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Memory & Time

Memory can be a really tricky thing at the best of times, let alone when you’re in a place where the Gentry live. (Most people throw out their maps once they realize that the building essentially changes its layout every day.)

Hallways move. Doors lock and unlock. Various seats and desks vanish at their leisure. Sometimes entire rooms shift floors if only because the school is having a laugh. It’s definitely enough to make you wonder “Is is a Gentry thing or have I gone slightly crazy and forgotten where something is?” But probably the worst part of it all would be the people.

Elsewhere is a big place, and meeting everyone is basically impossible. You can try, and you might meet most people, but never everybody. So there will always be that one person you can never really get a chance to finally introduce yourself too. You placate yourself on the rumours and bits of knowledge you overhear from other students, because this one person just eludes you at every turn.

So when you finally corner them, say hi, they nervously say hi back and then leave. It’s a fairly decent friendship. You help out with their art work, they give a hand with law studies, it’s great. But then Elsewhere decides to pull one of those tricks on you.

Time shifts, just as it always does in Elsewhere. Elsewhere has always had problems with Time, people from the future or past just randomly showing up and wandering about. People try to take it in stride, nobody is quite sure of what time period somebody comes from. (It’s impolite to ask, you don’t ask somebody what historical era they’re from.)

Sometimes Time speeds up. Sometimes Time slows down. Sometimes it even reverses a little. Corners and cupboards and old classrooms nobody uses anymore, all areas where Time is just the tiniest bit warped out of the norm. Those places are everywhere - and it’s not often surprising when places cease to be or grow bigger over Time. Try to take it in stride, even if everyone you love is a hundred years dead. Relax, you’ll get back eventually.

And then you find your friend again. After… You think days? Or months? Time is confusing. They’re different now, all big smiles and colourful clothes, surrounded by dozens of friends when before you were the only one they had. They make jokes that they’d said were stupid, and they’re pretty smart at doing the art for their studies.

And you realize - damn them. Damn Memory. Damn Time.

Because that’s one of the problems of living here. After spending so much time away from somebody you knew, your Memory of them becomes solid. You remember everything they did. But Time can change them, Time changes everybody eventually.

And so you have to sit there, wondering…

Has Time actually changed them somehow?

Or is your Memory right, and that’s a Changeling over there?

You’ll probably never know for sure.

Not until Time and Memory hits you as well.


Exo Reaction: You liking their smile and it making you happy

A/N: this is really so cute Chanyeol: I feel like he’s the type to blush and start giggling. Every time he smiled at you he would remember what you said and would have to hide his red cheeks. You would have to pry them away from his face, which would make him smile even more. “Ahh, how do you have such an effect on me?”

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Lay: Once you told him that he would always smile in front of you. Even if he had the worst day in the world he’d smile at you because you being happy was the most important thing to him. Knowing that you get happy when he smiles would make him feel so loved and appreciated that he’d start doing the same to you, pulling the corners of your mouth up into a grin with his fingers. “I like it when you look like this too.” He says, his fingers holding your mouth in that position.

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D.O: He’d smile that wide smile he has as you compliment him and his heart shaped lips. He’d probably pull you in for a hug but only so that he can nuzzle his face in your chest from embarrassment. He’d grab a tight hold of your waist so that you couldn’t let go and force him to look into your eyes.

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Sehun: He would act so confident to your face. He would pretend to flick his non existent hair causing you to laugh. When you turn away however he would hide his face in his hands. When you turn back around he’d quickly try to act nonchalant again but would fail which would result in you laughing even harder and going over, comfortingly rubbing his back.

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Suho: I honestly feel like he’d low-key tear up. When he heard you say that to him it would just kind of hit him that you really loved him that much. He was so happy that you cared about him so much but you’d start to worry over his tears. “Wait. No. I’m okay, I promise.” He’d say trying to smile but failing, so instead he pulls you in for a kiss.

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Baekhyun: He would turn it into a joke between the two of you and whenever you two were alone he would start to smile ridiculously, causing you to throw a pillow at him rolling your eyes. “Wait, I’m joking.” He’d say trying to grab a hold of you was you walk away. You turn around pretending to be angry and his face drops. “I didn’t mean it, I love the fact that you love my sm-” He was cut off by you kissing his lips and pulling away smiling at him. “I love you too.”

