this is the worst edit i have ever made


Pink Guy’s Phone: A Guide

Searching For Frank vs After Frank’s Return 

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the town would shudder and stare
at his presence with a single glare
as he makes his way through
the local square
and he says to them
‘you’re a broken fence, in the yard of annoyance’ (x)

The Age of the Understatement as the Western soundtrack it was always meant to be, because vanderllyle is a bad influence


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Meme: [½] Objects | the ring

“Amy Santiago, you have made me the happiest man on earth. I spent one whole dollar on this ring, will you go on the worst date ever with me? You have to say yes.”

Reigen in ep 11 and 12 be like:

I had literally all day to draw and this is all I have to show for it….I’m almost amazed by myself. Anyways, this isn’t actually all I have to show for it. I’m working on a comic/fanfic thing for the mp100 Ajin AU and I just need to type up the fanfic portion :3 I’m prob gonna have that up tomorrow since i have another day to goof off. 

Also I did this edit in around five minutes and it’s simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever made lmao

she knows
songs for when you’re caught between those you love and the lies they tell. when you love someone, you tell them everything, even if they can’t do the same.


i. king of anything - sara bareilles // ii. listen - beyoncé knowles // iii. buy the stars - marina & the diamonds // iv. tell the truth - jussie smollett // v. ready to question - gabrielle aplin // vi. breaking the law - emeli sandé // vii. if you dare - jazmine sullivan // viii. woman up - charlene kaye // ix. sparks will fly (feat. jhené aiko) - j. cole // x. blackbird - gugu mbatha-raw // xi. overprotected - britney spears


DRAGON AGE BABES: DARKEST TIMELINE EDITION (and also dark hair apparently. that was unintentional)

basically i just wanted to have a da:i world state where EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE and let me tell u playing da2 as pro-templar and rivalmancing anders at the same time is the worst thing i’ve ever done in a game and im probably going to Game Hell

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