he feels really bad and Sportacus has to constantly tell him that he would do it for 1,000 more nights if it meant Robbie wouldn’t feel so sad and alone.

-People are confused as too why Robbie has just suddenly stopped trying to kick Sportacus out of town. (He still tries to make the town lazy but is in love with Sportacus so he doesn’t want him to leave.)

Things the RT fandom seems to need to be reminded of... Again.

1. Gavin is NOT dumb or stupid. He’s a very intelligent guy who acts silly because it’s entertaining and fun.

2. Every single person in AH has a S/O, don’t bash them for your ship. Don’t invalidate IRL relationships to clear space for your OTP. Respect their lives.

3. DONT STALK THEM. Seriously, don’t. It’s super creepy and a sure fire way to make certain that you won’t be able to meet them IRL. Go to RTX like everyone else or hang around Austin and hope to bump into them. The furthest you should take it is going to see Studio 5, which isn’t exactly hard to find. But don’t loiter outside hoping to catch a glimpse of an RT employee.

4. Watch Lazer Team on the free trial for YouTube Red. Pirating the movie does nothing to help support RT. I’m not a huge fan of YouTube Red but I still watched the movie on my free trial because it shows that RT is a good company for YouTube to continue its partnership with. Also, Lazer Team is available on DVD for purchase, you can always just buy it.

5. They’ve said that they don’t mind if you sell handcrafted merch that is for their company. But, like with most creators, things that are mass produced without their permission are not ok to sell. Please don’t do that shit, you can be sued.

6. Have fun with it. We’re all here to have a good time and some great laughs, don’t ruin it by shitting on one another or any of RT. Seriously, guys and gals and those in between, cool your jets, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that RT could have stopped whenever they liked but they liked doing what they do enough to keep going and your support is what helps them stay in business.

fluffytheasianpanda  asked:

lance and klance??

My two favs ; )))))


  • Lance’s biggest insecurity is going home and his family not recognizing him because he’s changed so much in space
  • Lance vents all his problems to the mice because he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s weak but he needs to let it out somehow
  • One of Lance’s favorite spots on the ship is the observation deck. He likes to watch the stars move by because they remind him of the rain.
  • Lance makes his own face masks from things he finds on the ship or on planets.
  • Lance is afraid of being forgotten, which is why he does anything he can to make people remember him.
  • Lance has an older brother who everyone looks up to, which is why he’s always trying to be the best (to beat him)
    • Alternatively: Lance is the oldest in his family and wants to do his best just to inspire his siblings.
  • His biggest regret is that he forgot to call home the day he left. At the Garrison, he made weekly calls home, but he never got the chance to when he left.
  • Lance uses his jokes and flirting as a defense mechanism. This is so he won’t show his weakness to the team and because it helps him forgot his worries.
  • When Lance can’t sleep, he’ll usually sneak into Hunk’s room in the middle of the night.


  • Lance’s favorite part of Keith is his eyes. They remind him of space and how deep it is.
  • Keith is the power bottom (sorry fluffy not giving this one up)
  • They always fight over who’s the big spoon. Keith complains that Lance is too bony to be the big spoon, but Lance likes spooning Keith because he’s super soft and warm.
  • Lance is actually the one most embarrassed by their relationship. Keith’s pretty chill with it, but Lance will blush whenever they talk to him about Keith or their relationship.
  • The best way to get Keith to blush is by telling him awful pick-up lines (Lance is very good at this)
  • Their favorite activity on the ship is stargazing. Lance always gives them ridiculous names or forms silly constellations and Keith joins. He also likes the way the light of the stars light up Lance’s smile.
  • When Keith is about to run off or do something rash, Lance uses Keith’s mullet as a leash to stop him.
  •  Lance has offered many times to cut Keith’s hair, but he’s grown to like that stupid mullet.
  • Keith likes how Lance always smells fresh and good, like some weird planet flower or whatever. Lance likes how Keith smells like home, like sweat and sand and heat.
  • While Keith and Lance still have their separate rooms, most nights Keith wakes up to Lance snuggling up to him. Sometimes Lance will talk or cry in his sleep, and Keith feels awful he can’t do anything but hug him.
    • Additionally: Keith will have nightmares some nights that wake Lance up. Usually he wakes Keith up and strokes his hair until he falls back asleep.
  • Keith is infamous for stealing Lance’s shirts and jackets.
I want a person who will never give up on me no matter how hard things get. I need to be reminded that I’m worth fighting for and that such great love exists.
—  Please don’t give up on me like the rest