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Xiumin: “But I love your smile more.” He’d say bopping your nose. “Just look at it. Beautiful.” He’d then go on to compliment you non stop. You’d smile and tell him to stop. “I was trying to compliment you, not the other way round.” He’d grab a hold of your face with both his hands. “How can I not compliment all of this.” He’d say squishing your cheeks.

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Chen: He’d literally start screeching. “Omg that was the cutest thing I think I’ve ever heard say it again. Say it again. Say it again.” He’d chase you around begging you to say it and every time you did he would be just as excited. “Wow, only have the power to do this to me.”

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Kai: He’d giggle slightly, suddenly really shy, even if you’ve been together for a while. “My smile?” He’d ask confused. “There’s nothing special about my smile.” He’d say looking at you with bewilderment. When you explained how it made you happy and you liked it when he smiled he’d promise to smile at you forever.

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Worst Behavior

length: 1,882 words

genre: smut

a/n: I don’t know what this is, I suck at writing smut, why do I even try. But Yuta has been killing me lately (I watch the Cherry Bomb mv 20 times a day at least just for Yuta). I did not proofread this…honestly this probably isn’t that great, but I told Kayla I’d get this up tonight, and we were so excited about this so haha

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Sunday Progress Update:

Welllllll…this week has not been my best.  Not even close.  It’s been much more mental exhaustion that has kept me from working out every day like I always intend to.  Between work being hectic and requiring me to be “on” even more than usual and my mother being in the worst mood ever, I’ve just done far too much sitting around watching OITNB (least favorite season so far) and reading (Before We Were Yours was awesome, and I really enjoyed Allie and Bea!).  My mother is currently on her “I have no life so I wish I could just kill myself” kick…which then leads to her “But I would never do that because God is just testing me” kick…both of which put me through the emotional wringer.  She qualifies for respite care services; however, due to a fun late-in-life-onset bout of racism, she is “too scared” to leave a stranger alone in her home because I told her that NO she is NOT allowed to request a “white caregiver only please.”  WTF?!?!?!  I seriously blame her membership in the cowboy church–I loathe that she’s become a member of that backwards cult…but that’s taking us off topic.

Long story short, it’s been a taxing week.  I’m not in the mood to beat myself up for falling short.  I should FINALLY be able to work my summer hours for the first week ever next week, and I’ll compensate for this week’s poor showing.  Annnnd, because I sometimes make brilliant decisions, I took Monday off!

Thanks for the support on yesterday’s post!  The husband is extremely patient with me, and he pretty much left me to my own devices all day and I felt so much better!  Then, we went on a early evening date, enjoyed some no-kid-in-the-house sex, and then headed over to our friends’ house for poker night!  The husband won $130!  And, that will now finance tonight’s dinner at our favorite pub! 

This is a fuck coworkers story. So I work where you get subs your way in a mall. One of my coworkers is just one of the worst people. One of those everything is handed to me. She works 10 hours a week and is pregnant with her second child acting like that is a way to support her kids on minimum wage. Then she calls out every other day saying she is sick. When she does work, you have to come in and pick up after her because she won’t clean or do the shift change duties but because she is pregnant she is hard to fire. It looks bad on all of us who actually work. But she has a kid and has no want to support her it is just angering

On Forgiveness and Redemption, By The Paladin

Humanity is imperfect. Those three worlds sum up everything that ails us as a people, the source of nearly every challenge, the reason why we have war, and are constantly making mistakes and often failing to learn from them.

We hurt the people we love, and they in turn hurt us. And if we are capable of inflicting suffering upon those we treasure most, how much harm are we capable of inflicting on our neighbors, friends, strangers, our worst enemies? Where the does the cycle of mutilation upon the brotherhood of man unto itself end? Will we ever come upon the day when the last war has ended, where injustice becomes a memory, evil cast down and forgotten, we need never fear one other again?

I dream of that day, the time of final victory and peace everlasting. I can feel it in my bones, and have wept at its kiss on my brow, pure and warm as the light of the first spring. But then I open my eyes to the world we live in, and I know the work to make it happen is yet to finish. Because before that day comes, we will have to break the cycle.

