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Houses During Pride Month
  • I am a shit who never posts and I'm only posting now because I signed up for a summer class at my new school that starts on Tuesday and I have 40 pages of homework problems. Yes.
  • Gryffindor: They are into everything happening, they're showing up at every fricking event. Would totally punch a punk in the face for making a homophobic comment. Just like a giant party. Pride colors all the way.
  • Ravenclaw: Has made so many signs. Why so many signs? You don't know. They don't know either. Signs everywhere. And stickers, but mostly signs.
  • Slythein: Wearing the most obnoxiously overdone clothing possible just to piss people off. If not, literally doesn't talk about it at all until someone makes a comment to their face that's homophobic and they just smile and stare into their eyes while they reveal their sexual/gender preferences.
  • Hufflepuff: Is hosting all the best house parties, has stickers all over their car. Might do something really cute like make pride cupcakes or wear a custom shirt.
My Name

Yo Tumblr!! It’s me, Teenie, and I have an announcement!
Since I’m nonbinary, I’m not really okay with my birth name, so it’s been kind of a struggle to find a name that I liked and thought fit me. But yesterday I found my name!
You guys can call me Jay. 😉
I think I want to change my Url too. Idk when, maybe soon, but url changes kind of suck.
I was thinking something like JayBeans? Or something to do with my name bc I really like it.
What do you guys think?
Do you like my name?
Do you have any url suggestions?
I wanna know your opinions :33

Bakutodo Week. Day 1: Feet; First Impressions; Hands. 

The boys catching up on some sleep.

Used reference for the feet.


All the money and material in the world could not fill my heart like you just might have.

AU in which Jikook are the leaders of their rich, rival families, soon to be joined together in an arranged marriage of sorts. 

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Yes you! Do you like the ship Phan? Are you okay with the sfw little community? Do you have Wattpad?? If you’ve answered “Yes” to all of these questions, then listen up:
I made a Phaniction on my Wattpad page called Little Prince. My page name is EvasiveWriting. I only have a chapter up so far but I worked really hard on it. So please check it out if you’re interested! Okay, that is all. Thank youuu :D