this is the whole black people should stay in africa thing all over again

Professor Scamander and the Slytherin Prefect



A/n: this is the second last chapter, but probably the most important one of the series. In this chapter, you’ll finally find out who the reader ends up with. Thanks for sticking around for this long, wild ride, and I hope you all feel satisfied with the route I’ve chosen to end the story with :) 

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Pairing: You / Jaebum 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1,857

Summary:  You’re the owner of a jewelry store. Prone to working late, staying overnight and not worrying about your safety. Until one night you’re robbed. 

- admin shanna

r e q u e s t

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college namjoon

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  • hello everyone, it’s me, your local piece of trash
  • i’m screaming bcuz got7 is coming here in january well right near here
  • bts world tour
  • 24k world tour
  • i’m working like 74 hours this month for this??
  • anyway time for my son, namjoon!
  • again i’m doing american college because i don’t know anything about international colleges and i don’t wanna assume anything about any countries so!!
  • namjoon is a genius everyone knows this right?
  • so when he’s in the high school he’s getting lots of colleges asking if he wants to come over on a scholarship
  • i think if he wasn’t in bts right he would’ve definitely been one to do foreign exchange in high school
  • my german teacher was trying to get me over there once,,,
  • anyway
  • namjoon really wants the opportunity to see the world and travel across the globe so he readily agrees to go to international school
  • if he could he would go to every single continent and live there for a year but the american colleges were offering the most money and without the aid, his parents wouldn’t have been able to send him over
  • so he’s definitely like well yikes american college it is
  • what if he went to my dream school,,, american university
  • it’s a super international, foreign studies based college with lots of overseas students it’s so cool ahh and it’s in the heart of DC like i can see namjoon there so perfectly
  • he wants a bigger campus where’s he’s in the city so he can actually get out there and explore and do things and not be cooped up in school all the time
  • even though that’s usually what he’s doing
  • curled up in the corner of his bed, nose buried in his organic chemistry textbook or maybe a differential equations book or maybe art history
  • he doesn’t really have a favorite, he loves to gain knowledge no matter what subject it may be
  • anyway i’m having a lousy ass day like the worst please forgive me if this ends up extra sad for a bit
  • um looks are hella important bcuz namjoon my son
  • he has black hair like in the n.o music video like that haircut but not the like mohawk thing like the actual hair he had in the video portion nOT THE DANCE OKAY bcuz that is my all time love and it reminds me of nick, who is a waiter i work with who looks kinda like namjoon in my opinion? with a more narrow face anYWAy
  • and he has the big, wire rimmed glasses and everyone would usually be like dork but namjoon rocks them so hard that everyone immediately gets heart eyes
  • he’s a business major and he thinks he should always dress the part so he always wears button downs and like some skinnies (usually black) and he rolls his sleeves up to his elbows and wow have i mentioned i love namjoon
  • okay anyway anyway
  • majors
  • namjoon wants to major in everything ever
  • i read all these things and everyone is like math major but nah
  • sure namjoon likes math but he’s like what job do you even do with math (idk maybe there are math jobs)
  • namjoon is like i need something practical
  • he still wants to travel the world like here to europe and over to africa and down to south america too like he can’t just settle on something like math
  • so he goes for international business
  • with a minor in economics bcuz boy howdy i’m in econ rn and it’s all math it’s literally all math and it’s so hard im screaming
  • i bet namjoon would love that
  • anyway that’s what he decides on and he’s already way ahead of the game because he’s bilingual damn he’s my inspiration i wish i could teach myself another language
  • jeez where am i going with this
  • yikes right
  • namjoon is on the academic team too!!
  • academic team is traumatic don’t ever join kids take it from me
  • namjoon is smart though so it’s okay he actually can compete well and doesn’t screen everything up lmao
  • he’s probably captain of the school academic team tbh
  • because yes he’s a genius but lao he’s super charismatic and well spoken and he knows how to present himself and the team
  • all his teammates love him okay so
  • like he’s the kid who leans back in the chair while everyone is stressing the heck out and buzzes in with like only five words spoken??
  • and the other people are like sobbing bcuz how does he do that is he even human?
  • but namjoon is so so so humble he gets all red and shy and flustered whenever someone congratulates him or comments on how great he is at the game
  • and hides behind his cute lil hands!!
  • i feel like i made his roommate yoongi so guess what i’m changing it to hoseok bcuz wow i have some quality ideas for this honestly these college ones are pretty fluid so they aren’t all really linked in my mind at least?
  • he loves hoseok like a brother but hoseok treats him like a baby honestly?
  • like namjoon has a habit of staying up late to study and just over studying in general and hoseok will set an alarm at one in the morning every day to get up and make sure that namjoon has gone to bed
  • he makes him all his meals too even if they consist of just taken most of the time
  • fun fact ramen is an inferior good
  • namjoon tells hoseok that all the time and hoseok whacks him with a textbook bcuz idgaf namjoon be quiet im not that smart
  • they have another quality friend named yoongi and the three of them are inseparable
  • they LOVE going to underground concerts together and eventually namjoon convinces them to try and perform stuff on their own and let me tell you guys
  • they absolutely blow everyone away
  • they are the highlight performance of the whole campus, like every week they are asked to come back and perform
  • sometimes they even get paying gigs
  • but namjoon has more paying jobs like i can see namjoon volunteering in the library at first but then he’s like i need money yikes so he gets a job tutoring cause he studies all the time right and why not make some money off of it?
  • but i could also see him working at a local family owned restaurant as a busboy and he always ends up breaking things and tbh he should’ve been fired such a long time ago but he is so sweet and gentle and always apologizes and the owners love him too much to let him leave tbh
  • jimin works there too yikes fun fact and namjoon and jimin are really close and jimin is the one who actually saves the day because,,,
  • okay one day namjoon is working his shift right, whatever
  • you have come into the restaurant!
  • wow what are the odds?
  • you and your friends are celebrating a birthday or something like that right
  • jimin, the waiter, and namjoon, the busboy, are checking out your table from the front desk area because wow y’all are a bunch of cuties and namjoon really has his eyes on you
  • he pushes his glasses up on his nose to get a better look at you because wow you must be an angel or something
  • jimin is like yah they’re cute but alas he is already married to someone (mentally lmao) who may or may not be my love
  • but he’s like man namjoon seems really smitten and i have never seen him make eye contact with someone for more than like two seconds but wow he is staring this is getting serious
  • so jimin is like wow i gotta like be a wingman (get it bcuz wings ahah) and he’s so ready to go over there and hand namjoon your number or something but then namjoon gets all red and stressed and he begs jimin to calm down before he cries or something
  • okay okay but he goes to like do the thing that busboys do and he cleans off a table and he carries some plates over to the little cart things but he doesn’t see one of the waitresses rounding the corner way too fast and so he slams her and he drops the plates and they shatter
  • everyone looks up but nobody pays much mind to it because oh whatever it’s his job to pick it up
  • but man that is a lot of plates and he doesn’t have a broom wait-
  • so you hurry over and kneel down beside him and start trying to pick up the shards and your hands brush all cheesy and you both look up at the same time
  • and you smile and he smiles and you are internally screaming because dimples!! wow look at them they are so perfect and wonderful and amazing!!
  • he gets all red and his words jumble together and he’s trying to thank you but at the same time tell you that you can go and eat with your friends too!!
  • and you somehow or another manage to understand and you tell him that it’s totally okay and you just wanna help!
  • meanwhile jimin is cracking up because you two are so! smitten at first glance and he does not know what do about it except idk,,, set you two up somehow
  • so when namjoon heads back into the kitchen to deal with the mess, jimin comes up to your table and he drops a napkin in front of you and you kinda !! okay what
  • but then you unfold it and it has “text this number to make dimple boy’s day xoxo” with like seven million hearts too
  • that’s like the best part of working at a restaurant, setting your coworkers up with customers
  • anyway
  • namjoon gets back to his dorm after his shift that night and he checks his phone and an unknown number has sent him “is this the cutie from *insert generic restaurant name here*”
  • and namjoon gets all red but then his heart falters and he kinda types back “i think you have the wrong number, i can give you the waiter’s number?”
  • a few moments go by and he gets “i don’t wanna talk to him, i wanna talk to you! you’re the cute one, i thought you would figure that out…”
  • and namjoon practically screams but he keeps it down because he knows hoseok would never leave him alone if he knew that namjoon was maybe talking to someone oh wowow
  • when hoseok’s alarm goes off at one that night, he heads up from his bed to check and see if namjoon is sleeping on the desk again but he finds him most definitely awake, huddled over his phone with a cup of coffee beside him
  • hoseok screams and grabs the phone and before namjoon can stop him, hoseok texts “hello there whoever this is, this is hoseok, namjoon’s super adorable and lovable roommate, he needs to sleep now because he hates himself and signed up for an eight o’clock lecture, but i am sure he will text you tomorrow”
  • namjoon is absolutely mortified and he coomplains to yoongi about it the next day but yoongi thinks it’s actually really funny and he pats hoseok on the back for his efforts and hoseok gets all smiley
  • but yes namjoon does text you throughout the next day and you guys find out that you have absolutely no classes together, but most of your classes are at the same times!! which means that you also don’t have class at the same time which means that you two can hang out if you catch my drift
  • i think namjoon is one of those people who falls helplessly and hopelessly in love without trying like he wears his heart on sleeve when it comes to that kind of thing
  • so i think he would tell himself that he would keep things platonic and start out as friends but man he sees you and he can’t help but fall for you
  • like i can just see him as one of those people who will never ever shut up about you to the point where even his professors know who you are but he’s too scared of rejection to actually try and pursue anything romantic so like?
  • he’s such a sweetheart towards you though like extra sweet
  • like hell text you on nights that he’s working and be like hey!! do you want food bcuz they gave me some food and i wouldn’t mind sharing with you??
  • and by wouldn’t mind he means he couldn’t think of anything better tbh
  • you are into him too but you know that namjoon is so shy and timid sometimes like so you don’t wanna come on too strong and psych him out or something
  • so you try little subtle things with him
  • like you’ll be like hey joonie can you come and study with me because chemistry is hard and i’m crying
  • as soon as you call him joonie he’s weak and cannot say no to you fun fact
  • but like he’ll come over to your dorm and he’ll sit down with you and you’ll snuggle close and your fingers will brush all cute
  • and sometimes if you’ll fall asleep he’ll brush the hair from your eyes and he’ll carry you to the couch so you can sleep more comfortably
  • he’ll try to make you snacks for your study dates too and they’re not very good but you’ll choke them down anyway
  • and he’ll always take you to the library!!
  • and he’ll show you his favorite books and he- he just gets so excited like his whole face lights up when he’s holding his favorite book and he gets so excited and he’ll hug it to his chest
  • and he’s just so cute and even if you don’t like reading that much you read everything so you’ll have more to talk about with him
  • and he’ll make sure to find some quality quotes for you!! that you can use to be instagram captions or something!!
  • and he always tells you which character in the story he reminds you of and which one he reminds himself of
  • they always seem to be romantically involved,,, idk what that could be about,,,
  • you always show up to namjoon’s academics team competitions
  • and not many people watch so you say you’ll read questions or score and after a while his teammates are like aren’t you a little biased wink wink
  • and you and namjoon get all embarrassed and adamantly deny anything like that is going on
  • because it’s not
  • most definitely not
  • that explains why namjoon always has yoongi and hoseok and their other friend seokjin gathered in the library like every single day to talk about the dilemma of him most definitely not being in love with you
  • hoseok and seokjin are telling him he should confess already as yoongi is like nah let them do it, it’s safer that way and namjoon has no idea what to do like none whatsoever
  • and seokjin is all “now namjoon you know it doesn’t have to be anything big and extravagant!” all mom like
  • and hoseok scoffs and literally pushes seokjin out of his chair “please namjoon you only have one chance you can’t just say you’re in love that’s so LAME”
  • and yoongi is like “yikes”
  • hoseok is really like,,, too involved tbh,,,
  • “namjoon, what’s gonna happen when you guys have like ten kids? you’re gonna tell them that you just ASKED the love of your life out like it was the most casual thing on earth? what kind of role model would that be?!”
  • as the other three are just kinda giving one another looks because okay hoseok, okay
  • namjoon says it’s not a big deal but then hoseok’s words start to sink in and he’s like yah this won’t fly i need to make things special
  • he’s so consumed with it that even the babies of the friend group figure out what’s up
  • tae suggests that he confesses using the pick up line “i might break everything i touch, but i promise i won’t break your heart”
  • and jeongguk is like yikes pun train i gotta so jeongguk comes up with “hey babe are you an insulin pen because my love for you is inelastic”
  • namjoon just about throws up at that one tbh
  • jimin is like well buddy try thIS “hey babe, there’s no opportunity cost to being mine”
  • between the three of them, namjoon doesn’t know who’s the worst
  • ooh i gotta an idea
  • get ready for some gushy cliches
  • time passes and namjoon still will not confess for the life of him
  • even though anyone who saw you two for like three seconds would think you’re madly in love
  • they would correctly assume that you’re madly in love
  • like you low key always end up with his clothes? like where did that scarf come from oh it’s namjoons? and that overcoat? wow doesn’t namjoon have the same one?
  • your roommate hates your guts bcuz every time they come to the dorm namjoon is there and they feel like a third wheel bcuz you two are snuggled up together, illegally streaming movies online
  • his boss always addresses you as namjoon’s sweetheart whenever you come to the restaurant and she’s too old and sweet for you to correct her
  • okay but like one time
  • hoseok and yoongi invite you to an underground event bcuz they want you to witness a different side of namjoon
  • and you’re blown away because is this actually namjoon? is that him on stage?
  • he seems so confident and different?
  • like he’s cursing and slamming people who’ve screwed him over and he’s so expressive but he keeps this poised kind of confidence where’s not all passion but he gets his point across in such a powerful way that makes you feel like a moron for ever not believing him or crossing him or whatever it may be
  • and as soon as he gets off stage his arm is around your shoulder bcuz he knows how people get at these kind of events and he will not let anyone come and try to steal you away
  • and he’s kinda feeding off the energy from the night and he’s just really touchy and charming and it’s not blushing shy namjoon but smirking, almost cocky namjoon and you don’t actually really mind…
  • but really, you two are just so comfortable with each other and you don’t even think much about like labels?
  • but there’s still this tense kind of air because without the labels what are you guys? are you friends? best friends? are you something more than that?
  • *ravi voice* nobody knows
  • and you’re like maybe i should say something?? but you also know namjoon is so shy like what if he had a heart attack or something like that can’t be on your hands
  • and tbh you’ve always wanted someone to confess to you,,,
  • namjoon is like i got time it’s okay slow and steady wins the race
  • but then his business professor is like oh next semester you have the chance to study abroad!! idk how it works but you get the point
  • and namjoon is like heart eyes!! bcuz this is what he’s been dreaming of his entire life
  • like so many countries are a viable to go but he picks germany because let’s face it they have one of the most productive economies right now, which is totally appealing to an economics major, they’re big on international affairs, the land is so so so beautiful, a lot of people speak english over there so he could understand, and the history is fascinating
  • plus a million more reasons but!
  • like why would you not go to germany??
  • so namjoon is so dead set on going to germany right and he’s so excited and wow you don’t wanna ruin the moment by confessing
  • like what if he doesn’t like you back? like that would totally screw him over when it comes to like,,, the entire trip
  • even though your heart is aching because that’s an entire semester without namjoon!! like whatever are you going to do??
  • but it’s really hard to bottle up feelings, and it’s not good for you, because you kinda internalize everything until it spills over
  • like you’re so consumed with your love for him that it actually hurts??
  • and namjoon feels the same way like it pains him to see you and not know how you really feel but he’s so scared to confess??
  • like you two still hang out all the time but things seem much different now
  • like you’re not as touchy and things seem off
  • and both of you immediately jump too omg they don’t like me!!
  • meanwhile seokjin and yoongi and hoseok are screaming because you two are so oblivious?
  • like obviously you’re very much in love and just wanna kiss each other but noooo
  • like i can imagine namjoon writing sooo many songs about his feelings towards you and performing them at those underground concert events and for once he’s not super composed, he’s more unrestrained and finally shows all sides of himself and how he’s feeling and not just the parts he wants people to see
  • and but imagine namjoon, quiet, shy namjoon
  • who gets up there and spills his feelings and he talks about feeling inadequate, like people only ever thought of him for his brains
  • not his looks, or his other talents, or his personality
  • like he wasn’t anything special, or important
  • but then he met you, who treated him like an actual human, that made namjoon feel like he deserved the world and so much more, that made namjoon feel worth it
  • and everyone is kinda shocked because they knew namjoon liked you
  • but namjoon doesn’t really share how he’s feeling, he’s one of those people who will tell you something so you think you know what’s going on in his life, but he doesn’t tell you the entire story and his actual feelings
  • like he could say he’s upset about a bad academic team tournament but he fails to tell you he’s stressed himself out so bad he’s about to throw up
  • because namjoon is definitely someone who carries a lot of weight on his shoulders and tears himself apart for everything
  • but you would never know that, because he doesn’t tell anyone how he’s ever really feeling
  • but with you! oh with you he felt like he could step over those boundaries, and he could actually trust you with his real, raw emotions
  • yet he couldn’t seem to overcome that insecurity
  • hearing this breaks hoseok’s heart especially because namjoon deserves so much, especially happiness, and he’s not letting you slip away from his best friend
  • midterms come
  • and you find yourself seeing namjoon less and less and less
  • and god it hurts
  • you go to the restaurant to check if he’s there but the other employees say that he’s taken off to study
  • you ask hobi what’s up and he tells you namjoon studies, goes to class, and sleeps, and it’s nothing personal
  • when you text him you get really short replies and your heart is breaking because you had your chance and now things are falling apart
  • and you know what happens after midterms right?
  • i think it’s a new semester
  • which means that namjoon is going to germany
  • which means namjoon is leaving as just your friend
  • and oh that is not going to happen
  • like i can imagine you getting nervous and you’re like you know what i’m gonna do it, it’s gonna happen
  • and you run into namjoon one day and the words are on the tip of your tongue and you’re like namjoon!
  • and he kinda freezes because he hasn’t been talking to you much because he doesn’t know how to deal with overwhelming feelings that he can’t keep down anymore
  • and you two are staring at each other and you’re stammering
  • “i uh…” you freeze “i’m gonna miss you…”
  • and he just nods “i’m gonna miss you too”
  • and you two run off because the air is suffocating
  • later namjoon goes to yoongi to rant
  • you got to hoseok and seokjin to cry
  • namjoon leaves in a few days and you don’t want him to leave with your relationship like this
  • and they’re trying to calm you down because they can’t bare to see you so upset
  • and suddenly hoseok gets an idea…
  • flash forward a few days
  • yoongi is driving namjoon to the airport
  • y'all know where this is going right?
  • and namjoon is so super excited but also feeling a little guilty that he dropped you without really explaining himself
  • he tries not to stress himself out though because !! trip !!
  • he goes through security, and so does yoongi,,,
  • “gotta make sure you get on the plane pal”
  • namjoon is like okay suspicious but he doesn’t question it much because he’s too nervous to think hard on it
  • little does he know that seokjin and hoseok are bringing you along to say goodbye as well
  • i can see namjoon as the one who gets there late, as the plane is about to board
  • he definitely doesn’t leave himself enough time
  • so when you get there, they’re about to board
  • you see namjoon standing in line and you’re like oh my god he’s actually gonna leave oh my god
  • so you start running and hoseok and seokjin chase after you
  • you call out to namjoon and he looks up from his phone and he just stares at you, eyes wide
  • the entire group of passengers stops what they’re doing to stare because you’re standing there, breathing heavy
  • and namjoon looks like he might pass out
  • he can’t even breathe let alone think and move
  • the person standing behind him gives him a little nudge and namjoon runs over to you
  • and he pulls you into his arms
  • “i said i was gonna miss you, didn’t i?” you breathe as you bury your face in the crook of his neck
  • and he’s holding you in his arms and people are cooing and cheering
  • hoseok goes over to the kiosk and he presses the microphone button and he’s like “okay if you guys could now kiss that would be great”
  • and namjoon tilts your chin up and he stammers something and you just roll your eyes and kiss him
  • and that’s when the cheering really starts and people are whooping and whistling and namjoon pulls you closer and kisses you harder
  • when you two finally pull away, you both can’t even speak?? you just stare at each other dumbly bcuz was it really that easy??
  • he leans down and kisses you again
  • he’s being whisked away and you’re waving and he’s beaming!!
  • while in germany he video messages you every day and too often those video calls happen after he’s just gotten out of the shower and his hair is still wet and he’s just wearing a towel,,,
  • he takes so many pictures and they’re a little blurry but they’re so cute!!
  • he takes so many selfies with the cute scenery and all the landmarks
  • he buys you so much too like he gets a little trinket from every single city he visits so you can have cute stuff
  • when he comes back man oh man
  • expect like kisses for days
  • i think after the confession he would be over the initial fear and he would be so much more comfortable
  • so like kisses for years
  • he would be so into pda like even your professors know you guys are a thing
  • everyone knows you’re a thing tbh with you
  • like namjoon is such a romantic when it comes down to it, he loves the romance from literature
  • so he always brings roses to your dorm, red roses
  • and he loves holding your hand always
  • he walks you to all your classes
  • you two always joke about how dumb you both were for not confessing
  • you two would be the super cute couple that goes to all the games together and share his jacket and trashy stadium food
  • when he gives his valedictorian speech he mentions you and thanks you for always being by his side and it’s so super cheesy and wonderful
  • practically the most perfect couple on the face of the planet…

anonymous asked:

Hey , so this is just me asking a question and just gaining perspective, but why might jews be zionist? Im muslim and unfortunately there are a lot of bad feelings toward jewish people and i would like to get facts straight from an actual jewish person. Ignorance is what divides us man, even i had a prejudice but im trying to work over what has been ingrained in me so

Alright. I think the best way for me to give you the best possible perspective is to flip some things around and explain a big hypothetical situation to you.

We’re going to pretend for a moment that Islam is an ancient ethno-religion. It’s now thousands of years old. Being Muslim depends on your bloodline, and it takes a lot for an outsider to join. At least a year of study, where a community has to accept you and Rabbis have to interview you – which is like a strange kind of adoption.

Because I’m not a Muslim, I’m far from an expert in your faith, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that this hypothetical Muslim people was from Saudi Arabia. Muslims lived there, practiced their faith there – that’s their homeland. Muslims feel that amazing connection to Saudi Arabia. Part of their prayers are about Saudi Arabia and Mecca being the most important religious and cultural part of their heritage. Secular Muslims have that link there, because whilst they may not believe in the faith, that’s where their blood comes from. 

Two thousand years ago, the Romans stormed this hypothetical Saudi Arabia. Muslims there tried to fight them off, but basically, they lost. Some Muslims stayed in Saudi Arabia, but most were forced out of the country and expelled into the diaspora – into other countries that weren’t their home. The Romans wanted to destroy Muslim links to Saudi Arabia, so they renamed the country  Petraea.

Because being a Muslim is about community and bloodline, these Muslim tribes stuck together. That was pretty easy, considering few around them trusted them. Some of the Muslims had to escape up towards Russia first. With some mixing with locals, those Muslims – with the same strict religious rules in place – ended up having families with lighter skin. Other Muslims had to escape across the north of Africa and the Mediterranean, and descendants looked more olive-skinned and maybe a little darker. Others again escaped further south into Africa, to India, to China. With some mixing with locals, but keeping religious and cultural traditions, now Muslims look very diverse. Black, white, Arab, Chinese, Indian. But their faith, culture and heritage never wavers. The different groups pick up some extra traditions thanks to the locals around them, but they’re still all equally Muslim as the Muslims who are still in Saudi Arabia.

They all never stop yearning to go home to Saudi Arabia and Mecca. One day, they are all absolutely sure that they’ll go home and they’ll finally be safe.

