this is thing that circe made

A Brief Summary: Ancient Greeks
  • Helen: Dame that hatched out of an egg and started a giant war
  • Achilles: Cross-dresses, sulks then kills people then dies
  • Patroklus: Sasstroklus
  • Amphiaraus: Hoe broke Hades’ ceiling
  • Aeneas: Roman plot armour 
  • Paris: Lil bitch with godly help. Additional: Should have picked a different goddess
  • Herakles: Fucked up by Hera but was still an ass. Disney lies.
  • Odysseus: Clever ho with the stupidest crew in the entire universe
  • Pirithous: Hades made his buttocks smooth
  • Penelope: *Lady Gaga Voice* Boys Boys Boys
  • Briseis: *Lady Gaga voice* Boys Boys Boy- *all the boys die* shit
  • The Entirety of Sparta: It’s ok to be gay (in fact it’s kinda illegal not to be)
  • Bellerophon: Tamed Pegasus then was killed by a fly
  • Tydeus: The First Zombie *groans braaaaains in the background*
  • Ganymede: Literally the hottest man in existence
  • Agamemnon: Actual, literal trash
  • Clydemnestra: She who takes out the actual, literal trash
  • Asclepius: Healed people, raised people from the dead, was the son of a god and was killed for it. Sound familiar? 
  • Hephaestion: (whoops he’s a Macedonian) A+ thighs but died eating chicken
  • Alexander the Great: (another Macedonian lol) actually just great
  • Icarus: Don’t get high, kids 
  • Pasiphae: Whoops, Hera made me fuck a bull
  • Oedipus: Motherfucker
  • Theseus: Saved by his balls. Well, Ariadne’s ball. Of string.
  • Nausicaa: She ain’t afraid of no naked man
  • Hector: Lucky Apollo was on his side or he’d never have recovered from that Patroburn\rock to the face
  • Cassandra: tbh should probably have fucked Apollo
  • Anchises: Aphrodite has a thing for cripples
  • Diomedes: boss aSS BITCHH *the crowd goes wild* *gods run off*
  • Polyphemus: MANFLESH
  • Daedalus: Amazing maze man
  • Perseus: Killed a dame with wild-as hair and killed his dad with a discus (DIDN’T FCUKING RIDE PEGASUS U HOLLYWOOD TRASH)
  • Circe: Men are literally pigs
  • Laocoon (and sons): Get these motherfuckin’ snakes off this motherfuckin’ beach
  • Telemachus: I MUST BE SWIFT AS A RAGING RIVER\ WITH ALL THE FORCE OF A GREAT TYPHOON *becomes a man into the distance, that distance being Sparta*

If y’all want to know the stories behind any of these, send me an ask

Story for Helen x
Story for Amphiaraus x
Story for Telemachus x
Story for Agamemnon here x
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Cursed (Beauty and the Beast Jimin Au): Part 1

Request:  Hey love can i request a jimin angst inspired by the disney beauty and the beast? Where love magically makes him become more and more human? Thanks!🌼

A/N: There will be another part to this! I finally got motivation for this one and I hope this is ok. I didn’t do the whole Beast thing because idk i dont like that but I did it more like the movie Beastly than anything tbh. Hope this is good!

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Running up the stairs it was a wonder that he didn’t trip on a single step. His face burned. His whole body burned. He’d never felt anything like it and he was scared. Finally getting to his bathroom he shoved the door open and violently hit the light switch so he could see. Afraid to see what he looked like, there was reason all of this was happening to him.

 Many would say Jimin had it coming. Although he was beautiful on the outside, he was hideous on the inside. He made people’s skin crawl with the things he would say. Thinking he was entitled because he was rich and beautiful. Nothing could touch him. Not until that night.

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So I'm reading this thing about how homers odyssey might have truth to it and apparently Circe really gave all the men drugs and made them think they were animals instead of magically turning them into animals.I have inclination to believe you're cerci because of the similarities between the two of you, you are very much knowledgeable about the world of drugs and if you google image Circe, the photo of her with the green leaves in hair and brass cup reminds me of you.Why did you poison those men

i wrote about how circe was a feminist icon in high school :/

Circumcision Stories from followers #4

From a follower:

I was born in the Midwest in the early 80’s.  My parents decided not to have me circumcised since they didn’t believe in it, although my father is cut. I remember my mother telling me my penis was different from most boys, but as a child I never gave it much thought until I remember one day a friend at school told me one of the other boys wasn’t circumcised.  I asked him what that meant and he told me “there’s an extra layer of skin that is cut off the tip of the penis when you are born. You probably had it done too.” I remember thinking to myself, “wow there was two layers of skin?”  Then I remembered what my mother told me and I realized that I was different.  It was around this time that I started wishing I had been circumcised as a newborn. One time, I heard my mother telling a friend that when I was a newborn, the nurses started taking me away to get circumcised without even asking her. She caught up with them and asked where they were taking me. “It’s time for him to get circumcised” they said. My mother responded that she didn’t want me circumcised. After a little back & forth, she got her way, but I really wish she hadn’t.

This experience was the first time I felt out of place and I remember thinking to myself that I would try to hide the fact I wasn’t cut as much as possible. Around age 11, I discovered I could keep the foreskin retracted by pushing my fingers into the base of my penis and pushing upwards. To the casual observer, this would look like I was just scratching or adjusting myself.

Around this time, I’d also discovered masturbation and jerking off freed any skin adhesions to the glans. My mother had told me to try to work the adhesions free, but it was painful when I tried. She taught me how to clean it properly, so I never had problems with smegma or retracting the skin. One day I just noticed it was completely free of adhesions and there was a jagged line in the skin below the sulcus.

When I started keeping the foreskin retracted, air felt really cool on my glans and it was a pleasurable feeling. At first, I thought this was what it was like to feel cut. The longer I kept it retracted, this went away and my glans started to dry out and harden.  I lost my virginity shortly after my 14th birthday. I was a little worried in the back of my mind she would discover I wasn’t cut, but my foreskin was short, so there wasn’t much bunching of skin when I was erect. The only way you could tell I wasn’t cut was if you pulled the foreskin over the glans or the fact there was no obvious scar.  The girl didn’t realize I wasn’t cut, but I remember hearing she told one of her friends it was red and sticky. An adult woman would surely figure it out, but a teenage girl wouldn’t. I discovered this practice is called autocircumcision.

As I hooked up with more girls, I would hold my penis at the base to keep the skin retracted. No one ever questioned me, but I assume they thought it was a control thing if they noticed it. I found when I was getting a hand-job, half of them would stop pumping when they got to the glans since being cut was the norm where I grew up, so it was habit to just jerk off the shaft and never try to continue to the head. With the other half of girls, I gripped the base to prevent the skin from going over the head.

At age 16, I asked to be circumcised, but my parents said no because they worried I was being impulsive and that I would regret it. They told me if I still wanted to have it done when I was 18, they would pay for it.  In my teens, I was in a relationship with at least one girl at a time, usually more, so the timing didn’t work to have the operation for fear of being discovered. My largest fear during my teen years was that someone would discover I wasn’t cut and would humiliate me.  That’s part of why I was in multiple relationships at a time.  I wanted to convince as many girls as possible that I was circumcised. This included thinking up a game where my friends and I took Polaroids of our dicks and the girls in our circle of friends had to match up which belonged to each guy.  When I was 18-19, my girlfriend asked what they line under my sulcus was. I told her it was where I was circumcised, which she believed.  

During high school, I discovered circlist, which at the time, was the best and most in depth procircumcision website that wasn’t flooded with gay porn. It can be tricky navigating the web when you are a straight guy with a circumcision kink nowadays, it was even more difficult back in the late 90’s and early 00’s. I discovered a post called “How to feel circumcised”*  I was in love with this method of retraction.  I could walk around with a drum tight shaft and never have to adjust myself.  I could masturbate vigorously without holding the base of my penis to keep it tight and the skin would not come near the glans.  This was the best thing I’d discovered since being able to keep my foreskin retracted with a swipe of the fingers disguised as a scratch or adjustment.  This experience helped me discover something about what it must feel like to be circumcised I had never considered.  I’d always thought of being cut as just being unable to pull the remaining skin to or past the coronal ridge of the glans.  I never thought about the skin tension where the penis joins the body.  Pulling the shaft skin towards the head pulled on the tissue surrounding the base of my penis and my scrotum.  This was a whole new experience and I imagined, much closer to actually being circumcised.  This method is great and I would highly recommend it for any guys considering circumcision or guys that are curious about what it feels like to be cut.  As I would discover, there is one other sensation you can only feel if you are circumcised.  More on that later.

I would’ve kept myself retracted using this method nearly all the time, except I noticed it seemed to stretch my foreskin out, so when I wasn’t taped up, it was harder to keep retracted and my foreskin almost seemed longer.  Since I couldn’t fool around with girls with this tape on without being discovered, I didn’t want to appear like I had an even looser cut than they probably thought or even worse, it they learned I wasn’t cut.  I wanted to feel like a cut guy in every way possible and I knew a happily circumcised man wouldn’t walk around with tape on his penis.  Sometimes seeing that tape reminded me I wasn’t cut more than not having it on did.  I would keep it taped for a day or two and then not do it again for another week.  Other times, I’d just use the tape when I’d masturbate, which was really cool at the time.

At age 23, I got to a point where I was finally single, I decided to get circumcised. By this time, my foreskin had been kept retracted for 12 years and when I went in for my pre-op physical, the doctor was confused and asked why I wanted to get circumcised again. He thought it had already been done.  My reasons for wanting it were purely cosmetic and psychological. I never had any issues with my foreskin and keeping it retracted had pretty much eliminated any issues with smell. The one thing I hated was having the foreskin bunch up and slid over the ridge of the glans. I also felt I didn’t last long enough in bed and wanted some of the sensitive inner foreskin tissue removed.

Once I met with the urologist, I told him I wanted to get circumcised. I was relieved it would be done under general anesthesia and he had a good reputation as a urologist. The one thing I regret is not discussing the style of circumcision I wanted. I really wanted it to look like the nurses had been able to whisk me away fast enough when I was born, meaning I wanted a high and tight cut, although at the time, I wanted to keep my frenulum. I was conflicted about asking for a high cut because I wanted the sensation reduced a bit.

I believe my doctor used the sleeve resection technique with a combination of dissolving and non-dissolving stitches.  At my follow-up I asked him about the tightness, because even when completely flaccid, the skin was absolutely immobile and this worried me. I thought he’d taken too much skin.  He explained there was more skin under the non-dissolving stitches and it would loosen up once those stitches fell out. When I took the bandages off, I was happy to see that I didn’t have a really high cut nor a really low cut.  The incision was made perpendicular to the shaft, so there is less inner skin on the top side of the penis than on the underside.  This gives a neat appearance with more sensitive inner foreskin on the underside.  I would estimate the amount of inner foreskin on the underside of the penis is the same length as the underside of the glans.  The thing I mentioned earlier that could only be experienced through being circumcised is the huge difference in sensation from the shaft skin to the circ scar to the remaining inner foreskin.  There’s an abrupt change from being not sensitive at all to very sensitive in the span of a half inch.  With a normal foreskin, this is more of a transition and doesn’t go from 0 to 10 in a short span.  Another thing I noticed was I could feel this change at all times.  It’s like there was a circle of different sensation around my dick.  

Looking back 11 years later, I would’ve prefered the scar placement to be closer to the base of the penis so I would have a typical high and tight cut.  This is more for aesthetics, but a little more inner foreskin wouldn’t hurt.  Ironically, I discovered my issues with stamina were not so much from having too much inner foreskin, but how I mentally approach sex and allow myself to get too mentally stimulated.


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I love the idea of Jason staying de-aged, it's very original and a big move to make. I was just hoping you could tell me whether he'll ever get his memories back though? While I definitely like that Jason's basically got a clean slate now, it's that same thing that's kind of gnawing at me? Because yknow yay, clean slate, he gets to start over! But also, now the Jason they knew and loved (and us/me too) is gone, bc he's the same person but we are made and shaped by our experiences

His memories are still there. They’re just mostly not available to him. His memory was all over the place and then he began to lose more and more of them, but it steadied out and anything that was put at risk from the spell (his life, his mind, his memory) was part of Circe’s ultimate ‘fix’. 

It’s why in sixteen he can recognize Kory and pick out someone he once knew from the League of Assassins. 

