this is the ugliest ever omg

What I loved in ACOWAR

All that showing of affection and love between inner circle:
- When Cassian was mad at Feyre for leaving
- When Cassian said to Rhys that he gave enough and begged him to let him go with Nesta and do something himself (ugly cry)
- And the top of the crying scale Rhys’s talk to them before battle, that love and appreciation and he said to them all why he loves them (THE UGLIEST CRYING FACE I HAD EVER)
- Mor being mad at Feyre for leaving to find Suriel
- Az and Cass coming to save Feyre with pride in their eyes, omg!!
- Amren sayingat the endto Feyre how grateful she is for knowing them (sobbing)

I want to be part of that inner circle!!

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can you talk more on what you like about the renaissance and the artists? i find them so fascinating

i answered a more specific one about leonardo alone here, but here are some of my general favourite things about the important figures of the italian renaissance

  • on her deathbed, caterina sforza said to a monk: “se io potessi scrivere tutto, farei stupire il mondo" (if i could write everything, i would shock the world) which i think just makes her the second coolest person in the entirety of italian history
  • speaking of the coolest person in italian history, da vinci took so long to finish the last supper that when the prior complained, leonardo said that the reason it was taking so long was because he couldn’t find a face that was so filled with evil that would fit judas, but if the prior was so desperate to have it finished, leonardo said that he would use him as a model
  • lucrezia borgia was said to have a hollow ring that she used for poisoning drinks
  • michelangelo hated everyone. he mocked leonardo for his failed statue in milan and had a bitter grudge with raphael ever since raphael looked at one of his paintings before it was released
  • leonardo, in turn, wrote bitchy comments about michelangelo in his diaries
  • seriously if someone were to make a show about the renaissance artists, it wouldn’t be some high brow drama, it would be something along the lines of mean girls crossed with the office
  • leonardo: “omg michelangelo, i love your fresco. what inspired it?” 
    michelangelo: “the bible” 
    leonardo: “vintage, i love it!”
    leonardo [after michelangelo walks away]: “that is the ugliest fucking fresco i have ever seen”
  • da vinci himself was really well liked by everyone but he was such a fucking DORK he used to buy caged birds and just to release them and was a chronic procrastinator. he was also gay af and the love of my life
  • machiavelli’s ‘the prince’ is the biggest piece of mancrush literature since plato’s symposium
  • also they were like, all gay, all the renaissance artists except for raphael who was tragically heterosexual. michelangelo wrote really over the top romantic letters to some dude, and da vinci was arrested for sodomy
  • @ historical fiction that tries to make my guys into aggressive womanizers: fuck off
  • so if the artists were the sitcom of the renaissance, caterina sforza is the blockbuster politics heavy action film. she literally occupied the vatican on behalf of her husband by riding across the tiber river on horseback while seven months pregnant
  • she was honestly so fucking savage when the orsis family threatened to kill her children she ‘exposed her genitals’ and said  “do it, if you want to: hang them even in front of me…here I have what’s needed to make others!” and they were so fucking shocked they didn’t dare touch her children
  • i could make a whole post about her, she was so fucking cool i adore her she is incredible
  • moving on, this: “the theory is that people were generally not too enthusiastic about the catholic church’s regular massacres of jews and muslims, because the people they were killing looked like jesus.  pope alexander vi then ordered the destruction of all art depicting a semitic jesus and commissioned a number of paintings depicting a caucasian jesus. his son, cardinal cesare borgia, was the model for these paintings.”
  • cesare tried to kill lucrezia’s first husband and probably did kill her second. he also apparently came to her wedding dressed as a unicorn, the symbol of purity which is just about the most laughable thing he ever did in his life
  • botticelli claimed that the prospect of marriage gave him nightmares

this kinda swayed a lot from being just about the artists, but i hope it was what you were looking for!


you are the ocean’s gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach… yet the waters ever change, flowing like time the path is yours to climb

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Hellooo! I just wanted to let you know that your gorgeous human!Tama has inspired me to grow out my hair and make it long again! (I used to have super long and wavy hair until I cut it all off) Your human!Tama is goals <3