Redemption: an old word, and powerful. It’s original, archaic meaning was to buy your freedom from either debt or slavery. In the modern context, the definition has spread to nothing less than the quest to find absolution from evils committed in the past. In the end, the task is still the same: freedom, to breathe easier without the weight of our sins on our backs. I would argue that the quest of redemption goes even further, to not only break the shackles and balance the scales, but to have the freedom to the best version of ourselves. For to redeem something or someone is to unlock its true value, is it not? Why should we stop growing, stop reaching for the light?

The journey for redemption is a long one. But it’s a journey made easier by not climbing alone. We all stumble. We all fall. Some farther than others. Forgiveness is the means we offer each other a way back up. But of course that metaphor only goes so far. For the crimes humanity has inflicted on itself are as innumerable as they are vile: theft, torture, murder, rape, enslavement, genocide, entire systems put in place to break a people’s spirit.

How do you make a people forgive a tyrant who conquered them, the abuser who harmed them at their most vulnerable, the murderer who took away their children in the night?

You can’t. It’s not something that can be forced, nor should it be. No matter how great or minuscule the crime, forgiveness is ultimately our own gift to give. It can be something parted without pain or with many tears, but in your heart of hearts it cannot be taken.

That does not diminish the grace forgiveness bestows upon the offender, or the strength it took for the giver to grant it. But we live in an age where every perceived slight is magnified, our mistakes left open to be put under a microscope. Whether judgment is warranted or not, in all this constant examination, the journey to become a better person is overshadowed by the attempt to just not be seen as a bad one.

And forgiveness in this time is mistaken for enablement or weakness. To forgive the unrepentant is considered either foolish, impossible, or permissive of greater evil. Forgiveness for its own sake, so a person can move on with their lives, is sneered at.

But despite all that, I still believe forgiveness and redemption are the key to hope. That bettering ourselves and making peace with our brothers and sisters will one day lead us to the day I’m waiting for. The day we’re all waiting for.

Because without them, we’re still trapped in the cycle, and freedom will forever remain in the impossible dreams of children. Come with me now, and let’s make those dreams one step closer to reality, and see what we can do to free the world.

I just want to take a moment to express how truly blessed I feel for the friends and family I have. As many of you know, the past 3 years I’ve been suicidal and dealing with my bipolar, my anxiety and other things. My family treats me better every day and it’s becoming less miserable at home.

I realized just how many people I have who care about me and how many people love and support me. It was until last night that I truly took in how many people care about me.

I feel so grateful for everyone in my life. My friends who have been there for me when I was going through the worst time in my friends who have supported me through so much shit. Everyone here on tumblr, even if we talk once a month, even if we’ve never talked at all but you still support me, I’m grateful for all of you.

ok but tbh i never really interacted w the w//oy fandom ive only heard that its bad. but let me tell you like 100000000% promise transformers fandom is the most cursed creatively evil nightmare ive ever witnessed and im grateful every day for how comparatively normal even the worst parts of naruto fandom are

how sad to be a gay girl in this the year of our lord 2017. i’ve never been to pride before. i tell my mother i’m thinking of going and she says; please be smart and stay home. most of me thinks she’s right about this, even though i live in a city where gay pride flags fly on every other building.

they’ve done a good job scaring us into the corners we came out of. i tremble at the idea of crowds full of other people, my body in rainbow paint. i will be meeting friends from high school and none of them know i’m gay. it terrifies me. i have no idea what they’d say. what if they ignore it. what if they make a big deal about it. what if they ask me how long i’ve been this way.

straight people tell me all the time that maybe it used to be dangerous to be in love with a girl, but i should stop complaining because marriage is legal. i think of how i still hear “gay” used as a slur, how every word i have for myself has been used as a curse word against me, how i have no identity that comes unsullied. i think of how every time i hold her hand in public i find my ears become satellite dishes, waiting to pick up on any incoming danger, always mid-flinch. i think about how their opinion of me changes when i tell them. i think about the cans thrown and the threats made and the fights that bloodied my teeth. i think about the arguments with my parents and the silence in churches and the shuffling of embarrassed feet. 

i’m telling myself i’ll go to pride and i’ll smile and i’ll have a good time. i’m telling myself i’ll be strong for those who can’t be. i’m telling myself thank god it’s 2017 and i live in the united states in a commonwealth that protects me. but the fact i have to rally just to walk in the streets says something. i feel sick when i think about where i’m going but proud about what i’m doing.

the closet was the worst place, i whisper to myself. darkness and spiders. but the closet is the safer place. and sometimes that matters.

“can we, like, chill with the gay pride?” i hear a girl on the bus say to her friend, “like… every june this happens and i’m tired of it.”

i’m gay every day of the week, even when i’m not proud of it. 

i sit lower in my seat. i text the people i’m going to pride with. “i might come,” i write, “still working on it.”


David Tennant and Matt Smith
as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors

Promotional photo-shoot for The Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special)

Every day, I see stuff in this fandom which disgusts me, but today I think I saw the absolute worst, and I’m sure plenty will agree with me. The majority of this fandom, I think, is full of wonderful, respectful people who only want the best for Harry and the rest of the guys but the past few days, I’ve seen so much stuff go on that is just wrong and far beyond too. 

Finding out where his hotels are, waiting for him, going inside the hotel and trying to find him when he’s on holiday, basically forcing him to have photos with you, and then when he asks you like the angel he is to not post them for a couple of days, you still do? That’s wrong. I’ve walked past him three or four times in the street, live pretty much on the same road, walk past his house regularly to get to the pub or go to the Heath, and the only time I’ve ever even dared to go up to him was at a live performance, when he was working

Standing outside his house in London and going through his rubbish? Pretty sure that’s illegal. And it’s wrong. You can’t invade people’s privacy like that and think it’s ok or that you should get away with it. It’s wrong and I swear if I caught anybody doing that outside his house, I’d knock them into next week.

Leaking his and his family’s private photos is wrong too. So what if they’ve been posted on a family member’s Facebook, it’s not your place to take them and share them. If there is no clear source or you can’t recall an event or day when it was, do not reblog or share.

Sharing private, heartbreaking information that nobody knows whether true or false and where you have ZERO right to share, is a disgrace and the person who does this and who leaks the photos (it’s the same person) needs to be reported at every single opportunity by everybody who is able to. 

Harry is an angel to every single one of us, even those who don’t deserve it, and it’s time some ‘fans’ started giving him a little bit of respect back. Some of you really do disgust me and make me ashamed to be associated in the same breath. I hope Harry knows that this is just a small minority of people. This is a man who walks around London and Holmes Chapel with no security, because he should be able to; he shouldn’t have to hide away from fans but the way some of you act are going to make him go that way one day and then you’ll be the ones crying over how he never has time for you. You know what? You brought it on yourselves.

Some of the days will be like children running, playing and laughing at the park. Families eating together inside a comfy restaurant. Teenagers walking hand in hand. A lovely lady inside a fancy boutique trying a dress with her smile and lips apart. Some of the days will be sunny as if the whole world decided to spread a happy vibe. But we both know darling, that some of the days will also be like silence in a crowded room. Like a man alone sitting on a bench watching people passed in front of him from morning to noon. Some of the days will make you love yourself more, yet some days will make you realize how people tend to judge one another. Some of the days will make you feel like you wanted to change the world because of everything you feel—because of the worst things you’ve seen. Some of the days will make you want to smile at every single stranger who you’ll meet. As if you wanted them to see how wonderful the day is. Some of the days will tell you who you are, and some days will drag you somewhere else trying to tell you that you’re lost again. Yet also maybe every day might be all the same to you. Because you’ve been doing the same thing again and again. But darling, when you try to look back, years from now, you will always find yourself wondering what time can do to us. That no matter how many times you tell to yourself that nothing is different, if it’s not you, then the world will always make you realize that a lot of things already changed. Including every people around you. Even you.
—  ma.c.a // Days in a Year

Percy wouldn’t recognize a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing Dobby’s tea cozy.

Sometimes John and Sherlock accidentally talk all night.

Like maybe the intention to go to sleep at a normal time was there, but then they get distracted.

11 PM: They finish the movie and it just naturally feels like time for bed. Teeth are cleaned, doors are locked, and they settle in between the sheets, and damn is the bed comfortable compared to the haphazard dog pile of limbs they had gotten into on the sofa.

“What did you think of the film?”

“Nice; very enjoyable.”

“Did I tell you it was my favorite when I was a kid?”

“No. Really?”

“Yeah. Would watch it on repeat.”

