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I’ve been asked a couple times, so here we are. Everything on here will be updated weekly, and this includes all of my stories on this blog. From one shots to multi-chapters, here’s all my work.

Multiple Chapters

Glass Heart (M)*
Initials (K)*
Lost in Time (M)*
Phases of the Moon (T)*
Springtime of Life (T)*
Uproot (T)


After Hours (M)
Anniversary (K)
A Beautiful Reunion (K)
Bundling Up (K)
Care to Explain? (T)
Cats and Boys (K)
Caught in a Thunderstorm (T)
Cherry Tomato (K)
Christmas Shopping (K)
Climax (M)
Colorless (K)
Conflicting Holiday Spirits (T)
Confrontations (K)
Congratulations (T)
Cooking Together (K)
Dancing (K)
Date (T)
Decorating the Tree (K)
Destined (T)
Don’t Be Stupid (K)
Drunk on You (T)
Family Reunion (K)
Fibber (K)
Fireworks (M)
First Snow (K)
First Time (K)
Future Medic (K)

Give Up (K)
Grief (T)
Gullible (K)
Hair (K)
Happy to Help (T)
Her Hero (T)
Holding Hands (K)
Hot Chocolate (K)
Ink Flowers (T)
I’ll See You Again (K)
Indra (K) - indrasasusaku
Insecure (K)
Internet Relationship (T)
Interrupted (T)
Jealousy (K)
Kakashi-Sensei (K)
Kitten (K)
Lazy (T)
Leaving (T)
Love at First Sight (K)
Love Sucks (K)
Meeting the Parents (K)
Mistletoe Kisses (K)
Movie Night (M)
Naruto’s Words (K) - light ss
Parting Ways (T)
Party/Celebration (T)
Released (K)
Papasuke & Uncle Naruto (T)
Pizza (T)
Pregnant (K)
Prom (T)
Sakura-Sensei (K)
Sarada’s Dream (K)
Sasuke’s Feelings (K)
Say It (K)
Shower (M)
Sibling Rivalry (K)
Snowball Fight (K)
Spooning (K)
Storms (K)
Sugar Baby Sakura (M)
Sugar Baby Sakura pt. ii (M)
Sugar Baby Sakura pt. iii (M)
Surprise (K)
Thank You (K)
Too Beautiful for Earth (T)
True Feelings (M)
Twins (K)
Ugly Sweaters (K)
Uneven Edges (T)
Welcome Home (M)
While You Were Gone (K)
Wrapping Presents (K)
You’re a Baby (M)

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OK KO! Episodes 6-10

I’ve wanted to keep writing about each episode, but they have been coming out so fast! Here is some background on 6-10. 

You’re Level 100
This one comes from a Dave Tennant pitch, suggesting we spend some time on showing how Pow Cards work in this world. As I’ve said, we internally consider episodes 1-6 as a mini-arc about KO’s first week. Knowing that You’re Level 100 would end of this arc, we tried to treat it as a culmination of everything so far. We didn’t know how many episodes we’d get to do at this point, so we wanted to make sure that these six would be satisfying on their own, and You’re Level 100 is their pseudo-finale. This is most clear in the third act, where we see all the characters we’ve met so far forming into a giant fist to help KO feel like a true hero for a moment. The image is a humorously direct metaphor for some important underlying themes of the show as a whole. Stevie and Danny did an amazing job, keeping things hilarious as KO’s ego takes over and incredibly warm and fun throughout. Also we meet DYNAMITE WATKINS!

Sibling Rivalry
The relationship between Darrell and Shannon is something the original mobile game established really well, and we decided that the first episode to air after our initial “mini-arc” should focus on them. Ian had the great idea of introducing the sporty/romantic Raymond (also first shown in the game) as a shared enemy for all the characters.

This episode has some of the funniest sequences yet, in my opinion. I love the way Haewon depicts the familial relationship between Boxman and the bots, something she did previously in a 2 minute short that will hopefully release someday soon. Dave’s ending scene with the zen faces is already immortal. We obsessed over it at every stage, milking its unexplainable hilarity for all it was worth. An early favorite of mine for its wall-to-wall insane comedy.

I Am Dendy
We faced a big challenge in I Am Dendy, giving a whole episode to a character who was completely new to us at the time. We spent a crazy amount of hours discussing her character and how she could fit into the show’s existing dynamics, going through three completely different story premises before finally landing on this one. As you can see, it started to work when we decided to make it as simple as possible. 

When we saw the first pitch from Geneva & Mira, we knew we had something very unique. After the high-octane first set of episodes, we get a surprisingly down to earth story about two kids spending time together. Geneva & Mira did a great job crystalizing Dendy’s personality. In a lot of ways, Dendy and KO could not be more different. KO follows a strict heroic moral code, and Dendy does not. Their fascination and understanding of their differences brings them together for a friendship we will see much more throughout the series.

Special regards to Jake and Mint Potion for the jaw-dropping music in this episode! Dendy’s theme is probably in my top 3 songs so far.

Do You Have Any More in the Back?
The title of Do You Have Any More in the Back? actually derives from an ancient (2013?) premise that Ian wrote in his original bible for the pilot-era version of the show. The two stories have nothing in common, but it is a fun detail. This new one came from right when full time development started in 2015, which was basically a summer of me and Ian hanging out on an empty office floor and deciding what the show was going to be. A couple times a week Dave Tennant would come by to break stories with us, and I think this and an early, scrapped version of “We’ve Got Pests” were the first. The network liked the story, but asked us to sit on it for a bit because it’s a somewhat deeper, more deconstructive look at Rad’s character.

In my opinion, this is a very successful early episode that provides a pretty complete package of action, comedy, adventure, and emotion. Ryann and Parker stuffed it with countless cute, funny and exciting moments that ended up setting some important character details (and running jokes) for the future. I was extremely impressed by how they handled the emotional subtlety of the ending, which is my favorite thing about the episode.

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad is another episode that has roots in Ian’s original Lakewood bible, but unlike DYHAMITB?, this one is almost entirely intact from what was originally written. This is a fairly straightforward Carol/KO story that gives us a great opportunity for extended badass action sequences! Much like with Sibling Rivalry, Dave and Haewon took something simple and infused it with tons of personality. The first time we saw both versions of Chameleon Sr, the room lost it. The action scenes (with plenty of extra love from Jeremy, Max and Anna) are some of our most ambitious so far. The final scenes are sweet, heartfelt and weird in ways I absolutely love.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep up with these, but luckily the board artists are writing some of their own great thoughts on the other episodes! 

Geneva on I am Dendy
Geneva on You Get Me
Parker shares his demo animatic from You Are Rad
Danny on the ending of We’ve Got Pests
Ryann on We’re Captured


@askpiratedash Man, Pirate Dash was old when Motherly was new, a true grand-father of Tumblrpon blogs. That, and I don’t think the eternal rivalry of Pirate and Motherly will ever actually fade, so long as Pirate Dash is a dirty TwiDash shipper *shakes hoof*. But nah, I’ve met TJ in person a couple times now and he’s a great guy. His blog was always fun when it updated, and I’d be remiss if I went tributing blogs I liked and missed out on this one.

@askmeaniebelle A blog I’ve always had fun with, and another one of the old tumblrpon siblings. Though Meanie and I never had any kind of direct interaction outside of both interacting with Aero, I always enjoyed their antics and cute art style. I’ll also give a shout-out to one of Pem’s other blogs I was a fan of @letsaskinkblot

@askcloudsdalefillies and @questionmaudpie Two blogs by my good friend @lilboulder. I probably wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for them, to say the least! I always loved their blogs, and they still make awesome pony art over at @boulders-stable, even if these blogs don’t update much anymore. Still, I’d be remiss in doing tributes if I didn’t shout out one of my good friends!

@ask-friendlyshy Just one of the all-time cutest blogs I ever had the delight of interacting with. They were a fan of Blitzy, I was a fan of them, so it only made sense to have the two interact and have Shy be Lightning’s first crush! They’ve been overwhelmed with school and life which I wish them well in, but I do miss this blog! It was definitely one of my favorites!

imagine bts as dads | ☁

request: Hi I’m wondering if you can plz do a bts as a dad au - @kookietrash101

a/n: OMG I’m so sorry for not finishing this earlier 😅 I’ve been so busy and such. Again my apologies, I hope you enjoyed!


• he’d be the most loving dad

• showering kisses 24/7

• he’s the type to tear up and take loads of pictures when his kids go to school for the first time

• b r a g g I n g  r I g h t s

• “look at this. my child won first place”

• teaches his kids how to make delicious deserts

• he can never bring himself to punish his kids

• if he does, the worst he can do is a time-out

• will buy anything the kid wants

• “honey, as long as he/she is happy, I’m happy.

• has a ritual of saying I love you every 5 seconds

• “have I ever told you that I’ll love you forever?”


• the intelligent but goofy dad

• looks like a hipster professor

• wants to impress his kid and kid’s friends

• but ends up looking like a dork

• “hey, wanna see a magic trick?” accidentally drops cards

• but other than that

• he’s a genius

• the kid always comes home with an A or A+ from a project

• all with genius namjoon’s help

• wants his kid to be successful

• always supportive

• “dad, I’ve been meaning to tell you this…”

• “I know, and it doesn’t make a difference”


• the laid back dad

• is always appeared to be calm and collected

• even if he’s dying on the inside

• though he’s a busy man

• he never leaves his child out of reach

• does his best to raise his child

• will teach his child piano as soon as they can talk

• reminiscing and telling stories about when he was a famous rapper

• “back in my day, way before you were born, I was so famous my fans sued me because I was talented and good looking”

• since his own dad was strict and tough

• he wants to be close to his child and form fond memories

• will slap some sense into anyone if they dared to comment negatively about his child

• “oh, you think my son/daughter isn’t talented enough? at least they’re smart enough to know they can do better than talk bad about someone”


• the hyper dad

• is the type to cheer out loud at his kid’s soccer game


• others pointing out how much his child and him look alike

• same eye smiles

• straight nose

• flashing smile

• and dimples

• he’s very active with his kids

• the kids won’t be the only hyperactive one in the house 


• for some reason I imagine him being really casual?

• his kids would be such angels

• he’d quickly break up any sibling rivalries 

• no child shall go hungry under his watchful eye

• “eat, it’ll help you grow taller”

• loves his kids to death

• such a soft dad

• would honestly cry seeing his little girl/boy being independent

• doesn’t know how to punish very well


• the type of dad that would do everything with his child

• a true goofball 

• to make his kid stop crying, he’d legit pull his face into the funniest expressions

• would sing his kid to sleep

• “hush little baby don’t say a word~” 

the most extra dad out of all 

• I have a feeling he’d get his kid a bowlcut hairstyle

• would try not to wear his signature white shirts when around his kid


• let’s be real here

• he’d be that really comedic dad

• but at the same time he’d be that one artistic dad 

• would take a million pictures of his child(ren)

• has mini photoshoots in public 

• affectionate af 

• “you see these moles on my arms? if you pinch the middle part, you’d see an elephant. cool huh?”

burns the pancakes when being in charge of breakfast

• his kids would take after his good looks I swear- 

• that one dad that every mom swoons over at soccer matches 

masterlist | ask

Shipping goggles aside, I believe Petyr’s look when he’s seeing Sansa after being choked by Jon, is him wondering how strong of a bond/loyalty do they have for each other. He seems to only see them fight in the throne room so he believes that they are distant, have differences and cannot compromise. However after the crypt scene, he’s confused in whether Sansa is truly on his side or if he’s going to be able to pin them against each other therefore plotting another sibling rivalry which could potentially be Sansa and Arya.

Yukio’s Desire For Power

Chapter 96 definitely made one thing clear, Yukio wants to be stronger, but has anyone asked why? I don’t know, but I have a theory. I think Yukio’s desire for power stems from three things…

Sibling Rivalry



With everything that’s just happened I think Yukio has the best intentions under it all. It may seem like he’s going down a darker path, but I think it’s all a trick. He is the smarter of the Okumura’s after all.

(Spoilers Under The Cut And Also Very Long)

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Dear Parents

Hi. How ya doing? Being a parent is weird and hard and rewarding, right? That’s been my experience anyhow. Most of us are trying to do the best we can. There’s a lot expected of us. There’s a lot of pressure in raising a tiny human without fucking up. And I hate to add to your growing list of duties and concerns and necessary steps in raising a happy, healthy person but there’s something really important you need to do.

Teach your children what abuse looks like.

Now, the hardest part about doing that is actually going to be learning yourself what abuse looks like.

“I know what abuse is!” you say.

Sorry. You probably don’t. Statistically speaking, I’m more likely addressing somebody on the other side of the screen that hasn’t been properly educated on the realities of abuse. We’re fed a lot of myths about abuse. You don’t have to be ashamed because society failed to teach you right. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to correct that error now.

I would suggest you sit down with a copy of Why Does He Do That? (my favorite book so far on the topic written by one of the world’s foremost experts). I know, I know. You’re busy. You’re stretched thin. You probably already lack time to read for pleasure as much as you did before you have kids and now some rando on the internet is assigning you fucking homework? But trust me, it’s worth it.

After that, teach your kids. Teach them what abuse looks like. Teach your sons especially what constitutes abuse and that there is no excuse to justify it and that they alone are responsible for their actions.


There’s lots of ways (and a lot depends on their age). But here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Don’t ever force your children to hug or kiss someone if they don’t want to, not even Grandma, not even YOU. This teaches them bodily autonomy and that not even loved ones are entitled to violate their boundaries.
  • Make comments or ask questions about media you consume together to get them to think critically about the ideas presented to them. This might mean saying “hmmm, I wonder why there are so few girls in this movie.” or asking “How do you think [character a] felt when [character b] wouldn’t take no for an answer?” This can be a hard step because you’ll need to train yourself to spot problematic content in the first place. And I’m not saying you can’t watch anything problematic (you might as well give up TV altogether). Just challenge your kids to think about what they see. i.e. If you’re watching Batman the Animated Series you could say “I really don’t like the way Joker treats Harley Quinn. Do you think she deserves that?”
  • Acquire (whether by purchasing or borrowing from a library) positive representation of women and relationships for your children including (and perhaps especially) your sons. The publishing and media industries only market girl-centric stories to female audiences which contributes to boys growing up learning that stories and the world revolve around them. They also tend to only push media that deals with interpersonal relations and emotions on girls, leaving boys with action and violence heavy stories. This can send the message that empathy and emotional labor is for girls.
  • Talk to them, especially older kids and teenagers, particularly when they reach dating age. Invite them to ask questions and talk about their opinions about abuse to get them engaged in the conversation rather than simply lecturing. Take advantage of a captive audience (riding in the car for example) and teach them little bits here and there on a regular basis.
  • Respect your children and allow them reasonable control over their own lives. I’m not saying you should let your kid decide, “nah, I hate shots. I’m skipping my vaccinations.” But you should definitely give them the power of choice as often as you can. Maybe that means letting them dropping soccer for theatre or picking between two options for dinner’s side veggie. The important thing is they are raised in an environment that doesn’t predispose them to accepting total control from someone else.
  • Model healthy relationship dynamics in your own romantic relationship if you have one. This is especially important for dads. Even if you’re not abusive, you may engage in behavior that is based on the same underlying attitudes and entitlement that fuels abuse because society has taught you that it’s all right. It’s on YOU and you alone to recognize and fix that. 
  • Set hard and fast rules in your home regarding respect of women. Don’t allow your kids, especially your sons, to use misogynist language (shut down anything that labels women as inherently crazy or inferior, don’t condone the use of words like bitch or cunt, etc.). And no matter how awkward you feel, make sure you talk to them about the unrealistic and misogynist aspects of most pornography (when age appropriate).
  • Learn and utilize appropriate parenting tools especially regarding punishment vs. consequence, assertive vs. authoritarian parenting, and similar issues to avoid falling into abusive parenting patterns. How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, Unconditional Parenting, and many other wonderful books will help you raise emotionally healthy kids with strong self esteem. Remember, there is no shame in seeking education to learn to how parent. It’s a skill like any other and nobody is born knowing how to do it right. But the old joke about wishing there was a parenting manual handed out when you have a baby? It’s only half true. There’s plenty of quality manuals (and unfortunately some shit ones too, so watch out). But you have to go get them yourself.
  • Insist the men and boys in your household participate equally in housework. To do otherwise reinforces the idea that men are entitled to have women take care of even their most basics needs (like a clean home or clean laundry or food to eat). Teaching your daughters to do an oil change and use a power drill is wonderful and great and you should do that too. But it’s arguably even more important to make sure you teach your sons not only how to clean, cook, manage a budget, do the grocery shopping, care for babies, etc. but that is expected of them just as much as it is of any woman.
  • Insist upon comprehensive sex ed programs that cover topics of consent, bodily autonomy, respect, and partner abuse. If your local schools don’t provide them, check for community offerings (the O.W.L. program offered at many Unitarian Churches is one such program and don’t worry, it’s secular). If there’s nothing available, take it into your own hands. Talk to your kids about this stuff and provide them appropriate books and resources on the topic.

Do your best. You won’t be perfect. No parent ever is. But if you try and if you never give up, you’ll more than likely succeed in raising kids that not only aren’t abusive, but that will not be drawn into an abusive relationship.

That said…

If you have teen or adult children you may very well face a situation in which they have either been abused, or accused of abusing someone else. What do you do then? Well, that first book I mentioned (Why Does He Do That?) lays out in detail exactly what family members should and shouldn’t do in these situations. But I’ll give you a quick and dirty summary:

If your child is facing abuse:

  • Believe them. And don’t blame them.
  • Don’t pressure them. Don’t pressure them to give their abuser another chance NOR should you pressure them to leave their abuser.
  • Listen to their needs and offer your support.
  • Give them the respect that their abuser won’t.
  • Get yourself support so that you can vent your sorrows and concerns to somebody else instead of burdening the abuse victim with comforting you.
  • When possible, and only if the victim agrees, offer practical support (such as paying for her to go to therapy, driving her to appointments, etc.).

If you child has been accused of abuse:

  • Believe the victim. Chances are they are telling the truth. When your child makes excuses for their behavior or tries to downplay it, press them on it for details and to describe what they think is their partner’s point of view on the matter. This will often reveal that they are exaggerating and/or lying and that they have not been honestly listening to or empathizing with their partner. Then make sure to talk to the victim and get her side of the story.
  • Do not make excuses for your child. Do not ask the victim to forgive them or give them another chance. Make it clear to your child that you will not participate in talk in which their victim is blamed or dehumanized or otherwise insulted.
  • Make it clear that you expect your child to get into a reputable abuser program (Lundy Bancroft describes what to look for to make sure it’s a good program in his book). Do not tell them to go to therapy or couple’s therapy. Only a program designed to address abuse will do any good and even then, only if the abuser chooses to do the long, hard work of changing. Conventional therapy can often make the situation even worse.

And in either case, avoid provoking the abuser. Chances are the abuser will take it out on their victim in private rather than risk damage to their reputation with you by lashing out at you.

toast-the-unknowing  asked:

Excited you're doing this again! I'd like to request Monty/Miller, board game night was supposed to be fun how did it end up like this

Raven is the first one to notice the problem with game night, but it really should have been Monty, because as soon as she lays it out, it’s both obvious and terrifying.

“Sure, you’re chill,” is how she explains it, “but one chill person can’t actually turn the entire tide of an evening.”

“I’m not the only chill person. We don’t have to calm everyone down, just–Clarke,” he says.

Raven snorts. “You wish it was just Clarke. But you’ve got Clarke and Bellamy, so, like, no matter how cool anyone else is, they’re going to fight to the death because they don’t know how to just make out.”

There is no counterargument to this; it is undeniable. “Yeah, so they can just play their own game.”

“You’ve also got Octavia, she’s competitive. And me.”


“Sorry, I’m definitely competitive. I want to kick everyone’s ass. Jasper’s a bad loser, Miller’s a wild card, so that just leaves you and Lincoln to be normal humans who aren’t assholes. And that’s not enough to tip the scales.”

“Okay, but this isn’t my first rodeo,” says Monty. “I know how this works.”

“Uh huh.”

“Co-op games,” he says. “Collaboration. Stuff where we’re working together. Which is–”

“So naive,” says Raven. “So optimistic. You think we can’t fight over a cooperative game? We still have to agree on things. We can barely decide on where to order takeout. Cooperative games might be worse than competitive ones.”

It’s a valid point that Monty would prefer not to think about, but game night is in three hours and he needs a plan. “Fuck.”

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lastofherkind00  asked:

Can you do a one-shot in which Michael finds out his s/o has been doing research about the eventuall illness Michael's suffering from? ( *fingerguns* because I saw you're also not really digginh that 'pure evil' shit! )

*falls off of chair because senpai noticed me* O-of course! *tries to play it cool but failing miserably* (Eventual?? Not sure what you mean exactly…)

He was looking at the scenery of the autumn leaves falling from one of the many dusty and cracked windows of his domain. He likes looking out from the window. It allows him to feel a sort of comfort to look out and see life play out before him, but most importantly to think. When he was first admitted to Smith’s Grove, his six-year old self passed the hours in front of the clean and crisp window of his room consumed in thought about everything. His parents, Judith, his baby sister, and memories of his brief life beyond the white prison cell. By the time he was ten, he remembered nothing of the life he once had. All he knew was emptiness. White. The doctors, the nurses, the lies they fed him, and the room. Still, he continued to look out from that window and think. Planning. Until one day, Loomis came in and told him that he’s going to be moved into a different room. A better room he said. Michael noticed the lack of a window in this “better” room.

There he stayed until the day he broke out.

The staff at Smith’s Grove had long given up on Michael. Loomis took the longest for the fire within him to die, but like a candle it did. Eight years of trying to reach Michael had lost its purpose. When Loomis first received Michael as his patient, he was beyond astonished that such a young child would commit a heinous crime like murder. Nonetheless, Loomis was hopeful that he would be able to understand and help this young boy. Weeks turned into months and Loomis had made no progress. Michael was unresponsive, barely moved or even blinked no matter what Loomis said, did, or show. Still, Loomis did not back down. Soon those months became years. In those years, Loomis’ motivation had began to slowly weaken, but one thing had kept him going.

The realization that Michael is simply evil.

From the countless hours spent with him, it was the only reason Loomis found that answered the question of why a six-year old boy would kill his older sister for no explanation.

He had spoken to Michael’s parents a few times before their deaths to gain insight on Michael’s home life. Any sort of clue that can help him understand the enigma that was Michael Audrey Myers. From what the parents told him, Michael didn’t have any problems at home beyond the typical sibling-rivalry between him and his older sister, Judith. They even went to say that he was a cheerful, normal boy at home. Instead of getting answers, this just made more questions. How would a normal, happy child suddenly have the urge to commit murder? Was Michael playing a façade in front of his family to hide his true urges? Did something cause a trigger within Michael for him to kill? Endless streams of questions that will never have a definitive answer.

It was when he gotten a good look into those eyes did he realize that there was nothing inside, but evil. He tried to tell the other doctors to the court that there is something more within Michael, but they completely disregarded him. Saying that Michael was a catatonic.

Loomis knew better.

He knew Michael was playing an act to let everyone keep their guards down before it’s too late. Loomis let this idea of evil taking on a human form convince him that it’s the only answer. From that moment onwards, Loomis began to refer to Michael as an ‘It’, had the guards strap him down to his bed, and had the Thorazine provided daily in larger doses. He wanted to make sure that nothing will ever happen. For a while, everything seemed fine. Until that one day. The day that changed everything.

He remembers how exhilarating it was when he got up to his feet and moved around. His muscles stiff and sore from years of barely moving an inch. The rage that has burned for years consumed him like a hellish pit. He took his anger out on the room.

The so called better room.

The bed was flung across the room, the blankets and pillows scattered and torn apart, the wall bared a deep gash, and the dresser that was once next to his bed was now mere chunks of wood on the floor. He took a chunk of wood and carved upon his door. ‘Sister’ was written crudely upon it, like a child’s. He broke the doorknob and walked calmly down the hall, releasing the other patients as means of distraction and to waste time for the staff. That was the day. The day he planned for years. The day he goes home. But most importantly, the day to relive that night from years ago.

Michael turned his attention away from the window and onto the mostly empty living room. Most of the furniture in the house has either been stolen or aged poorly. All that remained of the living room were some old paintings upon the walls, a worn out lamp, the fireplace, and a wooden rocking chair in the corner. Michael made his way towards the stairs, each step letting out a small scream under his weight. He continued through the claustrophobic hallway until he reached the door to where you dwelled. With absolute silence, he opened the door to find you seated at your desk with eyes buried onto the pages of a book in your grasp. He saw more books piled onto the desk and papers scattered on top of them. Like a shadow, he drifted behind you and watched with intrigue.

Your eyes were starting to get heavy from the lack of blinking. You didn’t notice the looming shape behind you as you turned the page of the book in your hand. You’ve been with Michael for a couple of months now with just the two of you in his old childhood home. At first, you were simply just another body to him and you wouldn’t lie if you said that you were absolutely terrified of him at that moment. Somehow, you managed to talk your way out of getting a knife to any part of your body and for whatever reason he just left you.

That didn’t mean you’ve seen the last of him.

After that, you noticed him from the corner of your eyes or even in full front view from you walking from the store to your own house. One day you came home to find him there, seemingly waiting for you. He wasted no time to grab you and put his knife against your throat. You tried to speak to him once more. Your voice gentle and calm as it can be with a knife about to slit your throat. You didn’t know exactly what made him pull the knife away. Your voice? The words you said? Speaking to him like a person? Whatever it was you were eternally grateful.

Ever since then, there’s not a single moment without him in your view. Slowly you built an attraction to him and he seemed to as well with you. That’s not to say that it wasn’t awkward or confusing. Michael’s lack of social skills or understanding certainly made things more complicated than it already was. Eventually, it seemed that Michael wanted it to be more convenient and less risk of him getting caught by the both of you by moving in to his old home. Naturally, you weren’t so keen about living in a decrepit house with the possibility of roaches and rats everywhere, but you didn’t have much of a choice. Though as time went on you’ve gotten pretty used to the house, including the occasional rat or roach.

You felt a hand rest upon shoulder and knew exactly who it was. You turn around to meet his gaze “Oh hello Michael.” you gave a warm smile to him as you wait for a response. He looked at the book in your hand then to the mess on the desk and tilted his head in questioning. “Oh all this? I’m just…doing some research…” You didn’t know how to tell Michael that your doing research on mental illnesses. Specifically, to better understand him and to possibly find out what he is suffering from.

A couple of days ago, You went out and bought plenty of books about Psychology and mental illnesses since there’s no computer or Internet at the house. You didn’t like Samuel Loomis. You wouldn’t dare call him a doctor for what he had done to Michael. Instead of actually helping him, he just let him rot away for fithteen years and treated him like he was some demon, all the while claiming that Michael was “pure evil”. So, your taking it upon yourself to try to give Michael the help that he needs.

He didn’t seem to be satisfied with the answer and kept his focus on the books and papers, wanting more information. You sighed as you gave in. “Ok I’m doing some research on mental illnesses…so that I can understand you and give you the help you need.” A small bit of anger grew within you at the mere thought of Loomis. “Loomis certainly didn’t give you that help did he?” You look to him for his response on this whole thing. You aren’t sure what to expect. Nothing? Anger? Confusion?

You truly don’t know with Michael Myers.

He just stood there, but you noticed his fist clenching tightly. Was he thinking about Loomis? His time at the Sanitarium? Honestly, you wish that he could speak so much so that you didn’t have to make crude guesses on what his thoughts consisted of. You were about to explain and show him your papers when he pulled you up from your seat to his tall frame and tilted your head to meet his gaze. Most of the time you can barely see his eyes from the mask, but now you have a good view of them. A dark deep brown, almost black they were. You saw something within his eyes, something you’ve never seen before.


He placed his calloused hand upon your cheek and continued to stare into your soul. You didn’t know how you feel. A strange combination of happiness and shock. You touched the hand on your cheek like a feather and then brought yourself closer to his body with a hug. “Your welcome Michael…” You said though a bit muffled from your face buried into his chest. You felt his arms wrap around you and pulled you even closer.

It was just the two of you alone in your own world.

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What other things do you like about the Danvers sisters? I always like hearing more about them because their relationship is my favorite. :D

OH MAN. It’s just kind of adorable how much they genuinely enjoy each other’s company? Even more because we know that wasn’t always 100% true. But they’re a pair of dorks and they like being dorks together and it’s pretty great to watch. Plus, I love seeing how they look out for each other – whether it’s little stuff like Alex resigning herself to ice cream with all the cookie bits picked out or Kara flying halfway across the country to grab special comfort food, or big stuff like dead parents and dead planets.

Beyond that I just enjoy that they bicker and fight like normal siblings, without it descending into stereotypical cattiness or rivalry. That’s still relatively rare to see, especially with adult siblings, so it’s a treat.


they didnt know how to treat you. you had been Kol’s one true love, the only thing that grounded him. but he hadent sired you, Klaus had. it was a sibling rivalry thing.

so when Kol had died, you survived. 

Freya could see how much you meant to her siblings and she could tell from the way they treated you that you and Kol had been soul mates. so she came up with a solution.

she could access the other side and Kol would be able to see you again.

OUAB99 (pt.2)

I got hit with another one. This one is a redo of the 

Halloween Heist pt.3.

You can find the first OUAB99 HERE. It’s the Rosa/Adrian office UST.

I hope you like it!

“Swan, might I have a word?” he asked, pulling her from her desk.

“Sure, what’s up?”

There were a lot of things up with Killian, the main one being that his girlfriend and brother had both decided to turn their backs on him for this ridiculous heist.

He’d watched eagerly as both Liam and emma began to pick their teams for the third halloween heist; their somewhat sibling-esque rivalry only growing more and more competitive over the years. But Killian didn’t mind. Whichever team he ended up on he was sure to be a winner. Whether is be his girlfriend (who he hoped picked him soon) or his brother (they’d been thick as thieves since childhood) he’d be loyal and true.

But as they continued to choose their preferred detectives, he felt his smile sink gradually into a frown. David, Belle, Robin, Zelena… until he was the only one left standing in the briefing room without a side.

“You get Killian.” Emma ordered.

“No no. He’s yours. You’ve bewitched him with your feminine charms, he’d sell me out in a heartbeat if it pleased you.”

“Oh come on, you’re his big brother- he practically lives for your approval. You think he wouldn’t double cross me if it meant earning a pat on the back from dear old Captain Jones?”

Killian listened, completely outraged that they thought so little of him.

“You’re right, lass. He’s a liability. Killian? You’re out.” Liam ordered, leaving the man standing in shock as the others filtered out.

“Don’t worry, we weren’t picked either.” Leroy grumbled from his left.

“Yeah, we’re starting our own heist. We’re gonna see who can get Zelena’s phone without her noticing! You in?” Smee asked from his left.

“I don’t think so.” Killian scoffed, offended that the two precinct screw ups had taken pity on him, and still butthurt that he’d been abandoned by the two people he held most dear.

“Emma, when you didn’t choose me for your team, it really hurt my feelings, love.” he confessed, a moment of genuine vulnerability seeping from him for her to see.

Emma looked sympathetic and stepped forward.

“I’m sorry, Killian.” she began. “But you’re going to have to try harder than this lame attempt, LIAM!”

She startled the detective by shouting the captain’s name into his chest area.

“What are you doing?”

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My favorite kind of otps:
  • Best friends for years/since childhood.
  • Opposites that complete each other.
  • The ‘bad’ boy/girl with the ‘good’ girl/boy.
  • Kindred spirits.
  • Slow burn.
  • The nerdy one and the popular one and etc. 
  • The one’s that fights like an old married couple.
  • Love/Hate relationship
  • The human and the ‘moster’.
  • The ones that have a rivalry between the families.
  • A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff.
  • Frenemies who fall in love.
  • Soulmate/True love etc.
  • The shy one with the confident one.
  • Adorable puppy love.
  • The ‘royal’ and the 'rebel’.
  • These ships where one claims to ‘play to nobody’s rules’ but is completely whipped and the other one practically has them wrapped around their finger.
  • The tough ‘i don’t care about anything’ tragic puppy who falls in love with the living walking sunshine that can kick some ass if needed.
  • Are best friends with the other one’s younger/older sibling. 
  • Enemies who become friends and than fall in love.
  • The kind of ships where one is very protective of the other because they are terrified of losing them, but the other one is more than capable to take care of themselves and are 100% done with their bullshit.
  • All those ships where one has a crush on the other first/for a long time and just as they start to move on or get over it them - the other one falls in love with them, hard. 
  • The ones that fall in love after their mutual loved one had passed. 
  • Badass power couples in general.
  • Just any ship that brings me loads of pain basically. Otherwise I’m not doing something right….

This is the closest these two will ever be… Because sibling rivalry. … Kinda hurts me that these will probably be the only Cthulhu mythos POPs I ever own.

I like the right of no true tangible form… But since people gave them anyways, would it kill to make Shub-Niggurath and Nyarlathotep? … 6 inch POP of Azathoth even. I want tiny horrors.

… Detail shots on Hastur because he’s a custom I made.

The Evil Princess (Part 5) - Regina Mills Imagine

A/N: For clarification, in this part of the story the “other daughter” that is mentioned in the story is The Woman’s daughter which she lost before she got you. I will go into more detail about your past in the next part. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt:  You are the daughter of Regina Mills, however, she doesn’t know you exist because of Cora’s selfish ideals and misuse of magic. You find out that every time you use your magic, your body gets weaker. Cora tells you that the only way to get through it is to keep Regina dark. So you set off on a quest to find your mom, hoping she could help you find another solution.

Disclaimer - I do not own Once Upon a Time.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Regina felt her heart fall into her stomach as she watched (Y/N) cross the town line that had all of Storybrooke trapped. Her hands went cold as her daughter continued to inch her way further, listening to the deafening sound of gravel crunching under (Y/N)’s weight.

“Why the fuck are you here?” (Y/N) finally said, her nostrils flaring and her eyes sparkling with ferocity. Her once pleasant demeanor slowly contorted into an all-consuming anger as she felt her heart beating fast, almost as though it would rip a hole in her chest.

The voice startled the woman, causing her body to tense as she turned her head in the direction from where it came. The sight of (Y/N) brought her a sense of relief. She thought about running to her and hugging her hard until she no longer had the strength to hold on, but then she remembered everything (Y/N) meant to her. She remembered the hurt and the pain that they caused each other, and as she remembered, she felt herself getting angry. “So not only are you an ungrateful orphan but it turns out you’re also a thief.” She clicked her tongue, “I know why you ran. What’d ya think would happen, your family would take you; a pathetic, broken, good-for-nothing girl in just like that? They spent twenty years without you, they don’t need you!”

(Y/N)’s face felt hot from the humiliation. Was the woman telling the truth? Regina quickly accepted her as her daughter with almost no hesitation, so maybe what the woman was saying was right and all of this was too good to be true. She wanted to run away and hide and stop existing at that very moment, but something in her clicked. The time to move on, to clean her slate, was now. With Regina she felt different, she felt at home, and she was not about to lose that.

For my mom, she thought, I’ll do this for my mom.

Answer me,” (Y/N)’s voice was gruff, almost like a growl. Her palm began to feel warm. She looked down and saw a small ball of fire beginning to form. She shook her hand, extinguishing the fire before anyone noticed. (Y/N) knew she needed to be careful since she still didn’t have full control of her powers, and mixing that with her current emotions could surely end in disaster.

“You stole my truck,” The woman spat, “plus, you disappeared without a trace. How was I not supposed to come looking for you!?” The woman spent days looking for (Y/N) since the moment she realized she disappeared, but not because she cared about her, but rather because of what she had taken with her. The truck held everything that the woman loved and cared for before (Y/N). Memories that reminded her of better days. And having it stolen from her by the one person she blamed for losing it all was her ultimate breaking point.

(Y/N) was taken aback by the caring façade the woman displayed. No one but her was here to see it, and they both knew the resentment they held for each other, so why was she putting up a front? (Y/N) felt her face flush with so much anger she was sure it would explode. “Oh, don’t act like you ever cared about what happened to me!” She scoffed. “Not when you spent my entire life hating and resenting me!”

“I never hated you! I hated what you meant, and what you did to my family!” The woman’s face was beginning to turn red as she wished for the millionth time for (Y/N) to have never existed.

“What I did?! You were the one who tore the family apart, you were the one who drove him away! And you were the one who tried to find solace at the bottom of a bottle!” (Y/N) cried through clenched teeth, pointing an angry, trembling finger at the woman who she once called her mother. The tears began rolling down (Y/N)’s face, but she was too angry to wipe them away. She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath, but her fight was not over yet. “And let’s not forget how you beat me and humiliated me and made me feel like I was worthless. You are to blame, not me.”

The woman felt her anger begin to boil and her patience wearing thin. She was blinded by rage, and not thinking her actions through cleary, she raised her hand back. With all the force she could muster, she swung her hand down, the crack of skin-slapping-skin echoing throughout the empty road. Her hand stung and was red from the contact, the same red mark on (Y/N)’s cheek.

(Y/N) heard the angry yells from behind her, surely Regina, but the only thing she could do was stare at the woman with wide eyes, holding her cheek.

“Don’t talk to me like that. You destroyed my family! If it wasn’t for you, I would still have my husband!” The woman was crying, “You are nothing compared to my real daughter! I don’t know why I ever thought you could be!”

(Y/N) brought both hands up to her hair, pulling at it with frustration. “I never asked to be! I never wanted to be her fucking replacement! You gave me that title. You and Cora knew damn well that it was too soon. You didn’t give yourself enough time to grieve, and I have nothing to do with that. So fuck you!” (Y/N) flung her hand back in order to relieve some of the anger rushing through her, but in doing so, she accidentally hurled a ball of magic toward the town line.

Regina and the others ducked, shielding themselves. A thundering sound echoed throughout the forest, startling the nearby birds. Regina looked up, watching as they flew away in fear, followed by a gut wrenching silence. No one moved and no one said a word for what felt like ages.

The woman slowly moved her hands away from her face, confused as to why there was suddenly a group of people crouched a few feet in front of her. The woman didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she knew something was definitely off. “Wha-what…” She stuttered. The woman gulped and let out a hefty breath as her hands trembled in fear.

“Oh my…” A small voice said. Mary Margaret poked Regina trying to get her attention. “Look.”

Regina looked toward where she pointed, confused as to why (Y/N)’s adoptive mother was staring right at them with an unmistakably terrified look on her face . “No that’s… that’s impossible.” Regina stood up as she watched the woman begin to step over the line. “She tore down the veil.” She spoke silently.

“What the hell…” The woman spoke, causing everyone to finally react to what had just happened. “Wha-what was that?! Who are you?”

Regina’s lip twitched in anger as she marched toward the woman. The others tried to hold her back, but to no avail. As soon as she reached her, Regina raised her hand and brought it down to the woman’s cheek, the same way as the woman did to (Y/N). “For the record, I do love my daughter,” Regina spat. “Doesn’t matter if I’ve only known her for a day.”

A few moments passed and the two women continued shooting daggers at each other with their eyes, neither of them muttering a single word.

“Regina!” Robin yelled in a frantic tone. Regina turned to see him hovering above her daughter, his hands not knowing how to aid her fragile body.

(Y/N) laid on the ground, holding her abdomen in pain. Forgetting all about the woman, Regina ran to her, as did the others. Blood ran down the sides of (Y/N)’s mouth, staining her teeth a bright red. She smiled at the sight of Regina. “T-tell me… did i-… did it look as cool as it sounded?” her voice was muddled by the blood in her throat, but everyone heard her clearly.

Regina wiped away (Y/N)’s tears, stroking her hair away from her face. She nodded, “Very…” Regina planted a soft kiss on her forehead, before looking at (Y/N) in her eyes. “Listen to me, you need to stay awake, okay? You hear me? I cannot lose you, not right now. Not like this.” (Y/N) whimpered in response. Regina looked at Mary Margaret, tears threatening to spill. “I don’t know what to do… I don’t…” Regina spoke quietly, hating herself for not knowing how to help her daughter.

Mary Margaret opened her mouth, hoping that the words Regina needed to hear would flow out on their own, but instead, she let out an empty breath.

“Mom,” Henry spoke from behind David and Robin. He pushed his way in between them and knelt next to Regina and (Y/N). “Remember what she did with Zelena, how she absorbed her magic.” He looked at his mother and flashed a quick smile, hoping she understood, then looked down (Y/N). The thought of her being his sister made him chuckle. He imagined growing up with her, the way they would’ve fought over stupid things, and how she would’ve taught him to break the rules. He wanted nothing more than to have someone’s back and for someone to have his. To have someone that he could go to for advice about being a teenager. He squeezed her hand, quietly wishing for them to be able to live the sibling rivalry he imagined.

Regina smiled at the way Henry looked at (Y/N), at the way everyone looked at her, in fact. She was overwhelmed with happiness knowing that her daughter no longer had to live in fear, that she finally had a home, her true home. She exhaled deeply before pulling (Y/N) closer to her, into a tight hug, and nodded. “Okay.”

Mary Margaret, David, Robin, and Henry stood back, watching as Regina intertwined her fingers with her daughter, ready to heal (Y/N) with her dark magic. Everyone held their breath as their hands began to glow.

“Please, please let this work,” Henry muttered, watching as his mom and his sister disappeared behind a dark purple cloud.

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What do you think of the sisters and their dynamic in King Lear?

As with pretty much everything in Shakespeare, it depends on the production. However, we have a lot more actually in the text about the Lear sisters than we get about, say, Tybalt and Juliet (got an ask about this earlier but I can’t remember if it’s posted yet). There’s clearly some resentment towards Cordelia on the part of Regan and Goneril–but, she’s also clearly the favorite. Listen to the way Lear talks about her. He calls her his ‘joy’ and says outright–in front of the other two–“I lov’d her most.” That’s kind of a shitty thing to grow up hearing if you’re Regan or Goneril. Is it any wonder, then, that they don’t take it well when Cordelia tries to tell them what to do? Personally, I don’t think so. 

This entire play is about sibling rivalry. It’s literally in the first line. Kent says, “I thought the King had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall.” Here hes’ talking about Lear’s sons-in-law, but it’s clear as day that Shakespeare is planting the seeds of discord right from the start. What happens next? Kent asks about Gloucester’s illegitimate son Edmund. And what does Gloucester say? “The whoreson must be acknowledged.” And look at Edmund’s first soliloquy: “Why bastard? wherefore base? / When my dimensions are as well compact, / My mind as generous, and my shape as true, / As honest madam’s issue?” This guy has spent literally his entire life being told he’s not as good as his half-brother because he was born out of wedlock, something he has literally no control over, and when his father dies he will inherit nothing for the same reason. Is it understandable that he’s a little bitter about it? Personally, I think so. 

This is a play where the father figures who should be the wiser ones indulge their own prejudices so openly that they sow fatal discord between their children. Look at what happens. Each of their elder children end up killing the younger ones. How fucked up is that? Lear and Gloucester have so aggressively fostered this antipathy and competition in their own families that Regan and Goneril–who are united against Cordelia and their father at the beginning–are at each other’s throats by the end. Goneril poisons her sister. But what happens then? If you ask me this is the most interesting part. Goneril poisons her sister and she’s led offstage, and soon we hear that she has–in her distress–committed suicide. But why? Her husband is still alive, her lover is still alive, their army is winning the field. Yes, she’s probably got a pretty intense falling-out with Albany to confront, but other than that, the situation’s not so dire for her. She’s still the highest-ranking person in the realm. When her husband (rightly) accuses her of treachery, she even says, “The laws are mine, not thine. / Who can arraign me for’t?” So why does she kill herself? The answer has to be Regan. The last thing Goneril does is confess to poisoning her sister. Then she kills herself. Do you think it’s possible she realizes in her last moments that she’s betrayed the only person she ever should have trusted? That she and her sister, who used to be united against the unfairness of their father and the sanctimonious naïveté of their younger sister, let a man come between them and betrayed each other? They’re no better than Lear. I think Goneril sees the body of the sister she’s murdered in a blind jealous rage, realizes what she’s really done, and can’t live with the guilt. So she takes her own life. I’ll say it again: How. Fucked up. Is that?

This is actually what I think makes Lear Shakespeare’s best play. There is no such thing as a two-dimensional character here. Good or bad, they all have absolutely astounding depth, and at the end of the day, we understand (and quite possibly sympathize with) the villains as well as we do the nominal heroes. 

This is probably a much longer answer than you were looking for but in case you couldn’t tell my obsession with this play kind of verges on mania.

Venus in the Third House

Usually individuals with their Venus in the third house will have a wonderful singing voice or speaking voice, and an appreciate for writing and literature. Their mind may not be quick to process cold hard information, but they have an eye for beauty and order. They find beauty in literature, books, language, and the art of communication, and they do not want to rush through experiences with any of them. Venus in the third house will want to savor what they process. They have an aesthetic style to the mind. They may be mentally lazy, but they do love to communicate and have conversations but hate to argue, but they usually know how to mediate and settle conflicts when dealing with arguments.

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