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You Never Disappoint

Hope you guys will enjoy this one! Thank you to the person who requested it. Was a fun story to write! And also, thank you to @interfectorems for helping me get ideas. 

Plot: Inexperienced Y/N wants Harry to finally introduce her to a more intimate level of their relationship.

Warnings: Smut, but not too much. 

Pic isn’t mine, sadly.

I remembered our first kiss. We’d knocked our heads together as we’d leant into the same direction and he’d failed to keep the laugh from tumbling from his pink lips while my cheeks had burned in embarrassment. Harry had taken his time to recover and he’d cupped my cheek in his palm, holding my head still so he could lean in without knocking against my temple again, with both dimples still prominent in his cheeks. When our mouths had connected however, that had been when the fire had first erupted between us.

That fire was yet to be extinguished and bound me to Harry with a strength I couldn’t quite comprehend. Whenever he entered a room, all I could feel was this intense pull, urging me to be as close to him as I could be and yet, letting him close was that one thing I didn’t quite dare doing yet.
Harry and I had been friends for more than four months before I’d (accidentally!) let it slip that I had a thing for him. I’d been properly embarrassed then, couldn’t even look him in the eye and had avoided him for a week until he had finally been able to corner me and tell me that he’d felt the same, that he had for months in fact. It was then, that our awkward first kiss had followed and when I’d walked with him holding my hand, it had been the first time I’d felt the tingling sensation all over my body.
We’d been together for two months now and I was so happy. Harry was a sensitive, attentive and kind guy. He gave me all of his attention whenever I wanted or needed it and always knew when to give my hand an extra squeeze. It didn’t seem to bother him when I stopped his hands from wandering too low when we were kissing and he never complained when I rolled from under him with a weak excuse about having to use the bathroom, all so I could get away from his relentless kisses and gentle touches.
It wasn’t like I didn’t want him to touch me, I did. My stomach always fluttered upon feeling his hands on me, my heart’s pace sped up and it squeezed in my chest almost painfully. I loved to feel his soft mouth on mine, leaving kisses that were sweet at first and got more and more urgent as the minutes passed. Nothing gave me quite as much comfort as having him press his warm body against mine, as he was strong and knew just how much pressure was bearable.
But for some reason I couldn’t let him too close. I just couldn’t. The moment I felt his lower region press into mine a little to hard, I shuddered and all my head screamed at me to do was leave.

Harry never asked. He never rolled his eyes, huffed, sighed or made any other sign of annoyance. Not once had he made me keep still, held me close, forced me to stay longer than I wanted or been angry with me. Usually he waited for me to exit his bathroom until I was done pretending to pee, gave me a smile along with a soft kiss pressed  to my cheek, before he entered the bathroom himself, undoubtedly to finish what I was somehow unable to, and had still started.
No more though, I’d decided. Today I would tell him. Tell him I was ready. It was just Harry after all, a guy I knew, trusted and cared for dearly. It couldn’t be too hard to give myself to him, now could it?

“Hello, love,” Harry greeted me upon entering his flat.

A smile spread and his whole face lit up. He quickly pushed the coat from his strong shoulders and slipped off his shoes, tossing them to the small space next to the door, before he entered his living room where I was and plopped down on the couch beside me.

“Hi,” I mumbled, reciprocating his smile, before leaning in to kiss his cheek softly.

“You on your own?”

I nodded. “Your roommate left only ten minutes ago. Said he’ll stay at his girlfriend’s, so…”

“We’re alone tonight.” Harry grinned and pressed a quick kiss to my lips, humming lowly.

I was just about to lean in to deepen the connection when he pulled away, got to his feet and walked to the kitchen. Odd. Normally Harry never missed a beat and kissed me back immediately.

“Are you hungry, babe? I could make us something. M'sure there’s some pasta left as well.”

I frowned a little and got up as well, before following him into the smaller space of his kitchen where he was stood by the counter.


“Yeah, sounds great.”

My throat felt incredibly dry as I watched Harry sort through his drawers and refrigerator in search for pans and food, the movements of his muscles visible even through his jumper, making me feel all tingly again. The warmth of Harry’s body seemed to radiate off of him and onto me, his presence setting me at ease while making me nervous at the same time, a combination that didn’t make sense and somehow still did.
Harry cheered when he discovered the bowl of pasta in his fridge and stepped closer to me to give me a fist bump, a gesture I almost missed as I was too deep in thought.

