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Any tips on how to stop living for Lee Taemin? I don't remember selling my soul, how did I get so deep into this Taemint thing?

worry not you lovely soul, we all go through something similar at times and I am here to guide you back to the path of light

step one: locate the source of your distress

step two: move it to an outside location - preferably at night if there’s no moon in sight, as that is when his influence over you grows stronger. you might need the aid of a trusted one for the next step, since your infatuation for him can get in the way. my sister was kind enough to volunteer for this task.

step three: kill it with fire

step four: now get back inside and make sure that all evil has been extermina-

[d i s t a n t  s c r e a m i n g]

Team skull headcanon

Ok so on Saturday mornings we always clean up around the mansion ya know? And one time one of the homies put too much soap in the washer and Guz and Plumes had a heart attack. There were bubbles eeeeeverywhere yo and my Popplio was gettin lit

Yo, that sounds like a fun time!!! :0 

“Libraries aren’t in the real world, after all. They’re places apart, sanctuaries of pure thought. In this way I can go on living on the moon for the rest of my life.” - Paul Auster

On Monday, when I was on a bike trip, it suddenly started raining. So I was sheltering in the public library about an hour. I love to stay there even if I don’t need books. The place Is filled with silence. There are no stupid noises of the city. There are only sounds of turning pages, someone’s footsteps and whisperings. The book I have on the pic is “Man in the Dark” by Paul Auster.

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I'm 99% sure that there no way Moon and Toffee are related bc why would Daron put moontoffee stuff on her fanart wall if they were? Also a storyboarder has drawn them together so I really doubt they are


Being Malia Tates twin sister:

Requested by anon

I wrote the sister as human

  • You stick by each other like glue
  • She is really protective…like really protective
  • You help her control herself on full moons
  • Help her with relationship troubles
  • She asks your opinion on everything
  • Even the smallest of things
  • Sharing a love for deer “pizza”
  • You dont judge her for her past
  • You are the only one she is 100% comfortable around
  • She only shows you her true emotions and feelings
  • Twin code
  • You two have developed your own way of communication
  • You are her anchor
  • You have to explain some of the “human terms” to her that she doesn’t understand
  • “Stilinski I may be human, but if you hurt my sister will hurt you more than any supernatural creature ever could.”
  • Getting along with the pack and being part of it
  • Helping Stiles understand Malia
  • Malia coming to you when she has boyfriend troubles
  • She threatens any boy/girl that flirts with you
  • She will glare and growl at the until they leave
  • You have to always tell her that you are fine and that its just flirting
  • Hates your boyfriend/girlfriend and thinks they suck
  • After threatening conversing with your boyfriend/girlfriend she learns to like them… a bit
  • She is your best friend
  • Helping her with school work
  • Hating Peter Hale together
  • When you find out you’re twins you don’t hesitate to hug each other
  • You and her try to find your biological mother
  • Surprised that you arent supernatural

idk if this is good

ponds under pyramids

by: paris michael

when we were children
under the aurora of our skyline, i searched your eyes wondering who you were.
when you touched me, your fingertips danced with my chakras and I swear I heard the moon give you a round of applause.
appalled at our nature, the mother of all graced us with soft gazes from starlight and sweet kisses from the wind.
they say that we never truly know who we are, and the point of life is the pursuit.
but what if who I am is you?
do I constantly pursue you or do I grab you and hold tight?
twice I memorized the turquoise in your scalp
and the way your fingers weave through the air like shurikens
and how even your tears fall in elegance.
eloquent with your elegance and precise with your pose
i write prose for a soul I barely even know but I’ll be damned if I don’t watch it grow.
and i did.
i watched it grow into a garden of eden
apples don’t fall from trees but are instead nestled in leaves and serpents sit quietly at your feet
you were the quintessential queen who ruled with quick whispers of dreams that even nightmares sat in awe of.
your tongue dripped drowsy delicacies on the restless and painted pictures on my skin that even Michelangelo couldn’t have thought of
if we rewrote the Bible you would be the prophecy that disciples prayed in sought of
but your presence was blessing enough.
and our auras danced
and your smile still shone
and your curves still moaned in search of reprieve
it seems that we all found our queen valuable
the curses left her lips and how dresses fit her hips
who would’ve know that mahogany is malleable.
and even though i am perfectly aware of your divinity and have inspirations to draw through
I still sit here.
and look in your eyes
my hands gripping your thighs
and I wonder
who are you?
Seven Earth-size Exoplanets Discovered!
Seven Earth-sized exoplanets discovered! #GoogleDoodle

Hebrew Space Vocabulary

Inspired by @idi-o-mate‘s Bavarian list and @malteseboy‘s Maltese list. I also know of @kindofapolyglot‘s Bulgarian list.

