this is the worst edit i have ever made

its au time you sons of hecks

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I grew up among those who sold the illusion of love, and then I was trained to make my heart cold in favor of the kill. Everything I have been taught says what I feel is wrong. Yet I cannot help it.


DCTV Ladies Appreciaton Week: Day 6: favorite scene

I think I owe you an apology. For what? For not creating an environment where you felt like you could talk about this with me.

So currently, Ryota is getting attention for looking like Luhan thanks to the airing of his drama. If any of you are unaware as to who Luhan is, Luhan is a solo Chinese singer and artist, mostly known as a former member of the Korean-Chinese group EXO. As I am scrolling through my feed about Chinese netizens gaining interest in Ryota for being a ‘Luhan lookalike’, I saw some of the screencaps from his drama and was surprised with how different he looks. I mean.

He looks like he could compete with Casper to see who looks more dead with how white and pale they edited the photos to be and that is not something someone should ever look like on any given day. The worst part is that you can totally see his actual skin color in the photos. Ryota is perfectly fine and handsome the way he is with his tan skin so it is a little sad and upsetting to see how whitewashed people have made him. Tan skin or darker skin is just as beautiful as pale skin. Even more beautiful, in my opinion.