How would I start this conversation? Did it even have to be one, really? Maybe I could make him kiss me in that special way, one that would lead him to lay us both down on his couch and make out until it got too much for me. Only that this time it wouldn’t become too much. It wouldn’t. And instead I’d let him continue and take me wherever he wanted.

“Do you mind cutting the tomatoes for us?” Harry asked, his back still turned to me while he prepared the pasta.

Screw plan A. I couldn’t wait any longer, the feeling of excitement and anticipation was too strong.

“Do you think we could have sex?”

Harry stopped his movements. The pan he was holding fell onto the stove with a clash and I could see his muscles tense as his entire posture straightened. Mentally, I cursed myself for sounding like such a baby, asking him for sex with a voice indicating so clearly how nervous I was. He was still and I bit my lip, scared of his next words. Oh god. What I fool I was. Nothing sexier as a girl who has absolutely no idea what she’s doing, keeps on rejecting her guy and then asks, fucking asks, like a school girl, if her boyfriend may still want to try out sex with her.
Slowly, very slowly, Harry turned around to face me. His pink lips were apart and his eyes wider than before, a clear look of surprise and concern in them.

“I’m sorry?”

His voice was thin and higher than before. I cleared my throat.

“No, I’m sorry.” I shook my head. “I shouldn’t have… Sorry, Harry. Forget about it.”

He held up his hand to stop me. “No, no, darling. What was it you said, ‘cause can’t possibly have been what I thought I heard.”

My cheeks heated and I bit my lip. “Stop it. You know you heard right.”

“You want to have sex?” Harry asked in disbelief.

He was leaning against the counter now, his body turned fully to me to give me all of his attention.
I nodded shyly.

“Yes. If we could, then I thought… yeah.”

“I mean,” Harry began, “M'sure we could. We both got the equipment needed, don’t we?”

He grinned and I caught his gaze traveling down to my breasts before dropping even lower, staying there momentarily before locking eyes with me again, his smile widening.

“Ugh, Harry!”

My hands flung to my face, covering it with both palms and I quickly turned around, unable to look at Harry any longer. This was so embarrassing. The heat in my cheeks increased until I could feel that I was for sure a bright shade of red and my palms were sweaty.

“Hey,” Harry’s soft voice sounded, humor still evident in it.

I could hear him step closer to me and flinched when his arms wrapped around my form, bringing my body against his. Harry’s chin rested on my shoulder and his chest against my back.

“Don’t be so shy, baby,” Harry hummed into the shell of my ear before kissing the skin of my neck gently.

“Stop making fun of me, then,” I argued quietly.

Harry’s arms squeezed me and he pressed himself against me tighter. “M'not. Just surprised you want to fuck me, is all.”

“Don’t say it like that.”

He whined and nuzzled my neck, his lips nipping and biting on my skin softly, coaxing a gasp from me.

“My cute,” Harry whispered, pressing a kiss to my cheek, “soft,” another kiss to my neck, “gentle,” a kiss to my shoulder, “sweet,” kiss to my jaw, “innocent,” his tongue darted out to wet the skin of my neck, “Y/N.”

My eyes were squeezed shut and a sigh fell from my mouth. I held onto his arms with my hands, my tips digging into his skin as my grip tightened. The tingling sensation of my body increased and Harry’s presence almost felt overwhelming.

“You want to have sex with me, then?” Harry asked, his voice serious.

“Yes,” I murmured.


Harry’s nose pressed against the back of my neck and I could hear him take in a deep breath, then he let me go. His hands took hold of my arms and he spun me around to his face him. It took more bravery than usually to look into his eyes, but once I did, I was relieved to find them full of kindness. None of the mockery I’d suspected they’d hold in them, no cheekiness.

“Say it,” Harry whispered.

And for the first time since dating him, I could tell he was nervous, too. I swallowed hard.

“I want to, Harry.”

His teeth bit onto his bottom lip and his brows furrowed. He looked deep in thought and I wrapped my arms around my middle, at least as good as I could, given the fact that he was still squeezing them.


“What?” My eyes widened.

“Do you want to eat first or after?”


“Perhaps first would be good so I don’t wear you out, but if we want to get this over and done with as quickly as possible then we could-”

“Get this over and done with?” I squeaked.