  • atmosphere-אָטמוֹספֵרָה
  • alien-חָייזָר
  • Earth-כָּדוּר הָאָרֵץ
  • to explore-לָחקוֹר
  • star-כּוֹכָב
  • planet-כוכב לֵכֵת (lit. star that walks)
  • telescope-טֵלֵסקוֹפּ
  • to land-לִנחוֹת
  • life-חָיים
  • International Space Station-תַחַנָת הָחָָלָל הָבִֵּינלְאוּמית
  • moon-יָרֵחַ
  • sun-שֵׁמִשֹ
  • solar system-מַעַרֵכֵת שֵֹמֵשֹ
  • Milky Way-שְׁביל הָחָלָב
  • black hole-חוֹר שָׁחוֹר
  • to discover-לְגָלוֹת
  • astronaut-אָסטרוֹנָאות
  • spaceship-חָלָלית
  • universe-יְקוּם
  • Space-הַחָלָל
  • satellite-לָוויַן

“Hello… Moon”

A fast sketch for the small “fangirling” I had with “Just Friends”.
Yesterday we were talking about this possible thing, where the magic is flowing like, you know, into this green, heavy vibe, and when Star began to feel broken-hearted, Toffee found the way to take Star’s body through the power they both share now…

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Could you possibly do an image where the turtles react to their S/O dancing and I then in middle of the song they do a dab or some popular dance move? Thank you!


When he sees you pulling the Moon Walk in the middle of the lair he just stops what he’s doing and watches, chuckling and smiling to himself at how friggin’ adorable you are being right now.  He might take a sneak pic, but then go on his way and let you continue your jam-out session.

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Hoo boy, the Shuffle really gets him worked up, and not like hot-and-bothered kinda worked up, like, he wants to dance too!  Maybe a little jig or a a twirl with you, but then he’d go on his way.  You make it look easy and fun!  It’s surprising to him.  He definitely records it if he can, but other than that he just laughs and watches you.

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When he sees you start pulling the Single Ladies moves he definitely grabs a camera.  It is the most adorable thing he’s ever seen, apart from you of course, but he can’t help but chuckle and gush at how cute you are.  It’s rare to see you jam out this freely in the lair; he can hear his brothers chuckling in the background as well and tell them to hush so they won’t disturb you.  

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Oh boy, when you did the Gungnam Style he immediately joins you, no question about it.  If he gets the chance to boogie with you he won’t let it slide. PARTAAAYYYY

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Trope: werewolves.

i mean, obviously it would be about yuuri being the World’s Worst Werewolf Ever, and after stumbling through an awful fundraising presentation for his family’s reservation at the International Lycanthropy Awareness Summit in Sochi, he gets high on too much wolfsbane during the Full Moon Gala, kills a deer, and presents it to chair of the publicity committee (and five year Oboroten Peace & Prosperity laureate) victor nikiforov.  many wolves have brought victor kills as a display of power or solidarity, but victor is pretty sure that yuuri was trying to court him, and he was kind of super into it; the way yuuri wagged his tail and nudged the carcass forward with his nose, acted playful, herded him away from gala and howled at the moon with him on a pebble beach lining the black sea.  it had felt like being a teenager again, caving into the reckless, wild part of being a wolf that victor has worked so hard to suppress and tame for the sake of public appearances and bettering werewolf-human relations.  victor misses being himself sometimes, can feel the animal in him pawing at his ribs, aching to get out.  and strange, wonderful katsuki yuuri from the Kyushu Okami Reservation Delegation embodies all the things that society has shamed out of victor and applauded him for rejecting.  

anyways, the next morning, yuuri wakes up naked and alone in the middle of the city and has a very weird taxi cab ride of shame back to the hotel where he tearfully calls his mom and says they probably won’t be welcome back to the summit for another few years, and he knows they spent a lot of money sending him to an american school so he could get a good education and represent their reservation and maybe bring more awareness to the dwindling population of kyushu okami, but like–does mari want to reconsider doing it instead, and he can just dig himself into a hole and die, because he’s not sure what he did last night, but he woke up with fur and blood in his mouth, and he did their family no favors, and–

his family loves him and thinks he’s overreacting of course, but they definitely think he’s full of shit when victor nikiforov shows up a few months later asking if they would be interested in starting an educational international summer camp for shapeshifting youths, and if yuuri would want to go run on the beach with him sometime, or groom each other, or spend every full moon together for the rest of forever, and yuuri is just so, so confused.  

Ruffnut gets left out by her brother and cousin and everyone else in the room notices her reaction.

Hiccup, Toothless, and Chicken. Aww. Hiccup concerned for one of his girlfriends best friends. 

And if you notice, she’s later nearby Hiccup in another scene, so I think he was like, hey, Ruff you can hang out with me and Toothless. Remember how in Bad Moon Rising, Tuff nominated Hiccup to be her new brother for when Tuff turned into a dragon? I think in a way, Hiccup decided to honor that. 

Coming Home

(Obiyuki w/ Kids AU snippet)

Obi slid off his horse, haphazardly tying it to the post and not even looking back to check to see if it was secure. The stars and moon shone brightly above him, and for that he was grateful, because like an idiot he’d decided to undertake the last leg of his journey home without any stops.

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Hunter’s Moon - Ch.6

Blurb: Red’s once thriving town has been plagued by wolves for years, but the attacks keep people away and Red and her mother struggle to make their Inn pay. On her way to visit her grandmother she happens across the wolves’ latest victim, who is miraculously still alive.

Loki is roaming, searching for someplace to call home, but the small mountain town was only supposed to be a stop on his journey, not his destination. Loki knows more about the wolves than the townsfolk do and in return for Red’s compassion, he feels compelled to stay long enough to help them.

Is Loki the answer to Red’s prayers, or is he as dangerous as her friend says he is?

Based on the following imagine: Imagine Loki being a werewolf, and falling for Red Riding Hood.

AN: Thanks to @evieplease for all her help writing these next few chapters.

AN2: It’s been noted that Loki is perhaps a little too nice in this, more like Tom than Loki but please remember, he’s still hiding his true face. Starting with the next chapter, the revelations begin.

Previous Chapters: Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five

Chapter Six

The day of the town dance saw Loki helping Juliette to clean the tavern while Red made two pies for this evening, in addition to their usual orders, then once the oven was free Loki took over and showed Red how to make one of his mother’s recipes, cinnamon rolls with icing drizzled over the top.

“Oh my god, these smell amazing!” Red said as she took them out of the oven and placed them on a cooling rack. “I hope you made extras.”

“I don’t think anyone will miss one or two.”

“I was thinking more like five,” Red teased. “Should I separate them?”

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Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for February 24, 2017 


The Moon stays in flighty but smart Aquarius all day helping us achieve a certain level of growth even if we can’t seem to concentrate on one subject for any length of time. There are lunar semi-squares to Chiron and Saturn continuing the slowdown of thoughts but the urge to get your tasks done on time. Try to stay on the positive side even if you feel you cannot achieve the preset to-list today, our mind may be a bit fuzzy, yet creatively unique. Use self-expressive ways to record your ideas and consider the upcoming agenda.

Also, this morning the Moon sextiles Venus helping us communicate with loved ones and connect on an otherworldly level, influencing our reactions to inner and outer stimuli. The rest of the day is aspect free so thinking and planning becomes a bit easier. Let loved ones know which feelings are shared. Recommit, profess love and bring care to any situation. We get to focus on our needs first.

There is a Sun-Uranus semi-square and a Sun-Rx Jupiter aspect tomorrow that brings some surprising but mixed opportunities, and some unrealistic expectations to light both later today and all day tomorrow. Watch for over the top reactions to small matters.

Tarot Cards of the Day-the 10 of Swords, the 9 of Wands and The Moon-get to the bottom of your thoughts, explore new avenues of expression and let the past go. We may have been through a rough time and feel a bit beat up but we will persevere. Meditate on the next steps to advance your goals and soothe your soul. Magic is afoot, tap into the spiritual realm for a boost in energy, creativity and inner work.

Chakras: throat, sacral and root

Crystals: blue agate, tiger’s eye quartz and garnet

Aromatherapy: chamomile, orange and patchouli

Yoga: yin yoga poses.

Aries- you may feel you are using all your brain power, yet going nowhere today. Despite some brilliant conclusions, and amazing insights there is a non-specific worry you cannot quite put a finger on. Lose the anxiety and concentrate on what matters most in your heart.

Taurus- there is a real slow down in energy the last few days but look at this pause in a positive light, you get a chance to think carefully about the next moves in your wheelhouse. You may want to focus on shifting your priorities to your own inner workings.

Gemini- think carefully before speaking today as the energy is ripe for miscommunications and the unwise spilling of secrets. Consider a more philosophical point of view and try imagining ideas from a broader perspective, just give yourself space before sharing.

Cancer- you are less than enthusiastic about today’s energy as it feels like your expectations are met with side roads and detours. Find the path to a clear thought pattern that explains relationships, emotions and an evaluation of what’s in between.

Leo- indulge in a little play time today, a break in the action may create space in the brain for things other than relationship issues. Use your intuitive side to sense what your partner needs, it will help you know what is coming down the road in a positive life affirming way.

Virgo- although you are feeling the intrinsic airy feel of the day, you are grounded enough to put those quirky independent thoughts to good use. Productivity may suffer slightly, get the “must-dos” out of the way so you feel good about your progress.

Libra- finding balance in your body mind spirt is a priority today, especially because your mind is working overtime on new ventures. You may want to push back errands that can wait so you can examine new projects and find a creative medium you need.

Scorpio- find a space where no one will bother you today you have some continued deep probing of your subconscious for answers to pressing questions. You have the chance to make vivid break-through and create pathways to improving relationship matters.

Sagittarius- while your energy is high you will have more interesting adventures in your mind then with your body. Discussions are stimulating and intelligent helping to lead the way to new perceptions of old complications. Try unexpected solutions and open new possibilities

Capricorn- tap into a strong sense of center today as you rethink your latest adventures and how you have arrived at these conclusions. It may be time to release some possessions to clear room in your physical space which in turn helps to make new thoughts in your mind.

Aquarius- with the Moon in your sign you continue to ponder the mysteries of the universe with more vigor than usual. Today’s thought process targets your own inner workings as you examine what you need to continue your usual quirky path, with a new twist.

Pisces- you may feel a bit depleted today so find a quiet space to refuel and rethink a few recent choices that may have caused mental or emotional exhaustion. Intuit your needs, look for personal self-development while meditating and reaching a calm peaceful solution.

I had slightly tricked myself into thinking
it was a skill, the way
I found the parts of her body
draped over my own.
Regardless of blindness,
the burnt out lamps, the sealed shades,
no darkened corner could hinder
my hands from thighs, always fitting them,
the stubble, the perfect ankle,
the bowl behind her knees;
there is no skill, I realize,
in the way my body conforms utterly to hers, like liquid into any vessel,
like liquid with liquid – this isn’t what was intended by compromise.

I’ve no skill because I twist into her skin,
or because my body performs movements and poses never learned.
I have no skill, I realize.
that sway, or pull, or performance, called sleeping,
even, as the moon pulls at the ocean, we tug ever so softly at eternity, at magic,
her wrist seeming to have tumbled into my shoulder blade, her right breast having puckered at my elbow, and her thigh returning to cover belly, cock, nakedness,
taking position, night and night again,
shielding what no one else ever even really got to see,
her crotch finds a crevice of my body I myself had never recognized,
and this has not been her first discovery,
lying there,
she marches delicately, rubbing thighs,
trying to climb into me.
This is no skill of mine. I realize.
I realize I am only here to witness,
to beckon her worship,
and in return





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I'm always so excited to see more werewolf McCree then you end it on cliffhangers and I need more please it's so good!!!!

You hadn’t seen Jesse McCree in over a month. At first, you were concerned. This kid that didn’t know when to quit just suddenly vanished without so much as a ‘bye’. Then you started to forget, stopped turning whenever you saw some burly brown haired man walking past you, stopped wondering if every howl was something other than an actual dog.

Then the full moon came.

You were late getting home that night, pulling into your drive way well after nightfall. The desert air was cool for once, and you shrugged on your coat as you made your way to your front door.

There was a growl behind you, low enough to not hear but to feel deep in your bones. You paused at your front door, hesitating, holding your keys tight in your palm.

Maybe you had imagined it? Maybe it was something that was just in your head. The whole werewolf thing had made you a little jumpy as the full moon approached.

The growl came again, much closer, much deeper, and much more terrifying. You whirled around to see something large and full of fur turning the corner of a house across the street, disappearing into the dark side yard. You could still hear the crunching of the lava rocks underneath its feet. Looking both ways, you darted across the street.

‘This is a really bad idea’ part of you screamed as you attempted to sneak across the lava rocks of your neighbor’s yard, which seemed to be an impossible feat. Another part of you screamed at the thrill and adrenaline that ran through you at the thought of possibly seeing a werewolf up close and in real life.

Then you thought about that and stopped at the corner.

A werewolf. Real thing. Wolves themselves were terrifying enough to see in real life but a werewolf? You didn’t know anything about them beyond media and what little McCree had told you when he was around. You pressed into the corner of the house and took in a deep breath.

You moved to turn back.

Something large and warm and snarling slammed into your side. You slid across the lava rocks and tumbled into the street. When you looked up, the large, lumbering wolf in question was hunkering down, teeth bared in a snarl.

Nope. This was a really bad idea.

Werewolf McCree was going to kill you.