this is the worst day of my life

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Worst fight?

Derek: Stiles threw himself in front of a wolfsbane bullet for me and spent 6 hours in surgery after. 
Stiles: It was going to hit you in the chest, you would have died.
Derek: I’m not starting this again, I don’t want to ever think about you in that hospital. That was the scariest day of my life.
Stiles: I’m still not sorry, I don’t want to think about living without you.
Derek: To answer your question, our worst fight was because Stiles is an idiot and we both hate seeing each other hurt.

“Hope there’s more in your pants than a bus route” is the worst green day lyric in history, period. I lose 5 years off my life expectancy every time I am exposed to it

It’s comforting to realize that I reached peak embarrassment in my life almost five years ago now; nothing will ever top the day when my ex left porn on my laptop and I accidentally showed that porn on a projector. In a church.

I mean…I’m safe. I walked through the fire. The flames of hell licked my sin and here I stand. Come at me, food-stained shirts, you fucking amateurs; do your worst shoe-loving toilet paper. I died and yet live.

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1. Age: 17

2. Biggest fear: fear of communication with other people, especially in real life is the worst and the most toxic in my life

3. Current time: 12.30 am

4. Drink you had last: water

5. Every day starts with: some song that pops up in my head. it can be absolutely random one but lately it’s something from Vilnius most of the time.

6. Favorite Song: NOW IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOOSE but I’d say that’s that golden four, all by Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids, because all of them have a very special meaning to me: Rasteryaev & Du, Schwer dich zu vergessen, Ja oder Nein and Draußen am See (btw i’m not sure if these are the official titles but these are the titles according to set list)

7. Ghosts are real: YES. I want to believe.

8. Hometown: Chelyabinsk

9. In love with: …..tom…… there never was no other……… i hope you understand

10. Jealous of: people i love, people who are close to me. i know how inappropriately selfish of me it is and i understand they’re not my private property but i can do nothing about this. it really hurts most of the time but i hope the only person who gets any harm of my jealousy and selfishness is just me

11. Killed someone: only in my dreams… but let’s face it, no matter how mad i’d be i could never kill someone

12. Last time you cried: the song i quoted above just brought tears to my eyes. YOU UNDERESTIMATE ME

13. Middle name: don’t have one

14. Number of siblings: two cousins

15. One wish: get a physical copy of Vilnius 🙏

16. Person you last called/texted: my best friend

17. Questions you’ve always asked: what is going on???

18. Reasons to smile: The same sky comes out in march and Vilnius in april :’)

19. Last song you listened to: Don’t hold your breath by Calla

20. Time you woke up: around 11 am

21. Underwear color: white

22. Vacation destination: there won’t be any vacation for me for a long loooong time but Berlin is always the best destination

23. Worst habit: not finishing anything but i’m starting to slowly give up this

24. X-rays you’ve had: one of the knee when i had a kneecap dislocation

25. Favorite food: nahh i don’t really have an absolute favorite

26. Zodiac sign: taurus

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Hey what video is that gif from (bottom right corner) of the recent christen summary you posted when she's staring longingly at tobin?

ANOTHER GREAT MOMENT (and sorry for getting emotional because this was the first thing I ever posted on sugarfile almost exactly 1 year ago 😭😭😭iloveyouguys)

but anyways it’s from the gals first victory tour game against costa rica, during half time christen totally zones out while watching tobs [#daydreaming about the bae]:

can we just agree that Christen giving Tobin lowkey heart eyes is like the most disgustingly adorable thing to ever exist like….



    “Soon, Eric and Dylan would kill themselves in the library, denying any of us the chance to question them. I’d never be able to sit down across from the guy I used to throw snowballs at in elementary school and ask him why he had wanted to kill all those people who had done him no wrong whatsoever.

    The hell that Eric and Dylan would create at my high school that day would go on to haunt their families, the families of the victims, and parents and students throughout our community and the world. It would destroy my life, as comments from the sheriff would lead to accusations that I was somehow involved in the plot. 

    Worst of all, it left me struggling with the knowledge that not only were my classmates dead, they had been murdered by one friend I’d known since childhood —– and another who had let me walk away only a few minutes beforehand. And I would never be able to ask them why.”

- No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown