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Gold Digger?

Summary: Tony is in love. The team is weary. You are… a gold digger?

Warnings: Angst, and Fluff

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

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Tony Stark was head over heels in love. He was so beyond in love with you, in his eyes you were perfect. You were the first woman that Tony saw after Pepper walked out on him. At first, the team was happy for Tony, you seemed to accept the fact that he was Iron Man and at times he would have to leave you for the job. But, within a matter of days, Tony came into the common room announcing to the rest of the team that he was in love with you and that he has already asked for you to move to the tower. The team was too dumbfounded to respond, and the next day they saw Tony carrying your stuff to his room. That’s when the team started to feel weary of you. Natasha was the first to voice her concerns, you seemed too perfect to her, and after running a thorough background check on you, she told the team that you were nothing more than a gold digger.

Captain was shocked at this conclusion and tried to reason with Natasha but once she laid out the proof it was convincing. You were a college dropout, who had been working at a small coffee shop on the outskirts of town getting harassed by loan collectors. You only had about a thousand dollars in your bank account before Tony and you had gotten together. After you moved in, your bank statement and living style completely changed. There was a steady income of 1000 dollars coming into your account every week, and the loans had been paid off as well. Though Bucky and Steve argued that you could have gotten a new job or something to explain the sudden rise of wealth, Nat pointed out that of the weeks you had been staying with them, you had only gone out for dates with Tony, or grocery shopping. On top of this, every time he would go off on missions Tony would come back with some sort of gift for you, it started off cheap and cheesy, but lately, they all noticed that Tony’s presents for you were getting more and more expensive. The avengers knew that the money he was spending on you wasn’t that much considering Tony was a multi-billionaire but it was the blind trust and love he had for you that concerned them. They never saw the two of you doing anything together, you would occasionally go on dates with him and you two shared a room. However, most of the time he was at the tower Tony was usually working in his lab, and you never came around to visit him or get him out of there.

They all tried in their own way to get Tony to realize that you weren’t in love with him, rather you were in love with the money and gifts he gave you, but nothing worked, he was too deep under your spell.

One morning Tony was preparing breakfast for himself, while the rest of the avengers were scattered throughout the kitchen. They had all just returned from a week-long mission in India shutting down a terrorist cell. “Tony,” you called out to him catching the attention of the rest of the team as well.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said, moving to place a kiss on your cheek. You hesitantly allowed him to kiss you, Tony’s love and your contradicting reaction flared the avengers hatred for you.

“Baby I saw this on the bedside, what is it?” you asked holding up an exquisite box.

“Oh, here,” he replied opening the box. Inside was a pair of bangles bejeweled with emeralds and rubies. “These bangles were last worn by the princess Mastani, they were a present from her husband Peshwa Bajirao. Their love story is one that is infamous in India, I saw them thought of you.”

Tony was expecting you to be ecstatic like you were for all the other presents he had got you. However, for the past few weeks, he noticed that you were becoming less and less excited at the presents he got you. Thinking it was because they weren’t special or expensive enough, he tried to up his game getting you presents, each one more expensive than the one before it. “Can you get them exchanged?” you asked. Disappointed as he was that you didn’t like what he got you, he just wanted you to love him back so with a sigh he chirpily responds, “Sure Pumpkin what can I get you?”

But before you could respond Natasha made a noise which was somewhere between a groan and a scream. Bruce looked like was trying hard not to turn into the Hulk, and the rest of the team looked at you with disgust. “That is enough,” she growled at you.

“Stand down Romanoff,” Tony joked, shielding you from everyone’s sight but Nat wouldn’t have any of it.

“Why are you so blind Tony? She is nothing but a gold digger, can’t you see that? She’s been using you to pay off debts, and fill her bank account! Don’t you dare argue back, I ran a background check on her, Tony. She’s a college dropout who was getting harassed by debt collectors. She only had a thousand dollars in her account and worked a small coffee shop. Then you come along, suddenly her bank account gets a thousand dollars every week, and her loans are paid off. She doesn’t work at that coffee shop anymore, frankly, she does nothing but still on her ass all day. Do you two even talk? Tony, she only comes out when you take her out on fancy dates. She can’t love you, Tony, she’s incapable of caring for you! Kick her out!” Nat screamed.

“THAT’S ENOUGH NATASHA!” Tony screamed, a staring contest ensued between Tony and her.

“You paid off my loans?” you asked quietly. Your voice was broken and for the first time since the screaming session started everyone’s eyes turned to you. You were in tears, hugging yourself to keep the shaking to a minimum.