Next Rejected Princess for you all: Pasiphaë, mythological Greek queen. 

Pasiphaë is best known for two things. The first, and better known of the two, was that she had an insatiable need to have sex with a bull. Not just any bull, but a bull that Poseidon gave her husband, king Minos. So the legend goes, her husband was supposed to sacrifice the bull back to Poseidon, but decided to keep it. In response, Poseidon was like, “Hey Pasiphaë, you know what’d be real good right now? Bull penis.” So she had the court inventor, Daedalus, build her a hollowed-out wooden cow so that she could have sex with the bull. 

She later gave birth to the Minotaur. Daedalus got busy building a labyrinth. 

The second thing she was well-known for was ruining her husband’s sex life. Being a powerful sorceress (her sister was Circe) and knowing that her husband was cheating on her, she made a charm such that if he slept with anyone save her, he would ejaculate serpents, scorpions, and millipedes. Gross.

Now, here’s where it gets weird. Her husband’s mother, Europa (after whom Europe itself is named), had almost the exact same story. In her story, Zeus took the form of a beautiful bull, approached her, carried her out to an island in the ocean, and mated with her. She then had three kids, one of whom was king Minos - Pasiphaë’s husband. Notably Europa’s tale didn’t have the whole arachnid-semen part of the story. 

So what’s the deal? As best as historians are able to determine, they were the same legend. Europa was the Minoan version, and Pasiphaë the Greek one. When the Greeks rolled through and conquered Crete, they essentially rewrote things. Instead of her being a powerful and in-charge woman, she was a depraved and lustful pawn. Their way of breaking Minoan traditions and bending it to their own ends. Dick move, guys. 

Artistic notes:

  • Her laurel garland makes two horns (she was often depicted with a horned crown, being a bull goddess).
  • The night sky in the background is the Taurus constellation, naturally.
  • The setting is a direct copy of king Minos’s palace at Knossos (which really exists).
  • The cow is modeled after a native breed local to that region called the Greek shorthair.
  • The only severe inaccuracy I’m aware of is that the cow was supposed to be on wheels - probably a reference to an actual statue that the ancient Minoans used.  I liked it better with hooves though.

Oh, and the lady in the background is wiping scorpions off her chest and there are some in her hair. Make of that what you will.

EDITS: an earlier version of this post referred to ancient Crete as Minoa – how embarrassing! Thanks to bachvevo for the correction!

Atlantean Fun (and not-so-fun) Facts
  • Pythagoras, Jason, and Hercules have each (unknowingly) brought home a stray prince
  • Hercules, Jason, and Pythagoras have all seen Ariadne naked
  • Ariadne, Medusa, and Korinna have all been in Hercules’ bedroom
  • Jason, Hercules, and Medusa have all stolen food
  • Pythagoras, Medusa, Ariadne, Jason, Hercules, and Pasiphae have all been (unsuccessfully) sentenced to death
  • Jason, Hercules, and Pasiphae have all been presumed dead
  • Jason and Medusa have both been cursed or in some way victim to magic at least three times each
  • All the main canon ships have betrayed and been betrayed by their partner
  • Ariadne, Pythagoras, and Hercules have all been drugged to sleep by somebody they trusted - twice for Pythagoras and Hercules (Jason almost made this list, but he was struck on the head rather than drugged)
  • Jason, Pythagoras, Medusa, Hercules, Pasiphae, and Ariadne are all now fatherless 
  • the entire Colchean royal bloodline (Pasiphae, Medea, Heptarian, Jason, Circe, Ariadne, and Therus) have all either threatened, attempted, or successfully killed a family member

Everybody please add things to the list!

Apple Juice, Baby - OneShot

Requested by anonymous: A Jensen x Reader where she’s his costar and girlfriend and surprises him (and everyone else) by showing up to JIB con when Jared had to cancel. And then later gets kinda drunk on the “apple juice” and crashes the Misha/Jensen panel (if you haven’t seen that panel you totally should btw, hilarious). Then tons of fluff and hilarity happens. Thanks! (2.9K)


You groggily woke up that morning to your phone blaring incessantly on the floor, vibrating around in small circles as your cat Circe pawed at it with apprehension. Checking the clock on the nightstand, you discovered that it was much too early on a Saturday to be asked of anything, but if it had vibrated enough to fall off its holster on your night stand, then perhaps it meant something was up (the last time it had vibrated so much, Gen had gone into labour).

