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But- where is Camp Campbell?! California or New York?! The one in California feels like the real one, I can't say much for the NY one cause we don't know the activities! Then who's David Campbell?! I'm starting to lean towards NY now cause of the sleepy hollow thing. I'm so confused.

Welp, I’m not sure why I’m being asked this but,
I’m confused myself but, I have some theories [NOTE:  I might have put a little too much thought into this, today I had a LOTTTT of time on my hands.  Even did some crazy research for this, watched some eps again.  I LEGIT HAVE NOTHING TO DO TODAY OTHERWISE, THIS RESPONSE WOULDN’T HAVE MUCH TO IT] In order to make these theories work we must forget some logic for a second and expand our imaginations.  [Like this loser, a.k.a mod did.] Or not, all up to you:

David Campbell

We all know how awful Cameron Campbell is:
From using Space Kid as a shield

Doing anything for a buck (even if it involves the fate of the camp and campers)

He almost murdered a camper to protect his ass:

HECK!  Even using David to cover things up for him, and David’s been loyal

My thoughts on this are:

  • He is secretly betraying David.  Or at a point he did.  He might have put his own information and maybe some of David’s description wise or maybe David’s address, only changed his first name to David.  So he would be safe and David would be going to jail if David were to somehow run into the Feds.  Making it look like they had the wrong person all along.  OR this could have been done BEFORE the feds figured out what Cameron looked like and evidence that Cameron is indeed the man they’re looking for.  Then ‘David Campbell’ is now nothing more than an imaginary person.

Or if we’re going with the so-called “real and logical”  *mutters* totally boring and fake…. *end muttering*   Just a guy, I have no clue who he is.  That happens to live in New York!  David Campbell if you see this, I’m sorry for saying where you live state wise.  You randomly popped up on google when I was searching for Camp Campbell with that wide open.  :P

Now, the second question:
The Truth a.k.a Where is Camp Campbell REALLY Located?!

1:  Why it might be in New York:

  • As stated before:  The Camp Campbell located in New York is located on Sleepy Hollow Lake.

    Sleepy Hollow
    Sleepy Peak.

  • David.  Freaking.  Campbell.
    From NEW YORK!
    Look at first theory at top for my logic on that, cause I won’t explain again!  [and maybe David could be from NY too?  D:]

  • The platypus isn’t native to California.  They’re not even native to North America.  However, some people have claimed to see some in the northeast.  They are most likely people’s pets that got loose or were let it free.  He could have got some eggs imported into the US since he mentioned at the end of season 2 episode 5 that they’re going to incubate platypus eggs.  It is illegal to own a platypus as a pet in the U.S.
  • This is stereotyping but, from some lists Ive seen that have ‘most popular sleepaway camps’ [note: I could be wrong since I’m basing it a lot of INTERNET findings but on what’s most common. A lot of these lists could very well be bias]  a lot of popular sleep away camps that are deep in the woods that have the traditional summer camp experience:  Nature hikes, surrvival skills, campfires, just strictly natureish or all that along the lines of that.  Are located in Northern states.  Northeast in particular.  [most of them are located in New Hampshire but, most of the other camps from NY seem to pop up second or thrid on a lot of these lists, when you weed out the specialty camps.]
  • Yes, Camp Campbell might be very diverse now but, not only is it implied from Season 1, Episode 1:  Escape from Camp Campbell that it wasn’t the same years back. As Cameron said:

    “Kids, I’m going be blunt and honest with you.  When I opened Camp Campbell all those years ago, I had one goal, and one goal only. To create the most popular and successful summer camp in the world!  But times have changed.   Things like the internet, video games, and the Affordable Care Act are ruining this great country of ours- and the children of today aren’t interested in a traditional summer camp.  But America isn’t a traditional country!  So why settle for anything less!”

    It implies that he changed it to adapt. [and get more money of course].  There is also proof of it being a ‘traditional summer camp’ in the flashback in Season 2 Episode 5: Jasper Dies At the end, when David was telling his story on how he fell in love with Camp Campbell.

  • I’m from New York State [this one is looking too deeply into this] but Max said in the first episode that the bus comes in from ‘The city.’ to pick up campers.  Sure it can mean ANY city but, it’s not specified which city.  In New York, or most places in New York state.  If people say ‘the city’ not saying any name, just ‘the city’ they mean New York City.  [especially if they’re not in the city]

  • I’ve seen some head canons floating around lately [from a lot of people] about a few of the characters living in New York [not just the city] and claiming to have seen moments that in the show that back this up. [don’t ask me about it for, I never really looked to see where everyone is from. But, totally open to all these ideas.]  The most common characters mentioned are:

    1. Max.  [I’ve also read quite a few fanfictions that focus on Max outside of camp and even some AUs and a common thing that pops up is he lives somewhere in New York.  Some say city, some say some places a little farther up ]
    2. Preston being from New York City.
    3. Gwen might have lived in NYC at some point but, this was foiled for most when Season 2 Episode 8: Gwen Gets A Job, came along.
    4.  Neil [no specific area this one seems to be fairly new and popped up after Parent’s Day came out]
    5.  Harrison is from somewhere in New York State as well.