The lump in my throat grew at his words and I took a step back. Maybe this had been a bad idea after all and I just simply wasn’t the kind of person who was confident enough to initiate sex.
Suddenly Harry began to laugh.

“I’m just messing with you, sweetheart.”

His smile grew upon seeing my confused look and he leaned in to press a quick kiss to my parted lips.


“You should see the look on your face!” he laughed and I swatted him.

How dare he?

“You’re such a shit head!”

“I know, but one who’s gonna get in your pants tonight, eh?”

He looked proud of himself and laughed once more when I rolled my eyes at him.
Harry’s hands pulled me forward and closer to where he stood again. He pressed a kiss to my temple, then he pulled back with a much more serious expression on his face.

“This is nothing to get over and done with,” he reassured me, “I know that. Not with you, anyway.”

His palms settled onto my waist and he leaned in closer once more to kiss my cheek gently.

“We’ll go slow, yeah?” Harry hummed lowly, “Take our time. I won’t push you and be gentle and-”

“But I want it today,” I interrupted him, sensing that he would propose to postpone it. But I couldn’t wait. I’d be too afraid next time if we didn’t to it now.

Harry frowned. “Are you sure?”

I nodded and took his face into both hands. “Very.”


He still didn’t look too certain, not even when I began to move my thumbs in a circular motion against the skin of his cheeks.

“And I’d like it if we ate after,” I murmured with a smile.

This made Harry laugh. “Alright. Good. Let’s go to the bedroom then, shall we?”

He reached up to his face where he clasped my hand, then he walked out of the kitchen and into the direction I knew his bedroom was, making me follow him close behind.
It was when he pushed the door to his room shut and turned to face me where I was standing in front of his bed, that it all began to feel so real.
I was about to see him naked.

Perhaps that was an odd thing to consume my thoughts, given the fact that I was about to be naked myself and most likely to experience pain, but his nakedness was all I could focus on. I’d seen him shirtless before on various occasions and each time his beauty had stolen my breath. And now I was about to see him fully naked.

“You good?” Harry asked gently, his voice laced with concern.

I nodded.

“Gonna need a verbal confirmation there, baby,” he whispered.

“I’m good.”

Harry’s warm palms gently caressed my cheeks, holding my face still so he could connect out mouths in a passionate kiss. I whimpered and allowed him to deepen the kiss. A shiver crawled all over my skin when he lowly moaned, his tongue invading my mouth with care not to use too much. His soft kisses distracted me from where his hands had travelled down to my shirt and I only noticed that he’d began pulling the fabric up when he’d already exposed half of my stomach.

“May I?” he asked against my lips before resuming to kiss my mouth.

All I could muster was a low moan and a nod, allowing him to pull up the shirt further before we quickly disconnected the kiss so he could pull it over my head.
Harry’s eyes widened. He’d never seen me topless before and I noticed his cheeks flush. Thank god I’d decided to wear my lacy bralette tonight, one that hardly covered anything.
For some reason, this didn’t feel difficult. Now that Harry knew exactly how far I wanted to go and was aware of the fact that he needed to be gentle with me, I felt much more relaxed.
I loved Harry, after all. He didn’t know it yet, but it was true and I knew he would make sure I was alright as his sensitive nature allowed him to know exactly how to be with me.

“Fuck,” Harry cursed, “You are…” he took a deep breath and shook his head. His eyes were still set onto my breasts.

My cheeks heated under his intense stare.

“You’re so incredibly beautiful. It’s insane. You drive me insane.”

I giggled and reached out to the hem of his own shirt. “Thank you, love. Now it’s your turn.”

Harry smiled confidently and let me pull up his own shirt so he too was topless before me. My fingers traced his tattoos and I shook my head in awe. He was stunning. The most handsome male I had ever seen, easily.

“I’m a bit nervous,” I whispered.

Harry’s green orbs stared into mine and I bit the inside of my cheek when he raised my hand to his lips to kiss the back of it.

“It’s alright,” he assured, “M'nervous too.”

“Yeah, but you have experience.”

“So?” he asked.

“Well. You know what’s expecting you,” I mumbled, “aside the fact that it probably won’t feel as good. I don’t know what I’m doing, after all. Sorry in advance, Harry, I promise, I-”

“Wow,” Harry interrupted me, “What’s this talk now?”