~ @misfire-no Awwwww what a sweet message !! ;; w ;; ♥

But HAHAHhkshmdfg //Nervous laugh// I’m so sorry, this is my ugliest answer ever, because I’m not at home for the weekend and I don’t have my tablet so there is a very quick tradi sketch made in a corner of a couch HAHAHAjgfgfm and a bad pic because my phone didn’t want to be nice tonight :’)

just watched a video of r*al madrid’s first goal and it is one of the ugliest things i’ve ever had to witness with my own two eyes like i felt physical pain from watching that goal… from nacho kicking the ball when no one was paying attention because everyone was looking at asensio who was on the ground… poor unsuspecting sevilla players… 

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Hmm I don't know where to begin, you're really a warmhearted person. You're like, how should I describe this, your presence is like flower petals falling and softly touches the skin kinda feeling. (And I'm so happy that you're back being your bubbly self again! You healed!)

ADSFDGFHKDJFGDKLSK I JUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me… Omg, I am speechless :(( I’m soo sdkfhgsjgal I can’t believe wow.. I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!

send ur opinion of me on anon (or not)

the other day when I was at my parents’ house, I saw that my mom had my old school stuff in her room like this big folder with all of the patterns for the clothes I made and I was like “you should just throw this a way, I’m never gonna need these for anything” and just now I decided I want to make a shirt for myself and I have the perfect pattern for it in that folder……sooooo……hopefully she didn’t do what I told her to do.

also, nobody should ever take anything I say seriously the first time I say it because I change my mind so fast it’s unbelievable. I just go back and forth all the time.
like when I’m at my parents’ house trying on dresses from the 70′s;
mom: you want this one?
me: omg mom no, that is literally the ugliest thing I have ever seen.
*5 minutes later*
me: I’m just gonna try it on for fun….hahahahaa this dress looks like vomit hahaha!
mom: so you don’t want it?
me: yeah no actually I think this would be really nice for the summer with a cardigan and some black shoes….
mom speaking to my dad: I knew this would happen.

  • Ragnar: Athelstan is flawless.
  • Judith: He has two Dior monks' robes and a silver crucifix from Paris.
  • King Ecbert: I hear his hair is insured for 10,000 gold chalices.
  • Ragnar: His favorite book is the Old Testament.
  • King Ecbert: One time Athelstan met Odin in a field... And Odin was like "ur my fav Christian tbh"
  • Ragnar: I heard he does baptisms... in EGYPT.
  • Judith: One time he impregnated me... it was awesome.
  • ***
  • Athelstan: OMG I love your battle axe. So chic, where'd you get it?
  • Floki: Thanks, it was my father's and his father's before him and it has killed ten thousand men.
  • Athelstan: Omg, vintage! So adorable.
  • Floki: Thanks.
  • Athelstan: *whispering* That is the ugliest f-ing axe I have ever seen.

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Hello ! I love how you write ! Could you do basic headcanons and relationship headcanon about Ace please ? :3

Thank you so much my dear!! I would absolutely love to write some headcanons for you <3


  • You know how Oda sensei said Zoro only showers like once a week and the whole collective fandom all just said “eww” at the same time, but then we were like “I’d still do him tho”. That’s Ace. This boy don’t shower but once a week and everyone still finds him hella attractive. (He says he smells manly but Thatch is like “naw man you smell like BO”)
  • Everyone thinks Ace runs around shirtless because of his devil fruit, but that just aint the case. It turns out he’s just too durn forgetful to put one on. One day he jumped out of bed and began his day and hours later everyone’s like “Ace, where’s your shirt?” and then he finally realized he forgot to put one on. Over the next couple weeks he kept forgetting and eventually he just gave up all hope on wearing a complete ensemble (not like we’re complaining).
  • Ace’s necklace holds a lot of meaning to him. He got it from a friend way back and he wears it just because it’s a gift. He’s the type of sweetheart to get the freaking ugliest christmas sweater ever, but still wear it because you gave it to him. He grew up without a lot of things, birthday gifts and the like included. So if you ever gave Ace anything ever, he would treasure the hell out of it!!


