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Behind the Scenes of 'Beauty and the Beast'
The film’s stars and creators share memories of shooting in a French village on a stage outside London

Before production began, Emma Watson worked closely with Bill Condon and Dan Stevens to polish the script, adding what she calls “detail and depth and fullness and wholeness to the scenes.” She also focused on fine-tuning Belle’s character, expanding beyond what little was established in the 1991 film. Says Watson: “There was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn’t fit in, other than she liked books.” Lots and lots of books, like the ones she’s holding here as she takes direction from Condon in the library. Later in the movie we also learn where Belle and her father lived before moving to the “little town full of little people.” It’s a city that holds special meaning for Watson. “l sing a song called ‘Paris of My Childhood,’ which was odd for me to sing because I was born in Paris and my childhood was in Paris,” she says. “It’s a sweet melody, a really lovely song.”

For the “poor provincial town” that Belle longs to escape, the crew built a real French village on the Shepperton back lot, providing a dramatic contrast between this cozy setting and the imposing castle nearby. Greenwood says her team combed French towns looking for a place to shoot, and though they found candidates in Conques and near Paris, when it came time to discuss bringing cast and crew to these actual villages, they realized it would be easier to create one from scratch. “As much as I thought it should be real, how could you say, 'No, I don’t want to build a French village on the back lot’? So we built it,” Greenwood explains. “That was great because we could then hybrid all the things we’d seen and put all the best elements into our village.” Including a wandering French rooster. Cocorico!

Kevin Kline’s wayward Maurice, Belle’s father, finds himself lost in the woods near the Beast’s castle on his way to sell his music boxes at the market. If he looks safe here, he won’t be for long. “I spent so much time getting pushed around,” Kline says with a laugh. “I noticed it after a couple of weeks, and I said to Bill, 'I’m on the floor again.’ [Maurice] is sort of the fall guy, so I get roughed up a lot!” As fans of the fairy tale will remember, Belle’s papa eventually reaches the Beast’s castle, a majestic but creepy estate Kline describes as “disquieting” to see in person. “It wouldn’t be my first choice if I weren’t stuck in a snowstorm and being pursued by these ravenous wolves,” he quips. Production designer Sarah Greenwood says she and her team emphasized the castle’s magic and grandeur in the grounds and exteriors nearby: “The whole landscape became part of the enchantment.”

It’s easy to become blasé when you’re an actor used to working on lavish productions. But the Beauty and the Beast cast never tired of their surroundings. “I remember the first time Emma Thompson and I saw the ballroom set and our jaws dropped because it’s just so gorgeous,” says Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who plays Plumette. The majestic ballroom was the perfect setting for the final number, when the Beast and all the household objects return to their human form. “Just breathing it in, from the costumes to the flowers to the music, and everybody dancing and swirling around in unison, there was a real magic to it.” The room also evolves with the story. “In the prologue, before he gets transformed into the Beast, it’s almost as opulent as Versailles,” set decorator Katie Spencer says. “Then it’s an echo of what happens to him, and then it comes back for the big celebration at the end.”

Filming Beauty and the Beast can be, well, a beast — at least for Luke Evans and Josh Gad, whose extra-macho Gaston and less-than-macho Le Fou shared bombastic scenes that sometimes led to mildly painful accidents. “We slapped hands so hard, [Josh] burst a blood vessel in his thumb,” Evans (right, with Gad and producer David Hoberman) recalls, laughing. “We had to stop rehearsals, get the medic in. He thought his finger was going to drop off, but I think he’ll survive. We just slapped hands hard, but obviously we just caught our thumbs at some point, and he’s a delicate flower.” But if they’re sounding too similar to their characters here, don’t worry: At least Gad can confirm that his hair in the film is completely fake. “If I had hair this good, I would not be doing Beauty and the Beast right now,” he deadpans. “I would be modeling.”

In this scene, Audra McDonald’s Madame de Garderobe sings for the prince just before he’s transformed into a hairy horned creature. De Garderobe craves attention, but McDonald herself responded a bit more modestly when she learned she’d won the role. “I was just shocked I was asked to be involved, to the point that when I was flying over there, I was like, 'Do they really want me to play her?’” she says. “I was pretty much in disbelief until they put the costume on me and shoved me out on-set.” Which then just made her even more speechless, of course. “When I walked on-set, it felt like I was walking into a dream.” Stanley Tucci, who plays de Garderobe’s maestro and husband, Cadenza, was also humbled by the splendor. “The scope of the set was enormous. They had these candelabras, these chandeliers coming from the ceiling with real candles. It was just stunning,” he says.

Sir Ian McKellen couldn’t wait to slip on that wig and mustache, especially since it meant working with a director he knows well. “I’ve done two films now with Bill Condon, and we’re always looking for a third,” the actor says. “It was absolutely typical of Bill that he wanted to have a few friends with him, so I was very, very thrilled to suddenly be in my first Disney movie.” Though most of McKellen’s work involved voicing his character Cogsworth, the actor says his favorite moment was finally meeting the cast in person for the final celebration. “There was one absolutely glorious day when went out and joined all the actors in doing the final scene, when all the characters in the castle come back to life and become real people,” he says. “So I did feel I was in the thick of it for at least a day, and singing and dancing was an absolute joy.”

Yeah... March Madness...

For those of you that don’t know, March madness is a college basketball tournament. And I live in a college town with a really good basketball team. So our restaurant was packed with people just staying there and not leaving, some people were understanding that the wait was going to be a while, others not so much. Like did they think they were the only ones with the bright idea to go watch the game at a sports bar?
Also, oh my god, there was this group that was there from open (11am) to 930pm. That’s 10.5 hours… Who goes to a restaurant for 10.5 hours? WHAT THE FUCK? Why? Go home. For most of that they were sitting in the bar on bar stools and then they moved to the dining room with still very uncomfortable chairs. Again, why?

so it turns out the first big world you get to explore in Mass Effect: Andromeda, in an unknown and unexplored galaxy, 600 light years away… is based on the town I live in. I just paid $60 to spend 5 hours running around a computer simulation of my actual backyard. Eos is just Arches National Park: Space Version. 

the game (top) vs actual hikes I have been on recently (bottom two). like. i cannot describe the irony of staying indoors all day to play a videogame while all my housemates went hiking in the landscape this videogame is trying to simulate. thanks bioware. 

Luke Hemmings Smut

“Have you seen Michael?” Y/N asked, coming into the living room.

Luke, Michael’s roommate, nodded his head. “He said he had to go into work for a few hours and that I should keep you company.”

Y/N smiled. She liked hanging out with Luke. They always had fun together, a stress free day.

“What do you want to do?” he asked, patting the empty spot on the couch next to him.

Y/N sat down and glanced out the window at the rain and frowned. “I don’t know. I was hoping we could go into town but it’s raining,” she sighed.

Luke nodded, his blonde hair bobbing against his head. “Why don’t we have a movie marathon instead?”

Y/N looked at the pouring rain, thinking it was the perfect day to relax with Luke on the couch. The best part was she didn’t have to change. She could wear her running shorts and too small t shirt for the rest of the day. She could also get away with having her hair messy. She could tell Luke was still in his pajamas too. His gray sweatpants hung loosely off his hip with his black t shirt showing off his muscles. She blushed at the thought.

In no time at all they had finished the first movie and were onto the second. She still hadn’t heard from Michael and was starting worry that he would be gone most of the day. She had driven almost two hours so that they could spend the weekend together and now here she was spending it with his roommate. Not exactly how she imagined the weekend would play out.

Her body was beginning to ache from the position was she in. Luke was lying across the couch and she was leaning against his stomach but now her back was starting to bother her. Without a second thought, she laid down against Luke, so that they were spooning. This was a much more comfortable position. His arm draped over her stomach and he pulled her against him.

As the movie played, they could both feel the sexual tension rising in the room. She could feel his erection pressing against her back and he was making no effort trying to hide it. His right hand was slowly moving lower down her stomach, towards her aching core.

