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"Fuck, you drive me insane."

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Harry’s in a loss for words.

Everyday, he’s in awe of how blessed he is. Of how lucky he is to have you, even you’re the one who repeatedly said that because of course, it was huge, that he could’ve gotten with anyone and still, here he is, lifting you up to the shared master’s bedroom since you fell asleep on one of the movies again.

He’s carrying you up right, your thighs gripped with both his hands, your face nuzzled on his chest and him looking closely at the steps so that the both of you wouldn’t fall.

Harry placed you on the bed gently, feeling overjoyed that he gets the privilege to wake up and sleep next to you every single day for what it’s worth, finding himself stroking your hair and crouching down to your figure.

“Fuck, you drive me insane.”

He’s shocked when a reply was given to him, not expecting it all when he saw your eyelids downstairs weren’t fluttering even if they’re closed, meaning that you already fell asleep.

“I barely touched you, H.”

He laughed, a nice smile fitting his face before going to his side, slipping under the covers and letting his arms envelope you, heart being full once he heard your reply to what he last said.

“I know. I love you though.”

Rose’s Playlist (on Spotify: @erika.pulido169)

I saw someone post songs that remind them of Romitri. So I got inspired and made a playlist of songs that remind me of Rose, Romitri, the books, etc.

1. Heavy In Your Arms-  Florence and The Machine

2. Alive-  Sia

3. Spark the Fire-  Gwen Stefani

4. Castle-  Halsey

5. Song 5- Haim 

6. I’m So Sorry-  Imagine Dragons

7. Power-  Little Mix

8. Bad Reputation-  Joan Jett & Black Sheep- Gin Wigmore

9. In the Night- The Weekend

10. Island in The Sun- Weezer

11. Breath of Life & Seven Devils- Florence and The Machine

12. This Is How You Remind Me- Avril Lavigne (cover)

13. Unconditionally-  Katy Perry

14. A Little Taste-  Skylar Stonestreet

15. Secret Love Song- Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

16.Can’t Pretend-  Tom Odell

17. All Too Well- Taylor Swift

(Bonus Tracks: Love Me or Leave me- Little Mix & It’s You- Zayn Malik)



1. {Heavy In Your Arms} When Rose realizes Dimitri has been turned. Devastated, she decides to hunt him down in Blood Promise. Only to realize he has become the exact opposite of the man she fell in love with.

2. {Alive} This is how I picture Rose must be feeling after Mason’s death and she is getting the marks ( im blanking on what they are called lol) on her neck. Everyone is congratulating her, and she realizes being a guardian is not all it’s cracked up to be. (But post Last Sacrifice, despite all that happened to her, she is still here living and breathing.)

3. {Spark the Fire} A sort of up beat tune I can picture Rose kicking ass too. At the Equinox dance, and Dimitri sees her in the dress, and when she and Christian rescue Lissa.

4. {Castle} When Rose and Lissa return to the acadmey. Both Rose and Lissa  are highly criticized and judged for leaving, especially Rose. The rumors and the backstabbing that occurs between these two in the first book.

5. {Song 5} Frostbite is my favorite book, but I’m just gonna say it: Rose was very irritable and fedup with everyone and everything in this book lol. I feel her frustration in this book when people assume she is hooking up with Adrian, getting ‘beat up by her Mom/her return, and Dimitri getting cozy with Tasha.

6. {Im So Sorry} The song when Rose has her ‘fuck it I’ll do whatever I want” moments. “I tend too punch first and find out who I actually hit later.”

7. {Power} Another song I can picture Rose kicking ass too or working out too. Rose is overly confident and self aware of her beauty that boys admire her and other girls envy her.

8. {Bad Reputation/Black Sheep} When Rose and Lissa escape from the academy, and are eventually caught by Dimitri (And when Rose is broken out of jail by the whole gang).

9. {In the Night} My poor cinnamon roll Rose is always being criticized by evryone! :( everyone expects the worse from her. Especially in Frostbite, Shadow kissed, and Spirit Bound. When people think she is a whore, when she isn’t. When her mom thinks she irresponsible, but she just wants her mother’s approval.

