this is the view from our hotel balcony

Dig Diary, March 10, 2017:

It is very hot in Luxor right now, so the team often takes a break under the marquee that the Hopkins University team has loaned us (thank you, Betsy!). From left to right are Dr. Jacobus van Dijk of Groningen, who is studying the Sakhmet statues and their epithets with me; our senior Egyptian inspector, Mme Shemaa Mahmoud Ahmed; our second inspector, Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed; and me. Mary McKercher, of course, is behind the camera as usual.

While we’re not excavating this year (the season is too short), we are carrying out a few useful, small projects. First, at the request of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) we began on March 4 to cut back the reeds that have once again taken over the northern ends of the sacred lake, particularly on the east side. You can see how thick and tall they have grown in the past year.

Our second project is to clean off the dirt that has accumulated over the past 35 years or so on a Ramesses II doorjamb that we discovered lying on what’s left of the mud brick core of Temple A’s 2nd Pylon. We’ll build a small wall around it to prevent further encroachment. We decided to remove the large undecorated block standing beside it because it obscured a re-used relief in the pylon’s stone facing.

This was no easy task as the rock is not only heavy but awkwardly shaped. However, our workers were able to get it up and out fairly quickly; they do this kind of thing all the time. We admire both their strength and their skill.

To our surprise, we found that the bottom of the Ramesses II block, which we had never cleared, was also decorated! The way the block is lying, the “new” scene, probably from the east face of the 25th Dynasty pylon, is upside down. Seen right side up here, it consists of the crowns of 2 facing figures and several columns of text. The tall plumes on the right probably belong to Amun, and the plumes and sun disk are probably a king. Unfortunately no names are preserved.

You are looking southeast at Temple A’s 2nd Pylon, built in Dynasty 25. The blocks came almost entirely from earlier monuments, including the Ramesses III temple southwest of the sacred lake, which was no longer in use. The reliefs and sculptures were split apart when necessary and their rear surfaces smoothed to form the face of the pylon. This is most obvious in the pylon’s north wing (bottom of picture) where the decay of the mud brick core has made the blocks more visible. The south wing seems to have been built entirely of stone.

Here’s a more detailed view of the inner side of the east facing. The two torsos and upside down head came from the Ramesses III temple. Other reliefs date from earlier in the New Kingdom. The relief on the left, by the way, is the one that was partially hidden by the block we moved.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set. One evening recently, this enormous flock of ibises flew by heading north. There must have been hundreds altogether.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set over the Nile. It is a sight that never fails to awe and amaze us.

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I Miss My Friend (Gabriel x Reader)

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A/N: Heya! 🙂

Here’s my first Gabriel one-shot. It’s really a song fic. It’s based off of and inspired by the somewhat older country song “I Miss My Friend” by Darryl Worley.

For some reason whenever I listened to it Gabriel popped into my mind.

The song itself brings back some old memories from my early childhood. It used to be and I believe still is one of my mom’s favorite songs, but that’s beside the point. This song makes me feel all nostalgic and I still love it. It holds a special place in my heart.

Anyway, enough of my mushy gushy rambling.

There may be a couple of different places in the song where I added or modified a word, so yeah…

Song: “I Miss My Friend” by Darryl Worley

Enjoy! 😘

Y/N walked through the hallways of the bunker as she made her way to the library. She tried to smile and was successful for the most part, but there still was this… thing in the back of her mind that she just couldn’t shake from her thoughts. It was actually more like a specific number that just wouldn’t leave her head.



Seven years.

It had been somewhere around seven years since the love of her life was taken from her.

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[1] Still Waters [Bokuto]

Genre: Soulmate AU!; Bokuto/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex, eventual nsfw. 

Notes: I’ve been playing with this idea for the longest time. It’s a soulmate au inspired by the comic, Sex Criminals. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. I plan to do a different storyline for the five main captains. Bokuto’s first because he’s my fave and I heard someone wanted happy Bokuto. This is kinda happy??? It gets happier???? Obviously this series is gonna get nsfw. [Under a cut because it’s long.]

(Part 1) (Part 2)

Maybe he was secretly a masochist. He could feel his emotional clock moving back and forth as if the crown was a broken record. Bokuto reached into his pocket for his phone but when he felt the corners of the device around his fingers, he made no move to check it. There wouldn’t be any new messages. At least not from the person he was hoping for.

The scene from yesterday played in his head over and over. He saw her standing on the train platform, checking her watch and then looking down the tracks, as if it would make the train magically arrive on time. Bokuto’s garbled and frantic confession came out as a silent scream in his memories, still ashamed of his choice of words, his lack of composure. Some guys were smooth like butter and then there was Bokuto, who thought he resembled something close to chunky salsa and not even the spicy kind.