She knew this was wrong and she didn’t want to hurt Michael but she had always had a thing for Luke. Even before she began dating Michael. Luke was just a great guy to be around and always made her feel good, even when she was at her worst.

She felt Luke’s hand creep slightly slower and she stood up surprising him. His blue eyes, now dark, watched her walk to the kitchen and out of sight. She needed to calm down. Her body was aching for Luke.  

Standing on her tiptoes, she struggled trying to get a cup from the cabinet. Her fingers grazed across the glass but she wasn’t able to wrap her hand around it.

She felt Luke from behind her as he reached up to grasp the cup. His front was pressed against her back and she felt his still evident erection. He placed the glass down on the counter but made no attempt to step away from her.

Instead his hands landed on her hips, moving her t shirt aside, making small circles with his thumbs. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against his shoulders. Taking Luke’s hand in her’s she moved down to the waistband of her shorts.

His hand slid beneath the material and down towards her core. He pushed aside her underwear as his fingers ran across her folds.

“Already wet,” he muttered.

She moaned as his fingers teased her before slipping two in. She groaned as his fingers moved in and out, working their magic.

“Fuck Luke,” she moaned.

Three fingers moved across her folds and came to a stop on her sensitive spot. He began rubbing them against it as his other fingers, moved inside her.

She could the familiar knot already beginning to form in her stomach. It normally took longer for her to reach her climax and she was doing her best to hold it back but she needed release. Her body couldn’t take it anymore.

She felt her walls clench around his fingers and felt her legs grow weak. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the counter, steadying herself. She felt Luke take a step back and she waited a moment before turning around. He was standing against the counter, arms crossed over his chest, a smile plastered across his face.

She glanced at his gray sweatpants, that hung loosely across his hips. His erection was still evident and she was ready to please him the way he had pleased her.

Taking a step across the kitchen, her hands reached towards his waistbands. Her fingers played with the elastic and when Luke didn’t say anything, she gently pulled them down along with his black boxers.

He was much bigger than she had anticipated and she smiled when she saw what she was working with.

She kneeled down, placing her bare knees on the cold tiled floor. Taking him in her hand, she moved her hand up and down. Her finger moved across the tip, spreading the pre cum that had begun to form.

Leaning forward, she flicked her tongue over the tip, resulting in a moan from Luke.

She took him in her mouth, slowly moving her mouth up and down. His fingers tangled in her hair as moved along him, occasionally moving her tongue over the tip. She felt Luke relax the more she ran her mouth over him.

“I want to cum inside you,” Luke moaned.

She moved her mouth up and down one more time before Luke caved. “No more,” he whispered, gently pulling her head away from him.

She had just removed her mouth, when there was a knock on the door. Glancing at Luke, he pulled up his underwear and sweatpants.

“You get it. I’m sure it’s someone trying to sell something. I’ll be in my room, waiting,” he said.

Y/N nodded, running her hands through her hair and making sure that she looked acceptable before going to open the door.

When she opened the door, she came face to face with Michael.

“M-Michael,” she said, surprised. “I thought you were working. And why don’t you have your key?”

“I lost my key. I forgot to tell you. It’s a good thing you’re home. Where’s Luke?” he asked, glancing around the empty living room.

“In his room.”

Michael nodded, glancing at her. “Want to grab dinner?”

“Ok. Let me tell Luke.”

Y/N knocked on the door before opening it slightly. Luke was lying on the bed, staring at her.

“Michael’s here. We’re going to get dinner.”

Luke’s face fell, as his blue eyes glanced toward his obvious erection.

“Well I guess I’ll have to finish my self.”

“I’ll help you next time,” Y/N said, as Luke looked up her a huge smile on his face.

Anyone want a part 2?

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What were you like as thirteen year old? Emo or nerdy, angry or shy, that sort of thing.

I was somehow incredibly arrogant but also very shy. I was doing well academically in school at 13 and put a lot of stock in my intelligence and read a lot. But this was really because it was around then I’d kind of realised I didn’t have any friends. I hadn’t got into youth politics or discovered drawing yet so 13 year old me was a strange little boy.

Everyone I’d went to primary school with sort of stopped talking to me around then for two reasons. One they didn’t want to attract attention to themselves from the guys that were beating the shite out of me and two I lived in a different town to them and it was too expensive for me to go hang out with them after school or during weekends. Plus I found out recently that I was like the butt of a lot of jokes being told on the Douglas bus so my rep was pretty nonexistent. Not gonna lie that really stung pretty bad when my friend finally told me about it.

But my main memory of being 13 was just of being so lonely. I’d come home and tell my parents so many lies about school that day and honestly I was so lonely I was happy to just believe the lie too. God it sucks now that I think about it. Looking back now I’m just like impressed at how strong that 13 year old me was mentally. He may have been a scrawny nerd with a bruised ego but he was a tough kid.

In the meanwhile I’ve been setting up this wonderful Dutch world called Lowlands. It’s a real gem and it’s so much fun to go through a Sim’s world and actually feel at home lol.
I disabled the use of cars so here’s hoping that townies will use the bikes I set up the town’s homes with. (I wish I could insert the sound of the carillons I’m hearing right now through the open window)
Anyways, I gave some of your sims a home and a family and Dutchified their names. :D
In this pic you can see Belinda and Anneke. Two policewomen (or firefighter I haven’t decided yet) with their kids Saskia and Thijs and their dog Dutch. Belinda is one of my own sims and is with me for quite a long time. Anneke was made by @monsternoirsims and was called Miley in a former life lol. :))
They live in the Zaanse huisjes in Lowlands. Hope I’ll be able to play them for a bit today. Have a beautiful Sunday!

Lazytown Ageswap First Episode

Admittedly, I’m not a great writer, but I said I’d post some of the Episode ideas I had for the Ageswap AU, so here’s a summary:

Sporti and his Pabbi are new in town, and Sporti wants to meet all of the other kids! He first runs into Millie, who is very sweet and welcoming, but would rather stay inside and bake than play sports. Sporti then finds Bessie, and is encouraged that she is already outside. However, she’s more interested in soaking up sun than playing. Sporti approaches the house next door, where Bessie said another kid lives, but no one responses to his knocking (though he could have sworn that he saw a pair of grey eyes peeking through the shutters). Sporti goes back to his Pabbi, who tells him a story about a friendly heroine that plays with lonely kids if they send her a message. After trying to send letters, make phone calls, and even send a telegram, Sporti is ready to give up on summoning the heroine. He sings a song about wishing for friends, and all of a sudden, someone else joins in: Stephanie Splitz! They hit it off immediately, and start playing together. Sporti tries to invite the other kids out again to play with him and Stephanie. Millie and Bessie hesitantly accept, but as they start playing, all three kids begin getting tripped up. They start blaming each other, but Stephanie traces an elaborate web of tripwires back to Tricky Trixie, who is determined to keep the kids apart. Once the kids learn about the villain however, they are more determined than ever to become the best of friends! As the day ends and everyone starts heading home, Sporti passes by the house from before; he stops out front, and just in case someone is watching, he waves.

The Werewolves on Bakers Street Part One

I live a very basic, ordinary life. I live in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, where everyone knows each other. A small town where nothing ever happens and everyone has their normal lives. Every week is the same. The same classes on the same days, the same people in the same places, everything is the same. Honestly, I hate it. I hate being stuck in this repetitive life. I don’t want much, I just wish something would change. That something exciting and adventurous would happen! But in this small, quiet town, I highly doubt anything will ever happen. I have never been so wrong.

With every story, it is always best to start from the beginning. My beginning started in a way you’d never expect. It started with an alarm.

I groaned as I rolled over in bed, blindly searching for my phone. After a few fumbling moments, I finally found my phone blasting the loudest alarm manageable. Quickly, I shut of the alarm, dreading having to start my day. It was Monday, on September 1st, where I had no choice but to leave my warm and comfortable bed. My morning was fairly simple. I started with a hot shower, finally awake enough to function. Quickly, I dressed and ate a small breakfast of toast and coffee before leaving for work.

