this is the worst coloring ever sorry

I’m sorry to the entire LGBTQIA community. Know that my heart is with you all and will be with you throughout these next four years. Know that you are supported.

I’m sorry to all the women in America, myself included, who now have to live with the idea that the government controls our entire body and reproductive rights. Remember you are all strong and competent.

I’m sorry to all the men and women of color who are scared to leave the house, go to work, or take their children to school. I hope that somehow our country can find peace so you don’t have to live in fear anymore. Don’t ever forget that you are worthy of respect just like any other human being.

I’m sorry to everyone who has or currently suffers from a mental illness. I’m sorry this night is making it worse. I’m sorry it feels like the air has left the earth and you can’t breathe. I’m sorry that our worst fears are coming true. Know that you are not alone.

I’m sorry to the Muslim men and women who will be targeted and deported for a crime they didn’t commit. I’m sorry this country has promise a life of freedom and has given you hatred instead.

I’m sorry to the Mexican and Latinx community who will have their families literally separated because someone thinks that you cause all the problems. My heart aches for you.

I’m so, so sorry to everyone negatively affected tonight. Stay safe. Stay strong.

As of now, my country is in mourning.

People are literally fearing for their lives.

There are special messages out on every social media website begging people not to commit suicide.

Way to go, America.


Ok im the worst secret santa ever, and i’d like to thank you for your patience @loonysl !
So here’s a little solangelo drawing ! I dont really knew Will so it was kinda hard…but i tried my best !!!! I really hope that you like it and again im deeply sorry

(I put the sketch bc i like it, i also have a colored and ink version if you want, but im not really a fan of those)

P.S : i’d also like to thanks the @pjosecretsanta2016 for the patience and for organizing everything ! You did a great job!

You Just Left Me To Die! (Pt. 3)

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(Part 1) (Part 2)

Paring: Jason Todd (Arkham Knight) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warning: Blood, smoking, violence, mention of sex/ sexual situation

Rating: Explicit

A/N: e/c (eye color), also Ace is Bruce’s dog, sorry this is hella LONG 

It felt like you had been thrown through a few brick walls, and then the worse surgeon in the world had put you back together. Your whole body felt weak and limp, your thoughts were hazy and partially formed. Your eyes opened slowly, all your strength going into that tiny little movement. You groaned quietly at the faint light streaming through the windows, it felt like you had the worst hangover ever. Once your eyes were completely open, you took in your surroundings. It looked like you were in a hospital, but there was something strange about the look of it. Your bed was the only one there, even though the room was massive. The walls were devoid of anything, just a long stretch of blank white, most of the time hospitals have paintings or something to keep the patients spirits up or whatever. Just moving your eyes hurt and made you feel sick. Based off these symptoms, you could only guess that you had a severe concussion. That’s when the smell hit you, a strong scent of cigarettes. Strong enough for your nausea to completely take over, you leaned over the bed and dry heaved. The only thing that came up was bile, your eyes watered from the attack on your gag reflex. You slowly leaned back down into the bed and went to rub your eyes, but found that your hands had been restrained. You slowly turn to find the source of the smell. In front of the far window stood the man, Knight, his back was to you. Long wisps of smoke issued from in front of his helmet. “Where the hell am I?” you manage to croak out. The mask snaps back into place with a faint click and he turns around, grabbing the cigarette and putting it out with his boot.

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This was written for @supernatural-jackles Colors of Fall Writing Challenge. My prompt was “bonfire”, and I chose Dean x reader. Thanks for the fun challenge!

Word Count: 4100+


A/N: I’m sorry, y’all. The angst came out of nowhere.

Dean hates fire. His earliest memory of flames and smoke is the worst thing that ever happened to him, after all.

If he concentrates, he can still remember all of it. He can hear the crackle of the flames, can hear the animal sounds his father made as he scrambled to get out of the room. And no matter how long he lives, he will never, ever forget the weight of his baby brother in his arms or the fear pulsing through his veins as he raced out of the house, leaving his father behind in order to save Sammy.