You reached over the bedside in an attempt to grab your phone without losing the warmth of your covers, and you obviously failed. You toppled out of bed with an “oomph,” and Circe barrelled her way out of the bedroom with an unnecessary shrill wail.

Rolling your eyes at her and grasping your phone, you flipped the screen over to see a dozen missed calls, mostly from Jared, but also from a few of the producers. Curious, you hoped nothing bad had happened, you dialed Jared’s number by heart and waited for the call to connect.

As you were waiting, you placed the phone on speaker and swung on a fuzzy robe and your favorite moccasins, easier said than done as Circe began twirling around your legs looking for a little bit of love and a lot of food.

“You’re getting kinda chubby you know, maybe you should go on a diet,” you cooed at her, picking her up and letting her nuzzle your neck for attention.

“Wow, Y/N, thanks,” blared Jared’s tinny voice through your phone, causing you to jump, you hadn’t realized he’d picked up, you were occupied with nuzzling your face into the soft arm of you cat, the purring sending vibrations down your cheek and neck.

Picking it up from the shelf in your closet and chuckling lightly you said “Jared, you know I don’t mean you, ya loonie. I was talking about Circe! Fat cat…” You trailed off with a small grin on your face. “So why’d you call?”

The line at the other end went silent, “Y/N, both the boys have come down with a nasty flu, almost sounds like croup cough, I can’t make it to the panel at the con tomorrow night, can you possibly fill in for me? Please?” You could hear his concern and anxiousness through your poor connection. “Its just a classic J2M panel, the producers wanna make an event of it and have your appearance be a surprise.”

You rolled your eyes at the theatrics of your bosses, always a publicity stunt with those folks. But you also knew Jared wouldn’t miss a panel for nothing, especially considering he had just launched a new campaign for his charity and was planning on doing giveaways at this convention, so you resolutely made up your mind and decided to be helpful and agreed. Jared promptly listed off the details, saying he’d already booked your flight (presumptuous jerk), and where and when to be there.

Sighing, with Circe still in your arms, you crawled back into bed, designating the rest of the day to absolute nothingness, since your laziness tomorrow was so horrifically taken from you. You pulled your duvet over the two of you and resolutely fell back into slumber.

A few hours later, you awoke to Circe batting relentlessly at your forehead, obviously requiring food since it was now late afternoon and very far past her mealtime. Chuckling and swatting back at her, you crawled out of bed for the second time that day and proceeded to prepare yourself for your flight and the convention.

Riffling through your half of the closet and eying the other half, you realized that you knew exactly what to wear, and packing a chambray dress into your small carryon made you chuckle and dance around with glee. Reaching down to the lower shelf to grab a pair of fashionable sneakers, you felt a little woozy standing back up. Shaking it off (and trying not to think about how you spent the weekend prior with Jared and his gremlins), you straightened yourself and traipsed downstairs with your light(ish) bag in hand. Circe was running into things and skidding over the hardwood as you prepared her breakfast (now dinner). Man, she really was getting kinda chubby…

After setting up a meal for her and getting something prepared for yourself, you settled down at the kitchen table, realizing that this apartment seemed much too large when it was just the two of you around. Banging your foot against the metal leg of your chair, you listened as it clanged around the apartment and seemed to reflect the sounds you thought you might hear if the vast skyline of Vancouver in front of you had any sounds at all. Listening to the echoes of the metal around your apartment, you sat and gazed out the window, remembering when you had went in for your first audition with Supernatural, an extra - a waitress just doing her job. Being one of the only Canadians on set, your accent was definitely a laugh for the boys and a cause for a great deal of eye rolls for you. Rubbing the back of your neck absentmindedly, you wondered if your neck issues were due to all exaggerated rolls of the eyes that you did (you blamed that habit on Misha, master of the unnecessary flamboyant annoyed facial gesture). Could you get compensation for your acupuncture for this? Frowning to yourself, you doubted it…

Walking across the cold tiles never ended well for you, even in your moccasins, and as you haphazardly tossed your dishes into the sink to worry about later, you almost biffed it for probably the hundredth time that month. That was it, you scowled, you were getting carpets, man cave or not, the feminine feel of a rug was absolutely worth the lack of bruises on your purpled bottom. Although you had to admit, a majority of the bruises were due to falling during wild shrieking chases around the unit, not you being a clumsy oaf (which you were).

