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straight girls on timblr: I hate men.. they are disgusting animals… *Adrienne Rich poem*…. the male species is scum… we have to heal from trauma that men inflicted on us… I’m gay now I love women… *Andrea Dworkin quote*…. let’s all be sisters we don’t need men.. I will never talk to a man again

*2 seconds later:* I want a c^&k in my a$% and I want to drink some c$% and get rawed and choked by daddy

I came to town with an open heart
And an empty notebook
Thinking what kind of trouble
Can I get myself into
Not too big of trouble
But I wanted adventure
I wanted to start
Showing up for life
Even if I wasn’t invited
Or even wanted
I was ready to see the sights
And make people remember my name
Even if I had to shove it down their throats
I slowly filled the notebook
With writings about
Life and love
The love I wanted
That was right in front of me
If I could only reach out
And take its hand
And I wrote about the emptiness
Of the parking lot I was sleeping in
At 2am when even though
The bus was running and people
Were on both sides of me
I swore for those weeks
I was the only person in the world
But my heart remained open
I was damned if I was going
To ruin this opportunity
With being my old pessimistic self
So I ran from the dark clouds
When they came rolling in
And I said prayers like someday
And it will happen
The smile on my face was a mask
And I was the only one
Who believed in it
Soon things started to turn around
I found a little space to call
My closet to home I could get
Even if it was with a stranger
Who took pity on me
And my sad sob story
And I found a place
That was more than I expected
With people that slowly embraced me
And slowly welcomed me
As one of their own
And I filled the notebook up some more
With writings of the boy
Who almost loved me
But I didn’t see it
And now it was too late
And of the almost home
That I didn’t belong in
That slowly turned its teeth
On to me and was hungry for blood
And of a new boy
Who greeted me
With kind smiles
And silly words
And looked at me with something
Dirt and mischievous in his eyes
And still my mask was intact
And I did my best
To keep my head high
But my legs were too tired
To keep running from
The coming storms
And those prayers I said
Fell on deaf ears
Like a silent choir
Singing hymns
In a soundproof room
And my notebook got fuller
With writings of
Missing home and the comfort
Of having those tiny arms wrap around me
And telling me about all the
Superheroes and who their villains are
And of all the hopes I had
That seemed to laugh in my face
As they disappeared in front of my eyes
And of the boy who wouldn’t follow
The giant glowing exit sign
In my mind even though I asked him
Ten million times
Even though when he said goodbye to me
He went home to someone else
I still have half a notebook left
And a little faith that things
Aren’t always going to be like this
That something better
Is hiding in the hills
Just over the horizon
I just have to get there
I still have half a notebook left
And I’ve never shied away
From a challenge


This is only a quarter of the amount of fabric I have for making bags, I just wanted to show it off so people would know what to expect.

Cleansing tarot deck bags soon to be for sale! Each one is hand sewn, lined, with a homemade cleansing blend between the fabrics so that your cards get cleansed while they rest! No more rituals to get rid of that bad extra energy!

Trying to get a small stock built up before posting them so that I can hopefully sell a bunch at once, so be on the look out!

Which fabric is your favorite??
Feedback always appreciated!

So I just went into my “Shared with me” folder in Google Drive and WHY DO I HAVE ABOUT 7 VIDEOS OF GOOD-LOOKING MEN MASTURBATING.




La cosa migliore che ti può capitare nella vita è d’incontrare qualcuno che conosca a memoria tutti i tuoi errori, le tue mancanze, i tuoi passi falsi, i tuoi difetti e le tue debolezze e che tuttavia continui a pensare che tu sia completamente incredibile così.
—  Massimo Bisotti ~ via @emylreen

Hello, my beautiful tumblr people!~ I hit the 555 followers mark some time ago and thought: It’s time for my second Follow Forever!
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