10.{Island in the Sun} I think in Frostbite when she sees Christian and Lissa dancing at a royal party, or in Shadowkissed when she has to guard Christian and sees them Kissing all the time, this song comes to mind. Rose realizes she may never get that because the man she loves does not wanna risk either of them getting in trouble for their forbidden romance. Rose is on the outside looking in. (Which is pretty funny considering this is supposed to be happy song lol).

11.{Seven Devils & Breath of Life} Breath of life, when the strigoi attack the school and Dimitri gets kidnapped and she hunts him down. Seven devils, when Rose is being haunted by Mason and decides to go to Dimitri’s home town to tell his family he is ‘dead.’

12. {This is How You Remind Me} When Rose’s Mom tells her Dimitri may become Tasha’s guardian. And she begins dating Mason and realizes she will always love Dimitri. Poor Mason :( (Also a tune when Rose is dealing with the aftermath of his death.)

13. {Unconditionally} Rose and Lissa’s friendship summed up. Especially when Lissa is crowned queen, and Rose is her guardian. Rose is beaming with pride :)

14. {A Little Taste} Literally, blood lol. Anything related to the bad things moroi vampires got themselves into. That, and Rose’s attraction to Dimitri in the first book.

15. {Secret Love Song} Rose wishing her Dimitri could go public as a couple. Their love story summed up lol.

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16. {Can’t Pretend} This song can literally fit in with any of the books. Rose realizing she will have to put Lissa first through everything, no matter how frustrating it is. Rose realizing being a guardian is not what it is cracked up to be. Dimitri trying to hide his feelings for Rose. Rose trying to accept her fate with being shadowkissed, and awaiting sentencing in Last Sacrifice.

17. {All Too Well} Saw an edit of the Taylor Swift lyrics having to do with Romtri. I realized this song fit when Rose has flashbacks or looks back on her journey with how her and Dimitri came to be.

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{Bonus tracks:

 Love me or love me- Little Mix 

It’s You- Zayn }:

 I had just discovered Little Mix a while ago, (amazing band highly recommend) and I listened to it and I thought of Rose’s frustration that she and Dimitri will never be. And she dates Adrian even though she longs for Dimitri. Love me or Leave me and It’s You, can also be seen from Adrian’s POV :/ Adrian chooses not acknowledge the fact that Rose still loves Dimitri. His heartbreak and Rose’s guilt for hurting him, is inspiration for these tracks.Poor Adrian..

****UPDATE: All Too Well, A Little Taste, and Bad Reputation are NOT on Spotify*****


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Before We Burn by flares for the @1dbigbang round five
Niall/Zayn | Fahrenheit 451 AU | 28k

“Have you ever read one?”

“What, a book?” Niall scoffs. “What kind of question is that? Of course I haven’t. I’ve just seen the covers. I’ve read what they say I can read.”

“You should.” The stranger’s eyes burn into his own, and Niall can’t look away.

Huge thanks to the lovely Ali @cowlek for creating this amazing art!

Right Here Waiting ~ Sami Zayn Imagine~

Take off your coat, and baby come on in.
Girl, let me help to get back at him.
And I don’t know why you never say goodbye…

Unnamed Female OC x Sami Zayn

PS I have nothing against Seth Rollins I actually adore him I just thought his character would be a good fit here. 

Warning: Smut, cursing, kinda angst

Summary: When her boyfriend cheats on her, she runs to the one she know she can count on to comfort her. Will one night of passion lead to something more?

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Sami Zayn fell into his hotel bed with a heavy sigh, his body flushed and still moist from his shower. His body stretched, a groan escaping his pink lips as he adjusted his weight among the pillows while flipping mindlessly through the channels on the flat screen. He settled on an ongoing Forensic Files marathon tossing the remote carelessly to the side. Just as his eyes were becoming too heavy and his vision blurring a knock startled him. Glancing at the time, Sami contemplated ignoring the intrusion he had just returned from a night out with the roster surely no one was missing him already. However, the knocking continued, becoming louder and more frantic. 

