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Lance chibi wip •v•!!

My friend asked me my thoughts on the album and I told her I’m obsessed with it because it’s all about love and sex and drinking and learning to embrace life in love and the sound is so edgy and then she was asked me if that was the consensus of the Taylor swift online community or if there was disagreements and I started laughing like how cute is that?!? She really wanted to know about what our little community thought even though she’s not a fan all because I’m her friend. Like I’m in love with my friends for being so supportive of my crazy obsession with Taylor Swift and our community. Like they’re not full fans or anything but they accept and love me enough to like listen and get excited with me about Tay! Like I’m just so blessed and never thought I would be surrounded with such amazing supportive people.


@purple-apple578 It’s been ages but here’s a kiss of relief !

I’m getting professional at cheesy comics.


top 25 supernatural dynamics (as voted by my followers)
#14. bobby and rufus
he always used to pull the old “can’t work on the sabbath” card whenever we had to bury a body. you know, i was just a job. i was joe mechanic. then my wife got possessed […] next thing i knew, this guy comes busting in, soaks her with holy water, and sends that demon straight to hell so fast. i’d have gone away for killing her. but… rufus cleaned up everything. taught me a thing or two about…what’s really out there. pretty soon, we were riding together. worked like that for years, kind of like you two knuckleheads.


HOW DO YOU EVEN POST A 20 PANELS COMIC ON TUMBLR, SERIOUSLY. My answer is probably: don’t make one in the first place. I’m sorry if it makes your dashboard explode.

This is my @captiveprince–ss gift for Allie @thecaptiveroyals. It was supposed to be for the prompts ‘emotional healing’ and ‘ghosts’, but it ended up lacking in the ghosts department. I hope you like it anyway. 

Thanks a lot to kuroosthighz for all the help!


The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath

There is a lot going on in this scene and everytime I watch it I laugh. Ryukun is such a big sturdy America. Lifting Dainyan with such ease.