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Beautiful - Jughead Jones

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Could you maybe do a jughead x reader where betty and veronica want the reader to tryout for cheerleading with them but shes to self concious too because she think shes not pretty or skinny enough to be one. Then maybe jughead tells her how he thinks she beautiful and society tries to make everyone think they have to look like a supermodel to be pretty. If there can be alot of fluff that would be great. And then she decides to try out and she makes the team. Thanks

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This was so fun to write! I just wanted to say before you start reading that if you are struggling with your looks, gender, sexuality and that makes you feel bad, everyone is going through this too. Some have made it through it already and some are still struggling. If you need to talk to someone you can message me. You’re wonderful.

It started as a joke, something you would’ve never done unless it was in some hypothetical universe where you just weren’t you. Where you weren’t ugly or fat, instead where you were skinny and beautiful. There were unspoken rules that cheerleaders had to be the best of the best; beyond pretty and gorgeous. The whole idea of joining seemed impossible, but with Veronica and Betty breathing down your neck, it was hard to say ‘no’. So you didn’t, instead you just avoided the two girls all day. Somehow you managed this feat and made it through the day without joining the cheerleading squad. Granted, the tryouts weren’t until tomorrow so you would have yet another day of avoiding your friends.

When school ended, you went straight home and didn’t dare move from your room in the fear your friends would see you out and about. With boredom nipping at your heels, you found yourself thinking about your looks, then criticizing your figure in the mirror. Too big there, too jiggly here, you started to judge every limb and appendage. At first, you didn’t even notice the tears in your eyes, until one started to roll down your cheek. You quickly wiped it anyway, marking down another thing you hated about yourself: too sensitive. You weren’t as strong or as stunning as the celebrities on the internet and the TV screens, no, you were just below average you. Before anymore poisonous thoughts could enter your brain, you heard your phone go off. You walked over to your desk where it was and saw that it was your neighbor, Jughead Jones. You felt a sense of relief that it wasn’t Veronica or Betty.

Jughead : Hey can I come over? I don’t understand this geometry homework.

You : Sure, but I don’t know how much help I’ll be.

Jughead : Okay, be there in two.

You turned towards your window and saw Jughead leaving his room in the house across from yours. His family had lived in the house across from yours as long as you could remember. You had been friends since the first grade, when the Jones’ family moved in. You walked back over to the mirror and an horrid idea struck you. From this angle, Jughead could’ve had the perfect view to see you standing in front of the mirror, to see how upset you were. A pit grew in your stomach as you heard your front door open a shut, followed by the sound of Jughead running up your stairs.

You turned as your friend opened the door, barely making eye contact. You noticed his hands were empty and your heart fell. “Where’s your Geometry book?” You asked hopefully, trying to pretend that there was a chance he didn’t see you judging yourself in the mirror. You glanced up from his hands and saw his steady gaze. “Do you really think about my Geometry homework?” You swallowed at his words and your shoulders sagged. “There are these things,” he started, walking over to your window, “called curtains, that if you want to judge yourself in private you can just…” He reached up and gently pulled on one of your curtains, blocking the view of his bedroom window. “I wasn’t, I was just,” you stumbled over your words.

“I overheard the new girl trying to convince to join the Riverdale Vixens,” he said, faking school spirit by waving his hands with minimal effort. “I assume, you and your mirror were having a conversation about it.” You knew that there was no fooling Jughead, he could read you like a book. No lie could cover your bad self image and he wouldn’t buy it anyway. “I’m not pretty enough,” you whispered, feeling tears in the corners of your eyes. Jughead took a step towards you, leaning down to look into your face, “Say again?” You almost started to sob, “Jug, please don’t,” but your friend wasn’t having it. He placed his hands on your shoulders, slowly turning you to look into the mirror. “Now,” he murmured in your ear, “say it again.” You stared at your reflection, studying the features that you so hated. You were about to say it, but with Jughead looking at you with those eyes, you just couldn’t. You felt his hands travel from your shoulders, down your arms, and to your waist where they wrapped around your middle. You back rested against his chest and he rested his chin on top of your head. “You are so beautiful Y/N. Nothing can worth changing yourself for.” You turned in his arms to face him now and felt your cheeks grow hot at the closeness, “Jug…” He was just staring at you now, mesmerized by every detail.

“You’re so lovely, don’t let the world make you think you’re not,” his hand was on the side of your face, with his fingers in your hair. He was so utterly taken by your grace, he had been since grade school. It was killing him that you didn’t see yourself as he did and he was desperate to make you see it; but now wasn’t the time. He backed away a little, pulling his hand away from your face, “You should try out, you’ll blow them away Y/N.” You snapped out of your puppy-love induced daze and nodded. “T-thank you, Jug. I will.” He gave you a bright smile that met his green eyes. He opened his mouth once more, most likely to mention your shared moment, but he phone started to ring. He picked it out of his pocket and scowled at the screen. “I gotta go,” he said, walking towards the door, “but I’ll see you at the game, and you’ll be in a snazzy uniform.” You let out a laugh as he walked out of the room. When he was gone, you let out a sigh With a renewed sense of confidence, you texted Veronica and Betty.

You : I’ll be seeing you both at tryouts tomorrow, yes?

Veronica : Hell yes!

Betty : This is going to be so fun.

You paced around near the bleachers, pulling your jacket more securely around your shoulders and chest. Jughead had texted you a few hours before the game saying that he’d be near the right side of the bleachers. You stopped your pacing and looked out at the field, wondering if you needed to move. You almost screamed when someone put their hand on your shoulder. “Am I that scary?”

You turned and smiled at Jughead, who wore a playful expression. “How’d tryouts go, you never told me?” He asked with raised eyebrows. You bit your bottom lip, giving him a sly smile. “Did you not-” you cut him off by pulling the sides of your over sized jacket away from your body. He smiled when he saw the cheerleading uniform, “See what did I tell ya!”   

You blushed but before you could say anything you heard a whistle go off. “I believe that’s your que, River Vixen.” You gave him another smile and was about to walked away when you spun around. You faced Jughead, planting a hand on his face, pulling him in. Your lips met softly, but as soon as he put a hand to your waist, the kiss became frenzied. You pulled away breathless but smiling widely, “I’ll see you after the game, Jughead.” You murmured and Jughead just nodded dumbly. “See you later, beautiful.” He said and your felt a blush rise to your cheeks. You walked away then, leaving a smile on Jughead’s face.

Solo Antics~s.m.

(short and unedited oops)

We had been serious for five months exactly.

The moment I knew was when he was headed off to New York for a few days to promote his new single. He gave me a key to check up on his condo while he was gone, and never asked for it back.

I should have known it was mine to keep, though. It was on a white cold chain that he placed around my neck before we said our goodbyes at the airport. He took my face in his hands, kissed me throughly, and said, “Take care of yourself, and my condo,” he smirked and let me go, headed to the gate where his team stood, waiting to board the flight.

I couldn’t blame myself for being oblivious. Shawn knew I was a total trainwreck when it came to remembering where things were. I thought he put the key on a chain in case I put it down somewhere and forgot where. That had happened far too many times. My phone, the charm bracelet he bought me, every pair of shoes I’ve ever owned…the list was neverending.

I walked down the hall to the door of his condo. It had become a ritual of ours to dinner at each other’s places- whether one of us would cook or order takout. It was his turn, and I had told him I would get off of work early (perks of being a writer, I could finish my articles and edit where ever I pleased) so I would to head straight to his condo so we could cook dinner together.