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you belong to me.

As some of you may know I’m going to be doing a spin off Laurent & Noël fiction. It won’t be ready for a while BUT because so many of you are excited to read about them I decided to write this one shot. It also had a ton to do with the fact that Lau was out here dancing in Timbs and slaying me like. I still really love Larry… LOLOL.

Anywho, here it is. Enjoy. (P.S This is in sync with what’s currently happening with Wanderlust)


Sleep wasn’t an option. My craving was far too intense. My body buzzed with need. My mind raced straight to the gutter. Each time I closed my eyes images of us would appear leaving me to touch myself underneath the covers. I’d brought myself to three orgasms already and I was still unfulfilled. Frustration was a complete and total understatement. I hadn’t been this horny is a long time. Possibly ever.

I stood, pacing the room. My bare feet sunk into the posh carpeting of the hotel floor. A warm draft from the open balcony door caressed my naked flesh and I sighed. I stepped through the gossamer curtains and into the summer night. It was still extremely humid. Tiny droplets from the nearby ocean coated my skin cooling me down only for the sticky summer air to heat me back up. The feeling was electrifying. But then again at this point anything could get me riled up. I let out a breathy sigh as I leaned over the railing. My bare thighs pressed against the cool glass of the railing as I took in the view of the ocean. It was beautiful.

I looked to the left at the empty balcony and grinned. The lights were off and the curtains drawn. He must be sleeping, I thought to myself. Lucky him.

He’d teased me all night. Pressing his body to mine on the dance floor, whispering in my ear, staring me down from across the room. His eyes undressed me all throughout the night and I was positive we were going to end up in the coat closet somewhere. To my disappointment he behaved. And when we arrived back to the hotel we all went to our respective rooms. That was not how I wanted my night to end. But I dealt with it telling myself I could handle my ‘issue’ myself.

Boy was I wrong.

I’d only made the issue worse and now I was left with no options. Neither my vibrator nor fingers did the trick. I was desperate for a good body numbing, mind blowing, soul shattering orgasm. I craved it, yearned for it. I needed it like I needed my next breath.

With a final glance at the deserted neighboring balcony I re-entered my room and shut the door behind me. I smirked at the crumpled sheets and headed straight to the shower.

The fragrant body wash wafted around the steamy stall as I washed. As my hands slid over my body I imagined that they were his. He’d touched me with such familiarity it the club. It was as if he knew my spots before I even had the chance to tell him. His hands had moved over my body with a purpose and that purpose was to possess. My nipples hardened as I ran the towel over my full breasts. Everything was uber sensitive. It was maddening and exhilarating all at the same time.

I was careful not to wet my hair as I scrubbed my face free of the makeup that I’d worn to the club. I stepped under the spray watching as the suds slid down my torso and dipped between my thighs before finally heading down the drain. Once out of the shower I lotioned up and threw my hair in a topknot. Despite my efforts not to wet it, the steam had still done a number.

I spritzed a light layer of perfume on my nude body and grabbed the heavy black hotel robe from behind the door. I observed my body in the mirror with a grin before putting the robe on. I padded across the hotel room to my purse and grabbed a few things before shoving them deep into the pockets of the robe. With a quick application of lip balm and a final sigh I left my room allowing the door to close with a soft click behind me.

A sudden wave of nerves hit me once I stood in the hall. Should I go back? No, my body screamed. I wasn’t a nervous person, not by a long shot. However, for some reason as I stood two feet away from my destination I was feeling anxious as all shit. It is 4 AM and you are naked under this robe, I reminded myself. I pulled the tie tighter and huffed.

The hall was completely deserted and the only sound was the low hum of a nearby ice machine. My bare feet nearly disappeared in the high pile carpet and I cursed myself for not grabbing socks or shoes. I stuffed my hands in my pockets, gripping my room key. But Noël you want this, you want this bad, I reminded myself. I exhaled with slow uncertainty and snatched my hands out my pockets, leaving the key in place. I wouldn’t need it.

I took a slow measured step and shut my eyes when doubt crawled up my spine. Butterflies were present in my gut due to anxiety and I willed them to stop. I turned on my heels to go back to my room but paused.

“Dammit,” I cursed. What the fuck was he doing to me?

I was always so sure of myself. I knew what I wanted and I got it. So what was so different now? The difference was that he intimidated me. Intimidated me so much that he had me doing the shuffle outside of my room, naked under a robe.

I pivoted on my heels and took quick steps towards his room door. I forced my nerves away and dared the fuck ass butterflies to make a single move. And when my body cooperated I knocked softly at the door. I snatched my hand away quickly and hid it in my pocket. My heart drummed loudly in my chest as I waited. I rocked back and forth impatiently. What the hell was taking him so long? Maybe he was sleeping. Maybe he has someone else with him. Maybe…

The door swung open just as I was working my brain into a frenzy. He froze, watching me watch him. He was completely bare from the waist up and the black basketball shorts he wore rode dangerously low on his narrow hips. My eyes trailed hungrily down his body and inched back up slowly until I found his eyes.

“Hey mate.” I smiled cheerfully as a plethora of dirty thoughts went through my head.

“Sup,” His voice was gruff and sexy. My womb purred.

“Did I wake you?”

“No,” He moved to the side and I stepped in without a word. The room was completely dark but I could see the glow coming from his Mac Book.

I passed his bed and sat on a wingback chair situated near the door to the balcony. He paced across the room watching me the whole time. I knew he was waiting for me to state my presence but I refused to. He knew why I was here. I crossed my legs and grinned when he eyes followed. The robe fell back, exposing my thigh.

“What were you doing?” I quizzed, drumming fingers on my bare thigh.

His eyes lifted to mine and he titled his head. “You really want to play games with me Noël?” He looked at me and watched as I bit my lip. “What’s under that robe?” Again his eyes dropped to my thighs and I shifted allowing the robe to expose more.

Rien,” (Nothing) I told him in a light whisper. His eyes shut momentarily and when they opened they blazed with passion. He slowly walked towards me and my chest constricted. His broad shoulders swayed with each step and his abs tightened with his every breath. When he was close enough I picked up on the fresh smell of soap. My thighs clamped shut as I imagined him in the shower, naked with suds rolling down his gorgeous body.

Se lever.” (Get up) He commanded in a low voice and I obediently stood. He gripped my arm and moved me to the side as he sat in the chair, his legs splayed open. I stood in front of him, my knees touching his. Our eyes locked. “Venir ici.” (Come here) I went to sit on his lap but he quickly shook his head and grabbed my outer thigh. His hand slid up my bare thigh to the curve of my ass and his hissed. My knees went weak at the feel of his warm hand on my naked skin and he used the moment to his advantage and pulled me onto him. My knees sunk into the plush chair as I straddled him. His open legs stretched mine to capacity but I refused to complain. I braced myself using the back of the chair and in doing this I caged him in. He didn’t seem to mind as he was distracted by the skin of my thighs. I admired his face with a grin. Smooth skin, gorgeous brown eyes, supple lips, a strong jawline… He was perfection. Without warning he looked up watching me from under the curtain that was his lashes. My heart stalled as he surveyed me, studying my face as I’d done his.

I had to get a grip. I was here to fuck, not stare deep into his sultry brown eyes.

“You want me?” He asked and my eyes instantly went to his lips. “You want me to fuck you?” I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked into his eyes. A soft moan left my lips and my pussy quivered from the intensity of his voice.

“Yes.” A sexy smirk dragged across his face. I was quickly losing control. I was supposed to be the one regulating things. I initiated this. My mind screamed yet my dictatorship withered away when his hands gripped the globes of my ass over the robe. “I want you now.” I told him grinding down on his erection. I was pulsating and my body threatened to explode and he had yet to touch me.

“Slow down baby,” The cocky smirk on his face made me want to get up and leave but his voice and hands made me stay. “We have time. No worry… I’m gonna make you cum over and over and over again and you’re gonna scream so loud that God will hear you.” He whispered before nipping the rise of my breast.

“Oh God.” I whimpered. “I crave you as if I’ve already had you before.” I told him. “That scares and excites me all at the same time.” I went to sit back on my haunches but he had other plans. He instantly pulled me back.

His fisted the hair at the nape of my neck, freeing it from the bun, and pulled me forward so that my forehead pressed to his. I gasped inwardly and he smirked. “You need to understand that when we fuck you belong to me. All inhibitions go away. Understand?” His voice was deeper than before; glazed with desire. I nodded jerkily and sighed when he released me.

Bon.” (Good) His hands slid from my ass back to my thighs. “I want a kiss.” I instantly leaned forward but he shook his head and smiled. “Not those lips.” He held my thighs as he slid down the back of the chair. I watched with wide eyes as he wedged his shoulders between my thighs. His head was now positioned on the seat cushion, between my knees and directly under the wet, throbbing folds of my pussy. “Let me taste your pussy.” I whimpered desperately as I lowered myself onto his awaiting mouth.

His tongue met me halfway and I screamed out at the feel of it. His agile tongue lapped the seam of my labia setting my body one fire. “Closer.” He growled and pulled my pussy closer to his face before I had the chance to.

“Lau that feels…” I trailed off and rocked my hips when he began sucking my clit. “Shit.” I grasped the arms of the chair forcefully out of fear that I would fall. His fingers dug into my ass pulling me even closer. I was now fully straddling his face. His afro tickled my inner thighs adding on to the many sensations I was experiencing.

“You like this shit?” He growled upon nibbling the sensitive flesh above my clit.

“Lau… Yesssss.” I hissed, rocking back and forth on his face. My nails threatened to turn to dust with pressure I was applying to the arm of the chair but that was the least of my worries.

“You taste like candy.” He murmured, slurping greedily at my leaking vagina. “I could eat you all night.”

I’d never been one for dirty talk. Actually, it usually turned me the hell off. I wanted to get fucked, plain and simple, no add-ons. But with Laurent it was sexy and a huge turn on. His words reached out and stroked me making me wetter. It was delirious with lust.

His tongue flicked quickly at my clit and I wanted so badly to see him. I wanted to look into his eyes. I needed to watch him as he took control of my body. My thighs quivered as my orgasm crept up on me. My grind slowed and my clit swelled with sensitivity.

“Tell me what you want baby. Tell me.” His tongue sliced through my wetness, navigating my center with confidence.

“I wanna come.” I cried out. I was so close. Fire was spreading through my core. Every muscle in my body was pulsing. My spine tingled and my skin felt hot.

“Where? Tell me where?”

“Oh God.” I rocked, swiveling my hips in circles on his face. “In your mouth.” A raw cry spilled from my lips and he gripped my hips pulling me even closer to him. I was sure he couldn’t breathe but that didn’t stop me from riding his face harder and faster as my orgasm knocked on my door.

“Lau!” His lips latched on to my clit and fireworks went off behind my closed eyelids. “Christ baby!” My body shuddered uncontrollably as my pussy spasmed. I could feel myself get wetter as my climax neared and Lau insatiably ate me. “I cominggg.” I cried as my body froze.

“Give me your sweet pussy juice.” He groaned.

My head dropped forward as my peak carried my body into a world I’d never been to before. My entire body went numb and for a millisecond I was blind and deaf. The only thing I felt was my pussy quaking and Lau’s lips. The pleasure was sinful and virtuous at the same time. I shivered like a leaf in the wind as I came down from my high. Every part of me was sensitive. My eyes were wet with tears and my mind was putty.

Lau slid up through my thighs and within second we were face to face. He gripped my neck and pulled my mouth to his drugging me with his kisses. His tongue caressed every corner of my mouth leaving no area untouched. His fingers were buried in my hair and he massage my scalp. He pulled away and our eyes locked. The brown portals glimmered with hunger and I was ready to give him everything he wanted and needed.

I pushed off the chair and stood before him. He gripped my thigh sensing that my balance wasn’t exactly where it needed to be and he was right. Once I was steady I took a step back grinning down at him. His hard dick tented the shiny fabric of his shorts. I wanted to see him, touch him, taste him and just as I opened my mouth to let him know he spoke.

“Open your robe.” It wasn’t a request but a command. My hands went my front and I undid the tie letting the heavy fabric fall open. His eyes drank me and I smirked, finally feeling the control that I craved. I took slow steps backwards until the back of my thighs brushed the bed. I let the robe drop, fully exposing myself to him. He sucked in a breath and stood coming to me.

I sat back on the bed and spread my legs wide, baring myself to him completely. His eyes dropped between my thighs and held. I watched with satisfaction as he gripped himself through his shorts muttering a curse word.

“Take those off.” I pointed to his shorts. He kissed his teeth and maintained his stare with my pussy as he removed his shorts. Thankfully he wasn’t wearing boxers underneath. His dick sprang free, bobbing as he walked, leading him to me.

I eagerly pulled a condom from the pocket of my neglected robe. He chuckled at my haste but said nothing as I dressed him with the condom. I stroked down his shaft loving the feel of him in my hand. Hard and heavy. My eyes were latched to his dick as I debated whether or not I wanted him in my mouth now or later. My pussy was crying for attention but dammit if he didn’t have a tasty looking dick.

“You know I’m going to fuck the shit out of you right?” He spoke forcing me to look at his face. He was grinning down at me looking a French God.

“You better.” I moved back as he crawled on the bed, hovering over my body. I shivered as his skin slid against mine. He showered my neck with sweet kisses before lowering himself to my chest. Low moans left me when he took my nipple into his hot mouth.

“Lau,” I cried out softly. Everything he did to me was torturous. I needed him inside of me. Now! My patience was nonexistent. I could feel his erection straining against my inner thigh. “I need you.”

“Don’t rush me.” His teeth sunk into my nipple and I yelped, clutching his shoulders. “What I tell you earlier?” He asked lifting so that he was looking into my eyes.

I swallowed, watching him watch me. My nipple was at his mouth and he seemed to have all the time in the world. “What I say?” He probed when I gave no response.

“I belong to you.”

“Exactly.” I hadn’t even noticed him at my entrance. I was so compelled to stare into his eyes that in those few seconds everything ceased to exist. But when he took it upon himself to embed himself within me with a long stroke I was quickly reminded. My moan echoed around the room harmonizing with his throaty groan. “Putain.” (Fuck) He cursed. He pulled out slowly and entered me again. “Damn.” He moaned.

I was wrapped snuggly around him. I could feel my walls quivering around his girth with every stroke. He moved slowly, in and out, in and out, dragging my body into a state of bliss. His lips was tucked into his mouth and his brows were furrowed as he concentrated on creating pleasure for the both of us. I gripped his shoulders and rolled my hips under him, matching his strokes. He rocked back and forth inside of me, holding me tight.

“Laurent, fuck me like you mean it!” I hissed up at him. I was here to fuck. He could make love to some other broad. He smirked down at me and pulled out leaving just the head before slamming back into me. I screamed out in shock and pleasure.

“You think you in control Noël?” He asked punctuating each word with a hard thrust. “Huh?” I couldn’t answer him, I could barely breathe. His hips lunged forward sending me sliding across the cool sheets. I gripped his shoulders and tightened my thighs around his hips but that didn’t slow him down. I had awaken the beast. “You not,” He told me. “Tonight I’m daddy.” He grabbed my leg placing it over my shoulder as he fucked me.

“Oh God.” I would cum from his words alone. He held my hands over my head and watched as I came apart. He pounded into me rapidly, etching his name on my pussy.

“Lau, what the fuck are you doing to me?” The pleasure was a like whip cracking against my skin. It was totally unexpected but welcomed. I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. Sex had never been this good. Ever. When I wasn’t in control during sex, which was a rarity, I found it to be a dreadful experience. Yet, Lau was owning my body and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way.

“You like the way I fuck this pussy?”


“Say it’s mine.” both of my legs were over his shoulders and he buried himself to the hilt with his thrust. I couldn’t tell where he ended and I began.

“It’s yours, it’s yours.”

“My pussy.” He growled as he lifted my bottom half leaving only my head and upper back on the bed. His pace quickened and his control snapped. I screamed out calling his name. My body was one the brink of an explosion. My throat was sore and my body tired. Sweat coated my skin and my topknot had completely fallen apart. My hair now clung to my neck and shoulders. But I couldn’t care less.


“Come for daddy.” His whispered, pinching my nipple. My orgasm tore through my body threatening to split me in two. My hips thrashed and arms flailed as my nerves erupted. Over and over I screamed his name, clinging to him as though my life depended on it. Lau was still thrusting dragging my orgasm out, dragging me further and further from reality.

I was weak. My legs hung bonelessly over his broad shoulders and my arms were wrapped loosely around his waist. Everything was numb and I was positive I’d reached a state of paralysis. I flexed my fingers over the arch of his lower back and grinned when he arched under my touch.

“I’m not done with you yet.” The promise in his voice gave me a burst of energy that I didn’t feel seconds prior. My thigh muscles flexed and my pussy jumped in excitement. He gripped my legs and dragged me down the bed. My arms locked around his neck as he stood, carrying me with him. Anticipation raced through me as he crossed the room.

“What are you…?” He shushed me as he pulled the door open to the balcony. “Lau,” I tried again but he shook his head.

“What I tell you? No inhibitions.” I nodded obediently and sighed when he said me down, sliding out of me. My body instantly missed him. “Turn around.” I turned giving him my back as I faced the ocean.

He used his leg to nudge my legs open and gripped my hips pulling them towards his. I arched my back on cue and hissed when he slid into me from behind. If possible he felt even thicker, filling me like I’ve never been filled before. My hands gripped the railing and I fought to keep my eyes open.

“You feel so good chérie.” He gritted, grinding into me. His muscle corded thighs brushed against my softer ones with each stroke. He was embedded so deep within my body that I knew I would never forget the feel of it. It was impossible.

He fisted my hair in his hands and pushed me lower. My hands slipped from the railing and slid down the glass, smudging it. His grip on my hips tightened as I bent lower and he sank deeper into my waiting flesh. Sensation upon sensation stacked on top of one another rendering me speechless. The pleasure was indescribable.

