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La cosa migliore che ti può capitare nella vita è d’incontrare qualcuno che conosca a memoria tutti i tuoi errori, le tue mancanze, i tuoi passi falsi, i tuoi difetti e le tue debolezze e che tuttavia continui a pensare che tu sia completamente incredibile così.
—  Massimo Bisotti ~ via @emylreen

Ok so I drew this back in October and it never got past the sketch, so recently I decided to ink it and color it. This is my D&D fighter/rogue Terra, yes I loved my OC so much I decided to play her in a tabletop game, no regrets. Anyway I really had fun with this and decided to color the lineart twice with different color palettes. Now I can’t really decide which I prefer… I’ve also been doing some sketching and have been trying to make better armor for her, because I honestly don’t care for the simplicity and bland feel of her current platemail. So expect more sketches of armor for this girl, I just really want to get better at designing and drawing armor.

Also I was really inspired by @fsnowzombie Armored lady monday drawings. Such an inspiration and has been making me want to improve on drawing armor, ect. So expect more armor girls here and there from me~

“Mi hicin isti imigin timblr pir fivir”

Cada 5 minutos veo una publicación así en facebook. Pero no me pienso salir de los grupos de tumblr, son vida.