It was a short drive from my apartment to “Bakers’ Bakery” where I worked most days. I really enjoyed my job, it was simple. My job was mixing, putting everything in the oven, and taking everything out. I only had one other worker with me, and her name was Jasmine. She was honestly a good friend of mine. I didn’t really have any close friends, but Jasmine was the only one I was close to. I’m not really a social person, so making friends hasn’t been easy. I walked into the bakery, lost in my thoughts as I suddenly heard a shout from the back.

“(Y/N)!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE NEVER GOING TO SHOW UP!! I HAD TO OPEN UP ALONE!!” Jasmine shouted at me, running into a hug as I laughed.

“Jas, please calm down, it’s way too early for you to be so hyper and excited.” I said, grabbing my apron and washing my hands, ready to start my shift. Jasmine laughed as she joined me, helping me start the first batch of baked goods.

“You love me and my excitement, and you know it! I am upset I had to start on my own, but it’s okay, I suffered for you, my dearest (Y/n).” Jasmine said, nudging my side.

“Well, with a long, six hour shift ahead of us, we are going to need all the energy we can manage.” I said smiling, playfully pushing her out of my way.

“You know we won’t have any customers for a while, might as well have a head start.” I stated quietly, beginning our long shift for the day.

After various batches of food, and Jasmine burning only two batches, customers finally came in. When we have customers, Jasmine manages the register while I pack the food ordered and make sure nothing burns. Our day continued like this for a long time, until the gossip group filed in. This group was simply five young mothers gossiping about anything under this small town. Jasmine and I find this group of women rather amusing as we quietly work and listen to their gossip. Most things they discuss are scandals and of their favorite dramas, but today was different. Apparently, a group of young (and very handsome) men moved in our town yesterday. Though, before I could listen more, the lunch rush hour began and the nearly empty bakery was quickly filled with customers.

Throughout the rest of the day, Jasmine and I managed as usual. Happily finishing our shifts, we decided to have dinner at a nearby diner. As we walked in, we quickly sat at our usual booth. While we waited for our waitress, I quietly looked around the diner, quickly noticing something different. On the other side of the diner was a group of seven men, loudly eating and laughing, and having a wonderful time on their own. Smiling slightly, I realized that these were the “handsome young men” from the gossip girls. From what I could tell, they weren’t wrong at all. Half of the group sat with their backs facing me, but judging from the others faces, they were stunning. Noticing I was staring, I quickly looked away, not wanting to be caught or embarrassed at all. Finally, our waitress appeared and we quickly ordered our meals, laughing and telling jokes as we ate, not noticing the seven men leave.

Though, that night when I arrived home, I couldn’t help but feel curious about those seven men. All of my thoughts and curiosities followed me into sleep, not realizing that my life would change when I woke.

Hello everyone!! I hope you all enjoy this !! Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to do a part two!! Love you!! -Admin Marie

Edit: A huge thank you to Boo!! She helped me find a title for this story!! Thank you Boo!!

If I ever write a book it’s going to be solely comprised of my first grade teacher’s Facebook posts. She lives in my tiny hometown and her daily updates and antidotes about her life and goings-on are the most precious thing on this earth.

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How long does it usually take to get your name legally changed? I'm thinking about doing it when I'm older, since I don't really like my name :/

It really depends on your state because each state has a different procedure and documents you need. The majority of them require a trip to your local courthouse to petition for a name change. Then you follow the court process. So how long it takes depends on how fast your courts are. If you have busy courts it could be awhile. If you live in a small town where not much happens then it could be very fast. 

Don't fight hate with hate

I’m pale as fuck and from a well-off family, so people assume I’m bigoted.
I’m a bisexual, non-binary child of a Southern, Baptist Christian, Republican family living in the United States, where I know that I’m at risk of my parents putting me through electroshock therapy to change my sexuality by the time I graduate.

