this is to all the pll who unfollowed me

How To Avoid PLL Spoilers
  • The ones, who are going to watch it live, should use the following tags “pll spoilers”, “pll lb” and “pretty little liars” while posting and reblogging.
  • The ones, who are not going to watch it live, should blacklist the following tags “pretty little liars”, “pll spoilers” and “pll lb”. If you want to be extra cautious, even blacklist “pll s7″, “til death do us part” and possible character names.
  • Don’t go on Tumblr since there will be people who don’t tag.
  • Don’t check out PLL subreddit before watching the show.
  • Don’t check out any news sites in case of possible spoilers.
  • Don’t go on Youtube before clearing your cache and web history. The next morning, after the last episode aired, I went on Youtube to listen to some music and I saw a PLL video with the title “Mona killed Charlotte” and it ruined that for me. If I’m not mistaken, it was the official PLL YT account who posted it. Because I checked out PLL promos earlier and I didn’t clear my history on Youtube. It doesn’t matter if you have a Youtube account or not, all that matters is your search history.
  • Don’t go online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat before you watch the episode. The official PLL IG always posts spoilers on their account. They never learned to be patient for international fans. If you have to check out IG, just unfollow PLL related accounts and follow them back after watching the episode. Also, avoid the “discover” section on IG. Don’t check out PLL cast’s IG stories and Snapchat posts before watching the episode. 
  • Summary: Just don’t be online on any forums, and social networking sites. Stay off internet till you watch it.
  • P.S. Don’t forget it is your responsibility not to get spoilers. If you don’t take precautions, don’t expect others to take precautions for you. Don’t blame anyone and don’t attack anyone for spoiling the show if you are the one who didn’t follow the ways to avoid spoilers.

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