Tony thought about lying, but once he saw your broken form sighed, shoulders slumping as he said, “Yes.”

“DAMMIT TONY!! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU I DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY!!!” you screamed, frustrated turning away from him.

“I’m sorry baby I just wanted to help you out. You’re doing so well with your writing and making money from that. I wanted you to just be focused on getting better at that rather than worrying about paying off your debts,” Tony stated, moving towards you to try and calm you down.

You moved away from him, still angry, “Do you hear what your friends think of me, Tony? They think that I’m a gold digger. Tony this is why I said I didn’t want your money, this is why I refused to go out with you for months. Oh and by the way, what I want in exchange of these bangles is JUST TWO DAMN HOURS OF YOUR TIME! You buy all these expensive gifts for me, and go on for hours telling anything and everything that will listen that you love me but you don’t have time to just be with me! You’re always in that lab of yours, for weeks I just let you be there thinking you need your time, and that you would come around soon enough. But no, you stay there, coming to bed way after I’ve fallen asleep, getting up before I wake up. I LOVE YOU TONY! NOT THE PRESENTS YOU GET ME AND THE MONEY YOU COULD GIVE ME! I LOVE YOU, AND NO PRESENT, NO MATTER HOW PRICELESS WILL EVER EQUVILATE TO GETTING TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!” You stormed away, tears flowing down your cheeks leaving a bunch of avengers heavily confused.

Realizing her mistake, Natasha speaks up, “I’m sorry Tony.”

A sarcastic laugh escaped his mouth, “I’m not the one you should say that to.”

“We were just worried that she was using you for money. You can’t blame us for thinking like that Tony, she moved in a week after you announced you were dating her,” Steve tried to reason.

“So, what you ran a background check on her? Why couldn’t you just trust my decision?” Looking around at the sorry faces of the team he sighed. “I’ve known her since I was a kid. We kinda drifted apart as I went off to college. I found her working at the coffee shop by chance. When we were teens, I had a huge crush on her but couldn’t really tell her, because she was the only true friend I had, and I didn’t want to lose that. She looked so miserable working at the shop, and when we got talking she told me that her family died leading her to drop out of college, not having anyone to help her. She wanted to be a writer, when we were kids that’s all the girl could do. She used to write constantly, so I got her introduced to a publisher who fell in love with her work. She’s been working on different projects, that’s where the 1000 dollars per week comes from. It took me months to convince her to go out with me, we’ve both been in love with the other since we were 15, and I didn’t want to lose any more time. That’s why she moved in so quickly. I should have explained all this to you guys before,” Tony explained.

The team looked around at the each other, they all felt guilty for judging you instead of finding out more information. Tony made his way to his and your room, knowing that he gave you enough time to cool down. Upon entering, he saw your curled-up figure on the bed facing away from him, his heart wrenched within its cavity to know that, although unintentionally, he hurt you. He climbed in underneath the covers and pulled you close to his chest, hiding his face on the crook of your neck and inhaling your scent. “I’m sorry I yelled babe,” you quietly said as you moved to face him. Tony looked at you as if he was seeing you for the first time.

“I am so lucky to have you, you know that? I’m the one who should be sorry. I should have spent more time with you, please don’t leave me,” Tony desperately clung on to you.

“Tony Stark, I’ve put up with you since I was 5. It’s safe to assume that I will never leave you,” you laugh and pull him into a kiss.

“I love you(Y/N/N). So much. Now, how about we cook something together, and then have a horror movie marathon,” Tony exclaimed pulling you off the bed with him.

As you entered the kitchen you noticed the team huddled together. “Not coming up with a way to throw me out of the Tower I hope,” you sass. They immediately stood up straight, all with the same guilt-ridden expression about them.  

“Hey (Y/N/N), we’re really sorry. It was wrong of us to spy on you in the first place, but it was even more wrong of us to judge you based on the little information we had on you,” Steve started.

“I apologize too, (Y/N/N). I called you things and I regret it,” Natasha said not even able to look at you.

“Forgive us,” Bucky added.

“Guys, it’s okay. All you knew about me was my bank statement that seemed to drastically change as soon as I started to date your friend. You were just looking out for him. I understand, if I was in your shoes I probably would have done the same thing,” you reassured. At your statement, they all let out a breath of relief making you giggle.

“She’s great isn’t she?” Tony bragged as he wrapped his arms around your waist hugging you from the back.

“Yeah, she is. Don’t screw this up Stark,” Sam said.

