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Author’s Note: Hi everyone! This little piece right here is the first part of a mini series I’m planning. The first sentences are part of a writing prompt that I found (I needed help to get out of my writer’s block) and so this came out. I hope you like it, and please stay tuned for more.

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Synopsis: Food poisoning is one of the worst things ever, and on the night you couldn’t stop throwing up, you needed your best-friend to be there for you. The problem is… he didn’t even come looking for you until the next day.

Warning: There will be violence, cursing, and smut in future chapters.

“I hate you,” you spat.

“Okay, okay, reasonable, but have you considered this… I’m awesome,” he said, with a smirk and you rolled your eyes.

“I hate you even more now.”

He pushed your shoulder and whined. “Come on! I’m not that bad, at least you should be proud to have a celebrity as your best-friend. And a good-looking celebrity at that.”

“Best-friend, my ass. You’re the most stuck up, most self-centered person I’ve ever met!” You stood up from your seat in the leather couch and grabbed your purse and keys. You were ready to run for it, you didn’t want to see his face any longer. He disappointed you and left you alone when you needed him the most. Then, he was brave enough to have a pleasant conversation with you like nothing happened at all.

“Stop!” He said, all of the joking now dropped. “Don’t walk through that door.”

“Or what?”

He sighed, taking his head in his hands. He scratched the nape of his neck and when he finally looked up, his expression turned somber.

“Look, I admit it, okay? I wasn’t there and I should’ve been.” He stood up, walking towards you. “I’m sorry you had to take yourself to the hospital and that I wasn’t even able to answer my phone.” His eyes turned red and you could see they were bothering him. He was on the edge of tears, but he swallowed the tightness that was quickly taking over his throat. “Trust me, it hurts me to think that you had walk alone and have doctors put needles in your arms, without me being there, holding your hand to make sure everything was okay.”

It was your turn. Your eyes began to sting at the memory.

It’s winter, yet you had to put on your own coat and leave the house at 2:00AM in the morning, because you couldn’t stop throwing up. You were dizzy, weak, the remainders of yesterday’s pizza was quickly coming up your throat and for three times in a row, you tried to take it all out of your system. By the fourth attempt, you decided that it was too much, you were too dehydrated and you could feel it. Your hands were shaking, but it wasn’t from the cold. Your chest and head were throbbing and everything was spinning. Your body felt too light, and you knew that it wasn’t right. So, you did what any person would do and tried to call your one and only friend, Wonho. You needed help, but when he didn’t respond, you began to cry out of frustration and just called a cab to pick you up.

A tear ran down and you cursed yourself for letting it fall in front of him. “What was so important, Wonho? Huh? Were you really that deep in your sleep? Or where you out? Where were you? Why didn’t you even glanced at your screen?!” You shouted, but you were crying by now and you were so mad at yourself for breaking down like this.

He said your name in a whisper and he raised his hand to your cheek, cleaning the tears that were falling. You pushed his chest, he took a step back.

“D-Don’t touch m-me.”


“You’re too late now, Wonho. I’m hurt, and I needed you by my side.”

“I know, I know… But please, (Y/N) trust me!” Seeing you cry in front of him, broke the last strength he had for him to remain composed. He began to let his tears fall and his voice was calling in desperation. “If I would’ve been able run to you at that moment, I would’ve done it in a blink of eye. You have to trust me, (Y/N). You have to trust that I didn’t ignore you.” He took both of your hands in his, and brought your knuckles to his lips. “Please…”

You looked down to his actions, and for some reason you didn’t reject it. You didn’t reject his affection and you were beginning to feel odd. However, you brushed it off and focused on the problem at hand. “Then what was so important, Wonho? Why couldn’t you come to me?”

He didn’t say anything. He just kept kissing your knuckles, giving you complete silence.

“Ah… is this how’s it’s going to be? You’re keeping secrets from me now? When did you begin to do that? We promised each other that—”

“We will never keep secrets from one another,” he finished. “I know.”

