this is the turning point


You finished your story and waited a moment, noting all the dead air Dan was going to have to edit out of this video, before turning to him with eyebrows raised. He was staring intently at you with a smile on his face, oblivious.

“What is it?” you asked.

He blinked once, slow, then again as if coming out of a trance, and turned to look at the camera that was pointed at you both, suddenly remembering that he was still recording.

“Uh, nothing,” he said, clearing his throat. “It’s nothing. That’s actually probably a good place to stop. Thanks for filling in for Phil today.”

“Sure, it was fun,” you told him as you stood. “Thanks for thinking of me to invite.”

“Yeah. No. Of course.”

You headed out of the room and down the hall and Dan stared after you, letting out a heavy sigh and wondering when you would ever notice.

x x x

This isn’t NEW Su-won Behaviour

I normally hate Su-won on a regular basis and he conflicts with my heart because one minute I want to hold him, the next I want to smack him, but right now I’m more surprised at other people’s reaction in regards to him denying Yona her request to not go to war. 

People seem to forget that this isn’t a change of character for him, he has always been like this. When one of the countries, can’t remember which, was in a battle with Kouka over a specific area, which at one point had been Kouka’s, this being the chapter the other dragons got ill because they were far away from Kouka, and I’m pretty sure this was the point in the series Zeno’s powers were revealed. Anyway, the casualty would have been that village regardless of the fact that Su-won had won because the enemy nation knew they were losing so they decided that they would go out fighting as the village would be Kouka’s and Kouka would have to deal with the damage. In wars that tended to be, rape, murder, and pillage. Had the HHB not been there, that village most likely would have suffered greatly and Su-won is no fool. He understands that there are consequences to his actions but he still does things regardless. That village, Yona and Hak’s relationship. He is willing to throw things away for the sake of his goals, even if those things will leave him being isolated, alone, and hated by the very people he once loved (or still does, his face this chapter looked very sad and hollow, like he wished there was another way but knows there isn’t).

Also, the fact he knows what his father did to Kouren, means that this was part of his plan all along. Long before Yona and the gang got involved. Regardless of the fact he is doing this for the apparent good of Kouka, Kouren’s people will suffer because of his actions, thus will only perpetuate the hatred for future generations if he keeps behaving this way. His desire for power and to keep the Kai empire at bay may result in his own downfall.

He wants to make Kouka great again, which I think may be his biggest mistake, especially in regards to the Wind tribe because there is no unity between them and the King. Su-won and company blamed Hak for what happened and then the fire tribe had the Wind’s water supply dammed in order to capture Yona and Hak and had the merchants almost killed (regardless of the fact the fire tribe did it, the sky tribe initiated the coup and were the masters behind it). They forced Hak to abandon his title and leave his only home and family behind. The Wind were forced into submission, had it been their choice, they would have fought Su-won and the fire tribe.

The Wind are loyal to each other, each member is a precious family member. Seriously, the fact that this war is most likely going to be fought in their territory means Su-won’s going to be majorly disadvantaged when Mundock and mini Hak are going to side with Yona, without question. The other tribes aren’t like the wind, loyalty isn’t just a pretty word to them that they will throw around whenever it’s convenient to them. It means something.

This chapter really makes me want to give everybody who has kept silent, a nice big smack in the face because even if Su-won did the killing, the other generals, and various people who knew about what he did are still being quite about it, even following the bastard.

The fact that our precious cinnamon roll blames himself for something he had no control over and was used makes me so upset. He became an accomplice of a crime he had no idea was going to happen to someone he respected and ended up hurting that man’s daughter, who he cared for. Major slap in the face and a punch to the gut, that is, considering the person who relayed the information to Su-won was someone who he trusted.

Yet Yona is trying to forgive which I give her major props. I would not be able to do something like that. I think a large part of that has to do with the fact that people hated her father, very few of them cared about him so why would they care about her and her wants, especially when you think of her request only really benefits her. It’s not like anyone in Kouka other than the obvious people will miss or care about the dragons. Su-won is right. he can’t prioritize Yona’s desires when he knows Kouren won’t just stop because even when Yona left she was planning on her strategy of attack. She knows it most likely won’t go well but is giving her a chance none the less most likely to teach her a lesson that a man like Su-won needs to be put down rather than talked too. 

