this is the wavelength i am on this fall

I think I am burning a hole in the ozone layer,
And that I can hear my own heartbeat on an infrasonic wavelength.
And I think that somewhere in a corresponding but distant world,
There is another dark night just like this one.
On a pile of chalky bricks in a suburb soaked with bristling January rain,
A girl like me wonders what it is that she desires.
Maybe to burn down a building;
Something old and tall and made of shaking wooden planks.
Maybe to fall asleep in the middle of a screeching highway,
And just melt against the dripping wet neon soundscape that is all these highways around her.
She sits on her front stoop akin to my own
And she burns her own hole in another threadbare ozone layer.

The moon and the sea are in love.

All those tragic tales, melodramatic stories of star crossed love,
About the moon and the sea and the earth and the sun and
me and the stars.
I am star crossed,
You are shellfish and waves.

And how would you know, how could you know this now?
Something is always backwards with us; time
spooling the wrong way around.

When you had just met me, I was already wondering about the origin of a single grey hair by your ear.
When you had just met me, I already knew all about what seems like a great tragic greek love affair, all about
us. (It felt like waking up, that first day. It felt like waking up,
watching you fall asleep.)

I have always been Icarus, flying too close to the sun.
You have always been white hot light.

And white light is full of all wavelengths, white light is
everything, everywhere. I
am blue.
I am the empty space, I am the bottom of the sea, the sky behind the moon, I am nothing. I am nowhere. I have always been
molten candle wax by your feet, a puddle from the start.

You may be the sea, but you also are mountains.

The moon and the sea are in love.
The moon is melting.
—  the moon and the sea are in love pt 2 (pt1)

I love speaking French
The way it slides out my mouth
The way it sounds like a sweet song
One that only children can appreciate
But I am a child at heart
So I love how the rhymes feel
Like cream velvet
And the way the pitch changes
Like a steady wavelength

I love waterfalls
The way they wash over eroded rocks
The scent of limestone escaping
And how they shine and shimmer
In the sunlight
My short shadow shielding only a sliver
I love the way they pour and pour
And never stop to find a different path
They just let gravity do all the work
I love the way they cling to the rocks
As they fall as though they are not quite
Ready to fall yet

I love hearing stories
Of how life used to be
I love the way people
Nod their heads slightly
As they reminisce something they
Almost forgot about
I love the way they seem proud
To have passed on a piece
Of their generation or even
Their own life
As though they have fulfilled a duty

I love watching people fall in love
The way their eyes and bodies and minds
Move like a magnet
Always pulled back to their loves
I love the way they try
To talk about something else
But their lives revolve around their loves

I love late night drives
With friends crammed in cars
Carelessly singing along
To whatever comes on the radio
And blasts through the speakers
I love how we open up more and more
As the night goes on
Until we know each other
Better than we know ourselves

But like the first sip of hot chocolate
After a day spent in the cold
What I love most about living
Is learning to love again

—  Learning to Love Again

I’m amazed this many people took their time to follow me and so i wanna do something for you guys and make a masterpost of my favourite (and some of my) playlists for you guys to enjoy

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My Personal Mixes

Before & After


Chill Out, Man songs to listen to when lost
as i surrender upon sleep
jump into the fog
Why won’t they talk to me?
3 AM
Fall Asleep
tomorrow will be kinder
Just one of those days its gonna be okay
chilly ride Night drive ashes
baby its cold outside
a song for missing someone
Lose Yourself
all about strings

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i am feeling really gross / shitty / sad / detached right now, but it’s important that i think of how many people love me and how cool and supportive and affectionate my friends are.the downside of my emotional intensity & inconsistency is that i terrify everyone. the upside is that i feel everything on a whole different wavelength and that’s what makes me an artist and that’s what allows me to fall in love with everyone i meet and that’s the reason i can still get excited about everything i come into contact with, so im probably very lucky 

captainshakespear  asked:

"if you die, I'm gonna kill you" for DeanCas pls ^^


Dean’s leaning against the doorway watching Cas run around their room, trying to pack his bags in a hurry. “And where are you going again?” 

Cas doesn’t even look up from where he’s shoving his socks into the duffel, “Alaska.”

“You realize how ridiculous this is, right?” He asks for the thousandth time because, well, yeah.

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