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Where would you suggest putting one of your charms if you couldn't hang it on your phone? I really want one and I'm trying to convince myself I'll have somewhere to put it!

HMM usually I just hang up charms I buy in my room, but what you can get is a headphone jack plug!! I was gonna buy complimentary ones for you guys but I COMPLETELY FORGOT SOBS IM SORRY;;; 

I have a rubber headphone plug that came with a charm I bought a long time ago so I just reused it to attach my gon/killua fishing charm to my phone!! You kinda just tie the strap onto a ring connected to the plug, and you can just insert it into the headphone jack on your phone! I did a quick google search and found these on etsy so you can see what I mean! HERE and HERE

Heres what it looks like on my phone!:

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I used to be considered a "gifted" writer, winning contests and getting praise all throughout my school days... but I've lost it, completely. I have little to no desire to write, what I do write is forced and ugly and plain... It's writer's block that has been going on for years! I don't have a lack of ideas, it's literally just a forgotten skill. Do you have any advice on long-term writer's block? Or maybe an explanation?

Darling, don’t waste time worrying if you’re not “gifted” anymore because, I promise you, you still are.

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I know that I have that same tendency, too.  When it’s been a while since I’ve written and I can’t get back into it, my automatic thought is, “I lost it.  I had it and I lost it.  I might as well join Corporate America because my soul is dead.”

But there are a lot of explanations for why your writing isn’t coming out how you want!  I’ll list a few of them below…

Explanations for Writer’s Block

  • You’re out of practice.  I can tell a difference in my “skill” after a week without writing – so if it’s been years?  You’re probably very rusty.  If this is the reason you’re struggling, my advice is to push through and write crap.  Even if it disappoints you or you sit there thinking, “This is terrible this is terrible this is the worst,” just do it.  Just force yourself through it.  Eventually, I promise from experience, something halfway decent will come out.  And it’ll get better from there.
  • You’re lacking confidence.  Another big ailment of mine – if I haven’t written something I liked in a while, I can count myself out before I start.  So even if I push through and write, I either self-edit the whole time or I delete it when I’m done.  That creates the effect of Returning to Square One, which negates my work in the first place.  If this is the case for you, my advice is to look closely and find something to like about your writing.  Even in The Worst writing I’ve ever done (and trust me, 2013 me was a nightmare to read), I’ve found a way to compliment myself.  So read your stuff like you’re critiquing a five-year old.  You’re not gonna sit there and tell a kid, “Dude this sh*t sucks lol delete your account.”
  • You’re clinging to old ideas and old methods.  If you “used to” write for X fandom or you “used to” write before class every day, that’s not a good enough reason to keep doing it.  If you “used to” write without an outline or you “used to” feel like a damn wizard when you wrote, that doesn’t mean you’re able to do that now.  And that doesn’t mean your talent has decreased.  Writers are different in every new season – adjust for yourself.  Stop expecting yourself to work under ancient systems and expectations.
  • You feel uncomfortable with your author’s voice.  This can be a simple matter of feeling inadequate/nervous – or you could even be annoyed with your own voice/writing style.  This can worsen the more you read other classic books with “better” voices and compare yourself.  If this is the case, my usual technique is to try to “rewire” my voice – try a different POV style or tense.  This can change how your voice sounds, which can make it easier for you and your narration to play nice together.
  • You can’t find the right character.  This sounds like a small issue, but it makes a huge difference.  If you’re unable to find/create a relatable or likable character, you’ll feel uncomfortable no matter what story you write.  It’s like if a principal ballerina were to try to perform her signature piece in a smelly school mascot costume.  You know what to do, but you’re just not in the right outfit!  So it feels clumsy.  It makes it hard to see how you look or what you’re doing wrong.  It makes you feel like a bad ballerina!  So try taking the time to find a good character.  Fanfiction can be a good transitioning activity for you – pick your favorite book/movie/TV character and write in their POV until you feel comfortable again.
  • You’re mentally or emotionally unhealthy.  This sounds judgy, but trust me – 90% of my writer’s block crops up in times of poor mental health or emotional stress.  Just like you can’t play baseball with broken ankles, you can’t write if your heart or your brain aren’t up to snuff.  So assess yourself for undue stress, depression, anxiety (my big one), or mental exhaustion.  Beyond that, make sure your heart isn’t clogged – so to say, make sure you’re emotionally accessible for writing.  If you’re deep in grieving, dissociating, or facing any kind of emotional blockage, your writing is definitely going to suffer.  It might be best to take time to work on these issues – otherwise you’re trying to row a boat with holes in it.

These are some of the main ones I’ve encountered in my time – and they’re definitely not the only explanations.  If none of these ideas help you to get started again, be sure to message me!  I’d love to discuss it with you personally :)  I know how awful that limbo can feel and I definitely want to help if I can.

Thanks again, and happy writing (hopefully)! <3

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!


Summary: Once, Scott interrupted Stiles and Derek in the middle of sex. Stiles likes to tease him about it.