This time the consequences are real and she is put in the middle. This will also be the first war Yona has been in, which will be quite traumatic for her as she will most likely see people she loves dies…(please let Mundock live, I want sexy badass grandpa to live and see his great grandbabies) anyway, this has in many ways put Yona back where she was without the dragons. This will be where all her skills in archery and with the sword are going to have to come to use. This is where Yona will fight beside Hak and hope fully in a moment of passion confess her undying love to him, or the other way around. That works too.


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Hey, Tamatoa? I'm feeling incredibly low tonight. And to be honest, for a long time now. Do you have any quick pick-me-ups or ways you make yourself feel better- I guess apart from the shininess?

“Babe, MY ways of feeling better probably won’t work on a tiny mortal like yourself… but let me offer some reassuring words instead, hmm? Can’t have a fan feeling down in my glorious presence, now can we?”

He chuckled at himself, but within the next second, his expression turned serious again as he leaned down and pointed at the Anon.

“Whatever’s going on, you can handle it. You know why? It’s cuz you’re human. Your species has been crawling around on this planet like cockroaches for several thousands of years, and in spite of everything that the world throws at you… natural disasters, famine, war, monsters like yours truly~ Your kind always bounces back. It’s the mortal superpower.”

Tamatoa leaned back and smiled as he gestured to the Anon again with his claws. “You can bounce back too, babe. It may take some time, and it may be difficult, but it’s part of bein’ human.”

“You’re built strong enough to push through it,” he added with a wink.

It wasn’t that he was sad. Those smiles he put on didn’t hide a tear. It was more of… a sense of emptiness he felt looming over him and every passing day it grew. To the point where everything had turned grey, even rainbows.
—  //Rvsi

Trollhunters OC - Janna

You can’t really have an army march around terrorizing the world and expect it to be successful in thwarting resistance without at least some people around who can patch up the wounded. Janna is a Field Medic, meaning she can treat injuries and also kick butt when necessary.

At one point her dad turned against Gunmar and was executed for it. Since this made her a traitor’s whelp, she was stripped of her rank and technically imprisoned though her skill as a medic made her more valuable to keep in the field. So she was assigned to Bular’s command with it impressed upon her that if Gunmar’s son died then her life would be forfeit.

Pretty sure anyone and everyone can guess what happens after that.

Our girls were off of school today so my friend and i decided to take them into NYC for the ‘Not my President” day rally at Trump Tower for a lesson on civil disobedience –   We let them make their signs with what they wanted on them, and let them choose what shirts they wanted to wear. 

These girls never cease to amaze me. An hour bus ride in to NYC (and an hour home too) .. walked 25 blocks each way– to and from port authority– never ONCE complained..(at the end of the day MY step count was over 21,000 and god knows what theirs was with their teeny tiny legs)  

We met the most amazing people– People of all religions, colors, beliefs all standing together talking, laughing and encouraging each other… AMAZING. My 8 year old at one point turned to me and said… “everyone is so nice mommy this is awesome!” –they talked to people around us at the rally, gave intelligent responses to questions when they were asked what they thought of Trump, and what their signs meant etc– they were curious, respectful and engaged in what what going on.  

IT.WAS.FANTASTIC. Could not have been prouder. 

On the bus ride home.. they asked when we were doing it again. YES! 

Good look (Agent Washington x Blue!Reader)

Prompt #40 Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?

When Washington became the leader of the Blue Team, he was that kind of strict guy, who would order everyone to run laps, clean the base, that kind of stuff, team stuff. This guy didn’t even sleep, he didn’t smile, sometimes he wouldn’t eat. It was scary somehow.

That day, Wash had ordered you and Tucker to run laps around the base. When you were done, you stopped to breth, and you felt two hands coming behind you to grab you. Both hands held you tightly aganist the body.

“Hey, sweetcheeks.” You heard the grin in Tucker’s voice as he pressed his body aganist you, still panting from running around the base.

“Let go, Tucker.” You growled, rolling your eyes.

“You look amazing covered in sweat.”

To that point, turning around freeing yourself from your teammate’s grip and punched him as hard as you could. 

That was when you heard a muffled laugh, when you stared up, you discovered it came from the new leader,you even smiled as you heard him fighting to keep the laugh inside.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?” You asked with a grin, staring briefly at Tucker lying on the ground with both hands covering his face.

Wash couldn’t help but smile as he cleared his throat. 

“You can have a break, Private (Last Name)”

“Hey,Washington. You should smile more often, it’s a good look on you.” You left with a shrug grabbing your bottle of water, trying to not think of how he blushed when you said that.

‘Timeless’ EPs preview Flynn and Lucy’s season finale showdown

Time is running out for the TimeTeam to tie up loose ends on Timeless. In Monday’s season finale, “The Red Scare,” will Lucy (Abigail Spencer) finally save her sister? Will Flynn (Goran Visnjic) ever save his family? Will the conspiratorial Rittenhouse fall once and for all? Will Wyatt (Matt Lanter) find redemption after having skipped out on the team? Will Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) survive?

EPs Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke can at least answer that last burning question. “We’ll address pretty quickly what his fate is,” Ryan says. “The injury will be much more of an obstacle in the finale. It’s about the consequences of that shooting and how the team addresses it from there.”

Instead of dwelling on Rufus’ survival, the finale will be about turning points for the characters as they realize they’ve been in this cat-and-mouse chase for too long. Flynn will want to take out Rittenhouse by crashing their summit in D.C. in 1954 — he learned the location during his last trip, to Chicago in 1931 — and blowing the entire party up in flames, but he’s also torn on how much this will accomplish. After all, he’s tried to take out Rittenhouse with bold plans before (remember the midseason finale?) and it’s only led to more death.

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“Flynn is in an interesting, conflicted position,” Kripke says. “He’s both incredibly driven, and he sees this potential solution to his problems right in front of him, but by the same respect, he’s having very reasonable doubts. Nothing he’s done so far seems to work. People just seem to keep getting hurt.”

And just like Flynn, Lucy’s feeling on the fence about her mission. She may not be driven by obsession and bloodlust, but she’s also lost family and her pain will inform her actions in the finale — including the way she acts toward Flynn in their final confrontation. “Lucy is having those same doubts because they’ve been going through these adventures throughout the season but no matter what they do, things don’t seem to change,” Kripke explains. “They seem to be going through the same cycle of violence, and Lucy, to her credit as the brilliant teacher she is, she’s really searching for a new solution.”

So what exactly will that solution be? Clues lie in Lucy’s familial history with Rittenhouse — as well as with Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph). Yes, the tech titan who turned his back on the team may also be key to a way out of the never-ending chase. “It certainly appears that Connor Mason is getting fully on board with Rittenhouse,” Ryan teases. “The noose is tightening around our heroes in that regard, but in the finale, Connor Mason wonders why that is.” Sounds like everyone’s on the verge of changing their minds…

Timeless airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

if they’re going to keep the whole sibling thing going throughout the whole season I am going to need Clary to do something that really stresses Jace out and Jace to turn to Alec at some point and go “if i ever said anything that made it sound like I thought being the oldest sibling wasn’t that hard, I take it back.”

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12 and 21 for Angelica!

12. grudges and vendettas

angelica hates alexander after the affair. strangely, she doesn’t hate maria. family gatherings are awkward, especially since eliza is adamant on staying at alexander’s side. she still gives him a cold glare every time she sees him. it’s a quiet reminder that even though eliza forgave him, she hasn’t. 

21. turning points in their life

angelica had to do a project for school. she was to choose a historical figure that she admired. she had no idea who to pick, wasn’t even sure how she was going to do the project, but her thoughts went onto susan b. anthony. it could have been because peggy was babbling nonstop about the woman on the coin that her dad gave her, but the more and more she read about this woman and all she did for women, the more angelica found herself wanting to fight for women’s rights too. 