“Interesting. But it’s no longer your favorite?”

“Right. I dunno- I still love it, but not in the same way.”

“I understand. Your favorite now is that one Bond, um…Die Another Day?”

“Yeah.” John gives Sherlock a small, soft smile. He looks almost bewitched.

“What’s that look for?”

“It’s for you. ”

“Yes, but why?”

“Because it’s really nice to have someone remember things like that about me.”

1 AM: The discussion has shifted to favorites, and why they’re favorites.

“So you would rather listen to that same Rolling Stones album again and again for eternity than ever even trying something like Debussey?”


“Alright, well, now I know.”

“You know what?”

“That we’re breaking up.”

They laugh.

2 AM: …and now they’re just naming things they like.

John: “Long car journeys”

Sherlock: “The smell of coffee.”

“You hate coffee.”

“I hate the taste of coffee.”

“You are a complex being.”

“Thank you.”

They laugh some more.

John: “Rainy mornings that last all day.”

“Me too.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“They’re lovely.”

“Why’s that?”

Sherlock fidgets with his lips, trying to figure out how to phrase his answer.

“Because you always wake me very…pleasantly… and often you continue waking me pleasantly for most of the morning…afternoon…even into the evening sometimes.”

“Do I? When it’s raining?”

“Yes. Not every time, but under a certain set of conditions I can, for the most part, look at the forecast for the morning the night before and know in advance whether or not I’ll be getting anything done the next day.”

John looks back at him, a concoction of surprise, then near embarrassment, then a sly smile.

“Interesting, see, I find that I get one thing in particular done consistently on those days.”

Sherlock snorts.

4 AM: The topic has shifted between worst hangover stories and crazy uni memories to some more difficult things, like John’s time in the service, and Sherlock’s addiction.

“We’ve sort of been dealt a few tough hands eh?”


“Makes me want to take you away somewhere and just be relaxed for a bit.”

“I would agree to that in an instant.”

“Yeah? Let’s do that, then.”

“Fantastic idea!”

“I do get them on occasion.”

More laughter.

5 AM:

John is trying to work in to the concersation something he’s been wanting Sherlock to know for a long time. It’s difficult, though- he’s never really said anything like this- anything so personal.

“It says a lot about you, I think, that I can do things like this- stay awake all night, not having to be overwhelmed or rampant. You balance me, John.”

“Yeah..yeah I- I know what you mean. You also- I mean, you sort of…I don’t dread…my life to come…anymore. I used to think of all the days and years I had left to endure, wonder how I would fill them, hoping I could find something that wouldn’t feel so miserable, something to settle for, but you- fuck, Sherlock, I think back to that now and it feels like a horrible nightmare. I’m…more than just glad, to have found you. You- damn, this is hard, I-”

Sherlock ties his fingers with John’s and moves even closer.

"Take your time. No rush. No pressure. Anything you want to tell me, you can. You’re safe here.”

"I suppose…You umm…you made me rethink- my plans, for me, yes. But not only that, you also showed me a way of living so different from what I had known, so much better and full of richness, I look back at those days where I no longer wanted to be alive and think -it’s probably because I wasn’t alive. I had every responsibility and felt every drawback of life but was denied any of the good stuff. You showed me so much more than I ever knew was out there- you sort of saved my life by…showing me how to live it? That’s so cheesy, I-”

And now Sherlock is crying. So John starts crying.

6 AM: they’ve got themselves together by now and moved on to something a little lighter.

"Right…so, you mean to tell me that James Moriarty, criminal mastermind, scary man with an affinity for the latest in explosive fashion, still sleeps with a teddy bear?”


"How did you figure that one out?”

"It took a few-visits- to piece it together, mostly because I was in disbelief myself, but he shows signs of a stiff neck as if he sleeps in an extremely bent position with one arm hooked partially under himself, likely around a small item. Persistence of this soreness shows that he didn’t just sleep wrong once, he makes a habit of this position. But what really sealed the realization was the right thumbnail. Much shorter than all the others, wrinkled texture, dry skin around the edges where the rest of his finers are immaculately manicured. Exposed to moisture for long periods of time.”

"No fuckin way!”

"Oh yes. He sucks his thumb. What a terrifying creature.”

Hysterical laughter.

"I’m always curious what you could tell about me right away and what took you a bit longer.”

