this is the twelfth doctor everyone

I just realized something… Rupert Graves plays Greg Lestrade in Sherlock. Mark Sheppard plays Crowley in Supernatural. They have both played in an episode(or two) of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. 

I think this is the closest we’ve gotten to SuperWhoLock.

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His Duty of Care

Everyone knows I have great affection for the Twelfth Doctor but after ‘Oxygen’ no one can convince me otherwise that he is the most devoted incarnation of the Doctor. 

Love is this Doctor’s superpower. When it boils down to the person he loves, he cannot stop until that person is drawing breath again. To him, love is a promise. A duty of care.

Twelve’s heart is so big. I cannot fathom the depths of it. He is contained on the outside but exploding on the inside. 

I used to think it was just Clara he had a fondness for. But then he also showed River a lot of love. And with Bill, he gave her memories of her mother and took her under his wing. He gave her the love, guidance, and friendship of a parent. And then he saved her life by risking his own. And though he treats Nardole like crap, he does listen to him sometimes. Pretty sure it’ll be hell when this trio breaks up.

“…you’ll be wondering who I was.”

I keep wondering, Doctor. I keep wondering what you are and why you choose to be like this. We all need to be like you. 

I don’t want Peter to go.

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This episode was full of River Song feelings, but I’d like to highlight something: The Doctor has always avoided death, he has never willingly murdered someone, he does everything he can so everyone can live. Then, at the begining of this episode, he finds himself in front of Missy, the person who he has repeatedly refused to kill, his last friend and connection to his people, and, yet, he doesn’t care anymore.

Because this is The Doctor after Darillium, his wife isn’t with him anymore. She died. If River Song died, then why should he care about Missy? He’s without hope.

In comes Nardole and reads a quote from River’s diary. He doesn’t kill Missy. River Song, his wife, reminds him of what he is, what he should be. That happens again at the end of the episode when he says that belief is all that he is, and he believes in what River wrote. Being The Doctor is believing in that, it’s never giving in, even without hope.

River Song is amazing, a badass, and saves the day and The Doctor even from her grave.

ps: Nardole says he’s the only person “officially licensed to kick the Doctor’s arse”, which implies that River is the only person who can give that permission, cause, you know, she’s River Song, The Doctor’s wife and queen.


Alex Kingston Appreciation Week 2017: Favourite Acting Partnership

I was slightly intimidated [to work with Alex]…But everyone kept saying ‘Oh you’ll love her, she’s absolutely lovely,’ and that proved to be the case.“ - Peter Capaldi

Fuck you, Peter. - Alex Kingston, trying not to cry [and crying when she saw Peter crying]

Adrift somewhere, with old traditions.

Merry Christmas!

I kinda wish doctor who had taken a leaf out of its spin off ‘Class’. Because you know what’s better than announcing that “The new companion is the FIRST openly gay character”? Is being like “here’s this great, well thought out, interesting female character” and have her casually slip into conversation that she has a girlfriend back home. With Charlie and matteuz (from Class), he was like “imma ask the cute guy from physics to prom” and everyone was cool with it.


You shook as you stood before the Doctor, snow was fluttering about around you and landed in your hair. He smiled gently and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, dislodging the snow so that it landed on your eyelashes melting with the tears that where already there. “You have to go, take the TARDIS… live a life” he whispered and you shook your head “Doctor I can’t I-“
“I know” he said cutting you off “that’s why you have to go, I could be here for… a very long time and I can’t…” he sucked in a breath “I can’t watch you die” he said solidly.
“You won’t watch me die, I can’t leave you. You have to understand that, please, sweetheart. Don’t do this to me” you begged. Sad eyes met your own as you shivered. The combination of the cold and the tears shook you the the very core. “I know where I am standing. The very spot. Doctor I can’t leave you.” The Doctor pulled you close resting his chin on the top of your head. “Oh Y/N… my Y/N. We both know the outcome of what happens, on Transalor”
“Please, Doctor” you clung to his jacket
“Shhh. Just know… I. Love. You.” You stepped back from him to look hard at his face. While the words had never been spoken between the two of you it had always been there. The unspoken connection that had bound the two of you together since the moment you had met all those years ago. “Oh my Doctor” without a single hesitation he pressed his lips to your own. You didn’t care that Clara was there, just being you watching. You didn’t care that the entire village of Christmas was watching. The forest around and the ships in the sky could have set alight and you wouldn’t have noticed. “You need to go, take Clara for me and go” he said breaking away. “Let me be selfish just this once”
“How is it selfish?” you asked
“Because I’m trying to save myself from the pain of watching what will come. I can’t do that” he said and you pulled a face
“Doctor, that is not selfish. Its natural to want to escape pain. Allow me to be selfish” you rested you forehead against his own “Say it once more” tears streamed down your cheeks as you trembled “Say it once more… so I know. Then I’ll take Clara away.” The Doctor smiled sadly, his big puppy dog eyes that made you want to cry. “Y/N Y/L/N. I love you”
“I love you” you whisper back and with one final kiss, you left. Because even though it killed you to do so, you did what everyone always did, what the Doctor said even if it hurt because he was worth the pain and sacrifice. He was worth loving like this, the crazy man in the blue box, because he was worth the demons and monsters, worth everything and more. Because he was your hero in a bow tie.

What They Love About You

Request: Can I have a preference with Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve with what they love about you? Thanks!!

Requester: Anon

Pairings: Ninth Doctor / Tenth Doctor / Eleventh Doctor / Twelfth Doctor x Reader

Warning: None 


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Tumblr: I stopped watching Doctor Who in 2014, it’s become too problematic™

SERIES 10: *Happens*

Tumblr: see!? Told ya! Doctor Who sucks now! SJWs ruined it! It’s become too politically correct™

Come on, we all know what the truth is, let’s just say you stopped watching it because you never really liked it, like you only watched it because you fancied Tennant or Matt Smith / everyone fancied David Tennant or Matt Smith.
It was just a phase tumblr went through back in 2011/2013, so everyone jumped on the bandwagon, and well, once the new “trend” appeared and watching Doctor Who wasn’t cool anymore you “moved on” to keep up with everyone else.

*drops mic* 🎤