You flopped down on the couch with a sigh, Circe coming to nestle in against your thigh, and you grabbed your laptop from the coffee table in front of you to print out the tickets Jared said he’d send you. Finding the email easily, you proceeded to print them off, grabbing them and a bowl of haphazardly made popcorn from a few days ago and settled into the couch for a few hours of your current television addiction.

You awoke to the sounds of a foreign show, yours obviously over and live TV was blaring through the speakers. Checking your watch, you realized that it was nearly one in the morning, curious as to why you had slept for so long after napping away the morning, you proceeded to shower and prepare for the flight ahead. All the months travelling with the show for conventions had left you used to flying, and you prepared for the early flight with ease, finding you had time to spare and cuddled under the covers of your bed for some much needed reading.

You found it hard to concentrate on your book, thinking of all the ridiculous things your producers had probably planned for you for the coming day, smiling to yourself about the antics you were probably going to be allowed to get up to in order to appease the fans -  Jared not showing up was a big deal, after all, he never failed to remind you that he was cast member number one, and everyone fell after him. Shaking your head slightly, you reminisced about all the crap he got away with that nobody else could simply because he was the star of a show and a family you had come to love.

Glancing at the clock on the wall and tossing your book to the side, you decided now was as good a time to head out as any, and you kept yourself busy driving to the airport, boarding the plane, and sitting for hours in the uncomfortable chairs, happy with the mundanity of it all and the comfort of flying. Although, you felt a headache coming on, and gesturing to the stewardess, you asked for a drink to calm your nerves. Sipping on it casually while listening to music, you felt the dull ache in your forehead go away, and you shut your eyes in relaxation.

Landing in the city of the convention, you looked around at the small airport, wondering where you could go from here, and glanced around for planes from foreign regions, you always loved looking at the decals on the planes for places you probably would never go.

Making your way into the baggage claim area, you looked around for the car that was supposed to pick you up, a quick glance later and you saw your name in the hands of a monotonous man in a black suit, as per usual.

Making your way towards him and handing him your carryon, you got into the back seat of the car and were looking out the window as you made your way to the convention. You had to admit, this place seemed pretty nice, maybe you’d have to come back here to visit on your own.

Getting out of the car and thanking the driver gratefully, you made your way towards the door, and the gust of wind that blew up felt very uncomfortable against your face. Opening up the tote you had brought, you popped out a few pills for headaches and downed them with a heady gulp.

Following the excited girls and boys, you made your way to the administration, requesting your ID badge and location of your event. Following the map there, you were stopped by a few avid fans of the show, since you were only on a handful of episodes, only certain people were really interested in seeing you and getting photos with you, and many people only liked you for the way you interacted with the boys, bringing out their goofy and playful sides with ease.

Finding yourself backstage to where Jensen and Misha had just started, you grabbed a glass of what looked like juice in order to reduce the dull throbbing behind your eyes and get your blood sugar up. You were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t in fact juice, and that Jensen had probably requested it back here in order to help him steel his nerves, he always worried when he let the fans down, and he would be especially anxious because of Jared’s no show.

You finished the first glass and reached for a second, glad for the way it softened the edges of your vision and dulled the ache in your head. Sitting down and waiting for the cue from one of the coordinators, you relaxed and leaned your head against the wall, today was not your day already, even just a few hours in! Admittedly, you had been up since before the crack of dawn, but you also slept away most of your Saturday, so you were a little confused about your current state.

When someone popped their head in to tell you to get ready, your phone went off with an irritatingly shrill sound, you glanced down at it to see a message from Jared, reading: “Circe is fat because Jensen feeds her two scoops! ;)”

Oh no! That wasn’t cool! You had been feeding her diet snacks in an attempt to help her lose some pounds, and here was Jensen feeding her extra to compensate for that? A little livid and feeling a little malicious, you smirked to yourself and came up with a wicked idea. Standing up, and toppling a little, you made your way over to the question line up, the fans politely allowed you to step in front of them.

With your best impersonation of a little child, you asked Jensen and Misha from the back of the room, “Why is Circe so fat?” To which Misha squinted a little bit and caught sight of you before laughing and walking circles on stage, but where you were situated Jensen couldn’t see you, and as he tried to look around the fans you hid from his view with glee. Ducking a little to avoid his gaze, you felt your head spin slightly. Oh crap, did it say anything on the label for the headache pills you took and combining them with alcohol? Oh no no no, now you understood your disinhibition and increased clumsiness.

You proceeded to question Jensen in your best childish voice, “Do you feed her too much? Y/N posted on social media that he was fat!” You placed your hand over the mic and muffled laughter, all the fans closing in on you, realizing what you were doing, and laughing with you. In fact, you felt a few stray hands grasping at the button on your dress, and other questionable things, but with the gang surrounding you, you couldn’t identify which faces belonged to which hands.

At this point, Misha had stopped chuckling to himself and began to play along, speaking clearly over the microphone and saying exactly what you wanted to hear. “In fact dear fan,” he paused then, giving Jensen a wicked smirk, which caused Jen to squirm in his seat, knowing what Misha was about to say would get him in trouble. “Jensen does feed her! Twice as much as she’s supposed to!” Jensen turned beet red and flustered, mumbling into the mic about how she gave him sweet eyes and he just had to give her more, he was staring down at the floor and scuffing his boots against the flooring on stage.

“I knew it!” You shrieked shrilly, watching his reaction at recognizing your voice, he first broke into a huge hopeful grin, before realizing how much trouble he was in as his face blanched. Leaving the crowd that had gathered around you and hidden you from sight, you made your way up to the stage, laughing maniacally the whole way. Jensen was on his way to greet you, his arms open wide, a smile on his face that you knew was reserved just for you, bringing out the dimple in his cheek, his face flushed to the point where you could no longer identify his freckles, and his green eyes gleaming at you. Even though it had just been a day, you intended to grab onto him and never let go, and based on his expression he planned to do the same. Many of your family and friends found it excruciatingly painful being around the two of you, since you both latched onto each other like it was the last chance you would see each other, and cared for one another so deeply Misha and Jared often complained how saturated the room was with your love.

Attempting to make your way up to the stage and clamber up, you hoisted yourself up with your arms onto the stage, dangling there unceremoniously, your dress slowly riding up, as Jensen gripped you underneath of your armpits and easily carried you to the safety of the stage. You just stood in his arms in awe, his strength and how you felt when you two were touching never ceased to amaze you.

Forgetting where you were entirely, you wrapped your arms enthusiastically around his neck, nuzzling into him, and his strong arms wrapped around your back, squeezing tightly briefly before caging you in a loose net of his heat. Looking out towards the crowd and waving, you snatched the microphone from Jensen, and shouted, “I’m Y/N! Look, Jensen and I match!” Jumping up and down in his arms, Jensen just shook his head at you, kissed your temple, and rolled his eyes when the crowed responded accordingly, the chambray of your dress and his dress shirt matching almost entirely in tone, and the two of you both wearing coordinating brown belts.

“It looks like you two just walked out of a Sears catalogue,” Misha chuckled, coming up behind you, and Jensen, yourself, and the crowd laughed at his comment enthusiastically.

You made your way over to the chair that Jensen had been seated in, almost missing it entirely as you toppled precariously on the edge of the seat.

Jensen watched you the entire time, eyes gleaming, before recognition crossed his features, and he asked “Have you been having some of my apple juice, baby?” You bit your lip and nodded enthusiastically, earning a chuckle from the crowd at your demeanour and the hour of the day.

He rolled his eyes and came to stand behind you, a hand resting on your shoulder and the other on the back of his chair, rubbing soothing circles into your clavicle with his thumb. You glanced up at him over your shoulder, gaining on of the smiles you knew were yours, and yours alone, and proceeded to sneeze all over Jensen.

He barely even flinched, just laughed down at you, and you said, “I think I’m getting sick,” with a slight frown, to which he responded with “then I guess I’ll have to take care of you,” an encouraging pat on the shoulder followed, warming you with the love you felt for this man and the love you knew he returned. 

