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Laila Mahdi: USC Trojans

Pronounced ‘lehla mahdee’. 21. French Muslim raised in SoCal. Hijabi. Vegetarian. Friend to all dogs, but the best dog is my pug, Fabio. Fashion Design major and Arabic minor. Lover to my girlfriend, friend to all. Very into inspirational quotes. What is love? Love is earned (30:45). Love is rewarded (3:134). Love is steadfast (3:146). Love is reliance on God (3:159). Love is humanity (4:36). Love is not obsessive (4:36). Love is intimate (7:189). Love is sibling rivalry (12:8). Love is material (14:3) Love is true sacrifice (2:177). Love does not corrupt (2:205). Love is purity (2:222). Love is brotherhood (3:103). Love is fair (49:9). Love is following Muhammad (3:31). To love is difficult (2:216). Love is a Divine sign (30:21). Fake love is replaceable (5:54) Love is temporal (3:14). Immaterial love will die (29:25). Love is addictive (100:8). Love can become lust (12:30). Beware, love can turn to hate (60:7). Real love does not decay (49:12). Allah is love (11:90, 85:14). السلام عليكم 

Dear Parents

Hi. How ya doing? Being a parent is weird and hard and rewarding, right? That’s been my experience anyhow. Most of us are trying to do the best we can. There’s a lot expected of us. There’s a lot of pressure in raising a tiny human without fucking up. And I hate to add to your growing list of duties and concerns and necessary steps in raising a happy, healthy person but there’s something really important you need to do.

Teach your children what abuse looks like.

Now, the hardest part about doing that is actually going to be learning yourself what abuse looks like.

“I know what abuse is!” you say.

Sorry. You probably don’t. Statistically speaking, I’m more likely addressing somebody on the other side of the screen that hasn’t been properly educated on the realities of abuse. We’re fed a lot of myths about abuse. You don’t have to be ashamed because society failed to teach you right. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to correct that error now.

I would suggest you sit down with a copy of Why Does He Do That? (my favorite book so far on the topic written by one of the world’s foremost experts). I know, I know. You’re busy. You’re stretched thin. You probably already lack time to read for pleasure as much as you did before you have kids and now some rando on the internet is assigning you fucking homework? But trust me, it’s worth it.

After that, teach your kids. Teach them what abuse looks like. Teach your sons especially what constitutes abuse and that there is no excuse to justify it and that they alone are responsible for their actions.


There’s lots of ways (and a lot depends on their age). But here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Don’t ever force your children to hug or kiss someone if they don’t want to, not even Grandma, not even YOU. This teaches them bodily autonomy and that not even loved ones are entitled to violate their boundaries.
  • Make comments or ask questions about media you consume together to get them to think critically about the ideas presented to them. This might mean saying “hmmm, I wonder why there are so few girls in this movie.” or asking “How do you think [character a] felt when [character b] wouldn’t take no for an answer?” This can be a hard step because you’ll need to train yourself to spot problematic content in the first place. And I’m not saying you can’t watch anything problematic (you might as well give up TV altogether). Just challenge your kids to think about what they see. i.e. If you’re watching Batman the Animated Series you could say “I really don’t like the way Joker treats Harley Quinn. Do you think she deserves that?”
  • Acquire (whether by purchasing or borrowing from a library) positive representation of women and relationships for your children including (and perhaps especially) your sons. The publishing and media industries only market girl-centric stories to female audiences which contributes to boys growing up learning that stories and the world revolve around them. They also tend to only push media that deals with interpersonal relations and emotions on girls, leaving boys with action and violence heavy stories. This can send the message that empathy and emotional labor is for girls.
  • Talk to them, especially older kids and teenagers, particularly when they reach dating age. Invite them to ask questions and talk about their opinions about abuse to get them engaged in the conversation rather than simply lecturing. Take advantage of a captive audience (riding in the car for example) and teach them little bits here and there on a regular basis.
  • Respect your children and allow them reasonable control over their own lives. I’m not saying you should let your kid decide, “nah, I hate shots. I’m skipping my vaccinations.” But you should definitely give them the power of choice as often as you can. Maybe that means letting them dropping soccer for theatre or picking between two options for dinner’s side veggie. The important thing is they are raised in an environment that doesn’t predispose them to accepting total control from someone else.
  • Model healthy relationship dynamics in your own romantic relationship if you have one. This is especially important for dads. Even if you’re not abusive, you may engage in behavior that is based on the same underlying attitudes and entitlement that fuels abuse because society has taught you that it’s all right. It’s on YOU and you alone to recognize and fix that. 
  • Set hard and fast rules in your home regarding respect of women. Don’t allow your kids, especially your sons, to use misogynist language (shut down anything that labels women as inherently crazy or inferior, don’t condone the use of words like bitch or cunt, etc.). And no matter how awkward you feel, make sure you talk to them about the unrealistic and misogynist aspects of most pornography (when age appropriate).
  • Learn and utilize appropriate parenting tools especially regarding punishment vs. consequence, assertive vs. authoritarian parenting, and similar issues to avoid falling into abusive parenting patterns. How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, Unconditional Parenting, and many other wonderful books will help you raise emotionally healthy kids with strong self esteem. Remember, there is no shame in seeking education to learn to how parent. It’s a skill like any other and nobody is born knowing how to do it right. But the old joke about wishing there was a parenting manual handed out when you have a baby? It’s only half true. There’s plenty of quality manuals (and unfortunately some shit ones too, so watch out). But you have to go get them yourself.
  • Insist the men and boys in your household participate equally in housework. To do otherwise reinforces the idea that men are entitled to have women take care of even their most basics needs (like a clean home or clean laundry or food to eat). Teaching your daughters to do an oil change and use a power drill is wonderful and great and you should do that too. But it’s arguably even more important to make sure you teach your sons not only how to clean, cook, manage a budget, do the grocery shopping, care for babies, etc. but that is expected of them just as much as it is of any woman.
  • Insist upon comprehensive sex ed programs that cover topics of consent, bodily autonomy, respect, and partner abuse. If your local schools don’t provide them, check for community offerings (the O.W.L. program offered at many Unitarian Churches is one such program and don’t worry, it’s secular). If there’s nothing available, take it into your own hands. Talk to your kids about this stuff and provide them appropriate books and resources on the topic.

Do your best. You won’t be perfect. No parent ever is. But if you try and if you never give up, you’ll more than likely succeed in raising kids that not only aren’t abusive, but that will not be drawn into an abusive relationship.

That said…

If you have teen or adult children you may very well face a situation in which they have either been abused, or accused of abusing someone else. What do you do then? Well, that first book I mentioned (Why Does He Do That?) lays out in detail exactly what family members should and shouldn’t do in these situations. But I’ll give you a quick and dirty summary:

If your child is facing abuse:

  • Believe them. And don’t blame them.
  • Don’t pressure them. Don’t pressure them to give their abuser another chance NOR should you pressure them to leave their abuser.
  • Listen to their needs and offer your support.
  • Give them the respect that their abuser won’t.
  • Get yourself support so that you can vent your sorrows and concerns to somebody else instead of burdening the abuse victim with comforting you.
  • When possible, and only if the victim agrees, offer practical support (such as paying for her to go to therapy, driving her to appointments, etc.).

If you child has been accused of abuse:

  • Believe the victim. Chances are they are telling the truth. When your child makes excuses for their behavior or tries to downplay it, press them on it for details and to describe what they think is their partner’s point of view on the matter. This will often reveal that they are exaggerating and/or lying and that they have not been honestly listening to or empathizing with their partner. Then make sure to talk to the victim and get her side of the story.
  • Do not make excuses for your child. Do not ask the victim to forgive them or give them another chance. Make it clear to your child that you will not participate in talk in which their victim is blamed or dehumanized or otherwise insulted.
  • Make it clear that you expect your child to get into a reputable abuser program (Lundy Bancroft describes what to look for to make sure it’s a good program in his book). Do not tell them to go to therapy or couple’s therapy. Only a program designed to address abuse will do any good and even then, only if the abuser chooses to do the long, hard work of changing. Conventional therapy can often make the situation even worse.

And in either case, avoid provoking the abuser. Chances are the abuser will take it out on their victim in private rather than risk damage to their reputation with you by lashing out at you.


This is the closest these two will ever be… Because sibling rivalry. … Kinda hurts me that these will probably be the only Cthulhu mythos POPs I ever own.

I like the right of no true tangible form… But since people gave them anyways, would it kill to make Shub-Niggurath and Nyarlathotep? … 6 inch POP of Azathoth even. I want tiny horrors.

… Detail shots on Hastur because he’s a custom I made.


they didnt know how to treat you. you had been Kol’s one true love, the only thing that grounded him. but he hadent sired you, Klaus had. it was a sibling rivalry thing.

so when Kol had died, you survived. 

Freya could see how much you meant to her siblings and she could tell from the way they treated you that you and Kol had been soul mates. so she came up with a solution.

she could access the other side and Kol would be able to see you again.

My favorite kind of otps:
  • Best friends for years/since childhood.
  • Opposites that complete each other.
  • The ‘bad’ boy/girl with the ‘good’ girl/boy.
  • Kindred spirits.
  • Slow burn.
  • The nerdy one and the popular one and etc. 
  • The one’s that fights like an old married couple.
  • Love/Hate relationship
  • The human and the ‘moster’.
  • The ones that have a rivalry between the families.
  • A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff.
  • Frenemies who fall in love.
  • Soulmate/True love etc.
  • The shy one with the confident one.
  • Adorable puppy love.
  • The ‘royal’ and the 'rebel’.
  • These ships where one claims to ‘play to nobody’s rules’ but is completely whipped and the other one practically has them wrapped around their finger.
  • The tough ‘i don’t care about anything’ tragic puppy who falls in love with the living walking sunshine that can kick some ass if needed.
  • Are best friends with the other one’s younger/older sibling. 
  • Enemies who become friends and than fall in love.
  • The kind of ships where one is very protective of the other because they are terrified of losing them, but the other one is more than capable to take care of themselves and are 100% done with their bullshit.
  • All those ships where one has a crush on the other first/for a long time and just as they start to move on or get over it them - the other one falls in love with them, hard. 
  • The ones that fall in love after their mutual loved one had passed. 
  • Badass power couples in general.
  • Just any ship that brings me loads of pain basically. Otherwise I’m not doing something right….

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the sisters and their dynamic in King Lear?

As with pretty much everything in Shakespeare, it depends on the production. However, we have a lot more actually in the text about the Lear sisters than we get about, say, Tybalt and Juliet (got an ask about this earlier but I can’t remember if it’s posted yet). There’s clearly some resentment towards Cordelia on the part of Regan and Goneril–but, she’s also clearly the favorite. Listen to the way Lear talks about her. He calls her his ‘joy’ and says outright–in front of the other two–“I lov’d her most.” That’s kind of a shitty thing to grow up hearing if you’re Regan or Goneril. Is it any wonder, then, that they don’t take it well when Cordelia tries to tell them what to do? Personally, I don’t think so. 

This entire play is about sibling rivalry. It’s literally in the first line. Kent says, “I thought the King had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall.” Here hes’ talking about Lear’s sons-in-law, but it’s clear as day that Shakespeare is planting the seeds of discord right from the start. What happens next? Kent asks about Gloucester’s illegitimate son Edmund. And what does Gloucester say? “The whoreson must be acknowledged.” And look at Edmund’s first soliloquy: “Why bastard? wherefore base? / When my dimensions are as well compact, / My mind as generous, and my shape as true, / As honest madam’s issue?” This guy has spent literally his entire life being told he’s not as good as his half-brother because he was born out of wedlock, something he has literally no control over, and when his father dies he will inherit nothing for the same reason. Is it understandable that he’s a little bitter about it? Personally, I think so. 

This is a play where the father figures who should be the wiser ones indulge their own prejudices so openly that they sow fatal discord between their children. Look at what happens. Each of their elder children end up killing the younger ones. How fucked up is that? Lear and Gloucester have so aggressively fostered this antipathy and competition in their own families that Regan and Goneril–who are united against Cordelia and their father at the beginning–are at each other’s throats by the end. Goneril poisons her sister. But what happens then? If you ask me this is the most interesting part. Goneril poisons her sister and she’s led offstage, and soon we hear that she has–in her distress–committed suicide. But why? Her husband is still alive, her lover is still alive, their army is winning the field. Yes, she’s probably got a pretty intense falling-out with Albany to confront, but other than that, the situation’s not so dire for her. She’s still the highest-ranking person in the realm. When her husband (rightly) accuses her of treachery, she even says, “The laws are mine, not thine. / Who can arraign me for’t?” So why does she kill herself? The answer has to be Regan. The last thing Goneril does is confess to poisoning her sister. Then she kills herself. Do you think it’s possible she realizes in her last moments that she’s betrayed the only person she ever should have trusted? That she and her sister, who used to be united against the unfairness of their father and the sanctimonious naïveté of their younger sister, let a man come between them and betrayed each other? They’re no better than Lear. I think Goneril sees the body of the sister she’s murdered in a blind jealous rage, realizes what she’s really done, and can’t live with the guilt. So she takes her own life. I’ll say it again: How. Fucked up. Is that?

This is actually what I think makes Lear Shakespeare’s best play. There is no such thing as a two-dimensional character here. Good or bad, they all have absolutely astounding depth, and at the end of the day, we understand (and quite possibly sympathize with) the villains as well as we do the nominal heroes. 

This is probably a much longer answer than you were looking for but in case you couldn’t tell my obsession with this play kind of verges on mania.

The Evil Princess (Part 5) - Regina Mills Imagine

A/N: For clarification, in this part of the story the “other daughter” that is mentioned in the story is The Woman’s daughter which she lost before she got you. I will go into more detail about your past in the next part. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt:  You are the daughter of Regina Mills, however, she doesn’t know you exist because of Cora’s selfish ideals and misuse of magic. You find out that every time you use your magic, your body gets weaker. Cora tells you that the only way to get through it is to keep Regina dark. So you set off on a quest to find your mom, hoping she could help you find another solution.

Disclaimer - I do not own Once Upon a Time.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Regina felt her heart fall into her stomach as she watched (Y/N) cross the town line that had all of Storybrooke trapped. Her hands went cold as her daughter continued to inch her way further, listening to the deafening sound of gravel crunching under (Y/N)’s weight.

“Why the fuck are you here?” (Y/N) finally said, her nostrils flaring and her eyes sparkling with ferocity. Her once pleasant demeanor slowly contorted into an all-consuming anger as she felt her heart beating fast, almost as though it would rip a hole in her chest.

The voice startled the woman, causing her body to tense as she turned her head in the direction from where it came. The sight of (Y/N) brought her a sense of relief. She thought about running to her and hugging her hard until she no longer had the strength to hold on, but then she remembered everything (Y/N) meant to her. She remembered the hurt and the pain that they caused each other, and as she remembered, she felt herself getting angry. “So not only are you an ungrateful orphan but it turns out you’re also a thief.” She clicked her tongue, “I know why you ran. What’d ya think would happen, your family would take you; a pathetic, broken, good-for-nothing girl in just like that? They spent twenty years without you, they don’t need you!”

(Y/N)’s face felt hot from the humiliation. Was the woman telling the truth? Regina quickly accepted her as her daughter with almost no hesitation, so maybe what the woman was saying was right and all of this was too good to be true. She wanted to run away and hide and stop existing at that very moment, but something in her clicked. The time to move on, to clean her slate, was now. With Regina she felt different, she felt at home, and she was not about to lose that.

For my mom, she thought, I’ll do this for my mom.

Answer me,” (Y/N)’s voice was gruff, almost like a growl. Her palm began to feel warm. She looked down and saw a small ball of fire beginning to form. She shook her hand, extinguishing the fire before anyone noticed. (Y/N) knew she needed to be careful since she still didn’t have full control of her powers, and mixing that with her current emotions could surely end in disaster.

“You stole my truck,” The woman spat, “plus, you disappeared without a trace. How was I not supposed to come looking for you!?” The woman spent days looking for (Y/N) since the moment she realized she disappeared, but not because she cared about her, but rather because of what she had taken with her. The truck held everything that the woman loved and cared for before (Y/N). Memories that reminded her of better days. And having it stolen from her by the one person she blamed for losing it all was her ultimate breaking point.

(Y/N) was taken aback by the caring façade the woman displayed. No one but her was here to see it, and they both knew the resentment they held for each other, so why was she putting up a front? (Y/N) felt her face flush with so much anger she was sure it would explode. “Oh, don’t act like you ever cared about what happened to me!” She scoffed. “Not when you spent my entire life hating and resenting me!”

“I never hated you! I hated what you meant, and what you did to my family!” The woman’s face was beginning to turn red as she wished for the millionth time for (Y/N) to have never existed.

“What I did?! You were the one who tore the family apart, you were the one who drove him away! And you were the one who tried to find solace at the bottom of a bottle!” (Y/N) cried through clenched teeth, pointing an angry, trembling finger at the woman who she once called her mother. The tears began rolling down (Y/N)’s face, but she was too angry to wipe them away. She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath, but her fight was not over yet. “And let’s not forget how you beat me and humiliated me and made me feel like I was worthless. You are to blame, not me.”

The woman felt her anger begin to boil and her patience wearing thin. She was blinded by rage, and not thinking her actions through cleary, she raised her hand back. With all the force she could muster, she swung her hand down, the crack of skin-slapping-skin echoing throughout the empty road. Her hand stung and was red from the contact, the same red mark on (Y/N)’s cheek.

(Y/N) heard the angry yells from behind her, surely Regina, but the only thing she could do was stare at the woman with wide eyes, holding her cheek.

“Don’t talk to me like that. You destroyed my family! If it wasn’t for you, I would still have my husband!” The woman was crying, “You are nothing compared to my real daughter! I don’t know why I ever thought you could be!”

(Y/N) brought both hands up to her hair, pulling at it with frustration. “I never asked to be! I never wanted to be her fucking replacement! You gave me that title. You and Cora knew damn well that it was too soon. You didn’t give yourself enough time to grieve, and I have nothing to do with that. So fuck you!” (Y/N) flung her hand back in order to relieve some of the anger rushing through her, but in doing so, she accidentally hurled a ball of magic toward the town line.

Regina and the others ducked, shielding themselves. A thundering sound echoed throughout the forest, startling the nearby birds. Regina looked up, watching as they flew away in fear, followed by a gut wrenching silence. No one moved and no one said a word for what felt like ages.

The woman slowly moved her hands away from her face, confused as to why there was suddenly a group of people crouched a few feet in front of her. The woman didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she knew something was definitely off. “Wha-what…” She stuttered. The woman gulped and let out a hefty breath as her hands trembled in fear.

“Oh my…” A small voice said. Mary Margaret poked Regina trying to get her attention. “Look.”

Regina looked toward where she pointed, confused as to why (Y/N)’s adoptive mother was staring right at them with an unmistakably terrified look on her face . “No that’s… that’s impossible.” Regina stood up as she watched the woman begin to step over the line. “She tore down the veil.” She spoke silently.

“What the hell…” The woman spoke, causing everyone to finally react to what had just happened. “Wha-what was that?! Who are you?”

Regina’s lip twitched in anger as she marched toward the woman. The others tried to hold her back, but to no avail. As soon as she reached her, Regina raised her hand and brought it down to the woman’s cheek, the same way as the woman did to (Y/N). “For the record, I do love my daughter,” Regina spat. “Doesn’t matter if I’ve only known her for a day.”

A few moments passed and the two women continued shooting daggers at each other with their eyes, neither of them muttering a single word.

“Regina!” Robin yelled in a frantic tone. Regina turned to see him hovering above her daughter, his hands not knowing how to aid her fragile body.

(Y/N) laid on the ground, holding her abdomen in pain. Forgetting all about the woman, Regina ran to her, as did the others. Blood ran down the sides of (Y/N)’s mouth, staining her teeth a bright red. She smiled at the sight of Regina. “T-tell me… did i-… did it look as cool as it sounded?” her voice was muddled by the blood in her throat, but everyone heard her clearly.

Regina wiped away (Y/N)’s tears, stroking her hair away from her face. She nodded, “Very…” Regina planted a soft kiss on her forehead, before looking at (Y/N) in her eyes. “Listen to me, you need to stay awake, okay? You hear me? I cannot lose you, not right now. Not like this.” (Y/N) whimpered in response. Regina looked at Mary Margaret, tears threatening to spill. “I don’t know what to do… I don’t…” Regina spoke quietly, hating herself for not knowing how to help her daughter.

Mary Margaret opened her mouth, hoping that the words Regina needed to hear would flow out on their own, but instead, she let out an empty breath.

“Mom,” Henry spoke from behind David and Robin. He pushed his way in between them and knelt next to Regina and (Y/N). “Remember what she did with Zelena, how she absorbed her magic.” He looked at his mother and flashed a quick smile, hoping she understood, then looked down (Y/N). The thought of her being his sister made him chuckle. He imagined growing up with her, the way they would’ve fought over stupid things, and how she would’ve taught him to break the rules. He wanted nothing more than to have someone’s back and for someone to have his. To have someone that he could go to for advice about being a teenager. He squeezed her hand, quietly wishing for them to be able to live the sibling rivalry he imagined.

Regina smiled at the way Henry looked at (Y/N), at the way everyone looked at her, in fact. She was overwhelmed with happiness knowing that her daughter no longer had to live in fear, that she finally had a home, her true home. She exhaled deeply before pulling (Y/N) closer to her, into a tight hug, and nodded. “Okay.”

Mary Margaret, David, Robin, and Henry stood back, watching as Regina intertwined her fingers with her daughter, ready to heal (Y/N) with her dark magic. Everyone held their breath as their hands began to glow.

“Please, please let this work,” Henry muttered, watching as his mom and his sister disappeared behind a dark purple cloud.

Venus in the Third House

Usually individuals with their Venus in the third house will have a wonderful singing voice or speaking voice, and an appreciate for writing and literature. Their mind may not be quick to process cold hard information, but they have an eye for beauty and order. They find beauty in literature, books, language, and the art of communication, and they do not want to rush through experiences with any of them. Venus in the third house will want to savor what they process. They have an aesthetic style to the mind. They may be mentally lazy, but they do love to communicate and have conversations but hate to argue, but they usually know how to mediate and settle conflicts when dealing with arguments.

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"Aang's a bad dad!" - Another Take on the Cloudbaby Family

Growing up with important parents is hard.

And Katara and Aang were both incredibly important people. They overthrew a monarchy, ended a war, and saved the world from destruction all before the age of 16. As adults, Aang’s place as the Avatar guaranteed their involvement in future world affairs, and the two went on to found a new nation of people and build an entire city based on their ideals.

As their children, it makes sense that Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin feel compelled to live up to the high precedent their parents set. Aang left a huge legacy in the world, and all three of his children want to do their best to live up to that standard. They want to be the same sort of people their parents were, they want to be successful and do good in the world, and they want to shape the lives of others as their parents once did. And they place an inordinate amount of pressure on themselves to do so.

There’s a saying that states there’s two different ways to dehumanize someone– by dismissing or idealizing them. When you take the good traits of an individual and place them in a vacuum, you forget the humanity that made that person so exceptional in the first place. This is something Tenzin does, and something we, as fans of a character, tend to do, too. But I think it’s important to recognize context and character relevancy if you want to understand why specific traits and events are highlighted within the narrative.

As such, I feel the knee-jerk reaction to dismiss Aang as a terrible father misses the point of the siblings’ interactions. Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi’s issues don’t lie in bad parenting- they lie in each other, and within themselves.

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Tsukuyomi theory

Let’s be clear: I’m all about Yato being Tsukuyomi reincarnated and Father being Izanagi. There are just too many clues: the Yato-dark-night-moon symbology, Father and his trip to Yomi, Amaterasu helping Yato “for her own reasons”, the tortoise shell knot thing, Yato’s “true name” that’s supposed to “make him happy”, Father being so frigging powerful, and so on. 

But there are some holes in this theory. 

Let’s say that Father killed Tsukuyomi (his son?), forced him to be reborn and raised him as Yaboku for his own purposes: how can Heaven not recognize Tsukuyomi? He’s one of the most powerful and ancient gods ever, his death/disappearance wouldn’t go unnoticed. And Amaterasu, for all their siblings rivalry, seems to genuinely care about her (possible) brother. So why didn’t Heaven try to find him? 

Unless, of course, they didn’t want him gone, or worse, kill him themselves. Maybe it wasn’t Father who killed Tsukuyomi. Maybe he rebelled against Heavens and was punished as a consequence. But the question still remains: why didn’t they “re-educate” him and bring him back to Takamagahara like they did with Ebisu? 

If Yato really is Tsukuyomi and Farher is Izanagi, the original myth is probably going to be rewrttten because there’s no way nobody wouldn’t recognize two of the most famous gods ever. 

Let me know what you think!

For some reason, when I think of red robin (Tim Drake) and robin (Damian Wayne), I can’t help but recall the great scene in city slickers (AM I DATING MYSELF?) where Daniel Stern and his wife are fighting at a party. ‘I HATE YOU,’ she screams. To which Daniel replies, with every fiber of his being: “'I HATE YOU MORE! IF HATE WERE PEOPLE, I’D BE CHINA!’ "On a very primal, visceral level That’s how TIM AND DAMIAN FEEL TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER. They LOATHE ONE ANOTHER’S EXISTENCE. Yet as with any great sibling rivalry, there are LAYERS UPON LAYERS OF FEELINGS AND ATTITUDES THAT EBB AND FLOW OVER TIME. "Obviously, Tim is not thrilled about Damian taking on the role of Robin in Gotham, and he's even less thrilled about him joining the rest of the gang at Titans Tower. Tim sees Damian as DAMAGED GOODS, as a POTENTIAL RISK TO THOSE AROUND HIM. Naturally, he would not want to see those closest to him harmed because of the little runt’s IMPULSIVE AND AGGRESSIVE nature. But let’s be honest, DAMIAN CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AS THE LITERAL SON BRUCE NEVER HAD. Tim could not help feeling somewhat BRUSHED ASIDE as Bruce adapted to his arrival. In a way, HE WAS REPLACED. The last thing Tim would want to see is the same thing happen with the Titans. THIS IS HIS FAMILY. At least, he was HERE FIRST. "As for Damian, HE’S GONE TO GREAT LENGTHS TO EXPRESS HIS LOW OPINION OF MOST EVERYONE HE COMES INTO CONTACT WITH (who knew arrogance could be such a virtue), and Tim TOPS THE LIST. Again, it’s SIBLING RIVALRY PLAYED OUT TO THE NTH DEGREE. To Damian, he’s the TRUE SON OF BATMAN. He’s BETTER THAN THE OTHERS IN EVERY WAY - at least every way that matters. However, something I  keep coming back to when it comes to Damian is he ACCEPTED THE ROLE OF ROBIN. If he truly felt Dick and Tim (and Jason for that matter) were nothing but poor substitutes, if he truly felt he deserved a different standing for being Bruce’s flesh and blood, then WHY WOULD HE TAKE THAT COSTUME? Why would he ACCEPT WHAT COULD BE CALLED HAND-ME-DOWNS? Sure, he got rid of the booties and the green underwear, but he’s still Robin. He can say what he wants, but at the end of the day - DAMIAN IS TRYING TO EMULATE THE OTHERS to a certain extent. In the grand scheme of things, they are all the Sons of Batman, and Damian cannot help but IDENTIFY SOME WORTHWHILE TRAITS IN THOSE THAT CAME BEFORE HIM. "In the pages of the Teen Titans crossover with Red Robin, we get to catch a glimpse of their team dynamic both Tim and Damian BURY THEIR ATTITUDE TO FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND. From a practical standpoint, they each want thte same thing - TO SAVE THE DAY AND MAKE SURE THEIR ISSUES DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THAT GOAL. They want to BE PROFESSIONAL, so to speak. Red Robin wants to show that HE CAN TREAT ROBIN JUST LIKE ANY OTHER MEMBER OF THE TEAM - bringing the TACTICAL LEADERSHIP AND DETACHMENT that Batman seems to master so easily. But more importantly, or rather more personally, Tim wants to show (and perhaps even convince himself) that he DOESN’T FEEL THREATENED by Damian - that he DOESN’T FEAR BEING REPLACED in the eyes of the Titans. As for Robin, he wants Tim to see that he can DO JUST AS GOOD OF A JOB as he ever did - that he can be a TEAM PLAYER when needed. In other words, he wants to SHOW HIS BIG BROTHER THAT HE’S NO CHILD. "On the surface, BOTH TIM AND DAMIAN ARE SEEKING TO CONVEY THE SAME NOTION - that they DON’T CARE WHAT THE OTHER ONE THINKS ABOUT THEM - when THE OPPOSITE IS ACTUALLY CLOSER TO THE TRUTH. "Ah, (brotherly love) SIBLING RIVALRY.
—    Teen Titans Writer, J.T. Krul
A Celebration of the Supporting Women from the Legend of Korra

As a follow up to my “I love Korra” post from a few days ago, I thought I’d write a post celebrating the other women from the show.

Asami Sato: does she deserve more screentime and lines? Yes. Is she still a great character with a subversive storyline? Hell yes. She’s set up to be a classic femme fatale, creating love triangles, being cool and collected, with a character design that screams “This girl will be a Villain”. She flouts these stereotypes as she defies her father, and joins Team Avatar, fighting the good fight across the world. Her too-cool exterior is peeled back as she struggles to save her company, all that’s left of her family, and falls back into an ill-advised second relationship with Mako. But being Asami, she bounces back from this, learning from her mistakes and making future industries a pioneering company. And really, she was never too cool: she was always an adorable nerd. She geeks out over probending, criticises the shoddy workmanship of cabbage corp, makes mock villain threats to destroy Bolin at Pai Sho, and is a thrilled enginerd as she shows off her hummingbird designs. Not that she isn’t super cool too: she tases the crap out of low level bad guys (frankly, fighting the equalists with more success than the benders), is capable of driving and flying anything, designs the roads for the reconstructed Republic City, and designs the machines that play a crucial role in taking down Kuvira’s mech suit. Oh, and she’s devoted to the most powerful woman in the world, who just so happens to love her back.

Lin Beifong: that lady is my hero. Seriously, she puts up with so much crap. She has a difficult relationship with an ex who (probably unintentionally) hurt her badly, but is willing to put aside those differences and sacrifice herself protecting said ex’s kids. She puts up so many barriers after the disappointments of her past. She’s a tough police cop, and is devoted to her job, but cares more for the people she loves than she’d dare say. And while she goes through a classic, “thaw the ice maiden” plot, that plot doesn’t come from finding love with a man, but from breaking down the barriers she puts up, and reconciling with her sister and mother. Lin Beifong rocks.

What about a female villain? Let’s talk about P’li. She’s an anarchist who has a relationship with Zaheer that resembles two teenagers who are madly in love, and it’s kind of cute – plus, she’s way taller than him! I dig those unconventional height differences.

Let me tell you about Jinora. She’s a bit awesome. Why? She’s only a record breaking airbending master and spiritual leader of a new nation by the age of eleven. She fights for those tattoos and earns them. She’s an adorable bookworm. She’s impatient with her younger siblings (I feel you there, Jinora). She helps Korra save the day in two season finales. She has the cutest relationship with Kai. It’s pretty much impossible to not love her.

Opal Beifong is, at first glance, a shy bookworm, but this shyness hides the sheer force of will she contains. She is devoted to her family, a devotion she has to balance out with her calling as a member of the new air nation. She loves Bolin, but holds him fiercely accountable for his mistakes, something that helps ground him, and makes sure her needs from their relationship are always met. Oh, and she plays a key role in stopping her aunt and mother from pushing their unhealthy sibling rivalry? Opal is absolutely fabulous.

Ming Hua scares the hell out of me, as a good villain should. But my word is her water bending cool. She makes herself water arms. She uses them as pickaxes rather than take the lift. Frankly, if I had powers as cool as hers, I’d flaunt them as much as possible.

I suspect at least some of the things Zhu Li said while pretending to betray Varrick were true. And good for her: her fighting to gain equal status in her relationship with Varrick and finally getting the respect she’s owed makes for one of the most quietly wonderful moments in the show.

Kya, is the coolest aunt the airbabies could possibly have. She has Katara’s ferocious waterbending skill and healing talent, and Aang’s nomadic spirit. She’s also the most realistic of her siblings, understanding Aang’s parental flaws with a maturity Tenzin and Bumi never quite manage. I bet she knew about Korra and Asami before anyone else.

Su Yin is such a morally ambiguous, awesome woman with utterly compelling characterisation. She did so much for Kuvira that it’s hardly fair to say she should have done more, but it seems clear that Kuvira felt like Su gave her a cold shoulder, and felt unloved by her. She’s against a monarchy, but this attitude holds her back from taking the responsibility of changing the Earth Kingdom when it’s in chaos, a decision that is neither condemned or exonerated by the text. While she’s trying to reconcile with Lin when we meet her, let’s be honest: she burned her sister badly. The disparity between her reconciliation with Bataar and her dismissal of Kuvira when both committed most of the same crimes is understandable but fascinatingly hypocritical. However, she’s clearly a loving mother with her heart in the right place, working hard to make up for the mistakes of her youth, and is the Matriarch of one of the most forward thinking, technologically advanced cities in the world. She’s awesome, complex, flawed, and I love her.

Ikki quite clearly suffers from middle child syndrome. She’s adorably hyperactive and attention seeking, quite probably because she often feels ignored in favour of Jinora with her growing powers and coming of age and Meelo with his sheer insanity. Yet she spends her time being quietly awesome, getting guards to warm to her so that she can gain crucial information to help find Korra, reconciling with her own siblings to help Tenzin do the same, and welcoming baby Rohan to the “super awesome family” she clearly loves, in spite of its messiness.

Kuvira seems to be the problematic fave of many fans. This is understandable: look at the cocky little dance she does while fighting Korra at Zaofu. Listen to her tragic backstory. See her good beginnings as she saves Tonraq’s life and dances in Su Yin’s troupe. Her relationship with Bataar Jr. is rather sweet. Her intentions are clearly good, and obviously stem from a desire to gain the control she lost as an unloved child. You could almost forget she ruthlessly killed people and started concentration camps. But she did: she is a ruthlessly efficient Dictator, whose desire for power and control ran out of control. She is a wonderfully complex villain.

I’d like to finish by celebrating one of the least discussed women on the show: Pema. She’s usually kept well out of the way of the main plot, as she isn’t a badass fighter, or a world leader, but she’s still hardcore. She uses her experiences to point out how hard adjusting to air nomad lifestyle is for the new airbenders to Tenzin. She is the loving mother of four airbending kids. She keeps a terrified crowd in order with an adorable song about a hungry lemur. Like I said, hardcore.

These women are all, in their own ways, wonderful characters, and it’s entirely possible to say that while still loving Korra, and acknowledging her importance as the protagonist of the series. In fact, I’d say it’s crucial to appreciate Legend of Korra, not just for its ground-breaking, convention smashing protagonist, but for the diverse range of complex women surrounding her. These women should not be held in competition with one another: they deserve so much better than that.

Sansa betraying Jon would make no sense.

Sansa betraying Jon in any shape or form would make no sense.  Here’s why.

I have been thinking about this a lot since the episode aired. I have watched the cast interviews, and it is my deepest hope that the writers and the cast are only exaggerating the consequences of Sansa not being acknowledged and being put on the bench while Jon is praised. They’re all saying that we should be worried about Jon not listening to Sansa, that Jon is naive, that things did not end well for the last man who willingly accepted his role as King in the North. They’re saying Sansa won’t be happy, that she’s jealous, that she feels agitated. 

My initial reaction was absolute terror. Oh, no. Would Sansa actually think carefully about Littlefinger’s preposition and reconsider? Would she get angry over Jon taking what Littlefinger proclaims is rightfully hers? 

Then, I realized: no. Sansa Stark would never. 

It would be absolutely foolish for them to have Sansa side with Littlefinger and betray Jon. It would be absolute and utter hogwash. 

First and foremost, Sansa loves her brother. She loves Jon. There is nothing in this season that doesn’t prove that. Jon gave her absolutely no reason not to trust him. He has been protective, kind, and considerate with Sansa. He’s also a Stark. She acknowledged this very loudly. Their dialogue went:

 J: “I’m not a Stark.” 

S: “You are to me.” 

Sansa said that with the most sincere tone and expression. She wanted Jon to have Ned and Catelyn’s room. She trusts him with Winterfell, she knows he is like Ned, and she loved her father deeply. To her, he is family, through and through. Why would she throw away her family now that she finally has it again?

Heck, she even apologized for not telling him about the knights of the Vale, something we have all been worried about. That shows trust. She’s basically telling him “I should have had faith in you.” 

To add, Sansa has never been power-hungry. It would make no sense for her to indulge some bit of jealousy she may feel for Jon becoming ruler instead of her. She has always dreamed of a happy life, and her happy life includes family and home, something she now has. But that family and home is vulnerable, and she knows that. That’s why looks so anxious. That’s why she’s barely smiling throughout the whole season. As her mother’s daughter, Sansa values family and duty, and what has broken her the most- what has broken all of the Starks the most- is the decimation of their family. 

This brings me to what Sansa is truly agitated about: Jon not trusting her judgement. She loves him, damn him, but she knows he’s underestimating her, and that might mean losing the security they have.

Yes, Jon’s King in the North scene directly parallels Robb’s King in the North scene. The writers are saying “Hey! You should all be worried, because we all know what happened to the last King in the North.” And they go on to talk about Sansa’s frustration with him, which, again, would make one think “Sansa’s going to betray him!”

Except Robb didn’t die because someone in his inner circle lusted after his power and betrayed him. Robb died because he didn’t listen to his mother. Who is the exact parallel to Catelyn Stark in this scenario? Sansa Stark. Sansa is always compared to her mother, both in looks and in character. Her relationship with Jon this season has been very reminiscent of Robb and Catelyn’s relationship: fighting in tents, disagreeing, not listening to each other. 

If anything will be Jon’s downfall (not necessarily by death), it would be that: not listening to someone who has had more experience and is wiser. He keeps dismissing her, and that is worrisome. 

And Littlefinger can get lost. I think the idea of Sansa teaming up with him is the most ridiculous yet. She told him, to his face, that she didn’t want anything to do with him after he gave her away to a monster. She told Jon that only a fool would trust Littlefinger. Why would she go against her own stout beliefs about Littlefinger’s true character?

I think (hope, desperately hope), that the show writers and cast members are trying to throw us off with this sibling rivalry stuff. I think the true direction is going to be Sansa’s conflict against Littlefinger. I can’t think of anything more delicious and enticing than Sansa playing a dangerous game with Littlefinger, a game to protect her family. In this case, Jon.

Littlefinger will try to put doubt in her head. He’ll try to undermine Jon. Sansa will try to warn Jon about something we will all know she is right about, and once again, Jon is not going to listen. And then it will be up to Sansa to save their asses again.  

But if the writers choose to dismiss all this, which they themselves have set up, for the sake of a civil war among the Starks, then they will lose me as a fan. Though they are as different as night and day, though I have no doubt that they will clash many times in the future, Jon and Sansa love each other and are loyal to each other, and that’s that. Making them anything else would be a disservice to their characters and all that the Stark family represents. 


Day Seven - Favorite Family Headcanons

So, under the cut are my dramione family headcanons, they’re mostly about their children but they’res glimpses of things I thought of about them and dramione. I cherish them dearly. Some of you may have seen a glimpse at how I see them in my Next Gen social media post or yesterdays post, but because of this lovely challenge for this month I can just unload all of headcanons here. I’m going to separate it by child though the headcanons will overlap covering their relationship with each other etc.

Keep reading


Dancing With The Moon (2/2 | 10,882 | Rated E)

Dancing With The Stars AU. Stiles Stilinski, former child star, has been strong-armed into participating in a reality show by his agent in an attempt to raise his profile and actually get him some work as an adult. With champion dancer Laura Hale on his arm, Stiles might even stand a chance of going all the way. Their only obstacle (aside from Stiles’ complete inability to cha cha cha) is Lydia Martin and her professional partner—Laura’s brother, Derek.

The Dating Game (1/1 | 4,596 | Rated M)

Derek doesn’t exactly understand how he ended up as a contestant on a dating show. He knows that it started with a lot of whiskey and a late night phone call to his sister and mockery. Lots and lots of mockery, because Laura never lets anything go, no matter how old she gets.

(Because what the world really needs is more Omegaverse!dating show fic in it. Right?)

Big Star’s Little Star (1 work | 6,944 | Rated PG)

Stephen must be the human incarnation of the Devil because he’d asked Ally the question ‘Who does Daddy have a secret crush on?’

Stiles would’ve assumed that Ally had said something like, Batman or something but the answer was either Uncle Scott, Auntie Lydia, Curly Fries or Mister Derek. If it wasn’t prime time TV and if there weren’t any children in the audience he would’ve sworn.

“Right,” he starts, because how do you answer something like this? There’s no right way to do it. Silently he congratulates himself on his pun making skills. “So it isn’t as bad as it sounds.”

“Really?” Is the incredulous answer he gets.

“I resent that! Scott is my best friend and she’s seen me hug him and declare that I love him so that might be it, but that’s not really a secret. Lydia, I had a crush on in High School but that sort of died. I do love Curly Fries, they are the best food ever.”

“And Derek?”

“Derek is…Derek.” He answers lamely, resolutely not looking at the man in question. “I’ll think she’ll say Scott.”

He hopes she says Scott.

She doesn’t.

The time Stiles and Scott “competed” for Allison’s love on a reality TV show (1/1 | 1,780 | Rated PG-13)

The thing is, Stiles has no interest whatsoever in going on a TV dating show. Deep down, in his heart of hearts — and publicly, to anyone who is foolish enough to bring up the topic — Stiles thinks it’s kind of pathetic. Because it’s all fake, for starters, like all “reality” TV is fake, but also he thinks the people who go on those shows are more interested in attention than love, so what’s the point? It’s like narcissistic masturbation with some television exhibitionism thrown in for good measure. And letting the entire nation — nay, the world — mock your lack of pick-up prowess? Noooo thank you.