I shrugged and looked away.

“S'this why you never let me touch you properly?” Harry asked.

His eyes looked confused and his lips were set in a thin line. He obviously could not understand where I was coming from. I bit my bottom lip and nodded, looking down.

“Y/N,” Harry groaned, reaching forward to take hold of my chin, “my darling love, what silly worries have you troubled yourself with now? Did you truly think I would be… what? Disappointed if we had sex? That I wouldn’t be satisfied or, good god, angry with you? Y/N!”

His words came out rushed and he stopped himself to breath.

“Well,” I began but was shushed with Harry pressing his lips to mine, kissing me deeply instantly.

His hands found my ribcage and I shuddered, the warmth of his palms a strong contrast to my cold skin. Harry moaned into my mouth and pushed me back gently, walking me backwards so my legs hit the mattress. I whimpered and clasped the back of his neck, holding his head to me so we wouldn’t stop kissing while I settled down onto the bed, laying down with Harry following suit.
Harry’s tongue traced along my bottom lip and I made a noise close to a whine when I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore. He responded by disconnecting our kiss and settling his mouth onto my neck where he didn’t wait to bit and lick the skin, making sure to leave a mark.

“Harry,” I moaned.

His hand had fallen lower and began tugging at my leggings, slowly moving the fabric down my legs. Harry’s hands pulled them down further until I could push them from my legs with my feet, letting the clothing fall to the end of the bed. Harry hummed into my neck.
My own fingers boldly moved to pop the button of his jeans and I fumbled with the zipper, pulling it down carefully. Harry aided me in pushing down his jeans so he was only left in his underwear as well. His eyes watched me close while his hands caressed my cheeks, then my breasts and then moved further down to my hip.

“S'this okay?”

I nodded, knowing what was going to come next. I was sure. This time, I was ready.
Harry watched me closely as my face scrunched up, the tip of his finger gently pressed against my clothed center and I whined. Carefully and in a slow movement so I could still stop it should I wish, he moved my underwear aside and dipped his fingers inside. Having his bare skin against mine made me gasp. Harry waisted no time and began to move his fingers in a circular motion, applying just enough pressure.

“Oh god.”

My head fell back into the pillows. Harry followed, leaning his body against mine and peppering kisses to my chest while his fingers still gently touched my most sensitive spot.

“Good, huh?” Harry grinned.

“Yeah,” I gasped and moaned when one of his finger dared dipping into me, not far enough to slip it inside, though.

Harry watched me intensely and part of me worried for a moment if I looked ridiculous, my face all twisted in a pleasure more intense than I’d ever felt before.

“Relax,” Harry hushed against my skin, then he slowly began to push his finger in.

My eyes squeezed shut tighter and my mouth opened in a loud cry. It burned, yes, but the pleasure consuming me overshadowed any faint pain.

“Still good?” he asked, his voice almost a growl.

I gasped upon feeling his own arousal against my leg, the hard pressure pressing against my thigh when he shifted.

“Yes, good,” I whimpered, “so good, Harry.”

“Fucking hell, you’re tight,” Harry groaned as he withdrew his finger, before gently pushing it back in, “You’re going to feel so incredible once m'inside you, darling.”

I hummed and turned my head to kiss the side of his head, momentarily making it difficult for him to nip on my neck.
Harry responded by moving one of his fingers, I assumed his thumb, up and onto a spot he hadn’t payed much attention to yet. He pressed the pad of said finger against the small spot and all of a sudden a pleasure much more intense cursed through me.

“Oh,” I cried in surprise, “H-Harry!”

“I’ve got you,” he whispered soothingly, rubbing faster pumping his finger once more, a little deeper this time. “You can do it. Know you can, just push through it, baby.”

It hit me with surprise. All of a sudden my lungs felt as if they could burst and my head was dizzy. My eyes rolled back and my mouth fell open, releasing loud gasps and cries as the pleasure increased yet once more, drowning me and pulling me under. My hands, which had so far settled on Harry’s back, moved up and down his bare skin. I wanted to have him close, wanted to hold him and make sure he couldn’t disappear, but the intensity of the feeling made my limps unable to obey properly. Attentive as ever, Harry leaned in closer against me and kissed my collarbones, his tongue licking the skin. His free arm wrapped around my waist so he could hold me tighter and his gentle voice soothed me quietly as I surrendered to my orgasm.