I knew he probably had no intention of making anything, because Shawn was certainly not an iron chef. But since I knew my way around the kitchen, we were definitely making our own creation tonight. And maybe dessert in the bedroom.

I took the key from around my neck and unlocked the white door, turning the handle and entering the condo. It was slightly messy, but that was no surprise. Shawn always said he didn’t have time to clean up in the morning as he was always so rushed to get to the studio.

I rolled my eyes and giggled, riding myself of my coat. “Shawn?” I called, realizing that he didn’t appear at the sound of the door.

I furrowed my brow and walked along the expanse of the living room, waiting for a response. While doing so, I spotted his breakfast dishes on the vintage coffee table situated in front of the white L-shaped couch. I shook my head and smiled, walking towards the table to clear the dishes- two bowls, fruit and most likely cereal, and a coffee mug that still has some dregs in it, probably stone cold. I picked them up and headed to the kitchen and dumped them in the sink, getting ready to wash them when I caught sight of the post-it stuck to the faucet.

I plucked it from its position and read it out loud. “Dear Y/N, running late at the studio, so I’ll be late for dinner. I went to the grocery this morning so you can start cooking without me. I’ll be back around 6:00. Love, Shawn,”

I pouted deeply. Cooking was literally no fun without him. Who would I smear spaghetti sauce on? Who would blow flour in my hair as we made crepes for dessert? In the few times we made actual dessert, of course.

I blushed at the thought. No part of me felt like baking tonight, though. I fanned myself with the tiny slip of paper, sighing, suddenly hot and bothered, thinking of all the things we had done in this kitchen, in his bedroom, even in his bathroom.

Feeling my thoughts drift, I realized we had never done it in the living room. Probably because of the gigantic floor to ceiling window behind the couch. Yeah, that was never going to happen.

I balled up the note and threw it in the trashcan next to the island. I rolled up my sweater’s soft sleeves and turned the faucet on, making to wash the dishes, but my hands stopped as I was about to grab the cereal bowl. I smirked.

“Hm,” I hummed deviously, turning the water off, swiveling away from the sink, and folding my arms as my smirk deepened.

Shawn wouldn’t be home for another- I checked my watch- two hours. Slowly, I walked out of the kitchen and down the hall that led to his bedroom.

“Two hours, eh?” I mumbled as I opened his door, welcomed by his unmade bed, crumpled up towel on the floor, pyjamas thrown over his loveseat that was opposite his bed. My eyes drifted to the closet. “Alone in this huge condo, with nothing to do,” I said to myself, walking towards the two large white doors that led to his clothes.

You could clean.

Oh, please.

I ran straight for his closet, tearing the doors opening and shuffeling through his clothes that were neatly secured on hangers. Thee assortment of gray, black, with he occasional splash of red or blue. T-Shirts, dress shirts and sweaters all passed through my fingers.

My v neck sweater, skinny jeans and pumps were clinging to my skin and getting extremely unbearable, seen as how I had to walk up and down the office, then to his building. Unable to take it anymore, I pealed the items off my body, only in my underwear. I tossed them into the hamper and rummaged through the clothes again for something to wear. Shawn’s clothes were so comfortable. Whenever I snuggled up to him on his couch or his bed,  always felt like I was wearing what ever he wore- the fabric of his clothing was that transferable. Imagine what it would be like to actually wear it?

Eventually, I decided on a crip white shirt- the one that accompanied the suit he wore to the Grammys earlier that year. I practically owned it- I ripped it off him after the ceremony and had to sew the buttons back on myself. It was mine. I picked out a pair of his black Nike socks as well from the drawer below the rack of shirts, and slipped them on my feet.

I threw the shirt over my body and buttoned it up from the bottom, stopping halfway. My lace undergarments peaked through the fabric as I walked out of his closet, closing the doors behind me.

As I exited his bedroom, I suddenly felt ambitious. From where I stood, I could see the living room. And suddenly, it was like The Nanny all over again as I slid across the waxed floors, screaming boisterously, Shawn’s socks aiding in the movement perfectly. I stopped right in front of his couch, spreading my arms out for balance, and just stood there, admiring what was outside that huge window. He had the perfect panoramic view of the toronto skyline, the CN tower standing out above all of them. I always thought of his first tattoo- now joined by many others- whenever I saw this sight. I smiled softly and plopped down face first on his couch, reaching for the remote. I aimed it at the TV and pressed the button, but that wasn’t what I turned on.

Noise suddenly blasted from his stereo system- the sound of ‘Shape Of You’ blaring loudly from the speakers that hung next the TV. I popped up from the couch and threw my hands in the air, the remote flying from my grasp. I began to dance around the condo, my hips swaying to the beat of this song that would never get old.

I found myself inventing new dance moves (or at least I thought I was) while I moved around the expanse of Shawn’s living space. I had a carefree smile on my face as I waved my hands around and occasionaly belted out lyrics. My tiny, cramped apartment would never allow any sort of outrageous movement like this, which is why I took advantage of the time I had to myself here.

I was shocked at the way I was acting, to be honest. I had never been this outgoing before. Granted I was alone and the only person I had to entertain was myself.

“GIRL YOU KNOW I WANT YOUR LOVE!” I shrieked as I bent down by the waist and popped back up, my hair flying around my face and tumbling over my shoulders as I continued to girate and sway to the music.

I danced for the duration of the song until it stopped. I panted heavily and walked back over to the couch, sitting on the edge of it. I piled my hair into a messy bun on top of my head as I got up again to get a drink of water, pausing the music player before another song could start.

Holding my glass in my hand as I tumbled it around, hearing the ice clink against it, I walked down the same hallway that led to his bedroom, venturing further down. It was almost like I had never been there before, the way the things I had seen many times prior surprised my all over again- such as the guitar shaped bookshelf and the replica of the Backstreet Boys’ star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I came to his music room, where his guitars, keyboard and drumset lay. My fingers ran along the instruments aimlessly as I recalled all the occasions on which I had heard him play them. Every concert I had ever been to, he had shredded on these guitars like his life depended on it. And like he told me, it did. I smiled as I thought about how happy he was when he was on stage. And I couldn’t blame him. The guitar had the power to make you feel invincible.

Suddenly, I got a thought.

“I am on a roll today!” I exclaimed, gently picking his bass up. I searched around for his mini amp, and found it next to his desk. I grabbed it and ran back outside to the living room.

This shouldn’t have been too hard. Shawn had taught me how to play his bass before. It was basically the same thing- only I was doing it on my own.

Placing the strap across my body, I plugged it into the amp and gave it a hard strum, the sound echoing throughout the condo. I gasped and drew my hands away from it, eyes wide.

“Okay, I don’t remember you being that loud,” I said nervously, wondering how many people heard that. “Let’s try this again,” I muttered. Placing my fingers accordingly on the strings, playincg notes softly. I only strumed the ones I remembered from the song Shawn taught me, and it was obvious. The entire thing was detatched and awkward. Still, I was proud of myself. I was atrocious at anything artistic or musically talented. This was the best I could do on my own.

Eventually, I stopped whatever the hell I thought I was doing and just gave another powerful strum, racing my fingers across all the strings at once.

I would have done it again, but the door swung open and in walked Shawn, lips set in a straight line. He folded his arms at me, cocking  brow.

I giggled nervously, my heart rate speeding up. “Um…..hey babe! You’re back early!” I exclaimed, setting the bass down quickly and walking over to him, taking his stiff hands in mine and pecking his lips. “How was the studio?” I asked. I felt like I child who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. My face contorted awkwardly as I tried to lighten the mood.