“Don’t plan on it, Birdman,” Tony responded picking you up and bringing you the bedroom, earning a squeal from you. “Screw cooking together, let’s just stay in bed.” Which is what you guys ended up doing, Tony showed you how much you meant to him, in several different ways. You were sure that you wouldn’t be able to walk for the next few days, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  • Adult Glinda reading from her old college diary: Went to the gay union tonight. I was petrified. A lot of political talk, almost too much but ultimately a reasonable amount.
  • Glinda to herself: What does that MEAN?!
  • Glinda, continuing reading: I signed up to organize a 'Take Back The Night March' I don't know why I did it, I don't know what that is.
  • Glinda: oh my god...
Why do baby boomers hate us so much?

So yesterday, my grandma told me that I don’t make time for anything that I don’t consider fun.

She said this while we were on the way to go buy clothes that I need for my new job (Target, red and khakis.) When I said that if that was true, I wouldn’t be getting a job, she said that I’m only getting it for food and trips to NYC while I’m at school. (True, but it’s also for text books, housing deposits, etc. Various adulty reasons.)

So then I said, if that were true, I wouldn’t be in college. I wouldn’t have gotten the grades I got in highschool that got me the scholarship I need to be able to afford it, or have a 3.8 GPA now. I would have skated by in highschool, not taken any APs, and be getting C’s now, because C’s get degrees. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I work my ass off and I certainly don’t consider it fun).

And then she said, and I quote “That’s only because you don’t want to work a hard job.” and went on to discuss how I’m not cut out for manual labor. (Which, admitedly, I’m not.)

But I just find it convenient. Either I’m too apathetic and I’m not going to make anything out of myself, and I’m not focused enough on education; or I’m trying too hard but it’s only because I’m secretly lazy, and godforbid I want an enjoyable life.

It’s just convenient how baby boomers can use circular logic to twist nearly any situation to make it sound like we’re such a lazy generation. Literally, within one conversation, she did a complete 180, using the absolute oppisite reasoning to support the same conclusion.

Decisions, Decisions (Part 6)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content…?

Word Count: 3882

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings​ - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13​ imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child. Texts are in italics

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The next day, you slept in, then went to the gym, grabbed some iced coffee, then went home to relax for a day off. But you couldn’t help but think of James. You toyed with texting and calling him or leaving him alone. Finally, you caved.

I’m sorry about last night. Could we talk about this, please?

No response happened for five minutes and you sighed. What were you going to talk about? You knew you wouldn’t confess everything, but maybe you could buy a tiny bit of more time, then no one could be hurt. You thought maybe, just maybe, you could have one more date with each of them, and then you’d decide.

Ida was busy with her job, otherwise you would’ve reached out to her, but you didn’t want to bother her or distract her. You felt so alone in that moment and you knew it was your fault. Watching James walk out the door last night hurt you far beyond what you thought was capable.

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this is true

Once upon a time, in my early 20s, I lived in Boston. I had a roommate, a girl I’d known in college whose friendship was warm but fleeting, and we were running an errand together. It was the middle of the day, but for some reason – I don’t remember why – we got off the T and went into a bar.

In my memory, the bar was empty except for the bartender and one young, brown-haired woman sitting in front of him, but I don’t know if it really was. I also remember her honing in on us right away, but I don’t know if that’s true either. What I am sure about is that she started the conversation.

At first, it was benign – small talk – and then she halted and looked up at me with an amused smile.

“Deja vu,” she said, confusing my roommate, and then, still holding my eyes, “No, not me. You. You just had Deja vu, didn’t you.”

It wasn’t a question, and she wasn’t wrong.

My acknowledgment opened a floodgate and we had a long, intense conversation about death and past lives and the soul. This was the year of (or after) 9/11, and she said that it was a terrible, terrible thing, but we should be comforted by the fact that everyone who’d been lost had signed up for their fate. She said none of us felt any pain or sorrow we hadn’t already agreed to before our births.

It was an outrageously shocking thing to hear someone say aloud when the country was still angry and in mourning, but she said it with such conviction and peace.

It was a fascinating conversation. I think of it whenever I hear about a tragedy or a death. I wonder, if that’s the way it works, what else is in store for me? What did I agree to?

College advice to younger INTPs from an older one

I have known, personally, four other INTPs in my life. We are all older, ranging from 25-28, and even though we are dissimilar in hobbies and some interests, we are all the same: we still have no idea what we are doing. We are supposed to have a firm grasp on our life direction because we are heading into our thirties, but that simply is not the case. As you see, it’s a long post, but I promise there are some insights to be gained.

From my small pool of INTPs, I have noticed two things that INTPs struggle with when pursuing a career: being told what society says we should be doing, and wanting to overachieve. Both play into the college role. Our society says go to college, get a degree. Of course we are on board! All that learning, books filled with unrestricted knowledge, studying at coffee houses, having an excuse to only work part time and having the power to schedule afternoon classes so you can sleep in to your heart’s desire. Jesus, this is my calling. All five of us went to college, yet only two of us, including myself, got a degree in the end…and it took years. About five years for both of us. It’s disenchanting after a while. INTPs idealize college for the reasons I stated above, and then we realize how it’s filled with unnecessary work, horrible deadlines, and lots of stress just to learn something. That’s agony for us. Learning is something we love, so when stress is added to it, it becomes obsolete. A key part of our personality is extinguished. I am not saying this is true for all INTPs. Many, famously such as Einstein, made academia his career. Yet if most INTPs feel this way about college, then maybe something needs to be said about it.

So my first advice: don’t go to college because society tells you to, and don’t go to college because you’re enchanted by it. After all, do you really know what your sole interest is in at eighteen? I mean your lifelong interest in which you would love to dedicate yourself to for the rest of your life. I thought I did, but then I bounced around between classes, taking everything from Sumerian history to microbiology to even organic chemistry, purely because it was just all so fascinating. We two graduated INTPs from this small group both majored in history, in the end. Why? Personally, it was the easiest. By the time the fifth year of college came around, I was done with it. For my history classes all we had to do was read a book and then write something about it. The other INTP said it was the same for him. This might surprise a lot of MBTI fanatics, because INTPs are stereotyped as very scientific nerds.

Which leads me to my next advice: don’t try to overachieve, especially with the sciences. A masters sounds great, doesn’t it? A Ph.D. sounds damn right amazing. A doctor? Holy shit. It’s so prestigious, a badge of honor which states that we are indeed very intelligent. It solidifies to the world what we already know about ourselves, that we are super intelligent and rational and have great insights to bequeath unto the world. I was a victim of this. I was a double major, doing everything I could trying to get into veterinary school. That’s a great gig, isn’t it? Being known as a doctor, having that title by your name, and dealing with cute patients who couldn’t speak to you but only just wanted to be petted and fed treats. I thought that was exactly what I wanted, but it wasn’t. After interning at a vet clinic, I realized how horrible it was to be a veterinarian. My boss was a business owner, had lived in the same house in the same town with the same mortgage for thirty years, and his highlight of the week was always going to a dinner and a movie with his wife on Friday nights.

Talk about super SJ. No thanks.

After much retrospect and Ti’ing, I realized what I really wanted was the prestigious badge of D.V.M. honor. I was trying to overachieve. The other graduated INTP was enchanted by the Ph.D. He wanted to be a professor. I fell into a depression after a while, and he talks about how he did too, because if we didn’t go on to get masters and doctorates, then what the hell else were we gonna do?

This might be the rut you, as a younger INTP currently in college, might be experiencing. Let me be the first to tell you that college is not as exciting as it sounds, and you might have already discovered that. So what are you going to do? My advice is just to stay in, get that degree. Even if you switch it to history or english because it’s a little easier for introverts, just finish one. Your older self will thank you when you are applying for jobs. If you are a young INTP contemplating college, do this seriously. Very seriously and carefully. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a degree to live a happy and productive life. My best and most favorite job ever was working at a dog daycare during college. I picked up vomit, dog shit, had to break up dog fights, but I also got to play with animals and have oxytocin releases by petting them, and I was left alone to my thoughts most of the time. I was paid eight an hour. The other INTP says his favorite job was a stocking books at a local bookstore. He was by himself and his thoughts, got to read a lot of the books he stocked, and had endless coffee at his disposal. He also got paid eight an hour. We always say how much we wish we could go back to those jobs. I guess we could try, but now we are overqualified to do them and probably wouldn’t be hired. 

I can personally tell you from experience that having a bachelors isn’t that exciting. Graduating was underwhelming, actually. Both of us talk about how anticlimactic it was and how we felt like we didn’t achieve anything special. I honestly get ten times more satisfaction watching my student loans deplete by the thousands than I ever did turning in an essay about Gram negative bacteria or studying about Jugurtha. Also, community college. That’s where it’s at. Don’t be enchanted by universities. They sell themselves on their supposed prestigiousness, which can really be translated into, “We are super competitive because we work our students into depression via endless deadlines and by shoving unnecessary knowledge down their throats, most of which they will never remember. But our price tag guarantees a high paying job if you graduate from us, which you’ll need anyway to pay off all of your debt!

Education doesn’t buy happiness.

Last piece of advice? Do you, INTP, do you. Do what you do best and Ti the shit out of this. But more importantly, Ti the hell out of yourself and really ask yourself if college is for you. If it’s not, then who cares?

about my body

This summer was a big deal. And by big deal I mean I posted a picture of myself…in a bikini…on Instagram. A bikini picture after my freshman year of college where five papers due in a week turned into five emotional crises turned into five cheese pizzas and a few pints of ice cream. In turn, I did a lot of dances to squeeze into my skinny jeans and threw out a few pairs of shorts. 

And I still posted a bikini picture. 

So, yes, this summer was a big deal. 

These are my girlfriends, Sarah and Abby. They defend me, listen to me complain, tell me the truth about my idiotic decisions, let me borrow their clothes, and most of all, love me all the time. 

A few weeks ago we all went out to eat together. If you know me, I live for cheese fries. So, over a plate of cheese fries covered in crawfish and some type of gravy I’d like to go for a swim in, I yelled something like, “If my body looks like this and I can still eat these and then cheesecake for dessert, I think I’m doing OK.” 

And it’s true – I’m doing OK. 

All the articles I read before going to college about what to expect in college were right: I have grown into a woman who is 10 times more mature, reasonable, and level-headed. And I’ve learned to have confidence and lots and lots of self-love. 

In her book, Yes Please, Amy Poehler writes, 

“Hopefully as you get older, you start to learn how to live with your demon. It’s hard at first. Some people give their demon so much room that there is no space in their head or bed for love. They feed their demon and it gets really strong and then it makes them stay in abusive relationships or starve their beautiful bodies. But sometimes, you get a little older and get a little bored of the demon. Through good therapy and friends and self-love you can practice treating the demon like a hacky, annoying cousin. Maybe a day even comes when you are getting dressed for a fancy event and it whispers, “You aren’t pretty,” and you go, “I know, I know, now let me find my earrings.”

And I think for many women our demons speak to us when we’re looking in the mirror or trying on jeans or when Kim Kardashian’s ass on the Cosmo cover is staring at us in the checkout line. When we feel less than and inferior or like the stretch marks are a termite infestation and are eventually going to take over our whole bodies. 

I’ve got a lot of demons, yes, but I am learning to be honest and brave, and here’s the sort-of truth: 

I’m a size eight.
I’ve cried more in the dressing room than anywhere else. 
I have cellulite and I have stretch marks. 
I often look in the mirror while getting dressed, stop, and say to myself, “Oh my god, I haven’t even had kids yet.” 

Now, here is the real truth: 

I can’t help but smile because my body will bring life into the world one day.
I think my intelligence is smoking hot. 
I care about people, and I brake for birds and the elderly and the idiots in Walmart parking lots. 
I like to run, and it is so awesome that my legs allow me to. 
I am funny and smart and strong and resilient and impatient and passionate and sensitive and genuine and headstrong. 

I know that tomorrow I might wake up and feel like the ugliest and fattest monster to ever live, but I know those days are getting fewer and fewer. For that, I’m thankful.

To end, a prayer – 

May we, women, continue pressing forward. May we meditate on the things we love about ourselves more than our pant size. May we say “yes” to the pizza and “no” to the urge to throw it up. May we wear clothes that make us feel sexy, be it a bikini or a one piece, a little black dress or a pantsuit. May we celebrate ourselves, the fiery feminists that came before us, and the confident daughters we will raise. 

And may we always keep the exit signs illuminated for when we tell our demons to please see the door. 


bloomingonions submitted:

I majored in English with a focus on creative writing. Although I didn’t necessarily know exactly what I would do with it at the time, I knew I loved reading and writing, and getting a chance to explore that even further was really appealing to me. In college I took a lot of classes studying 20th century poetry and American literature. I also took many workshops in poetry and short story writing, and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. But, alas, as time went on and graduation kept getting closer, there were a TON of people (mostly my family) asking me what I planned on doing with my English degree. I got the usual suggestions (teaching came up a lot) from a few people, but I knew in my heart that writing and editing was what I wanted to do. For whatever reason, towards the end of college I became interested in journalism (like the prospects were any better there…) and started freelancing for a local alt-weekly, albeit on a very smallpay-by-the-story income. 