We stayed silent for a moment. I whimpered when he withdrew his finger from me and immediately felt incredibly empty.

“Baby,” Harry murmured, “calm breaths, my love.”

My hands moved from his back to his hair and I shook my head.

“Kiss me, please,” I begged quietly.

I saw him smile through my heavy lids before I felt his warm lips press to mine sweetly. He had worn me out. I couldn’t even kiss him back properly and faintly wondered how I was going to handle sex with him, actual sex, without passing out.

“I think,” Harry murmured gently when his mouth left mine, “we can both agree I should have made you eat something first.”

I laughed breathlessly and nodded. “Probably, yes.”

“Well,” Harry hummed, “let’s leave it like this then, alright?”


I tried to lean up but Harry quickly pushed me back into the pillows, moving up so he could still lay on top of me, but on eye level.

“Darling, I don’t think you’re in the state to handle sex right now. Plus, I said we’d go slow and we have all the time we want.”


Harry kissed the tip of my nose. “Trust me. You’ll have a better time, if I introduce you to sex slowly. Want you to be as comfortable as possible before doing the real thing, so you’re not learning it all at once.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “You’re perfect, you know?”

“Been told once or twice,” he replied cheekily.

We kissed once more and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Once I was sure I could move my legs again I wrapped them around his waist, but gasped when I found that he was in fact still very hard. Oh.



“No, it’s not,” I insisted, “I should do something for you, too.”

Harry shook his head before kissing me once more.

“Don’t need to, love. M'good. Promise.”

“But now I feel bad,” I whispered.

Harry hummed as if in thought and squeezed me a little. “How about you show me your breasts? That would make me feel better for sure.”

“Oh god, you boy!” I laughed and my heart jumped excitedly when his head fell into my neck, his own shoulders shaking in laughter.

The sound of his throaty laughter filled the bedroom and I was sure I’d never been this happy before.

“Alright then,” I murmured, “help me get the bra off.”

“A bra, you call this?” he asked, genuine wonder in his tone. “M'a fan.”

His hands moved up my back and to the clasp of the clothing. I leaned up, giving him better access and groaned when I felt him struggle with opening it.

“Fucking hell.”

“You alright?” I giggled.

“I can’t get this thing open,” he complained, “Why is it so bloody hard?”

“That’s what she said.”

Harry pulled back to stare at me and it took less than ten seconds for him to break into a laugh.

“Oh for god’s sake,” he chuckled, his forehead resting against my breasts.

“I’m sorry,” I laughed, “I had to.”

“Knew you would make that stupid pun,” Harry answered, “And you didn’t disappoint, as you never do. In any way.”

Hope you enjoyed! 
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Is it true that Typhon and Echidna were the only figures in Greek mythology that didn't cheat on one another?

I believe Oceanus and Tethys didn’t. I think many of the relationships outside of the Olympians didn’t cheat on each other, and it’s mostly the Olympians whose marriages were primarily contained cheating. Of course, I can’t remember all the relationships off the top of my head, so I can’t say otherwise, sorry. Also, technically, Kronos only cheated once and had Chiron, and it was only once so is that so bad?

benknowsbest  asked:

20 ,47,49

20. Is there a boy who you would do absolutely everything for?

His name is Howie and he’s my son and I love him very much

47. Do you replay things that have happened in your head?
All the time

49. Is your life anything like it was two years ago?
I didn’t have a beard and I was in a relationship, but things change ;)


(( Hello, friends! I am here with an announcement for this blog:

I have decided to try making my Scarecrow Canon Divergent.

As many of my frequent partners can probably tell you, my Crane is more of a multi-continuity influenced, but very much head canon-based, spin on Nolanverse Crane than he is a strict portrayal of that particular incantation of this character. Because I do have a fair amount of head canons explaining the actions of Nolanverse Crane, beyond just what we see in the comics, and because his development on this blog and his various relationships have made Crane’s redemption verse - v; the crow - a very appealing “end game” for him, I am going to mark my muse as canon divergent for now.

As a result, my verses page has been restructured. It is now split into two sections - timeline and AU. It’s probably self-explanatory which is which, but basically, timeline is for any verse that takes place from Jonathan’s childhood through his redemption arc, and AU is for any other verse that either don’t fit this timeline or that casts him in a different role. I have also added some new AU verses that I encourage you all to take a look at.

