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Kind of a weird question but here goes: I've got a paramedic whose wrists are duct-taped behind her. She has a scalpel and is trying to cut herself free. Given that she doesn't want to hurt herself, would she try to cut a particular side of the wrist? If she nicks herself on the "better side", how quickly would she lose blood? What's the treatment plan? Thanks a million!!!

Hmmmm. This is an interesting one. It’s slightly off-topic, but I’ll give it a shot. 

There are three ways I can see her holding the scalpel with her wrists taped together. (I invite you to pick up a pencil and follow along.) 

First, she could try to work on the thumb side of the tape, with the scalpel held across the top of her thumb and hooked between her index and middle finger on her dominant hand. 

Second, she could try to work on the pinky side of the wrist, by holding the scalpel almost in her fist and working the end back toward the thumb side. 

And third, she could try gently guiding the scalpel between her palms into the space between the arches of her wrist – and in between the “top strip” and “bottom strip” of tape. She can then press the ulnar (pinky) side bones together and sort of use it as leverage to cut towards the top or the bottom strip. 

Remember, she doesn’t need to cut all the way through the tape on either side. All she has to do is cut through a little bit of one of the side (but she does need to cut all layers). Duct tape tears fairly easily once the cut has been initiated. 

Now, you ask about injury. This is definitely a sensitive area – we don’t likes the cutsings of the arteries, Precious, no we dont’s – but there’s no guarantee she’ll even give herself a nick doing this. I would say working the blade from the middle of the palms back and then slicing “down” towards the pinkies is probably the safest, mostly because yes, she has to work the blade between her palms, but she can sort of run it along the flat of her hand to get it there? 

Anyway, if she does nick herself, it’s likely to be fairly superficial, and can be dealt with by a bandage and some pressure. She’d bleed a bit, but not enough to be clinical, unless she nicks a vein; there are several veins on the palmar side of the wrist. 

Clean cut bleeding, like scalpel wounds, tend to stop bleeding fairly quickly anyway, because they’re easy to clot, but maybe spill a cup of blood on the floor before it really stops :) 

Source: I’m sitting on my couch playing with (sealed, safetied) scalpel, just for you. <3 

Hope this helps! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Love You Goodbye | Calum Hood

Summary: After coming back home from a couple shows, Calum breaks the news that another tour was about to start, and he decides that kissing you goodbye wasn’t enough.

Genre: Smut, Dom!Calum, making love, top!Calum, Second Person POV

Rating: R

“Another tour? Cal, you can’t be leaving me so soon.” You mumbled as you crossed your arms over one another. You had just gotten Calum back from a few minor shows the band had, but now being told that a world tour would be ensuing made your stomach feel uneasy.

Calum pulled your body against him and caressed the small of your back, his lips pressing into the small of your ear. “(Y/N), I know and leaving you is hard on me too, but I have no choice. Vacation is over, the guys need a bass player.“ His laugh was hollow, as if it was an attempt at making you feel better.

Your arms hooked around his neck, and you buried head into the crook of his neck. "I know, but I hate letting you go again.” Inhaling the scent of his skin, you held onto the smell as if it was the last time you’d ever smell it.

“C'mon love, don’t say it like that. Temporary, remember? Only temporary.” Calum’s tone was sweet and soothing, a quality that you admired about your boyfriend.

You practically melted at his fingertips. “When do you leave?” You mumbled as you left small kisses along the exposed skin of his collarbone.

Calum hooked one arm around you, the other hand curling around tendrils of your hair and tugging them teasingly. “Tomorrow, so we have an entire night to kill.” Even you knew exactly what Calum wanted, at this point. “Kissing you goodbye isn’t enough.”

“Then love me goodbye.” You murmured before connecting both of your lips together.

Calum reacted immediately, his hands caressing every curve in your body. He detached from your lips only to reattach at your collarbone, sucking love bites on whatever skin was exposed. He grinned as soft slivers of whimpers fell from your parted lips. “You always sound so angelic, princess.” His voice was gruff and needy as he gently tugged off the t-shirt you were currently wearing.

You blushed at his words and eagerly attached your lips once more. His lips tasted minty and sweet, only churning your stomach in anticipation.

Calum gently pushed you onto the bed, being cautious as he hovered above you. “We haven’t done this in a while.” He murmured as he left trails of kisses along your breasts.

“Liar. We fucked yesterday.” Your arms hooked around his neck as he continued lazily placing kisses onto your skin.

Calum chuckled lowly and hooked a finger into the waistband of your jeans, tugging them down your legs agonizingly slow. “I mean we haven’t made love in a while, princess.”

Your body felt vulnerable as you laid, braless and clad only in a pair of laced white panties. Calum’s rough and calloused hand felt its way up the side of your body, his head dipping down and leaving love bites along your exposed breasts. You reached up and pulled Calum’s t-shirt off from the collar, running your hands over his chiseled features. Your nails latched onto his biceps as he sucked particularly hard onto the sensitive place beneath your ear. “God—Calum please I can’t handle anymore teasing.”

Calum smirked at your begging, which you knew only turned him on more. “Patience.” Lust pooled in between your thighs as you watched Calum undo his belt as slow as he could. Finally, after kicking off his jeans, his lips returned to sucking love bites down your body. His head was finally above the middle of your thighs, and he cast a teasing glance up at you, licking a long strip over your covered slit.

You hissed in pleasure as your back arched off of the mattress, trying to catch Calum’s tongue once more. “F-Fucking hell—Calum!” Your breath hitched once more as his lips came into contact with your clothed cunt, peppering kisses along your slit.