And then I graduated. And then I needed a job. 

Since I was 15, I’d been working in restaurants as a means to support myself. I personally think cooking and serving are great ways for writers to support themselves while they pursue their true passions. And it’s what I did through college and post-college, while searching desperately for the right job for me. As time went on, I became more and more desperate, hoping that anybody would hire me to write about anything. And it got pretty bad. I went a full 2 and a half years of job hunting before finally landing a solid, full-time writing job. There were many, many, MANY times when I questioned myself, wondered if I’d made the right decisions, and almost plain gave up. I knew I didn’t want to cook for the rest of my life, but job hunting can be pretty soul-crushing at times, especially now when the job market is rough for everyone and I was an English major who wanted to write for print and online publications. 

BUT, HAVE NO FEAR FELLOW ENGLISH HEADS!!! After searching endlessly for over 2 years and getting tired of explaining my situation to different family members, I finally found a job copywriting and editing for a great company where I live. It may not be the most glamorous of gigs, and I might not be writing for Rolling Stone or Pitchfork like I dreamed of doing way back when, but I can honestly say that I love what I do. I get to write and edit great content every single day, and about 98% of it is original copy I come up with. Plus, I’m still able to freelance in my spare time, so all in all, it worked out pretty good. I now know without a doubt in my mind that every choice I made in high school and college concerning my future was exactly the right choice I needed to make in order to get where I am today. 

(Sorry this is so long, but things got BLEAK for a while there towards the end of my job hunt, and if there’s anything I want people to learn from my story, it’s this: believe in yourself, do what you love to do, and please, please DON’T GIVE UP!!!) 

I’m honestly so sick and tired of seeing posts on here talking about privilege.

I’m not talking about people complaining about thing like how they can’t get a job or go to certain schools or even walk down the street without being harassed because of their appearance/race/gender/sexuality/religion/income bracket/etc. Those are legitimate issues that should absolutely be brought to the attention of the public, and are representative of true privilege and oppression.

I’m talking about these kinds of posts:

“I went shopping today and the store had barely anything in my size, but they had plenty of clothes for tiny size-2 people. Ugh, I hate thin privilege.”

Or “My boyfriend won’t have sex with me because I’m trans*. Cis privilege is the worst.”

Or “There are hardly any PoC in my college textbook! My professor needs to check his white privilege.”

I’m not trying to say that you should ignore your own problems because other people have it worse than you, because that’s not reasonable. But you do need to keep things in perspective, and stop equivocating your own minor issues to actual instances of oppression. Because honestly, if you can afford to eat enough to be overweight and still have money for new clothes, or the biggest problem in your life is that you’re not currently getting any sex, or you have access to higher education…it sounds like you have plenty of privilege of your own.

Why Caleb and Spencer makes sense

Now, I know what you guys are saying because I keep track. And a lot of us, and by us I mean Haleb and Spoby shippers, are pissed that a) those couples are no longer together and b) Spencer and Caleb might be involved romantically.

And while, yeah, I ship Haleb and Spoby and have done so since the get-go, I get why Spencer and Caleb might have developed feelings beyond friendship and how it happened. And I’m 100% behind it.

See, we don’t know why Caleb and Hanna broke up. But I can make a pretty good guess. Probably for the same reasons Spencer and Toby broke up. They were teenagers when they started dating, yes, it was true love and all that, first love as well. But they went away to college and started lives and as lovely as it was to think it would be one of those happy ever after things, the show didn’t end there and it carried them into adulthood and that’s just not how things work. The highschool sweethearts myth exists because it’s an exception, not the rule. Especially not when they all move out of Rosewood and start careers. 

Toby stayed to be a cop and get a degree at night and that’s amazing but Spencer went away and started working in politics. Hanna became a fashion designer or whatever and that’s awesome as well, but Caleb works in a completely different field and didn’t go to college. Those are four really different settings and lives going on there, that don’t necessarily have space to include each other, at least not from the get-go.

Hanna was probably incredibly busy during those five years, making a new for herself and taking chances. Caleb was much more settled, he earned enough to keep himself and her in a house in New York. That’s a lot of money, folks. They went through totally different experiences after highschool and I can see how it might have torn them apart because Hanna would be gone for weeks or even months. As lovely as they were as teenagers, as adults they are very different people with very different ideas of how life works, not just because of who they are but because of what they do. Caleb is a practical kind of guy, I don’t see him wanting to chase dresses around the world. Hanna is a highflyer, a risk taker, someone who charges on ahead. I don’t see her wanting to sit around in New York, simply because Caleb is there.

Spencer went into politics, moved to Washington, has career plans that take her away from Rosewood. Toby wanted to stay and make a life there, a home. He wants kids and a family. That’s not really whats in the cards for Spencer, not that she won’t have them, but she has other priorities. She’s ambitious to a boot, she won’t be simply happy living back home, building a house.

Shit happens. That’s why you outgrown your first love. 

Now, Spencer and Caleb have been friends for a long, long time and they lived through a lot together. If anything, Caleb understands what she went through because he was there. After years of being broken up with Hanna, running into Spencer must have been nice. Because they share a lot in common, but they are also very similar. That’s why they’ve always worked well together, during the show. They’ve teamed up several times, because they both have one track minds, focused and practical.

Meeting at a point in their lives where they live or will live in the same city, they have history and friends in common and they have a lot in common personality wise, makes it easy for them to develop feelings. They went through something incredibly hard together and they share that affinity. Add being a grown up and less romanticized ideas of love, and it makes sense.

They’re adults, who see things as they are - that romance isn’t easy, that relationships aren’t cut clean and simple and that they can trust each other and they both have massive trust issues. Add to that a strong bond and a previous friendship, and yeah, I can totally see it happening. Hanna and Toby, well.. I get it, it isn’t easy. Toby was one of Caleb’s best friends but they’ve clearly grown apart because, again, adulthood. Hanna and Spencer are close friends, but they haven’t exactly been under each other’s thumb for the past five years. To be honest, if it wasn’t for what happened to all of them, I think they’d still be friends but it wouldn’t be the same. Because even friendships become harder and distant with the years. It’s not just not living near each other, it’s the different paths thing. You tend to mingle with people in your field as an adult because those people get what you do and how you work. That’s just how it is. Not that earlier friendships aren’t important, we tend to have a blind spot for the people we were friends with growing up. But it’s just different.

Probably, yes, Hanna and Toby will be upset. But it happened a long time all after all of them broke up and it happened in a completely different setting. Will it probably hinder Haleb and Spoby? Yeah. Probably. Does it mean those ships are not endgame? No. Adulthood is weird and feelings are weird and it’s not that simple. Like I said, you can outgrow your first love but that doesn’t mean it can’t come back and become a more mature thing. 

Falling For You

Nash Grier imagine for emmabella26 , hope you like it!

“Look who’s here, guys!” Matt said as we walked through the door and into the hotel room where the rest of our friends were hanging.

“Y/N, you’re back!” Nash smiled as I greeted the rest with a variety of hi’s and hey’s.

“Of course I am! I missed you all too much to stay away” I smiled back at Nash.

“So, what did we miss?” Matt asked as we joined the group on the floor. It was a little weird considering there were two beds and a sofa in the room, but everyone was sitting on the floor.

“Yeah, spill it” I smirked and Cameron began talking about some fan sneaking into his room in the middle of the night. We were all laughing and I realized this is where I was the happiest. Surrounded by these boys. They were currently touring the country for the second time together. I had been with them on the first tour but had to leave to go to college since I wasn’t actually apart of magcon. But now, about a year later, I was reunited with them again. It was Matt who introduced me as we were best friends and had been since first grade. And it was Matt who had gone to my college to convince me to join them. And I did, because I missed this so much.

A few hours later, everyone was sleeping. Except for me. It didn’t feel like I was here, it felt like a dream. Like when I woke up, I’d be back in my dorm hundreds of miles away. It was a lot to take in.

“Are you still up?” I heard a voice say and I met Nash’s eyes.

“Can’t sleep” I told him and he smiled.

“You wanna go for a walk?” He asked and I just nodded.

Nash and I were complicated. The last time we saw each other we weren’t really the best of friends, we were actually kind of hating each other back then. You see, we had a fling. I don’t even know if you can call it that. We kissed and then everything got messed up. Nash wasn’t the relationship type and I wasalready in a relationship with this amazing guy I went to high school with. Since I thought what Nash and I had was special I broke up with my boyfriend to be with him. Only I didn’t realize we weren’t that special after all, finding Nash making out with some other girl backstage. It messed me up big time and when he tried to apologize I pushed him away and told him I never even cared. Lies. It was all lies. But now, coming back here and seeing his face again, I couldn’t stay mad. I guess the short time I spent in college made me mature just enough to forgive him and stop acting like a child.

