this is the worst coloring i have ever made

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relationship status: basically married tbh. no longer sowing my wild oats.

favorite color: red

pets: Hash Brown, my son. He also answers to Hashy, Kitty, Poop, Bubble Butt, Rihanna, & Hot Mama. I am not kidding! I have given this dog multiple personality disorder 

last song I listened to: Don’t Wanna Know- Maroon 5

favorite TV show: Westworld!!! Yuri On Ice.  (also currently obsessed with a series of unfortunate events)

worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: This one time my friend made really awful mac & cheese that still haunts my dreams. also durian fruit and OLIVES. I HATE OLIVES! 

favorite place: Central Park. Starbucks. Libraries. Ballet studios. The bank (I love the smell of the bank). 

first fandom: Harry Potter (i feel like this is everyone’s loll) 

hobbies: writing, writing, writing. from age 6-18, I did gymnastics, ballet/tap/jazz, and a short stint of ice skating (i’m still so mad i quit). 

books I’m currently reading: i don’t read books anymore really. prob should =/

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Relationship status: Single and never ready to mingle
First fandom: Um, Black Veil Brides (bvb army) I believe
Hobbies: That’s a good question..
Worst thing I have ever tasted: Some dinner I made last week, seriously it was disgusting.
Favorite place: My bedroom 
Favorite color: Purple

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*Name/Nickname*: Niyah, Impure, ‘’’’’Aye girl, you’’’’’

*Gender*: the blackest black hole

*Height*: 5′4″. the worst height ever.

*Hogwarts House*: Slytherin

*Fave Color*: black and pastels

*Time*:  8:22 AM

*Last Thing I Googled*: “mla 8 citing a song”

*Fictional Character I’d Have As A Sibling*: none tbh. i have 3 siblings already

*Fave Band/Artist*: lately i’ve been listening to a lot of marina and the diamonds and halsey

*Dream Vacation*: Going anywhere and getting out of this goddamn city. 

*When Did I Make This Blog*: It was in like 2012/2013. As soon as i made it my creepy uncle followed me and i delayed use for the longest but then i blocked him

*How Many Blogs I Follow*: 343??? i wasn’t supposed to go over 300 lol

*Do I Get Asks On A Regular Basis*: lol

*Aesthetic*: pastel colors, black and white, abandoned buildings, the sky

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8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?

9. What’s your dream job?

10. The strangest dish you have ever eaten?

11. Last time you cried?

12. Favorite color?

13. A country you would like to visit?

14. Height?

15. Eye color?

16. Hair color?

17. What do you love?

18. Obsession?

19. If you had one wish, what would it be?

20. Home-made or fast food?

21. Kiss or hug?

22. Nicknames people call you?

23. Favorite song?

24. Favorite band?

25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you?

26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?

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28. Ever dated someone?  

29. Worst mistake?

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where is the reason for my trembling- the weightlessness of hurting, and how my arms have only ever held me empty // how my legs shake, all the way up to my spine at the thought of hoping; the heaviness of leaving, and how my feet were made for it. 

[i have written enough about my messes for you to know this story; this is where it ends]

spun in different colors of destruction, we are the worst kind of monsters; oh, how this selfishness brings us to the ground, and so away from it- my teeth at the nape of your neck, and mine in your hands ready to snap. we are both killing things, with larger appetites than the sky- 

[tell me, do two evils make us pure?] [ is our shamelessness just like our nakedness // oh, how the beauty of bruises shine on our skin, and how we are proud of it]

to call you an ocean; one that drowned me clean; oh how i couldn’t breathe // for me to devour your chest, and make bigger spaces between your ribs- for me to break them, and stab you with it; oh, how i feel the pain // for us to suffer-

[however, and for us to bask in it. to be everything- trembling // hurting // aching- for us to be taking; with hands soaked in mud // to be dirty, and to live with it // love with it in peace // to be hungry, and feed on whatever’s left]

[we are animals, more tender than the wild- but with more violent ends]

to give our hearts a rest // these fluttering wings in chests, and the running feet;
all broken, and bent, as we lay in our ruins // death beds- wrecked- happily. 

[my doubts buried under empty wells, where the desert ends // where the sun burns; this hell- that hold the world, but not you- how can i exist]

i am so sorry for how unnecessary this is. and how i’ve still needed to say it.