“Then why? What aren’t you telling me?” Through your tears, you were searching for an answer in his eyes, but you didn’t find any.

He let go of one of your hands and cupped the side of your cheek, looking deep into your eyes. “Please, trust me. You know me well enough to know that I would never do that to you. I will never abandon you, (Y/N).”

“Then wh-” He didn’t give you time to finish that thought, because the hand that was on your cheek, ran down your neck and pulled your face in front of his. His lips locked with yours and all the air you had in you to fight him, was taken away from your lungs.

+ to be continued + 


I think the best piece of writing advice I ever got was from an author of locally popular novels that visited my school when I was in grade eight. He said that when you want to write a novel, or any kind of story, the typical system of “What is my story about? Who is it about? What will happen?” are pretty much the worst thing you can do.

Writing is far simpler than that.

His advice was to ask yourself three questions that I’ll never forget:

Who is the character?

What does the character want more than anything?

And how can I prevent them from getting it?

Twice the love, twice the pain - Dean Winchester x Reader - Sneak Peek (Single Father/ Nanny AU)

Moving in a new town, getting a job as the nanny of a lovely girl and yet you would have never imagined something like this would ever happen. On the first day of kindergarten and you get to meet two men that are bound to change your life for the best and worst at the same time.

Nobody would have ever been able to predict the outcome of this meeting. For any of the three of you.

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“Alright so one last thing-” he looked at them seriously “-What have we said about strangers?”

“Kick hard first, ask questions later.” they said firmly in unison but before Dean could say a thing a chuckled was heard from behind him.

He almost jumped for a moment and his back straightened. He got up on his feet and turned to face the person, slightly flustered but trying to keep his calm. He straightened his tie and sweater and cleared his throat.

“Is there a prob-” he was about to ask but the words got stuck in his throat the moment he locked eyes with… you.

“Oh oh!” you clasped a hand over your mouth “Pardon me- I- I didn’t mean to- I just- I kinda heard what you were saying and-” you breathed out a nervous chuckle that – although it shouldn’t – made his heart skip a beat “They’re literally the most adorable sight I have ever seen.” you breathed out shyly and he chuckled a little awkwardly as well.

“Uh I uh-” he rubbed the back of his neck “Thank you, I guess.” he chuckled and you laughed slightly as well.

You leaned down so that you could look at the little girls that were staring up at you with big green eyes. The blonde one’s were more of a forest green while the other’s had some brown-gold hues to them.

“Hey!” you waved your hand at them “What are your names little ones?”

The girls shared a look before in the end grinned and waved their hands “Hi!” they giggled.

“I’m Mary.” th blonde said.

“And I’m Sam.” the brunnete followed.


Who is excited for another version of Friends after all?!?

Looks what’s coming next! Oh dear Chuck, if this turns out ot be a series I will so enjoy it! Heads up: this was requested differently, you will see, but being related to Luci I HAD to think of this new angsty series! 

I really would love you focused on this and when the first chapter comes opinions would be grately appreciated! It states Dean x Reader but only because it begins as such! Mind you, it is a Dean x Reader x Sam

Also, tags are open for this!

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yuri on ice 

i walk my days on a wire / He’s both fragile and lethal, and he’s the most dangerous thing Otabek has ever let in close enough to touch.

you catch on like a bonfire / It’s one of the best and worst things about Otabek—the way he blurts things out like they’re obvious but still need to be said just because they’re the truth. 

the season of spirits / He did something at the last Christmas party that led Giacometti in Finance to call him “Table Master Yuuri” ever since.

the naming of cats / It sounds mean, and delighted, and Otabek knows that Yuri’s enjoyment of his pain is catlike because he has seen Murka do the exact same thing: dig sharp claws into skin and purr, pleased at herself.

a slow invasion of the heart / “You’re like a knife,” Otabek says, feverish. “A sword. Sometimes I think you have steel where your spine should be.” (just?? fuck me up???)

how to raise a tiger / Viktor pulls out his phone to make a notation in a document titled Yurochka’s Milestones!!

edit sober / “At first I thought you were using old breakup lines, but I really hope you never said that to an actual person.”

clueless / Another sale saved by heroic retail employee Phichit Chulanont!