During this time, most of the locals around them despise them. Muslims are abused and murdered for being Muslim. Groups of Muslims are rounded up and killed en masse. So some Muslims keep escaping further to the West. There are conspiracy theories. Everything bad that happens is because of Muslims. Muslims are said to kill and drink the blood of innocent non-Muslims to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Muslims are persecuted and forced to convert to Judaism or Christianity under pain of death. Are tortured if they don’t.

Christians spread the belief that all Muslims are evil and must be converted or will go to hell, and Judaism – hypothetically now a newer faith that’s easy to convert into – is full of religious texts saying that Muslims are beneath them, that Jews can’t be friends with Muslims and that before paradise comes, Jews will kill all the Muslims. Muslims under Jewish rule are treated as third-class citizens. In at least one Jewish country, Muslims have to wear symbols on their clothes so others know that they’re Muslim, and they can’t walk on the same side of the street as Jews. They have to pay taxes to Jews to live where they are, just for being Muslim.

As all this has been going on, in the 700s a synagogue was built right beside Mecca as it’s a holy site to the Jews. Petraea has been occupied by the Jewish Ottoman Empire and the richest Jews have bought up huge amounts of land in pretty damn desolate and sparsely-populated Petraea (the old Saudi Arabia, but those few Jews don’t live there themselves) and rent the land to poorer Jewish farmers in the 1800s. Mecca is seen as one of the holiest places in Judaism, too. So Jews from surrounding countries emigrate to Petraea. 

It’s now the mid-1800s and some Muslims decide that enough is enough. They want to go home. Non-Muslims tell them constantly, “Go home to Petraea!” and so they try to figure out how best to create a country for themselves. Ideally, they want to go back to their ancestral lands, the Saudi Arabia that they’ve kept alive for centuries with the rest of their history and culture. They’re nicknamed, for sake of argument, “Arabists.”

There are more anti-Muslim scandals and abuse. Some non-Muslim coins “antiarabism” as a term that solely means “anti-Muslim” and justifies why everyone would hate Muslims. Muslims then take it and use it to mean “anti-Muslim,” too.

When the British take control of Petraea, the Arabists implore them and others to give them back their ancient homeland so they can just go home. Eventually, they get a declaration that they will get it back.

Then, the worst happens. Hitler rises to power. He blames everything on the Muslims. Jews in Petraea ally themselves with the Nazis. The Holocaust ends up murdering six million Muslims for no other crime but daring to be alive and be Muslim. When the surviving Muslims are freed from concentration camps and try to go to their homes in Europe, non-Muslims have taken them over. There’s nowhere else for them to go. So all they can do is go to their actual home, Petraea. But the British then do their best to stop them.

The United Nations then agrees that the Muslims should be allowed to go home. They want to partition Petraea between the Muslims and the Jews living there. The Jews refuse. It happens anyway. There’s Petraea on one side, and Saudi Arabia is reborn in 1948.

A lot of Jews are convinced to leave the area because other Jews tell them that they’ll easily defeat the Muslims in war and then the Jews can go back to their homes. They start a war. The Muslims win. There are more wars. The Muslims win. 

Jews and Muslims fight. There are awful things that both sides do. There are some terrorists on both sides. Innocents are killed on both sides. It’s a complicated, terrible situation.

Muslims are expelled from Jewish countries. Their assets are frozen. They have nothing and they go to live in Saudi Arabia, where at least they believe that they’ll be safe.

The international community, particularly all the countries that are Jewish, say that Saudi Arabia has no right to exist. That it’s always been Petraea and there are no Muslim ties to Petraea. The whole area is Petraea, not just the separated part of the country still called Petraea where only Jews can live. The Jews in Petraea start calling themselves Petraeans. They call themselves the indigenous people. Muslims are called the invaders, the colonists and the imperialists.

In Saudi Arabia, 20% of the population are Jews and there’s democracy. There are Jews high in politics, Jewish judges, Jewish news reporters, Jewish doctors. But the world decides that Saudi Arabia is an apartheid state and all Saudi Arabian Muslims are evil people that hate Jews. 

Meanwhile, in Petraea, Petraeans want to force every last Muslim out of Saudi Arabia so the whole area can be under their control. They start suicide-bombing. They dig tunnels under fences between the two separate areas to sneak in and kill Muslims. They vote for terrorist leaders that have “We will kill all the Arabist invaders” in their charter to lead them, whilst quoting Jewish religious verses that say all the Muslims will die. On Petraean television, children’s programmes are shown that encourage children to want to grow up and stab Muslims. That teach them that Muslims are “pigs” and that it’s wrong for Muslims to be there, sullying their important synagogue. When Petraeans fire missiles into Saudi Arabia to kill Muslims from ordinary neighbourhoods, store ammunition in schools and hospitals and Saudi Arabians say that’s wrong and they have to fire back to keep their people safe, the world calls them the monsters.

The world decides that Mecca has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims, but that it’s a Jewish site. 

Where there are Muslims living elsewhere, in the US, in the UK, in Europe, they’re attacked as “filthy Arabists” that want all Jews to die. Innocent Muslims doing nothing but living are attacked and abused because Saudi Arabia exists. “Arabist” is just a code-word for “Muslim,” but when antiarabism is called out, the defence is, “Well, I just said Arabists, not Muslims!” despite “Arabist” being used in obvious anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Most Muslims are Arabists because they say, “Look, Saudi Arabia exists, it’s the world’s only Muslim country and we want it to be kept safe,” they’re called racists, they’re hated and others want them to die. They get messages telling them to kill themselves, or rape is threatened, or violence is threatened. Mosques are attacked, set fire to, vandalised, the perpetrators Jews openly saying that it’s a statement against “illegal Saudi Arabia.” Antiarabism gets worse. Then Jews and others from the same region have the gall to say, “Well, we can be Arabs too, so it’s not just about you, this is Muslims lying about abuse again to get away with everything!”

Some Muslims become bigoted. Extremist Muslims that hate non-extreme Muslims work with other Muslim-haters to destroy Saudi Arabia – and they’re called “good Muslims.”

The majority of Muslims in the world just wants Saudi Arabia to be recognised as their history, their homeland, their ancient connection and for everyone living there to be treated fairly – Muslim, Jew, Christian, whoever. They know that Saudi Arabia isn’t perfect, but it’s still their homeland.

But they’re hated for it. And then there are other Muslims that will support those that hate Muslims, who deny that Saudi Arabia exists, that Muslims murdered by Jews deserved it because they see Saudi Arabia existing as “occupation.”

Muslims say, “Hang on, there’s a ton of human rights abuses in other countries, why is everyone focused on hating Saudi Arabia?” but they’re ignored. Jewish countries engage in horrible human rights abuses, but they keep talking about how Saudi Arabia existing is the worst thing to happen to the region. The UN keeps criticising Saudi Arabia, keep debating Saudi Arabia, and Muslims are furious because it’s not fair.

When Jews try to kill Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabian police and army forces kill the terrorist Jews first, the Saudi Arabians – but only the Muslim Saudi Arabians – are branded as monsters. Jewish terrorists are supported and called innocent. Petraeans give salaries to Petraeans that are imprisoned for terrorism or preparing terrorist acts. Anti-Muslim newspapers and websites are used as sources to describe how terrible Saudi Arabia and Arabists are. They even lie about Muslims deliberately flooding Petraean lands by opening dams despite the fact that no dams in that area exist.

Muslims are also annoyed that they have to be called “Arabist” to describe themselves, but Jews don’t have to be called “Zionist” for them wanting their countries to be kept safe and recognised as Jewish countries.

Non-Muslims constantly demand to know why Muslims care about Saudi Arabia. Why Saudi Arabia means anything to them. Non-Muslims deny that Muslims even have an ethnicity, and claim that they’re only a religion and that religion means nothing. Non-Muslims also keep sneering that Muslims are the same Nazis that tried to exterminate them. Whenever a Muslim condemns individual antiarabism from Jews or show how antiarabic Jewish communities are, they’re called antisemitic racists, bigots and monsters.

The Muslims end up feeling totally alone. They feel safest when they can hide that they’re Muslim from others. All they have, as far as their heritage, culture and history is concerned, is the rest of their people and their homeland.

So you tell me. Why would these hypothetical Muslims be Arabist?