Sami grumbled pulling himself to a sitting position when he froze at the sound of the voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Sami?” The vulnerable voice whimpered. “Are you there? I need you…please.”

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Hmm, isn't the lyric "I was in 1D, but now I'm free" considered as "shade at 1D? Where are the 40 pages essays why he's a traitor? Where are the stan posts calling him a liar and all those "we made you Liam", "we are the reason you're famous"? I thought Liam said that 1D were a family, that had a great management full of great minds, why is he "free" now?

not to play out this gif but

Entangled Arms (or a vacant space)

Entangled Arms (or a vacant space)

author: vinoharry 

artist: lovingityeah

rating: explicit

pairing: harry styles/zayn malik


When Harry first approached him at the bar, hips swinging and walking dick first, Zayn thought it was going to a night of perfunctory small talk before they fell into bed together.
But Zayn got so much more than he bargained for.

word count: 43,736

check out the rest of the 1d big bang (round 5)

Coffee Date.

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summary - I love your writing! Could you do a Sami Zayn x reader where the reader is a backstage interviewer and they both have feelings for each other and Sami takes her on a coffee date?

Pairing - Sami Zayn X Female Reader

WordCount - 1,671

Requested by - My old blog!

Written By -  Kayy!

Warnings - Just extremely cheesy.

Taglist Beauties -  @lunaticfringe216  @crowleysqueenofhell  @i-kneel-for-king-loki@littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91 @straight-outta-the-asylum@lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon @unhinged-on-the-fringe @thebutterflygirl16 @youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @guatebabyxo @xsimplynaex@macfizzle@sassyenthusiasthistorylover333 @xuhwheredidkylogox@driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @harleymoxley @wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom @fucking-bandsx  @cute-face-chubby-waist @reigns420 @panic-angel3314 @blood-fells @vegan-viscacha @wwe-fluff-fic@amberhere-hi @megsjessd99 @shadow-of-wonder @itsclaaree @daddmoxley @wweimaginesandoneshots @crossfitfreakvideogamegeek


Your job was the most important thing to you in the world, since you were little your goal was to be an interviewer backstage at the biggest stage of them all WWE. You had finally accomplished your goals this summer when a WWE boss had got in touch through seeing your youtube videos and asked if you were interested in working for them, of course, you jumped at the chance it was a big break you needed and you were living your dream who would turn that down?

You had such a busy day today, you had interview after interview but you wasn’t going to complain it was your job and you loved it. First, you had to do a sit-down interview with Seth Rollins to talk about his match against the Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Seth in real life was one of the sweetest people you have ever met, you loved interviewing him, it was always something different when you did. Then Raw was going to be going live and you had to do all your backstage interviews including; Bayley, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn, you couldn’t wait to interview Sami, no one knew this but you had one of the biggest crushes on him, there was just something about him, his personality always burst with excitement and true passion and that was something you adored about him. 

That afternoon you sat down with Seth and conducted your first interview of the day, it included a lot of smack talk about Kevin and you really did enjoy the interview. When it was all over you hugged Seth goodbye and headed towards the hair and makeup area to get ready for the night. You were getting ready when you noticed Sami standing over by the water cooler just looking at his phone. 

“Hey Sami.” You called from all the way over at the makeup area, he turned around and you smiled and waved at him. He started to walk over towards you, every time you saw him he just gave you these unexplainable feelings, it was like you were a little kid again with butterflies in your stomach, you never had the balls to tell him the whole truth though, your friendship with him was more important to you then completely embarrassing yourself.

“Hey, Y/N.” He replied giving you a hug once he had reached you.

“Ready for your match tonight?” You asked him trying to make small talk.

“So ready Braun will not know what has hit him.” He laughed as he took a sip of his coffee that he had in his hand.

“I will be catching up with you for an interview before your match, I don’t know if you were aware or not.” You said trying to make small talk but realizing how annoying you must have sounded to him.

“I know, I’m excited, though don’t go asking any private questions.” He laughed as your face turned serious, for a second you actually thought he might have been able to read your minds but that was impossible and you were being absolutely stupid.

“Okay, well I have to catch up with Roman so I’ll see you in a bit,” You said collecting your stuff and rushing off before you could put your foot in it anymore either that or completely embarrass yourself further.