  • Sweetest boyfriend ever omg. He’ll wake you up for the day by placing kisses all over your face. No matter how hard you resist, he’ll always get you out of bed. Even if you turn over so he can’t kiss you anymore, he’ll start tickling you to make sure his love greets the day with him
  • When Ace is ready to go to bed at night he loves to fall asleep to you reading to him. He’ll place his head on your chest and let you play with his hair while you read that one adventure book that he loves (even though you’ve read it a million times already omg Ace expand your literary horizons).
  • Hanging out with others, Ace will always include you in the conversation. You know how some guys just bring their girlfriends along just for them to sit there on their arm while the guys shoot the breeze? Ace aint like that. He’ll make sure you always feel like you’re part of the group and probably sneak in a kiss every now and then (you lucky dog you).

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Sorry, this isn't a request but I'm trying to get to know bts, can you tell me like who each one is and what videos I should watch?? Thanks!!

Hello kind anon! Don’t be sorry! (This goes for everyone! I love and appreciate every message I get!)

I’m going to pray for you. Once you stan BTS, your life is ruined. 

( I left the videos in the paragraphs lol there’s so much to watch! But definitely watch BTS Bombs/Rookie King if you have the time! ) 

Jin (Kim Seokjin) - Vocalist: He’s the oldest of BTS but he loves Mario, anime, and playing video games. Jin is the mom of the group because he cooks and cleans omg (He has tutorials on how to cook certain stuff). He’s so fluffy help. He’s going to be the most amazing mother father ever. Is associated with the color pink because he’s a princess and likes Disney princess. Literally claims on camera that he’s the most handsome. Didn’t get enough lines imo, but now he does omg <3 He can’t free style dance (He has a cop dance).

Suga (Min Yoongi) - Main Rapper: He’s part of the hyung line because he’s actually a dad (fixes everything Rap Mon breaks). In BTS Bombs, he’s not in many of them because he sleeps in between (bc he works ungodly hours in the night producing). But when he’s awake, he’s super adorable and funny. He writes songs at crazy speeds (Wrote ‘I Like It’ in under 40 minutes). Claims he’s sweg, but he’s actually the cutest plushie.

Jimin (Park Jimin) - Abs Vocal/Dancer: He’s part of the younger (95) line. Has abs of steel (He broke the MAMA awards and also teased the recent album with a tattoo). His laugh is literally the cutest thing on Earth. His ultimate role model is Taeyang of BIGBANG (he wants to be him). He’s one of the more insecure members (thinks he’s fat?! o A o). His dancing is wow. His voice is also very wow. LOVES ARMY (the fanbase <3) A LOT – calls ARMY his girlfriend in a BTS Bomb. Can’t keep his tongue in his mouth. Loves Jungkook.

V (Kim Taehyung) - Vocal: He’s also a part of the younger (95) line. Is also known as ‘Alien’ because he’s so odd in public/on camera. His smile is a rectangle <3. He loves kids. Help. omg. Has one heck of a deep voice omg and it’s silk. His favorite song is Cypher Part 3: Killer. Also can’t keep his tongue in his mouth.

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) - Rapper/Dancer: He is your hope. He is your angel. He is J-Hope. If you ever need to find out who’s who, his smile is literally the sun. His dancing is OUTSTANDING. He’s also very clean. He’s part of the hyung line. One too many people claim he’s the ugliest?! But like, I don’t see how. He’s so handsome help. Also helps with producing (they’ve all produced music in the group I’m proud). Girl group dances are his forte.

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon) - Leader/Rapper: The God of Destruction (everything he touches breaks/falls over). He is very good at English (taught himself). Is EXTREMELY smart (is on a show Problematic Men because of that). Tells the world that he loves RED converse on a girl (The song ‘Converse High’ was made because of him omg). He’s been in Bangtan (before debut) since 2010 (Bangtan has been around since 2010, but debuted in 2013 because of constant member change). He also released a mixtape (RM) which slayed us all. CAN’T FREESTYLE DANCE TO SAVE HIS LIFE !!

Jungkook Seagull/Kookie(Jeon Jungkook) - Maknae/Vocal/Dancer/Rapper: He’s good at everything (including ruining your life and your bias list). He’s a 97 liner (he just turned 18 apparently. He will forever be a child). His voice is legit omg. He’s super silly, despite everyone thinking he was the normal one. Also a girl group dance master. Sometimes skips meals cause he also thinks he’s fat?!? Overall, a sweetie!

I think I wrote too much…but! I hope you come to love them and become an ARMY! <3 Best of luck! :D 

Also, this video is important. It’s who they really are c: