this is the worst writing i've ever seen

This wasn’t directed at me, and y'all I don’t usually do shit like this but I’m so 1) appalled and 2) disgusted that is A Thing that I had to read with my Own Fucking Eyes that I’m slapping it up here for everyone to take a good long look at.

Don’t believe this hot trash. Don’t support this hot trash. Don’t treat creators like hot trash.

me 2 hours ago: cool i’m actually motivated to work on writing tonight

me now: literally does not want to do anything doesn’t know what i want to do but i don’t feel like writing or reading or watching anything other than just staring off into the void wondering if i went to bed if i’d fall asleep and wondering if i took my meds today because i was just hit with a terrible dead feeling and iw ant to just go to bed but i’m not too tired yet hhhHHHHHHHH

You know what genuinely annoys me. This notion that Taylor Swift has a list of things that would hurt people the most. I think it’s glaringly obvious that she writes about her experiences. Her specific moments with people. And yet people are coming out of the woodwork saying that she’s choosing imagery based on some people’s worst moments. You really think she wastes her time with someone else’s mom? She loves her own mother more than anything. I’ve seen more of her mother than anyone else’s but you genuinely think she would have that kind of disrespect to a women she’s never known? Or that she would torment a mother of children with a horrible situation that happened in a city unrelated to Taylor? None of that makes any sense. There are definitely people who are willing to make diss tracks based on someone’s lowest moments (and yet we never say anything about those diss tracks and the pettiness) even if they have nothing to do with that artist. Taylor has never shown herself to be one of those people. She writes about her. Experience. Nothing more. Nothing less. Don’t you think there are truly despicable things she could write about her exes? Don’t you think there are low, horrible things she could write about before getting to death of loved ones, tormented moments and crimes? And yet all I’ve heard are beautiful moments of love. Specific imagery regarding items. Memories. Vacation. PERSONAL hurt.

Seriously, what is wrong with some of these people? This is a woman who regularly donates her wealth to the sick. Her dancers, hospitals, people in troubled times. Celebrities and fans alike. This is a woman who teases herself and throws herself into her relationships, squad, boyfriend, fans.

If anything. The people whose minds go straight to these dark insinuations. Y'all need Jesus.

To be clear, Taylor Swift has only ever written about her experiences. Her symbolism is exclusively about her quotes. Her life. Her narrative.

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Lugged is actually written in Dark Souls (I think in 3) about his spear. I think it means "weighted." I've only heard "Lug" used to mean a weighted ball when not used as a verb. But seriously, you are being too kind to the comic. I picked it up to see how it was myself and "By Ornstein's lugged spear" is it bad. Not only is it unrelated to dark souls, it has some of the worst writing I've ever seen.

I’m really surprised about this because this means they read an item description from the game. Maybe they googled “Ornstein” once and just went with the first adjective they saw, which is still more effort than the comic suggests.

But yeah, it’s real bad, it goes down the “didn’t try at all” fantasy comic checklist

you got the dull boob armour and floaty action poses

the vaguely tribal looking sidekick/exposition machine (who is called Aldrich, probably so they can license it as Dark Souls)

but my favorite are the zombies who are INEXPLICABLY wearing the same shitty ass “generic 90′s background civilian” clothes that have been in every single below average cape comic to this day and they just piss me off so much 

but what the fuck do I know, apparently the goal was capturing the atmosphere, maybe they just forgot to release it

TIME magazine has published its Top 10 Worst Films of 2015 list, and it is - suffice to say - profoundly eccentric. Featured alongside generally liked and (relatively) decently reviewed fare such as Minions and Age of Adaline, Jupiter Ascending comes in at #4. Here’s the write-up:

The Wachowski siblings’ commitment to telling original stories at a grand scale is admirable. Unfortunately, this time, they got perhaps a little too grand, and certainly far too original. This story of a cleaning lady who is genetically predestined to become queen of the universe has everything: Channing Tatum as a genetically spliced dog-man, the most elaborately overdone costuming since the heyday of Queen Amidala, Eddie Redmayne giving the sort of manic performance we’ve come to expect from a late-in-life Pacino. It’s overstuffed fun, but the lack of coherence, character development, or common sense make it a bit of an endurance test, too. 

I didn’t realise that originality, elaborate costuming, genetically spliced dog men, Pacino-esque acting, and fun were so bad before. I can only thank TIME magazine for enlightening me.

(But seriously, this write-up is bizarrely positive and apologetic given that it’s for a film that’s meant to be the fourth worst movie of the year. The whole list is deeply strange, as much for its omissions as what it includes.)

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The resolution to all 4 RTD finales are utterly shocking. The second half of Last Of The Time Lords has some of the worst writing I've seen on any show ever, and I watch some crap. The only bad Moffat finale in The Wedding Of River Song and even that is passable in comparison to RTD's crap. I cringe at the dialogue in his era too. It's like a five year old wrote it with a crayon.

You do realize that this all comes down to personal preference, right? Like, what part of the Last of the Time Lords was ‘the worst writing [you]’ve ever seen’?

I loved Nine’s farewell episode (and all of Nine, really), and it clearly did good, because the series wouldn’t exist today if that season was bad.

Doomsday was great.

Last of the Time Lords was way better than Moffat’s era, even with its problems.

And Journey’s End was a great era-ending episode. And it actually did mark the end of an era in that none of the characters in that episode showed up after Ten regenerated, other than…Ten.

The Pandorica was sloppy, and wow, reboot the universe.

I agree with the Wedding of River Song, and wow, reboot the universe.

The Name of the Doctor was illogical, and wow, reboot the timeline.

Then Death in Heaven, which has many, many problems. At least Moffat didn’t reboot the universe/timeline this time, around. That’s a first.