The Fireworks hit and the arena went absolutely crazy, Monday Night Raw had officially started and everyone was pumped all across the arena. You headed to your room where you were about to interview Roman Reigns about his match with Rusev tonight. You walked over greeted Roman and started your interview.

“Roman if I could just get a few words, how are you feeling about your match tonight against Rusev?” You asked him.

“Well you see Y/N, I might not be built like Rusev but I can tell you that tonight Rusev will know who the big dog is around here.” He replied walking away from you and heading off to the match. The interviews you did were small and sharp, people wanted quick answers but they always wanted to hear what their favorites had to say no matter what is was about, it kept you in a job so you wasn’t going to complain.

Time passed and you had completed ninety-five percent of all your interviews and your last one was with Sami, you headed over to the male locker room door where you was going to catch Sami walking out of it to talk to him. The cameras started to roll and it was your moment once again to get the juicy gossip from a top superstar. Sami came walking out of the dressing room as you came quickly walking over to him.

“Sami, please can I get you a comment on your match tonight?” You asked him, smiling at him, his adorable smile literally made you feel those butterflies again.

“I’m going to prove that no matter what, even if you are the underdog you can always win somehow.” He replied to you, passion in his voice.
“All there is left to say is good luck Sami, I think you’re going to need to tonight." 

"Thanks, Y/N” He replied, walking off to the ring.

The evening finished and everyone was starting to pack up, the arena started to go quietly as the waves of people started to leave the arena. You decided to head towards the cafe to grab something to eat before you headed to the hotel for the night. While you walking to the cafe you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. You slowly turned around and saw it was Sami standing behind you smiling.

“Hey Y/N." 

"Hello.” You replied, for some reason, you felt extremely nervous just talking to him, you were completely in love with him and every little thing he does.
“I have to ask you something..” He looked extremely nervous, you were confused, all and everything went through your mind to what it could possibly be.

“Sure.” You replied.

“Do you want to go grab a coffee with me now?” He quickly spat out without even taking a breath. 

“Erm… er.. yes sure.” You replied smiling at him, your stomach was doing backflips. 

“Great, want to go now?” He asked.

“Sure, let’s go.” You replied, collecting your stuff up and heading to the exit with Sami.

The walk to the nearest coffee shop was calm and quiet, normally the silence would drive you crazy but something about just being Sami’s presence was peaceful, he was such a calming person to be around. There was a few small talk going on but nothing major, in reality, you were still a little shocked that Sami even asked you out! But was this a date, or was he just wanting to grab a coffee with a work buddy? You had so many thoughts going through your head and you started to question every little thing going on that you completely zoned out. You finally reached this little corner cafe, that was not very noticeable but was cozy looking when you went inside. It was quite dim but it had a cozy feeling towards it, lit with fairy lights. There weren’t many people inside, you and Sami both took a seat by the window of the shop. The waitress took your orders of drinks and went off to get them, you both sat there staring at each other for a while not saying anything.

“So, how was work?” He asked you, you could tell that he was generally trying to make small talk with you, it wasn’t awkward it was just like you both had so much to say to each other yet you never knew what to say!

“Good, WWE seem to be using me more, I’m not going to complain, I love my job, how about you?” You asked him.

“You deserve it, you’re one of the best interviewers we’ve had. Plus it was hurtful.” He laughed while rubbing his shoulder.

“You did take a beating didn’t you?” You smirked at him.

“Hey, I am an underdog had control of the match." 

"More like you were a rag doll.” You laughed making him laugh too. Your coffee’s arrived as you continue to talk about work.

“Look, Y/N I invited you here because I really need to tell you something but I don’t want to make things awkward and I really don’t want to embarrass myself.” He said taking a spoon and stirring his coffee.

“Go on Sami, you know I will never judge you.” You replied again getting more and more nervous.

“It’s just…. I….” He stumbled over his words.

“Go on seriously!” You tried to encourage him to continue.