Please note that Jonathan’s main verses will still be his two villain verses - v; arkham’s finest for those who want to write with Crane the corrupt psychiatrist, and v; rogues gallery for those who want to write with Crane as the Scarecrow - and I will not change how I write or portray this character. As I’ve always done, I tend to assume one of these two verses unless requested otherwise, and I will be keeping his characterization the same as I’ve always written him.

I hope you all continue to enjoy my writing regardless, and I look forward to future threads! Appropriate edits have also been made for the rules page. ))

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HOOO BOY ok i headcanon hanzo as being very stoic and dignified in bed, sort of "hmph i am going to hold my head high and proud, cowman" and teasing mccree Hardcore but mccree is real good @ breaking hanzo's lil "i am made of Steel" persona and getting his solemn side to go away by doing lil things like making hanzo moan when he bites his neck or palming him thru his pants and he just makes hanzo a Huge Mess by the end of it


I don’t think this would be a perminant thing because I feel like as their relationship went on, Hanzo would be a lot more open and forward with McCree. But I could definitely see this towards the beginning of their physical relationship, before all the romance was worked out, while they both still had walls and defenses up. And gradually McCree breaking it down with just the right words, just the right angles and bites and kissed to really make Hanzo melt in his arms and become absolutely unraveled. Good shit, anon, good shit.

I Never Want To Lose You• Lydia Martin

*This is much longer than I thought it would be oops?*

Lydia and I have been going on strong for over a year now and it has been the best year of my life. Every moment we spend together is amazing. Until recently that is. Another monster has been plaguing our group that has been putting a strain on our relationships. No one knows who to trust and it has been getting between the pack and destroying relationships. We just dont hang out anymore and as much as I trust Lydia and vice versa the tension hurt our relationship.

It started when our dates became shorter and less often. The creature started to get into both of our heads. Next thing I know the entire group is fighting and accusing each other, it was a mess and Lydia and I were no different. But since we are all aware we are being tricked we’ve all managed to tolerate each other to try and figure this all out.

Arguing and insulting and every ten minutes someone reminds us that this is the creature not us. After getting fed up with Scott for the hundredth time Lydia stomped up to another room.

“Listen, Lydia, I know we are all aggravated with each other right now but the sooner we can work together the sooner things can get back to normal,” I say coming into the room and shutting the door behind me.

‘Really, because I cannot imagine putting up with them all the time,” She replies obviously stressed out and still distracted by the creature.

“And that’s the creature talking,” I say sitting down beside her. “Listen, I dont know how long it will take for us to figure all of this out and at this point it seems like it’ll be awhile. I know this is a horrible time but I have to ask, could I get my key back?”

“You have got to be kidding me right now,” She shouted standing up.

“It’s not what it sounds like, I just need it and I dont think you’ll be using it anytime soon.” bad choice of words. She looked at me like I had lost my mine.

“You know what if you’ve just given up fine. You can take your stupid key,” She shouted, throwing the key down at the ground and stomping away. She sounded like she was about to cry and feel awful.

“Lydia that’s not what I meant, wait!” I say shouting at her retreating figure.

A week later and the creature is finally gone. Everyone seems to be back to normal except for me and Lydia. She’d been avoiding you like the black plague for the following week. Everyone in the group has been trying to get the two of us to talk and apparently she has been just as messed up about it as me.

I finally got the nerve to go to her house and knock on her door. “Please let me explain!” I shouted quickly before she could shut the door in my face like she deserves too.

She looked at me annoyed and skeptical but left the door open for me to come in, “Fine.”

“Have I ever told you how stupid I am? I dont know how to word things and I messed up horribly. I wasn’t trying to brake up with you. I just new it would be a while before things could go back to normal and I needed a spear key. My cousin visiting.“ I spit out so fast I’m not sure it was comprehensible.

“Are you serious,” she asks sounding like she’ll start crying again.

I hold out the key in my hand hoping she would actually forgive you and take it, “I was stupid and we were all and we were all mad at each other and my aunt was coming into town hounding us about letting her use a key and I knew no time would be a good time but I would never leave you, no matter what some creature is making us do.”

Instead of grabbing for the key she pulls me into a tight hug, crying into my shoulder, “You scared me so much, I thought we were over and I never want to lose you.”