Notes: Based off this photo set. It gave me a kind of fun, silly idea, and I went with it. (On AO3)

Stiles shoots Derek a sly look, picks up his phone. He tips his head back against the couch cushion as it dials, letting his fingers trail lightly down Derek’s arm. “Hey,” he says brightly when Scott picks up. “Derek and I just had sex, and you didn’t call or text to interrupt. Are you okay? We’re both concerned.”

“Stiles, that was one time,” Scott huffs. “And I promise, it wasn’t on purpose.”

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Every time someone uses ‘the faunus’ in place of a character name in RWBY fic, I die a little inside.

We know they’re a faunus. Epithets are dumb and useless. Also, it’s a racial trait. Would you say ‘the black man’ or ‘the Korean woman’ over and over and over again? Honestly, guys. Just say they’re damn names or their pronouns.

It sounds better like 10000% of the time. I promise. Epithets stick out like sore thumbs. They take you out of the story.

People make drinking games about of them. And with faunus, especially, it comes off as really god damn fetishy or othering in a very racial way.

Apparently I’ve made some people upset that have either messaged or sent me asks. I would like to formally apologize. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to figure out how to talk to people. I hope you know I appreciate you guys more than you know and I love you all very much. Just give me some more time to try to get my stuff under control, I promise I’ll respond, I’m just in the middle of a lot of stuff and I feel too overwhelmed to try to talk to people about it. I love you guys and all your caring, you are truly amazing. Stay safe and strong, my darlings 💚 and thank you for your patience

Literally have 2 hours of work left. TWO HOURS. Then I’m going shopping. Then I’m getting my nails done. It’s time to pamper myself because I’m going on my HONEYMOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

Also please don’t unfollow me while I’m gone lol. I’m trying to queue up stuff but a week is a long time and just promise me, I’ll be back!

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Mo, no one blames you for what happened. Especially Logic and the others. Us anons aren't mad. We love you. Please, talk to Lo about it? Being scared of your self is terrifying. It'll whittle you down emotionally/mentally until one thing happens, you snap, and just start sobbing. We don't want that to happen to you. Just talk to Lo, or Anxiety who is so traumatized he can't eat-he can barely get out of bed. Or Missy, Pranks, Prince; who nearly stabbed the person he loves. Please talk to someone.

*morality blinks back into focus and hears what the anon said* I-I get it, but its goinv to take time…. I will talk you someone…. Just not yet. I promise.

The Philosophy of Lost Chances Chapter 10

I"m sorry for the lack of update last week. It’s been a rough year for me, we’ve been in mandatory Overtime at work for almost 8 months. After a while it really starts to wear on you. We are hoping there is an end on the way, however.

If I have enough time tomorrow, I might try to post another chapter, no promises, but I will try. (I know, do or do not, but sometimes all you can do is try.)

I would just like to mention that while not graphic, there is the mention of torture and violence in this chapter.

The smell of copper was in the air when Qui-Gon finally opened his eyes. No light was in the room, only the darkness that he was becoming used to. His life had become a constant barrage of beatings, some with questions, other times just the viciousness of the attack. The tall master once again pulled at the chain on his neck, the collar that kept him from the sweet comfort of the force.  How long had he been here, he kept asking himself after each beating? Was it days or weeks, he felt utterly cut off in the blackness of the room, it felt like a time without end.

“I see that you are awake, my apprentice.” The emotionless words were spoken from the opening to the room, allowing a trace of light that almost blinded Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon had learned after the third beating that it was better to say nothing; it only provided the man pleasure to see him struggling. He fought to stand up, still refusing to bow to a Sith, he would die a Jedi.

“You will be such a delight to break, but our time here is growing short. We must leave the planet and continue your training elsewhere. That young brat that killed Maul refuses to leave well enough alone. I was trying to relish his undoing, but he may have to be dealt with soon.” The disgust in the man’s voice was quite evident.

“NO!” Qui-Gon was on his feet and lunging at the cloaked figure, his anger getting the best of him.

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I want the cliche kisses in photo booths. And the candid photos of me when I’m not looking. I want the week long road trips with the windows down and my feet up on the dash. I want hands clenched tight when we’re intimate. I want shared showers the morning after. I want breakfast in nothing but oversized t-shirts. I want tv show marathons with extra buttery popcorn and makeout breaks during commercials. I want “I love you"s and “you’re beautiful"s and my name blended in curse words while you moan. I want time and promise and happiness and intimacy.


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻

Ummmm so can we talk about how important it is to reassure young girls everywhere that developing feelings for your girl best friend isn’t wrong or voyeuristic. It’s normal. It’s fine. You’re not dirty and you shouldn’t feel guilt.




this was SO great to plan and organize, and i’m so thankful for all of my incredibly talented wonderful friends who worked on it! 

animator credits in the vimeo post!


HOW DO YOU EVEN POST A 20 PANELS COMIC ON TUMBLR, SERIOUSLY. My answer is probably: don’t make one in the first place. I’m sorry if it makes your dashboard explode.

This is my @captiveprince–ss gift for Allie @thecaptiveroyals. It was supposed to be for the prompts ‘emotional healing’ and ‘ghosts’, but it ended up lacking in the ghosts department. I hope you like it anyway. 

Thanks a lot to kuroosthighz for all the help!