“Look, it’s just I’ve fallen for you, there is just something about you, I can’t get you out of my mind, you’re such a kind hearted person and I think I’m falling for you harder than I have ever done. I love you.” He replied looking down at his coffee again trying not to make eye contact with you. 

“Oh, my.” You replied.

“I’m sorry, please don’t, I really won’t be offended I know you don’t feel the same.” He said shuffling in his chair clearly uncomfortable about the whole conversation.

“No don’t apologize, I feel the same way!” You answered quickly so he didn’t feel like you were just saying it.

“Wait for what?” He was clearly taken back from what you just said.

“I said I feel the same, I have done for weeks but I never had the guts to tell you, I just prayed my feelings would go away but they haven’t clearly.” You replied now feeling probably even more embarrassed than Sami.

“I don’t know what to say now, I never thought I’d get this response.” He laughed at the thought.

“Well, me either.” You both burst out laughing.

“How about, you be my girlfriend?” He said taking a sip of his coffee.

Liam half naked in a outdoor shower inspired me, oops.

Liam was excited as he stepped on the lift, even though it was half past two in the morning and he just flew for close to nine hours. Paddy was falling asleep standing up, poor sod, some security he was. All he kept mumbling on the car ride from the airport was how he just wanted to crash, didn’t matter where, any place cushioned was he only preference. Checking in was a semi hassle, the lights on the balcony had gone out the day before so there was a mad dash to fix and replace them before Liam’s stay. He didn’t care, the longer he stood on his feet the more tired he was actually feeling. Maybe Paddy did have the right idea. He was in Buffalo on Sunday, flew to Milan that night, and left the same day to come back to New York. He hadn’t felt that jet lagged since he first flew to America almost six years ago. It was old age settling in, or so that’s what Paddy told him.

From what Liam could see the suite was well, sweet. Spacious and homey, the air conditioner was blaring, making the room feel like he just stepped in to the middle of Antarctica, perfect sleep temperature. He tossed his backpack on the sofa near the front door, hearing Paddy grunt behind him when he did. Guess that’s where he wanted to throw himself down to sleep. After rolling his eyes at his security’s exasperation, he removed his bag from the sofa and gave the cushions a quick pat.

“Go pass out old man,” Liam jokingly instructed. “I’ll ring you in the morning when I wake up.”

“Go,” Paddy ordered, sighing in content as he laid on the sofa. “Don’t wake me until the sun is at least out, okay?”

“Got it old man,” he agreed, saluting and nodding before heading to the master bedroom.

The sun was out when Liam woke up the next day, well, it was barely out by the time he awoke. Checking his phone he was it was a little past seven, meaning he almost got close to five hours of sleep, which for him felt like a decade of sleep. He knew not to bother Paddy, at least not yet. He was feeling courteous, letting him sleep a little longer before their long day officially started. Liam on the other hand wanted to start his day, he hadn’t had a chance to properly explore his room the night before. What better time than now? He got out of bed and headed directly to the balcony attached to his bedroom, seeing the New York City skyline immediately as he walked outside. Seeing the high rise buildings, the new and improved World Trade Center. It was breath taking and awe inspiring actually.

He did a little more exploring, testing out the cushions on the chairs that lined up on the opposite side of the balcony door, swiping his fingers across the glass table that was between the chairs, taking everything around him in. Most New York City apartments could probably fit perfectly into this balcony.  It was huge and glamourous and a great place to stay while in New York. He turned to walk back into the bedroom when he noticed it, the showerhead right next to the door. There was an outdoor shower! Now he was in the lap of luxury, he’d been to some amazing places and saw so many amazing things, but this, this was the cream of the crop. His morning was now decided for him, he was going to take a shower outside to start his day in New York. He rushed inside the room to retrieve his phone and toiletries from his backpack before heading back outside. His outdoor shower was probably the best he’d ever had. It was the most private he had felt but wildly public at the same time. He was on the top floor of the hotel but someone, somehow, could probably see him, especially with all the tall apartment buildings surrounding him.  

He was feeling the music he was playing, placing his phone on the balcony ledge. Dancing a little as he lathered up, feeling all kinds of silly and childish but loving every second of it. It wasn’t often that he got to just enjoy a shower, always feeling he was in as rush to get it done to move on to the next thing he needed to do. This morning he could take his time, actually enjoy the concept of a shower, as mundane as it sounded a long shower was a luxury nowadays. Singing along to whatever playlist that was playing from his phone, knowing not to be too loud so he wouldn’t accidently draw attention to himself. Then he’d probably receive the wrong kind of attention. He turned off the shower once he was done, wrapping a towel around his waist, planning to drip dry in the New York hot summer sun. It was the perfect opportunity to take a picture, him half naked with New York behind him. He snapped the photo and instantly put it up on Instagram, sharing his caring. He walked over to the lounge chairs to properly dry off, his phone buzzing immediately.

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Dating Sami Zayn Would Include...

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Requested By Anon

❤️️Sami is such a dork 

❤️️ He loves cuddles after long days 

❤️️ Sami loves cuddling full stop

❤️️ Pacing whenever he gets anxious 

❤️️ Long walks on the beach

❤️️ Cute dates all of the time 

❤️️  Sami treating you like a Queen/King 

❤️️ Being protective of Sami 

❤️️ Sami’s a very easy going person, however, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get jealous. However, it comes out as insecurity 

❤️️ Reassuring Sami he’s the only one you want. 

❤️️ Sami being adorable 

❤️️ Smiling whenever he gets excited

❤️️ Sami often making future plans with you 

❤️️ Travelling with Sami every now and again 

❤️️ Being the proudest Girlfriend/Boyfriend ever. 

❤️️ Hating the way authority treats him but you know Sami will fight for change 

❤️️ So many I love you’s

❤️️ Sami Zayn is the kindest and sweetest person on earth and he would do anything to protect you and to cherish you because you are his world. 

Taglist Beauties -  @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91@straight-outta-the-asylum @lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon @unhinged-on-the-fringe@thebutterflygirl16@youhoebag@irish-newzealand-idian-dutch@guatebabyxo @wweimagines-oneshots@xsimplynaex@macfizzle@sassyenthusiasthistorylover333@xuhwheredidkylogox@driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @harleymoxley@wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom  @fucking-bandsx  @cute-face-chubby-waist @reigns420  @panic-angel3314 @blood-fells @vegan-viscacha @wwe-fluff-fic @amberhere-hi @megsjessd99 @shadow-of-wonder

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top 10 fave fics?

if I found and linked all my faves, this would take me approximately 11 days. but here are a few:

A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

Sixth Sense-inspired AU 

Fake dating AU

Practical Magic AU

Royalty AU

If they didn’t make it on X Factor AU

The one where Harry’s a chronically underpaid magazine intern and Louis is the Premier League’s first gay footballer and pretty much the last thing they need is each other.

For the prompt - ‘Harry is Zayn’s sugardaddy, but something makes it complicated.’

The one where Harry loses the love of his life on New Years Eve and finds him again, six months later, ready to open some poorly-stitched wounds.

Famous/non-famous AU

reading this made me laugh so i’m going to share it with you. i wrote this maybe two? years ago, after I watched Sleepless in Seattle to avoid studying. It doesn’t feel like my writing or me at all lol.

It’s called “Wandering in WolverHampton” lol and this is all that I wrote (I would end it the way I did and never start back up lmao) 


“Hello this is The Sound of London, you are live with Dr. Zee Javaad. What’s your name?”

“Lia Karen.”

Zayn stares at the mic for a moment, hesitating before he readjusts his head set to hear better. “Hello there, Lia. You sound much younger than our normal callers. How old are you?”

“Eight,” Lia says without skipping a beat.

Zayn bites his tongue around a ‘I’m not Santa, kid.’ He’s been doing this gig part-time for about three years now, and he’s not sure he’s ever gotten a phone from anyone under the age of forty. “Well, Lia. What’s your Christmas wish this year?”

“It’s not for me, Dr. Zee. It’s for my Papa. My wish is that he finds a wife.”

“A wife?” Zayn repeats. He bites around a smile, hoping to hide the fact that his words kind of came out as an amused chuckle more so than anything else. “D’you not like the one he has?”

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