    To be honest, the only character that makes sense to me right now being from New York is Preston.
    Sure, we all know that’s fanon.  and it’s only five of the characters.  Plus, at summer camp people come from all over the place, not just the state the camp is in. [People have been saying David might be from Canada.  Which, is a pretty good head canon]  But seeing this ‘trend’ pop up, it might lead to something.

2.  Why it might be in California:

  • When you look at the lists of great sleep away camps, [once again, weed out all the specialty camps] there are quite a few in California. [More are still in NY and other places in the Northeast though] 

  • I’ve been looking up history for that camp.  It may have been around since 1884, BUT it had quite a few owners and went through MANY different name changes.  Cameron might have bought it at a point to see if he could make a quick buck out of it then obviously, named it after himself.

  • And I agree with you anon.  The one in California is pretty close to Camp Campbell in the series, since it seems to offer almost everything.  Even WEDDINGS!  And camps for all ages.  Seems like the ultimate camp to me!  And we know squat about the one in New York.
  • Nikki and Neil are two of the main characters:

    -Nikki signed up for Adventure Camp
    -Neil signed up for Science Camp

    According to most of the reviews [real ones, not the joke ones on google] and some videos the camp itself put up; Adventure Camp and Science Camp are two of the most popular camps they offer.

  • A review of a kid that signed up for science camp said they did archery there.  Camp Campbell in the series overlaps on activities.  You sign up for one, you end up doing them all.

And last but not least,
My third and final theory…
Cameron own/ed more than one camp. 

Why?  Let’s look at the evidence that my mind might have seen too much:

1. Cameron’s rich.  How the heck did he get rich?  It’s obviously not from Camp Campbell alone [or the one the campers are in]  or even being a con artist. 

  • ONE of his camps might be doing better than the other one.  Due to how popular it was, he was somehow able to get more people willing to work there and with more people, it’s easier to keep it clean and prevent it from falling apart.

  • He saves money by not bothering to repair the other camp that’s falling apart, which somehow happens to be the first camp he opened  [though to get money out of it, he added on different camps to be on point with the other one]

2.  He’s gone most of the time:

  • trying to hide from the feds
  • While on the run, he might be visiting his other summer camp.  But, he visits it, just as much as he visits the other camp.  Very rare.
  • He stopped caring about the other camp that was becoming less popular

3.  This one does tie into the reason he’s rich.  He was losing money, and by how cheap he is, felt it was expensive to keep both camps and wanted to avoid some rules and regulations.  Someone offered him a lot of money for one of them so, he took it.  But, that camp decided to keep the name.

And that, is my theory.  It’s long, put too much thought into it but… Here you go!   : )

Edited:  I made a mistake on where Roosterteeth is located, I got a bit confused,

I just remembered that the other male character in the Extended Bioware Universe to visibly show frustration is Cullen (punching a bookcase, tossing the box), and I don’t believe I have ever heard people call him “unstable” or “dangerous” for that.

He is criticized for a lot of things, and a lot of people explain their dislike of him with a plethora of different reasons (that, imo, have varying degrees of validity), but in the 2+ years I have been involved in discussions, I don’t think I have ever heard anybody cite “anger issues” as a reason they would feel uncomfortable around him. I have heard arguments about his addiction, about his PTSD, about his past influencing his thoughts, or his abilities making him a potential danger factor for a specific subset of players (ie. mages), but never, NEVER about the instance in his personal storyline when he angrily punches the bookcase and raises his voice for a second.

Whereas Andromeda has been out just a little over a month, and already this wasn’t even the first time I have heard someone say exactly that about Liam.

Liam, who doesn’t have the same baggage (has never appeared in another game, has essentially the same past as Fan Favorite Garrus), has WAY less of a moral conundrum around him (Classically Chaotic Good guy trying to do good, doesn’t always work), and whose actions and behaviors are perfectly consistent and mostly reasonable, given his context. (I could write a short essay about how him having left everyone he has ever loved back in the Milky Way -and therefore being excruciatingly lonely- affects his interactions with people, especially Vetra whose influence was a big factor in why her baby sister came with her, or Drack, whose entire clan decided to join.)

I know this is not my place to say because I myself am white and live in a country where the race relations are very much unlike those of the US, and I didn’t want to write this on the confession post because I didn’t want to come off as if I’m trying to place myself in a spotlight that doesn’t belong to me, but even if it is not conscious racism, I feel that it does show a degree of racial bias that in this particular case, when the objective, literal actions of the two characters are essentially the same, the fandom at large only sees the black man’s reasonable frustration as dangerous, and a sign of emotional instability.

Like, I get it, you don’t like this character, big whoop, you don’t have to like everyone and you don’t owe anyone a 600 word explanation why, but if you choose to do so and the strongest reason as to why you don’t like him is an action you didn’t hesitate to ignore when a white man did the same thing… maybe you should take some time to think about that.