“Good. I got a lot done. And uh, clearly you did too,” he said, his face no longer blunt, as a grin spread over his face.

I breathed out and smiled. That look he gave meant he wasn’t actually mad. “Yeah, I did,” I laughed, brushing my hair out of my face, his hand coming up to help me as he kissed me gently on the forehead.

“At least you didn’t burn the place down,” he chuckled.

“Don’t mistake me for you, Mendes,” I scolded jokingly, poking him in his bicep as he wrapped his arms around my tightly, one hand running across the small of my back while the other gripped my bum.

“How funny. I decide to come home from the studio early because I felt bad for leaving you alone to cook. Speaking of which, did you even start? Or were you too busy attempting to shred on my bass?” he asked, cocking a brow at me once again.

I blushed guiltily, then scoffed. “For your information I’m way better at that than you’ll ever be,” I teased as we swayed back and forth.

He only laughed and shook his head, pressing his lips to my head again, not saying anything.

For a while we just stood there, staring out the large window wordlessly. A few minutes later, when I was practically in a trance from Shawn’s hold, he spoke up and brought me back to the world.

“Y/N, baby, why are you wearing my shirt?” he asked, not looking at me, keeping his nose buried in my hair.

“My clothes were getting uncomfortable,” I said simply. No need to sugarcoat it.

“Mmm…acceptable excuse,” he said.

“This shirt’s comfy. Even though you have a terrible sense of dress,” I joked, laughing into his chest.

He snorted. “Oh, you know you love me,” he bragged, pulling back from our embrace to look me in the eye.

I smiled and placed my hands on his chest, smiling up at him. “Of course I do,” I muttered, leaving wet, mess kisses on his neck, causing a groan to escape the back of his throat.

“How about you show me how much you love me,” he didn’t ask, it was more of a demand.

I complied, grabbing his shirt and pushing him forcefully onto the couch. Once he laid flat, I climbed onto of him and pressed my lips to his, running my fingers through his hair, until they settled at his nape. My knees settled on either side of him as our kiss intensified.

I broke it, just for a second, and whispered, “Gladly,”

Hope you enjoyed  😘

Settling Down

Jonerys Week 2k17 Day 1: Fluff

It’s mostly fluff. Really. (Also: long time no see?) 

AU where Jon and Dany decide to leave Westeros after the Battle for the Dawn and settle in the house with the red door to raise their children in peace. 

They were all up early that day.

Rhaenyra was up first; she was always an early riser and she liked to sit on the balcony off their rooms that looked out at the harbor and watch the fishermen take their boats out to the sea. But today she was up earlier than normal-and she woke Daeron up and he started fussing and then they were all up.

Today they would be going home.

“Tell me about the house again,” Rhaenyra said as they broke their fast on slow roasted clams and fruit that was just slightly overripe and burst with flavor in their mouths. “Is it big?”

“It’s not as big as the manse in Lys, but…you’ll like it. There’s a view of the canals outside every window.” Dany ran the brush through Rhaea’s unruly mop of blonde hair; it always seemed to tangle when she slept.

“And I’ll get my own bedroom?” They’d all had to share one bedroom for a time when they were in Norvos and Rhaenyra had never recovered.

“Of course.”

Rhaea nodded, satisfied. “How many windows does it have?”

“One in every room. On nice nights we can leave them open and you’ll be able to hear the moonsingers singing from your bedroom.”

She considered that for a moment. “Is there still a lemon tree?”

“No, but we can plant another one.” Rhaenyra nodded, apparently satisfied, and skipped away to the window. She was always drawn to the sea, always wanted to be as close to the water as she could; she loved the feel of her feet buried in the shoreline and the sound of the waves when they broke onto shore. Maybe it was because she had been born on Dragonstone Island and the water had permeated her consciousness since birth-or maybe she’d fallen in love the first time Jon had taken her swimming. Whatever the reason, she always seemed happier the closer they were to the water.

And they’d been a lot of places over the years. They were still in communication with their friends in Westeros, but not nearly as much as they had been; after a few rough years, a ruler had been fairly elected and the realm was stable.

If they met people who knew of them, who had heard of the Battle for the Dawn, they were often asked why they had given it all up. King’s Landing could have been theirs for the taking. No one would ever contest their right to the Iron Throne. But after all the death and destruction…she realized she hadn’t wanted it. The power had never been something she craved and she hadn’t found the belonging she sought until she met Jon, until they became a family. And after coming so close to losing it all she realized that she didn’t want to give it up so easily. She wanted her children to have a better childhood than she had. She wanted their last name to be just that-a name. Not a legacy. Not a weight on their shoulders that they would feel every day of their life.

She didn’t want to be their messiah. She wanted to be selfish for once in her life; she wanted a family.

The wanderlust had hit almost as soon as they left Westeros’s shores behind them and for the last three years they’d been mostly nomadic; they moved as the feeling struck them, around the Free Cities, into the Summer Sea, to Dorne or the Iron Islands to visit friends, to the ruins of Valyria. Rhaenyra, and later Daeron, had grown up around ships. They were more comfortable on sharply sloping decks than they were on dry land.

There was so much to see. There was no way they could see it all by staying at home.

But there had been another reason for their wandering-a house with a red door that she’d dreamt about more and more until she was determined to find it. It had taken years to track it down-to trace it back from servants and masters and repairs and crises. At some points she’d almost given up, when every trail inevitably went cold. And Jon had always been the one to encourage her-there were always places they hadn’t checked. Until then they’d explored-camping in the forest of Qohor under the stars, trying foods from faraway lands in crowded bazaars, and every so often meeting a long lost cousin with Valyrian blood.

It was a good life, but the children were getting older and Dany wanted them to have a home. She wanted them to have a place they thought of as their own, with a roof over their heads and beds they could sleep in at night.

She felt Jon’s hand ruffle her hair and his lips on her cheek, soft as a butterfly’s wings. “Are you ready?”

She nodded, feeling his stubble scratch against her skin. Her eyes dipped shut, taking a moment to revel in the nearness of him. He always gave off an aura of peace and calm, something she’d held onto more than once when the nightmares took her. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

He put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, planting a kiss on the top of her forehead as they watched the children play. Daeron had toddled over to his sister and she’d picked him up easily, setting him on her lap as she pointed out all of the colorful ships on the river and the flags that told her where they’d come from. “It’ll be good for them not to move as soon as the wind changes.”

“Do you think you can ever settle into domestic life? No wars to fight, no enemies to defeat? Just…a little house, children, maybe a cat or two?” She could barely imagine it, even now. At least when she was moving she was doing something-there was something that seemed almost wrong about not having that security of productivity.

“It’ll be an adjustment-but for the children…”

“We’ll do anything.”

And the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she wanted it too.

It took another two hours to pack everything up and hire a cart to take their belongings ahead to the new house. They took the slow route, meandering around the canals and open air marketplaces, stopping here and there to by fresh fish or watch the courtesans pass in their open air boats. Dany told herself it was because Daeron and Rhaenyra wanted to explore the city, though she sometimes wondered if it was her postponing it subconsciously. To make a decision like this…to choose to set down roots somewhere…it felt as if she was turning her back on her home, her lineage, the throne that she could choose to take now if she ever went back to King’s Landing.

But she knew this was what she wanted. She wanted her and Jon to grow old together, to be able to watch their children grow and have families of their own, to live a quiet life filled with love. She was certain of it, more certain than she’d been of anything else in quite some time. So why was she so reluctant?

They stopped to watch a group of street performers. Entertainers juggled fruits and small soft colored balls deftly, adding more and more until the children, including Rhaea and Daeron, ran towards them. Dany felt the sharp fear she always did when they disappeared into the crowd, that maybe she’d lose them among  all the people. But she could still see them-Rhaea’s blonde braids as she clapped her hands excitedly, Daeron’s eyes shining with a boyish wonder.


“Hmm.” He shifted imperceptibly next to her, brushing her shoulder. To anyone else it would have been a fidget but she knew better, knew him well enough by now to know when he was trying to say that he loved her.

“Do you think we’re letting them all down?”

He didn’t ask who she meant. He didn’t need to. They had the same nightmares, after all. They had the same demons in their pasts. And so he didn’t give her a flippant answer. “Maybe it’s cowardly, to give up so much power…but there’s something brave in it as well, don’t you think? In trusting Tyrion to show the Seven Kingdoms that they can rule themselves?”

“I don’t care about that. I just didn’t want the throne. It would have destroyed us, the way it destroys everyone in one way or another. It would have destroyed them.” Rhaenyra and Daeron still laughed and played in the streets, acting every bit like the young children they were. There would be no outfits dripping with jewels, no crowns to break their spines. “Maybe it’s selfish but…”

“It’s not selfish to desire peace.”

“There will never be peace.”

“Maybe not for us. But our children…they’ll be smarter. They’ll succeed where we failed. Change isn’t the work of only one or two people. We laid the foundation, and now we have to trust them to build upon it.”

“Do you ever think about what would happen if we would have stayed?”

“Every day. But I’m glad that we didn’t.”

Rhaenyra and Daeron had drifted away from the street performers and were investigating a cart full of flowers. As she watched, the cart’s owner pulled out a crown of braided violets and placed it on her daughter’s head. Rhaea’s face lit up when she smiled. “So am I.”

The house was in one of the nicer quarters of the city; it faced the harbor and smelled of the sea. It wasn’t the biggest house on the street but Dany had always liked it the best, even as a young girl. It had square windows that opened out to let in the breeze and the walls were a pale cream color that reminded her of baking dough. And of course the door was a deep red; she was always able to pick it out from the other houses, even at night. There was a turret in the back where she’d had her playroom; it made the house look like a castle.

Even though she remembered what it looked like, even though she could never have forgotten something like that, to see it again after all this time was still a shock. Some things had changed-the house had a new coat of paint, the tower looked significantly more dilapidated, and there was only a stump in the front yard where there had once been a sprawling lemon tree-but it was instantly recognizable. For a moment she felt like she’d never left, like she was still a little girl wanting to be loved.

“It looks like a castle!” Rhaenyra screeched as she jumped off the back of the cart while it was still in motion (something she’d been told again and again not to do) and ran to the front door. The two guards who accompanied them from house to house instantly stepped aside to let her in and she flung the door open, disappearing inside.

“I’ll get her.” Once the carriage stopped Dany climbed down, her boots making a puff of dirt rise into the air. The memories were coming back in a thick flood-she hadn’t been any older than Rhaea when she’d seen the house for the first time and she could remember how she’d run inside, happy to finally have a bed to sleep in after months on the run. She remembered the paintings on the walls, the heavy rugs on the floors, the arched ceiling in the entryway that had seemed impossibly far above her.

Now she opened the door with a bit more trepidation. “Rhaenyra?” There was no answer.

She stepped inside. The walls had faded-they were more white than puce, and there was a new rug in the entryway. A new chandelier hung from the ceiling too, with holders for six candles. At the moment none of them were lit, though she suspected that come the evening they would be.

“Where are the others?” Rhaenyra came running back from farther in the house, her boots echoing on the hard floor. At first Dany didn’t know what she was talking about-and then she realized just how often they’d been staying with others in the past few years-in inns or at boarding houses, or in small gated communities where everyone knew each other better than they knew themselves.

“There’s no one else coming, darling. Just us.”

“This whole house is just for us?”

“Yes-unless you want any more brothers and sisters. Then they’d live here too. But no strangers.”

“But…it’s so big.”

“When I was younger there were more people that lived here-Ser Willam Darry, Viserys, the waitstaff-the cooks, the maids, the guards, the cleaners…but we had to let most of them go.”


They kicked us out. “We just…we had to move on. I didn’t think I’d ever come here again.” She picked Rhaenyra up before she could ask and they stood in the foyer looking at the chandelier, reveling in the silence. That was something she missed, she realized. All the places they stayed at had always been busy and bustling. The silence here was so total, so complete-but it felt cozy and lived in, as if there had been other families after her that had made the home their own.

“Exploring already, are we?” Jon stepped inside, Daeron balanced on his hip and a few bags in his other hand-which all tumbled free as soon as he stepped into the entryway. Daeron was sucking on his thumb as he took the place in, eyes as big as saucers.

Rhaenyra giggled. “It’s so pretty! Are the bedrooms upstairs?”

They spent the rest of the afternoon exploring-there was the kitchen, with its long wooden table where they would take their meals-Dany recognized a scratch in the side where she’d been poking it with a fork when she was bored as a child. The furniture in many of the rooms was unfamiliar, the carpets that had once seemed plush and lovely now were worn through and threadbare in places, the pantry leaked, and a few of the rooms had been painted completely different colors or covered in a pattern of flowers and vines that looked garish and ugly.

But in all the ways that mattered, it was as if she’d never left.

Rhaenyra claimed her own bedroom-a circular room just under the playroom, with light blue walls. She flopped down on the small bed in one corner and closed her eyes, sighing deeply-the sigh of someone who knew that they were somewhere they belonged.

Daeron was getting fussy, tired out from a day of travel, so they left him in the makeshift nursery-the room that had once been Dany’s. The cradle had been assembled before they arrived and he fell asleep almost as soon as his head touched the pillow.

She couldn’t help picking out where the lemon tree had once been, how it had dappled the light that fell through the sheer curtains. There was something melancholy in the way the light pooled harshly on the floor now; it felt as if she’d lost something irreparable.

She felt Jon’s hand squeeze her shoulder and they went to the adjoining bedroom next door. It was the master bedroom and unlike the other rooms it seemed to be in a state of disrepair; the coverlet was dusty and the wardrobe leaned on one foot precariously but it felt good to lie still and let the dust and heat of the journey drift away out the open window.

Jon kissed her gently and she felt herself relax, felt the feeling of uncertainty that had taken over her from the moment they entered the house fall away. Yes, it wasn’t the same house she’d grown up in-and it shouldn’t have been because she wasn’t the same girl. The door that she’d thought was closed forever had been opened again and she felt a world of possibilities opening up to her-a world of simple moments and happiness and everything she thought she’d have to give up forever because they were the last Targaryens. A world where she could lie with him and just…be. Where there were no monsters to fight or nightmares to chase-just children to raise in a house with the windows open and the scent of fresh flowers drifting through the house.

“We’re home,” she whispered. “We’re really home.”

He didn’t answer but she could feel him smile. Gods, she loved him.

I will write something for every day this week no matter what it takes. 

Calum Hood:::Neighbor

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 6.5k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yas

Calum is a little cocky shit who plays girls, y/n’s brother warns her, but she wants him anyways

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I’d been having the dream on and off again since I was a small child. It was always the same, and while I could have it multiple times a week I would only ever have it once a night. It could happen no matter the time of the year.

The dream would begin as I was walking up some wooden steps. They joined on to the small porch area of an incredibly nice house. The house was empty; I always got the impression that the previous occupants had recently moved. Someone would show me inside, though I would never see who it was. I would go into the entrance hall and ahead of me would be the hallway leading to the kitchen. To my left, the living room, and to my right, the stairs. It was a lovely house, open and airy and warm.

Here the dream would skip, and again I would become aware that I was climbing the last of a flight of wooden stairs. This time I would be on the upstairs landing. Now the atmosphere had changed; I felt tense, uneasy. It was colder. Without my permission my feet would carry me to the right, along the hallway. I would pass two doors; the first on my left (a bedroom), and the second just ahead of it on my right (a bathroom). I would stop at the end of the hallway, in front of the final door. It would open on its own.

Seated in front of me, on a single chair in an otherwise empty room, would be an elderly man. He was incredibly old, probably in his nineties. He was visibly sick, and I remember being able to see the veins in his papery hands.

“Close the door,” he said. “You don’t want to see this.”

Something would grab my arm from behind, and I would wake up.

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The Affair - Chapter 5

Summary: The Reader (OC) returns home to find Tom home, but still has an interaction with Negan that actually makes a nice end to her day.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC) & Tom (OC)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Swearing & Masturbation

AO3 Link:

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Neighbours part 2; C.H.

You can read part one right here.

“What the hell is up with you today? Do you even hear me?” My friend Sophie groans in my ear as I see her hand wave in front of my eyes. I blink briskly for a few times, turning my head towards her general direction as I mumble out a ‘huh’. 

“You’re unbelievable. What’s wrong?” Daisy rolls her eyes as she loudly chews her gum. 

 "Nothing’s wrong. I’m just thinking, ’s all.“ I let a tiny smile grace my lips as my gaze catches Calum again. He’s sitting almost on the other side of the hall, laughing along with his three friends. “You know; one day they’ll notice who you’re so smitten about.” My male friend, Jordan whispers in my ear. You can just hear the smirk form on his lips. 

 "Oh shush, I’m not smitten.“ I roll my eyes, threading my fingers through my loose curls, shaking them up the slightest bit. 

"You know, I’d secretly do him if I were you. Sadly, none of those boys,” Jordan motions his head to Calum and company, “well, they aren’t gay.”

 "You have enough of jocks-in-experimental-phase to keep yourself busy. Grant me this one, will you?“ I sigh, raising an eyebrow as I turn in my friend’s direction. I only receive an eye roll in return as he lets himself hit the back of his seat. 

 "Okay, listen up. Party at my house tonight. Bit more secluded. And Y/n,” Tom addresses me personally, “you better show this time. It’s always the same with you.”

My eyes widen and I let my flat hand hit the table, the sound of my ring on my middle finger hitting the table chiming through the filled hall. 

 "I can’t help my parents won’t let me go, Tom. Stop being a bitch, I have a life outside of your boring parties.“ The whole group hollers at my comeback and I’m sick of even being here. I’m sure other people had actual, real friends and were enjoying themselves a lot more. This felt like a daily one-hour torture. 

 My gaze flicks back over to Calum as I slump in my seat, Tom mumbling something about me being a bitch and I see Calum already staring at me. Well I just yelled throughout the whole hall and I’m sure he heard what I had said. 

He surprises me by raising his thumb in the air, silently asking if I were okay while he raises his eyebrows in wonder. I shrug my shoulders in response and bite my lip, shaking my head as I focus back on my sandwich in front of me. 

 "Y/n! Are you fucking kidding me?” Tom’s voice squeaks loudly through the dining hall again and I can feel all eyes on me. I raise my head, jaw locked in an angry manner as I can feel my eyebrow twitch. 

“Can you keep that hole of yours shut long enough that I can enjoy my meal in silence, Tom? You think you can do that?” I seethe, all eyes glued on this exchange. 

 Tom is simply gaping at me as I push myself upright, my lips pursed as I nod towards Jordan. “I’ll probably text you later.” And without another word to any of them, I stalk of towards the back, throwing my lunch in the thrash with a dramatic dunk as I hear the doors fall closed behind me with a loud, hollow thud. 

 I couldn’t help that Calum stroking himself was all that had clouded my mind today. It hasn’t helped when I saw he was wearing my favourite shirt on him, along with the tightest skinny jeans I might have ever seen on a male. His bum looked so incredible in those pants and I was doing it again. I sigh as I let out a breathless, humourless chuckle and let my back hit the brick wall rather forcefully. 

 "You okay there?“ I completely tense up when I hear his deep voice, my core responding immediately as I think back of the words he had spoken to me yesterday. 

Enjoyed the show?

 "I - uh - yeah. Yeah I’m fine.” I relax my tense features and grant Calum a tiny smile. 

“Tom’s a dick.” Calum suddenly blurts, looking down and biting his lip. He seems to be refraining from speaking up but when he does my eyes widen in shock and amusement. 

“But you have been distracted lately..” He lifts his gaze to meet mine and his eyebrows raise, the smirk on his lips only growing when I don’t respond. 

 "I can’t help myself. Like when someone gives me a show, I can’t help but watch.“ I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, my own grin breaking through. Calum shakes his head but can’t keep the smile off of his lips as he backs away. 

"Glad you’re okay though, Y/n. See you in physics.”

 I can’t help but keep staring at the spot where Calum had stood five minutes ago, my brain taking over last night’s events, along with his words just now - was he flirting?

 I drag my bum over to physics, two hours of torture for everyone else, but not for me. I didn’t understand it enough for it to be torture for me. I see Sophie and Daisy sit in the front and I almost growl at the sight of them. Then I spot Calum and his mate Luke, sitting near the back. There’s a spot behind Luke and I pick up the pace to claim that. 

 "Y/n! What are you doing? Come here!“ Daisy whisper-yells over towards me while waving her arms in the air like a lunatic. I roll my eyes and focus on the notes from yesterday, the homework I didn’t do thanks to Calum. 

"Uh-oh. Troubles in poppy paradise?” Luke grins as he leans back, upper body turned towards me. I lift my gaze and see Calum furrow his eyebrows at me as well. 

 "Not that’s any of your business but I enjoy some peace and quiet every once in a while.“ I huff out, keeping my eyes trained on my notes as I desperately try to fix this exercise I should’ve done yesterday. 

"Aren’t you feisty today.” Luke starts, turning his upper body more towards me, his grin changing into a smirk and I’m ready to smack him across the head with my calculator before Calum comes to my aid. 

 "Luke, leave her alone. She doesn’t have to be with her mates, has she?“ Calum raises an eyebrow in Luke’s direction as Luke’s eyes widen. I see Calum glance towards me and I purse my lips, giving him a tiny smile and a nod of my head. 

"Since when are you so protective of her? She’s just a neighbour and one of the populars, Cal. Damn.” Luke rolls his eyes and turns to the front of the class, ignoring me and his best mate. It seemed as if Luke was insinuating that Calum had stood up for me before and the thought alone makes my heart swell.

 "Here.“ Calum slides his answer sheet towards me, my teeth sinking into my lip as I try to hide the wide grin from breaking through. 

"One-time deal, Y/n.” Calum shakes his head with a laugh and I start copying his notes, making a mental note to thank him profusely later. 


“Calum!” I yell down the otherwise empty street as he flashes me by on his board. I hear the wheels of his skateboard screech as he comes to a halt and I jog up to him, his foot still on his plank. “Yeah?”