1. If he’s going to leave, nothing you do will stop him. Not if you make yourself softer, warmer, gentler; not if you stay up all night mapping out his escape routes. If he leaves, let him go.

2. There is always going to be someone out there who thinks the worst about you. You’re going to believe them, but don’t. Listen: you are more than someone’s opinion of you. You are more than schoolyard gossip and petty rumors. You are not the worst thing you have ever done, or the worst thing you have ever said to someone. We all make mistakes. Learn from them, but never let someone use them against you.

3. You are your only competition. Strive to be the best version of yourself, not an image of someone else.

4. Be proud of yourself. Remember the nights you crumbled under the weight of your pain, and the mornings you fought to open your eyes, and won. Remember how you put yourself back together, brick by brick; remember the ache in your shoulders as you laid each stone. Remember that life is often the more difficult choice, and that it takes a special kind of bravery to choose it anyway.

5. Hold on. Even after the longest, coldest winter, spring will come.

6. There is always going to be someone out there who thinks the world about you. You’re not going to believe them, but they will, and I hope one day you can find it in yourself to finally listen.

—  Therapy Takeaways 5.0, by ironedout (ramblings #24)

So much panic or “panic” or fear or “fear” or “hate” or “hate” or racism or “racism”. On the eve of inauguration, confusion rules the day.

There are the Trump enemies, who see him as, at worst, a dangerous racist and, at best, a dangerous clown. They hate him.

There are the Trump supporters, who see him as a victim, attacked by the left and the media. They hate all who hate Trump.

Some wring their hands and say the problem is with Trump supporters for believing Trump when he said they should be afraid and angry.

At the same time, these very people are afraid and angry; of the Trump supporters.

One thing is for certain. The country is more divided than it has ever been.

There are many, many reasons Hillary did not win, but I think the chief problem was that the Democratic party coronated her.

Hillary should never have been the nominee. She became the nominee due to the type of Tammany Hall politics the democratic voter could see.

Using political chits, first-lady status, Obama ties, Michelle Obama-quotes and the grimy olicharchic use of “super delegates”.

The country was ready for a change, both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans chose an agent of change, the Democrats were blocked.

The Democrats knew who they wanted, knew the party with the best agent of change had the best chance, and they had the perfect man.

Bernie Sanders.

But Bernie was not the nominee foe two reasons. Interested Billionaires wanted Hillary. Bernie wouldn’t mention the e-mails until too late.

It takes a lot to lose an election when your opponent is Donald Trump. But Hillary managed it.

One reason was for that very reason. That once he won the nomination, she won the Presidency. This was her thinking.

And so she was silent, waited out the clock, salivating whenever Trump made another gaffe which she witnessed from an undisclosed location.

And then she made the worst comment in political history, when she described Trump supporters as deplorable and irredeemable.

Irredeemable is a concept not embraced by many Americans and certainly not Liberal ones.

People on Death Row are not considered irredeemable, nor should they be.

Hillary lost. She should never been coronated and no one ever explained to the Democrats why they were given no choice as to their nominee.

Trump beat 17 opponents. I believe Bernie Sanders would have beaten 17 opponents.

Trump began in two full poker tables, where he played one off the other, collecting more and more of chips each time a rival busted out.

Hillary was in a game of heads-up, with a massive chip lead from the beginning and all the fellow pros cheering her on from the rail.

America wanted their next President to be an outsider. Trump vs. Sanders would have electrified all voters, not half of them.

But now it is over and the President will soon be Donald Trump.

Many people think Donald Trump is legally unfit to be President. if this is true, articles of impeachment should directly be drawn up.

Most reasonable people do not believe this.Many reasonable people hope that something from the President’s past or immediate future stop him

It is hard to know how many Democratic voters would prefer if Trump was a successful President good for the country and how many would not.

What really seems to disappoint the left is the vast amount of their fellow Americans who they feel were either duped by a mountebank or…

who share his “hatred” and “misogyny” and “cruelty” and so on.

Most, i feel, think the latter is the case. that desperate people bought snake-oil.

The people who believe the former, hat half the country are irredeemable racists,truly hate their neighbors,but I think this is a myopic few

So, then, they are profoundly disappointed that tens of millions of their fellow Americans were duped into scapegoating and worse.

“Wait until Trump’s base realize he will not do what he promised”, they warn.

This makes you wonder if they want Trump to act on his more outrageous rhetoric or not. Which would make them more unhappy.

They are convinced that they must be unhappy with a Trump Presidency. They simply have too much invested in its failure.

To put it another way, Trump is too big to succeed.

Obama faced the same dilemma. Some would rather see him fail than the country succeed.

Many on the left are shocked that America is still a racist country.They are not racist.So for the country to be racist, all else just be.

Of course half the country do not like to be condescended to by the other half and do not feel like they need to be told why they voted.

To be called deplorable is obscene but to be called irredeemable is profane.

No one knows what the next four years will bring.

But the losers in this cycle worry about hate becoming the prevailing emotion.

The answer is not to hate those who voted for a different candidate.

The answer, and it is the only answer that ever has been or ever will be, is not to hate but to love. And the greatest love is of your enemy.

—  Norm MacDonald

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Crush story: Ok so I used to have a crush on this guy in MMA (who I now know has three girlfriends. They don't know tho) and once I was sparring with him and he hit me really hard in the nose (enough that it started bleeding badly) and as I fell to the floor, cradling my nose in my hands, I looked up and said through tears... "Does This mean you're hitting on me? It's cool if you are. I mean, no one -nose- where this relationship will go." He didn't talk to me for two weeks after that.

that’s the best/worst thing I have ever heard. Your pun game is too strong.

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I'm no good at prompts but maybe egobang first kiss, and like, they both have been crushing a long time and when one finally gives in the other one is like super flustered (but very into it) ? (I'm sorry I'm garbage at this///)

Finals are the worst time of the year.  Everyone is either ready for the sweet relief of death or too tired to move.  Arin was some where in the middle if the two.  The only thing keeping him motivated was his study partner. 

Dan has been his best friend for two years now and he couldn’t be happier.  The goof had the fluffiest hair ever and skinniest frame.  The way his glasses almost fall off his nose when he concentrates.  His laugh could brighten up anyones day.  It would a giant lie is Arin said he was totally straight and had no non-platonic feelings for him.

The library was super packed this time of year, so the two sat out on the grass out by the band room.  No one ever really went there except for class so it was perfect for peace and quite.  Books and notes scattered on the ground in front of them. At first the two were facing one another, quizing each other, but shifted to sitting side by side.  After an hour of studying, the two decided it was time for a little break.

“I still think I’m gonna bomb history,” Dan stated as he stretched out his back.

“Thanks, it really boosts my confidence as your study buddy.”

The two laughed a little.  It was a nice day out.  The sun was not to mich and the breeze was keeping it from getting to hot.  Although, Arin’s mild blushing was already heating up his face.  Being this close to Dan was nothing new but alone and close was something new.  A few times he could’ve sworn he saw Dan staring at him but was probably just looking around.

“Hey, I was thinking about going to see the new marvel movie this weekend.  I hate going to movies alone so I was wondering if you’d wanna go?" 

"I’d love to!”, Arin said a little to fast.

Dan smiled wide at him.  It was almost painful how bad he just wanted to come out and spill all the beans. Loosing Dan and their friendship was the one thing keepung him from doing it.  That and that he was too awkward to ever make the first move.  Dan must have known this as he leans over and steals a quick kiss from Arin’s lips.

“It’s a date then,"  the older teen whispers before gathering up his things and heading to his dorm.

Watching his bestfriend walk alway was all Arin could do.  Not a single thought paced his mind, at one point he was sure he gad even forgoten how to breath.  Once his mind started working again and coming back to reality, all Arin could do was mutter ”..what?“ All the way back to his dorm, freaking out his room mate.  He had a date with his best friend, the goof he’s been dreaming about for months, and could barely comprehend how.

I have a lot of feelings about Matt Boyd. He’s with the weakest and most ridiculed Class I team but loves them like family. He feared is future girlfriend and was scared shitless even when asking her out. He’s the tallest on the team but worst enemy on the team is five feet tall. Nobody will stop fighting around him. His five foot enemy tricked him into drug relapse for said enemy’s brother’s sake. His best friend got kidnapped and nearly died. His best friend ends up dating his five foot enemy. Nothing ever goes right for an entire year. Nobody ever explains things so he probably loses a lot of bets. He keeps getting punched. All he wants is to play exy and for everyone to get along but suddenly there’s the mafia and the FBI and murders. Someone help Matt Boyd.

Sam thinks about it for a few minutes before deciding that, really, it is his best bet. And the angel did offer.

He wouldn’t normally…go for this sort of thing. Ever. But, well, dire circumstances…

He hasn’t slept in almost fifty hours. Before that, his sleep has been poor and short at best. He’s physically shaking, unable to keep himself steady, and inches from falling apart. Being on his own any longer seems like the worst possible thing.

And so he remembers Cas’ offer. “I don’t sleep,” he’d said. “You know where to find me, if you need me.”

He’s exactly where Sam expects, the TV on low before him. He turns when Sam comes in.

Sam knows how he must look. “Can I…Please?”

“Of course,” Cas says. “Come in, Sam. Please.”

So Sam moves into the room and practically falls onto the couch. Cas instantly moves, pulling Sam onto his lap, a move Sam didn’t expect but quickly finds that he appreciates nevertheless. “Oh.”

“Want to talk?” Cas asks. He turns the TV off.

Sam shakes his head. “Want to sleep,” he mumbles, eyes already, improbably, drooping.

Cas traces one hand over Sam’s back and that just seals the deal. When he’s more awake, Sam will have to think about this. What this means. How much he’s trusting, relying on, needing, here.

For now, he sleeps.

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Favorites kisses ?

Yeah, I’ve talked about this issue about a hundred thousand times already, but in a moment of complete vulnerabilty Bruce let’s his guard down and he and Selina are able to start new life together and find happiness with each other. 

The kiss that launched a thousand icons. I fell hard for batcat after reading Hush and it was this moment that led to arguably the best era ever for Batman and Catwoman.

This story is the literal worst. The context of what’s happening here is terrible, but damn that’s one hot kiss. This panel is the only good thing to come out of Batman: the Widening Gyre at least aestethically. Hey I never said that I wasn’t shallow. 

This is probably not the Injustice kiss you were expecting and definitely not the one that gets passed around more, but in light of what’s going on in this scene it’s a really sweet moment. Bruce has just gotten done giving this Independence Day speech and acknowledging that there’s going to be collateral damage and lives are going to be lost. Bruce is out with an injury and Selina is going into battle. It was a small comfort and moment of peace between the two of them. Oh, and let’s talk about how the gender roles are being reversed. This turns the ‘my girl back home’ and ‘I’ll wait for you’ trope on its head. Here it’s Bruce who’s sidelined and Selina is the one going into danger. Let’s all send Tom Taylor best wishes forever for writing this.

So who cried when they read this for the first time..oh, uh ahem…me neither. This is the most open Bruce has ever been about his feelings and it was so raw and emotional and honest, and he ended it was an affectionate kiss on the forehead. Take me now. I’ve reached my final form. 

I was kind of disappointed with Catwoman’s issue of Bruce Wayne: the Road Home, but this is what I’m talking about. Even though they were seperated from each other for quite some time they’re feelings for each other remained, and here is shows that even though he has a hard time showing it Bruce really does love Selina. 

Edit: I forgot to mention about the last one, Selina said this was the best kiss of her life. THE.BEST.KISS.OF.HER.LIFE.EVER.

I want that on the record. 

On dating, sex, and why we do the things we do

The worst lie ever told is that you will have the best sex with someone you love. I often wonder whether the person who said this first was an extremely romantic virgin. Or someone who had just got their heartbroken and needed a poetic way to say, “my new partner is better cause he actually loves me”. But maybe they were simply someone who unlike myself, never got the life fucked out of them by a total idiot. I think lies like these are the sort we tell ourselves when we’re afraid. And I think the person who said this first knew the shit they were about to start.

One of the most incredible things to me will always be how my body can respond to something my brain absolutely refuses to. How people can have intense chemical connections that often last longer than the ones that feel magical - even spiritual. I’m pretty sure the person who told that lie about sex needing love is also the type to write think pieces about how the internet ruined the sanctity of dating (as if sanctity and dating could even be used in the same sentence). I think a lot of this confusion stems from believing that dating is something more than navigating extremely shitty territory-something more than hanging out in a dangerous neighborhood. On a good day you find a starbucks, on a bad day you get robbed.

The belief that things have to be perfect to produce something incredible is a belief rooted in fear and straight up delusion. I recently overheard a woman say, “nothing good can come from that” during a conversation about tinder. And I couldn’t believe how strong her emphasis on the word nothing was. Nothing good? Like, at all? I thought about this for days and came to the conclusion that some of us are painfully disconnected from ourselves. So disconnected we don’t even realize we’ve been measuring pleasure by someone else’s standards. Yes sex is amazing when you’re in love. But everything is amazing when you’re in love. Everything is warm and weird and so special that you spend every day waiting for a piano to fall from the sky and land on your head. It truly is a special kind of wonderful. It just isn’t the only kind of wonderful.

The kinds of people we meet in a lifetime are an assortment of wonderful and fucked up. And each interaction serves as an opportunity to bring us closer to ourselves. Like that girl you abruptly stopped speaking to (just like someone once did to you) she helped you understand how silence is a language of its own. Or the one you still daydream about waking up next to (although it’s been years since you stopped speaking) they taught you that love is a fire that burns painfully fucking slow. Or that guy who responded “ok” the time you wrote him a really deep message about your feelings. He taught you not to bleed feelings onto strangers (some people just can’t handle it). And that awful guy who said ‘you were too fat for me anyway’, he showed you the depths of anger some people carry with them. He taught you that it has nothing to do with you.

The reality is that there are a million reasons as to why we fuck the people we do. Sometimes they’re powerful and alluring people who we hope can sexually transmit their most attractive qualities. Sometimes it’s because they’re mean, so we sleep with them hoping to fix some shit we didn’t even break. And in the spirit of believing that love makes everything better, we tell ourselves that our love is all they need to be decent (it’s not). Sometimes it’s because they’re the nicest fucking person we’ve ever met. They care for the world and literally every person in it and we just couldn’t think of a better way to show them how much we appreciate their existence. Sometimes we’re just drunk with horniness (or tequila) and we become really sweaty versions of ourselves in dark rooms. Sometimes we hate ourselves for this, but sometimes we don’t.

What most “dating in your 20s” think pieces leave out are the parts that tell you how sex is really the best when you know yourself. When you know what you like, when you feel comfortable talking about what you don’t. That the most attractive part about dating is not where or how you met, but feeling secure in your decisions. That when you stop saying “I’m sorry” when you mean “go fuck yourself”, you discover the strength to go after the things you want. These are the things that go beyond the superficial dating laws created by strangers. These are the things that show every person around you how hard you’ve worked to have a solid relationship with yourself.

Giving dating advice is often just as stupid as dating. The only advice worth taking is to know that you deserve an orgasm just as much as you deserve to be happy. And that every single one of us is fumbling around for the sake of finding a cure for what hurts, so please don’t think you’re the only one.

ERERI WEEK 2015: Day 2 - Summer Job

Title: Daycare

Summary: I work at a daycare for dogs, and you’re the customer who always has the stupidest, most anal requests ever and I hate you for it but you’re also really hot and your dog is the sweetest creature ever.

Rating: T

Get a job, they said.

It would be fun, they said.

Summer jobs are the best, they said.

Fuck that.

Fuck this whole stupid job and anybody who said it wouldn’t be the worst thing to ever happen to Eren Jaeger.

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Things I learned from Dan talking to Nick Grimshaw

Dan thinks Pete is a “gentle soul” and that Nick is the instigator that brought out his evil side

Dan said the interview made him “feel sick, it wasn’t like I was about to projectile vomit in the floor”

Dan’s laugh in the beginning was the “definition of a nervous laugh” according to Dan

Dan will forgive Nick Grimshaw in two years

Dan said “I was so scared, you could tell how scared I was” aw my poor baby meme

Dan thought it was a prank call at first but then Pete sounded very aggressive so Dan played it safe because “If it’s not a prank call or if it’s serious…he’s going to hate me” and he doesn’t want fob to be angry at him the next time he sees them

This was the worst yet best thing that has ever happened I feel SO CONFLICTED

Some of the most amusing answers to last week’s question!

Ok so last week I asked everyone, “ what is the WORST/ MOST IRRITATING thing you’ve ever done to your parents?“ (to get some ideas for some mayhem that Rinku might cause) and I got a TON of response! (LOL some of which are making me wonder why on earth I want to be a parent so badly!! XD)

So here’s some of the best of the best! Thanks again to everyone that sent in their stories! It made for a fun week! XD

Anonymous said: for the most annoying thing I did to my parents: I painted my step-dad’s toenails bright glittery orange while he was napping the day before he had surgery ( he was the star of the recovery ward lmao) aaaaand I got into my moms jewelry and flushed her favorite earrings down the toilet by accident while playing pirates

emu49999 said: It wasn’t me, but my sister actually. She was about 5 I think, and she was in trouble for being sassy. So my mom sent her to time out to think about her actions, and my sister sat there for a very long time in deep thought. She eventually came to my mom and said, “you know, I think that’s just the way I am.” And my sister has lived by that ever since.

Anonymous said: *laughs nervously* yeeaaahh, about that… I did set my kitchen on fire.. a couple of times.

paigeflip said: Worst thing I ever did to my parents was I locked my mom outside of the house while she was talking to the neighbour. She made a scene yelling at me from the other side of the door and in the end she put two tree trunks against the house and scaled them to the open second floor window and crawled in. I remember screaming when I saw her, running to my room and pushing the dresser behind the door. When she eventually got in all she did was yell at me. She was too nice lol.

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4034) I came out in highschool, and my best friend (who I knew had a crush on me, I just didn't feel the same way) said that he felt like I had been "lying to him" and "leading him on" for years. It was one of the worst things I've ever been told.
“Besides, our enemy’s trail leads all the way to Haven. That’d be quite a trip for a pipsqueak like you.”

couple things about this line:

qrow never puts ruby down. ever. that said, there’s another motive behind this line.

qrow never intended for ruby to lie back and wait for the adults to sort things out. he knew she would never do that. 

he gave her the information she needed because he knew she would leave anyway. 

he wouldn’t tell her this unless he knew what she would do

in conclusion: qrow = best uncle/worst uncle, depending on the outcome