Why do I always have the OTP that needs to be defended? And I’m not even talking about toxic ships that hit 100% on the “50 Shades of Grey”-scale?

Nope, just two five-feet “tall” cutie pies with a tendency to daydream about romance, and their handsome boyfriends who fall in love with their selflessness and courage and who are totally in awe of everything their girlfriends do? I wouldn’t have thought that, on tumblr, that this is the kind of ship I need to defend at every point and turn.

Also, I have a type.

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hi i just watched your jan2017 pms and have thoughts to share. 1 - love the new short format (if it will stay that way) i enjoyed the long format but you're so quick witted and get your point across so well in a short space of time that i don't think you ever needed that long. 2 - i turned 20 last year and shit myself that while I'm at uni having a blast, I'm not all together either and it was nice someone else said it and feels the same, 20 was a turning point i wasn't ready for! thank you x

1 - Thank you very much! My plan this year is to approach each month differently rather than sticking to a format. Make the scrapbook a bit more scrappy. Have some fun with it. I hope people will enjoy what I come up with! Also, I’d like to let the footage dictate what I do with the edit, which leads me to…

2 - I don’t think we’re ever ‘ready’ to be a certain age, until we reach a point in our life where wisdom takes over and we’re able to look back and think “I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time assigning importance to achieving stuff by a particular deadline.” The point of January was to show that I’d spent a long time freaking out about where I WASN’T in life that I was completely ignoring where I was. I watched that first New Year’s Eve clip, and everyone’s smiling and laughing and it’s a good 5 minutes of people just hugging and kissing and celebrating and smiling and I just had this overwhelming gratitude for the wonderful people i have around me, and I’m resolving to enjoy that more!

Good luck with 20 - I had a great time with that year! x

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I was reading one of the asks revolving around Shadow's amnesia. I think the amnesia triggers whenever Shadow exceeds his limit to the point of absolute exhaust where just his body turns off and enters in a state of stasis for recovery. Clearly we can see that in some aspects with SA2, Heroes and ShTh linked together , even episode 38 and 60 from Sonic X (sub) Perhaps the inhibitor rings have another purpose rather than just being batteries or energy limiters.

:o Interesting. Do you think they also keep him stabilized during these recovery periods?


End of turn 4 from a game last night. 750 points Imperial Fists(in camo) vs Emperor’s Children vs Space Wolves(me). It was a fun game but I felt like I was doomed from the start. Deployment put me WAY too far from the table objectives, and without camo I couldn’t effectively scout over to one. The worst part of it all was that my friend ended up starting the game with T5, 3+ FNP Noise Marines camping an objective all game. I wiped the icon bearer with a single demolisher shot, but I couldn’t keep everyone off that one point. Despite that I think I was responsible for the most casualties, popping a helbrute turn 1 and wiping marines off the board later with my vindi. Sadly even with the model count advantage my scouts were wiped and my hunters were scared off of an assault. Surprisingly the IF team won by a hair’s length (those jump units camped in ruins all game and the Noise Marines were shoved just far enough to no longer be in control of the objective).

I guess that’s the challenge of triple threat games: you can’t always properly split focus.

im so tired of the ‘we can’t fight hate with hate!!’ when it comes to neo-na/zis

we didn’t fight hate with hate when hitler invaded poland and guess what. indifference cost the lives of 6 million jews. sure don’t fight hate with hate when someone takes your sandwich at school, theyre an asshole, sandwiches are replaceable. this is different. 

brushing off antisemetic jokes or using them to prove any point is just as dangerous as the world turning a blind eye 80 years ago. bad things don’t happen all of a sudden, it progresses and regresses over time. this is only the beginning and it’s easier to stop it now. punch your local nazi today

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??? Where are u at in the show with Carl??? I've been waiting for the point where u turn on him but it hasn't happened yet

He’s selling guns and trying to get with that one black girl. It’s never gonna happen I’ll never turn my back on Carl