“Laurent!” I called as I felt my orgasm building inside of me. My scream echoed into the moist air as my body shuddered. My legs spread wider and my palms pressed against the floor as I steadied myself.

“You like this shit?” Lau called behind me. He accent was so thick, his voice so deep. My pussy go wetter. “You like the way I fuck my pussy?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Our bodied smacked together as he picked up his pace. The crashing waves of the ocean married with my cries of pleasure. I was sure the entire hotel, hell the whole city of Cannes could hear up but I didn’t care.

The strength of my orgasm was doubling, ripping viciously through me. My fingers dug into the stone floor and I winced at the pain but the pleasure Lau provided outweighed it. His fingers burrowed painfully into my hips, he was close. He stroked faster, longer. My ass stung as his skin slapped against it. My pussy quaked and moisture dripped down my inner thighs.

“Lau…Rent!” I screamed as my climax plowed through me. My body wrapped around him tightly as I exploded all over his dick.  I shook all over and my orgasm raised in power as Lau pounded into me. He sped up and it was as though he wanted to be one with me. I could feel him claiming me, marking me… making me his. He was erasing everyone I’d ever been with, he was branding me.

He growled and his thrusts slowed to a grind as he emptied himself into the condom. I whimpered beneath him, the heat from his release nearly brought me to another orgasm. My eyes opened and colors blared brightly in front of me. I stared sightlessly for a minute until things finally began to clear up. Lau slumped over, gripping the railing and I grinned. He was just as spent as me.

Je le veux encore.” (I want it again) I moaned. My pussy was still spasming from aftershocks but he was addictive. He chuckled.

Allon.” (Let’s go)


I woke up under cool and sheets and next to a warm body. My body sizzled with satisfaction and I smiled. Laurent had fucked me senseless. He fucked me until I was rendered speechless, blind, deaf and dumb. He fucked me until I forgot my name, where I came from and my purpose in life. I was impressed.

When we left the balcony we fucked again in the chair, on the bed and then again in the shower. At some point we had run out of condoms and Laurent had to call the concierge to fetch up some. We killed time by eating the food room service had delivered. All the sex had worked up an appetite. But when the condoms arrived the crepes and omelets were forgotten and we were back at it.

With a sigh I turned to my right and looked at him. He was sleeping and snoring lightly. His arm was the over his face leaving only his lips exposed. I lifted the sheets and grinned at his naked lower half. Without a second thought I slid down the bed and crawled in the open space between his legs. His hand rested on his lower stomach and his dick was already semi erected. I feathered kisses over his inner thigh and grinned when the muscles flexed.

I took his head into my mouth and moaned. His abs tightened and he jerked awake pulling the sheet away. My eyes locked with his foggy ones. He instantly hardened in my mouth as I licked up his shaft, eyeing him the whole while.

Merde.” (Shit) The sleep left his eyes and he watched me intensely as I sucked him. His hand reached for my head and I moved back, releasing him from my mouth with a pop.

Ne touchez pa.” (Don’t touch) I whispered before gripping his shaft as I licked around the head. His hips lifted from the bed and he hissed. I licked him like a lollipop enjoying the way he twisted under my control. I took him into my mouth again slurping and moaning. My fingers danced over his inner thighs and I could feel the muscles there pulsating.

“Damn, Noël.” He cried out, fisting the sheets.

“You like this shit?” I asked just as he’d done me hours ago. “Answer me.”

“Yessss.” He groaned. The sound was gratifying. Instead of stroking my ego like I thought it would it got my pussy wetter. It made me yearn to have him inside of me. What had he done to me? I was supposed to be in control.

“Noël, ça t’excite?” (Are you getting hot)

“Yes.” I moaned.

Viens t'asseoir sur mon visage.” (Come sit on my face)

Non.” I had to maintain control.

Le soixante-neuf.” (69) I sucked him harder, ignoring his request. “I know your pussy dripping, you need it.” He gritted. “Bring my pussy here baby.”

“God.” I cried out, releasing the grips on my reign and maneuvered so that my pussy was at his face. “Fuck.” I whimpered when he began to lap at my tender folds.

“Baby you soaked.”

I struggled to pick up my rhythm. His tongue was a distraction but I needed it and he knew it. I licked him and massage his balls as he sucked my clit. He traced his finger open to my opening and circled it before pushing the tip of his finger inside. I groaned and the vibrations caused him to jerk. We were both dueling for control. Dueling to make one another come first, scream louder.

His hips rose from the bed as I sucked him and I grinned. He was coming undone. His moans were muffled in my folds and pulled me closer to my peak. It was a battle that neither of us would win.

Je peux t’avaler?” (Can I swallow you?) I cried out as my body shook. His fingers were embedded within me as his tongue worked my clit.

“Fuck, Noël, fuck.” His movements froze and his balls tightened before his seed filled my mouth. Triumph blared through my chest and I swallowed all he had to offer. I didn’t have time to celebrate because seconds later my body was ripped from my possession and dunked in a pool of raw ecstasy. I yelled out, grinding my pussy against his face as I fell apart.

Noël: 1

Laurent: 6

I shifted and turn onto my back. Laurent was still sleeping, this time on his side. I was first to wake again. With a heavy sigh I ran my fingers through the tangled mass that was my hair and sat up. My body ached. I was physically tired. Cat naps between hours of sex didn’t qualify as real sleep and the lack of slumber was getting to me. My eyes felt heavy and my head ached.

I stood on unsteady legs and paced to the bathroom. The stone floors felt cool under my bare feet. It was a huge contrast from the carpet of the bedroom. I looked in the mirror and gasped. My hair was all over my head and angry hickeys ranging in size littered my breasts, stomach and upper thighs. They would take forever to leave. I knew that he’d marked me on purpose. He was staking his claim. What a possessive little bloke, I thought to myself as I splashed cold water on my face.

Once back in the room I grabbed my robe from the foot of the bed and dressed myself. I checked the pocket insuring that my key was still there. I glanced at a still sleeping Laurent and sighed before heading over to the desk and writing a quick note. With one last glance I was out the door and headed back to my room.


“If I tell you that this picture has taught me a valuable lesson, would you believe?” :)))

Okay, I know that this blog is mostly about typography and other arts and not photographs of things but I just feel like I need to share you this story…

“Our family had a short vacation in Baguio City, Philippines lately. And as a person who loves nature, and as someone who was absolutely mesmerized of the amazing view; I decided to just stay outside the balcony of our hotel room and take pictures. I took pictures of trees, cars and people passing by, etc. I took photos of every single subject that amazed me, and it made me feel satisfied. Not long after, I was able to view this ‘electrical post’ from the camera’s lenses. I realized that it can also be a good subject, so I just decided to take a few snapshots of it. 

My realization came in moments after I was already browsing the photos I took. I paused in awe, as I realized that the electrical post somehow resembled the ‘CROSS’. Maybe not as asymmetrical, but it looked like the CROSS for me. 

I will never be able to keep in numbers how many cars or people have passed by and not notice that post. Well mainly because ONE, when you drive you keep your eyes on the road. Or TWO, when you’re on the passenger’s seat, you are more likely to keep your eyes on the more beautiful things. And THREE, when you’re walking, you keep your eyes on your feet, or just look straight ahead. 

It made me realize that sometimes, “God, can be that unnoticed post in our lives.” We become too busy with our errands, our jobs, our dreams, our priorities that we sometimes leave Him unnoticed. We forget to thank Him, we forget to talk to Him. In problems we forget to trust Him. We become too focused in earthly matters that we tend to forget the “One who truly matters”. We become too busy keeping our eyes on ROADS that don’t matter. We become too busy looking for MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS when all this time “HE’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL”. We become too busy trusting our own feet and fixing our heads straight ahead, not realizing He has long been by our sides. 

This ‘post’, which I took for granted, has taught me a life lesson. “To not keep God unnoticed in our lives”. To not forget that He is the reason why we wake up in the morning, alive and breathing. To not forget that He is the reason why we have a job, why we’ve got a family, why we’ve got a wife, a husband, a lover, or kids. Why things happen in our lives because He has perfectly planned for it. To never forget that once, He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins so that one day we can be with Him in Heaven. To not forget that He’s there, continuously loving us endlessly with a love that no one else can ever offer.“

“Beloved, you may be having an unnoticed post in your life today. If not today, I know one day. Please don’t let it be God.”


anonymous asked:

Any chance you can do a steamy fic with what happened with joshiifer at morro bay?

Sure thing! This was a lot of fun, I gotta say :) Thanks!

~ Joshifer One-Shot ~

I’m thirsty and hungry and nervous. I’m always nervous when we go on a getaway together, scared that we’ll get caught and we won’t be able to come up with a believable excuse. Once we left the city, I tried getting some sleep to calm myself down but I couldn’t even keep my eyes closed for more than a couple of minutes, always checking outside the window looking for curious faces. We’re almost here now, and I can’t still seem to relax. And the longer it takes him, the more anxious I get.

After what feels like an hour, I finally see Josh walking back to the car. He gets in and I quickly spit out the question that’s been bothering me for the past six minutes.

“Did you get recognized?”

He looks at me as he hands me all his purchases. I’m not surprised when I see he’s got everything I asked him. My stomach is growling so I take a big bite of one of the apples.

“Yes,” he smiles, “the guy was pretty cool, actually.” But he knows that comment won’t make me feel any better so he adds, “don’t worry, no one knows you’re here,” and softly strokes my leg up and down, a habit that apparently he’s picked up lately and that I’m totally okay with.

Finally he drives away from the store as I try for the hundredth time to relax, even though I’m busy filling up my stomach, a task quite complicated when you have just a couple of apples. Maybe we can order a pizza tonight, I tell myself while filling my head with the thought of delicious junk food. And that is something that finally gets me to relax a little.


Our hotel room is breathtaking. Not only Josh has booked the biggest suite in the building, with a gigantic bathroom, a separate living room and a private balcony with views to the ocean, but the furniture is incredibly beautiful and the bed is the biggest one I have ever seen in my life.

Later that night, after we have devoured a couple of pizzas and slipped out of our clothes, we find ourselves in the bathtub, enjoying a bubble bath with two glasses of some expensive champagne.
It is, by far, the most relaxed I have felt in the past month. Not a single noise can be heard, except for the gentle waves of the water lapping against my chest caused by Josh’s hands running up and down my legs.

He’s sitting across from me, and even though my head is peacefully resting on the edge of the tub and my eyes are closed, I can feel that he is looking at me intensely.

“Joshy, you’re staring,” I say with a giggle. I don’t open my eyes to check; I know he is.

“So? I can’t look at you now?” he replies as he leans forward closer to my body and plants a kiss on my upper chest.

I lift up my head and I find his lips crashing upon mine. It takes me aback but I quickly reciprocate the kiss by grabbing the sides of his face and guiding my tongue inside his mouth.

After a few minutes, we take a break from our passionate make out session and Josh grabs one of sponges from the display, as if offering himself to cleanse my body. I don’t even bother to reply because he’s already pouring some coconut scented body wash on the dry sponge. He submerges it in the water and starts with my left leg, grabbing it from the back and pulling it closer to his body.
The sensation is amazing and I quickly doze off under his touch. It’s only when I don’t feel the soft pressure of the sponge on my body that I realize he’s stopped. I open my eyes to complain but before the first word escapes my lips his are already saying something.

“I got a better idea. You know, I’m a very good diver,” his crooked smile shows that he’s clearly up to something, and with that expression on his face I am very easily convinced that I am going to enjoy it.

“Uhm, okay?”

“Just relax,” he says without giving me a chance to reply.

His entire body is soon under the water –I will forever be thankful for the huge bathtub-, but no matter how I try to find him, the amount of bubbles won’t let me distinguish what he’s doing down there. And as a matter of fact, I don’t actually need to see it, because soon enough I can feel his face right by my entrance, where he stops to blow some bubbles.

The sensation is unbearable; my first reaction is to almost put my legs together due to all the tickling –which would kill Josh in a matter of seconds-, but soon the pleasure takes over me and I relax, just like he suggested.
He comes out for air, and before I can say anything he’s down again, blowing more bubbles against my clit and entering two very slippery fingers inside me. I let out a moan, and unconsciously pull my legs out of the water and place them on each side of the tub. When he realizes he’s got more access now, he forgets about the bubbles and plants his open mouth against my clit. He lets his tongue do all the work and he only has to come up for air once more before the pleasure takes over me and I ride out my orgasm.

I stay there motionless as he comes up to breathe, my chest moving quickly up and down due to the heavy breathing. I open my eyes a minute later and I see him smiling at me with his famous mission accomplished face. Without hesitating I splash some water on his face and while he laughs, I’m already moving closer and adjusting myself on his lap, with my back on his chest. He reacts quickly and wraps his strong arms around my body, as if protecting me.

And after he kisses my shoulder softly, we intertwine our fingers and stay there, without saying a word, just enjoying the moment, our moment. Our privacy. 

Road To Dinah

Trish and I arrived at Dinah an hour ago, inhaled a couple tacos from room service, and gleefully admired our fabulously rainbow-hued accommodations. We are very excited. Tonight we’re seeing Erin Foley and Fortune Feimster, followed by Dinah Opening Party. Rawr. 

Rainbow view from our hotel room balcony

Bae Editor Trish taking selfies in the car

Getting our fancy sponsor badges and zillions of wristbands at Dinah Headquarters 

Trish took this stealth picture of me logging into Tumblr because she loves me

Trish live tweeted my insightful train of driving thoughts. We’ll be live tweeting Dinah 2014 all weekend so follow us at @ trishbendix and @howtrite

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