Calum left that area, coming back up and smirking as he laid kisses along your bruising skin. “You’re already dripping and your panties aren’t even off yet.” He placed a steaming kiss on your lips and let his fingers trail down your tummy, hooking in the waist band of your underwear and tugging them down to your ankles. His fingers trailed back up, pausing to collect some wetness from your core.

You watched as Calum stuck the finger into his mouth, sucking every last drop before letting his finger come out with a pop. Instead of waiting any longer, you reached down and tugged on Calum’s underwear yourself, whining when your hand was pushed away. “Please C-Calum I’ll do anything.”

“Such a whimpering mess.” Calum murmured in your ear as he slid his underwear off and kicked it to the side. His hand encompassed his length, and you watched as he gave himself a couple slow strokes before tapping the tip along your slit. “I haven’t even done anything to this little thing, and it’s already soaked.” His breathing was hot and heavy as he slowly pushed his length into your awaiting core.

You lurched into his chest in surprise and euphoria, your nails latching onto Calum’s muscular shoulders. “C-Cal—” Your voice hitched as his cock slid out slowly, only to be pushed back in quickly. Your throat emitted a mixture of pants and moans as his pace slowed down immensely, only to speed back up once more.

“F-Fuck yes, you—” Calum’s scratchy groans filled the room. “You take my cock s-so well, don’t you?” He thrust particularly hard, brushing the tip of his cock against your spot and making your legs begin to shake with immense pleasure.

“I-I’m gonna—” You could barely force out those two words before you were sent over the edge. Your eyes squeezed shut and nails dragged down Calum’s biceps as your legs shook slightly, your orgasm overtaking your body. Euphoria shot through your veins, making your eyes snap back open once Calum’s hot breath was in your ear.

Calum’s thrusts were sloppy and uneven, a sign that he was close to coming. “G-God princess, I’m close I'm—” Suddenly his hips stuttered as ropes of his cum filled you, making your body explode in warmth.

You whimpered slightly as Calum pulled his cock out, leaving your core empty and cold. You curled up against his sweaty chest, laying your hand against his collarbones and rubbing shapes into the skin. “I don’t want you to go, Cal.” You glanced up at him, teary-eyed and sad.

Calum leaned down, kissing both of your temples before smiling. “I can love you goodbye some more tomorrow.”



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Jikook swimmers au

The storyline:

Jimin and Jungkook are swimmers. The main rivals on top of that, but Jungkook is always better. He’s always the first one. Jimin feels insecure being the second one. He hates Jungkook meanwhile Jungkook has a crush on Jimin. JK tries to approach him. Still, Jimin always rejects Jungkook’s attention. Finally Jungkook loses to Jimin and at the same time shows that winning the match is less important than Jimin’s attention to him. This gesture brings the two boys closer.

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Do you have any other favourite caharacter besides arima? and why? Personally arima is one of my bunch of favourites (can't pick one) but he is the one who saddens me the most.

Oh yeah! I have a TON of favorite characters. I actually really enjoy almost everyone, and am usually super interested in whoever’s the focal point of the arcs. But here’s a list of my usual top 10:

  1. Eto (close second to Arima)
  2. Haise (<- tied with Eto)
  3. Hirako
  4. Hairu
  5. Rize
  6. Furuta
  7. Saiko
  8. Hsiao
  9. Matsuri
  10. Tatara

And I’m just gonna put that I also love Kaneki and Touka and Tsukiyama, etc, but they always get lots of attention so they’re gonna get this “obviously I like them” space right here :’D

and all the Quinx.

and the Washuus are super fascinating to me in general.

Everyone has their interesting bits I love so many characters ahhh o)-(


Eldarya Motivationals returns…

…With miniature posters of all your questionable love interests. Quasi- and hypothetical boyfriends included. 

There is just no way to get a normal relationship in faery land, is there? -_- 

(E.g. I’m dating the one with the creepy grin. Second from the top.) 

For more Eldarya Motivationals, check out the ‘Extras’ page on this blog!

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2, 6, 12!

2. who is your favorite character to draw?
Grantaire, but he kicks my ass and refuses to be drawn sometimes, his face is kinda hard. I also love drawing Enjolras since I arrived in a design I’m happy with.

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!
Some random artists on tumblr that make me happy, from the top of my head:
@the-march-hair duh

12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

wow such art

Thank you!! ❤

About 50% done (two more bears up top to do) on this birth sampler I started back in January for my cousin’s baby. I’m a lazy ass so I’m rushing to finish it now before she comes to visit again in October with the baby. Her sister also had a baby in July so I’ve got a second one to make before they get here and I’m not so sure I’ll be able to accomplish that! I really want to have them both finished and framed for them when they visit because I don’t know when I’ll see them again and I sure as shit don’t want to have to ship these once framed!

I’m hopeful, but who freaking knows if I’ll get’er done in time. I want to do a 3rd one for my BFF’s baby, but that’s not as big a rush. I can see her any time and I’d rather like to have it done for the baby’s first birthday! Birth samplers (that’s what I know them as??) have the baby’s name, birthday, and usually their weight on it too, but I’m alright not putting that on! 

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/post/162067299737/my-top-more-than-friends-yoonseok-moments-for what's the first and second gif in the top row from?

the first one is from their halloween party on vlive, the second one is from some backstage show which i don’t have a link to anymore


All life is born from chaos. The world doesn’t always adhere to logic. Sometimes down is up. And sometimes when you’re lost…you’re found.

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hello! i only found your account last week and i love all of it!(you definetly deserve more recognision!!)youve made me start shipping BBKO!, could you maybe draw human them in their racer outfits?? (god i feel so cheeky !) x


*20 years later*

Your Kid: hey mom what did you do when you were young?

You: obsessed over bands

Your husband: Mostly my band