Incorporated Part V

Jon stopped on the way home at a local deli to pick up lunch before the watch had a chance to begin its electrical current.  He looked at his new watch skeptically while waiting in line.  It was silver, with several dials whirring as they kept time.  The watch itself was fairly handsome and Jon could see buying it regardless of its scientific properties.  Jon tried flipping the latch that opened the band and found it stuck.  He began prying at it, growing aggressive with effort, a modicum of panic growing in the pit of his stomach.


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James Potter and His Adventures in the Muggle World

Prompt: Ultrasounds (u know around the time Lily was pregnant

Given by jamespottersd (aka the love of my life)

Yes, ultrasound machines were invented before late seventies/ early eighties and no I didn’t really check much after that

Doctor Descartes was a short woman who seemed to be in her late forties with a greying bob and a toothy smile.

James never liked healers and he liked muggle doctors even less- why do they stab you with needles insisting it’s going to make you feel better? And why in the name of Merlin and Circe do they need to cut you open?

He held on tightly to Lily’s hand as they walked through the pristine white halls behind the woman. He’d never been to a muggle hospital before. Well, he had- twice actually- but those two times he was in immense pain and did not give his surroundings two hoots. Lily had insisted they go to one after things in the Wizarding world took a turn for the worst. For once in his life he had agreed to come to this stupid place that smelt like bleach and made his nose itch.

Lily’s fingers were interwoven with his while her other hand rested on the noticeable bump on her tummy as they followed the older women through a series of corridors that all looked the same to James. Finally, after what seemed liked hours to James, they stopped in front of a door.

Doctor Descartes turned to Lily and said, “Would you like your husband inside with you? He can always wait out here,” she said, pointing to the row of hard backed plastic chairs that James guessed that all hospitals- both muggle and wizarding alike- seemed to have.

Lily shook her head. “No, I want him inside.”

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Gift #6, 5:40pm, @asexualsiriusblack

Are you Sirius?! asexualsiriusblack, this gift is for you!




Love Letters- It’s a day before Valentine’s Day and Draco needs to get his letter out immediately. And apparently so does Harry.

Draco sat at his desk inside the Slytherin dorm, crumpling yet another paper and tossing it into the trash bin next to him. It was ridiculous, really. ‘Draco Malfoy’, with writers block.

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“Construction of Objects” a poem by Circe Maia, translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Construction of Objects

They are made in time
and they are made of time.
They are made little by little, as small blows
of a chisel make a statue.
Like a blanket, knit stitch by stitch,
day by day.
But after that, they are. They are like a table
resting on the floor: this way of speaking, for example
these gestures
this circle of routine acts
such objects
such things
only death unmakes.

Construcción de Objetos

Se hacen en el tiempo
y están hechos de tiempo.
Se hacen de a poco, como a pequeños golpes
de cincel, una estatua.
Como un tejido, punto por punto
día por día.
Pero después están. Están como una mesa
apoyada en el piso: ese modo de hablar, por ejemplo
esos gestos
los círculos de actos rutinarios
tan objetos
tan cosas
que sólo se deshacen con la muerte.

[MYTHOLOGY MEME] 2/5 War Deities: Anat

Anat is a major northwest Semitic goddess. In Ugarit (modern northern Syria) Anat is a violent war-goddess who is the sister and, according to a much disputed theory, the lover of the great god Ba‘al Hadad. Anat’s titles used again and again are “virgin ‘Anat” and “sister-in-law of the peoples” (or “progenitress of the peoples” or “sister-in-law, widow of the Li’mites”).

Anat appears as a fierce, wild and furious warrior in a battle, wading knee-deep in blood, striking off heads, cutting off hands, binding the heads to her torso and the hands in her sash, driving out the old men and townsfolk with her arrows, her heart filled with joy. 

Anat first appears in Egypt in the 16th dynasty (the Hyksos period) along with other northwest Semitic deities. She was especially worshiped in her aspect of a war goddess, often paired with the goddess `Ashtart. In the Contest Between Horus and Set, these two goddesses appear as daughters of Re and are given in marriage to the god Set. [x]