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Name/Nickname: Agathe

Favourite Color/s: Green

Last song I listened to: Waltz of the flowers by Tchaïkovski

Favorite TV show: I don’t really watch TV that often but I guess Quotidien (french news and entertainment show) 

First Fandom: Harry Potter

Hobbies: Drawing, playing the piano, singing and learning languages

Books that I’m currently reading: “Paris est une fête” (”A Moveable Feast”) by Ernest Hemingway

Worst thing I’ve eaten: …I tasted Marmite once… I’m really sorry but… why ?

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name/ nickname: Akilah (I don’t have any nicknames)

relationship status: single

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last song I listened to: training wheels by Melanie Martinez

favorite tv shows: Teen wolf & Rosswell

first fandom: Teen wolf

hobbies: painting, sketching, reading,volleyball, track

books I’m currently reading: 99 poems by Dana Gioia

worst thing I’ve ever eaten: can’t think of anything in particular lol

favorite place(s): the library tbh

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General opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine | like them | love them | actual love of my life

Hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous | 10/10 would bang im sorry i wouldnt fucc her  XD but nathan would probably shh


Best quality: her innocence and her kindness - and the fact she has a vest collection lol i want to see her in some lolita vest and some hawaiian vest xD i could see with those tropical flowers and colorful drinks af xD

Worst quality: she doesnt always know whats the haps in town, heck shes so pure she doesnt know what an escorts duty was until tate explains haha; that may not be good if the town ever came down to a fight 

dont get me wrong, staying out of drama is good but i wouldnt want her dead bc she didnt know what was happening and sided with the wrong side xD

Ship them with: nathan and devon, the deactivated surv ngl surv x surv is precious ship ellie and i made now inactive blog with my asshole surv and her introvert surv survlivesmatter lol

Brotp them with: basically anyone, except killers who want to kill her D:

Needs to stay away from: KILLERS WHO WANT TO KILL HER

Misc thoughts: PURE BEING

♫ Getting to know you, getting to know all about you... ♫

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Relationship Status: single

Favourite Colour: blue, in all its multifarious gorgeousness.

Pets: a brindle dog named Kayla

Last song I listened to: I don’t remember; I’ve been listening to podcasts all day

Favourite TV Show: I love me some Supernatural

First Fandom: The X-Files (yeah, baby!)

Hobbies: Reading; writing; traveling.

Favourite Book:  Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Paradise Lost by John Milton.

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: I didn’t like frogs legs, and I hate gravy in any color/form. 

Favourite place: California. Scotland. Ireland.

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is ur favorite color lilac? whats the meaning behind ur url? :))

Idk really I really love lilac and it’s definitely up there but I chose it because I post alot of pastels and lilac starts with an l like Lester so sorry it’s really boring how I came up with it ;-;

(I used to have the worst url ever and if you really want to know send me an ask ;) )

Owen Grady hand-feeding Blue (V. mongoliensis).

I’ve made a few changes to how I draw dromaeosaurids based on lots of helpful feedback and further research. Note in particular the addition of head crest-feathers, fully-feathered fingers and legs, and primaries that extend all the way and attach to the middle finger. The coloration is still mostly fantastical - I’m trying to evoke the distinctive coloration from the movie that gives Blue her name. In reality, velociraptor was likely some combination of black, gray, white, brown, and orange.

Possibly the worst likeness of Chris Pratt ever committed to paper however, sorry.


what is the worst job you ever had?


“Really now, Mr. Rorke…did you HONESTLY think that you were just going to get away with selling secrets like that?”

This…was the most boring night Marasco had suffered…in MONTHS. Longer even possibly. 
At least sitting back at base with a book and some coffee was somewhat entertaining. This? Going out into the Victor’s brothel to deal with some no-life scumbag who’d sold a bunch of secrets to District 3 just so he could buy the pretty girl from 1 for a night? WORST NIGHT EVER.

He sighed and gave the man another kick. His jet-black armored boot had turned a sort of mudish-color, blood coating its slick plating. Rorke didn’t reply; he was curled up, half dead from the beating of earlier.

“Sorry for disturbing your night Miss…Cashmere is it?”

“Well, what color do you think I should go with? I was thinking maybe like a bubblegum pink.”