That’s a dangerous path John- not everyone wants to know what others can tell about them.”

"Yeah but I’m just tired enough to ask anyway.”

"Well, all the things I pointed out at Bart’s…then more and more about your childhood based on your dating habits…around a month after we moved in I had narrowed down the approximate size of your…tyre lever…”


"Well…I had underestimated, to be honest. Your stature is misleading, as I’m sure you know.”-

"So, that is to say, you were-”

"Incredibly anxious and then surprised in the best possible way.”

"I was going for ‘not disappointed’, but alright.”

"Not in the slightest. My God, not even a little. In fact, what’s the opposite of disappointed?”


"More than.”



7 AM: Talking has ceased. The sun seeps in at the sides of the drapes, pale and gray. It’s a bit chilly, but neither know- it’s aafe and warm in the bubble of their room.

Neither sleep until around noon, after tea and toast in bed- the rain hits the roof in steady droves, tapping occasionally at the window if the wind blows a certain way.

Sherlock gets absolutely no work done.
posted by a zookeeper friend on facebook

As someone in the zoo/aquarium field, I want to say something to everyone who is not…

It is not appropriate or respectful for you to publicly question the death of any animal under the care of zoo professionals. It is also not appropriate to say things that suggest you are more heartbroken than the people who cared for that animal. In case you weren’t aware, all living things must die. Sometimes it’s unexpected, sometimes it’s tragic, and sometimes it’s peaceful and planned for in a humane way.

When a human dies, the health care professionals who took care of that person are not typically questioned or accused of wrong doing. The same should be true for animal care professionals. I can assure you, with all my heart, that no one is more upset about the death than the people who personally knew that animal.

Wild animals die, captive animals die, and human beings die. It’s the natural order of things. I promise you, zoo animals have teams of caring, educated people looking after their well being from day 1 until the very end (and beyond, since every zoo animal gets a full post-mortem examination).

So please, next time you read a press release about the death of a zoo animal, think twice before you assume the worst and make any comments that imply something could have been done to avoid the situation. Zoos don’t intend to cover up the truth. But sometimes it takes weeks or even months to learn the whole story. Feel free to express your condolences and support. Send flowers or cards to the staff if you’d like. But please be patient and respectful. If the health care staff can figure out the cause of death, have faith that they will tell the public… But also understand that sometimes there are questions that may never be answered, due to the great amounts of unknown when caring for wild animals.

Thanks for listening.


Plot: Jimin always thought his traditional Korean girlfriend was perfect – that was, until he realized how beautiful foreigners could be.

Pairing: Idol!Park Jimin x Backup Dancer!Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Notes: I based this off of every single MTL I have seen of BTS dating a girl of a different race or a girl of color – Jimin always seems to be one of the people who were least likely to date one. I definitely do not think that Jimin is this ignorant in any way. This is only a work of fiction. This is for all the international beauties! 2,536 Words

Originally posted by bwipsul

“Oppa, I’m missing you so much!”

“I’m missing you too, my love. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few days, okay?”

One of the worst parts about tour was leaving lovers behind. For Jimin, it wasn’t only his lover, it was his home. He enjoyed tour, performing for all of the ARMYs around the world, going on stage; but he wasn’t a huge fan of being in a foreign country. He didn’t know English that well, and he wasn’t fond of being in a place where he couldn’t understand anything. 

“I know,” The soft voice of his significant other brought pink to his cheeks. “Call me when your rehearsal is over.”

“I will, I love you,” He glanced at the leader of his band, who was calling him over.

“I love you too.”

With that, he had ended the call with a sigh, and headed over to his band. It hadn’t even been a few minutes since he cut the call, and he was already missing her – a thought he had experienced after each long-distance conversation with his lover. The short male shook his head and got his head back in the game, his eyes going up to meet a group of people dressed in black.

“This is your dance crew for this city,” The manager announced to the band. “Not all of them know Korean, so if you have an queries, just talk to Jihoon. He is the leader.”

“We understand.”

Once that brief introduction was done, they were all left to their own devices for a few minutes, whilst the leader of the dance team talked to the leader of the band. Jimin had let himself scan over the people he would be working with; not that he would talk to them, he was just curious and bored. Most of them had masks on – no one had really caught his eyes, except for one person. 

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