The Chance To Come Through (3 works | complete | 7,569 | Rated PG)

Derek’s auditioning because Laura talked him into it, though he’s not sure a ballet dancer is really what a televised dance competition is looking for. Stiles is auditioning because it seemed like a fun thing to do with Scott on a Saturday morning, and maybe he’d get to dance with Comfort, his favorite female hip hop dancer. They both end up getting a lot more than they were looking for.
(A So You Think You Can Dance AU.)

Heart To Heart (1/1 | 12,129 | Rated E) 

Stiles never expected to be one of the twenty-five men to compete over the bachelorette Cora’s heart in this season’s Heart to Heart and even if Cora likes him enough, he doubts he’ll manage to make her family like him well enough to let him stay. When he arrives at the mansion he realizes that it’s not so much Cora’s heart he wants to win as her brother’s…


The reality show no one asked for - with a twist

Out of the Frying Pan, Into The Fire (1/1 | 25,816 | Rated M)

Derek is the host of the popular Argent-run Dinner with Derek cooking show. Stiles is the one doing all the cooking. Derek would love to leave him to it and just go live with his sister and their goats on their tiny farm. That is not what happens.

Featuring hippie communes, goats, a couple kids, Kate Argent Warning for angst & past relationship, and new pack bonds. Plus food. Mmmmm… food…

Two Bros In The Know (1/1 | 28,904 | Rated E)

According to their fansite, Two Bros in the Know (or TBK, as they were referred to by those in the know) grew out of an idea Scott had their senior year of high school.

The truth was much less cinematic: Stiles wanted to impress Lydia Martin, and thought being a famous ghost hunter would do the trick. But it wasn’t until the summer before their senior year in college, during an epic tour of farmhouses in the Dakotas, that TBK’s popularity went through the roof. Thanks, in large part, to their “rivalry” with Natural, the show featuring real-life siblings Derek and Cora Hale, and their mission to debunk all the same kinds of places TBK said were haunted.

This is the story of how the TBK crew met the Hale crew, featuring a golden bromance, pranks, stress baking, pillow forts, an internet meme, homemade moonshine, ghostly apparitions, dramatic rescues, the plot of a Muppet Show special, and of course, true love.

All This Has Happened (1/1 | 10,769 | Rated M)

The thing is, most of it’s been done before. People competing for money, or love, or fame - it’s all boring, it’s all been done, has-been, seen before, who cares? Until some motherfucker finally realized - you know what’s really interesting?


Dystopian AU where fame is the name of the game. Sometimes revenge is the quickest way to the top, and Derek Hale has plenty to avenge - Stiles is just along for the ride.

Top Inker (1/1 | 2,898 | Rated PG)

Derek is a tattoo artist and contestant on the show Top Inker. Stiles is a canvas to be tattooed. An annoying, jittery canvas with a stupid tattoo idea.

your-friendly-ghost-hunter  asked:

Hey again. Referring back to an earlier ask about Ghost!Derek/Stiles. I was wondering if there were any fics in which they hunt ghosts? I'm feeling in the spooky Halloween mood! It could be a bit too similar so it's totally fine if you ignore this btw. Thanks!!

here’s some ghost hunting for you (also followers: stay tuned for a special halloween post coming out on… halloween lmao)

Phantom Pains by superagentwolf (9/9 | 18,602 | G)

Stiles works at the Center for Paranormal Analysis and Containment, aka C-PAC. Derek is Stiles’ boss and his not-so-secret crush. After several years on the job, Stiles finally gets called on to join the team in a huge investigation. It’s exciting and new, but there’s something sinister about the Hunt. The dangers put a strain on the group’s relationships and there are startling revelations concerning the nature of PAC and the ghosts they hunt.
Or, the one in which the pack are ghost hunters and Stiles and Derek are idiots about love.

The Pack: PI Cal State by iantosgal (6/6 | 18,010 | PG13)

“Hey, I’m Stiles Stilinski and you’re watching The Pack. Today we are out and about in sunny California and we’re visiting a college that’s appeared on a list of the top 10 most haunted colleges in the US and is a hotspot for paranormal activity…Cal State University Chanel Islands.”

Stiles stood back and opened his arms wide, gesturing to the college behind him. The camera zoomed out so that the building could be seen it’s entirety.

AU in which the pack are all ghost hunters embarking on a brand new tv series where they head out to haunted places and capture evidence of hauntings on camera.

Along the way, we learn a lot about fear, we see relationships grow, and above all, we get to experience all the creepy alongside them.

Two Bros in the Know by blue_fjords (1/1 | 28,904 | NC17)

According to their fansite, Two Bros in the Know (or TBK, as they were referred to by those in the know) grew out of an idea Scott had their senior year of high school.

The truth was much less cinematic: Stiles wanted to impress Lydia Martin, and thought being a famous ghost hunter would do the trick. But it wasn’t until the summer before their senior year in college, during an epic tour of farmhouses in the Dakotas, that TBK’s popularity went through the roof. Thanks, in large part, to their “rivalry” with Natural, the show featuring real-life siblings Derek and Cora Hale, and their mission to debunk all the same kinds of places TBK said were haunted.

This is the story of how the TBK crew met the Hale crew, featuring a golden bromance, pranks, stress baking, pillow forts, an internet meme, homemade moonshine, ghostly apparitions, dramatic rescues, the plot of a Muppet Show special, and of course, true love.



When Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara) found water-color-master Sirin Thada (@sirinthada) on Tumblr, little did they know she was a fan of their music. It made everything come easy for Sirin, who created a whole bunch of art inspired by the twins’ new album, Love You to Death. She and the band brought it to life in San Francisco.

Fans in attendance not only got to experience an intimate show, but Tegan and Sara stuck around to answer their questions in an entertaining Q&A session that brought out the best banter in sibling rivalry appreciation.

Big thanks to Sirin for transforming Folsom Street Foundry into an immersive art exhibit, and to Tegan and Sara for filling it with music and making their fans—and Sirin’s—dreams come true. 

Listen to Love You to Death here.

Photos by Tom Tomkinson (@tomkinsonphoto).