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Baker’s Dozen - Traffic Stop AU Part 2

(Part 1 | Baker’s Dozen Prompt)

“Mama! Mama, look!” Andre said excitedly.

“What is it, babe?” Michonne asked, still focused on her shopping list.

“It’s my friend! From Day Care!” Andre said, leaning over in the child seat of the shopping cart.

“Oh? Where?” Michonne asked, somehow not surprised that Andre had spotted a friend at the grocery store.

At five years old, he was already a social butterfly. The boy could make friends with anyone. His little dimples and wild curls certainly didn’t hurt.

“Go back! Go back! You passed them!” Andre’s frustration was so adorable that Michonne decided to humor him.

She spun the cart around and retraced their path, curious about this mystery friend. She glanced down the aisle they’d passed a moment before and didn’t see anyone.

“Are you sure?” she asked Andre, almost ready to give up what was starting to feel like a wild goose hunt.

“Yes! Keep going!” Andre urged.

She continued on to the next aisle and sure enough, there was a little blonde girl about Andre’s age sitting in a half-full shopping cart.

“Hi!” Andre shouted, waving enthusiastically.

The little girl spotted him and her face lit up.

“Hi!” she waved back.

The girl’s father, who had been busy picking out a box of cereal, turned around. Despite wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt, Michonne recognized him immediately. It was Officer Blue Eyes.

He blinked once and she could see the moment that he recognized her too.

“Hello again,” he said, a tad sheepishly.

Uncharacteristically, Michonne was temporarily unsure what to say.

“I’m Rick Grimes,” he introduced himself, offering a hand.

“Michonne,” she replied, shaking his hand. It felt warm and solid.

“I’m Andre!” her little one declared, not to be left out of anything.

Rick chuckled and Michonne found herself smiling back at him.

Rick completed the introductions, “And this is Judith,” he said, stroking the little girl’s head affectionately.


Well?! Did you get her number or what?” Tara cut straight to the point.

Rick regretted mentioning the encounter almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth. He decided to blame the fact that they were on traffic duty once again, a dull but necessary part of Tara’s training.

“We set up a play date for Judith and Andre,” Rick admitted, adding, “Apparently they really hit it off in Day Care together.”

Tara was not to be distracted by extra information.

“You have a date…” she said in a sing-song voice, big cheeky smile on her face.

Rick kept his expression neutral.

“Keep your eyes on the road,” he instructed, a little more terse than he intended, but he really didn’t want to be having this particular conversation.

He hadn’t been on a date since the divorce. Hell, he hadn’t even thought about dating, not seriously anyway. Was he thinking about it now? He’d gotten used to being a single parent and gotten pretty good at it, too.

All he knew was that, off and on until Friday afternoon he kept thinking about a dark skinned woman with deep brown eyes that sparkled with mystery and a 100 Watt smile that made him feel weak in the knees.

He’d known her for all of one conversation, and one traffic stop, but there was something about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Something beyond pure physical attraction. He recognized something in her that felt familiar.

Maybe he was crazy. Maybe he was lonelier than he thought and now he was imagining some mystery connection with a complete stranger.

The days and hours and minutes ticked by until Friday came.

I want the cliche kisses in photo booths. And the candid photos of me when I’m not looking. I want the week long road trips with the windows down and my feet up on the dash. I want hands clenched tight when we’re intimate. I want shared showers the morning after. I want breakfast in nothing but oversized t-shirts. I want tv show marathons with extra buttery popcorn and makeout breaks during commercials. I want “I love you"s and “you’re beautiful"s and my name blended in curse words while you moan. I want time and promise and happiness and intimacy.


@purple-apple578 It’s been ages but here’s a kiss of relief !

I’m getting professional at cheesy comics.

Ummmm so can we talk about how important it is to reassure young girls everywhere that developing feelings for your girl best friend isn’t wrong or voyeuristic. It’s normal. It’s fine. You’re not dirty and you shouldn’t feel guilt.

There is a lot going on in this scene and everytime I watch it I laugh. Ryukun is such a big sturdy America. Lifting Dainyan with such ease.


HOW DO YOU EVEN POST A 20 PANELS COMIC ON TUMBLR, SERIOUSLY. My answer is probably: don’t make one in the first place. I’m sorry if it makes your dashboard explode.

This is my @captiveprince–ss gift for Allie @thecaptiveroyals. It was supposed to be for the prompts ‘emotional healing’ and ‘ghosts’, but it ended up lacking in the ghosts department. I hope you like it anyway. 

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