I melt into her hug and start crying myself, “I never meant for any of this to happen, I love you so much.”

“She pulls away and smiles at me, “I love you too,” she lets out a small laugh and we kiss again for the first time in weeks. Everything seems to fall into place and I feel like I’m home again now that we’re back with her.

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omg I appreciate ur thoughts. I wanted to hear from someone who seemed to really like angelica! I agree with your points, though I still can't get the thought from my head + the fact that there're biographers who want it 2 be true

i mean, honestly, just because i don’t think it ever happened doesn’t mean i’m not totally obsessed with them and their odd, fond, obvious affection for each other. i think theirs is a difficult relationship to pick apart, and to me ruling out sex from it–which i obviously can’t do with 100% surety, but even so–it leaves us with a complex relationship with lots of nuances to tease out. (also, even if i do land firmly in the “they never slept together” camp, sex can’t be ruled out completely–i mention epistolary eroticism in this post, and like, clearly sex was present in their letters, even if it was joking or teasing.)

all of that said, i will say too that every biographer i’ve run into that entertains the idea of an alexander/angelica affair seems to do so not as the endpoint of a genuine analysis of their letters and relationship (which tbh i would be interested in reading), but as way to devalue both eliza (dull housewife) and angelica (sex object). they’re not actually interested in analyzing the dynamics of the angelica-eliza-hamilton relationship, they’re interested in putting the women in boxes that don’t require them to have their own feelings and motivations. (and in addition, doesn’t require and in-depth discussion of eliza and angelica’s relationship, which we have so much material on, at least from angelica’s side, and would seem to be an essential point of discussion.)

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What are your least favourite and most favourite Assassination classroom pairings?

You know, usually when I see a post or meme about fandom, I must nod my head in embarrassment and agreement. I get absolutely ecstatic when my favorite characters appear on screen for even a single millisecond, and I feel like sobbing tears of joy whenever something good happens to them. However, one of the only things where I feel like I’m not on the same page as the rest of Tumblr is pairings. I’m just not much of a shipper. Mentor/student, parent/child, and sibling relationships have always been the strongest forces in my life, not romance, so those are the relationships that tend to capture my heart. Hence all the Asano family antics in my art. I’ve actually contemplated many times making artwork for this ship or that ship, but I get artist block whenever I try to actually make something.

A side effect of my lack of shipping is that arguments about OTPs and NOTPs confuse me. I know that chemistry doesn’t occur between every pair of individuals, but it doesn’t bother me to see a character paired with different characters. I’m always happy to see my favorites interact with other characters since those interactions bring out different aspects of their personality, so seeing a wide range of ships for a single character is exciting for me, not anger-inducing. That being said, I do have a few preferences regarding pairings, which you can read under the cut if you’re curious about my opinions, but they’re mostly based on character representation. It’s a little long though. I divided it into three categories instead of two: my most favorites, my least favorites, and my non-negotiable nopes  

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Have you ever seen an anime with textually (or very strongly hinted subtextually) queer women that wasn't at all fanservicey? Off the top of my head there's like Utena and Sailor Moon maybe?

huh, good question! i used to watch a lot of anime but i’ve definitely fallen out of that habit so i’m sure i’ve entirely forgotten some, if i have - especially since when i was younger i wasn’t conscious of my own sexuality nor of subtext in media.

off the top of my head i do remember reading a lot into the saber/irisviel relationship in fate/zero, which is arguably romantic (though definitely subtext, and considering it’s fate/ that comes with its own set of issues). there was also a cute little anime called taisho baseball girls that i’m pretty sure i remember having a character or two who was definitely into other girls - i don’t think i remember it being fanservice-y, but again since it’s been a while since i’ve seen it my memory may not be totally clear.

mmmmman, what else - i wish i had more answers for you :( any of my followers know of any? 

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Hi agl03! All the lastest news scare me... last time you answered a question about your ending, I hope they have their ending in stock because if the show ends I don't want a cliff... and if you add Fitzsimmons angst in the mix... :( Do they know that people in a relationship are mostly happy !? and fights and angst are just a small part of it? I don't want to go back to the boring shitty angst fest of season 2 and I would take FS 100% happy, doing science, bickering and helping people...helpppp

Hi Anon,

I’ll do my best.   I think that the network would be good enough to give AOS EP’s and writing team a heads up if they aren’t getting reviewed to allow them to writer a proper ending and not leave it on a horrid cliffhanger.  

And yes, believe me everyone involved with the show knows…

  • FItzsimmons is a major ship
  • That we want to see them happy
  • That many were unhappy with how little Fitzsimmons we got in A both individually and as a couple
  • That many of us would happily watch an episode of “Fixer Upper” Fitzsimmons edition as they redecorate the Love Nest.
  • That we would REALLY like to see another kiss since its been 269 days since we had the last one…but whose counting….

Originally posted by sharkscantroar

I’m not worried about Fitzsimmons, we are plugging along at a good pace.  In TV  you start your characters at a baseline place and then throughout the season things happen and you hit a ‘low’ around the mid season while the back half is used to build it back up and better than before.  Repeat with next season.  Now I know its not like this with every character (Daisy for example started at a low, went lower, and is now working her way back up and I bet will be higher than before she was Hived) but its working for FItzsimmons right now.  And where we are going into 4x11 is better than 3x11.  The goal in season 3 was getting them together the goal I have for Season 4 is the Love Nest.  

Look at how the back half of 3 went for them.

  • 3x11 Start over
  • 3x12 -3x14 Still were fumbling around a bit…and we HARDLY saw them together as they had to set up the Huntingbird send off and all the Hive stuff.  But we got glimmers like docu watching.
  • 3x15 those first tentative steps by Jemma, the handhold…and we were off to the races.
  • 3x16 don’t talk about that one.
  • 3x17 Mortal peril, we can’t waste anymore time, KISSES!
  • 3x18 Sexy times!
  • 3x19-3x22 New couple sciencing away as the other arcs resolved.  

And at this point last season was when I really started to get the asks that I do now.  I very vividly remember the frustration that they wouldn’t get together and that a season final kiss even seemed too much to hope for.  And you all /were ready to kill me when I kept say be patient, its coming in 17/18.  

Fitzsimmons are in a better place now than they were last season.  They are in a loving and committed relationship.  Its not a question if/when they will get together anymore.  They are together and now the story is them figuring out how to make that work with all the challenges Shield has to throw at them. IE they won’t break them up and have the story turn to them getting back together. 

Yes, we will likely see a fight next week, but a fight every now and then is necessary.   And this fight won’t devolve into the angst fest that was Season 2.   We know Fitzsimmons have been happy, sadly there just wasn’t time to show it.  We did an admiral job of it with fluffy fic fest 2K16 over the summer though. 

We have seen them being romantic and affectionate.  For me those tender touches can be even more meaningful that a kiss.  As touches are a way we have seen Fitzsimmons comfort and be there for each other in the past.   AOS has never been a big show with romance and PDA and what we are getting from Fitzsimmons, the limited we are getting, is more than any other couple has gotten so far, with maybe the exception of Huntingbird but we still have 12 Episode to go, plenty of time for more.

Originally posted by fitzsimmmonsy

And the quote from Lil, @jessiecrimefighter makes an excellent point with this. 

Also wanted to point out, for anyone worried about the end bit, where Elizabeth says that she’s “hoping they make it”, that last season she said, “I hope they get together, but who knows if they will now?” a lot in interviews, and in Season 2 she said, “I hope that they repair their relationship, but who knows if they can now?” So this is her standard way of claiming ignorance! Remember, she can’t actually give away anything, only tease!

If they weren’t going to get through it, then frankly this season’s story would be absolutely terrible - because we have yet to see them actually being happy! (Or together much.) The whole point of these hurdles is to get past them so they can be happy together. Our goal is that damn apartment remember!

They will work through this just like they worked through it.  And if we stick to the same timeline we’ll see it mostly taken care of by 14/15 which just so happens to be what I think as the end of the LMD arc.  Giving us that last run to the finale to get them to the Love Nest.  

I hope that helped.  I honest to goodness would be petrified right now if they were 100% Happy Because 100% happy now means something terrible is coming around the end the season.  

And if you are upset because we don’t/haven’t seen them happy enough yet, that’s okay too, we all watch for different reasons.  For me I really enjoyed the the moments we have gotten, while few they have been meaningful and convey a deep level of love and affection.  We’ll only get more as we progress.  Yes Jemma will be mad about him working on 1.0 still but at the same time she will be there for him when he uncovers that Radcliffe was using him.  

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.