We were walking around the halls of the hotel not entirely sure where we were going. It was around three am and I could feel my eyelids getting heavier every minute. But it felt good, just walking with him and listening to all the things that had been happening in his life the past months.

“I’m really glad you’re back. Tour just hasn’t been the same without you” He said and I couldn’t help but giggle.
“Well, I’m glad to be back. College wasn’t as fun as being with you guys” I smiled.

I mean, it was true. College had never been that interesting to me. I didn’t like school and the thought of going for like three more years just sickened me. Which made my parents just slightly upset. They didn’t consider being on tour instead of school as a good idea. They were probably right but I was just following my heart. The only reason I actually went to college in the first place was to get away from Nash. I was running, and now here I was, back at the place I fled from. Except this time, I actually liked it.

“Look Nash, I need to apologize to you. I was so immature last year, I overreacted and I’m sorry” I blurted out in the middle of his sentence. He stopped walking then and just looked at me.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Y/N. I was a jerk. I ruined your relationship, I played you. I should be the one to say I’m sorry, and believe me, I am. It’s the only thing I’ve been able to think about and I know I should’ve called but I was too scared you would just hand up on me. I thought you hated me” his eyes didn’t leave mine for even a second.

“I did. I did hate you, Nash. But I’ve grown and know you didn’t mean to hurt me” I attempted to smile. “And I know you didn’t like me like that anyway, I should’ve known better”

“Except I did and I’m so mad at myself for ever doing anything like that to you” he looked away now.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“Last year, I found myself with a new, weird feeling that I wanted nothing more than to just get rid of. It was horrible. My thoughts kept going back to just one thing, I couldn’t sleep at night and everytime I saw you I felt something happening inside me. It was like I was under your spell and I had no idea what was going on. I thought you were pulling some weird voodoo thing on me but then I realized I was just simply falling in love. So I kissed you, and I swear I could see fireworks. But you had a boyfriend and I refuse to be the person to break a couple up so I figured that if I stopped talking to you and started acting like I didn’t care maybe you’d forget about me and your relationship would be saved. But the damage had already been done, and I made everything worse by being an ass to you. I’m so sorry” he said and sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall behind him with his head in his hands. He was in love with me. He was in love with me. All those sleepless nights I had spent thinking about him he had been falling for me. And with that I didn’t even care that about the days I had spent hating him with such passion. All that mattered was that he had been in love with me the way I had been in love with him.

“Please say something” he whimpered from the floor and I took a seat next to him.

“I had a feeling too. Pretty similar to the one you had, except to me it wasn’t new. I had fallen for someone before-“ I started but he cut me off.

“I know and I never meant for your relationship to end, I swear. I’m so, so sorry” he let out.

“Will you let me finish?” I asked and he nodded.

“I was in love with him, but that was before I met you. Once I saw you it was like those feelings just washed off me and I was overflown by new, stronger feelings. I was falling for you too, Nash” I said and he looked up from his hands and met my eyes.

“You’re not mad?” he asked and I smiled at him.

“Not anymore” I replied and he managed to get a weak smile on his lips.

“I love you, Y/N. Even though it took me a year to let you know that” he said and took my hand in his.

“I know, and I love you too” I said and leaned in closer to him, our lips inches away from touching. I could feel his breath against my skin and his hands were intertwined with mine. Right when our lips gently brushed against each other I could hear a voice from behind.

“There you are! Guys, I found them!” Cam shouted and then Matt and Carter came around the corner. When they saw our hands a mix of aw’s and ew’s broke out and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I thought you didn’t even like each other” Cam asked with a confused look.

“Well, I knew you liked each other. How could you not see it coming?” Matt asked Cameron, who just shrugged. Still looking confused.

“It’s okay to leave now, guys” Nash hinted and Matt winked at us.

“Gotcha” he said and gestured to the way they came from, shouting. “Alright, there’s nothing to see here. The show’s over”

I turned back to Nash giggling and I was pretty much out of speech. I just wanted to pick up where we left off and luckily, he wanted too.

“Sooo, where were we?” 


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anonymous asked:

along the lines of Ford having the Talk with Stan, wrt 'the way dad treated us wasn't okay', I imagine a big part of the reason Ford really believes that to be true (since it's not as if he's had therapy on the other side of the portal), and has internalized it enough to try and help Stan, is because it was introduced to /him/ as a concept in college, via Fidds. Maybe he even went home with Fidds over a break and was surprised to see how different that family life was from what he grew up with

Headcanon thoroughly accepted. Once again Fidds provides a much needed bit of perspective.