I’m American, so people assume I’m racist.
My aunt is a beautiful woman of color, and I have two baby cousins who take after her, who I love deeply. My uncle, her brother, is the same and one of the bravest, kindest men I have met, a war veteran too.

I’m from a good part of town, so people assume I don’t know what real struggle is.
Also wrong.
Read the first paragraph, and then note that I was conceived on birth control, have childhood trauma, and agoraphobia.

This is not to discredit people who’s struggles are different, or greater. I know that I still have it pretty good compared to other people’s lives.

The message here is, I’ve been seeing hate go both ways recently.
Bigoted, racist, highly privileged white person says something out of line about a group of people,
And then suddenly said group of people do the same thing about them.
Regardless of who “started the fight”, regardless of who “was wrong first”,

We shouldn’t fight hate with hate.
It’s like fighting a fire with gasoline.

i chose to live in an old building/area occupied by a buncha art heaux college students and honestly i’d rather be living in the part of town where all the normies stay because at least all the noise i overhear from their weekly parties wouldn’t be so fake-deep and embarrassing

waiting for my friend dave to get here. he was my roommate in like 2005, 2006. he was the officiant at my wedding. then we didn’t talk for a long time because we had a falling out. now we’re just becoming friends again. he lives out of town now so i don’t see him much. i’m looking forward to catching up.


“Devil’s Radio” live in Japan December 1991 courtesy of George Harrison VEVO

“I was stopped at a traffic light in a little English country town. And there was a church with a billboard that said, ‘Gossip —- The Devil’s Radio, Don’t Be A Broadcaster’. I thought ‘Now that’s pretty cool —- there’s definitely a song in that.’ Gossip’s such a horrible thing —– we’re all guilty of it. Like the song says,it’s like a weed, It grows and it chokes everything up and it’s not creative or helpful.” - George Harrison, excerpted from “I, Me, Mine” the extended version.

god i love living in a city so much i could never go back to living in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. “i just want to live in a tiny village with like 500 people and get back to nature” FUCK that. being able to walk ten minutes and buy fresh samosas is worth any number of ambulances screaming down the main road at 5 am and threats of potential burglary. FUCK small towns.

Here’s the reason I went with Bad Moon instead: it’s the same story. 

Like, absolutely, Silver Bullet is about a kid who knows that a werewolf is terrorizing his town and can’t get anyone to believe him, but there’s a mystery element that makes it different. We don’t know for sure who the werewolf is until about halfway through. 

But Bad Moon is literally Fright Night if Charley were a dog. Here’s a guy who lives in a trailer next door to the family’s house and the family ignores his odd behavior because he’s blood relation and they know he’s gone through some trauma recently. 

But the dog knows. He knows that the guy next door is a werewolf, and the werewolf knows that the dog knows and is trying to get him out of the picture. And the dog can’t tell the family, because he’s a dog. 

It’s such a great double feature to watch two totally different versions of basically the same story. 

chimervera replied to your post ““Hello protagonist my name is () I don’t know you at all but I am…”

Bioware has literally never handled a single trans woman well. They can improve in everything else… But apparently not this -_-

Like they at least made some effort with Krem, but you know– maybe hiring diversity of writers might have gone a long way to improve this. Representation should occur behind the scenes as well as what we see on the screen right? I live in a small town and since I started going to writers groups I’ve met at least 2 women who have written about their experience as a trans women– if I can find writers who can do that job by barely stepping outside my door why can’t Bioware??

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Hi marlen this might be off topic but how does one meet a nice girl? ( I am girl btw) I live in a small city in germany and it's just so hard for me?

move to berlin

i mean it. like i used to live in a small town too and it was nearly impossible to find wlw’s there but here you meet so many lgbt people and there are safe spaces, clubs etc. it’s great. i literally found no other way bc it was hard for me too and as soon as i moved to berlin it got easy and i just feel so much more comfortable bc you can be yourself here, you can hold your gf’s hand and kiss her in public, without being scared. that was my only solution, i hope you find another one, that suits you the best <3 all the best from me, *hugs you tight*