 "I haven’t thanked you properly for helping me out. If I don’t get my grades up, I’m screwed.“ I shake my head as I look at the floor, seeing Calum’s battered old vans adorning his feet. 

"Ah, it’s nothing Y/n. Don’t worry about it.” He hoists his bag higher up his shoulder, ready to turn around before his head seems to click. 

 "Did you get anything from the class today?“ I shake my head no as I bite my lip. I was sure to fail this class this year and I really dreaded telling my parents I had failed yet another class. 

"I don’t know why. I used to be pretty decent. I think I got dumber.” I shrug my shoulders as I start walking again, passing Calum on my way towards our street. 

 "I know you’re smart. You just need another learning method.“ Calum catches up to me, his skateboard underneath his armpit as he steps into pace with me. "I wish I knew how when where and whatever because I am not spending my summer revising physics.” I groan, throwing my head back and I feel my hair tie slip from my pony tail. 

 Calum is quick to bend down and retrieve my hair tie for me, granting me an amazing view from his round, toned bum. I let out a sigh and my eyes widen as Calum raises back to his original height and he gives me a cocked eyebrow. “You okay?”

I ruffle my hair as I take the tie from him, smirking when I see him give me a once over as I flip my head to redo the pony tail. 

“Oh I’m just great, Cal.”

 "Want to do our physics homework together?“ Calum suddenly asks when we’ve already walked half of the route in complete silence and both of our houses come into view. I contemplate whether or not this is a smart idea, but I do need some help with my class and spending more time around Calum isn’t something I would mind at all. 

 "Yeah, uh, sure.” I grant Calum with a toothy grin and follow him up the steps into his own house. The house seems vacant as he yells to no one in particular that he’s home. 

Calum motions his head for me to follow him and I tentatively take slow steps up towards the first floor, probably towards his bed room. 

 He drops his book bag onto his bed, skateboard disappearing underneath, but my gaze is locked on his opened window. From here, you had a clear view into almost all in my bedroom - including the en-suite bathroom. My eyes widen dramatically when I realize Calum might have seen me naked way more times than I can imagine and I hear a chuckle in my right ear as he stands directly behind me. I can feel his presence, his whole body almost touching me but not quite.

 "You aren’t the only one with a view, dear.“ I’m completely frozen, by the revelation I just received but also with Calum being so close to me when all I had done since yesterday was thinking about how hot he looked while stroking himself. 

 "You knew?” I breathe, biting harshly on my bottom lip when his fingertips start tickling along my lower back and hips, feverishly awaiting Calum’s answer. He hums in return, head still next to mine as I let my eyes flutter closed again. 

 "You were wearing a skirt yesterday. Don’t you think something like that gets me… Riled up?“ Calum breathes against my neck, his lips brushing along the skin on my shoulder as he lets his hands rest on my hips. My complete body is in shivers and I open my eyes and keep my gaze trained on the window, seeing my own bed clearly from where I’m standing. I can’t help but let my eyelids droop closed as he bites down onto the tender flesh where my neck meets my shoulder, slightly falling backwards against Calum’s frame. 

 "I - uh -” I stutter, trying to keep my eyes open as my fingers lace with his while his hands roam over my stomach. “Wiggling your ass. Watching me when I come home. I have to say, it kind of turns me on. You being such a voyeur.” Calum laughs breathlessly against my neck and I could feel my cheeks flame like no tomorrow, trying to pull away from Calum in embarrassment. I never thought he would’ve seen me. 

 "I’ve watched you play with yourself too, Y/n. Don’t worry. Maybe you should close your curtains if you didn’t want the horny male next door to get off on your moans.“ Even though the embarrassment is still very much present, his words arouse me rapidly. Calum was an attractive guy and my ego could only be stroked when he admitted he enjoyed me

 A soft moan slips past my lips and I feel Calum tense up behind me. "Oh, you like that?”

I hum in return but squeak out when his teeth sink into my neck, probably leaving a mark. My fingertips dig into the backs of his hands, one of his hands creeping up to rest between my breasts. He pushes me closer with that hand, feeling his hardening cock press against my back. I can’t help but arch my back just the slightest bit, pressing my bum flush against Calum. 

 "I never thought I’d get any more than that quick look.“ Calum breathes, drawing my attention away from the lovely assault on my neck. "Why?” I mumble, grinding my hips against him which draws a deep throated moan from the tan male. 

 "I’m a band geek? You’re probably the most popular girl in school?“ His voice goes up in the end, indicating he was questioning me rather than granting me the information. 

"Maybe but you’re an amazingly hot band geek.” I growl as I turn around, pressing my breasts against Calum’s front and smack our lips together. Calum takes a few moments to respond, but he relaxes into the kiss and soon he’s fighting me for dominance, his fingers clawing at the exposed skin near my hips. 

 "Y/n…“ Calum breathes apprehensively, pushing at my hips to detach me from his body. I raise an eyebrow, pursing my lips as I wait for him to speak. 

"Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I mean I don’t want to single handedly ruin your rep.”

 "Why is everyone so focused on reputations? I don’t care that you’re not in our friend clique, I want you. Now.“ I growl and press myself back against Calum, drawing a chuckle from his lips and he guides me over to his unmade bed. 

 I drop onto said unmade bed with a hollow thud, letting out a giggle as he crawls on top of me. His face lingers inches above mine, our lips merely brushing. A few months ago I wouldn’t have even thought about making out on Calum’s bed. Hell I wouldn’t even have thought I’d ever get a chance to talk to him outside of our neighbour barbecues Joy hosted. And even then I never actually spoke to him. 

 I can’t take it any longer and pull him closer to me by the neck, pressing our lips together briskly. I moan into Calum’s mouth, his tongue already swiping along my bottom for entrance. I pull my legs up, Calum dropping between them and I let my foot glide along his calve. I can’t keep still as I curve my hips up to grind against Calum’s pelvis, making Calum moan into my mouth. 

 My hands wander over his toned, muscular back towards his bum and I give it a rough squeeze. I have always wanted to do that and I can’t help myself when I smile against Calum’s lips. "What?” He breathes as he retracts, opening his eyes, slowly blinking as he licks his dry lips. 

 "Nothing.“ I chuckle, pulling him back down and pressing my hands to his bum so his hips would run against mine. I curl my chest up into him and now he retracts again, only to let his lips kiss along my jaw to my neck, to the valley of my breasts. He starts unbuttoning my shirt along his way, cupping my breasts through my bra and I let low moans escape from my lips. 

 He continues his way south, popping the button of my jeans and dragging them along my legs. I pull his shirt near his shoulder to imply I wanted it off, and Calum easily obliges. 

He cups my core through my underwear and I loudly moan out, grasping the sheets as I can feel the red hue crawl onto my neck and cheeks. 

 "That’s it sweetheart, let the neighbours hear who makes you feel this good.” He groans as he hooks his fingers in my underwear, slowly dragging it down my legs and exposing my core to him. He throws my legs over his shoulders as he kisses along my thigh, sending tingles throughout my whole body. 

 He wastes no time in pressing his lips against my clit, making me gasp out loudly as my fingers curl into Calum’s hair. He lets out a laugh against me, sending the vibrations shooting up my spine. His fingers toy with my entrance and I’m already a mess when he presses one finger into me. 

 I’m not sure if it’s because I had been hot and bothered all day or Calum knew what he was doing – probably both – but I was rapidly approaching my impending orgasm. 

“Cal I -”  Calum abruptly stops his assault, giving one short lick to my clit with the tip of his tongue before he sits back up on his knees. 

 "Oh no, you’re not coming now.“ I groan, fisting the sheets and involuntarily pressing my hips up, hoping he’d let me come with his gentle assault with his tongue. 

Calum takes his sweet time undressing in front of me, pushing his jeans and boxers down his long legs. He walks over to his dresser to retrieve a condom. As he slides it on, he lets his gaze wander over my exposed body and I squirm underneath his gaze. 

 "Oh how I’ve thought about this.” Calum mumbles, kissing my collar bone as he lines himself up with me. “Did you -?” I question, racking my nail along his chest as I wait for him to answer. 

“Think about you when I jack off?” He hums and I can feel my core tingle just as he presses himself into me, making his name fall off of my lips in a whisper. 

 His thrusts are rather rhythmical in the beginning, but when he hits the right spot inside of me I can feel my orgasm rapidly appear again. When my nails dig into his bottom, Calum groans out loudly and he picks up the pace, his hips moving in irregular sharp motions. “Oh Cal -” I moan his name loudly, arching my back into him as he pounds into me. 

 "That’s it, baby. Let them know I make you feel this good.“ Calum groans as I see his biceps twitch. He isn’t far from orgasming as well and I bring my hand between my legs to run along my clit, clenching around Calum’s throbbing cock. 

 "Y/n… God.” He groans gruffly, slamming particularly hard into me and I spiral into my orgasm, clenching my eyes shut and chanting Calum’s name over and over again. Calum keeps chasing his own orgasm and when it hits, his arms give out and he falls into me with a loud thud, a groan leaving my lips as my whole body tingles. 

 He rolls off of me and discards his condom in the bin, rolling back onto his back and turning his head to grin at me. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted that.”

“Watch out, I might outdo you.” I grin, kissing his pectoral as I throw my leg over his exposed crotch. Calum makes a move to pull the blanket over us both, his arm thrown over my shoulder so I can lay on his chest. 

 The night had come rather quickly, dawn already parted as I gaze out of Calum’s window. I turn towards Calum, letting my nails rake along his chest to gather his attention. His eyes open slowly, blinking a few times as he focuses on my face. 

“Ready for round two?” I grin, biting my lip as I crawl on top of him. 

“Don’t you have a party to go to?” He mumbles as I crawl down the bed, lining my head with his already twitching cock. I can’t help but lick my lips in anticipation. 

 "I’d rather finish this party.“


Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

Warnings: Smut, Language

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“Their lips brushed like young wildflowers in the wind.”

My mother stood behind me tying and untying a belt around my waist for five consecutive minutes now. I had been trying on dresses for a good half of the evening. After the eleventh dress she made me try on I decided not to detest it anymore. I wasn’t going to interrupt her with my subjective opinions and mild critiques. Even though I didn’t care about what pattern or color best suited me I knew she did. Plus all of this was for her birthday party for tomorrow night so I let her have her way. Besides my mind was elsewhere.

“I think it looks so much better without it. What do you think?” My mother said as she stood back to get a better view of the dress I already had on. Considering my perspective since I was not standing in front of a full length mirror or any mirror for that matter. When I looked down I noticed the dress fell all the way down to my feet covering them completely. The light weight sheer fabric draped around me like waterfalls. I wasn’t too keen on the color it was a reminiscent of blush colored pink roses. An as for the straps I continuously pulled them up further to my shoulders, the V neck cut was far too low.

“Caroline?” She called for my attention again. I snapped out of my inner monologue and told her how I felt about the dress.

“It’s perfect.” I smiled to try and make it more convincing but I didn’t want to overdo my false affections.

“I knew this would be the one!” She grabbed ahold of my waist cinching it in tighter around me. I looked onward returning my gaze back out of the window. I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened not long ago. Even if I tried I couldn’t get the images of him out of my head and the sensation from feeling him everywhere still hasn’t expired. For some reason tonight it felt like I was looking at a completely different garden.

Outside the sun had already set leaving the sky cloudless. Quickly almost like a time lapse it grew darker. Automatically the lights out back turned on. The tiny little lights along the lavender filled walkway illuminated the stepping stones, that we hazily stumbled upon last night. Our laughter could quite possibly be heard indoors. Even though we thought we were no louder than a whisper. The two of us tried to keep our barefooted feet off of the wet manicured grass. How we ended up out of our shoes is still a mystery to me. I just know for a fact I have a tiny cut on the back of my ankle from scraping it when he kept me balanced on his shoulders when I was trying to pick a lemon from the lemon trees above our heads. I’m pretty sure I would have landed in a row of sculpted hedges if he hadn’t of caught me in time.

“Last night was certainly something else!” I could hear my mother’s voice but I couldn’t identify where it was coming from. I turned my view away from the window almost a little weary of what she was referring to exactly. Once she stepped back into her bedroom from the hallway I stood still in the center of the floor looking puzzled.

“The wine tasting that was hosted here.” She said, refreshing my memory of how my rendezvous initiated. I stayed motionless as I watched her hang clothes back into her closet before she pointed out I had been smiling to myself off and on all night.

“So are you going to tell me what the F word happened last night or am I going to have to guess?” She smirked.

“No way! Besides I did nothing you wouldn’t have done.” I said to her taking both hands behind my back to unzip myself out of the dress. I walked into the bathroom where my jeans and top was lying on the bathroom floor.

I picked up my blouse with ease holding it between the palm of my hands like it was a found treasure. My fingers felt around for the tiny hole punctured at the top from when it ripped against a nestle of thorns. He stood in front of me when he noticed it first. He placed his hand above my shoulder and over the hole between the fabric he smoothed over my skin with his thumb. I remember finding his touch satisfyingly calming. I wanted to have that same feeling replicated all over my body. Without giving it much thought I crossed my arms reaching for the hem of my top and pulled it over my head. Our eyes fixated on one another, both not wanting to turn away and stop what we knew we started. Though the look in his eyes watched me carefully almost cautious of himself.

I stepped into my blue jeans and reached for my black hoodie that hung over the towel bar in the bathroom deciding to throw that on instead. Looking back at my reflection into the mirror that hung above the sink I rubbed my hand across my neck feeling that my necklace was no longer there. My tiny gold crescent moon necklace that I hardly ever remove was gone. Last time I remember wearing it was when I was down to my bra and jeans. When I removed my shirt the chain to my necklace somehow got entangled with the strap of my bra. Somewhere in between him helping me loosen it up so that I wouldn’t break the chain we started gradually moving closer. Everything happened so fast, it was like an anticipated thrill.

I quickly leaned forward kissing him first. I moved at the pace of a heartbeat because I was purely acting on impulsive desires. We hadn’t known each other for more than few hours and I didn’t even know his name nor did I give him mine. For two torrid strangers we kissed and moved though as if we’ve done this a hundred times or more. He tangled me in his arms pressing his hands against my lower back as I kissed along the nape of his neck while blindly trying to remove his shirt. Once I was successfully able to take it off completely. He grabbed me by the waist and twisted me around. I was no longer facing him at this point. I could feel that his breathing had halted. Using my senses I could feel him sliding his finger at the clasp of my bra, tugging it apart with just one pull. I braced myself leaning further back into him. I wriggled my arms out of it letting it fall to the ground. He kissed the top of my shoulder slowly bringing his lips further down my back. I could feel his teeth gently nip at certain areas on the lower parts of my back. While his hands stayed firmly pressed against my chest.

“Your sister is suppose to be back by now ,I’m starved!” Mom said.

“Brooklyn is here?” I asked briskly. Catching myself in a daydream. I walked out of the bathroom feeling around for the light switch, still holding on to the memory.

“Oh yeah she got in sometime yesterday!” She exclaimed. “Your paths haven’t crossed yet?” The look on her face was questionable.

“She didn’t mention she was coming yesterday. I thought she would be here today.” I told her.

“Well she’s in fact here and she’s brought a date. Handsome young man you must meet him.” My mother said as she gave her promising look of approval.

“Is this that same guy she’s been talking about non stop?” I sat at the edge of her bed gripping onto the tall wooden bedpost, pressing my cheek against it.

“That’s the one! ” She closed the door to her closet. Her eyebrows were furrowed together like she was unsure of a name.

“Well I can’t wait to meet him. The way Brooklyn kept him hidden I almost didn’t think he even existed.”

“Nor did I.” She winked over at me as we both broke out into laughter.

Downstairs simultaneously we both heard a chiming noise that indicated the front door was being opened. Mom adverted her attention towards the opening in the hallway. “They must be back.” She said before walking down the hall to go downstairs. I got up as well excitably following behind her. Despite my mother mentioning to me earlier that she was already here, she must’ve been hidden under the radar. Because that’s something I definitely wouldn’t have missed. Brooklyn was by the front door bent over setting down brown paper bags that tumbled out of her grasp.

“Honey let me help you.” Mom said rushing to her aid. I skipped down the last few steps walking up behind her waiting to receive my sister’s reaction.

“Little sister!” Brooklyn exclaimed, jumping towards me with her arms open wide. She embraced me in a tight hug and I hugged back just the same.

“You smell like Bath & Body Work’s dowsed you in every scent they own.” I said breathing in her sharp perfume.

“Very funny I missed you too!” Brooklyn pulled back scrunching her face into a smile.

“You didn’t close the door.” Mom complained as she peeped her head out of the door before closing it.

“That’s because my beau has to come in. He couldn’t stop going on and on about how stunning your garden is that he bought you flowers. You as well Caroline!” She said turning her head back at me.

“How thoughtful.” I sarcastically noted. My mother had an assortment of flowers growing out in her backyard yet he felt the need to bring her already plucked ones. I moved closer to my mother who was struggling carrying three of the bags Brooklyn brought in. As I was picking them up I heard the excitement in the room pick back up. I went ahead and placed the bags in front of my feet until I introduced myself. Turning around my warm affections suddenly turned cold. The guy who interfered with my every waking thought since yesterday night had returned and this time had a name to his face.

“Caroline this is Sebastian!”

{Part 1 out of 3}

Safe at Last (Part 5):

YAY! So Part 5 is here! I had sooo much fun writing this little bit and I have to admit that I had considered making this post ALOT shorter and making you wait for a Part 6 but god-damn I just LOVED this scene so I just thought it would be way nicer to just have them together and have it flow nicely! 

With that said I LOVED the witty banter between Rhys and Feyre and…idk this had to be my FAVORITE part of the entire fanfic and it was the MAIN idea for me making it. The entire story was literally just to get me HERE and I am very pleased with the destination!

So as usual, I will tag all the people who have voiced their support at the bottom of the page. Thank you lovelies for all your support!!! 😘😘😘😘


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 6:

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Apartment 5108 // 1

Apartment 5108 – ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language – in later chapters


Holding my cell phone high up in the air, I move left to right, hoping my GPS decides to wake up and tell me which direction to walk. The cold, blasting wind howling into my ears isn’t helping me find this one of a kind, hidden gem, city apartment. Soi, best friend of 10+ years, sent me the address but forgot to mention it was impossible to find. Though, I can’t really blame her. It wasn’t her fault my roommate of 18 months decided to have an elopement and have her new husband move in, allotting me literally no time to apartment search. Though, I can’t really blame the roommate either. I never put in much effort to establish a relationship with her. Kicking me out wasn’t a surprise. From what I can remember, we had nothing in common–again, not that I let her find out if we had any similarities. We barely even spent time together in the same room. She tried in the beginning to befriend me and find out what kind of woman I was but I wasn’t hard to figure out. 

I liked to be left alone and that was it. Simple, right? Well, she didn’t think so. I must have been unbearable to live with considering her personality was the complete opposite of mine. She wanted things I couldn’t be to her–a friend, a listener, a person who actually cared. I almost felt bad for not being a bright, colorful roommate who liked to do things that girls liked to do. With every lunch plan and movie invite I cancelled, my roommate eventually stopped asking and stopped trying. I closed her off as I do with many of my acquaintances (with the exception of Soi). It was easier for me. The less relationships, the better the safety. The roommate moved on, got a boyfriend who turned into husband and here I am–lost in the city streets not knowing which way to turn.

I ignore my sub-conscious voice correlating my directional lost to my wandering lifestyle.

After circling a block three times, the female drone voice on the GPS tells me to make a left and walk half a mile to finally reach the apartment. The voice in my head also mentioned I could have asked anyone for directions but I was never one for socialization even if it was for a mere second.

Soi, as a friend, is more than enough for the relationships I need in a lifetime. She wanted to let me stay with her but she’s currently crashing at her brother, Seunghyun’s home while her apartment is being renovated. He told Soi one of his friend’s place just opened up.

Apartment 5108.

Top floor. View of the skyline. My own personal room and bath. Hard to pass up? Too good to be true? It is. There’s always a catch to perfection and this time, it’s the other tenant. He squints at me. His hair, sitting atop his 6-foot lean frame, is just as unruly as mine. He reeks of alcohol and has an expression screaming massive hangover.

Not that I need to ask but to make sure, “Are you Oh Sehun?”

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One Day I’ll Say I Love You- James Madison X Reader

request from @martapetrovic :  So a request??? Spy!reader x lafayette ORR jmads x reader (cause theres not much jemmy out there amirit?? Smut??? You dont have too if you dont want you still like your work) oR A SOULMATE AU WITJ JAMES IDK choose if you like any of my suggestions ok i luv u byyeee

au: the soulmate

tagged: @sweaterkitty-fluff

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From Morning To Night

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 1052
A little something all from Dean’s point of view
Warning: so much fluff

**Do not post my writing on any other sites without my explicit permission**

Dean’s Point Of View 

            Mornings. I had never really thought much about being a morning person or a night person. My sleep schedule was always off so much that I never really got used to being either of them.

            But now? I love mornings. As soon as light barely comes into the bedroom window of the small two-bedroom house, I’m awake. But it takes a lot longer for me to get out of bed. Partly because the bed is comfortable and I don’t have to get up right away. But mainly because of the sleeping woman lying next to me.     

            My entire life, I had convinced myself that I would never find love. That I would never be with someone and settle down. That I would never truly be happy. But she changed that as soon as she walked into my life.

            And now we have been married for three years and I still spend every morning just looking at her and thinking about how lucky I am to have her in my life.

            The sunlight makes her hair shine and accents the perfect little curve to her nose. Her lips are parted just slightly, making me want to kiss her so badly, but I want her to sleep. I want to just admire her beauty and not disturb her.

            My favorite thing of all is when she rolls toward me, curling against me, wrapping her arms around me, anything.

            And that’s when I can’t resist. When I have to wrap my arms around her as well. When I have to kiss her forehead or her nose or her lips.

            Her eye lids flutter, fighting waking up. But then she opens her eyes and looks up at me and smiles. And that’s how I know I am right where I was supposed to be. With the only person I could imagine spending my life with.

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